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How do I change back the folder icon with thumbnails?

Q: How do I change back the folder icon with thumbnails?


I had a weird problem with my folder icons. The normal folders (ones without thumbnails) appear the normal yellow photo that is the default. However, the folders with thumbnails are a different icon of gray and white. For some reason, I cannot change the icon of the folders with thumbnails back to the default, yellow folders. Can anyone help with this? I have manually tried to change it back by "Right clicking, Properties, Customize" and choosing the yellow default folder, but it isn't working.

Preferred Solution: How do I change back the folder icon with thumbnails?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I change back the folder icon with thumbnails?

You can try to rebuild the icon cache in windows.

How to Rebuild the Icon Cache in Windows

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Im running Windows XP Home Edition SP2. I was playing some starcraft and closed the game.. then noticed all my icons changed. even when restarting all my icons changed back except mydocuments.. i cant think of a way of changing it back. its very annoying.. its like the old windows 95 folders.. and no right click properties/change icon dosent work or show up...

A:My document Folder Icon Changed, How To Change it back.

Hi fusionstar and welcome to TSF!

OK, try this:

Right click on the desktop somewhere and select Properties. On the Desktop tab, click Customise Desktop. Click on the My Documents icon and click Restore Default. Hit OK, Apply and OK.

If this doesn't work, follow the same steps, but instead of hitting Restore Default, change the icon to something else then change it back, then hit OK, Apply and OK again.

Let us know if it works!

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I am using windows 10 pro. In my Laptop, when I change the folder view to Thumbnails, it will change. But when I was open a folder and return, the folders are automatically change to Details. It was happen to all my folders. Help me please.

A:Change the Icon Thumbnails to Details

We have a Windows 10 forums as well, you will be much better to ask there!
Ten Forums

Still see if this applies to W10 - Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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I am using windows 10 pro. In my Laptop, when I change the folder view to Thumbnails, it will change. But when I was open a folder and return, the folders are automatically change to Details. It was happen to all my folders. Help me please.

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Hi everyone,

I have used a bunch of tutorials from this site over the last few years and never joined up. However, I am infuriated at windows 7 not letting me get my own way with custom icons! Infuriated enough to sign up.

All I wanted was a custom folders icon (for ALL folders) which can be done easy enough, but the catch 22, in order to do this properly, one must turn off thumbnails (organise > folder options > view > always show icons, never thumbnails).

This means you end up with a window with a couple of hundred identical jpeg/png/whatever icons... not very useful when you need a quick overview of contained images within the folder.

So, we turn the thumbnails back on, ah thats better, we can quickly see our images again! Oh wait, those disgusting yellow overlayed thumbnail folders are back!

There needs to be another option in windows 7:

Always show icons (folders only), show file thumbnails

Would be great but I can't find any way to achieve this. Even iconpackager can't do this and I bloody bought it! All that happens is that you end up with your nice custom icon, with a little bit of photo thumbnail sticking out the bottom of it, so you have to 'always show icons, never thumbnails'... well that was a waste of money!

I would install linux instead if it were more useful, changing ALL icons is easy and makes sense in that, and takes about 5mins! I have a lovely custom theme, of course, let down by those yellow folder icons that make me want to puke!

Has a... Read more

A:How do I use custom folder icon but still get file thumbnails

Welcome to the Seven Forums

It can be done look at this tutorial Folder Icon - Change Default Icon

You need to have to icons built just right for thumbnails to show look at screenshot you need a back and a front for it to work.
Look at this thread Custom made icons [1] there are some made up in there.


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Hi, I'm using Windows 8.1 x64.

In the MUSIC folder I have 1 folder for each artist. In each Artist folder I have 1 folder for each Album. And in each Album folder I have all the songs, with the cover art embedded in them, in every single .mp3 I have.

In folder options I've set folders to show thumbnails, not icon. So, each Album folder's icon is the album art of the .mp3 files it has inside. BUT in the MUSIC folder, all the Artist folders don't show the album arts they have inside. Their icon is not a folder's icon neither, it's like thumbnails of folders:
And I'd like them to show the thumbnails of the albums they have inside. Well, the maximum amount of images that a folder icon can show is 2, so if I have more than 1 album in an Artist folder, then the icon should be 2 random thumbnails (of 2 albums).

An example here:

I put a song (with embedded cover art) in the desktop. The archive's icon is the cover art.

Now I create a NEW FOLDER (the icon is a default folder icon) called "Album". I put there the .mp3 file. Now, the "Album" folder's icon is the cover art of the .mp3 file.

Then I create ANOTHER new folder called "Artist" (default folder icon), and I put there the "Album" folder. And here, the "Artist" folder's icon is NOT the cover art, but the icon of the image above, and I want it to show the cover art.

Notice that all album's folders have only .mp3 files, not hidden images like "folder.jpg" or anyth... Read more

A:Folder icon don't show thumbnails/images

Hi there?

How can I do this, that a "Mother" folder's icon shows cover arts embedded in the "Son" folder's icon?

-Folder A (rare folder's icon, image in the first post) contains:
--Folder B (folder's icon is the cover art of the files it has) contains:
---mp3 files with embedded cover art

I want A folder's icon to be the same as B's.

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My PC running Vista Home Premium 32-bit had the Google re-direct virus which made my desktop wallpaper blank.

I have removed it, but I cannot change the wallpaper through Control Panel > Personalization > Desktop Background; when I look at the wallpapers stored in Windows Wallpapers, I see the file names but no thumbnails.

I have the same exact problem in my Pictures directory, none of my pictures' thumbnails show. How do I fix this?

The pictures load normally if I double click on them, I can start slideshows, etc., but they are not displaying correctly in explorer.

A:Cannot view thumbnails of images in pictures folder or when trying to change wallpape

Hi welcome to the forum.
Maybe the link below will help, or you may have already tried it:-

Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero

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I have just setup my new laptop with Windows 10 Home and installed Dropbox. I noticed that the Dropbox folder icon is offset compared to other icons. The folder part of the icon is more towards the top than all other folder icons. See this image:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I know it seems like a small issue, but once I saw this, I can't unsee it, and it annoys the heck out of me

So - I designed a new icon. It is basically the same, but with the position fixed and the Dropbox-logo is a flat design. If anyone is interested, you can grab it here:
Dropbox - dropbox-fixed.ico

It looks perfect when changed - BUT, once you restart the computer, the Dropbox folder icon reverts back to the default. I tried it several times.

So I was wondering if it is possible to change the icon elsewhere. Maybe in the regedit somewhere. I don't know enough about that stuff to mess with it.

Hope someone can help!


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Hi all,

I installed BSPlayer, didn't like it, and decided to go back to using Divx player.
I have all the file associations sorted so all my video files run in Divx again, but the icons are still the same as they were for the BSPlayer.

I know its not a really big problem, but its annoying!!

Any help?


A:Annoying icon change... change back?

In explorer try...
Tools > Folder options >File types >select the file extension you want to change the icon for then click on the Advanced button, then click on the Change Icon button.
See if the icon you want to use is there.

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I moved a folder into "My Pictures" folder while in "My Documents," then I found the original "My Pictures" icon which had a photo in an opened folder had changed to a closed folder without the photo. I looked back from "Start"/"My Pictures," there is the same changed "My Pictures" icon. How can I change back to the original icon?

A:How can change an icon back?

Hi f2g.

Download TweakUI and install it.

Run it. Select Repair, Choose Repair My Pictures Icon from the drop down list and click Repair Now.

Should set it back to normal.

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I accidentally change all default programs (firefox, internet explorer, EXE only files) into a different icon (utorrent) now, my programs dont function probably. How do i change it back to how they were so i can use it?
so if i open internet explorer, it opens to utorrent and says iexplore.exe:torrent is not valid bencoding

A:How do I change the icon back to original? PLEASE HELP ME?

Welcome aboard

Download teh registry filse for .exe and .lnk from the link Default File Type Associations - Restore and double click to merge those in the registry hive.

Let us know if it worked or not.

At the same time, uninstall utorrent, Run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker , and then you may reinstall it.

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well i got a question actually i dont even know if it has anything to do with the topic but, i dont know how , i change the default program for all the programs in the pc , including interent explorer, google chrome and practicly all, the icon also change, it is the one of the default program which i change them all to ... my question is, how do i cange them back to the original program they were?

A:How do I change icon back to original?

Hello Himmcr, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could do a system restore using a restore point dated before you made this change to undo it and hopefully restore the icons back to default.

Hope this helps,

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Odd problem cropped up about a week ago. My boyfriend pointed out that the recycle bin has been renamed to "games (1)". I can't just rename it back either so I've no idea how to fix this. I did try going to the customize desktop feature from display>properties and selecting the restore default option but nothing happens so I'm not sure what else to try.

Zelda ;)

A::P Recycle bin icon somehow got renamed, how to I change it back?

Try registry fix #115 (Rename/Remove the Recycle Bin) at http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

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I added it to the desktop and the normal icon was used (picture of a PC). Now it's suddenly changed to the default windows explorer icon ! How to get the default icon back ? I tried removing it from desktop and adding it again, but did not work.
W7 Home Prem. x64.

A:My Computer desktop icon - how to change back ?

Quote: Originally Posted by BeachNut

I added it to the desktop and the normal icon was used (picture of a PC). Now it's suddenly changed to the default windows explorer icon ! How to get the default icon back ? I tried removing it from desktop and adding it again, but did not work.
W7 Home Prem. x64.

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization

Then go to change desktop icons.

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Hello everyone.

I just installed Adobe Creative Suite CS4. Everything turned out fine. But my icon for the Bridge CS4 .exe file is one of those annoying default icons and I want to change it back. There is a Bridge CS4 .ico file in my Bridge folder but I would like to know how to get that into my Bridge .exe file. A simple but somewhat annoying problem. Does anyone know a quick fix? This is the ONLY icon on my entire computer like this. I don't think it's a virus or malware. I scanned using a bunch of programs. It's a legit copy of CS4. It's definately too minor of a problem to go thru a tech support nightmare. I really don't like looking at it on my desktop or start menu.

Thanks in advance

Dell Inspiron 518
Vista Home Premium SP1
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 MHz
4 GB Ram, 500 GB HD

A:a program icon defaulted, how do I change it back?

Hi, welcome to the forums I take it you have tried right click on the icon select properties then "change Icon" browse to your proffered and select it?

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After recently playing Starcraft Broodwar, My Computer's icon has changed to a crappy low-res looking version of what it's supposed to be.

Like that. I tried deleting the Icon and putting it back on in Desktop Settings, and tried changing the Icon altogther and then back again, same result.. not sure how to get it back to normal?

A:My Computer Icon has changed, will not change back.

Have any other icons changed as that looks like a change of resolution actually?

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I accidentally shift+deleted the standard "Videos" folder that has an icon. I used a utility to recover the little bit of data that was on there, so that's all good. The problem is that now there is no "Videos" folder in the same location as the other standard folders, i.e. Documents, Music, Pictures, etc. When I try to create a folder called Videos, it either tells me that there already is one and cancels, or it will create it and then subsequently not show it there.

It's not hidden, I've checked on that, or renamed. It's gone but Windows seems to think it is still there. Of course I'd like to have it back...how do I either restore it, or hard delete it so that I can create my own?

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bit, on an Acer Aspire laptop from 2009. Any help greatly appreciated!


A:Getting back a default folder + its icon

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Do a system restore going back one day prior to when you deleted it, you won't lose anything unless you installed some software sense the problem.

Here's how:

System Restore - How to

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HEello USers I got Differnt problem by changing of folder icon
It will not show icon Like screen shoot below

it doesnot icon plz help meeeeeeeeeeee

A:folder icon will Not change

Hello OMSOni, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I'm sorry, but I do not understand what you are asking?

Could you provide more details of what you did, what the folder icon looked like before and after, and how this relates to this tutorial?

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I wrote a batch script to set a custom icon to folders:

ECHO [.ShellClassInfo]>%1\desktop.in_
ECHO IconResource=C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll,22>>%1\desktop.in_
move %1\desktop.in_ %1\desktop.ini
attrib +S +H %1\desktop.ini
The desktop.ini it produces is identical to the one when doing the process manualy:


But it doesn't work. It only works if I set the folder icon manually.

A:Change folder icon

Found the solution:

the folder must be ReadOnly:

ECHO [.ShellClassInfo]>%1\desktop.in_
ECHO IconResource=C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll,22>>%1\desktop.in_
move %1\desktop.in_ %1\desktop.ini
attrib +S +H %1\desktop.ini
attrib +R %1

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i have recently downloaded Leopard icons & was trying to use it as my defaults icons but i didn't knew how to do it except-
eg i want to change "Windows" folder in C drive.

c - right click on Windows - select properties - click Customize - click Customize icon in the bottom- select the desired icon or browse - apply & Ok.

This does change the icon but when i click the new "Windows" icon it shows up another Windows icon & then all the programs inside that folder...

so i searched on google.com & checked the information you given followed every step but still the folders icon are not changed yet, its the same.

Please tell me how to get this working. Thank you.

A:Change folder icon?

It should help you : http://www.sevenforums.com/943862-post22.html

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My problem is:
I have downloaded these icons that have the theme of Windows 8.
I'm changing a lot of system file icons around on my computer using the program "Default Program" it's great and all, but it doesn't support changing folder icons. I have to do it manually.

I've used two of Brinks tutorials how to change default closed folder icons and default open folder icons by using Regedit. Now I have one problem. I can't find a tutorial to change the folders icons that have the files and or pictures sticking out of them. You will see in the photo I have attached to this thread.

Thank you in advance! (:

A:How to change folder icon?

At the risk of appearing incredibly sarcastic:

Let me google that for you

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I am trying to change the My Video folder within My Documents (XP Home). I use Icon Packager. For some reason, that particular folder won't change. Is there a reason for this, or is it maybe a glitch?

Thanks for any input.

A:Can't change folder icon?

Make sure that it is the "correct" My Videos folder. There are two of them to be found in the Documents & Settings folder: one is under your profile and there is another under All Users. Also, have you tried just right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Change Folder Icon" or "Customize" and bypassing Icon Packager altogether (you can still browse to the IP icon library for the new icon)?

I'll get back to you on specific locations when I sit in front of my XP box (at work atm).

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I have tried to create some of my own folder icons, with no luck. I have taken these steps. right click blank folder on desktop, click customise. here I have chosen change icon, here I click on browse, go to pic I have saved (in picture folder) but the photo I've saved doesn't show up. My guess is the extension is wrong, so how do I fix this?

For clarification ex. blank folder I want to make it a Toshiba image instead of yellow file folder.

Thanks, Tom

A:Folder icon change

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I wanna change icon a specific folder So that, by shifting the icon does not change.
In other words, Icon is always fixed

A:Change folder icon

Right click the folder, Properties/customize/Change icon/browse to the folder where your icon is. Then click Apply/OK that should do it.

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So well i restored my computer and i logged into wifi and put it into home network and the icon is not the bars (image included) internet works everything but i just want the bars back Please

A:How to change wifi icon back? Image included

Welcome to the Seven Forums

How did you change the icon?

Do Option 2 of this tutorial SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker it will not harm any data or programs you have installed it will try to find and repair any corrupt system files that you have. You may need to do this up to 3 times with a reboot after each scan.

Then do Icon Cache - Rebuild

And maybe Notification Area Icons - Reset


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I have changed the icon of a folder. After it copied to a CD.and opened in a new P.C.
and folder copied to that. But my new Icon does not display.

A:Change Icon of the folder and bind to it

Quote: Originally Posted by Dayananda

I have changed the icon of a folder. After it copied to a CD.and opened in a new P.C.
and folder copied to that. But my new Icon does not display.

Try the following link for some instructions;



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i am using windows 7 x64 bit edition,i have mounted a NTFS partition to folder....after mounted the drive the folder icon changed to drive icon and it is showing as shortcut......now i want to change it a folder(before mounting)Thanks

A:how do i change mounted folder icon

If you mean this icon
I believe this is intentional and by design. Possibly so one can differentiate between
an actual folder and a mounted partition.

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Hi everyone. I am wanting to change the icons for the folders in My Documents. The reason is because I had to recreate the My Pictures and My Music folders a while back when I had to create a new account and delete a previous one due to having lost my password. Right now they simply look like plain folders on the Start Menu. (Using Windows XP Start Menu) I found this article in Help:

Open My Documents.
If the folder you want to change is not located in My Documents or its subfolders, use Search to find it. To open Search, click Start, and then click Search.
Right-click the folder you want to change, and then click Properties.
On the Customize tab, under Folder pictures, click Choose Picture.
Click the picture you want to use to identify the folder in Thumbnails view.

To open My Documents, click Start, and then click My Documents.
You must be in Thumbnails view to see the folder picture. To switch to Thumbnails view, on the View menu, click Thumbnails.
In Thumbnails view, Windows displays up to four images from your folder on the folder icon by default. The images Windows displays are the last four images you modified.
Click to expand...

So I did what it said and went to the properties for the folder. But for some reason, there was no cutomize tab. Any idea as to what to do?

A:Solved: How do I change a folder icon?

Give this a try.

Click start > run > type rundll32 mydocs.dll,PerUserInit and click ok.

This should restore the special icons for "My Music" and "My Pictures".

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I've created a shortcut to a folder that contains data files used by a particular program. I would like to change the shortcut icon for that folder to the icon used by the program. Program icons do not appear in the shortcut|properties|change icon list. Is there a way to make the icon replacement?

A:How to change shortcut icon for folder?

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Let's say there is a folder1 and a subfolder.
subfolder is inside of the folder1.

Is there a way to make the file icons in subfolder extra large and make file icons in folder1 extra small?


A:change icon size for certain folder only?

Hello Tozymba,

As long as this is not in a library, then yes. You should be able to just set the icon view size to how you like in each folder using any one of the options in the tutorial below.

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Hope this helps,

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Hi !
Can anybody help me in changing live icons? I know an application that can do it, that is Stardock Iconackager. But I have some horrible experience with it when used it in windows 7. It messed up everything.

Is there an easy way to change them? Thanks in advance

A:How to change LIVE FOLDER ICON ?

Hi Arc, can you clarify what folder icon your talking about, a screenshot of it as well?

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I am unable to change my folder icons.

but whatever picture i choose the folder icon doesn't change.

I've tried renaming the picture to .ico but that doesn't help either. I put the picture into another new folder by itself but that doesn't help either.

I get the error message : "The file contains no icons"

any help is appreciated thank you.

A:Unable to change folder icon

you need a ico file in there to change it to, are the images you are trying png's or jpg's etc,
you can convert a png to an icon using an online converter easily,

ConvertICO.com - Convert .PNG format files to .ICO or .ICO format files to .PNG : Windows Vista compatible icons

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Hey guys,

So I've managed to change the icons for both Open and Closed states for the default Windows folders (following the method described here: change default icons), but this wasn't able to explain how to change the icon for a folder containing files. So all of my folders which contain files still show the default icon, which sucks even more than it did originally!

Is anyone able to help?


A:How can I change the icon for a folder with contents?

Hi 'Narpstar', welcome to EightForums!

Obtain or create an image you want to represent the folder, convert it to a .ico (icon) file, (500x500 is a good size); place that ico in the folder if possible then choose properties/customize/change icon, navigate to the folder and choose the ico file, click apply and ok.
Make sure you don't change the file or folder path or it may revert to the default again.

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In Windows 7, is it possible to change the Windows folder icon individually? This is possible in XP using a program called IconTweaker, which is unfortunately not compatible with Windows 7, and I have failed to find a Windows 7 equivalent.

A:Change Windows Folder Icon

Hello Rand Marks, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may work for you.

Folder Icon Change - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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This is not a default icon inquirey.

Thank you to Neutron16 for his/her tutorial on mass icon change using a predefined folder with custom icon as source. Closest thing to what I want yet, but not quite there yet.

I want to be able to write a bat, script, exe (visual basic) to change the icons by icon name. i.e. File named x.avi, code looks in icon directory for icon named x.ico, file named y.avi, code looks in icon directory for icon named y.ico, etc.

What I've found so far is that once a folder has had a custom icon, I can change the desktop.ini and the folder icon will change as well. If I restore the folder icon (custom properties dialog) or if the folder has never had a custom icon, changing the desktop.ini file never changes the folder icon, even after closing and reopening the windows explorer.

This implies there is another folder property which must be set.

I'm not strong in bat file command but I understand that xcopy copies everything including all properties. This is why Neutron16's bat works and my code does not.

Question is, what is the name of that property/properties and how do I access it or am I going down the wrong path here?

A:Mass Change Folder Icon

Gotta love forums.

As I was forming the question above it caused me to rethink what I had already tried and what I already knew. "The folder must be set to ReadOnly for Windows to read the Desktop.ini file". (This is indeed the answer.)

This cause me to ask the question How do I make only the folder ReadOnly. Changing the the property to ReadOnly in the properties dialog only makes the contents of the folder ReadOnly. I did a search and found the answer, tried it and I can now change the icon by copying or creating the desktop.ini file by code or by hand.

Here is some code to give you a Context Menu to make the folder ReadOnly.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Set folder read-only"

@="cmd /c attrib +r \"%1\""

Save as .reg file and merge with Windows Registry.

Happy Icons.

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I currently have two Windows 7 Home Premium computers on a small home network, and I would like to be able to change the folder icon of one computer from the other computer on the network. Normally, if I go into properties of a folder, I am able to change the icon. But I noticed that this option disappears for folders in shared drives on the network.

I noticed this phenomenon also occurs in previous versions of Windows as well.

I am hoping there is a simple solution to this?


A:Is it possible to change a folder icon across a network?


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Is there a way to set a default folder icon, so when i make a new folder anywhere it will use my custom icon?

sorry im a n00b sometimes

A:change folder icon default?

Have a llok at this

Folder Icon - Change Windows 7 Default Folder Icon

A Guy

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Just got a new laptop with Win7 professional about two weeks ago.

All of a sudden, this morning, the network notification icon for the network switched from the wireless-five bars icon to the wired icon with a big red X through it (because I am not connected via wired). When I mouse over the icon it still shows my wireless network name and that I have Internet Access.

I don't know how or why the icon changed, but I would like to change it back to the one showing the wireless bars. I've searched around and can't find anything on how to do that.

Can anyone help with this, please? Thanks!

A:Network Notification Area Icon Has Changed: How To Change It Back?

Hello Chasfh, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if resetting the notification area icons may be able to help.

Notification Area Icons - Reset

Hope this helps,

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Hiya. I'm trying to disable the Thumbnails for those ugly "Live Folders". However, I can't seem to figure out how to turn them off without also disabling the thumbnails for individual image files.

Does anybody know how to disable *just* the Live Folder thumbnails?

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The problem is that the protocol indicated; that is, rt. click icon on desk top, properties and change icon is not available anymore on my system. It used to work that way but somehow no longer. Instead, going to properties give you no avenue to change icons. Is this fixable?

A:Solved: change shortcut icon for folder?

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Hey folks!

On my desktop (Windows 7 Professional), I continue to have this program icon that always reappears on my desktop. I can move it and delete it via recycle bin, but whenever I put the computer to sleep and wake it back up or reboot it, the icon reappears on the desktop, forcing me to delete it again. It's gotten to the point where it's a huge pain. Here are a few screenshots.

The first one, shows my desktop with the placement of the icon. It comes back here no matter what I do, each time I log on. The 2nd and 3rd screenshots show the folder path and the location of the icon. Notice, how it shows my name and then desktop. I figure this is the reason behind it continuing to show up on my desktop. All I want to do is change the location and folder path, so it doesn't keep showing up. Please help!

A:HOW TO: How to change icon properties/Folder path

My Avast, when a certain function is turned on [something to do with having a secure place on the hard-drive similar to IdentityGuard's sandbox-like browser], it always always placed that particular icon on the desktop, without fail. You just might have some similar setting or built-in setting in that program you displayed.

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Hey .. ! need your help again EIGHTFORUMERS . I just need someone to give me a program to change the default icos of my Folder , .txt .dll files If anyone know anything pls i badly need it . !! hoping for your answer !!

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Never thought of customizing my windows until I stumbled upon this place and then got carried away..

Now there is only one thing that is bothering me and that is highlighted in the pic attached..

Any help would be most welcome.

A:How can I change the open folder icon on start bar?

Welcome to the forum,

Have you tried the right click on taskbar icon, right click on Windows Explorer in jump list, click on properties, change icon method?

Shortcut - Change Icon

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Is there a way to set the default icon for closed folders in tree view? I know there is a way to change the open folder, but can I change the closed folder icon with out changing the icon in "folder view"

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Hey, how do i get the icon on the taskbar to change when i have a folder open?

A:How to change icon on taskbar when i have a folder open?

Quote: Originally Posted by Utopia73

Hey, how do i get the icon on the taskbar to change when i have a folder open?

Can you explain what you mean in a little more detail please?

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Hi everyone,
I'm using Win 8.1 and I'd like to change font type for folder and icon. If anyone know how to do so, please help me. Thanks in advance.

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