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HDDs Show in BIOS, But Do Not Show in Disk Management

Q: HDDs Show in BIOS, But Do Not Show in Disk Management


A newbie here that just completed a first-time new Win7 PC build. Successful installation of Win7 Pro on WD 600GB 10000 system drive. Went back and installed 4 additional HDD. (2) WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM and (2) WD Caviar 7200 500GB HDD from XP system that were used for storage.

BIOS sees all HDDs, but are not viewable in Disk Management.

System Specs:
Antec Nine Hundred
Intel Core i7-980 3.33ghz
24GB (3 x 4gb) Corsair XMS3 1600mhz RAM
PNY Quadro 4000 2GB VC
Corsair 850TX 850W PSU
1 WD 600GB SATA HDD for OS
2X WD 500gb SATA HDs (previously used on WinXP system for storage)
1 Pioneer Blue Ray Burner SATA BDR

SATA4=WD 500GB (previously used as storage on XP system)
SATA5= Pioneer BDR
SATA6= WD 500GB (previously used as storage on XP system)

SATA configuration is enhanced. BIOS is 0701. Marvel 9128 Controller [IDE Mode] PCI/PnP is set to [NO] which was the default setting. The grey SATA1-6G headers are not in use.

Device Manager lists all drives.
However, only three are visible in Disk Management. Missing (1) WD 500GB (previously used on WinXP system) and (1) new WD 1T.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: HDDs Show in BIOS, But Do Not Show in Disk Management

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HDDs Show in BIOS, But Do Not Show in Disk Management

Are you sure that its not just at the bottom (of Disk Management) and not formatted yet?

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I'm trying to put an old hard drive into my PC as a slave but i can't find it in disk management. It is installed via IDE and BIOS recognises it as a hard drive but i can't find it when i login to my PC.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: hard drive recognised in BIOS but doesn't show in Disk Management

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When I use Disk Management from the MMC, it will not show any volumes. The C drive will not come up, nor any USB or other external devices attached to it, the drive display is just blank.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

A:Disk Management will not show any volumes

I came across a thread where they suggested checking the Windows/System32 folder for a file named dmserver.dll.

The file had been renamed to "dmserverxxx.dll", and when renamed to "dmserver.dll" it fixed the issue.

Apparently happens sometimes when new externals are connected.

Worth checking.

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My C Drive is nearly full and I'm constantly having to remove software I still need just to make space, I checked the forums and found I could merge my C: and D: together to make more space but when I went to My Computer - - - Manage - - - Disk Management My C: Drive doesn't show up, Just the D: Drive and my external Drive G: appears. Can someone please help as I want more space on my C: Drive its a nightmare! Thank You
P.s I use vista.
I currently have just 743 MB free on my C: Drive and 24GB free on the D: Drive

A:My C Drive does not show up on Disk Management

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Hi All,

I would really appreciate some expert advise on this issue I have, I am running Windows 8.1 Professional. (and no thats not the issue )

I have just bought myself a new Seagate 5TB internal drive, model is a ST5000DM000. I managed to put the drive as an external and formatted the drive with disk management and also converted the disk to a GPT so it is just one partition as 5TB, the drive will work perfectly fine as an external in a case.

But, if I plug the drive as an internal via SATA cable as a second disk, my bios identifies the drive. Afterwards when Windows tries to boot it takes an additional 3-4 minutes to boot, eventually I log on and the disk is not present nor is it shown in disk management or device manager.

I have tried using different SATA ports on my board (nearly all of them including one that is coloured different which I thought would be my savoir), I am yet to try run it as a secondary drive in another machine which I hope to do in the coming week to see if I can replicate the issue.

Any feedback to this would be sincerely appreciated.

Many thanks


A:New Drive won't show in Disk Management

Format it either as a FAT32 or NTFS partitions. You will have to possibly make it five separate partitions.

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My WD Passport 320gb external drive is not recognised. When I plug it in the light comes on and i can hear the disk fine as normal. But it won't show up in either My Computer or Disk Management.

I've tried Re-Scanning is Disk Management, as well as every single USB port on my Toshiba Equiuim L40 laptop.

I can't assign it a drive letter because literally nothing shows up.

I was hoping to format this hard drive to FAT32 so I can backup my PS3 data before I upgrade it's hard drive. Any help much appreciated, and just to make it clear there is absolutely nothing on the drive I want to keep so it doesn't matter what is lost from it!

Many thanks to anyone who can help!!!!!!


(By the way this is my first time ever posting in a forum so bear with me please!)

A:External HDD won't show up in Disk Management or Explorer

hi there fellow uk man try this microsoft fix it from there site
Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows go to link Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows


What it fixes...

When you install a hardware device, it is not detected
Determine if your audio device is plugged in
Driver updates aren't automatically installed by Windows Update
You receive one of the following errors:
Your <Device Name> is currently disabled or turned off in Windows
Your <Device Name> has a driver problem and needs to be reinstalled
Windows has detected a problem with your <Device Name>, it is not working properly
There is no driver installed for your <Device Name>

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My machine O/S is Windows XP SP3 with all current updates.

A few months ago I had a problem with my boot Hard Drive (blue scree and error code indicated lost boot sector). I installed a new hard drive and rebuilt my system .

I have some files that were not backed up on the HD and would like to try to recover some of these files .
The HD is Samsung SP4002H 40GB IDE Drive. I have put the HD in an external Drive enclosure (Sabrent ECS-STU35) and connected it to my PC via USB. When I turn on the drive enclosure:

Device Manger shows a SAMSUNG SP4002H USB Device entry under Disk Drives; and
a USB Mass Storage Device entry is under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
The HD from the Drive enclosure does not appear in My Computer or in Windows Explorer.
The HD from the Drive enclosure does not appear under Disk Managment.
Under Disk Management I do see 2 Hard drives (Disk 0 is a 500GB and Disk 1 is 120 GB) - the 40GB drive is not present.
I suspect that my original problem with the 40 GB HD was a damaged boot sector and partion table.

I am looking for ideas on how to make the drive visible to to Windows XP and also some thoughts on how to partition table and files.

Thanks for your help

A:Hard Drive Not Show in WIN XP Disk Management

how about putting it into slave and then you can use it to recover all files that have not been corrupted by the bad sectors. you can also get your HDD tables by formatting it when it's slave...

although its not clear why you didnt bother replacing the damaged boot file with the install disc, its only one or two files...and if your lazy like me put the install disc in and do a recovery install, it looks like a normal install but it replaces all the original files like bootloader and other things that i cant think of right now...

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Vista Disk Management does not show colors.

Look at the screenshot.

Is it supposed to look like this? Why isn't it showing different types of volumes?

A:Vista Disk Management does not show colours

Hi bjshnog

It looks correct to me.
Your D and I drives are each labeled Primary Partitions.

What are you expecting to see?

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I have been trying to find an answer for hours on google and am throwing in the towel.

I have: HP Desktop xt963, Windows xp sp3, 1.2 ghz processor, 512 RAM, 2 internal WD 40gb HD (one ide and one sata), 1 external Hitachi HD (the problem). The external HD is connected to the system via a generic ide/sata cable adapter.

The external HD is first connected to power, the power turned on, the adapter cable plugged into the HD then plugged into a USB 2.0 recepticle on the computer. (The USB 2.0 was an add-on. The existing USB 1.0 was factory installed.)

At that point, a "new hardware" message appears preceded by the usual chiming sound. An icon saying "safely remove hardware" appears. In Device Manager, the HD is recognized and in Properties it says "device is working." However, the HD is not recognized in My Computer or in Device Management.and accordingly is useless to me

In the beginning, it did work off and on for a while, but lately I can't use it at all.

I have tried "uninstalling" in Device Manager and restarting the computer. Upon restart, the device shows up again in Device Manager (installed) but nothing else changes. I tried connecting via the original USB 1 but it didn't make any difference.

I connected the cable and HD to my wife's Dell laptop (Windows xp) via a USB 1.0 port and viola everything worked just fine.

It would seem (a) there's nothing wrong with the HD or cable adapter or power supply, (b) t... Read more

A:External HD Doesn't Show in Disk Management

I just discovered something. After you utilize "safely remove hardware" before disconnecting the HD, the next time you connect it it does not power up (the power light is on but you can't feel the disk spinning) until you hook up to the usb port).

Previously, I had not been using "safely remove hardware" at all so I'm guessing the disk was running when conneting to the usb and that's when it didn't work right. But when power is not running when you plug the cable into usb (and it wasn't just a moment ago) then eveything is normal (as it is right now).

At least I'm going to go on that assumption until proven wrong and you can consider this thread solved.

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i have been searching everywhere on the net for the answer but i couldn't find it :/

it shows up in device manager, there's a green light on it,

what i've tried so far:

- uninstalled every driver and rebooted

- rebooted and unplugged several times,

It's an Icy Box IB-351 this device works on other computers and it used to work on this one, now i can see it in Device management and appearantly it's "working properly"

it has no red light blinking on it atm, Please help me if you can, if you believe you have a solution to my
answer here , thanks.

A:Problem with USB, Doesn't show up in Disk management or my computer

Maybe the PC's power supply is getting weak. Try replaceing the supply

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I purchased a 500 GB drive about a year and a half ago to hold my backups for my main 160 GB drive. Just about everytime I have to reboot my PC, the 500 GB does not show in Computer. I them boot again and it shows and everything is fine. I have attempted to sort this out but no luck yet. Today I had to reboot and the 500 GB did not show. I have rebooted about four times but nothing. I went into the Bios and did not see anything strange. The 500 shows up as it should. The only unusual thing I see in the setup is that my main drive with the C and D partitions is listed as drive 1 while the 500 GB with my backups is listed as drive 0. I believe the reverse is the preferred but don't know if it really matters. Here is my Disk Management and a prompt that says I must initialize it. The two partitions on the 500 GB are primary if that makes a difference and the prompt refers to Logical. Any help is appreciated as to why the 500 GB is not showing. Thanks, == I just found out how to initialize the disk, but it looks like I will lose my backups. Not a big deal, but I want this to not occur again. Does it sound like a bad disk that might be causing this?

A:Hard Drive Doesn't Show in Disk Management

Normally, one would expect to see the Windows drive on Sata 0, but I don't think it really matters that it's not.

Initializing the drive means it's asking for it to be partitioned and formatted, but the puzzling thing is why did it lose its partition in the first place?

Was the partition on Drive 0 a logical partition?

I'm off to do some investigating.

I'm back, you may find this of use: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l.../cc771775.aspx

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I have a toshiba sattilite with windows 7 x86 32-bit pro pre installed
i need to do a clean install but i cant because it says i have no partitons and the only wayt i know how to make one is from a hard drive but when i go to disk management none of them show only the cd drives show my hard drives do show up in my computer but why doesnt show up in disk management please help any one

A:My Hard Drives Dont Show Up In Disk Management

That doesn't make any sense, can you post a screen shot?

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I have five Sata drives. Of these five, Windows 7 Pro 64 "Computer management" reports that two of them still are 100% free despite both having significant usage as reported in "Computer" and "Explorer"

F: Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy, Primary partition,

"Computer management" Capacity 92.21GB Free 92.21GB
"Computer" Capacity 92.2 GB Free 16.8GB

L: Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy, Primary partition,

"Computer management" Capacity 389.59GB Free 389.59GB
"Computer" Capacity 389GB Free 379GB

The L: drive is newly installed and only ebook files are on it. What might have caused this and can it be corrected?

A:Computer Management fails to show disk usage

How are you looking at drives ?
Please post a screen shot of your maximised disk management
Start>type diskmgmt.msc>enter
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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i just go a 3tb drive and it shows the right size in my startup screens and everything but when i get in windows to partition it is only 746GB i have tried switching it from MBR over to GPT and from basic to dynamic but still no change any 1 have any ideas

A:i cant get disk management show right disk space

It needs to by GPT to see all 3 TB.

How did you do this switching back and forth from MBR to GPT??

Stay away from dynamic disks at all costs. Just say no if they are ever offered.

What is this disk's purpose? Data only? OS? Data and OS?

Do you want just a single partition on it?

What motherboard make, model, and BIOS do you have?

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I did not even know of such things a few days ago, but in diagnosing an issue I was having, I discovered that all of our external hard-drives, regardless of which of our computers they may be connected to, show as Active in disk management.
All of our ext. drives are identical 1-TB Transcend; one is brand-new and we have had the others for a couple years.
If I ever did anything to these hard-drives that would make them show as active, I have no idea what it may have been; they have probably been like that for a long time.
The only reason I even found it out was that I had to look in Disk Management.
Has anyone else had their external hard-drive to show as Active ?
Is this just a weird thing with Transcend drives ?
Thanks for reading.

A:External Hard-Drives Show as Active in Disk Management ???

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As a preamble, everything is working fine, and the volume/partition in question is unimportant so it's ok if I lose the data (I'm gonna format it anyway). No external drives are connected, so only the HDD and the internal DVD drive (no disk in it) are in play.

On my 1TB internal HDD, Disk Management and diskpart disagree about a volume and/or partition (I'm not sure if it is "actually" both a volume and a partition or just a partition). DM identifies (in the list of volumes) a 181GB Healthy Primary Partition. diskpart does not see this "volume" at all, but it does see it at as a partition. Twice. One is 181GB logical, one is 189GB extended, neither is primary.

Here is a screenshot of DM showing 5 volumes. In the order shown they are: Windows reserved, MS Office Click to Run (I think?), OEM recovery, the "mystery volume or partition" (red dot), and Windows C:\.

Here is what diskpart has to say about it:

DISKPART> list partition

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 Primary 100 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 Primary 719 GB 101 MB
Partition 0 Extended 189 GB 719 GB
Partition 5 Logical 181 GB 719 GB
Partition 4 Logical 8137 MB 900 GB
Partition 3 Recovery 22 GB 908 GB

DISKPART> select partition 0

Partition 0 is now the selected partition.

DISKPA... Read more

A:dispart and Disk Management show inconsistent partition types

Chorizo mate that is one heck of a post and I just want to know what you want to do with those last three partitions - just what is on them?

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i recently got an used hp envy 14 currently running x64 home premium . since it ' s limiited edition , i dont know the full specs . i was told the HDD was over 700 GB [ 720 or 750 ? ] . when i added up the total space , it was not over 600 GB usable . now i ' m seeing a partition in computer with label Q: which i cannot open displaying " Q: is not accessible access is denied " .

- the " hide empty drives " option is checked in folder options .
- the disk management doesn ' t show the drive
- when i try to change the letter of any drive , Q : is not available .

is it possible that this drive is eating up some space ? or is 600 / 610 [ unsure ] GB max usable in the hard drive ? need to perform a clean install of win 7 ultimate . so i dont want the space to be waste or perform a format again to just get the space back . dont want to see the same problem in ultimate . so , please help me out here . thanks in advance

A:Mystery Partition In My Computer Doesn ' t Show Up In Disk Management

Hello rawmess and welcome to Seven Forums.

My usual disclaimer: I'm not an expert at anything.

According to your second screenshot, Disk 0 is 596.17GB. That should be the total amount of space on the disk. I'm guessing that HP installed a "620GB" hard drive. That would be based on the manufacturer using a decimal rating system where 1000KB = 1MB and 1000MB = 1GB. But in computer speak (or the binary system that computers use) it actually takes 1024KB to equal 1MB and 1024MB to equal 1GB. So if you keep dividing 620GB (620,000,000,000 bytes) by 1024 (you have to divide 3 times) you will eventually get around 596GB.

As to the mystery Q: drive, since it doesn't show up in Disk Management I'm thinking that perhaps it was a removable drive (external hard drive, flash drive) and the previous owner gave it the letter Q. Here's a couple of previous Forum threads that may offer some help.


Mystery Drive (Q:)

Hope some of this helps.

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I have a 2,5" 500GB external hard-drive with a single partition (NTFS).
I can see it in the disk management utility (see attached screenshot) but it doesn't have a drive letter nor can't I assign one.

Attached to another PC running Windows XP it says "unknown partition" but also error-free and NTFS.

The problem could have been triggered by unplugging the harddrive without securely removing it.

A:Doesn't show external drive anymore but visible in the disk management

is it have files on that external hdd??

on Disk Mgmt, right click the offending disk.
Select Change drive letters and path.
Assign a drive letter.

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I inserted my external SD card and nothing happens, not even a pop up window saying its been inserted. I also installed the newest windows 10 driver. The SD card dosent even show up on the disk manager under the DVD/CD rom tab (where it should be).

Can anyone help please??

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I installed the SATA drive. Formatted it. Assigned it a letter. It won't show up in My Computer, but I can access it by typing in the drive letter in Windows Explorer and when I do this it comes up under My Computer in the "Folders" side pane

Data writes and reads from the drive fine.

I've tried formatting it and deleting the partition and creating a new one.

What the **** is goin on?

A:Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.


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(what my recovery partition contains, am I missing a file?)

I copied the recovery partition over to another block of unallocated space since it was in the way of a partition I wanted to merge with my Windows partition.

After doing that, Disk Management displayed "Primary Partition" instead of "Recovery Partition".

How do I get it to show "Recovery Partition"? I re-registered WindowsRE using reagentc /setreimage, I even obtained new files for WinRE from the install.wim in my ESD folder, used 450 MB on the dot, and I tried this diskpart script:

rem == HideRecoveryPartitions-UEFI.txt
select disk 0
select partition 3
set id=de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001

It still displays "Primary Partition". All I want is for Disk Management to identify the partition as the Recovery Partition.

Also, what is the default PBRImage Location (the one that uses install.wim, not winre.wim) for Windows 10? I'm currently using a custom one, but I'm curious of the default one.

A:How do I show "(Recovery Partition)" in Disk Management?

So despite my computer being able to boot into a UEFI-environment, I had to use a BIOS-environment script to get the desired result.

rem == HideRecoveryPartitions-BIOS.txt
select disk 0
select partition 3
set id=27
list volume

This topic can now be locked (although I am still curious about the default PBRImage location, as mentioned previously--so if anyone knows that, please post :3).

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Hi, I have two 250gb drives that are connected to my one Eide connection on my Asus P5Q deluxe Mobo. They show in the bios and on startup, but not in my computer or drive manager??? how can I get them to show up so I can format and use them as extra space.
thanks for any help you can provide...

A:EIDE hard drives connected and show in bios but not in disk manger

Are the drives formatted NTFS? Do the drives have files on them that you want to keep?

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Hi people,
Ok i wouldnt have even checked the disk management tool but i have installed a 120 gb seagate sata hdd as a slave drive. low and behold my disk mangement shows no hdds at all, not even the factory one. but the dvd and cd roms do show up
so i have...

- swapped sata and power cables both work
- checked bois both show up
- the new one is spinning up/ working

- ran malwarebytes full scan came up clean
computer is a dell
xp pro
1gb ram
intel 3.0 hyper threading

i have read the post similar to my posting but none have the fix i am looking for..

thanks for the help

A:NO hdds in disk management ???

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When I open Cmd, it opens directly as C:\Windows\System32 without a UAC warning.
Same as Computer Management.
Something wrong or is it ok?

A:Cmd and Computer Management does not show UAC warning, but runs as Adm

Hello IMAyNeed,

Do you have UAC turned on to the top level?

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

The default level will not notify you if it's only you making changes to Windows settings.

Hope this helps,

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I tried installing VMWare workstation and when it got to then end it said it could not create the user and group name on my system.

When I went into Computer Management and clicked on Local User and Groups, in the Groups folder none of the built in group names show up.

For instance in Groups you should have:
Backup Operators
Network Configuration
Power Users (etc.)

Well you get the jist of it.

Anyways none of those entries show up. I tried adding in Administrators manually and it said user group is already there. It doesn't show though.

I also created an entry called TEST and I added me to that as an administrator and it created it however then TEST name doesn't show up
in the Group Names.

At one time I had some malware and when I finally got rid of it I used a registry cleaner to clean up my registry. I was careful not to
delete stuff that should be there but I was wondering if something could've been deleted. Maybe a SID entry? I compared my desktop registry
with my laptop registry and the SID's do seem to match up for the most part.

I googled this problem and a the MIcrosoft website said to reinstall SP3. I did that but still no luck.

Does anyone know what to do? I am running Windows XP Pro SP3. I have a Workgroup set up but I'm not part of a domain if anyone asks that question.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:No Built-in Group Names Show Up in Computer Management

It sounds most likely that there's something corrupted in your registry that's related to permissions - and I'd suspect that it's related to the malware rather than the registry cleaner. I'd suggest something like the RRT (Remove Restrictions Tool) as a first guess, but haven't used it myself. It's available here: http://www.sergiwa.com/en/modules/mydownlo...cid=2&lid=1

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help me please
i have the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?driveid=410
I trying to connect with SATA connection but it doesn't show up in computer management.
I have Vista.
Anybody got any suggestions


A:SATA connection but it doesn't show up in computer management.

The specs show it has usb and firewire connectors also. What happens when you use one of those connections?

Next it also comes with a mac file system. Have you deleted all partitions and created/formatted with ntfs?

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In 'folder options' the action of 'show' and 'don't show' hidden files have got interchanged.

So, when I select 'don't show' hidden files are shown, and vice versa.

How to get this back to normal?


Sent from my GT-I9103 using Tapatalk 2

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I am trying to setup a default user or machine setup for how win7 handles folder view options. I want show hidden folders to be set to on for all users and the hide extensions for know file types to be unchecked or turned off ffor all users (so extensions show)
I have located them in the registry but they do not seem to be applied to all users.
Below is the registry settings I have set

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

When I create a new account to test the folder options are still hiding hidden files and not showing extensions.

Any suggestions


A:show hidden folders show file extensions thru registry

You're close but in the wrong area.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
show and hide files is a profile specific key and therefore can be modified by user accounts. if you would like to change the default, navigate to key:
HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\current version\explorer\advanced\folder\hidden and \hidefileext
there are keys in there that set default behaviors.

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I have been having problems with Media Center, not downloading the guide.  I have been trying to follow all of Microsoft's recommendations for a fix.
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The advice told me to go into Services and find two files on the list and make sure they were both started:

Windows Media Center Receiver Service (was started), and
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service (wasn't started, I started it).
Then it told be to go to Show Processes from all Users.  And find six files on the list.  The instructions assumed the files would be there.  Only one of the files is. 
How do I get the missing five files on the list?:
ehmsas.exe (missing)
ehrecvr.exe (on the list)
ehsched.exe (missing)
ehschell.exe (missing)
ehtray.exe (missing)
mcGlidHost.exe (missing)

Microsoft's directions d that these files would all be there.  It did not say what to do if any were missing.

Please HELP!!! 

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I have been having problems with Media Center, not downloading the guide.  I have been trying to follow all of Microsoft's recommendations for a fix.
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The advice told me to go into Services and find two files on the list and make sure they were both started:

Windows Media Center Receiver Service (was started), and
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service (wasn't started, I started it).
Then it told be to go to Show Processes from all Users.  And find six files on the list.  The instructions assumed the files would be there.  Only one of the files is. 
How do I get the missing five files on the list?:
ehmsas.exe (missing)
ehrecvr.exe (on the list)
ehsched.exe (missing)
ehschell.exe (missing)
ehtray.exe (missing)
mcGlidHost.exe (missing)

Microsoft's directions assumed that these files would all be there.  It did not say what to do if any were missing.

Please HELP!!! 

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I have a prob with my Seagate 1TB external hard drive working on my G4 Powerbook (Leopard OSX). I have a Maxtor 200 gb drive that works perfectly. But The 1TB drive doesn't always appear on the desktop but does show in the system profiler. When it does show up on the desktop my files missing from from folders. Finally on the few times that files show up, I can't open them. I had error messages about permission to open the files but the drive and files all have read/write permission.

I use the drive for backup. The files on this drive are from the Maxtor drive, random disks and my thinkpad which runs Vista.
Any insite would be greatly appreciated.

A:USB drive won't show on desktop / files won't show in folders

It's Vista's Security System. Go through the help file and it will tell you how to turn it off

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I mistakenly tried M/S Backup to back up My Documents so I can reformat...

Should have known better as I know it is not good...

Anyway I used CD-RW discs all new... and as the backups didn't record I erased the discs. Although they open up and show completely blank, they show as full in properties...trying to use CD Creator as I normally do tells me that the discs are 10 MB when I know they are 650 MB....

Does anyone know why this is...I'm not bothered about the discs they are cheap enough to throw away and replace, I'll carry on copying and pasting or using CD Creator in the future it's just bugging me as to why this happens...

A:CD-RW discs show blank but show full in properties

don't know why it's doing it, but have you tried to reformat to reclaim the space?

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I'm new to this forum, and I have no idea what to do, but I started up my computer, and it didn't start up all the way, so I put in an install/recovery disk and checked my CMD, and it shows a X:\Sources .. I don't know what that is.
I tried inputting C: but it says "The device is not ready."
I entered Diskpart and list disk, and it shows 4 disks, all the statuses say "No media" all the sizes are "0 b" and I have no clue what to do from this point on.
I'm very lost and not so good at computers, so any help to fix this solution will be much appreciated.

A:Disk part>List disk - Disks show no media?

Hi Dovahkoon, welcome to Seven Forums.
Run CMD as Admin again from within Windows NOT from a DVD.

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Hello. I bought this model : Acer E5-573G NX.MVMEY.005 (Acer E5-573G-56E5) I installed Windows 10 (with UEFI). Then I wanted to add my SSD disk to new computer which I used on my old computer. I bought a 9.5mm ssd caddy to replace with dvdrom. I replaced it without problem. Then I wanted to boot computer with SSD, but I couldn't see SSD disk on boot selection area.  I can see my SSD and access all data on Windows 10.  What is the problem. Why can not I see the SSD on boot manager? My SSD is : Kingston 120GB V300 Thanks you. 

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hey guys so my friend just installed windows XP and now in the BIOS it doesnt show his CD-ROM drive, instead it shows it as a floppy drive. any suggestions

A:cd-rom wont show up in BIOS

How did he install XP if the CD drive wasn't showing in the Bios ?

Are you sure you mean the Bios and not within XP ?

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Last week, my laptop (HP pavilion) had over heat problem because of the thermal pad CPU and heat sink was dislocated, so opened my laptop and fixed it. Then, it was working fine until this morning. I could not start my laptop, even the bios setup usually appears when we just power the laptop does not show up either. I only saw a little glare from the screen. The hard drive lad indicator sometime blinks, thus i think that the laptop still running but the screen could not show anything.

Any of you has confronted the same problem? Could you please share your experiment to me?

A:BIOS setup does not show up

What is the age of your HP Pavilion. It may be that the inverter which rests at the bottom of the screen, behind the screen, has burned out. They are inexpenisive to replace ... $10 to $25 depending on model , but your first one will be a bit difficult and take you perhaps four hours of work... the next one will be easy..
Tell us more about the computer.

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Hi, I am an A+ Certified student so it should make things progress easily.

I am trying to upgrade a computer with bigger HDD, RAM and a DVD Burner, now i was able to put in 1 gig of DDR PC3200 RAM and a Western Digital 360 gig HDD.
i installed windows xp with the original CD drive that came with the PC and everything was fine. i then decided to put in a DVD burner and found the computer sat at blank screen for 30 to 40 sec before it did its POST then it shows the logo as usual and it went straight to black screen saying

"1962: no operating system found press. F1 to repeat boot sequence".

I then checked the bios and i was not seeing nether hard drive or dvd drive i checked the bios over and over for a software lock for the cd drive but there is nothing there, i am positive the connections are correct and my jumpers are good. the hard drive is brand new and the dvd drive is 3 months old i was using it untill i bought a blu-ray burner. i tried a different dvd drive and same problem and i disconnected the hard drive and the dvd drive still wont show up in bios.

can i please get some help with this i am about ready to take up drinking as a full-time job

system Spec's

IBM Think Center 8183

Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz

Kingston 1 Gig PC3200 DDR Ram

Western Digital 360 Gig HDD 7200 Rpm

LG Super Multi DL DVD-RW Drive "dont remember the speed's {i know it burns cd's at 52X"

everything else is built-in the motherboard witch is IBM REV: 2.5

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A:DVD drive won't show up in BIOS

What jumper settings are the IDE drives set to?

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Here's what happened: I was bored one day, looking at the specifications of my GA-78LMT-S2 motherboard, when I discovered that it had a GPU integrated into it. I was interested, and I wanted to see exactly how it performed, so I looked through the settings on my computer to see if I could use it instead of my dedicated one. Then, I restarted it to look through the BIOS settings to check if I could change some settings through that to use the integrated card. Well, I did find a setting that would make my computer try to find and use an integrated graphics card before a dedicated one. I was a little nervous about doing it, because I had never tried it before. But, I did it anyway, and exited the BIOS immediately afterwards. I noticed, then, that as my computer started up, there was only a black screen until the usual log-in screen for Windows 8 showed up. Uh-oh. So, I tried restarting my computer again to see if that would fix it. Nope. Instead of usually showing the motherboard logo screen that appears as soon as the computer starts up, it just showed a black screen again. Since I couldn't access the BIOS, I couldn't change the settings back to what they were before. Thus, I tried a system refresh to see if THAT would return the settings to their defaults. As it turns out, that was a really, really stupid idea. Instead of fixing my problem, it created a whole lot of new ones. First of all, it removed the drivers for my dedicated graphics card. So, I downloaded and installed t... Read more

A:BIOS Won't Show Up and Other Problems...

As for the Bios, when starting up, on the black screen, press the Del key repeatedly, that should take you into Setup (Bios). If not, try clearing the CMOS (Bios) How to CLEAR CMOS? this will set the Bios to factory defaults.
As for your OS problems, when you say you tried a System Refresh, what does this entail? Do you mean you reinstalled Windows from the Recovery Partition? If so, that would wipe out all your saved files, and you would need to reinstall all of your programs. Did it create a folder under your C: drive called Windows.old? If so, your files and programs should be listed here. If not, I would suggest doing another Refresh and formatting the HDD and reinstalling Windows and your programs again. Or you can go to Search and type CMD right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type SFC /scannow and press Enter. This will replace any missing system files.

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My Seagate 7200.12* 750gb HD with my OS is not booting, it has power and I can feel it spinning (I think). It's not the cords as far as I can tell (my storage drive works fine with them). It won't show in my bios no matter what I do. The only problems I've had with it before was slow boot(s) into windows, just the other morning it was working fine. I've never had a drive just not work like this so before I send it to seagate what's something I can try? Or what might be wrong with it?

A:HD won't boot, does not show in BIOS

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I made a thread earlier called monitor stopped working but found out that wasn't the issue. Anyway, I moved my room around Wednesday evening and then on Thursday when I turned my PC on the monitor light remains orange and nothing will show up. Then after a few minutes my desktop shows up with three icons and no task bar. I tried right clicking and going to properties but it wont work, I can't get anything to show up except when I clicked on one of the folder and went to "open with..." I tried putting in the recovery disc but that won't show up either. So then I tried bringing up the bios but the monitor light remained orange and the screen stayed black. When I turned the hard drive off after this it went off as soon as I touched the power button so I think it was up I just couldn't see it. So can anyone help me with this?

A:BIOS screen won't show up

u may try this: just remove your pc clock battery(on the motherboard) and then again place it in the same position,u will again see your bios.

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I have just gotten a new and very powerful computer for Christmas, but the disk drive doesn't appear on the My Computer menu. I have checked the bios, and it is there, but Windows 7 doesn't seem to find it. I have Windows 7 64 bit and a Gigabyte 870A-UD3 motherboard.

A:Disk drive will not show up!

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hello, i have a dell vista laptop, was working fine untill about 2 weeks ago, i tried to play on gears of war, a game i had been trying to get to work for some time and, when i put the game into the disk drve it didn't automitically start so i went onto my computer to try and open it form the disk drive, the icon wasnt there, i though nothing of this because the game hadnt previously worked, i just tried to play on oblivion, a game which i have had no problems with and clicked onto the short cut to play of the game and an error message came up saying that the disk drive could not be found, i then tried to play on call of duty 4 single player ( multiplayer doesnt rely on the disk) and it said that the disk could not be read. my laptop is still under the one years garantee, do you have any idea as to what has happened and should i have to get if fixed using the garantee.

many thanks

A:disk drive does not show up

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I have a desktop computer running windows XP with a disk drive that isn't showing up in my computer. It was working until a while ago and now disks won't work and there is no "removable disk drive D" or whatever icon showing up. I think somebody might've right clicked on it and pressed safely remove hardware or something on accident, so that might have something to do with it. I tried disconnecting the wires and reconnecting them but that didn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this? Do you have to add hardware or something? Thanks.

A:Disk drive won't show up


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After using the recovery disk to remove all files from the hard drive, it said it finished. But now when I try to turn on my laptop, all I get is an " invalid partition table" message, and when I try to insert the recovery disk again, nothing shows up. Is there any way to fix any of these two problems?

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Hello guys 3 days ago i installed Windows 8 Pro everything fine but today when i enter computer there was a disk Removable disk (E but there is nothing connected to the computer also removable disks space 0 i cannot enter to what is this can anyone help ?

My Laptop Dell inspiron n5110
EDIT: Problem solved after install Relatek Card Reader Chipset USB 2.0

A:Removable disk show up?

No USB thumb drive hiding anywhere?

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for about a month now my computer is unable to display external usb drive of 500GB, it is able to display 64GB, 128GB. a check at the device manager show the usb mass storage driver is installed but will not display on my computer.

I hope i will get support from you guys

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