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Video Card overheating because of defected fan, in need of advice

Q: Video Card overheating because of defected fan, in need of advice

Half a year ago, I started having issues with my PC. The screen started to freeze frequently, all pointing to that the video card was overheating. Eventually the card was in such bad shape that I had to replace it. Since I've had the PC for quite some time, I didn't grant it too much thought.
I then bought the card again (which by the way is a Ati Sapphire 9800Pro) to replace the old. The first days it worked as it should, but then the former freezes started to reoccur. I finally noticed that the fan of the card had given up. I expect that this also interfered with the old card.
What could have caused this to happen? I couldn't find anything negative mentioned about the card's fan while informing myself about it. I'm going to replace the fan so I would appreciate if anyone here could advice to a more resistant fan with a greater longevity.

Thanks in advance,
Sebastian Cassten

Preferred Solution: Video Card overheating because of defected fan, in need of advice

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video Card overheating because of defected fan, in need of advice

This can happen if your case insides are too dusty, causing dust to accumulate on the card and jam the fan, in which case you'd have to clean it out with a can of compressed air. Another cause would be the case itself not being ventilated properly, thus causing the internal ambient temperature to rise.

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Please help me
Here is my problem:
I had a geforce gt220 and it was working fine but after about half of year using it it started overheating, especially when I played games.And after a while my screen turned off and had "no signal" sing, and then I had to reboot my computer. So it was happening for a while until my video card just stopped working. So then I had to use on board video card. After a couple days I found my old a bit slower geforce 8400gs and when I started using it started to get really hot too...again especially when I play video games.And it was so hot so I just turned off the game. So I talked to couple guys and they told me that most likely the problem is my power supply which is only 450w. But everything else like memory and processor running at good temperature. So I was just thinking maybe it's my PCI express slot which might be messed up or is it really my power supply? Please help me guys...I don't want to wast my money on replacing something that has nothing to do with this problem.
And again before when i didn't have this problem when i had my gt220 it was working fine, I mean i didn't check the temperature, maybe it was hot, but I was playing games and it was ok...Only after a while it started happening when my screen started to turn off when I played games...
So please, tell me what to do

A:video card overheating

My first thought would be that you do not have good airflow in/through your case, thus the video cards aren't cooling properly.

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I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800 XT Video card and I am having constant heating problems with it.

It's peak tempature has been to 87degrees celcius.
I have tryed taking off the fan and putting and putting another heat sink on *wiping off the original heat sink then applying a new one* (artic silver) but still that didnt help it at all.

The case is air holes for air to come in and one fan to push air out. power supply is 450W and im running 512k memory, gigabyte motherboard, 1 dvd drive, and the case fan<--- (sometimes)

Another thing, my CPU tempature has climbed to almost 70 degrees celcuis. It's an AMD Athlon +2500 XP. I've also done the same thing with that but no change has occured. I've had the computer for about a year now, and it only get like this during the summer. During the winter im able to leave the window wide open and it would be nice and warm inside. lol. I'm interested in solving this problem before any mayjor issue pops up.

P.s. To keep the video card and processor at a cool temp. I run with the case open and put a bedroom size fan beside it. While doing this, the tamp. for the processor is (40degrees celcius) and video card is (65degrees celcius)


just how hot is the air in the room?

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I just got a couple of days ago a new video card: Gigabyte Geforce 8600GT.
This video card doesnt have a fan on it, instead it has an advanced passive cooling system (at least i thought it was advanced).

During idle when the card isnt doing anything the temperature is 53C but after around 20 minutes of playing something the temp jumps up to the 80's and im EXTREMELY afraid my card will crash and burn. I'm afraid to stay in the game any longer in fear that my card will burn. I spent good money on this...

Now i dont know what to do... How would i add a fan to cool it? Or maybe i should add 2 fans to the front of the computer to increase airflow? Or should i go old school and open the case of the computer and have a fan blow air in... Im rly paranoid about this and any help will be very much appreciated.

Thanx to all who help BTW would i need a new PSU if were to add a fan?

A:My new video card is overheating PLEASE HELP

80 degrees is definately too hot. Sounds like your case temp is too high. You may need adequate aire flow to see your vga temp go down. What is your case fan set up?

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Hey hoping for some help with this problem.

My vid card is reaching temps close to 100 C ahah. Still working but goes to black screen sometimes when gaming especially when my room is hot and summer is commin!

Looking for best and most affordable way to keep it cool

Sapphire HD 4870 1G
found here : http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?psn=000101&pid=266



A:Video Card Overheating

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hey all!!

i posted a similar thread at: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/918829-does-my-video-card-overheats.html

but now i got stuck as i got no more replies!

can u help me?

A:help! overheating video card

If you have that thread then why start this one? Closing duplicate thread, please continue at the previous thread. If you need to simply reply to that thread to bump it back up and maybe you'll get more responses.

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I've had my custom built PC for 2-3 years now and I've had this problem for a while but I never thought about fixing it until now...

The problem is that my EVGA nVIDIA 9800GT always reaches 100 degree celsius which causes me to get a black screen while im gaming. For example, this used to happen only for hard to run games like Crysis, Fallout 3, and sometimes F.E.A.R.....But, now it started even happening to Counter-Strike Source which is really easy for my computer to run and that started to make me worry.

I don't know what to do. I remember i've called EVGA before they've told me to send them my video card through mail so they could take a look. But i didn't know how to do it so i didnt.

Right now, i wanna know if there's a way that i can fix this problem without sending my video card to EVGA?

My specs :

Case : NZXT Tempest Keep w/ 6 case fans (so i don't know how my video card keeps overheating...)
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E7300
Video Card : nVIDIA EVGA GeForce 9800GT
Motherboard : ASUS P5KPL-CM
Power Supply : Ultra 600 Watts
RAM : Kingston 2GB RAM

A:Video Card keeps overheating

Clean the GPU fan and heatsink and apply fresh thermal compound. I don't know about 9800GTs but an 8800GT of mine had 6 times the thermal paste there should've been

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About a month ago my comp was restaring on its own. I just cleaned out all the dust inside and it fixed the problem. Now the problem has come back and there is no dust inside. I tried to see what was getting so hot and it was the video card, so I replaced that and also replaced the fan that was by it.. still did not fix the problem. It gets up to around 145 F/158 F. I also tried running it without the monitor, but it still got extremely hot.

Custom built pc

AMD XP 2200
512 RAM
80gb hd
gf4 ti4600
System Board VT8366-8233
sound blaster audigy x

thank you

A:I Think My Video Card Is Overheating

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Just recently I just took out an air conditioner in my room that kept the room around a constant 60F. After doing this my computer started to freeze and have weird funny patterns on the screen. Then while the computer was still on the screen would display the monitors start up screen as if the computer wasn't on. It was over two years since I last formatted my computer so I figured that it was just the build up of bugs so I wiped it clean. I installed the same game and played it for about 20 minutes and the same thing happened after the format. I opened up my case and felt the heat coming from the video card and it was extremely hot even though the heatsink was blowing and I had 3 fans (1 blowing in 2 blowing out). I turned the computer back on and opened up a program called speedfan, which tells you the temperatures and speeds of fans in your PC. I noticed that the numbers were extremely higher then they used to be (when I was at college and my room was 90F), It doesnt not say exactly what the temps belong to but it used to be like this. (This is a estamate)

Temp1 25C
Temp2 25C
Temp3 30C
Local 40C
Remote 50C
Temp 1 25C

I have no idea what they actually are but I am guessing the 4 temps are on the motherboard and the local and remote are my graphics card and power source. (I don't know why there are two Temp1's) Right now I have my game minimized and a few messengers open and the temperatures are:

Temp1 26C
Temp2 25C
Temp3 46C
Local 54C
Remote... Read more

A:Video Card overheating?

If you want to see the temp of your video card (if it's enabled) use NVTweak or the "cool bits" registry key. Those can show you real time temps of the card. NVTweak will show a timeline which is good to see how hot it gets during games.

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I have a LeadTek WinFast GeForce2 video card. The fan on the GPU has stopped working. I took it off and cleaned off dust but it still won't spin. Is it possible that an overheated GPU could cause my entire system, including the clock, to slow down after a while?

I have been having trouble with my PC slowing down to the point where the mouse moves in jerking motions, the sound starts breaking up into a sort of staccato and even the system clock loses time. After an hour of use the clock is at least 2 hours behind but when I reboot the clock comes back at the correct time (so I know it's not the CMOS battery) and everything else works normally for a while.

I was wondering if the fact that the fan on the GPU is not working could cause these problems. I also posted these problems in the Windows 95/98/Me forum but I wanted to post this hardware question here. Thanks for any help.

A:Overheating video card ?

Thats a hard question to anser in a definite manner.
While its unlikely to do so, we just cannot estimate how an overheated GPU would react. Or what effect it could have on the rest of the system.

But really, its easy to prove. Put a new fan on it, or at the very least leave the side panel off and blow a desk fan unto the case and see if it changes the characteristic.

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my xfx 9800gt card getting hot getting up to 99c when watching videos and idle at 70-75c. it was suggested to put new thermal paste by xfx. today I decided to do it had everything I need and couldn't get the fan off.after I remove these screws with spring from the back of the card there is like screws on the other side but no way to remove them. the fan will not pull off and didn't want to apply to much force. any ideas how to remove the fan?

A:Help with overheating video card

The heatsink is probably stuck to the GPU by the thermal paste. If you wiggle the heatsink from side to side, that should loosen it. If you are sure that all the screws have been removed, you can just pry it up without hurting the card.

In addition to replacing the thermal paste, it would be a good idea to clean all the dust out of the heatsink and fan while you have it apart.

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its getting really hot where i live and my computer cant take it. i play counter strike source for about 15 minutes then my computer frezzes. i open my case and touch my v- cards heatsink and its really really hot i mean u can only touch it for about 3 seconds. i have a ATI Radeion 9250 128mb agp. you can view my video card HERE .
what can i do too solve this problem? is there a fan or somthing i can get for it?

A:video card overheating

Yes maybe another fan. Water cooling? Turn on the Air conditioning?

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I'm not entirelly sure what card it is but when I play a game after about 5 minutes the screen goes black and the computer cuts off. We deduced that it was the video card overheating but i'm broke and don't have acess to many computer parts so what can i do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

A:Overheating video card

If you look at device manager in My Computer > Manage (may be different depending on OS) you can see what kind of card it is. Does it have a heatsink and fan? Are you sure it's not the CPU overheating?

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My graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT) is running at about 150 F when the computer is idling. I've never had this problem before, i just restarted my computer and the resolution was all messed up. Any idea why this is happening?

Computer specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Intel Core 2 duo 1.87 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT


A:Video card overheating

sorry for the late reply, make sure u clean out the heat sink, use can air but make sure u hold the fan so it doesn't spin. Then test temps, if thats not working maybe add some fans in that area to add more airflow around the card.

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Ok now i have a major problem with my pc. When playing graphically hungry games (like cod5, bioshock...) the video card overheats (an educated guess) and the hardware starts making a beep sound (meaning the sound comes from the case, not the speakers.). I have downloaded speedfan to see the temperature values my pc goes through, and got these results:
Right now :
Sys : 28C CPU:33C AUX: 35C Local: 28C
Remote 40-45)C (changing in between) HD0:29C Core:31C
While gaming, the rest are same, remote becomes 52-53 when the beeeeping starts. (it's one long beep)
I use ATI, so i have catalyst control center too; it says my current temperature (while doing absolutely nothing graphically speaking) is 80C tho. Why are these two inconsistent?
If and when i play too long with the beeping sound coming, the computer shuts down without a warning (like an electric failure) and there is a blinking light (which should mean it's in like a sleep mode) and if i don't shut it manually (pressing the power button for a long time or pulling the plug), i can't open the computer. Today this changed for a reason i don't know, the computer doesn't just shut down in a split second but it closes all my programs and shuts down (like it would do if i did a manual command of "start - shut down")
Don't start telling me to buy a new fan, i already want to do that but the computer is f... Read more

A:Overheating video card

This is strange, your card is highly overheating if the temperature is around 80C, and shutting down with intense gaming and such i suspect your analysis is right...your graphics card is probably overheating.
I don't know if the ATI control center is able to do this, but turn your fan speed up higher, if your fan speed is low, then thats probably your issue.

If ATI catalyst can't, use ATI tool instead.

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I just bought an ATI X1600 Pro AGP, put it in, PC boots up, I log in and after about a minute, the screen colours start going haywire, and the the screen blacks out. It doesn't just happen while on Windows though, also happens in the BIOS settings, and starting in safe mode.

I'm not sure if it's overheating or not, it's brand new, the box hadn't been opened until I put the card in today. I bought the card online, so exchanging it is going to be difficult.


A:New Video Card overheating?

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I bought a used ATI Radeon 9800 PRO and when I try to play with it it gets so hot it burns me when I touch it and sometimes it shuts down the computer. It even overheats when its plugged into the AGP slot and the power cord is connected but it isnt used. I got it to work the first time I tried to install it but I would get little color block glitched in windows and especially when I opened any game. I have a Plug and Play moniter. Please help.

A:Video Card overheating

Is the fan running? Is the ambient room temperature high?


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Hello, today i recently had problems with serious system instability crashing 3 times within 20 minutes. All 3 times were in 3D games so i looked into temperature and found out my video card was overheating. I took off the side of my case and could see that my GPU fan was moving at like 25RPM? it was next to nothing and was getting seriously hot just in windows.

oddly enough after about 10-15 minutes i heard the fan kick in again and the temps dropped back down to normal. I took the GPU out and cleaned it but there was barely any dust on it so i didn't think it was jamming up. After booting back up the fan has gone off and on 1 more time but there seems to be some serious stability issues here.

The GPU has been fine for the last hour but i'm kind of puzzled on whats going on. Somebody sugested that it could be my power supply, i'm running a 420W which is the bare minimum for my video card but its ran all games/apps fine for the 6 months that i've had it. Could that still be causing the fan problem?

Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

A:Video card overheating

If you have been "stressing" the power supply for 6 months, yes that could be the problem. Ideally a power supply should not have to put out more than 70% of its max rated power, 80% at the most. If the power supply is overheating it could be causing a rail to "drop down" or "drop out".

Also, many graphics cards use 40-50mm bury frame type fans which are inherently weak to begin with.

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About a month ago my comp was restaring on its own. I just cleaned out all the dust inside and it fixed the problem. Now the problem has come back and there is no dust inside. I tried to see what was getting so hot and it was the video card, so I replaced that and also replaced the fan that was by it.. still did not fix the problem. It gets up to around 145 F/158 F. I also tried running it without the monitor, but it still got extremely hot.

Custom built pc

AMD XP 2200
512 RAM
80gb hd
gf4 ti4600
System Board VT8366-8233
sound blaster audigy x

thank you

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windows 7 re-installed, nvidia driver installed; mozilla was crashing, as well as games (crysis, etc); pixels (little squares, lines, etc.) on monitor; one game plays for a few minutes, then i lose cursor, when i click task on task bar, a little graphic window is in upper left of monitor; when i start task manager, i get cursor back ? quad desktop, 4gb ram, 1gb nvidia video card; running at about 92 degrees; overheating or video card problem ? thanks all three fans working; power supply ? thanks 206-600-2399 i'm running mozilla and internet explorer now, to see if the re-install of windows 7 helped that problem; thanks

A:Video card or overheating problem ?

so your card or your cpu is running 92C? DL and post a screenshot of HWMonitor so we can see your temps?

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Hi all

Two days ago I upgraded my video card for the first time in about 3 years, I replaced my old ATI Radeon 9600 XT with a Radeon x1300 Pro. I've heard the x1300 wasn't too high-end so I thought it would work decently in my system, but so far it's been only trouble. I'm pretty sure the source of the trouble is that the video card gets really hot after playing a few hours. I tried playing with the case open with afan pointed inside for a while and I had no problem, so I figured I could solve my problem by installing some new fans in my computer. So I installed two new fans and a bottle of compressed air to de-dust all my old fans, which stopped the problems with my game for a few more hours, but eventually the same pronlems happened again. I opened the case and the video card was extremely hot yet again, and the program I use said the inside was about 65 degrees C. This is what the inside of my case looks like, I've circled all the fans in red:
There's also a fan on the video card itself, but you can't see that in the picture

The bottom of the video card feel fine, probably since there's a fan right below that blowing at it, but the top still feels hot. Anyone have idea to solve my problem of an overheating video card? I was thinking of going out today and buying another fan to just blow at the otp of the fan, but I want to get some advice first. Thanks

A:Video card overheating - fan problem?

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I have an ATI radeon x1850, 2GB corsair memory,windown xp sp2, Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 MB,AMD dual processor FX-62 with a zalman fan on it,
650 ps.
The only time the computer crashes is when i run World of Warcraft.i get a 132 error . I started checking the CPU a few months ago and it was reaching temps of 66C and I got the zalman then. It recently started crashing again and my video card is rising in temps up to 77C. There is no way I can add a video card fan with that Zalman right above it....any ideas about how i can cool this....cases ,methods, video cards that arent as hot but comparable?

what about that antec 900 case for gamers...any good??


A:video card overheating-already cooled CPU

77 is not critical it is just above good. get the latest bios for your motherboard. that helped me. If not underclock a little your gpu.

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I have a Dell which came equipped with a standard 250 watt power supply and a Nvidia 5200 Graphics Card. Everything was fine with this setup until I decided to upgrade my Video Card to an ATI x850 Pro. As everyone knows by now, the standard dell PSU simply can't handle newer, power hungry cards. I purchased a 420w thermaltake power supply on recommendation from someone who made the same replacement himself on a 4600.

Oddly, I noticed absolutely no difference in performance after installing my new Power Supply. Performance was still sluggish and I was very perplexed. Until today. Something happened which may turn out to be the beginning of a solution.

My case fan has always been and still is extremely quiet, even when a heavy load is placed on the system such as a graphics intensive Applications. One day, however, I was playing such a game for quite a long time and I noticed the case fan had revved up quite dramatically. As the case fan grew louder, the game became faster. Now this has never to me happened before, and the only thing I can imagine is that the CPU was very hot (unfortunately Dell CPU Temps cannot be measured).

I quit to the desktop and observed the fan slowly return to normal speed.

I then placed my hand over the back of the exhaust and felt the case fan speed up, when I removed my hand it returned to normal. I should note at this point the exhaust fan is connected by a housing shroud to the CPU unit itself. I decided to run some benchmark tes... Read more

A:CPU Overheating?? Video Card/PSU Upgrade: Help!!

Good Morning Toby, your experience is similar to mine, except I have no idea how your machine is arranged with part types.

It would appear that your diagnosis is that you suspect your processor is throttling and the absence of sensors doesn't help analyse if that is so.

The best and simplest solution to these kinds of problems I found was to carefully dismanle the processor fan assy and rerove and super carefully clean and examine the processor then refit it.
Carefully clean and examine the processor heat sink and fan assy, check that the fan is in good condition and perfectly free spinning.
Use decent heat transfer compound when refitting the sink/fan assy to the processor and ensure any rebate on the sink is toward the lever if it applies.
Make sure the sink is properly interfaced to the processor.

Test the system at this point, ensure the sink fan is blowing into the processor, not out.

Now for the rear case fan and ducting, you appreciate the ducting and fan arrangement is in series, so ensure the case fan is assistive pushing airflow inwards to the processor fan, in that this air is sourced outside the case it gives better cooling at greater flowrate to the processor than would normally be the case, which in turn gives lower operating temps.

I suspect this would be the arrangement you are using which I have found to also be the most inexpensive but effective idea. I usually don't worry too much about sealing the ducting.
I found that there was a potential... Read more

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I have vista & have recently installed an ATI 3650 1Gig video card. It calls for minumum 300 watts. I have that & all other requirements. My question: my system is an AMD 64 x2 6000+ . It is set up by HP for multi media so that a media card(that will apparently only fit into one of my slots) is directly beside my pci-E slot. I mean there's hardly any space between the 2 cards where the video card fan is. According to my ATI catlyst the, the normal temp for the VCard is 42 C degress. When I play a video game it goes up to 50 C degress. Should I be worried? The fan on the VCard has very little space in front of it.



A:Solved: Is my Video Card overheating?

50 C is not bad. 3650 can cope about 60 C, I reckon, or even more.
Is there any issues popping out that cause you to worry about the card?

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I'm currently trying to play several games on my PC and I'm having problems with most of them, city of heroes, wow, warhammer, before I can do much of anything on them my PC just suddenly restarts to a blank blue screen.

I found a solution to actually play but with very poor FPS by using -swtnl at the end of the exe target. That was suggested by another tech.

I've checked all the fans, its a fairly cool room I'm in. So I am just at a loss, using the -swtnl makes games work, but with very poor FPS. Is there anything I can do so I don't have to use that? Is it possibly my video card was damaged somehow due to heat maybe on a previous occasion? I use dust cleaners on the inside regularly.

System Information
Time of this report: 10/31/2008, 17:32:36
Machine name: COLDVIPER
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.080814-1236)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
System Model: A7N8X-X
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.1GHz
Memory: 1024MB RAM
Page File: 299MB used, 2165MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.5512 32bit Unicode

Display Devices
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Chip type: A... Read more

A:Solved: Is my video card overheating?

A ram Upgrade could help quite a bit. The A7N8X-X is a budget board but capable of running what you are trying to play. If I am not mistaken your machine can handle up to 3GB of DDR Ram.... I would start there.

Keep in mind that all games list MINIMUM SYSTEM REQIREMENTS, however these are the minimum. recomended

Your board only has a 400 MHz front side bus and a 2.1 GHz processor so the fastest you have ever experieced your computer is as fast as it will get. The only thing to do to help you with your gaming performance is add extra ram or upgrade your pc..


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About 6 months ago when playing a game my monitor would go black and my speakers would make this obnoxious squeal. Now, for the past month it would do it frequently, 2-10 times a day, so I decided it was something wrong with the video card. Before leading to this conclusion I first re-installed everything, and yes I still have the same problems. I updated it's driver and I flashed my BIOS to the newest version. Those seemed to not have worked.

So today I felt the video card during normal gaming operations and it was really warm to the touch. I made this computer about 2 years ago myself and it never had this problem before, until recently. I have enough cooling, three 120 mm fans and I just added another 80 mm fan right next to the video card. The fan right underneath the video card seems to still be running smoothly.

Do video cards start overheating because of the age of it, and is running a video card for 2 years taken a toll on it? Or might it be some other problem causing my monitor to turn off randomly during game play... sometimes when watching youtube videos this occurs too.

A:Video Card Possibly Overheating

if the most stressfull thing u are doing is watching youtube the video card should be fine in another 2 years but the whole computer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. also the video card will feel warm when normal.

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Hi all

Two days ago I upgraded my video card for the first time in about 3 years, I replaced my old ATI Radeon 9600 XT with a Radeon x1300 Pro. I've heard the x1300 wasn't too high-end so I thought it would work decently in my system, but so far it's been only trouble. I'm pretty sure the source of the trouble is that the video card gets really hot after playing a few hours. I tried playing with the case open with afan pointed inside for a while and I had no problem, so I figured I could solve my problem by installing some new fans in my computer. So I installed two new fans and a bottle of compressed air to de-dust all my old fans, which stopped the problems with my game for a few more hours, but eventually the same pronlems happened again. I opened the case and the video card was extremely hot yet again. This is what the inside of my case looks like, I've circled all the fans in red:
There's also a fan on the video card itself, but you can't see that in the picture

The bottom of the video card feel fine, probably since there's a fan right below that blowing at it, but the top still feels hot. Anyone have idea to solve my problem of an overheating video card? I was thinking of going out today and buying another fan to just blow at the otp of the fan, but I want to get some advice first. Thanks

A:Video card overheating - fan problem?


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So... I'm using a Leadtek WinFast A400 GT which is a GeForce 6800 GT 256mb card... and I've been using it for over a year just fine. In the passed couple days it seems to be overheating. I would be playing World of Warcraft like usual and the screen would turn all crazy colors of lines vertical and horizontal and my computer would restart. This happens everytime i play World of Warcraft now. I opened the case up to find the video card incredibly hot. Hot enough to burn my finger if I left it on the card. I tried running it with the case open but it doesn't seem to help. I also installed the newest drivers and that's not helping either. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. If you have any questions just reply to this thread.

A:Video Card Overheating (GeForce 6800 GT)

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How can you tell which device is the one causing the problem, the CPU temp runs at about 84F, the processor fan rans at about 4300rpm to 4500rpm, Not to sure about the temp of the video card, GeForce FX5200 TDR128, there are times that the computer will work without any issues, then there are times when all it will do is restart uncontrollably, it's gotton so bad that when I'm not using the computer I unplug it, where as before I would just let it go into sleep mode. and as I mentioned I changed the processor fan, and even added two fans to the case. so as of now there are a total of 6 fans in the box, this does not seem to make a differnce to the total system temp stays at 84F all the time. but either way I would like to get this issue out of the way. here are any other computer specs that may help.

Mainboard Manufacturer MSI
Mainboard Model Name MS-6738
Mainboard BIOS Vendor Phoenix-Award
Mainboard BIOS Version 1.30
Software spec's
OS Windows XP service pack 2
Version 2002
processor AMD Duron(tm)
processor speed 1.30GHz
Ram 384MB
Video card GeForce FX5200 TDR128

Video card Manufacturer Nvidia

A:Video card, Processor overheating problems.


Well, first of all, if your cpu is running at 84F (28C) it is NOT your cpu. Dangerous temps are around 55-65C your cpu is actually at a great temp. Mine runs at around 35/36C idle, and 43/44C with a full load...so again, it doesnt sound like its the cpu.
Six fans are a little redundant. Dependant on the way you have them facing, it could possibly do more harm than good, trapping the hot air inside the case. It is best when you have a nice balance between intake and exhaust (i.e. in through the front, out through the back)
Also, there are many factors that can cause over heating in general. Location of the tower is one. If youve got your computer right next to a heating vent and a fire place, thats probably NOT the best place. Also, dust will destroy a computer and could possibly cause temp problems. Open up the case, and get some air duster. If you havnt cleaned it for a while, it will be BAD. Make sure your computer is completely off, and all power supply is inactive, then dust that baby clean, and watch it all fly over your room. This might help. Finally, check the direction your fans are blowing in, as you may have made a mistake installing them. Sometimes it is hard to tell which way they are blowing....remember, cold air sucked in through the front to run over your hot parts, and a nice exhaust blowing it out the back. Smoking is also bad to do around your comp, it messes with electronic equipment.
Now, there are many different products that can help yo... Read more

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Hello, I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 RC1 on my main machine.

When playing pc video games, specifically Left 4 Dead, the game will freeze at randoms parts. After doing alot of different fixes the main resolution was to set my video cards fan to 100% speed.

Keep in mind the game ran perfectly fine with the same settings in Vista and fan running at normal speeds.

So I am assuming this is a Windows 7 problem.

Two other people also had this same problem.

I have an ATI, the other guy has an ATI, and the third guy has a Nvidia graphics card. So its 2 ATI and 1 nvidia.

For reference the thread is here linky

A:Windows 7 video card overheating problems?

I had this problem after upgrading. in vista everything was fine but under windows 7 whenever i played games my card would overheat constantly. I ended up having to get a second cooling fan for the card to stop this.

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I have a Hp laptop that is overheating. I few months ago my laptop started blue srceening and rebooting and then freezing on me. I took my laptop in to get look at and see if they could find a problem. They could not find a problem. I ask them to do a clean to clear out any dust. After that it work for abit then same thing happen again. So I came on this site to see if it was a software problem which my software is all up to date and no Virus or malware could be found on my laptop. But I kept getting blue srceens and my laptop would not boot into windows normal it would ask for a repair start up. I could boot in to safemode afte hitting F8. But When I could boot into normal windows. it would last for 20 minutes then give me a blue srceen. I am running Vista windows.

I installed speedfan on my laptop and got a reading of 67 to 72 C . I brought a laptop chiil pad a couple days ago to see if it helps but have not had time to full try it out.

Is there anything that could help to stop the laptop for over heating

A:Solved: Laptop video card overheating

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Pc Specs:
Amd Phenom II X4 840
ATI HD 6850
600 Watts PSU
A giant fan on the side of my pc.
A smaller fan on the back of the pc

Alright, so here's the deal:
When gaming (gaming only) my computer automatically turns off after a while.

I believe it's because my videocard overheats since it's the most warm thing in my computer. But it's strange. My computer turns off when the videocard reaches 70-75 degrees Celsius. It isn't that hot, right?

Also, I've installed an extra fan, but it doesn't help anything, not even when putting my fan speeds at 100%.
(Large fan around the 3000Rpm, small fan 1600Rpm)

Then again, I'm not 100% sure it's overheating but it's seems the most logical explanation to me. (Happens with all games, Crysis 2, Skyrim, even CS:S).

I also tried updating my drivers, and putting in an additional fan, but they only extend how long my pc can go without overheating, the problem is still there.

Please help

A:I think my video card is overheating. HD 6850 70-75 degrees celsius

No, that is not too hot... though I would increase the cooling options, if it were mine... which it seems you have already done. What you report at 70 - 75 C is common, and should not put additional risk of failure. But that much heat is not good over time... and I would add special directed cooling.
However, since it is shutting down, that card may be reaching the end of its useful product life. If still under warranty, contact the maker or the seller for their opinions. It may be that the card is defective. Look to see if your motherboard manufacturer offers any ideas on their website for that model.
It may be that your motherboard itself is the weak link.

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Hey guys this is my first post. I've used advice from techguy that came up in google before, but this time it seems that google isn't going to help much, so hopefully I can explain exactly whats going on. My laptop (specs below), is getting pretty old now, and though I've taken very good care of it, I'm worried that I may not be able to save it in its current condition. A serious OS error a couple weeks ago forced me to reinstall Vista, and as my lappy had no recovery disk or anything of the sort, I was forced to borrow a copy of Home Premium and use the serial number that had been given to me when I bought it. Long story short, I looked up all of the latest drivers for each individual part, had everything updated, and everything was operating as good as new, I was a happy camper!

A couple days ago, my computer crashed (while running a video, the sound and video began to skip rapidly, repeating the same half-second clip over and over, and then either shut down or just stopped, I can't remember), and when I started it up again, the video card was obviously acting strange. Erroneous pixel "noise", even at the BIOS screen, nothing unreadable but obviously not normal. Windows was loading up normally, (the pixel noise stopped at the log-on screen) but the resolution was either limited, or Aero was disabled, and when I looked up the device manager, depending on when I looked at it, the video card was either completely undetected, or it gave the c... Read more

A:Memory problems? Video card gone nuts? Overheating?

Hi and welcome to TSG

It does sound, initially, like a heat related problem. Have you ever cleaned out heat sinks / fans etc inside the laptop? They are notoriously good (bad) at collecting dust and getting clogged up, far moreso than a desktop infact.

If it is heat related, this the begs the question "Has permanant hardware damage already occured?", which is a possibility.

freshofftheufo said:

but now I have it sitting on tupperware filled with water, with the intakes exposed. It helps a little but not enough to keep it running during the day.
Click to expand...

Not sure if I like the sound of that, I do hope you haven't got it ontop of 'open' tupperware containers filled with water as that is just asking for trouble and inviting excessive moisure into the system.

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A friend gave me a HP pavilion xt178 Laptop computer, because of a problem with the screen.

It's a great computer for my needs, so I'd like to try to fix it. (It was free, so repair is still going to be a good deal.)

The problem is, the screen will flicker, and show horizontal or vertical lines flashing, and then it progresses to the point I have no view, and I get either a steady white screen, or an odd vertical striping of various colors. (I can post a photo if requested.) The computer is still running, and I usually turn it off using keyboard commands.

I greatly suspect a hardware problem, because of 2 things.

1. I discovered 2 of the units 3 visible cooling fans are not running.
2. The flickering can be physically altered by tapping the case near the screen, sometimes stopping it altogether, and sometimes making it worse.

I have never attempted repair on a laptop, so what should I do?

Is it a problem that can be fixed?

If repair is possible, should I attempt it myself, or get a professional? I have disassembled Desktop PC's before, so I am familiar with computer repair, but not experienced.

Laptop Specs in the event they are helpful:
Pentium 4 processor
OS: Windows XP Home

Thanks for any replies.

A:HP Laptop, Screen issues. (Maybe overheating, or video card)

fans not turning is obviously not a good sign
Laptop screen issues that you have posted sound like the inverter board on the laptop/screen may be on its way out. If you plug into another monitor and it works fine then that would point to the inverter board being the problem. These can be purchased and are not difficult to fit

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Hello there, my first time posting on this forum, been going here sometimes to check for some issues with software with google as my guide. But I have never had any problem like this before. So I reallly hope someone here can help me

So, well I have a Gainward 7800 GS 512mb agp card
My Pc is abit old so this card is actually the only really decent part I have.

Well the problem started lately, I have been using this card for roughly 2 years (I think) I never had any problems with it, the temperature on the card was usually around 49c and when driving it hard it was up to 64c max.
In the last 2 months I had increasing problems, new games like Assassins creed (im a game tester so i played the non retail version) worked just fine but If I had too high settings I would get stripes and other nasty colours and disfigurations.
I recently had some problem with my pc which left me with the only option of deleting everything on my hardrives including all drivers and such. So after I got it back on (2 weeks ago) the problems started to occur massivly, after some days with a standard temperature of 53-55 it jumped up to 60c without me even doing anything. And now its even worse, today it was up to 68c without hardly anything running, cept some minor programs like itunes and utorrent. So I thought that maybe some dust was clogging the thing (I have a semi-open cabinet so it gets dusty quicker) so I took it out, unscrewed the thing and removed all the dust. Considering it was ALOT of du... Read more

A:Video Card suddenly started overheating (and other nasty stuff)

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I have an old Radeon 7000 video card. I used it to extend my desktop (to a monitor in my living room where I can watch videos more comfortably) on my XP machine. The machine died and I now have a Windows 7 machine. My Radeon 7000 video card is pretty useless with it. I lost the Radeon CD and I spent several hours yesterday reading excellent posts here about old video cards, drivers, and how they sometimes can be made to work with Windows 7. For whatever reason (mostly my own limited brain) I can't get this ancient card to work on the new machine (it sends a driver-less signal out the S-Video but completely bypasses my main computer screen now -- I just use the VGA out for my computer monitor sitting next to my computer). I've pulled out the Radeon and am back to a single screen for now.

I don't do gaming via the S-Video out, just viewing of FLVs and other computer-compatible video formats. The S-Video out (and the sound card out) goes to a DVD recorder and thus to my TV in my living room. I don't need to convert native formats, I just play (and sometimes DVD record) them as is. I have a mouse at the living room TV and the extended desktop (on the TV) is "off to the right" of my regular computer monitor desktop. Things I drag off to the right of the main monitor show up on the TV and I play them on my TV when I'm in there, rather than at my computer desk in my study. This setup worked great with my old XP machine.

What basic video card might support my n... Read more

A:Advice on basic video card with S-Video out

You might as well get the cheapest card you can get then. I would suggest using the 16x PCI-E card slot. Go to newegg.com and use their guided search to search all 16x graphics cards till you find one with the specs you like.

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Hi peeps,

I currently run a XFX Geforce FX5600 256MB card.

I bought this card a while back when i was building my fist computer build. I was trying to build a gameing rig on a low budget and saw this card for a reasonable price.

After the build, and while playing games, I felt i was decieved by the 256mb and flashy packaging of this card. I have found it to be lacking and I cant really put any of the newer games settings above low or medium low.

Now i am ready to shop around again for a new card to try to handle my games, such as BF2 and so on. I should tell you that it must be an AGP card becuase my MB does not have PCI-E capabilities.

My budget for this upgrade is around $150, give or take within reason.

thx for any help you can give.


A:Advice for new video card

I can recomend this as I got one for a friend and it playes BF2 very nice.

I would also saay at the top off your range would be this one

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I'm shopping for a new video card and was wondering if I could get some advice. I don't know much about video cards and when i look at all the different brands and models I get confused. I'd like to know what features make one card better than another and what features would be best for me based on my using habbits(please don't name specific cards as I will make my own decision based on my budget).

I like to play video games, such as quake 3 and Nascar 4. I also design my own graphics for my website, digitally edit my photography and watch DVD's.

You needn't mention DVD decorder as a feature because I already know I'll need the card to have that. Plus my mother board has a 2x AGP slot that I will be using when I buy my card.

That brings up another question I have. I've notcied that there are cards out there for 4x AGP slots. I plan to in the near future get a new comptuer which will probably have a 4x AGP slot on it. Can I purchese a 4x card and have it work in a 2x slot(I know if it worked it would only work at 2x's), so I can put that in a new comptuer when I get it?

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

A:Video Card Advice

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I want to buy an LCD monitor, but I'm reading that their displays are much better using DVI--which my video card does not have. My problem is that I don't know which card will fit my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X(-P) (1 ISA, 5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 AMR, 3 DIMM); chipset is VIA VT82C694X Apollo Pro 133A. I've noticed that many of the video cards require Win 2000 or XP and are not compatible with Windows 98SE, which is what I have--and some descriptions of cards don't mention which Windows programs they're compatible with.
The video card I have now is an Xpert 2000 with 3D Accelerator ATI Rage 128 4X. My computer was built for me--has 60 GB HD, 768 MB RAM. I don't know much about video cards, so if you have any ideas, I'd sure appreciate it.

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i have a comp like

HP Elite HPE-270f PC Intel® Core i7-930 Processor 8GB Ram,1TB Hard Drive, Bluray Reader,Windows 7
i plan to buy a video card for it , so between gtx260 and GT9500 which one u guys suggest ? with GT9500 can i go max setting in Battle Field Bad Company 2 ?
Or any other good video card u guys can tell .Thanks .

A:Advice for video card

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A:Need video card help/advice

It's an integrated graphics card, so it won't run any of those games you mentioned.

And it'd help if you posted your system specs. Use a program like SIW or Everest Home Edition (Google for them) to get information about your PC and post it all here.
Also, open up your case and post all the information on the PSU (Power Supply Unit) sticker. This is what a PSU sticker typically looks like.

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I've narrowed down my choices to the Radeon® X1600 PRO 512MB PCI Express® or the Radeon® X800 XL DVD Edition 256MB PCI Express®, and am having difficulty choosing which card I should put in my new pentium D mainboard.
I don't want to worry about SLI, the prices are about the same for me, I mostly play WoW and probably will be getting stuff like elder scrolls IV, and i'm chiefly concerned with future performance, anybody have any suggestions?

A:Need some advice on a new video card

maybe these charts will give you a better idea where your going.


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Hi all! I'm new here and just have a quick question! I would really appreciate any feedback! I'm looking for a new video card. I am mainly wanting to play WoW or Civilization IV, I just got my new comp yesterday and found out that the graphics card sucks and won't play either one because it lacks HW Transform & Lighting...so now I have to find one that does! It needs to be PCI Express, I would like to get something for $100 or under...

Here's what I'm running
Alienware 3550
Intel Pentium D Processor 930 w/Dual Core technology 3.0Ghz 900Mhz FSB
160 GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/NCQ & 8MB cache
2 GB dual channel ddr2 sdram at 533 mhz

If you need to know anything else let me know! Also, is it hard to install? The only thing we ever installed before was a dvd burner and some memory..is it any harder than that?

thanks in advance!

A:need advice on video card!

Here is a pretty good card for your budget and will play all of you games: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814131007

Installation is pretty simple. Open case, remove the metal tab covering PCIe slot on the back of the case, insert card, connect power cord, and close the case. You will need to make sure that your power supply will handle the extra demand that the card will require. Pop open you case and see how many watts it is rated at (not the max watts, the average watts) and how many amps are on the 12v line(s).

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Hi, I have attached an image of my computer info. Most newer games are not playable on it so I want to get a better Video Card. When considering my computer specs can anyone offer advice on what I need? Is there something else I should buy to go along with a new card? What should I be looking for [specs] when shopping around for one? Someone suggested a 9500GT. Any other opinions?
I can't spend lots of money.
Thank you.

A:Need advice on new video card!

Well, without money, you can't do much to play newer games. Im not sure how much 9500 gt costs, but that card should be enough to run newer games. You can try to buy used gpu for less money.

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This is my first time doing this.
I have a motherboard(P4VXASD2/P4VXASD2+), and I would like to know which video card is best with this system.
I also need to know what memory is best to use. About 1 gb.
I already have an 80 gb maxtor hardrive, and a memorex cd-rom drive.
This is for battlefield2 and such...

Thanks to anyone who replies....

A:asking for advice...which video card to use..

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I am fixing an old IBM Aptiva to be a backup computer in case my computer has to be repaired. It has onboard video which is not working too well. I brought it to a shop and I have been offered a choice of the following cards:

1 3DFX Voodoo 2000 16MB 3Dvideo Retail Box with
drivers PCI $45
1 Creative Riva TNT 16MB Retail with drivers PCI $45
1 S3 Savage 32MB PCI $55

24 hour warranty.

Inventory changes and they will not hold cards.

May please have some advice as to which video card to pick??

Thanks very much!!!


A:PCI Video card advice - please!

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