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HP WES Addon (VMware Horizon Client) vs the "general" Vmware...

Q: HP WES Addon (VMware Horizon Client) vs the "general" Vmware...

On the drivers website of the T620 TC, the latest version of the horizon client is 4.1On the vmware website i can download version 4.2Do i always have to use the "embedded" version of the Horizon client from the Thin Client driver site, or can i also use the "general" windows version? Thanks

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Preferred Solution: HP WES Addon (VMware Horizon Client) vs the "general" Vmware...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)



Virtual machine OS is Windows XP Pro. Vmware version is 6.
Real shared folder is on another PC with XP Pro.
I create a New Folder from virtual machines Windows explorer in a real shared folder on another PC. Then wish to rename it to all lowercase like new folder.

But when I rename New Folder to a different name like New Folder1 and then rename to new folder (all lowercase), IT WORKS!

This problem is important because I create case sensitive scripts and must save on a file server.

Have you got any useful SOLUTION for this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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I've a broadband link of MTNL with D-Link DSL 502T modem, and a m/c with Windows XP as primary OS and over it running VMWare server ver 1. I''ve loaded Ubuntu 10 server over VMWare and made it as the DNS / Web Server, I've got domain name registered against a static IP.

Now the problem I'm facing is that whenever I try to open the web-page of my web-server, I receive Modem Configuration page instead of web page I loaded on the server, although my Apache 2 server is running fine.

Can some one help me tell how to configure so that it directly fetches the web pages loaded in the web server instead of modem configuration page.

Thanks and regards


A:Config of D-Link 502T with VMware on WinXP, Ubuntu Server on VMWare!

If this is from a remote location, are you sure you have disabled remote administration in the router?

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I don't need help, I just wanted to post my solution. 
I recently setup the latest version of Vmware player on Ubuntu 13.04 and found myself unable to download the tools for it. error try again later or something along those lines. I searched about online for answers but google only presented 1 relevant topic and it didn't have a solution. Anyways I've discovered how to get around this, it's quite obvious really, I feel dumb for taking so long to figure it out. Lauch VMware player as root, then the tools will download successfully. Hopefully this will save someone a world of heart-ache.

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Hi all

To install W8 developer edition (current version) as a VM with vmware workstation you have to download / upgrade to version 8. Version 7.1X and earlier won't work. Vmware player (current version) gives same problem as vmware workstation 7.1x.

When you install choose W7 as the OS (there isn't a W8 option yet not surprisingly) and select I will install the OS later.

Then select the DVD device in the vm serttings as a virtual ISO (you don't need to burn a physical DVD) and boot from the device.

Then it will install more or less as W7.

Ignore any prompt for a product key if it appears. I wasn't asked for one but some people seem to get a request for a product key when attempting to install W8 as a virtual machine.

You can download a free trial version for 30 days from the vmware site. ( it may be that eventually version 7.1x will work or the next upgrade of W8 will work so unless you want to upgrade to version 8 of vmware workstation I'd start with downloading the trial).

Then it installs OK

I don't have enough privileges yet to upload screenshot but it installs fine.

I've also posted a suggestion on how to remove / disable the metro gui for those that want a more "classical" Windows look - you can see the post in the W7 Forum until I can get approval to post in the relevant section on this Forum on customising W8



A:Install W8 in vmware workstation -- you must use version 8 of vmware

Will workstation 8 install over vmware player or as a separate install?

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I recently purchased a new machine that I will also be using to monitor the network for my employers. The organization has a hybrid of zero-clients and thick-clients on one domain connected by a WAN. For executives and physicians, I have given them the instructions for downloading/installing VMware on their machines in order for them to handle urgent work issues while away (e.g. vacation). Thus far, all such machines have been Windows 7.

My new machine has Windows 8. It is an HP Envy dv6t Quad Laptop purchased from Costco.com. It features:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.4 GHz16 GB RAM64-bit OS

I went to the same URL on our server I directed others to and downloaded 64-bit View Client with Local Mode (VMware View Portal 4.6). The download seemed to have arrived fine, and nearly installs fine, but at the last moment announces "Rolling back action" in the install box. The images below relate the sequence just mentioned.

I have tried: 1) deleted the download and trying again, and 2) removing all fire walls on my machine and home wi-fi network. Those measures achieved the same result. At first, I concluded it was "a Windows 8 thing" and was content to wait for a some Windows patch or VMware update. Since then (1 week ago), I have noticed plenty of people in forums discussing their use of VMware on Windows 8 machines.

Definitely stuck and in need of help/recommendations.

Perplexed Pete

A:VMware View Client 4.6 vs Windows 8

Hello Peter, welcome to the forums.

That's a good machine there.

First off all, the file you need must be a 64bit one.

A possibility still remains: Win8 is not compatible with older VMWare products (here is the case as well unless log-files were produced and the error is not compatibility related). You can try compatibility mode (right click on the installer) - Win7 but I recommend VMware View 5 or 5.1 or VMWare (Horizon) View 5.2 or just try to see if one of those versions work.

General link:

Clients installers link:

Make sure you install a 64bit installer as the OS is x64. If Win8 is Pro make sure Hyper-V is disabled from the Windows Feature list (see Programs and Features in Control Panel).

Once again if you prefer the older version, 4.6, try to run it in compatibility mode Windows 7 and see any possible log-files for errors, somewhere in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp and/or %appdata%. Those are links you can check in File Explorer.

If windows is installed on the C: drive, as usual, check C:\ProgramData\VMware for any logs and settings related to VMWare programs.
A newer version might fix it and in that case you don't need to dig through log-files. Replace C: with the respective letter if the System is on another drive letter.

Good luck.

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Hi please see the error i get when i try to connect to the virtual and this started after we switch from ADSL to Fibre.
All the other server did work and we have internet but the virtual server is not working and i can't even Ping that IP address.
what i did is i disconnect the D-link Dsl router and connect our Lan and server cables to our Dell POE Switch the internet from Microtic switch to our dell switch as well.

Can you please explain to me how i can fix this and i'm not good at Networking i'm a Desktop support but i manage our servers as well please??.

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I have recently installed the final release of Windows 7 64 bit runs an amazingly. One of the few issues is that when I am trying to run VMware vSphere I get a error message I have done some searching on line and have found a solution that fixed the problem for me.

Hope this helps
running vmware vsphere client on windows 7

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I did a comparison of these two products to see how they performed...

My base system is a Dell Precision 390 with 4gb of ddr2 667mhz ram, Core 2 2.13GHZ cpu, virtualization turned on, SataII western digital 160gb harddrive for the storage location (OS is sataII seagate):

Load/boot times are from the initial VMware bios screen till a prompt to login, from a "differencing/clone" image off the network location via gigabit, with differencing files stored on the wd harddrive locally.

x86 Vista RTM load times:
average load time was 1min 27s

VMware 6.x:
average load time was 48s

x64 vista rtm:
load time 55 seconds (about 7 seconds slower than x86, worth noting)

At least on load times, it seems Vmware wins out here. I also like the functionality better with Vmware, virtual networks etc. With virtual pc, to get virtual networks, you must install Virtual Server 2005, which to me, felt very slugish and non-intuitive.

So I'm wondering, if everyone else has found Vmware to be the better product thus far, especially since it will run x64 as a guest OS.

How does Vmware compare speed/abilities to Parallels?

A:Virtual pc 2007 vs Vmware 6.x (load time results)... which is better in general..

I have not worked much on VMware, but as far as my knowledge is concerned. VMware is the best option for server consolidation and virtualisation.


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Good news about VMs again.

The latest VMware Workstation 9 brings a new UI and it's designed for Windows 8.

Read about it here:
VMware Announces VMware Workstation? 9

Also VMware Player 5 is available for download.

Looks like I posted this a bit fast, usually Jimbo beats me at VMware stuff. Sorry for this one.

A:VMware Workstation 9 - VMware Player 5

D'oh. I have 2 licensed copies of VMWare Workstation at my office. One for me and 1 for a coworker. It's $119 to upgrade, or a free upgrade if you purchased after Aug 1st, 2012. I purchased on July 30, 2012. Sucks to be me

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i cant install vmware tools, it starts to load the cd and says it cant find it. if i load an image, it doesnt work either.
its driving my nuts, can anyone help?

A:VMware installing VMware Tools

well i figured out vmware,.....need to stop and think about it, i was trying to do the second step without doing the first...lol

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I thought I would start a (impartial) discussion here as it would help me with it terms of how I might configure a new Windows 8 laptop.
Ok, VMWare Worstation 9 was released on the 23rd August. As a freelance consultant I want to configure Windows 8 Pro to run multiple server virtual farms (AD, SharePoint, exchange etc) . Since I want this to all be hosted on a reasonably high spec laptop so i7 > 16 GB DDR3 etc. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on, or planning to evaluate this type of scenario, on either Client hyper-v or VMWorkstation 9

PerformanceBattery drain -Easy of creating snapshots of vm clonesUSB 3 support Ease of setting up a virtual networks of one or more servers and also internet connectivity testing metro apps in Windows 8 vms ability to move the the VMs in to a cloud service and vica versa
Let the debate begin


A:Windows 8 Client Hyper-v verses VMWare Workstation 9

Well, first and foremost, Hyper-V is going to be included for free, which VMWare Workstation 9.x currently is a $249.00 product.

I'm a VMWare user, but I use the enterprise products at work, am very familiar with how they work and have more of a need to keep things consistent. VMware has always been the better product for me as I often virtualize more Linux boxes than anything else and MS support of Linux clients as a VM has never been that good.

I have a license for VMWare Workstation 8.x, and am unsure yet if I will pony up the $119 for the upgrade. The feature set didn't seem like it was going to really be that advantageous for me. So, my experience on Workstation 9.x might continue to be lacking.

To me, it seems like you want to run MS apps, and you get Hyper-V for free. I would really start there and see if you have concerns. Then consider the cost and feature set of VMWare Workstation.

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Hello all,
Recently after update KB4049179 Internet explorer would crash after accessing VM Vsphere web client webpage which uses flash. After Uninstalling said update behavior regarding the website returns to normal. Microsoft Support Twitter account says to post
this in feedback hub, but this is related to my Work Computer and I do not want to link personal Microsoft Account to My work computer. So I thought I would put this here instead. Before I tried uninstalling the update I tried removing Internet Explorer
using Program and Features using the Add and remove features wizard,  and adding back in. But that did not work. It was only after Installing the above update was I able to login to the VMware Vsphere web client webpage and get into the rest of the

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Hi all
After a bit of googling found the fix

This guy solved it -- works fine Now I can uset W8 x-64 on a Desktop with 16GB (I must have VMware working)
Fix vmx86.sys error with Vmware workstation 7 and 8 | JB: Tech & Security


A:Fix for vmware 8.0 / vmware player 4.0 on w8 x-64

16GB of RAM or a 16GB vmware partition?

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I'm using HP T620 thin client with below specifications:1. OS Type: HP ThinPro 52. Image Version: T6X520113. OS Configuration: Smart Zero I'm trying to connect via Horizon view client available in the T620 using PCoIP, to Horizon Connection Server version 6.2.1 build-3284346once the connection tries to get established, it immediatly drops and disconnects. Is there a way to review any log to understand why this happens? Regards.... 

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I'm using HP T620 thin client with below specifications:1. OS Type: HP ThinPro 52. Image Version: T6X520113. OS Configuration: Smart Zero I'm trying to connect via Horizon view client available in the T620 using PCoIP, to Horizon Connection Server version 6.2.1 build-3284346once the connection tries to get established, it immediatly drops and disconnects. Is there a way to review any log to understand why this happens? Regards.... 

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Q: Vmware

I know that we can do lot of work using the vmware. It may also be used to install os's by which we can work as working in the local machine without wasting the hard disk space that the os originally takes.
I want an overview of the usage of this software. Further I want to know any critical damages possible particularly the one's which make the originally insatlled os to not boot.



The first thing to understand about VMWare Workstation (full title) is that it runs in what is generally referred to as a 'kiosk' or 'virtual PC'. You can rest assured it doesn't affect your O/S in the way you describe but creates its own image files from an XP, Linux, or Vista installation disk, then runs in its own 'window' separate from the host O/S.

I hope you are getting an idea of it now. Though it is separated from the host O/S it is capable of using existing peripherals connected to the Host PC, such as printers, scanners, external and internal hard disks, internet etc. It installs and runs basically just like any other program would so not a lot to worry about.

I use it myself and can highly recommend it. You could for example run XP on a Vista host machine or vice-versa or even Windows 98 if your nostalgic or want to run older software or test new programs within it before installing on the real computer etc.

You can save the 'image' files VMWare creates anywhere you wish and load them in when required. They don't need to reside on the C: drive for example. I hope this answers most of your questions, and I've found it excellent and trouble free with an easy enough learning curve.

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Alright, so this has been bugging me for some time, and I even called VMWare for help and nobody there was able to help.

Despite the installer from their site saying x86 and x64, it insists on installing to Program Files (x86) and always shows as 32-bit in task manager.

I thought, maybe it's because I'm emulating a 32-bit OS, so it was running in 32-bit... so I tested XP x64 (Didn't have a Vista 64 machine installed yet), and all but ONE of them is still 32-bit.

Has anyone here gotten VMWare to run native in 64-bit? I've tried it several times, in both 6.5 and the newest version 7 (the screenshot is the newest, installed today) and it never acts like a 64-bit program, even though it's supposed to be one.

A:VMWare and x64?

Hi there, the program install itself in Program Files(x86) folder because the installer is 32bit. The processes in taskmgr shows *32 because the processes are not coded fully with x64 architecture. But that doesnt mean that its not 64 bit compatible.

For example: My Vipre Anti-virus sits in Program Files (x86) folder and in taskmgr, its processes has *32 in the end. But its still supports 64bit OS.

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I am currently running an XP Home Edition guest operating system inside vmware (duh)
I installed WoW and it was fine, I got to the the intro thingy and clicked play and i get this error

i realise that it may not be happy with the vmware drivers and such but could anyone please offer assistance?


A:Run WoW in VMWare

Hi there,

VMware dose not support DirectX applications. I belive this is why you are having the error.

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I have os which is win 7. i have installed vmware in win7 and inside vmware is win-XP.

keyboard is working fine with win7 but inside vimware there is xp in that xp the keyboard is not working properly . its just displying numbers and special characters..

could any one plz help me .......... :(

A:w7 with vmware -xp

I think this link might be helpful for you. Let us know if these fixes don't work.

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I don't use it but I just read this on another forum and thought it would be good if you folks knew about it:

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I'm trying to run my old games on my shiny new computer, which runs Windows 7, 64 bit. Games like Quake 2 and Half-Life. But they won't install. I've looked around and it seems clear that an emulator from VMWare may do the trick for me but when I go to the site, there are a ton of products and I can't seem to ferret out which is the emulator I'm looking for.

So I'm looking for the VMWare (What?)

A:VMWare what?

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Q: VMware

What is a VM ware .


It's virtualization. For a really detailed description try: VMware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I have installed W8 under VMWare Player, but there is a yellow flag at the ethernet card and therefore no network connection possible. The VMWare NIC ist connected.
Any suggestions?

A:No NIC under VMWare

Hi there
1) Did you enable NAT or Bridged Networking for the VM (If it's a silly question please ignore).
2) Do you have any Networking (either Wireless or Wired) working on the Host and enabled -- If there's no HOST networking enabled AND WORKING you can't enable the VMware Nic. (The Host doesn't have to be connected to the Internet but the Network card MUST BE ACTIVE and WORKING even if you choose Host Only Networking for the VM).

Ensure also VMware tools is installed -- I've never run into Networking problems on a VM -- on the Host yes many times !!!.


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I have win 7 home premium 64 bit. I want to use vmware to run win 98. Is it a good idea? is it fast enough to run old games ? my computer has 8 gig of RAM and nvidia 560Ti 1 gig video ram. 3.4 ghz cpu.

I dual booted with win xp at one time but xp is not much different from win 7. Some older games only run well in win 98.

A:vmware ?

My advice is simply give it a go. It may not work, but you can't find that out without trying.
I haven't used VMware myself; I have used VirtualBox (which is free) for messing around with Linux.

In terms of performance, I'd actually be more worried about giving 98 more power than it can play with! Even a virtualized processor on your box would run faster than the typical hardware processor 12 years ago. Certainly be careful how much memory you allocate: there's the temptation to give it 4 gigs and watch it WHIZ, but the old OS simply won't know what to do with it. Stick to something more reasonable (not more than 512 MB, virtualBox recommends 64).
Since your objective is to run old games, you don't have to worry about modern programs growing to expect gigs and gigs of memory.

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I have windows 10 laptop, i have downloaded vmware 10 to get a virtual machine on mac os however after reading many many tutorials i am really struggling to do this, i cannot find a download link for the mac software.
can someone here help ? i just need easy instructions and the correct download links.. i dont really know what im looking for..

A:Vmware help ?

Did you try Virtual Box for the same purpose?

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I'm hoping someone here uses Vmware.

Im having problems installing vmware tools for vmware workstation. I boot up my linux OS which is Knoppix v5 in vmware workstation and i go to VM > Install Vmware Tools at the top but it just keeps saying vmware tools isn't installed.

Im wondering if theres a way to get vmware tools as a download so i can install it manually

any help please?

A:Need help with Vmware

Maybe this will help


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Q: VMware

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Quad-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 23 Model 1 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16335 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 297 GB (181 GB Free); G: 465 GB (397 GB Free); I: 931 GB (868 GB Free);
Motherboard: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd, B350M PRO-VDH (MS-7A38)
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

When I try to install VMWare Workstation I get an error message that VMWare requires AMD-V be enabled and it is not. The error says to check in BIOS to be sure AMD-V is enabled. However I can't find any such critter any where on my system. Nor is it obviously on the MSI mobo install disc. Do I need to re-install the mobo or do I find AMD-V somewhere else?


In the Bios select Advanced (F7) > OC > Cpu features > set SVM mode to Enabled > Save and Exit (F10)

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Hi guys this is my first post here, but from now on I'll be often contributing with my posts here. I promise =)
I have few questions about vmware workstation, im fairly new at using it. So if there are some people here who use it and can help it'd be great.

1: What is the easiest and simplest way to copy files between guest and host computer? (Please give some small tutorial too)

2: If I set guest memory for example to 1gb and I have 4gb total on host. Will my host always be using only 3 when guest is
running even if it doesnt use whole 1gb? Means I will temporary loose this 1gb always when running guest? Or does it work another way?

3: Vmware icon running on my task bar even if virtual machine doesnt run. Can I disable this icon? Or does it have any special function?

4: My network connections shows new unidentified network (most likely this belongs to vmware). It probably has different IP.

4a:Anything special you would recommend me to do about networking with virtual machine?

5: Do I have to install firewall, antispyware soft, and antivirus on virtualpc even if they are already installed on host?
Its likely that answer will be yes, but what if I dont use virtualpc to browse at all, is it necessary in that case also?

6: Do I have to treat it like real PC and do things like defrag, spyware scan, registry fix, tweaks etc ?

7: Anything I should know as new vmware user what you would recommend me to do ?

My greatest appreciation goes to every helpful po... Read more

A:Vmware - help pls :)

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Not sure this is the correct forum, but I figured I'd give it a try. Right now we have a large group of client machines running XP and a Windows 2000 file/print server and Windows 2000 BDC. Our manager wants to have the clients boot up and start a virtual session to a server where all the apps and data will reside so nothing but an OS is loaded on the clients. Anyone had any experience doing this? Ideas? Thanks.

A:VMWare and XP

Sounds like you should look into Citrix

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I'm using VMWare to emulate a Windows 98 computer (to run an old computer game) on a Windows XP computer. When I plug in a flash drive, the emulator recognises it, but I cannot get the Win98 to recognise or accept it. I need to either get a program into the computer to view .jpgs, or I need to be able to copy the .jpgs from the computer and look at them in the actual XP computer.If this isn't the forum to ask this sort of question, just ignore it, or tell me it can't be done.If it helps, the VMWare image is called 'Manalink_2.0'EDIT: Moved to more appropriate forum

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Q: Vmware

I have a 2003 Supermicor motherboard...installed a sata pci card and plugged in a 500 gb sata drive internally.
the bootup sees the card
and drive
but the bios..bootable device does not see it
therefore vm ware does not see the drive either
how do i get the machine to see the sata drive to do the install to (is the hard drive too big..e.g. over 140 gb)

Any suggestions..

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VMware Workstation 10 has hit the bricks. Have yet to test it, hopefully in the next couple of days (just got a copy today.

A:VMWare 10

Loaded Windows 8.1 without any problems. The VMware Tools also loaded without any problems. The network allowed access to all shared drives on the network without any problems. There appears to be an increase in speed from 9 to 10. Thus far it is an improvement over 9. Still will not allow you to run OS X without a great deal of tweaking.

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Q: vmware

i want to run servers and gateway appliance in vmware or some virtual machine sofware live...like actually use a domain controller thats ran inside of a virtual machine or a server, wor a gateway appliance as a webfilter i know its possible but just don't know how my old company i used to work for but i gotta figure it otu cause my the company is no longer there

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Hi, I recently installed VMware Workstation 10. I'm experiencing lag on the host computer and the virtual machine is just slow at things (downloading, updating). My main computer specs are: GTX 660, I5 3750k, and 8gb ram. I gave the virtual machine 2gb ram which i think is enough and that leaves about 6gb for my host. The host works fine without VMware running. What do you think is the problem of this lag? And yes I enabled virtualization tech in BIOS

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Q: VMware

Someone told me about this software and was wondering what people thought of it? Is it easy to work with? Is the VMware server the one to d/l with all types of of windows o/s and Linux o/s?


VMWARE has two free options, server and the VMWARE player. There are 3rd party utilities to build VMWARE virtual configurations for the VMWARE player around.

Note that Microsoft Virtual PC is also free to download, and it comes with all the stuff to use it out of the box.

I've found that VMWARE usually is a better choice for non-Windows operating environments, and MS-VPC works better for Windows emulation. I have both running here, and I use VMWARE for Linux and VPC for various versions of Windows and MS-DOS.

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Q: vmware

I am trying to install vmware workstation, but I get this error message.  I tried un-installing vmware player, which also gave the same error message.  Tried googling this, and could not even find anything on it.  a restart did not help either. 
Running Processes Detected
Setup can not configure network settings on this machine.  Please close any network configuration applications, such as any network card configuration applet, before continuing. 


What operating system are you trying to install VMWare on?

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Q: Vmware

In order to have a virtual XP machine on my Vista desktop do I just need VM Player or do I need VM Workstation 6?


We migrated our desktop enviroment from fat clients to VDI. VDI's are running windows 7 OSAbout 450 HP T620 Thinclient with Windows 10 and vMware horizon client running.We have a few issues like black screens, VDI disconnecting, performance, Keyboard lag..We have a open case for the black screens with vMware at the moment.But what i would like to know more about, is the interaction between the VDI and the Thinclient.We have a third party hosting the VDI environment, another party managing our Thin Clients, and we are in the middle wit all the issues. Politics..Does the VDI uses date and time of the TC, despite the VDI'a are in a domain with a NPT server.How about Keyboard and regional settings. VDI with windows 7 and thinclient wth windows 10, is that "best practice"I'm lookng for some "best practice" documentation/articles about running VDI on thinclients. How dows it works exactly? Especially redirection.Thanks

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i tried to uninstall vm-ware workstation from my pc many a times, but always an error occurred in the process.
Thus, i removed all the vm-ware files from C: drive. But still, I couldn't remove it from my computer completely and thus its occupied 1.5 GB space in C: Drive still exists whenever I check my add/remove options in cpanel.
Can anyone plz help me of how to remove this software completely from my pc??

A:uninstall vmware

Try using the 'forced uninstall' feature of Revo Uninstaller
Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

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Has anyone thiapped IE7 or IE8 successfully, OR know where to get a tutorial online for thinapping these APPS....

Thank you in advance

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any knowledge with VMware 10 for windows?

I keep encountering an issue when trying to install an iso...

" The CPU has been disabled by the Guest operating system. Power off and reset the machine"

I have other OS's installed with no issue..

A:VMware issues??

Are you trying to run OSX?

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I am trying VMware and am not real familiar with it. I have had it for awhile and installed Ubuntu and am not really thrilled with it. I was wondering how do I uninstall Ubuntu and install Windows 7 beta to test it out. Like I said I have not had a lot of time to play with VMware so I am not sure. Anyone? Thanks.

A:VMware question?

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Has anyone tried using this for booting multiple operating systems? Thoughts? Comments?



A:VMware Workstation 4

Haven't used that one Cookie but have tried OSL 2000 and it worked fine.

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I have been using my vmware 6.5 workstation and now today it says my vt is not enabled and it will not work. I went in and checked and it is enabled. Anyone?

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I have a peculiar problem and i need some help
I have installed the following applications on my laptop, GNS3 AND VMWARE
On the vmware app i have installed windows xp and cisco unified callmanager 8.6.2
I have connected the gns3 application to the vmware app using the vmware network adapter VMNET1
I can ping from the gns3 app to the cucm app on vmware
I can also ping from the gns3 app to the windows xp operating system running on vmare
But the issue is
i created two loopback interfaces on the windows xp os, and i cannot ping from the gns3 app to the loopback interfaces
but i can ping from the gns app to the vmware accelerated amd pcnet adapter on my xp station
And all interfaces all belong to one subnet.


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