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Error 0x8007003A - The specified server cannot perform the requested operation - copy from SMB share to ExFAT local disk

Q: Error 0x8007003A - The specified server cannot perform the requested operation - copy from SMB share to ExFAT local disk

I am having this weird error message when trying to copy files from a SMB server over the nerwork to my local computer.
This is not related to file name length: files with longer names copy successfully.
This is not related to file size: error happens even with files with less than 1MB.
The error only shows up when trying to paste from network to a local exFAT volume.
If I try to paste on a NTFS volume the copy is successful.
Telling the system to 'try again' never works, trying to copy again also does not work. Also it does not happen on every file, but when it happens to a file, it's consistent, happens every time to that file.

Preferred Solution: Error 0x8007003A - The specified server cannot perform the requested operation - copy from SMB share to ExFAT local disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error 0x8007003A - The specified server cannot perform the requested operation - copy from SMB share to ExFAT local disk

To get more information, I suggest you use process monitor to find the culprit, you can refer to this similar case:
The Case of the Failed File Copy
Process Monitor v3.05
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspxAlex Zhao
TechNet Community Support

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trying to run remote printer from laptop vista home edition through pc using xp. printer is usb cabled to xp pc and both using router. when try to set up port from laptop using correct printer name and computer name get message "specified server cannot perform the requested function" had working for a long time and lost printer from laptop

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Hi folks,
I have some weirdness going on here and it's wrecking my head. I have a customer with a small network landscape. 1 server, 1 OU, Windows 2012 standard with 20 CALS. They only have 8 machines at the moment. 1 laptop was wiped out by ransomware. Scanned/cleaned
the server and all clients.  I did a clean install of Windows 7 Ent. on the laptop, but when I try to join it to the domain, I get this "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation" error.  I have removed the machine from
AD and DNS, and renamed the machine (all in separate operations). Verified that DNS is working properly with ipconfig and nslookup. I can join other machines to the domain without any problem (my service laptop native OS and two VMs on the laptop). Can't find
anything of value in the event logs of the server or the client.  Can't find anything in support searches that don't relate to DNS errors or server replication errors.  I don't have DNS/DHCP errors, and there is no replication.
Many thanks,

Tim in Dublin

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I saw another thread with this title however I am starting a new one because my issue is a tad bit different.

I am trying to run the ?sfc /scannow /OFFBOOTDIR=f:\ /OFFWINDIR=f:\Windows\? (obviously without the quotes) and getting an error - Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation.

my situation is rather unique though - I am using a PE disc to run this after using another application that allows me to unlock the enterprise encryption that is on the actual hard drive - the reason being is that the machine is booting to the E drive (the recovery partition) and not the windows partition which is the C drive - but technically the F drive in the PE explorer window.

I am currently working with the encryption vendor but thought I'd reach out and see if anyone had any suggestions while I wait and wait and wait and wait!

A:SFC error: "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation

Hi, not entirely sure what you are up to, if you are running a sfc offline then you are most likely accessing the windows RE (repair your computer) option from a command prompt.

At the x sources prompt first type (in red)

bcdedit | find "osdevice" (exactly as shown here)

Press enter, whatever drive letter is returned use in your sfc offline cmd, you first have to change to that directory (assume f:) at the x sources type:-

F: (press enter) at the F: prompt type your sfc cmd.

If this still gives an error at the f: prompt type:- (in red)

fsutil resource setautoreset true %systemdrive%\

Press enter, you should receive a success message, try the sfc cmd now.

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When I try to run my Windows Defender this is the message I get.
"The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation error?"

How do I fix this problem? It's let me run it before; not sure why it isn't now

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The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation error?

A:The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation error?


try this it will work ...

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Hello guys, I've been racking my brain trying to solve this problem for months, with no posted internet solutions working.

Problem: Attempting to copy files from a mounted network server to an HP Ultrium 6250 tape drive results in Windows security errors and prevents copying from working. It appears to be a mix of internet security settings
or permissions related, and nothing changed has worked yet.

Running Windows 8.1, and the drive has simply been mounted via map network drive as the IP of the server \\192.x.x.x with appropriate credentials. The system is able to work with files in every other regard, copy and paste locally, etc. Trying to
do the same through the tape drive is the only related "Security error" we've encountered.

This is what happens:

Windows Security
"These files might be harmful to your computer.
Your internet security settings suggest that one or more files might be harmful to your computer. Would you like to continue?"

Clicking OK results in a second warning dialog:

"An unexpected error is preventing you from copying the file. 

0x8007003A: The specified server cannot complete the operation."

Try Again, Skip or Cancel

Clicking anything but cancel will continuously pop the same dialog up for every single file. It starts with .DS_Store files, as some directories were created via OSX, but this shouldn't be a problem in theory. The server is OSX Server running on
Yosemite, conne... Read more

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From an elevated command prompt, I'm trying to run the system file checker command "SFC /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=C: /OFFWINDIR=C:\Windows" while running 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 from a backup disk. But no matter what I try, I always get the error message "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."

Now, I've seen a great many tech support requests asking for help with that error message, but I haven't been able to find a single one that actually solves it! In every case I've examined so far, either the person trying to answer lists suggestions that never solves the problem or the person asking the question simply surrenders and re-installs everything from scratch, which I do not wish to do.

One thing I've seen suggested is to stop and restart the Volume Shadow Copy service, but I've tried that and it makes no difference. However, I have to use the nice little app "ServicesSuite" to do that, since for some reason when I try to launch "services.msc", the window that comes up doesn't actually show any services!

Can anyone shed light on this or help me solve the problem, please?

PS: This post is an abbreviation with a single question of a longer and more complicated post here: Need help with Win7 Boot Mystery! I probably asked for too much in that post, so I condensed it here

A:SFC error: "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation"

Hello embee19

How come your trying to run SFC like this? It makes no difference if you run it while logged into the computer or by running it from a recovery disc. The only reason to run it on an offline image is if it was for another hard rive.

Please please these instructions


Click on the button. Inside the search box type in CMD
Right click on CMD => Choose Run as Administrator
Inside the Command Prompt windows copy and paste the following command SFC /SCANNOW
Please wait for this to Finish before continuing with the rest of the steps.

Convert CBS.log to CBS.txt

Click on the button => Inside the search box copy and paste the following command:

cmd /c copy %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log "%userprofile%\Desktop\cbs.txt"

Press Enter
Once this has completed please go to your Desktop and you will find CBS.txt => Please upload CBS.txt to this thread

Please Note:: if the file is too big to upload to you next post please upload via Dropbox or ge.tt

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My lap has 2 partitions,C and E,F and G 3 partitions.

I previousy used a file copy/backup software without any problems at all,until i installed Folder Lock and maybe usb lock.But did not use the software to lock or unlock any files or drives.But has suddenly developed the problem where i need further permissions,as u can see in the capture shot.Says " error code740:the requested operation requires elevation.(adjust token Privelegs)".HOW TO ?

AND the E,F and G drives are all having the same problem.Unable to copy the files (its only a straight forward copy of files,its not acronis etc who package the files into 1 large file) and i receive the same popup message for each drive...

AND drive E's icon is now a piece of A4 with the right had top corner turned over.

HOW to return the permissions back to orig state? Have tried right clicking and changing the permissions there.Still doesnt work.


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I am trying to launch a windows store app using Explorer.
I created a shortcut "SampleApp.lnk" with the target as follows.
C:\Windows\explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\MySampleApp.SampleApp_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App
Path of the SampleApp.lnk: "C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Sample.lnk"
I tried to launch the Sample.lnk using a Form App with Process.Start() as follows
                Process proc = new Process();
                proc.StartInfo.FileName ="C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Sample.lnk";
When the above code executed, it is working fine sometimes. But some times am getting the Error "explorer.exe error: "The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation"
But I don't know why i am getting this error & how to solve this.
Can anyone suggest me a solution.

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Again, sorry if I posted this on the wrong section...

Anyway, in the beggining of the year I got the infamous malware that infected many PC's worldwide (can't remember the name) and got my action center completely destroyed. I eventually fixed it, by adding the Security Center service that was gone, but one issue still remains: the action center system tray icon is greyed out, and impossible to turn back on!

I searched online, and the most common solution i've found was to run the sfc /scannow command. So I did, and for some reason it stops at 69% and after about a minute stuck at that number it says: "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation" I tried multiple times, but the same error happens every time. So I searched for this error, and not a single solution i've found worked (and i've only found like 2 solutions).

How can I fix this error, without re-installing the OS? Or is this only solved that way?

Thank you for your time.

A:sfc /scannow stops at 69% ...could not perform the requested operation

Hello Kratos,

Since malware/virus was involved, you might consider doing a clean reinstall of Windows 7 to help make sure you are fully clean. You just never know what may still be lingering around.

Usually when you get the Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start the Repair Service error, check to make sure that the Windows Modules Installer service is enabled and set to Manual.Services - Start or Disable

You might see if using the tutorial below may be able to help enable the Action Center system icon.System Icons - Enable or Disable
Hope this helps for now,

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I hope I'm posting this in the correct thread....I am also having problems with SFC /SCANNOW as mine
stops at 20% with this error

Running SFC /SCANNOW stops at 20% with error
Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 20% complete.
Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.

Other things I have tried

1. Checked Windows Modules Installer and it is set to manual

2. Ran all 3 DISM codes
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
and got No component store corruption detected. The operation completed
successfully for all of them

3. Ran diskpart and volume list and found no windows directory
file is attached as well as my sfcdetails

I'm running Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586.318

Is there anything else I could possibly try....thanks in advance

A:Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation

You could download and reinstall the ISO from https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10 and then click on 'Download tool now' near the bottom of the webpage...follow the prompts. All you are doing in downloading and installing/overwriting the OS again. I have used this procedure several times in the past 8 months, and will do this procedure on all devices before the free update to 10 finishes the end of July 2016

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Over the past few weeks I have experienced several interesting problems between my two computers. Of particular note was an issue I discovered when the Event Viewer on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit machine failed. After some troubleshooting I decided to attempt
SFC /scannow. I got the error message "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation." This worried me. So I attempted to boot into WinRE from my Win 7 installation disk. The result in WinRE was the same. No good.
I scrounged forum after forum looking for an answer, but nothing worked. It seemed like everyone just gave up and reinstalled their OS, but I would not do that. So I kept exploring. CBS.log showed nothing of interest as sfc never made it past "Beginning
verification phase of system scan."
Finally I found this article:
http://www.updatexp.com/scannow-sfc.html which, while interesting and comprehensive, did not directly solve my issue. It did, however, point me to the registry key:
This registry entry does not appear to exist in Win 7, but another entry in it's vicinity caught my attention:
I had recently moved my program files dir to a different hard drive and placed a junction point in it's place. In the process I had altered HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ProgramFilesDir t... Read more

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Long story short, I had some problems with my computer slowly starting to be unable to open certain programs (Steam,Battle.Net Launcher,Certain internet sites) and so I put a ticket into chrome and blizzard. Blizzard had the best response and it ended with them telling me, "According to your MSinfo, I see that the launcher is having all kinds of problems and even crashes out often. When I looked into the details of these crashes, I see that the loaded module is Kernelbase.dll (dont worry, Ill explain). After doing some research on this Dynamic Link Library (.dll file), I see that this file is associated to some essential processes contained within Windows and may hint at User Profile Data Corruption." He then starts to inform me how I can combat this, "Run Microsoft's System File checker! & Create a new admin user" I ran "sfc /scannow" got up to 26% and then was told, "windows resource protection cannot perform the requested operation" I'm at a lost. Thank you for your time.

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I also have some similar problem. My windows Help center has gone bad with multiple _elbasuer_ instances. But there is no BCRM_Bluetooth_Help strng in the registry. So an sfc scan could help, was my thought. But sfc /scannow stops at 9% with a message "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operations". Verifyonly does work, but I dont understand what is written in the sfcdetails file. I have ran chkdsk successfully on my Local Disk C: but even that went in vain. Shawn, please help me! Windows Modules Installer is ON and Manual, but still, no result. Tried using that startup repair recovery method uselessly too.

Hey, can anyone tell me what does this sfcdetails.txt file say? I did an sfc /verifyonly scan as scannow does not work. Please help.

A:Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation

Sounds like you're infected. Start with the disinfection steps in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

If any steps can't be performed switch to boot media offered for the same tasks in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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First off Hello I'm new on here nice to meet ya. Secondly I hope you can offer me some advice before I purposely blow up my desktop
I'm running windows 7 32bit, I just now begun noticing problems with my computer when the windows update service kept displaying the same updates and never would search for new updates, so I ended up forcing it to search and I got the the dreaded 80073712 error code, Done some searching on the Microsoft website tried their fix it stuff which normally does work, this time nothing worked. so tried to run a sfc scan through command prompt as admin and I got the "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation before the scan even started. 
Please help me!

A:sfc /scannow "Windows Resource Protection could not perform requested operation

Hi. I have a similar problem like arkham862. I cannot download only KB3031432 in Windows Update (is it crucial to update)? I have tried sfc via administrator, tweaking.com Windows and by safe mode. Thx.

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I was just finally able to update to Windows 10 build 14931 after working on it for about a week on and off. By all appearances the update looks successful and my machine seems to work just fine after the update however when I do my regular checks after such an update and in running a SFC scan in an elevated command prompt it fails at 19% with the message "Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation". I did a search on this build and this error and it looks like others are having the same issue and a resolution but cannot find one. SO I am wondering if others are having this problem and if anyone has and has been able to resolve. Thanks!

PS Microsoft.....FYI.....I am really getting tired of jacking around with your substandard update roll-outs and thinking the insider program is not worth the hassle it causes.

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I am not able to install any updates in windows 8.1 with error code 800736B3.
as suggested in following post
i did sfc /scannow both in normal and safe mode but it gives error 'Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.'
How do i solve this error??
Can anyone help?

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sfc scan doesn't complete 100%. Stuck at 47%.
Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 47% complete.

Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.

POQ 54 ends.
2017-04-18 10:21:38, Info                  CSI    0000015e [SR] Verify complete
2017-04-18 10:21:39, Info                  CSI    0000015f [SR] Verifying 100 (0x0000000000000064) components
2017-04-18 10:21:39, Info                  CSI    00000160 [SR] Beginning Verify and Repair transaction
2017-04-18 10:21:41, Info                  CSI    00000161 Hashes for file member \SystemRoot\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft-windows-s..onfiguration-wizard_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6002.18005_none_99f97c2900b9a29f\scwvariables.xml
do not match actual file [l:32{16}]"scwvariables.xml" :
  Found: {l:32 b:fGqMO3OFxggeHpXSicGbhktZ19XTGUG3C/gKGwQvwFs=} Expected: {l:32 b:vh/Tpmyj15maCCdMLUbLZ5pxibPU/7Q+yDDiMjcSKVw=}
2017-04-18 10:21:41, Info            &n... Read more

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I'm trying to map a drive from an XP client to a UNIX server, but I receive the following error message:

The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred:
The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

The share on the UNIX server is mapped successfully by other PCs, both XP and Windows 7, so the problem must be on the client side.

Any suggestions?

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dont know what it means
but it is preventing me from fixing my windows updater

A:Windows 8.1 Sfc /scannow Windows resources could not perform the requested operation

"Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation"
To resolve this problem, perform the sfc scan in safe mode and make sure that the PendingDeletes and PendingRenames folders exist under %WinDir%\WinSxS\Temp
More information about SFC, you can refer to this link
Safe mode:
Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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My laptop is connected to a Domain. I cannot turn on the virtual hotspot on my laptop, windows 7 Enterprise.

"The hosted network couldn't be started.
The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation."

I tried all the option,no use. Kindly suggest me to fix the issue

It is really urgent.

Thanks & Regards,

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W2K domain issue:

users can delete files from
\\server.domain.local\data$\folder​but can't delete files from the
The server is my domain controller.

When I redirect the "my documents"-folder to \\server.domain.local\data$ , it appears as \\server\data$ in the adress bar, so users can create files but not delete them.

A:Difference between \\server\share and \\server.domain.local\share?

It seems i mapped the driver to \\server.domain.loc\data$ when it can't find it, the computer seems to revert to \\server\data$
Windows is a funny OS.

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Hello everyone,
In my computer, I try to run

SFC /scannow /offbootdir=C:\ /offwindir=C:\Windows

from the recovery console.

However, after "Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.",
it almost immediately returns "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.".

How can i fix this problem?

A:SFC "Could not perform the requested operation"

Hello darts,

You may not be using the correct drive letter for your Windows drive/partition. It's not always C: at boot.

Double check using METHOD TWO in the tutorial below to help verify what the drive letter is.

SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot

Hope this helps,

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I am running windows 2000.. i tried to install some "cracked" software 3-4 days back and thats exactly when i started having problems with my computer... whenever i try to open windows media player it shows the message "cant perform operation, low memory".. i am dead sure it has nothing to do with my memory as i have 256 mb of ram and i am sure its coz of some malware/spyware/virus which has crept into my computer... also the other major problem which i am having is i cant copy paste anything on the computer be it files or some text... my computer takes atleast 5 minutes longer to start up now than what it used to take before i tried installing that stupid software...i ran the latest ad-aware but couldnt find anything coz it wouldnt run the updates.. i cant run any online virus checks either.. i have nod32 on my system and it didnt find anything either... I installed avg anti spyware but it couldt solve the problem either.. i also ran spybot but that also couldnt help me much... after trying everything which i could have, i have come here in hope u guys will help me out... please help me out and help me get rid of my misery.. below is the latest HiJackThis log so that u guys can take a good look of my problem and solve it.. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:37:16 AM, on 7/21/2007Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINNT\System32&... Read more

A:"cant Perform Operation, Low Memory" Error

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum etah My name is Richie and i'll be helping you to fix your problems.Please download Combofix and save to your desktop:Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop Close any open browsers. Double click on combofix.exe and follow the prompts. When it's finished it will produce a log. Post the entire contents of C:\ComboFix.txt into your next reply. Note: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it's running. That may cause the program to freeze/hang. ---------------------------------------------------Download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri), to your desktop.Double click on Smitfraudfix.cmdSelect option 1 ? Search, by typing 1 and press "Enter"; a text file will appear, which lists infected files (if present).Please copy and paste the content of that report into your next reply.*IMPORTANT* Do NOT run any other options until you are asked to do so!

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Hi there,

when extracting an archive to the same network location on which the archive itself resides, why is it that I'm having local bandwidth usage?

As you can see, there is simultaneous ~150Mbit/s upstream/downstream on my local ethernet adapter. WHY? As far as I am concerned there should be no meaningful traffic since it's actually a copy process on the local hard disk of my server.

Ideas anyone? Your help/insight is highly appreciated!


A:copy from/to network share - why local traffic?

The action is being processed on your local machine's CPU rather than the servers CPU since the task was initiated from your machine, the only way to reach your machine from the server is via your ethernet card.

If you were able to initiate the task on the server itself then you would not see any ethernet usage on your client machine. You wouldn't even see the application completing the task. The only change you would see is the new files on the servers share.

Hope This Helps,

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This has occurred to me before, the above error in respect of me clicking on a Support Link as an example and I get a message that "Could not perform this operation b/c the default mail client is not properly registered.

I did some googling on the "Error", but do not really understand the issue. Why can't I click on a Link and reach the customer support as an example for one of the programs that I use???

Is there a workaround this or have I got a setting wrong.

I would appreciate the words of wisdom from this great forum.

BTW, I am not sure if this is where I post this??? For best results in responses.

Thankyou, as this Error is becoming frustrating to say the least!!

Thankyou and cheers!!

A:Error "cannot Perform This Operation B/c The Default Client Is Not Properly Installed?

In Internet Explorer, go to:Tools > Internet Options > Programs tabNext to: Email what program is listed, and is this the main program you use to get your emails?

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a user who is getting the below message when trying to open Archived Emails.

"unable to perform operation due to a system error please contact your administrator"

I work on a Service Desk and am looking to resolve this as a first time fix. I know there is someway to resolve it but it has slipped my mind.

I have had no look on google either.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:unable to perform operation due to a system error please contact your administrator

We need more information. Is the user on a Domain? Or are they a home user? If on a Domain, are they using Exchange? Is the user an Admin user or just a limited user? What is the Email program (eg) Outlook Express or Outlook (what version?) Is the Archived Emails stored locally on the machine? Or is it on a network drive. Is it accessible from the Exchange server? Can you access the file from web mail? If using Outlook, is the Archived Email a Data File that is imported in as a Personal Folder in Outlook?

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Hey Gang,

I'm getting an error message that says "Insufficient Memory to Complete Requested Operation" error message when I operate Windows XP.

My drive is 85% full. I have 512mb of DDR ram. This doesn't happen all the time. Mostly its when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes its at other times.

Cacheman says I have more than enough memory when this errror msg appears. What's going on?


A:Insufficient Memor To Complete Requested Operation Error Msg

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When I click an email address on a website or if I click an email address on a spreadsheet, I get the following error message "Could not perform this operation because the mail client is not properly installed". Then, hundreds of blank internet explorer pages are opened.

I researched online and it said to change my defaults programs. I did that and I still have the problem.
I recently updated to IE11.
Thanks for any help

A:Error message "Could not perform this operation.....mail client"

Hi and welcome to Sevenforums,
Which email program are you using ?

Click Start and click on Default programs,
Then click on Set program access and computer defaults,
Tick the Custom listing and click on it's down arrow on the right end,
Choose a default email program,
Is your program listed,
Tick the box next to it and check the box to the right end of it,
Then Okay to save any changes,
Shut down or boot your machine,

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Ok, all the problems started here...A message popped up from the taskbar, a file name with a *.dll extension (forgot the name of the file) has been corrupted - run chkdsk. So I restarted the computer and it did a check for errors after bootup. I tried to open windows media player right after all this. The following message was displayed, " Can't perform operation, low memory", with a loud beep. Similarly none of the audio players work, all of them give different messages. I can play a game (NFSU2) but with no audio. Norton Antivirus gives me a message too "Internal program error". Moreover, Copy and Paste doesnt work, Internet Explorer - right click and open in new window doesnt work, does work on mozilla though. Windows XP is also taking longer time to load.

Dont know whats going on , could it be a virus? Please help...Thank You

System Specs
Dell Inspiron 8600 notebook
512 MB RAM, Win XP home, Pentium M , 32 MB video

A:Please help - Win XP error message - "Cant perform Operation, Low memory"

I'm having the same problem. Internet Explorer is also behaving strangely, many links don't work as they should. Outlook Express (XP) has plenty of room to suck down 30 or more new incoming emails but if I dare hit 'create email' I get the awful beep and the message about low mem. Same thing as you for media. I can't even open most pictures with the viewer. I can only see those in paint and audio or .avis, forget it.

Grr. I only bloody formatted and installed 2 days ago from a completely new HDD! No way I got the dreaded lurgie virus in that time, despite not running an antivirus since the installer for McAfee (bought over the net from their site) is on my accidentally wiped HDD and I've only made up this install to get all that kind of data back. Tomorrow antivirus goes on -all my critics, 0_o Also this partition is 200gb (170gb show up in properties). Windows XP takes up 4gb.

I'm thinking we both could have a buggered virtual memory file. I just partitioned within windows using Partition Manager to test it out by splitting my drive in half, while getting used to it in the hope I could use it to get my data back. Didn't work but I bough R-Studio in the end and all appears happy. I just wish I could test all my .avi and .jpg files! I'm not sure if they've been resurrected off my dead HDD properly bc windows is already having this problem with the multimedia software!

I can't wait to do a fresh install of Win 7 tomoz after my data comes back. I'm sure that will fix ... Read more

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Yet another problem with my Dell (Windows XP). My windows media player will not play. An error pops up saying "cannot perform operation, low memory". How can I fix this? Thanks.

A:"cannot perform operation, low memory" error

Check out this article: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/9series/player/playererrors.aspx

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OUTLOOK 2003: "the requested operation failed" error appears on Internet E-Mail Settings IMAP pop-up?

I have been using & setting up Outlook on 2 identical W7 pro 32 bit pc's for several yr with little or or problems.

My wife & I are moving to a new area and will have new email addresses and haven't been able to get past the above error (pix below). My ISP Charter & they are always making changes to their email program & settings. Also, after months of no W7 updates, I have just started rec'd updates for both PCs.

I'm trying to track this problem down: Am I making an operational error, or is Charter trying to get everyone using their web mail, or is MS slipping something into W7 updates to force customers to W10??
If you guys have any suggestions, etc, please advise as I will be with out an email client on my PC when our move is completed. Please see image below.


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When trying to copy files from my NAS drive to my local disk, exe, zip, and pdf (and other types) will not copy. I get a popup titled "Item Not Found" with content that says "Could not find this item". txt files (and others) will copy just fine.

Sounds like firewall or AV or permissions right? I've turned off the Windows Firewall and turned off Windows Security Essentials and still have the problem.

I can copy the files to a local USB memory stick, and then to my local disk, with no problem (except for having to go through the intermediate step of the memory stick). I can also _open_ some of the files (Reader for .pdf, WinExplorer for zip (and can even copy files from the zip to the local drive!) and run .exe?s). But some files won?t open either (like .docx or xlsx), showing similar error popups.

Some pdf files (and other types of files) on the NAS drive will copy OK. If I move WontCopy.pdf to the same dir as WillCopy.pdf (on the NAS), it still won't copy to my local disk. If I try to _copy_ WontCopy.pdf to the same dir as WillCopy.pdf (note: copy vs move), it will not copy to that NAS location but gives same error.

If I look at the properties of the two files (willcopy.pdf and wontcopy.pdf) they look virtually identical. Owner is "Everyone"

This is a very fresh install of Win7/64 home (with all updates (including SP1)). Another older computer has the same problem, but it also has a fresh Win7/64 install (by me). The NAS is a Synology... Read more

A:cant copy _some_ network files to local disk


Verify if your NAS is low in space.

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Sometimes when browsing on Mozilla Firefox I get the following error:Invalid URLThe requested URL "/", is invalid.Reference #RANDOM NUMBER STRINGHere is my logfile:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 19:26:18, on 21/04/2009Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16830)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files\ASUS\GamerOSD\ATKFastUserSwitching.exeC:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\Explorer.EXEC:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exeC:\Program Files\ASUS\GamerOSD\GamerOSD.exeC:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exeC:\Program Files\Unlocker\UnlockerAssistant.exeC:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TSVNCache.exeC:\Program Files\Virgin Broadband\advisor\Broadbandadvisor.exeC:\Program Files\Virgin Broadband\PCguard\RPS.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exeC:\Windows\System32\mobsync.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exeC:\Windows\system32\wuauclt.exeC:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exeC:\Program Files\Crimson Editor\cedt.exeC:\Program Files\Opera\opera.exeC:\Windows\system32\SearchFil... Read more

A:The requested URL / was not found on this server error

I also removed
::1 localhost
from my HOSTS file as well. Posting this for reference.

Would this affect it or not?

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I just purchased and installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my Toshiba 64 bit computor. It had Vista on it and did not like it from the get go but Circuit City installed it. The problem I am having is when I click on the mail icon on the toolbar I get the following message: could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed. I use my local telephone provider for my DSL service and to get my mail and really want that part of it back. I think I read on one the sites that I needed to know the protocol (what ever that is) which I think is POP and IMAP. So is there any one out there in cyber space that can help?

A:Could not perform this operation because

What account do you use for email?

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I've run into an issue several times when trying to copy an entire share from one server to another. In this case, it happens to be from a Mac to a Windows server (just in case that's relative to the problem). The command I was using is:

robocopy \\MacDASD\Boards \\SRVRWIN78\Boards /S /FFT /XJ /R:1 /W:5 /V /TS /TEE /L

This runs fine, showing all the files and subfolders from the Mac's 'Boards' share that would have been copied. However, once the '/L' is removed to actually run the command I get 'ERROR 2 (0x00000002) Accessing Source Directory \\MacDASD\Boards. Running Robocopy for each of the subfolders under the 'Boards' share, however, works fine. It seems it just can't do the entire share at once. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Robocopying an entire share from server to server gets error 2

A quick search indicates error 2 could be:
- Some Extra files or directories were detected. Examine the output log.
- The system cannot find the file specified.

You could try to increase the retry parameter from /R:1 to a higher value.

I also found this but I don't know if it's correct or not, nor if error, exit codes and errorlevel are equal values:
Note also that bit 0x02 simply indicates that there are files at the destination that are not present at the source. This will happen if the /E switch is used and files have been deleted from the source since a previous copy was taken. It should not happen if the /MIR switch is used because that should delete files at the destination to mirror the source (but I haven't tested this).
Getting ROBOCOPY to return a "proper" exit code? - Super User

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I use Outlook 2000 (O2K) with Vista and have installed it using the corp work group environment to get it to work with Vista as desribed in an earlier now closed thread. The problem remaining is that upon popening O2K, I get the following window: Outlook 2000 Starup - wecome to O2K starup wizard which will guide you: NEXT, New Window: Outlook Mail Usage - another version of outlook was installed on your machine prior to installing O2K do you want to use that version to read electronic mail? Answer Yes to allow O2K to use the config of the previous version. If I answer yes O2K starts with a window in the center: O2K is not currently your default manager for mail, news, calendar, and contacts.Would you like to register O2K as the default manager? Yes - window disappers and comes right back answering yes again window disappears and all seems to work except when I am on the WEB in a WEB page and click on a "contact" tab following message appears: could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.

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Got the old 'Windows Resource Protection could not perform requested op'.

Attached is a sfcdetails.txt showing bad or missing dll's for languages not used on this machine. Do not know whether sfc error counter maxed out or what.

No difference in sfc behaviour before or after chkdsk, in safe or normal boot.

Ran System Update Readiness Tool. Got no messages other than Install Complete.

Got into SFC because of original problem of .... Lost sound from speakers. (Failed to play test tone). Obviously WMC, etc. inop. Just remembered I removed VLC media player recently. Could that have caused lost sound problem?

Also have removed 6 or 7 Windows Updates that either nagged or messed with the system for Win X.

Don't have a good restore point left. My problem.

Would appreciate ideas when someone has the time. Tnx

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Today i am facing this problem . And now how can solve it: There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default programs control panel

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Here's a screenshot of the error:

I get this popup every few minutes, unless I just leave it up permanently. I've been googling for a solution for a couple hours now, and have tried almost everything I've found with no luck. I've completely uninstalled outlook, office and everything related to it.

My default Email app is set to the default Windows Mail app.

I don't know what to do. It's a really annoying error and I feel like i've tried everything. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

A:there is no email program associated to perform the requested action

Hello, it would seem you have two problems.
1. the assocation
Suggest you try this:
From the control panel
(E.g. via Windows key + X, click Control Panel, then Default Programs).

2. Sthg that is accessing a file repeatedly, whose type is not associated.
You might be able to work out what that is using a clean boot:
Clean Boot - Perform in Windows 10 to Troubleshoot Software Conflicts - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi all, I have a weird problem. And also complicated, 'cos not even my CISCO Network teacher has been able to give me a solution. I think I need some smart people here

The thing is that I can't share my printer (connected by USB to my PC) with my laptop on another room, over the local network (in Win7 the name is Home Group).

The printer model is not relevant because time ago I was able to do what I'm trying now.

All my configurations are OK, at least the basic ones, because there's definetely something wrong with my PC, and here's why: if I take my laptop and put it next to the printer and connect it to it (by the same USB cable), I can access the printer with my PC, while it's been shared by the laptop.

That proves that the internal network is fine. Also, all the configurations of the printer and also of the home group are literally same in both PCs, the big one and the laptop.

Both PCs run Win7. I have tried this, Connect to printer error - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads, but it didn't work.

The printer is also properly installed on my PC, it is not a driver problem or something like that.

My AV is ESET ESSBE 4, but I don't think it's related, because I have tried deactivating its firewall, and also, on the laptop the AV is the same and the
printer did work.

The services are also equal in both PC's now. I have even tried changing the network adaptor on my PC (from Ethernet to Wifi). Nothing.

I recently had problems with the home group, but ... Read more

A:Can't share printer on local network (0x00000012 error)

Do you have the Windows firewall turned on? If not you won't be able to share the printer until it's turned back on again.

Once that is done the link below shows some set up procedures that should work for you.

Can't share printer, get error

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A:you do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation

Is your user account an administrator?

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Low gal on the totem pole at a new job so I have the oldest, slowest machine. And then another gal left....and left behind a nice, new, fast machine! I'd like to swap machines, but have no help at work other than someone carrying the unplugged machine.

I installed Norton Ghost v 9 on my machine thinking I could make/copy a disk image of my machine into my folder on the server...unplug/move machines and then restore the disk image to the new machine. Norton is asking me for "Domain" "User" "Password" info. I can browse to the path/location where I want to put the disk image. I don't use a password to log onto my machine and know the password for the server. I've tried filling in different info, but am getting an error message. (I'll write down the specific message next time I try this at work)

I'm familiar with individual pcs, home network and using this program to back up/make disk images of my own pcs, but am not that familiar with more "formal" networks.

Can anyone explain these terms to me? Or explain what info the program might be looking for? I just don't get why it's not working when I can browse to the location for the image.

THANKS...I appreciate your help

A:Disk Imaging Local Drive to the Server

Problem is, depending on the version of Windows you're using, the image from your old machine likely won't work on the new one. If it's Windows 2000 or XP, the two machines must have the same I/O chipset, or the image will bluescreen on the new hardware, and you'll need to at least do a repair install to get it working again (there are other workarounds that can be done before imaging, but they get somewhat involved). In the end, it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

If you're mostly worried about your work on the old machine, just take the drive from it and plug it into the new one as a secondary drive, so you can access and copy off your files.

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I'm experiencing a weird windows 7 copy error. 
I have a folder that will copy just fine onto another NTFS drive but will say "Error 0x80070032: The request is not supported." when I copy/paste onto my Network drive at E: (mounted using \\server\sharename on E: -- error is not specific to E:,
any other mount point will produce the same error). 
I tried giving generous permissions, removing attributes, etc. nothing worked. I can't reason why it would say this error only for this folder, the other folders are copying just fine.
The peculiar thing is -- If I use "robocopy" it copies just fine onto the network share (note that I'm not using any magical options with robocopy to do this), but it would simply fail when I use the windows explorer copy. 
"Robocopy" is a command I cannot train my users with. I need to know exactly what is causing this error so I can advice users in my homegroup so they can be successful copying to the network drive. Also, it's really very frustrating that a random
folder will fail to copy with this error and a user can just not figure what might cause this issue.
Please help!  Also, please note that I have tried all possible options such as disabling client smbv1, registry entries etc all mentioned on that one & only microsoft KB article that fails to provide a definitive solution. And YES I've tried to
check that Task Scheduler and Events Logger and relevant services are enable... Read more

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when i open my computer i show this massage (the requested operation was un successful) and restart-what i shoud to do

A:erorr- the requested operation was un successful


Originally Posted by magdi_fathalla

when i open my computer i show this massage (the requested operation was un successful) and restart-what i shoud to do

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