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when plugging phone in stops internet

Q: when plugging phone in stops internet

we baught a new phone and when we plug it into the landline for some reason it knocks the internet off and the router stops working...any ideas why and how to fix it? the phone it in different point to which the router is

Preferred Solution: when plugging phone in stops internet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: when plugging phone in stops internet

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I have a Comcast Motorola Surfboard rental modem. It works fine, great speeds etc etc. It has no router or bridge support.

I use this modem to connect to the web on my ps3 and PC. What I have been doing is simply unplugging the ethernet cord from one device, and putting it in the other device to switch. But of course things can't be simple...

Every time I switch devices, the modem tries to reconnect and does a cycle where every time it only reaches the "Send" light. So I have to power cycle my modem and wait about a half hour before my connection resumes...

I read something about PPPoE, but Comcast doesn't even use it so that won't help.

A:Modem stops working between plugging it into different devices?

You shouldn't need to wait a half hour, but you will need to power cycle the modem. A cheap router would resolve this.

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I have a Lenovo G510, and many times (most of the times) when I plug earphones or speakers to the 3.5mm jack, the audio stops, and a red X appears on the Speakers icon in the notification area, and I have to press Solve problem and then it detects that the speakers stopped working (I will try to get the accurate error next time), and only then the audio returns.
( It's a combo jack - speakers and mic - why do they do it, I have no idea )

What can I do?

(I did factory reset and that did not help)


A:Audio stops when plugging earphones / speakers to 3.5mm

Are you using the correct sound driver from Lenovo?

The 8.1 driver can be downloaded from Lenovo here
Laptops and netbooks :: Lenovo G Series laptops :: Lenovo G510 Notebook - Lenovo Support (US)

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I recently bought a wireless 3G USB modem / hot spot. Although i use it primarily by plugging in my PC USB port, It just occurred to me that my smartphone charger also has a USB port. So i was wondering if i can use the modem by using the charger USB port or not. That way i will not have to keep my PC powered on all the time. My charger has a output rating of 5V and 830mA. I reckon there shouldn't be a problem but want to be sure lest i damage the modem.

EDIT: The title should read 'Power' instead of 'Charge'. Apologies for any confusion caused !!

A:Solved: Can i charge my USB hot spot by plugging it in the cell phone charger?

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Ok, I've already ran all the things to not be infected with a virus. What I did in order, removed the drive scanned with nod32, reinserted the drive, ran in safemode networking: spybot, malwarebytes, removed bad files, ran smitfraudfix, then combofix, unchecked things from msconfig, used hijackthis to remove bad things. Rebooted to regular windows, and cant get on the net. The system still responds but its almost like its having issues getting an ip or something. I also tried winsock fix, but it hangs also. Ive had this problem on two seperate computers. What I believe it to be is some registry problem or permission change by the previous viruses i removed. Please dont give me the usual virus scans etc routine. I've been doing this awhile I know how to get rid of viruses. This is separate issue, please help or point me in the right direction. I also had an issue installing avg with the error code 0x80070005, but i solved this by deleting the two DENYs in permissions. Do you think this is a similar issue but a different permission? Its not also a bad NIC card or anything like that because i used a USB nic and same thing, and also i am unable to do a system restore, yes the service is running, but it wont restore. Any help with this?

A:Computer Stops responding after plugging in ethernet cable

btw the other computer that had this internet issue, had the same error code when trying to install avg. some how it has to be related

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I got a new Y50 Lenovo laptop two days ago and everything was working perfectly. Out of the three available usb ports, I had my mouse, headphones, and CoolerMaster X-Slim fan plugged in. The fan was working well until I started getting power surge notifications in the bottom right, and suddenly the fan stopped functioning. I unplugged the fan from the usb and replugged it, but nothing. I then tried plugging in my mouse to that port, and it didn't work. I re-installed the USB drivers and restarted my computer. I then tried plugging my mouse into that port, and it worked! However, whenever I plug the external fan into ANY of the three ports, the USB port immediately stops functioning for anything. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Is there too much electricity going through the computer? Faulty fan? Thanks in advance for the help. 

A:USB port stops functioning after plugging in a specific accessory

Sounds like the fan is faulty to me as well. I'd definitely stop trying to use it on that brand new Lenovo Y50 laptop until you can get it checked out, or replaced.

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Hello, I have recently been experiencing a problem. This started to occur after I had gotten new internet service and a new router. I now have comcast, and a new NetGear router. I also have a VOIP phone connected to the router call "AllVoi". Now, whenever I use this phone, all connections on WiFi go down as I am using it. While, when I am using any ethernet connections dirctly from the router, it works fine. It becomes a large problem when you are watching a video or something from a laptop WiFi connection.

Does it have to do with any port forwarding/triggering?

Thanks in advance!

A:VOIP Phone stops WiFi connections

And, of course, you are not using a 2.4 GHz cordless phone, right?

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I Got my XPS 15 9550    Build Date Dec-16-2015 Bios Ver 01.00.07 4302.13 UEFI
The fault I was able to find so far that is disturbing issue.
Condition1  - "When pressing  brightness keys F11-F12" (little crackling distorted noise from speakers)
Condition 2 - " When music playing out of speakers also at sometimes can hear crackling noise coming" ( like speakers can't handle the frequency properly)
Condition3 major one -  "At the time of plugging in power supply in or out of laptop."                                                                                                                                                When video/audio/u-tube playing I can hear  short crackling noise&nbs... Read more

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Crackling Noise coming from speakers when plugging and un plugging power supply.

Hi Edwards, I am facing exactly the same issue as yours. First they delay the product, then they cancel the product and when they finally ship the product has issues. Please let me know if you found any solution for this

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Hi all,

My boss is in Arizona and when he plugs in cable at his sister's place, he cannot get on the internet but she can. Is there some configuration he needs to do?
Any help would be great!

A:No Internet After Plugging In Cable

By "plugs in cable" are you saying he is trying to connect to a broadband modem, router, or ?

Is he rebooting the modem or router and then booting his computer?

Is this computer usually used by plugging a cable/dsl modem into its ethernet connection or does it usually use a modem connected to a regular phone line and a dialup ISP?

Has he tried the "New Connection" wizard in Win XP?

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Hi all,

I'm at a dorm room with cable internet. It usually works fine, but now if I unplug it, then plug it back, the computer doesn't connect to the internet anymore. Sometimes it says it's acquiring network address, but that doesn't change. The computer connects to the internet fine if I turned on the computer with the cable already plugged in.

Another computer doesn't have this problem with the same cable, always able to connect after being unplugged/plugged. Both computers are on Win XP.

I suspect the Windows firewall has something to do with it, if only because it is turned on the the problematic computer, and not on the other one. I couldn't turn it off, however, because it doesn't let me open up Windows Firewall Settings, giving me the message that the "associated service is not running" and whether or not I could like to start it. If I click "Yes", it simply says it "cannot open Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing service".

Please let me know what the problem might be and what i can try to get it working again. I hope I haven't given too much useless information.. haha. Thanks!


A:can't connect to internet after unplugging then plugging cable

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I'm kind of new to this forum, but I've had this problem for several years now and I can't find an answer. My HP envy m6 is working fine whenever my power cord is unplugged, although, as soon as I put the cord back in, my wireless internet connection becomes so bad that I can't visit any websites or even load my home page. I've tried to restart my router (obviously) and even handed the laptop over to my retailer, only to be told that there was nothing wrong. I'm kind of desperate for an answer, since i cant really use my computer normally.

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I'm trying to use a spare NetGear router so I can connect up a Network Hard Drive and a network printer to my laptop. However, when I plug the router into my LAN port on the laptop, I lose my wireless internet connection, with the main house router.

I'm able to configure and communicate with the netgear router, but is there some way that I can set it up so that it doesn't become the gateway.

I suppose a hub would be the best solution, but it's a router Im stuck with... Any help would be appreciated.


A:Plugging in router, disables wireless internet connection

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Hi. My power adapter cable recently broke, so i replaced it. But I accidentally got the 90 W one when I was meant to get the 130 W. When I plugged it in, for some reason, i couldn't access the internet or my home network anymore.

A lot of the network adapters in device manager have exclamation marks next to them:
I tried updating the wireless device driver, but it didnt change anything.

Any ideas what I might be able to do to get it working?

A:Solved: Cant access internet or network after plugging in different power adapter

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I am using XP Sp2 on my IBM notebook. After log in internet, I have no propblem to send and retrieve mails from my outlook express and the Void Stunt internet phone except I can't surf either by FireFox or Internet explorer, i.e irrespective of any website the page is blank. I get the same result after uninstall and reinstall latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. However when I change to a PC usng the same line it works well for internet surfing. So I bring my notebook to another line of different then the internet surfing is OK running. I am using AV Norton 2006 andf found backdoor.graybird and spyware.spybuddy.
I use hijack to scan and the log is as follows:-

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 16:47:26, on 09/07/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0013)
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Virtual Token\vtserver.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AppCore\AppSvc32.exe
C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\Lmgrd.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpda... Read more

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My pc specs:
IBuyPower computer custom built
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Amd fx 6core processor
Graphics Amd Radeon Hd 6670 xlr8 edition
8gb ram / 1tb hdd
AsRock motherboard
Antivirus Panda cloud and Avast antivirus.
My usual browser is google chrome but lately (exactly a week ago) the Internet stopped working after a while.
The Internet service stops working as if someone just unpluged my ethernet cable.
And minutes or seconds after that, my windows explorer stops working, taskbar and the entire system stops working.
I can still change windows with the keyboard shortcut but nothing else from there.
The ohly way my Internet and pc works fine is by safe mode with networking.

I already tried to search for viruses or malware by cmd with the "-r -h -s" and the "/scannow" methods but nothing.
Already searched for viruses with boith of my antiviruses (panda and avast).
I have no saved point to reboot my system to a past saved poiht (the last saved point is the same day that my pc stopped working).

Long ago I disconnected the side panel from the pc box which includes a fan and lately my pc temp have raised up to 50 when before it was around the 30's or 40's.
The days this problem started I wasn't home and a blackout happened while my pc was still on.

A:Internet stops working, THEN windows explore stops working

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Hey guys for the past 2 months we had comcast internet phone service and tv we got the triple play but we have always had their internet for years now without a problem,but when i got the comcast phone service and there new phone modems it turns out i get nothing but problems like a few times a day my modem reboots itself and takes like 10 seconds to come back on knowcking me out of games and such,and we have had multiple techs here replace a cable line from home to pole and replace all the fittings on the outside of the house and that so we know it is the modem doing it . what i want to know is it known to do that for the phone modems because it hares connection with the cable line also,and is it cause i play games all the time it overloads the modem and makes it powercycle itself ?

also i want to know is they are telling me to just go to there office and drop off the o phone modem there but isnt there things for them to disconnect here to remove everything related to the phone so its not in my internet?

A:Dropping comcast internet phone and tv but keeping internet

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I bought a p.c for my son last year. It came with 3 month norton internet security.Now he cant access the internet at all. P.C world say it's because norton has expired. He cant remember any passwords, and so cant change/uninstall norton (which is what P.C. world advise). Because he cant access the internet, he cant download any tools to uninstall. Anybody got any ideas ?

A:Norton internet security stops internet access

Symantec provide a tool to uninstall 2004/5/6 products (it's actually three separate files); http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPOR...sf&view=docid&dtype=&prod=&ver=&osv=&osv_lvl= Perhaps you or someone else could d/l them and burn them to a CD/DVD?

I assume that it would be possible to get a replacement antivirus and firewall to install in the same way. Have a look at the 'Security Help Tools' thread that is pinned at the top of this Forum

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Hello all, I hope my note finds you doing well. My computer runs Windows XP SP2 and Internet Explorer 6. Lately I have been getting messages from various websites that they do not support my browser and that I should upgrade to IE 7 or 8. This is happening more and more, especially with sites I use frequently (Facebook, ect.)I tried to upgrade to IE8 first. I found out immediately that the internet would not run, even though my cable modem connection was working just fine. I uninstalled it, my system automatically went back to IE6, and once again the internet worked fine.I still wanted to try an upgrade. In addition to it not being supported by various web pages, I heard the IE6 was increasingly vulnerable to spyware, malware, etc. This time I tried IE7. Unfortunately, I got the same response "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."When this happened after installing IE8, I did some online research to troubleshoot the problem. After IE7 was another bust, I tried to apply the methods suggested:I clicked on IT Tools, Internet Options, and then the Advanced tab. I restored the Advanced Settings and Reset Internet Explorer Settings. I restarted IE, but still, no internet pages displayed.I ran Network Diagnostics for Windows XP. I got the message that a repair was needed for the Winsock catalog. I let it run, it said the repair was successful and I restarted my computer. Alas, no change.I tried to reset the Winsock catalog via the CMD prompt as well. Start > Ru... Read more

A:Upgrading Internet Explorer Stops Internet From Working

Is there any reason why you haven't downloaded SP3 yet? You probably need to do that before downloading IE8.

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I am using WLL Phone of Huawei Phone[Provided By BSNL ] to browse. Even they are providing 144Kbps speed I am able to connect @60-70 Kbps range. Is there any way to improve the speed of Data transfer?Please suggest .

Pradeep KUmar

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Why do i get disconnected from the internet whenever i get a phone call and/or when somebody is talking on the phone at my house? How can I stop that so that i can stay online and on the phone instead of one or the other? I'm not good with all the computer lingo so be as simple as possible please.

A:Internet & the Phone

Its probably the call waiting beep kicking your connection. Put a *70 in front of the number you dial in your connections settings to disable that feature.

More info below

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Is there any internet phone software which I can call from an internet account to a mobile GSM number ?
Thanks forum.

A:Internet phone to GSM

Skype: http://www.skype.com/en/features/call-phones-and-mobiles/

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Which is a good internet phone utility?
I would like something which won't kill me with junk pop ups or banner, is there anything good?

A:internet phone?

I'm using this service. I'm quiet satisfied with that I can say.


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Going to spain with laptop, as we do not have a telephone line in apartment, can I connect laptop to internet via windows phone?How can I do this and where can I get connection cable?

A:Internet via phone

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Just bought a V-Tech 2.4Ghz wireless home phone, and everytime I answer it or go to make a call, the internet drops. I am using cable with a belkin wireless router.

A:Internet goes Out When Using Phone

The router uses the same or too close of a frequency as the phone. This is common. Return the phone and try to purchase one in a different range. 2.4 gHz is the most common though, ya so you'll have to look. Microwave ovens can do this too.

Alternatively, you can try to force your router to use a different channel than it does now, between 1-11 and maybe that will alleviate the devices interfering with each other. Try 1 first, then 11 and go from there.

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Hi, I have just bought an Acer betouch e101 phone (no 3G). It has built in apps such as facebook and twitter (which I want to use) which both require an internet connection.

However, I don't want to spend loads of money on internet, so could anyone tell me how to access the internet very cheaply? I think it has Wi-Fi as well but I'm not sure...

PS. As i'm only a student, I only spend around 5 a month on texts and calls MAXIMUM so no expensive contracts please!

Thanks everyone!


A:Internet on my phone

Doesn't look like it has WiFi, so you'll have to buy some sort of data plan. http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/Acer-beTouch-E101-phone-pa_4146.html

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Anyone have any suggestions on the best Internet phone services? I've used Pagoo (no longer free), Dialpad.com (overloaded), and PC to Phone (hard to get to work). Anyone know of any others, or if any of these services have improved recently?

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I have an ordinary non digital bt phone and a digital phone with either one of the phones connected the volume is low my wife finds it hard to hear , does anyone have any ideas so that we can save money on our phone bills.

Answers on a post card to


A:Which Phone is best for the Internet

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Can you access the internet on a cellphone or mobile totally? meaning the whole page of yahoo email as an example?
And another question,can you access eBay, and an eBay auction page to bid?
Thank you.

A:how to access internet on a phone

First, the phone has to support web browsing. Not all do. Second, you have to pay extra for this unless you already have an unlimited data usage plan. Third, some pages simply will not render properly on mobile platforms. However, many sites have mobile versions of their pages, or there are utilities that allow cell phones to interact with certain web sites. I believe there's something like this available for eBay so you could monitor your auctions and place bids.

The short answer is, no, you can't browse the web on a cell phone exactly like you do on a computer.

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i wanted to know if there was a phone program i could get so i call long distance for free or locally, i know i had one before but can't think of the name of it anymore.....

A:Internet Phone Program

You could try these here :


Some people I know here in London use Net2phone to stay in contact with family back in The US.

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Hi everyone,
Was wondering if I could get some advice/opinions on highspeed-cable-internet telephony,...found this site that's really got me thinking about trying this stuff out, but don't know much about this stuff yet...
...take a look: http://www.net2phone.com/broadband/products.html
P.S. My wife's hobby is talking & my phone bill averages $275...

A:Internet phone,...any info ???

closing duplicate, view this thread

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I have two smart phones. I want to connect these two to a pc using USB tethering and combine the internet from two phones to use in the pc. I tried bridging in device adapter settings in network settings in Windows 7 and 10. It is showing successful bridge formation. But the effective speed not increasing but rather it is decreasing. Please tell any suggestions. Thanks.

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Anyone using Internet Phone by VocalTec, and then have it suddenly not work anymore with a message "socket failure"....?

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I have a question and I want to know if this is possible?? I have cable internet. my buddy lives across town. I have two "unlimited min phones", that both have the ability to connect tothe internet. I would like to keep one phone at my house connected to my internet through my PC. and the other phone at my friends house, connected to his computer. and be able to have him call the phone at my house, and shair my internet with him through the phones..

Is this possible? If so what and how do I go about doing it??

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My mother recently got the Samsung S7 Edge on Monday. From then until now, whenever she comes home from work, the internet on our computer gets horribly slow. Perspective, on Discord my ping will shoot up to 700+ ms compared to my normal 120-140 ms. Is this something I have to just live with? It makes doing anything incredibly slow and frustrating. We use Century Link and have a Westell Model 7500 modem.

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OK, i am trying to access the internet using the GPRS connection on my phone. I have the wire that goes from my phone to the computer, and thats fine, and I have a connnection thingie set up.

My computer 'dials up' or something, and then it says:

"TCP/IP connected successfully.
IPX or compatible CP reported error 733: A connection on the remote computer could not be completed. You may need to adjust the protocols on this computer. For further assistance, click More Info or search Help and Support Centre for this error number.
Press Accept to use the connectoin as is, or Hang Up to disconnect."

It then has a little checkbox thing that says "do not request the failed protocols next time". I leave this clear, and click accept.

And then it has a little balloon thing in the bottom left that says "Siemens MC60 GPRS connection now connected, Speed 114.2 kbps".

And then when i try and go onto a web page it doesnt work!


A:Internet with my Mobile Phone

You have two issues. First off, you don't need the IPX protocol, so I'd check the box that says don't try the failed protocols. For the lack of connections, try this when you're connected.

Open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.

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Every time I do a speed test from my phone and computer, it's faster on my phone by 5-13 mb/s. My computer gets 6-11 mb/s and my phone gets 16-20 mb/s from speed tests. My internet is pretty slow, but I don't see why it would be faster on my phone than my pc. I use wireless for my computer.

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I bought a cordless internet phone yesterday, it is a Unisys CIT200.

Everything seems to be ok except the sounds on my computer. The phone sits on a cradle which is pluggedinto the electric outlet which keeps it charging, and there is a USB base station which seems to be causing the problem. If I unplug the base station the sounds on my computer play. If I leave the b.s. plugged in and come to use the computer then the sounds are gone. I can then unplug the base station, the sound returns then plug the b.s in again and the sound is fine as long as sound is going before base station is connected but all this is a pain in the neck, how can I have everthing connected and still have the sounds on my computer??

Not sure if you need to know this but my computer is Dell XPS 400 and I have Bose speakers.

Thanks for any help!!

A:Internet phone USB?? problems

Your USB phone operates as another sound card. The multimedia applications that your using only support using one sound card for output at a time.

There is a couple of ways around this issue.

1. Switch your multimedia applications to ones that enable you to select the soundcard used, or allow multiple soundcards, or multiple "zones". You can google for such applications: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q="supports+multiple+soundcards"++software

2. Use a "virtual audio cable" http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&q="virtual audio cable"
to mirror the output to both sound devices.

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hi , im new to this so please bear with me. i have a problem with my broadband,i can connect to the internet ok and the telephone works ok and rings. but when i answer the telephone when my internet is on all is fine untill i come off the telephone then my internet goes off and then takes forever for pages to come back on. any ideas as what could be causing this as it is so annoying and ive tried contacting my service provider and they are useless many thnxs

A:internet/phone problem

What's the exact make/model of the modem, and any router? What's the ISP? Is this a wireless or wired conneciton? Is this a wireless or wired phone?

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With proliferation of internet phones, does anybody have any idea how HyperTerminal used via dial-up through a traditional land line can be done with these new internet phone?

A:Using HyperTerminal over Internet phone

hmm; I think there's a problem with the concept.

Hyper Terminal is like Telnet; it accesses a shell account at the remote site.

*IF* a remote site would still have modems AND allow dial-in access, then one might
be able to make this work and your question then gets solved on the smartphone with the right App.

I think the premise is not very probable any longer - - who allows dial-in when 99.9% of the world is not DSL or Cable connected?

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Is there a provider out there that can have my phone and internet together on 1 bill and 1 price? But the price be $50 and under? Or can I hook up my phone to my computer and get internet that way?

I own an Iphone5S and an HP Laptop.

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hi guys.

i am a UK resident and i dont have a phone line so i want to get access to the internet cheap and without a phone line. i did try "now wireless broadband" but they have given up the service and looking to new technology. do any of you know of a UK supplier that claim to use something like radio waves to surf the net.

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Hi everyone,
Was wondering if I could get some advice/opinions on highspeed-cable-internet telephony,...found this site that's really got me thinking about trying this stuff out, but don't know much about this stuff yet...
...take a look: http://www.net2phone.com/broadband/products.html
P.S. My wife's hobby is talking & my phone bill averages $275...

A:Internet phone,...any info ???

The problem with over the net call previously have been poor quality. Quality has improved and now using broadband I am sure further quality is attained. We tried the original Yap and it worked but was quite poor. Another caution is expense. The intial cost of equipment, Any service charges applied, and here is another item I think you need to look at. On Netphone2 website they state PC to Phone free linited to 5 minutes. What are the charges after five minutes? Something you need to add to the equation.
PC-to-Phone calls*
*Free calls placed within the U.S. from your PC to any phone are currently limited to 5 minutes

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Would it be a good deal to go from 3Mpbs to 10 meg. Any help would be appreciated.

A:phone and internet service

Well,that depends on how much it costs and how are you going to use the expanded bandwidth.Just regular old internet use or heavy duty gaming/streaming.

When I was on cable I had 10 mbps.Now that I am on DSL I have 3 mpbs.Not a heavy gamer/streamer and quite frankly,I sense very little difference

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Hi Guys,
This is my first post here
I have my friend who has DSL1 and he connected his modem with telephone to use it as internet phone to call his family overseas. But the problem is that he is not able to continue talking more than one minute always with is very annoying. I tried the command ping and noticed that there is some time drop in the internet connect (Request time out) this happens sometimes.
The question is when just one drop happens, it is able to cause the lose of telephone conversation? and when using the telephone is it more likely to have a drop in the internet as the telephone call requires more bandwidth?
Thanks in advance.

A:Problem with internet phone

What is "DSL1"? How, exactly, did he connect his telephone to his modem? What voice over IP service is he using for his telephone service? What are his download AND upload speeds?

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ok... i just cracked the screen on my cell phone, it still works but i cant see who is calling me or what numbers i have dialed, and i dont want to pay to replace it since my free upgrade is in feb.... i soley rely on my cell... i havent had a land line in years..... what i was wondering is if anyone knows of a way to use my pc as a phone to call mobile and land line numbers for FREE while i wait till feb for my upgrade. there used to be a program that everyone used to be all excited about, im guessing 3 years or so ago that would allow you to use your pc as a phone in every aspect, without any kind of charge from the software company or from the internet provider you use. today when i google the topic, everything i find as a downloadable software is strictly trial and they vary in payment options... the other results are all for things like magic jack, or vonage.... neither of which are quite what im looking for. as i think about the use of my pc (hp notebook) as a phone, and how much i travel with most hotels and every major service plaza offering free wifi, using my pc as a phone would be great. any ideas on how to accomplish this for free, or maybe even a software i only have to buy once, without annual charges would be greatly appreciated. thanks a million, and happy holidays to all.

A:internet phone calls

Contact your cell phone company. Because of the depressed state of the economy coupled with customers jumping ship, they very well may accommodate you and move up the February upgrade.

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I get my internet through a cell phone because there are very few options for internet where I live and most of those options truly suck eggs. What I'd like to know is there any way that I can network my laptops to it. The phone stays connected to my desktop usually (Of course due to my current circumstances, ie hard drive crash, I have the internet hooked up to my sons laptop.)
I'd like to be able to get the internet on all of the laptops in the house without having to buy phones and pay for additional lines of service. Is there any way that I can do that?


A:Networking internet phone?

Sharing the connection among multiple computers is going to reduce everyone's connection speed. What kind of bandwidth does the phone provide? You could be looking at near dial-up speeds depending on data transfer speeds and the number of concurrent connections.

Your only option would be to setup an ad-hoc network. They can be tricky to setup.

I just don't think you'd be happy with the results. Wireless broadband, if available, would be a better choice.

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