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Nvidia Cheating on Benchmarks Again?

Q: Nvidia Cheating on Benchmarks Again?

It seems that after the 3dmark initial accusations and the subsequent makeup with nVidia, that further issues have arisen. See the following link for a full explanation

http://www.tech-report.com/etc/2003q2/3dmurk03/index.x?pg=1Click to expand...

Preferred Solution: Nvidia Cheating on Benchmarks Again?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Nvidia Cheating on Benchmarks Again?

Link again


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Hello forums, I captured 21 videos of different games and benchmarks of my ThinkPad X220 in order to help people who are interested to find out how much graphical performance the X220 has and if you can do light gaming with it and uploaded them to my YouTube channel. Have a look here. Ii hope they are helpful to make a decision for buying a used X220 :-) Best regards, Janni

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My computer hasnt been acting very well lately. I suspect some supsicious things are going on. I had a roomate who downloaded movies and stuff and since then it has slowed down. My anti virus program found some trojan viruses and did its thing. But it still has slowed down and clicking on some websites some things dont work. It isnt emergent in any sense, i can still use it,, but i just want my old buddy back... thanks

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71492 MB, Free - 874 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0JC474, , ..CN481115B208VA.
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Is my cp cheating on me?

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Hi, I recently found out my husband of 18 years is having an affair. We have a vista computer, in which he uses yahoo chat,email and messenger to contact his girlfriend. He has deleted the archives, I have password, but he deletes right away. Is there a way I can see what he has deleted, and if so how?

A:Help...cheating husband!

Where we do actually help with spyware, the concept should be understood as helping against it. As a consequence we also do not help with the activity itself.

Should you ever find yourself in reverse role (being spied upon), we'll be glad to assist in overcoming that.

Until then, alas, you can't count on us.

Closing this thread

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I have a 256 stick of ram installed but properties only show 224 of it in use no matter which stick I put in the dimm slot.I have 3 sticks of ram and surely they all 3 aren't bad.And if i install two sticks of 256 ram it will only show 448 of it,..what gives?

A:Solved: Cheating me,..in ram

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OK so I had the log-in information for her cell phone to check her records. A few days ago I noticed she called a suspicious number several times.

I confronted her about it and she immediately changed her log-in information for her cell phone account and the e-mail address that goes with it.

Does my computer store these passwords anywhere? If not how can I find them out?

This is driving me nuts I have to find out if she is still calling this number.

Please help.

A:I think my wife may be cheating on me :(

starsiderdoctor said:

OK so I had the log-in information for her cell phone to check her records. A few days ago I noticed she called a suspicious number several times.

I confronted her about it and she immediately changed her log-in information for her cell phone account and the e-mail address that goes with it.

Does my computer store these passwords anywhere? If not how can I find them out?

This is driving me nuts I have to find out if she is still calling this number.

Please help.Click to expand...

Sorry to hear about your problem here, however, I'm not sure you can be helped. After all, how do we know you are even telling the truth?

Good luck, though, if what you have said is the 100% truth. Been there too many times. Now, I am asexual

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does it strike anyone as odd that the high score in breakout in the arcade is 219230 and took only 270sec to complete while second place, 192400, took 2208 seconds to complete... not that i care it just seems odd to me.. the score in that time may be possible however i would think that it would take control over pretty much every ball from the start of the game to do that, definately humanly possible

A:possible cheating in the arcade..

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ok well on this cheat website it says this
"During play, press Ctrl + Alt + ~ to bring up the console, then enter the following:"

when i press ctrl+alt+~ to bring up the console nothing happens so is there an other button combo to press to get the console up.

also i just want to say i cant belive with my specs and an ati radeon 9600 np card doom 3 works good on high settings at 1024x768 reseloution and on ultra quality it runs a little choppy but still playable on 1024x768 reseloution.

A:doom 3 (cheating :) )

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Hey all,

I just recently purchased a new alienware area51m 7700 laptop and i'm so pissed that it doesn't support 5.1! I've been reading some threads and some people have mentioned the use of other jacks to get a 5.1 surrond effect using the 3 cable method. I have four jacks on my laptop. Line In, SPDIF, Line out, and Mic in. Since this codec supports 5.1, is there anyway for me to hook up my Logitech Z-5500 speakers using those four jacks on my laptop?

Happy New Year


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Deleted the content of this post
Refer to ... http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?postid=1115014#post1115014

A:Cheating GoogleBot and other web-spiders

Was there a question?

I notice that Matteo needs a dictionary or spell check. A lot of spelling errors on that page.

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I am very sorry to complain you that we had purchased one HP Spectre XT 13-2001TU Ultrabook during November, 2012 through one of your dealer CA&S SOLUTION (P) LTD. at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. At that time HP was providing CAMERA Offer on every Envy Series  laptops. Only to avail this oppertunity we had decided to purchase this HP brand laptop instead of going for other brand which were plentyly available in the market at very low price at that time. After purchase the supplier had told us to submit them the sticker that was on its cover and they had send it to HP company by post to get the offer CAMERA. But in the meantime 3 months have already been expired but unfortunately no CAMERA has been received from HP Company till date. Here I want to know, Is the HP Company is cheating us like this? Hope I will receive the reply from HP Company very soon.
The Sl. No. of the laptop - [Personal Information Removed]Product no. - B6U56PA#ACJ P.PradhanMob:[Personal Information Removed]

A:Is the HP Company is cheating people like this?

Hi, HP has no official presence on this forum.  I will ask a moderator to escalate your issue.

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If you have a small format (65W) AC power adapter, your notebook may be underpowered and thus not giving you 100% of its performance.A simple test may reveal that on some of the Lenovo notebooks, especially the ones equipped with a high end processor (tested on X61 tablet 7764-CTO Intel Core 2 Duo processor L7700 1.8 GHz), the small format (65W) AC power adapter is inadequate. This may happen primarily on custom configured notebooks, but it would not hurt to test yours as well.In contrast, a 90W AC power adapter has the capability to bring your notebook to its full potential, sustaining the maximum Processor Frequency speed (100%).Lenovo does not offer options and refuses to deal with the issue, as this looks like a gross and costly engineering mistake.The test: Remove the notebook battery and power your notebook only through the provided small format (65W) AC power adapter. Otherwise, as someone else pointed out, the battery will act as a big capacitor supplying extra current and the notebook will perform normally as expected.How to get the performance parameters on your notebook:A) If you have Vista, simply run the Resource Monitor tool (the button is available on the Performance tab in Task Manager). You may see that the Maximum CPU Frequency of your machine is reading 66% (not 100% as it should be). This is regardless of any OS and BIOS settings you may have (that is even if you have set your machine for maximum performance). You may also follow the directions specified b... Read more

A:X61 - Your power adapter may be cheating you!

the L7700 model are low voltage models of the Intel processor, it is designed for low power consumption, while the 12.1 inch LCD also consume lot less power.... the only reason why you need 90 W are for larger LCD, Nvidia graphics (not the Intel X3100 integrated model) and high speed cpu (T7xxx) series.. as 65 w is underpowered to charge the battery quickly in these models... if you don't have a large set of CPU intensive programs running, the modern core 2 duo cpu shouldn't have 100% running at all the time... it seems weird that the 65 w adapter is serving quite well the T61 and R61 series with x3100 at all states, yet it is underpowered for x61t with smaller screen and low power consumption cpu....

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Hi guys,
Had problems w/ loser x bf. Well, he has put passwords on lots of my folders etc. & has been doing some encription & compressing if that means anything. Is there anything that I can do?
I have a feeling that he's partioned my disc too. Is that possible?
Thanks a bunch

A:Can ANYONE help? X Cheating bf put passwords ALL OVER MY COMPUTER

I am closing this thread. You have been offered assistance here: http://forums.techguy.org/malware-r...274-i-really-need-you-guys-3.html#post5319512

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Hi *,
I've written a small AI script. I'm sick of it cheating ! It's resources never go below 1000 ! I swear I've not put a single cc-add-resource in my script.
I also checked gamedata_x1.drs, but it seems to be adding resources only with a timer, whereas I see that my guy adds it a lot more frequently.
I've designed it for rush.


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Your touchscreen product sucks.... Stop cheating people... One fne day it just stopped working!!!! and when checked with your chat support, they are saying its hardware issue. If you dont know how to make touchscreen products , dont make them.... Just stop selling your cheap touchscreen product.

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Yay, installed my 7600GT (Waiting for affordable DX10), and I just finished my series of benchmarks, and was very satisfied!

3DMark 2001SE Default Settings
3DMark 2006 Default Settings
Aquamark3 Default Settings
Counter-Strike: Source 1024x768 4xAA Highest Everything (Full HDR)
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast 1024x768 6xAA Highest Everything (Full HDR)
Core 2 Duo E6300 Stock w/ Scythe Ninja HSF
eVGA 7600GT Stock
2x1GB pqi Turbo DDR2-667 Cas-4


A:The Benchmarks are in!

I thought you had your Core 2 Duo overclocked.....

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Long before receiving a P72, I had hoped to have been able to view some benchmark results prior to the purchase decision.  In an effort to begin that discussion here, I ran a couple of benchmark tests using MAXON Cinebench and OTOY OctaneBench on a P72 with these selected specs: Lenovo P72Intel Xeon E-2186M 6 Core ProcessorNvidia Quadro P5200 16 GB17.3? UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) wide gamut display64 GB DDR4 2400 MHz (Non-ECC)2 x 2 TB SSD (Raid 1 Mirrored)2 TB 5400 RPM HDDWindows 10 Pro for Workstations https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench/ https://render.otoy.com/octanebench/ I am posting screenshots of the results based on a fresh, out of the box unit, with no tweaking.  All current Windows updates and Lenovo hardware driver and utility updates are installed, and very little else other than Firefox, X-Rite i1Profiler calibration utility, and the benchmark applications. If you have a P72, feel free to post your own specs and benchmark results for comparison purposes.  To my eyes anyway, some of these scores represent in large part why I chose to give the P72 a try as I was seeking the utility of speed and power over extreme portability.  However, due to no Lenovo sRGB compatibility mode and poor internal speaker placement, I am struggling to justify keeping the unit.  Still, if you're after raw power, and can put up with various workarounds like ditching the Windows OS, using only color managed applications, or relying on ... Read more

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Hello, Everyone I was wondering how do my benchmarks add up if they are strong or weak in performancew for the last few days i was using msi kombuster but with crappy results ussually round 3464 tottal score

This was bugging me for a few days wondering why my card sucks so much im running a hd 5770 now that i discovered a more updated version of msi kombuster these are my new results can someone tell me if good or bad i just did one test not even in full screen next test will be the 1680/1050 full screen im submitting the first three shots and from there i hope to hear some feedback i also couldn't adjust the first resolution it went back to those setting

Thank you in advanced

A:My Benchmarks

Good scores. I have to admit, the 5770 is a better card than the 260 in a lot of ways, but its driver support was so bad that I returned the card out of being sick of it...

Other than that, looks like its doing good.


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I just got a new laptop and was wondering what kinds of benchmarks would be good to make sure it performs as well as it should. I'd like to know how to compare it to similarly configured laptops in games and multimedia applications.

Also, is there a way for me to see the make of RAM I have. I know how to find out the amount, but it never says the manufacturer.


A quick search for laptop benchmark came up with this CNet page. It shows how they benchmark their laptops, and what programs they use to do it. Worth giving a quick read, at least.

To find out the make of your ram, you can run CPU-Z. It's free, you can download it by clicking the link under 'latest version' in the top left corner of that page. When you run it, click the SPD tab, and it will show vendor information, if it's possible to show it for your system. Some RAM manufacturers don't show, I think. Otherwise, you could just open your memory access panel on your laptop, and take the sticks out (while the laptop is off, of course), there should be a sticker or model number or something on them. Put the number into Google and see what comes up. Good luck!

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I have seen postings about computers being slow. Are there any benchmarks that one can use to see if the computer is running as well as expected, given the RAM and the processor speed? Many thanks.

A:Speed benchmarks?

When people say there computer is running slow, they normally mean its running 'slower' than it used to and want to know why. This is normally down to spyware, background processes, fragged harddrive plus any number of things.

As for benchmarking, there are many types Dhrystone, Whetstone, PCMark, plus ones for graphics cards (3D mark), look at the following sites www.futuremark.com and www.sisoftware.net.

However be aware that whole subject of benchmarking is a bit more subjective, the same cpu on a different motherboard will give different benchmarks even though the cpu is clocked the same. So just because your setup doesnt give exactly the same as someone with 'apparently' the same setup, its not worth trying to track down why (all very clever electronic magic)! Oh and benchmarks do not always represent a true real-life performance.

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Hi everybody.
this is my first post on TechSpot...
and I`d like to ask a question(or two or three):what about the x1950pro AGP?
anybody seen it work?
will it really be coming?
Have I spent 200.-? on the wrong card?([email protected])

A:x1950pro AGP!anyone seen any benchmarks?

Funny thing, we were just discussing this in the Socket 478 thread in the cpu/chipset forum.

I don't believe there is any hard data on this and it's likely just a rumor right now. Similar rumors occurred when Diamond made a typo on their website and listed an X1800 as AGP when it was a cut/paste job overlooked from an X800 HTML page they modified for the X1800.

I'd imagine hkpc or Tom's/Anannd's will get some solid info should there actually be any hint of an AGP based X1950. For now, it looks like the X1650 series will get the best chance of an AGP flavor.. but the X1950 is still only "rumor" material as I know of no local oem's with even so much as a future SKU or partner hint for the units.

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I was looking at this article that was comparing benchmarks of low-end processors. Generally they looked at Celeron, P4, Duron, and Athlon processors on the Anandtech website:


This test showed that the 1.6Gig Duron Processor and the P4 1.8A Gig Processor both out performed the Intel Celeron Processors. They only tested the one P4 Processor, and it was the cheapest one available on the market. I think a slower P4 processor would actually be a better buy, but Intel just does not make them. They would be a better buy than the Celeron's Available.

The Bottom line is a Celeron is not worth buying. They are basically junk. I think a 256k L2 Cache would significantly improve their performance. The present 128k L2 cache is just not large enough for the processor speed. So Buyer beware.


The 300a Celeron was the only worthwhile Celeron chip. It could OC to 450 & wasn't as crippled as the new versions have been ( slow FSB, small & crippled Cache, overall lackluster performance ).

For people that only use the PC for Office work, I guess it's not so bad. They don't heat much so they generally have very silent cooling systems.

Other then that, I don't see why anyone would want such a chip.

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I stumbled upon a site that supposedly shows the Benchmarks of Pascal

If this is what were looking forward too i am keeping my 980's for a very long time

Nvidia Pascal GTX 1080, 1070 1060 Benchmarks Leaked - 3DMark 11 Performance Entries Spotted

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hi there,
can u plz give me the link from where i can download benchmark programs like 3D-mark or other gaming benchmarks????
thanks in advance.

A:where to download benchmarks?

just google for the program u want and u will find it.


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Dear frens, my request is a bit long but please dont get bored reading it. Any suggestions will be most welcome. I will acknowledge my results.

My system specs are on the bottom of this page.

1) what is th difference between the nforce4 AMD platform driver and the other AMD/INTEL X16 driver?

2)My A64 3500+ (manchester) 2.2 GHZ is OCed to 2.5 GHZ thru the bios and clockgen . Do i need 2 adjust any voltage, FSB etc etc settings? (am noob in OCing !!)

3) what GPU and CPU tempetature is ok for BFG 7800GT OC (OCed to 500/1150) Is it too high? Should i go to 450/1100? Please look in my system specs for hardware info.

4?is it ok to put my case (with the right panel removed ie motherboad backsite) directly on the airflow of my Room airconditioner (16 degree C) or am i harming my rig withj iths type of cooling??

5) when i run CPU benchmarks during 3dmark05 pro and 3Dmark06 pro
my rig crawls at only 0,1,2 fps. is it normal?

6) N just 1 more thing i ve posted my benchmarks below. what do u think of the results? Normal? High? or Low?
do post ur benchmarks also. i would love to see them !!

And ive got US $200 to spend! what upgrades do u recommend 4 my rig??


Athlon64 3500+manchester (OCed to 2500 MHZ)
ASUS A8NE nforce4 ultra MOBO
1 GB Corsiar dual channel DDR400
BFG 7800GT OC (OCed to 450/1100)
Stock cooling but 4 high speed ANTEC fans blasting on all sides of the GPU and kept directly on the airflow of my Room airconditioner... Read more

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Hi All----I'm really happy with my computer----maybe, i think, I guess but I'm really not sure. Where can I benchmark it and compare to same or similar other systems? If it compares favorable, then I'm definitely happy and if it doesn't I'll fix it or upgrade.

A:compare benchmarks

Try SiSoftware Sandra. It has good benchmarking sets.

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I just upgraded due to a PIII 450MHZ chip ceasing to function. I went to a PIII 650E chip on the Gigabyte GA-6VXE+ motherboard. I had the same motherboard with the PIII 450 and it was working fine for about a year, and that upgrade was from a micro-ATX motherboard for more slots and higher max on the CPU upgrade. When I took the computer in to have it checked for not booting they originally thought it was the motherboard and replaced it with a new one, but later found that it was the processor. So the Gigabyte GA-6VXE+ motherboard and the PIII 650E chip are new. I had just re-formatted the hard drive for a fresh start and installed the normal programs and Norton Utilities 2000. Under the Norton UT 2000 system benchmarks my PIII 650 was getting fluctuating benchmarks from anywhere between 50.0 to 301.0. The computer's performance also coincided with whatever system benchmark that came up running slow with low system benchmarks and normal with the high benchmarks. I thought at first it may be the voltage supplied to the CPU but the motherboard is auto detecting voltage. I feel that I'm heading down the same road as my previous processor, and while everything is still under warranty, I want this taken care of as soon as possible. Can you help?

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The purpose of this thread is to provide a download link for each benchmark currently in the benchmarks sub forum.
We will keep these up to date, but if you come across new versions please let us know.
Unigine Heaven (GPU)
Unigine Valley (GPU)
Unigine Sanctuary (GPU)
Unigine Tropics GPU
3D Mark Includes Fire Strike, Sky Diver, Cloud Gate, and Ice Storm(GPU+CPU)
3D Mark 11 (GPU+CPU)
3D Mark Vantage(GPU+CPU)
PC Mark 8 (System)
3D Mark 06 (GPU+CPU)
Catzilla (GPU+CPU)
Passmark Performance Test (System)
Cinebench (GPU+CPU)
Lost Planet 2(GPU)

This is a work in progress as we are recreating benchmarks here on TenForums. I also suggest you run at stock settings first, then if you OC you can compare

A:Links for Benchmarks

download from Guru3D.com

Lost Planet 2 Benchmark.
Pretty Good. DX9 & DX11

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Hi techspot,

The Holiday season is coming up once again and the new game titles are rolling out and with benchmarks following...but where is my setup on the list?


This is the article I was reading prior to posting. I had realized I've been away from the hardware world for too long and haven't been following the latest releases and comparison to my hardware since the release of the nvidia 8xxx series.

Take this article's test system

Test System Specs: Hardware
- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 (LGA775) 3.00GHz
- x2 Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3-14400 Module(s)
- ASUS Rampage Extreme (Intel X48)
- OCZ GameXStream (700 watt)
- Seagate 500GB 7200-RPM (Serial ATA300)
- Gigabyte GeForce 9500 GT (512MB)
- Gigabyte GeForce 9600 GSO (384MB)
- Gigabyte GeForce 9600 GT (512MB)
- Gigabyte GeForce 9800 GT (512MB)
- ASUS GeForce 8800 GTS (512MB)
- ASUS GeForce 8800 GTX (768MB)
- Palit GeForce 9800 GTX+ (512MB)
- ASUS GeForce 9800 GX2 (1GB)
- Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 (896MB)
- ASUS GeForce GTX 280 (1GB)
- Radeon HD 4650 (512MB)
- Palit Radeon HD 4670 (512MB)
- ASUS Radeon HD 3850 (512MB)
- ASUS Radeon HD 3870 (512MB)
- Palit Radeon HD 4850 (512MB)
- ASUS Radeon HD 4870 (512MB)
- VisionTek Radeon HD 3870 X2 (512MB)
- Palit Radeon HD 4870 (1GB)
- ASUS Radeon HD 4870 X2 (2GB)
- Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 (64-bit)
- Intel System Driver
- Nvidia Forceware 180.43 Beta
- ATI Catalys... Read more

A:Where's my graphics on benchmarks?

your card performs below all those cards on high resolution and high settings. And a little better than the 9500 gt on low to med.

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Source: Dishonored 2: PC graphics performance benchmark review - PC VGA Graphics card guide

Dishonored 2 has this pre-order thing that allows you to play a day early, and so guru3d (and maybe a few more outlets, we'll see) benched it.
Quality settings

The benchmark is done on
the eight-core Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition with Haswell-E based setup on the X99 chipset platform. This setup is running tweaked at 4.30 GHz. Next to that we have energy saving functions disabled for this motherboard and processor (to ensure consistent benchmark results). We use Windows 10 all patched up. Each card runs on the same PC with the same operating system clone.The drivers are:
GeForce cards use the latest 375.76 driver (download drivers).Radeon graphics cards we used the latest AMD Radeon Crimson 16.11.3 Driver (download drivers).


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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4930K,Notebook P570WM

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4930K,Notebook P570WM

A:couple benchmarks

Very good scores

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Its in German or Dutch or something, but shows a Clawhammer clocked at 800mhz beating a P4 clocked at 1600mhz, in 32bit applications

Anywayz here it is:
Some Clawhammer Benchmarks


A:Some Benchmarks For The Clawhammer


Interesting! Slower RAM & 1/3 the FSB too! :grinthumb

Intel has their work cut out for 'em & us consumers will hopefully see some big price cuts coming from them.

Looks like high Mhz isn't necessarily 'better'.


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How do I go about improving a CIS score? I'm confused about the benchmarks. Is this just a list of recommended settings?

A:Belarc: CIS Benchmarks?

You'd need to change the settings that are shown as failing. They give a description of each, but don't mention where to change them though.
Many are set using the Local Security Policy tool, or the Group Policy Editor. Neither of which comes with XP Home. You can edit the registry directly to change settings though.

This link lists many of the registry keys that have to be edited directly, and lists the recommended settings.
For XP Home, the Group Policy Settings Reference spreadsheet can be searched for a specific setting to find the key to set in XP Home.

To set File permissions, you need to turn off simple file sharing (Control Panel | Folder Options | View, uncheck Use simple file sharing, last item). For XP Home, you'll need to reboot to safe mode to see the security tab, or download the two reg files from this post of Elvandil's. Be sure to run the undo reg file when done.

These are just recommendations, and are geared more for a business environment rather than a home environment. The Auditing settings for example, forcing users to change passwords, only allowing strong passwords, minimum length, etc, might not be useful at home.

My score has never been higher than 1.88.



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A couple of weeks ago I tried unsuccessfully to install Visual Studio 6 on my XP Home SP2 box. Since then, the performance has been poor. One thing probably has nothing to do with the other but that's when I started to notice that Firefox took 10 to 15 seconds to load and the XP splash screen stayed up longer on a reboot. I've defragmented and run and error check on the hard drive and it has no bad sectors. This evening I downloaded FreshDiagnose and benchmarked the read and write speeds of the hard drive. The read speed is excellent -- over 200 MB/s but the write speed is pathetic -- 3.47 MB/s. This is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320 GB SATA-II drive (the parallel recording technology.)

The CD benchmarks are pretty low too. I have a Memorex 16X DL DVD+-RW but the read speed is 3.67 MB/s.

These are all connected to Gigabyte 965SP motherboard having a Pentium D 3.4 gHz processor. Not overclocked and the temps and fan speeds are within normal ranges.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:System Benchmarks Too Low

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Curious about the relative performance of two of my computers, I have made the comparison using benchmark software I have on hand. Fresh Diagnose is the latest release, 5.80.

Here are the results:

Computer #1
Intel Celeron 500 MHZ
ASUS Motherboard
Ext. Clock 66 MHz

Fresh Diagnose Benchmark:
1538 MDIPS
Speed 501

Callmark BM System test:

Computer #1
VIA Cyrex 667 MHz
Soyo SY-7ISA+ Motherboard
Ext. Clock 133 MHz

Fresh Diagnose Benchmark:

Speed 669

Callmark BM System test:
Assuming these benchmarks are valid tests of system performance, is there something I can to improve the performance on the SY-7ISA+ system (Computer #2)?

I've set jumpers for the automatic detection of processor speed. What is the correct PCI clock setting and clock ratio for this processor? I'm using 133Mhz X5.

Does a Celeron processor provide improved performance over a similar speed VIA Cyrex?

Is there a better benchmark test for these systems? I believe Computer #2 should outperform Computer #1, but maybe I'm missing something.

A:Processor benchmarks

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Geekbench is a free 32 bit benchmark utility (64 bit is a paid version, sry). It gives your PC a numerical score based on a number of factors. It's available for PC's, Mac's and Linux.

You can download the geekbench utility here: Primate Labs Geekbench

Download, run, create a profile and post your benchmarks in this thread.

Here's my geekbench result (total score 4041):

Here's the link to the results online: Geekbench Result Browser: Dell Inc. Dell XPS420

How does your system rate according to geekbench? Some of the fastest systems rate over 10k!

A:Geekbench - Benchmarks

Originally Posted by .Joe

Geekbench is a free 32 bit benchmark utility (64 bit is a paid version, sry). It gives your PC a numerical score based on a number of factors. It's available for PC's, Mac's and Linux.

You can download the geekbench utility here: Primate Labs Geekbench

Download, run, create a profile and post your benchmarks in this thread.

Here's my geekbench result (total score 4041):

Here's the link to the results online: Geekbench Result Browser: Dell Inc. Dell XPS420

How does your system rate according to geekbench? Some of the fastest systems rate over 10k!

I updated my geekbench score, and it's now 4050 (see my sig)

What's your score? Don't be shy, we don't bite

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Hi everyone.
I`m out here hoping anyone could help me with my problem..
So. My R9 280X one day stopped working properly. It allows to launch the PC and use it. But when i launch any game it works until any 3D action happens. Couple of times i`ve launched GAUNTLET and saw a lot of ARTIFACTS in menu, whcih closes and exits to a desktop.
This happens with every game. It just laggs for a second or two (sound plays tho) And exits to Desk without any information.
Also All the GPU benchmarks Freeze after a few secs of work (sometimes whole PC so i have to restart it). I`ve noticed no exact GPU load or temperature numbers (it stays below 50-55).
But one benchmark (userbenchmark.com) managed to go through and showed extremely poor GPU results of ~10%(way below normal in 3D).
Also when i surf around on my pc quickly(swapping between windows and scrolling intensly) image freezes, turns black for a milisecond and goes back to normal condition as `twas. huh..
I`ve peeked into logs and it says AMDKMDAP stopped responding, which means drivers. (also there are some "kernel" errors if that mean anything..)
I used DDU and installed all kind of drivers which didnt help too. I reinstalled windows even.
Also radeon software shows a notification that it detected more than one displays connected while i`m using one.
I`ve swapped between VGA and HDMI. (before all these happened methinks i used both at the same time once, but i dont think its related.
MemTest didnt show anything to... Read more

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Im running Crysis on a Dual Core E4500 at stock 2.20ghz on an ASUS P5QL MB and BFG 9600 GT OC Edition. DX9 on XP SP3 with 4 Gigs of Corsair RAM.

Completed All Tests


1/2/2009 9:27:20 AM - XP

Run #1- DX9 1024x768 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: High ~~ Last Average FPS: 43.21

Run #2- DX9 1280x720 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: High ~~ Last Average FPS: 38.00

Run #3- DX9 1280x1024 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: High ~~ Last Average FPS: 32.54

Run #4- DX9 1400x960 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: High ~~ Last Average FPS: 32.50

Just wondering if this is lower or higher than expected for this type of system.

Thoughts/Advice welcome!

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So I just got my 910 about a week ago and I believe I have gotten all of the kinks worked out with fan noise and whatnot, but I am trying to figure out why my benchmarks are coming in so low for such a powerful processor?? I saw a screenshot of a guy pulling in "3234" on his multi core rating, which seems to me like what it should be; however, as you can see in the image below, I am struggling to break a thousand. All of my drivers are updated, I am on the newest version of BIOS (36w), and my OS is updated with everything except the Creators Update (mainly because I am worried to, lol). Any help with figuring this out would be MUCH appreciated. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Screenshot (6).png ?2713 KB

A:Yoga 910 (4k, i7, 16GB, 512 ssd)...but why such LOW benchmarks?!?!

Hi dmrphy03,1. Is your Yoga 910 connected to AC during benchmark? If you are running on battery, the system may not be able to get full performance.2. Have you tried to change the Power Plan to High Performance?
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speakeasy speed test today! no joke.....

16215 kbps down (fastest ive ever seen it in 6 months)

1479 up

also.. Comcast just announces some new modem/router that is capable of 150Mbits/sec down

how they gunna do it???

looks like they're gunna multiplex 4 separate coax cables into one (Super Modem) line per house.
this makes sense.. because i think the theoreticcal limit for coax is approx 30Mbits/sec (ish) per line.

wonder how much that'll be a month...

A:comcast benchmarks not too shabby

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The Top 100 3D Graphics Performers as Benchmarked by Passmark Software:


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iv recently put alot of money into my pc and my 3dmark03 score is very low when compared to other systems in my range and i have no idea why.. here is my system specs...

p4 2.4ghz 800mhz sb, 865PE chipset, 1 gig pc2700 ddr dual channel, radeon 9700 pro, audigy sound, win xp..

and my 3dmark03 score is a depressingly low 2020.. most games look and play great although i still do get some slowdown in ut2003 with everything on at 800*600 res which i dont think i should... if somebody could explain why im getting such low scores or help out in the matter it would be much appreciated..

A:decent system low benchmarks????

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As you can see I benchmarked a few browsers using the website 'PeaceKeeper'
Here are the results I got:
It was rather a shock to me when I saw Firefox so low, They need to get to work as they will soon be over taken by IE9!

What browser do you use and what are your thoughts on these results?

A:2011 Browser Benchmarks

Hi, D3LL!

My thoughts on benchmark results, when it comes to browsers, is that they're a great raw measure for developers but seldom translate to real world experience for users. Keep an eye on FF. You tested 4.0b8 and 4.0b10 is much faster, benchmark-wise. For my daily use, I've always found FF to be the fastest but this is an area that has been hashed out at least 100 times within these forums to varying levels of passionate degrees and vociferousness.

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Our AMD rep gave us the green light to post some preliminary benchmarks of the HD4870s in single and CrossFireX setups. We have the stats on our forums, check it out!

It certainly looks promising for the Reds considering the pricepoint they are offering their HD4800 series cards.

A:Early benchmarks for the HD4870 are out

Whoops, realized that the thread title said "3870". The cards are actually the new 4870s. Darned "3" and "4" are easy to hit by mistake.

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Top 100 Overall Performance Results as tested by Passmark Benchmarking Software:

I can generate a custom report for those with a specific need. For example, maybe you are shopping for a new graphics card and you might want to know which graphic card has benchmarked the fastest using your existing CPU and motherboard. I can run a report and get you that information.


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Hardware Canucks has an interesting article on the GF100 and how it will probably fare against the HD 5870. While this is still all speculation, it seems that the GTX 480 as it will be called will definitely beat the HD 5870 but fall short against the HD 5970. ATI will hang on to the performance crown for now while Nvidia will again have the fastest single GPU. I don't expect the GTX 480 to be cheap. Most likely boards will cost in the area of $499 and possibly higher with the expected high demand for the product. With the HD 5870 positioned at approx. $400, ATI would not have to lower it by much to have it remain competitive. I still think we will see a price cut by ATI as soon as GTX 480 launches.

A:GeForce GTX 480 benchmarks vs. HD 5870 here

Bit late with that news.
There's 40+ reviews out at the moment including HC's.
The Cliff's notes version:
HD 5870 wins in Wolfenstein (5%), Left 4 Dead (10%).
Both cards equal in Mass Effect 2, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
GTX 480 wins in Dark Void (20%), GTA 4 (20%), NFS:Shift (10%), WoW:Wrath of the Lich King (30-35%), Resident Evil 5 (5-10%), Just Cause 2 (20%), HAWX (10-20%), Dawn of War 2 (5-15%), Crysis Warhead (10-30%), CoH: Opposing Fronts (15%), Battleforge (25%), Mass Effect (5-6%), Left 4 Dead 2 (10-20%), Far Cry 2 (25-35%), Dragons Age: Origins (5-6%), Call of Duty:World at War (30%), Batman:Arkham Asylum (no PhysX) (6%), World in Conflict:Soviet Assault (30%), Alien v Predator (30%), Metro 2033 (20+%), DIRT 2 (0-15%), Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 (0-20%)

Games that had either card winning the fps battle dependant upon IQ and test regime: STALKER:Call of Pripyat, Battlefield 2 Bad Company, Anno 1404, Crysis.

Percentages are approximate and only include tests carried out at 1680x1050 and above with AA and AF enabled if available in the game console (or forced through ATI/nV console), since as a system builder it's reasonable to expect that any potential customers for either card are not likely to game at a lower resolution.
Regardless of percentages, both these cards are more than capable of chewing through virtually any game thrown at them....as are a few other lower priced options.

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