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Plantronics Backbeat 903 headset signal issues

Q: Plantronics Backbeat 903 headset signal issues

I bought a Plantronics Backbeat 903 stereo headset with a store brand 100m bluetooth dongle a couple of days ago so I can listen to my computer wirelessly and not disturb my neighbors. The sound is crystal clear, it's light weight and barely noticeable I'm wearing it. So I'm fairly happy so far. There are a couple of drawbacks like the signal fails at times. For instance if I change rooms. The manual for the headset does mention this but I am wondering if another dongle could improve the signal at all.

I don't have a microwave oven (I don't like them), nor a cordless phone. I turned off my mobile as it is connected to my pc with BT. I disconnected my wifi modem. I'm not even sure if Bluetooth has the same interference issues that occurs with wifi. None of that seemed to improve or impair performance anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas as I am just short of being completely, impressively satisfied with it.

The other issues are reconnecting as sometimes I need to turn off and disconnect the dongle to get it working again. But I attribute that to not knowing how to use it properly. I press buttons randomly hoping one will reconnect and I'm pleasantly suprised when it works. It has trouble with speech recognition too but that's another story.

Also (sorry for the length) when I go to Device and Printers it doesn't show up. I'm curious why not.

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Preferred Solution: Plantronics Backbeat 903 headset signal issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I had my plantronics backbeat fit connected earlier today through the bluetooth to my Surface Pro 4.  I went to try and connect this evening and it says "Driver Error".  I went to device management, bluetooth, then to the device and hit
update.  It says it is updated.  I have removed the device and added it back and tried again.  Nothing is working.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Evening lads,

I've recently purchased a 'Plantronics Skype-ready Audio 45 USB Stereo PC Headset' - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0002ZDS4S/202-1788481-0147842?v=glance&n=560798

The headphones work when plugged into the headphone socket on the back of my tower, or when plugged into the headphone socket in my Creative volume control (which comes with some of their more recent audio systems), though the headset came bundled with a USB device which you can plug both headset and mic into, though when I do this sound continues playing on my speakers as opposed to the headphones, despite the fact that I've enabled my computer to automatically detect headphones and switch to them as an audio output. Might this just be down to a dodgy USB socket or device? There was no bundled software with the headset so I imagine that it's not to do with drivers etc.

However, I can cope with this - as I said all I have to do is plug it into the volume control, so no problem (though it would be nice to know why it's not working around the back with the USB if anyone has any clues).

The mic, however, works neither when attached to the USB device, nor when plugged in to the volume control. It does work when plugged in to the microphone socket in the back of the tower, so it's not a problem with the mic per se. I've fiddled around changing various input options, none of which allow it to work with anything except the rear socket. It's a... Read more

A:Plantronics Mic/Headset Issues

hmmm well i would return that one for logitech one. or unplug speakers. or go to Sounds and Audio Devices go to audio and voice and set it to headset Or go to web site and getdowload for device.

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Hibernation: Well, my C: Drive died. I replaced it. Reinstalled XP. Enabled APM. Can't hibernate anymore (No tab). Help. Please.

Headset: Mike doesn't work. Used to only in sound recorder, but not anymore. Help. Again.

A:XP Hibernation and Plantronics HS 1 Headset (2 issues)

Are you saying that there is no tab in the power management options? Or is the tab missing from the shutdown box?

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I'm running Windows XP Pro 32 bit and I have set up my Plantronics Audio355 headset. I calibrated the mic without any problem and tested the mic. It showed that it's recording my voice well within the 20 to 80% perameters.at between 40 and 70%. However, when I try to play online with my friends using my headset with TeamSpeak, version 3.0., they tell me they cannot hear me.

I tried using the wizard but that didn't work either.

If someone could assist me in solving this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and I look forward to you quick response.



A:Plantronics Headset

Sounds like a TeamSpeak configuration issue (most likely) or TeamSpeak doesn't support that mic (which shouldn't be an issue as Windows recognizes the mic).

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I need to replace my headset with one that would drown out noises. I work in a plant that is super noisy and loud!! Is this headset a good one? Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless?

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Hey all im new here

I'm trying to use a pair of Plantronics headphones with a microphone on them

they headphones work perfectly fine with crystal clear sound quality

however, the microphone is not working AT ALL

I used a different set of PLantronics headphones with my laptop and they worked perfectly (headphones and microphone)

however they are now lost somewhere and I wish to be able to use these headphones to talk to my friends on Ventrillo.

I've read a bunch of threads on mike problems on this website, and none of them are like my problem.

Excuse me if I am in the wrong section, as I said, im new to this website

Please help me! :(

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Hey guys, I recently recieved a RIG 500 headset for my birthday, and I was pretty pumped to try it out - but after only about a week, I've come across a rather frustrating issue.
I was mid-call with a few friends over skype, when suddenly the whole headset seemed to go dead - after some fiddling, (ie, unplug and replug and the off/on trick) I at least managed to get some basic functionality back in line, but the audio would keep cutting out and, in turn, the mic would come back

After all of this, (and several hours of frustration) the oddest part about it as that I noticed that while the mic was active, the headphones would disable themselves, and when I disabled the mic, the headphones would work fine (alternatively, if the mic was enabled and the headset was working, the mic wouldn't work) - for all intents and purposes, it's as if neither is comfortable with occupying the same usb port, and this behavior would carry on into other programs such as skype and audacity; I'm unsure if this is a driver issue or if this is the fault of some sort virus.

If you guys have any idea what could be wrong and how I can fix this, I'd really love the help.

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I would like to ask u, is it me or is it my new mic i bought in the store! I bought plantronics headset, wheare seems to not work the mic :S [ is the link etc i tested all that i could, but it just wont work. Problem is, when i start using mic all it does is SHHHHHHH SHHHHHH and i can hear that am talking but next to it its all the time doing shhhhhh, can someone tells me problem?? Are drivers fault or broken mic?? or simply haxxed pc??? Ty Jure.

Ps (why can t i damit post a link after first post 8( nvm)

A:Plantronics Headset-mic not working!

Return the headset, and get something else

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So recently I bought a Plantronics Pro 1 headset, my problem is whenever I plug my headset into my laptop I get really choppy sound from all of my programs. The things that bothers me is that when I plug it into my desktop computer, it works fine. I'm wondering if this could be a problem with the driver or codex? Appreciated.

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I just got a whole new computer and changed from vista 32 to 64 bit. Everything is running great except for my headset which is a plantronics dsp 500 usb headset. I got this cd when I bought the headset ages ago. If I install the contents of the cd (which is a program called persono) nothing really happens. It's there but It can't find my headset. The headset is plugged in as usual and with persono installed it should be working since that's all it took on the 32 bit OS. I can't find any vista drivers for it on the web and vista can't seem to detect it's plugged in. Nothing shows up in the sound options except for my speakers which work correctly.

Is plantronics dsp 500 just not compatible with vista 64 bit or is there some solution? Would really like to have my headset and microphone working.

A:Plantronics DSP 500 headset not running on 64 bit but did on 32 bit


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Today I bought a platronics headset. It features a microphone and headphones.

It connects to the PC with two leads, one for the microphone and one for the headphones.

I plugged in both. The microphone is not detected, and does not display as an option for a voice device in the sound and audio device control panel. Also, sound plays through both the headset and the speakers.

The setup I want is for normal sounds to send through the speakers, and for voice to be send via the headset.

Why is this so screwy? :S I've restarted my PC, etc etc etc.

A:Plantronics headset not working

Bunch of suggestions here:


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I just got the MX500i to use for online gaming as a microphone. However, when I plug it into my Vista machine, it tells me that it can't find the drivers to install the DSP55 USB adapter used to convert the 2.5mm jack to USB. It keeps asking me for a CD, but Plantronics doesn't get one with the MX500i, since it installs under XP without a hitch.

I know Vista has issues with DRM and the USB audio devices through the USBAUDIO.sys file, but I got the hotfix and applied that and even replaced the .sys file with one from an XP machine. Neither worked.

I've been reading reviews where the writer talked about how great it worked for Vista's voice recognition, so I know the thing can work in Vista. Can anyone help me out here?

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Just thought I'd let everyone know about this:


Plantronics and Xbox are having a promo for that Halo 2 headset - got great reviews, never used one myself - for $14.95, or $19.95 if you need a communicator also.

$1 of each sale goes to the United Way Katrina Recovery Fund.

I believe you would need the communicator also for it to work on the 360 but I'm not sure - just ordered one myself anyways

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I've been using the below headset for over a year.

This weekend, when I went out of town, I unplugged them to pack them up and use when I got to my desto, but when I plugged it back in, my mic wouldn't work. And now that I'm back home, it's still not working.

Despite checking in recording tab under sound options and made sure it was the default device, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, making sure the mute button on the headset isn't on, ran Windows update and restarted multiple times from all of my attempts, it's still no bueno. What has me even more confused is that when I'm on Teamspeak or Mumble, my game buddies can see me light up when I use my push to talk but they can't hear me. I can hear them however so it's just the mic that I'm having an issue with.


Here is a screen shot of my devices until the recording tab under the sound option. After I reinstalled the drivers from Plantronics, I see a Line device (which looks like it should go to a game console which I don't have) and an SPDIF Interface device which I've also never seen before. I don't remember seeing the Stereo Mix device either to be honest.

I have all devices showing in case that becomes a question next. I even work in ITS and this one has got me stumped. Something like this should be relatively easy. I've always just been able to switch back and forth between default devices for switching headset or on board speakers.

Thank you so ... Read more

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I need a USB Audio Driver for this headset so i can control the volume etc. The generic Vista USB Sound drivers dont work worth crap.

The Stereo Mix doesnt work at all for me. I have my Via HD sound card drivers installed and up to date.

I need a USB Audio Driver for Vista x64 for this headset. Plantronics website does not have any kind of drivers on it for the USB headsets and expect us to use the Vista generic drivers.

Does anyone have this driver?

A:Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB Headset Driver

I am looking for similar drivers. I have a pair of Plantronics GameCom Pro-1 headphones that recently stopped working when I had to redo Vista. All other sound works, all other USB headphones and other devices work. Windows recognized that the drivers are "installed and up to date" but there is a driver problem still. Plantronics has basically passed the buck and says its a Vista problem.

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HI I have a windows vista home premium lenovo laptop(SL500).I am trying to connect my plantronics headset ( model dsp 400) which works fine on my PC which runs windows XP but my laptop does not recognise plantronics under the sounds option in control panel.I can't select it even though I see the icon.The sound plays on my laptop speaker by default.Can you please help me sort out this problem? THanks

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This problem has me completely stumped.

Suddenly I have skype problems. Using a Logitech C910 or 620 webcam I get perfect video. Audio works well for about a minute and then it cuts out. I have to switch the input from the C910 to the Realtek drivers for a moment and then, after switching back to the 910, it works just fine for another minute. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I went to the sound control panel and found that none of my USB devices are working for audio input. Blue Yeti microphone - negative. Can't get it to work with Skype at all. Can't even get the control panel >> hardware & sound >> manage audio devices and I see the microphone is set to level zero and muted. I click the mute button to unmute, raise the level to 80.

I go to any audio program. It works for 10 seconds and then the control panel does the same - zeroes out the volume and puts all the devices into mute. It's incredibly irritating.

Nothing has worked. Remove and reinstall all drivers. Remove all Logitech drivers. Remove and reinstall latest Realtek drivers. Cannot seem to beat this problem. Volume is constantly zeroed out. Even when applications are supposed to control the audio source (like skype) it does the same.

Using a Plantronics headset works fine. It is the only device that works without a problem. Yet at least 3 other devices, all by different manufacturers and well support too (like the Blue Yeti) exhibit this recurring issue. Hope someone can help isolate it as Google Voice... Read more

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Hello, I bought a "Plantronics Audio 60 Stereo PC Headset" from amazon awhile ago, and I'm not *entirely* sure if it actually worked from the beginning...but it sure as hell isn't workin now.

*Running halflife*

Well anyway, it works GREAT when I do sound recording (Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder) but when I try to do it in a game, no one can hear me (when I did the voice tweak, it plays kinda staticy the thing that I said, then repeats it over and over again, getting louder each time. The other config option doesn't help either) Has anyone else experienced problems with this product, or any product and experienced the same problem..? Is it fixable, or will I have to get support from plantronics? Thanks in advance.

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I recently bought a Plantronics headset, and plugged it in my microphone jack. It says "Line IN" when I try to use it with audacity, but when I record, and even yell into it, nothing shows up on the line. My laptop has 2 headphone jacks and a mic jack. Could this be the problem?

A:Plantronics Audio .326 Headset not working on Inspiron 1525 Mic Jack

If you have plugged the microphone part of the headset into the "Mic" jack on the PC and using the "line in" to listen that is incorrect. Generally, Audacity uses the "Stereo Mix" to record. With Stereo Mix set as the default recording device any input is "heard".

Second, if you are plugging the mic into the "line In", that is incorrect and the mic will never work. A computer mic needs +5V DC to operate. The Mic in jack has the 5V, a line in does not and is a stereo (2 channel) input.

You list a Dell Desktop in your System Specs but are referring to a Dell Inspiron 1524 "Laptop". ???

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I want to connect my Creative set on the laptop. At first everything worked very well. After a while there was no sound anymore. Also when i use a headset there is no signal. Later it was working again but i did nothing special i remember. On this moment it there is no sound. I try anohter headset, try out my Creative set with a I pad and it worked and change the wire. Also i go to the control panel to try something but i don't know exactly what i can do. Can you help me please? Kind regards, Cor2

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Sorry if this is wrong section.
From a few days, I have a weird problem with my pc.
Only when I play a game, suddenly the audio passes from headset (connected via green&pink cables) to monitor (connected via HDMI), just for a few seconds, then goes back to headset.
I usually make this manually with the Windows volume mixer. I don't like the pc makes it randomly without my decision

I thought was an headset cable problem, but it happens only when I play. Any idea?

A:Audio signal suddenly change from headset to monitor.

Is it only one game or does it do this on every game you play?

Did you try a System Restore to a prior date? System Restore

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I loaded up some Team Fortress 2 on my new build and noticed the sound cuts out after a few seconds of consecutive audio. This happens on all programs now but I've also noticed that when the raw audio (not me turning up and down the volume) is fine when it's loud and when it gets a small bit quiet it cuts out completely. Is this an issue I can resolve in setting or is there something wrong with my headset? By the way, the sound is fine without the headset on the speakers.

A:Headset Issues

Headset works perfectly in other systems by the way.

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Ok well I am not exactly sure where to post this but since it works well on XP and not Vista I will post it here.

So I went out and bought a headset. Now I have had a couple, but this one is USB so I figured it'll work well. Now then, I use it on XP and I can hear it just fine, everyone else can hear it too. I try it on Vista and it's extremely quiet. I am using Ventrilo to talk to people incase that is needed to be known. So basically I ask, how do I make it more sensative to sound?


A:Headset issues?


check this Microsoft KB:

download the fix here:

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Hello everyone. I was was given a headset by a good friend of mine since mine had recently broke. He assured me that the headset was fine since he had used it the previous night and both audio and recording worked fine. When I had arrived home and tested it I found that only audio was working but my computer wasn't tracking the detecting sound going into the mic we currently have two different operating systems I'm currently on Windows 7 Ultimate whilst he's currently on Windows Vista Home premium. The mic he had given me is a none USB mic, the link to the mic can be found at: Philips - Webcam Share - SPC1035NC/00 - Webcams with headsets - Webcams and headsets - PC products and phones .

Potential issues that were checked
Check audio deviceCheck audio device
There might be a problem with your audio device. Issue not present
One or more audio service isn't runningOne or more audio service isn't running
Both the Windows Audio and the Windows Audio End Point Builder services must be running for audio to work correctly. Atleast one of these services isn't running. Issue not present
Audio device is disabledAudio device is disabled
The audio device you selected is currently turned off in Windows. Issue not present
Low audio device volumeLow audio device volume
Audio device volume might be too low to hear. Issue not present
Audio device mutedAudio device muted
Audio can't play if the device is muted. Issue not present
Audio device isn't set as defaultAudio de... Read more

A:Headset Mic Issues.

You have the driver for the onboard sound installed? Unless someone has one hidden somewhere the best you['re going to get for it is the Vista driver from gateway,

Sigmatel HD Audio Driver Version: 6.10.5405.0

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i just got a new headset to have to listen to music and games on comp, so i won't wake others. problem is, i can only hear sounds in 1 side of the headset, i plug in my headset to another comp, and it works fine. i have windows xp, and a stereo headset. plz help if possible.

A:Having issues w/ headset, plz help >.<

is there anyone that can help w/ this issue >.<

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I have recently got a new computer ( Packard bell ixtreme M5801). It has no sound card. On my previous computer I tried the headset with no problems however on this one, when the microphone jack is plugged in, the sound is muffled, quiet and distorted. I have tried playing around with the settings on the "Sound" panel and installing the latest drivers from packard bells website. The headset i am trying to use is a Turtle Beach x11.

Today, I plugged my iPod into the microphone port via a 3.5mm cable and when playing it back it was fine.

Thanks for your help.

System Specs:
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i3 550 @ 3.20GHz
6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
Packard Bell ixtreme M5801 (CPU 1)

If you require any more information don't hesitate to ask, as this is my first post.

Many Thanks,

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Hi I recently bought a headset for my PC and I'm trying to set up chat functions on a website called discord, as far as I'm aware the app works fine and I should be part of the chat, after unmuting myself. Audio works fine on the headset and has done for
a while but when I plugged in the mic it didn't seem to work, after some fiddling in manage devices I can hear myself being played back, an echo of me talking and typing etc, but I still can't be heard by other people on the chat?

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My headphones are great, but won't record skype loud, I updated drivers and changed my mixers! It still wont work, I need help!

Video Explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMBQeKbAv1I&feature=c4-overview&list=UURyd8wXuafZCOKBh2FvCINg
Mic: Turtle Beach PX21's

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I play games like counterstrike and rust where listening to where people are coming from is very important, however, my headset doesn't allow me to do that and instead mixes the sounds.

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I am having trouble getting my headset to work. At first it was able to transmit but it was way to quite. Then it stoped working all together. Any help would be great.

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Today the headset i've been waiting for arrived. My Steelseries 5h v2 (W/O usb driver).
My old Headset died so i ordered this one..
My problem is that the microphone is EXTREMELY quiet. On my laptop it works just fine with no problem at all. But on my PC its quiet and i cant even get into the Microphone boost menu.
My mate on skype can't hear me talking either, i have to shout in it.
So i wondered if my drivers were the cause of this problem. So i updated them and nothing changed.
I think my soundcard is called VIA P4M890 im not that into Computers so i dont know if this is right. The driver i downloaded had some software called High Definition Audio Deck to manage my soundsettings but these doesnt seem to do anything (When i try to boost my microphone).

My earlier headset was a USB and this new one is with JACK plugs does that make a difference.

I Apologies for my bad English, and i hope someone can help me with my problem.


I think i've placed this topic in the wrong forum /Sorry

A:New Headset, Microphone Issues.

Welcome to TSF
Have you checked your Sound and multimedia setting in control Panel?
Go to Control panel to sound and multimedia to audio tab.
Click the sound recording volume button and try increasing the volume as required.

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I've had the same problem with 2 wireless gaming headsets. The corsair void pro wireless and now the Logitech G533 Wireless. Basically the mic sounds terrible and I know the problem... I just can't fix it. When I am using the headset using it's wireless USB adapter, it defaults the Default Format to 8000 HZ (telephone quality).

The problem is when I try to change this to higher quality format as seen in the next shot:

It throws this prompt and when i select YES it closes the windows and doesn't save the changes. I have closed all applications using audio and still get the problem... Anyone have any ideas? It's been very frustrating!


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For the past two days, I've been struggling to record commentary for a YouTube video I am making. My Headset works everywhere else just fine, but if I plug it in into my laptop it creates static and so does every other mic. I called HP, and they said there was nothing wrong with the jack since I could hear everything just fine. Sometimes the static is in the files themselves but other times it's just through my headsets. I have no clue what to do. I've looked at every single tutorial thing and tinkered with every little thing. The problem was solved yesterday then I tried to record today and RIP.
I checked, and it says all my drivers are updated.
The headset came with a cable that splits the audio, and I'm thinking of splitting it then splitting it back into the laptop. I really have no clue what else to do.

Thank you in advance.

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Recently my headset has been not only recording my voice but also the background noise that the computer makes. So for example if I am in an online game trying to say something on the mic, my voice will be drowned out by the sound of the game. Any ideas on what could be causing this?


A:microphone/headset issues

Turn the microphone volume down a touch so it is less sensitive. That might help, always helps with me

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I recently purchased the G230 Logitech Gaming Headset. It is a single wired headset that splits into to jack inputs: the microphone and speaker. The speakers work fine and I can hear everything through the headset. However, my mic is not registering and the only recording device functioning is the built in laptop mic on my Alienware M15X.

I have tried adjusting default mics,

Updating drivers,

Rolling back drivers,

Uninstalling and re-installing drivers,

I am running out of ideas. So please help! Here are my specs,

Processor: Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50Gz

Memory (RAM): 16.0GB

System Type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor / WINDOWS 10

Sound: Sound Blaster Recon 3Di by Creative Technology Ltd.

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Ok, I just got a headset for my PC, which was probably a bad move since the headphone quality is crap on my headset but the microphone is excellent. Now.. I was just wondering how I can plug in the USB headset in without it stealing the outgoing audio? I'll include screens of my properties of my audio since everyones is different.

Note: I have the built in audio setup from the ASUS P4C800

Thanks in advance.

A:Logitech USB headset issues

Nevermind, I was just toggling around with it and I figured out how to change it.

lol, didn't take me too long to fiddle around with it to get it to work, I'll just leave it like this and not touch it now.

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Here's the problem I've been having recently;

I use my Headset to talk on Ventrilo. I'm using an HP Desktop PC with Front & Rear Audio connectors. I myself am not getting feedback but, whenever I record with my mic it picks up not only my voice, but any sound my computer makes. By that I mean like, here's the best example of the problem I'm having. If I record my voice while someone else is talking on vent, they can hear themselves REALLY loud. I know it's not an issue with speaker volume (because im not using speakers) and ive tested recording sound with my PC volume all the way down, but when i record, then turn the volume back up and listen, I can still hear the sounds off of my computer. Like its recording the computer sound too.

A:Mic/Headset feedback issues

Yeh me too. Hopefully someone can help us with this annoying problem.

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I am pretty sure there are as many recording issues as there are people with microphones, and I've been searching all day for a solutions to my issues to no avail. Either the people with the microphone issues have something different going on or the thread simply ends with no solution.

So I decided to ask my own questions to you guys. Here goes.

Bought a new headset about three months ago due to a similar problem, and assuming it was an issue with a cheap headset I bought a slightly better built one.

For no reason, my microphone will not work. With the pink plug in all I get is static, with the USB attachment only silence. If I fiddle with the mic boost, the green sound bar (that indicates sound being picked up) will move to match the level of boost (boost = half way, the green bar sits at halfway).

The headphones work find with both the plug and the USB attachment, and the microphone will work in my laptop, just not my PC.

I have Win Vista 64, Realtek HD, and Logitech G330 headset. If you need any more info just ask, I'd love ANY help!

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Everytime I plug in my G35 headset(usb), any platform of audio/media stops working and will freeze. Any online videos will not play and when I access audio files media player just freezes. I have re installed the drivers before and it didn't seem to help. This only started happening recently and I've been using the headset for 1-2 years now.

Plus no sound comes from the headset but after I plug it out my speakers don't have sound either and I have to restart pc to fix it.

A:G35 Headset causing PC issues

Hiya chi111111 and welcome..!!

sounds like you've got a few probs with the set-up
could you fill in as much info as possible in the System Specs part of your profile
- check out other peoples' System Specs for an idea of the sort of info to include..

- that way anyone answering your query will have a better idea of what you're experiencing..

- cheers..

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Hello I'm Brad, brand new to the Tech Guy forums. :>

I'm having a problem with my GameCom Plantronics microphone that is attached to the headset. My computer seems to only sometimes recognize that the microphone is on, and when it does recognize the mic, I get major white noise when i talk in programs like Ventrilo.

My sound card drivers are all up to date and am using High definition audio device sound card.

I don't think it matters that much but for those who want to know I also have a ATI radeon HD 4800 Series video card and am running a Intel Quad Core 2.40Ghz processor.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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I recently purchased the G230 Logitech Gaming Headset. It is a single wired headset that splits into to jack inputs: the microphone and speaker. The speakers work fine and I can hear everything through the headset. However, my mic is not registering and the only recording device functioning is the built in laptop mic on my Alienware M15X.

I have tried adjusting default mics,

Updating drivers,

Rolling back drivers,

Uninstalling and re-installing drivers,

I am running out of ideas. So please help! Here are my specs,

Processor: Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50Gz

Memory (RAM): 16.0GB

System Type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor / WINDOWS 10

Sound: Sound Blaster Recon 3Di by Creative Technology Ltd.

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I have a headset and two computers. Old PC, Acer. Current PC, Cyberpower. Headset, Humlin.
A few days or so ago I plugged my headset into my current PC and it recorded fine and clear. However, the sound suddenly came out the speakers at full volume and it said the headphones jack had been unplugged. It hadn't and it was still in. I twisted it a little and it said plugged back in. I started recording again but had issues with both mic and headphones with the computer telling me they'd been unplugged and plugged back in, but the jacks never moved. Each time the speakers went to full volume. It was fine for a bit and then when I unplugged the jack the speakers went to full volume again.
I plugged the headset into my old computer the other day and it all seemed fine. Did it again a day or two later and it wouldn't record but I had sound. It also took my volume up to full when unplugging the headphones jack, but it's been the one and only time it has done that. Then the next day I could record but had no sound.
I was using the front ports so switched to the back ports and both mic and headphones seemed fine. I recorded what I wanted to today (after double checking mic and headphones, both seemed fine) and then went to listen to the audio on my laptop and there's a really loud constant buzz.
I've plugged my headset back into my current PC and there's no buzz when playing back the recording, but it did say unplugged jack (headphones) and turned... Read more

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Surprise surprise, issues with bluetooth headset.

I've got mine to connect, but when I tried to do it for my partner, all seems to fail. The main issue I have is to make the microphone to work. The laptop seems to be able to recognise, but not use.

Here are some screenshots I took.

This is a screenshot of the bluetooth headset being recognised by her computer as it appears in the bluetooth device settings.

This is a screen shot of the bluetooth recognising the bluetooth microphone in the recording devices menu on my laptop.
This is a screen shot of the same bluetooth headset not being connected to her laptop in the recording devices menu.

If there are any suggestions, please feel free to post.



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Will my Thinkpad X-1 Yoga allow me to  use a headset that incorporates a USB port?  Best Buy had no single plug, 4-pole headsets, but sold me a Logitech h390 USB headset saying that it should work.  Waiting to open package until I can verify that this laptop allow the USB connection.  Can anyone provide the answer?   [Am frustrated........my 'older' desktop has dual plugs for a headset]

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Will my Thinkpad X-1 Yoga allow me to  use a headset that incorporates a USB port?  Best Buy had no single plug, 4-pole headsets, but sold me a Logitech h390 USB headset saying that it should work.  Waiting to open package until I can verify that this laptop allow the USB connection.  Can anyone provide the answer?   [Am frustrated........my 'older' desktop has dual plugs for a headset]

A:Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad - Headset issues

Good day and welcome to the community.I can't comment on the USB headset question, but if you've got an older, dual-plug headset that you'd like to use, then you might explore getting a combo-jack splitter as described in this KB article: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Displays-Options-and-Accessories/Microphone-Headset-Jack-splitter-neede...
Hope this helps a bit.Regards.

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