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disabling on board video

Q: disabling on board video

I have a gigabyte model ga-5smm motherboard with onboard video. I want to install a pci video card and don't know what to change in the bios to disable the onbard video.
can anyone help?

Preferred Solution: disabling on board video

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: disabling on board video

Most of them are pretty easy just go through all the options in the bios until you see it.. Write down any changes you make so you can put them back..

Remember to go into device manager and delete the old video card there to then reboot dissable then replace...

All bioses can be different so it is tuff to tell you how..

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I have an "older" PC Chips M747 motherboard with an 8MB SiS 6326 AGP video chipset on-board. It's been good, but the flight simulator I use appears as though it's beginning to desire faster video, plus my kids use quite a few graphic intensive art programs. I have an open PCI slot(no AGP slot), & was thinking about getting a little faster PCI card for this computer. Here's the rub. According to the manual, there does not appear to be any jumpers whereby I can disable the SiS chipset, in order to install a card. PC Chips appears to have absolutely no interest in answering e-mail, so I'm here asking if any of you "brains" out there could tell if & how I can disable the SiS, & install a PCI card, & do you think this is feasible with this older system(I may pop a PII 450 in, which will help some I'm sure, but I would still only have 8 MB of video.(I know, buy a newer, faster computer, yes, but when I do, the kids get it). Someone mentioned I might be able to do this in CMOS, but I thought I'd ask first.
PII 350
224 MB RAM

A:Disabling on-board video

Your AGP is in most cases going to be faster than any PCI card you can put in there. Most likely it is your drivers that are in need of upgrading...maybe DirectX also. If you are intent on changing it, the setting you are looking for is probably in the BIOS. Some motherboards disable the onboard one when another one is plugged in. Look in the BIOS first.

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I am trying to help my friend get his Emachine back up and going and I'm running into a little snag. When we turn it on, it has power and such but no display. I couldn't seem to locate any jumpers to disable the onboard video and when I put a known, working video card into it, it doesn't even act like its there. I was wondering if anyone knew of a non-bios way to disable the onboard video or if maybe it's something else altogether that I should be looking at. Here are the specs on the machine:

CPU: AMD Sempron™ 3300+ Processor (64-bit)1
(2GHz, 1600MHz System Bus, 128KB L2 cache)
Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home (SP2)1
Chipset: NVIDIA® nForce™® 410
Memory: 256MB DDR (1 × 256MB), 400MHz (PC3200)
Hard Drive: 100GB (7200rpm, 2MB cache)32
Optical Drive: 48x CD-RW/DVD combo drive
Media Reader: 8-in-1 digital media manager (Secure Digital™ (SD), smart media, micro drive, memory stick, memory stick pro, compact flash, mulitimedia card, USB 2.0)
Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 6100 GPU
up to 128MB of shared video memory
PCI-Express® (PCI-E x16) slot available
Sound: 6-channel (5.1) AC'97 audio

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Disabling On Board Video/Emachine T3304

I do not believe that you will find a "non BIOS" way to avoid the onboard video. If the MB/BIOS is set up to automatically defer to the add on card then it would have done so. Assuming that everything is working as it should, you likely will have to boot to BIOS, make the change, save/exit and reboot.

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hello everyone I recently just purchased a visiontek ati xtasy 256mb 9200 pci (something like that). so I put the card in install drivers. It's says to restart okay, it starts up and says ati control panel failed to initialize because ati drivers are not instaled. well I go into device manager and it says to disable on-board vga.I went into bios looked around nothing(might of overlooked). okay so I thought to disable in device manager I do. Restart computer same problem manager said on-board vga still enabled.
I have a ecs k7som+ 7.5a
please help!!!!thank you

A:help disabling on-board vga

NuK134R said:

hello everyone I recently just purchased a visiontek ati xtasy 256mb 9200 pci (something like that). so I put the card in install drivers. It's says to restart okay, it starts up and says ati control panel failed to initialize because ati drivers are not instaled. well I go into device manager and it says to disable on-board vga.I went into bios looked around nothing(might of overlooked). okay so I thought to disable in device manager I do. Restart computer same problem manager said on-board vga still enabled.
I have a ecs k7som+ 7.5a
please help!!!!thank youClick to expand...

Have you tried updating the bios on your mobo yet? It might give you some omore options, I had this problem at work once and updating the bios to the newest rev worked.


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Hello, no flaming me please hahaha

I bought 2 servers from ebay jsut for fun and to learn with ,

this is what i got

Dual (2) Xeon 2.8Ghz Processors

2GB DDR PC2100 Memory

2x 36GB SCSI Fujitsu 10K RPM Hard Drive

On-Board RAID Controller (raid 0,1)

No CDROM and Floppy

the Mother board model is SE7501WV

when i try to install windows it cant find the hard drives and when i install linux it doesnt boot properly,
before posting i looked all over on how i can disable raid but i cant find anything , can anyone help me ?? i looked in the bios for a raid option but i couldent find anything unless im missing something "/ so any help would be great or pointing me into where i can find the info and i can figure it out .
thank you very much

A:Disabling on-board raid help

sorry the model MB is SE7501WV2

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Can someone please guide me thru' this procedure? I know as far as "press Del key on start up" & look for "on board sound" then disable, but would feel happier with a step by step guide.

A:Disabling on board sound win 7 64 bit

You would boot into Setup (Bios) at bootup you should see a message to press a certain key to enter Setup, for many that is the Del key. Once in the Bios, look for Onboard Audio, using your Arrow key, choose to Disable it. If you cannot find it. then Boot the computer and go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager open the Sound, Video and Game Controller highlight the Audio Controller, Right click it and choose Disable

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Need to disable Trident Blade3D/MVP4 onboard graphics (in a Compaq Presario 7470 running windows 98SE) to install ATI Xpert 128 graphics card. Compaq tech help was anything but- they gave three different answers. Before doing anything, I would like a definite solution from someone who may have actually seen a computer before! If possible, please give me a step by step procedure (I am not incredibly computer literate- considering a new job with Compaq!). One more thing, nobody can seem to answer this either simple as it may be- should the moniter be plugged into the new output from the card or the old one upon first boot up after installation? Thank you for any help.

A:Disabling on board graphics

Here's how it goes (wait for someone else to confirm this though):

Make sure new video card is not installed
1. Restart system
2. At the beginning screen with the RAM count, hit F2 (i believe that's what it is for Compaq's). If the screen says something along the lines of 'Hit <key> to entere Setup', that's what you want to hit.
3. Now, you'll have to do a little digging in here, but look for a menu along the lines of 'Integrated Peripherals' or 'System Devices'. Look for an option to disable on-board video. (also, you might need to change an option concerning First Boot-up display if your new card is AGP)
4. Save changes and exit
5. Shutdown system and install new video card
6. Plug monitor into new video card
7. When Windows asks for drivers, give it to them (what might help is before step 1, download latest onto the desktop. After Windows gets its drivers and reboots, install the new ones).

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I've been having some issues with BSOD's occurring over the last couple of days which consistently print out a specific message "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED igdkmd64.sys" which from what I understand is somehow related to my default display adapter Intel(R) HD Graphics 530.

I've attempted doing updates, rollbacks, re-installations, etc and nothing has worked. Is there some way I can simply disable that specific card and allocate my dedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M as the only running video card?

I did try the simple process of going into Device Manager and disabling my 530 but it caused some weird resolution glitches.

Is there a proper way I can disable my 530 in an attempt to see if it stops these random crashes from occurring again, and if so can someone please give me instructions on how I can do that.


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I can drop into CMOS and disable Audio Codecs for Realtek AC'97 but should I also remove the Realtek AC'97 driver from Device Manager? Are there any more drivers that I would have to remove?

Also, an independent sound card plugged into an on-board-designed mother board wouldn't require any other wiring attachments to the DVD CD drive or motherboard, would it? I could just plug the sound card into a PCI slot let 'er go?

A:Solved: Advice Needed for Disabling On-board Sound and Adding a New Card

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First, my specs. P51 with Xeon processor, 64GB of ram, Win 10 Pro, NVIDIA Quadro M2200 Video, Intel HDGraphics P630 Video, Docking Station.  I have two external monitors via my docking station, one on the VGA other on the HDMI port. I also have two monitors via Sabrent USB to VGA devices. While I was out of town last week, Windows delivered an update to the Intel P630 graphics. Got home, put my P51 in the docking station. Bam, video driver keeps crashing, reverting to the basic driver and disabling all my external monitors.  I finally tracked it to the Intel P630 driver, I can uninstall it and reboot and it works fine for a while, but then after a reboot it crashes again.  I've tried reinstalling the NVIDIA driver from both their site and the Lenvo support site, no change. I looked for the P630 driver, but couldn't find it on the Lenovo site, at least as an independant download. It may be included in some other download. I did try getting the P630 from the Intel site, but what I downloaded said it wasn't compaitble with my machine.  Right now it has the same image on the internal monitor and the two monitors hooked to the docking station. Yes, the exact same image on three monitors, which shouldn't be possible under Windows. The two monitors coming in over USB seem to be OK and not have the "same desktop everywhere" issue.  I actually have two docking stations with external monitors, I have an office upstairs in my h... Read more

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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam

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ok heres the deal, i got a cheap-o pci-e card to put in my box so i can run it into my tv. the problem is that i need to use my on board video as well for my monitor is there settings or something out there i can change to make this work, because when i just hook them up i get no video on ither monitor or tv.

A:runing on board video and video card in my pci-e slot

It can only be one of the two enabled at a time. For most systems, as soon as you put the pci-card in the slot, it disables the on board video.

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Hi all,
I have a dell here with on board video that has failed (someone literally pulled the connector off of the motherboard). The system should be fine otherwise, therefore I was wondering if I could put in a old style PCI video card into one of the PCI slots (it does not have a video slot) and have it work. Or would the onboard video cause conflicts? I know that with some BIOS's you can turn off the onboard video, and this is usually a option if the motherboard has a video slot available (agp, PCI Express). Of course this motherboard does not and is a dell cheapo.

I am thinking it will probably work but thought I would ask before getting a card for it.


A:Can a dell use a pci video card if it has on board video?

Will a PCI video card work? Possibly!

Attached is a pic of a board where the Sub-D connector was pulled from the board, and when it was pulled it shorted out the board, and a PCI card would not work.

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I just got a new computer and it has a PCi express 16 slot on it and my old video card is agp 8x

what is a good ati card that i could play WoW and CS with for around 150$

A:New computer(on board video) want video card

Great Price here:

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Yet another problem needing a solution. I was given yet another PC assembled by my brother (part of the problem). I have everything working except for needing better video. The on-board video only gives me the options of 2 or 16 color @640 x 480 pixel . I obviously need better graphics capability for many of the programs and games we would be using. I have a PCI video card left from a former AGP upgrade on another system that I think should work. I need someone to walk me thru the procedures to deactivate the on board video and install and activate the PCI replacement. All I know about the mother board is what the owners manual tells me. I see no specific instructions on this particular procedure.

The MOBO is a Micro ATX Socket 370 1st Mainboard FR33 with a 733 mHz processor (Cyrix.... I think)....Award BIOS

I've looked all over in the BIOS for a enable/disable on board video...no luck

Any help would be appreciated

A:Replacing On-Board Video with PCI Video

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What is better a run-of-the-mill on-board video made in 2000 with 1 mb of video ram, or a pci video card that is made in 1995 and has 4 mb of video ram?

A:Video Card Vs On-board Video

Did you look into the BIOS to see if you can allocate more RAM to the onboard?

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I have a new Dell 700 LXE

I have added 128M memory and an ATI 16M 3d card. after adding the 3D card I went into the device manager and selected the disable box in the existing 4MB onboard agp video(810 chipset) the ATI software seemed to load ok and I play a lot of games,some games however do not perform as well as I expected. I have been told that changing BIOS/CMOS may be necessary. Dell won't help me as they did not sell me the 3D card.(they do not sell a pci bus 3Dcard)

there is no jumper to disable agp video,no conflicts are shown in the device manager, and of course there are no agp slots.:confused

I do not have a clue how to change bios or even how to find it and pretty much need step by step help

A:disabling agp video for pci 3d card

Most modern systems with intrgrated graphics are set up so they auto-disable the integrated graphics if an add-on video card is present. I can't speak for your particular system, but that is usually the case.
If you want to poke around in the BIOS, you need to follow the directions on the screen as the computer first starts up. For example, my 'puter says, "DEL to enter setup". So, if I hit the DEL key as it is first starting up, I get into "setup" mode, which is another name for BIOS. I strongly recommend that if you do go into your BIOS settings, that you view the various options only. Don't change any settings without knowing before-hand what the settings are for. When you're done looking around in BIOS, there will be an option to "exit without saving changes". When you select that, your computer will exit BIOS and re-start itself.


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I'm not sure what part of the bio's I can find this in to disable it or what I should be looking for. can anyone help?

A:need help disabling onboard video

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I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but I'm having a problem with my video. I have a HP 6640-C with a voodoo 3 3000. I've disabled the onboard video in windows, but I really think I need to switch the jumper on the mobo to fully disable it. Granted my HP is only running at 500mghz and 120 RAM, I would still think my Voodoo 3 could handle Quake 3, but it's totally unplayable. Very jerky. Anyway, if anyone has access to a HP 6640-c mobo diagram, specifically the onboard video jumper, I would GREATLY appreciate it.


A:Disabling onboard video...

Hi celticsdiehard

This might be close. If not try surfing the HP site. Depending on the unit the video may need to be turned off in BIOS if there is no on board jumper

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if i disable the video card in the device manager window will it really disable it with out going into the bios.

A:video card disabling


As far as Windows is concerned it will be disabled, as far as the Hardware is concerned, not really.

That is to say, if you rebooted a different Op/SYS, or even as a different Window's USER (and the disable event was NOT done for ALL USERS), the hardware would be available.

However, if you did this via the BIOS, it would affect every USER and every Op/SYS that ran on the machine..until the BIOS was changed back.

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I have recently perchased a vodoo 5 PCI, and i would like to install it. So far, i have not been able to disable the onboard video chip(Sis). I have tried bios and using Controle pannel. Nothing has worked, i would like to try jumpers, but i need this to be explained to me in deteil. NEC dosen't seem to be helping me much. Have any other tips and ways to disable the onboard video?

I am about to rip the frigen SiS 530 chip out of the systeme

Happy Holidays

Accelerated graphics
Accelerated systemes

A:Onboard Video Disabling

What, exactly, have you done?

Did "disable" not exist in BIOS?

Generally, in a case like that, all you do is install the new card, plug your monitor into it and power up.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I have an i5-3570, though the mobo (ASRock P67 Pro3) doesn't support on-chip video. Just what I wanted, it keeps the CPU settings simpler. But I'm using a Ye Olde Radeon HD5770 video card with it.

I noticed something slightly irksome. I don't want the card using any system RAM. It's got 1GB built in on the card, so for me, it doesn't need anything more, yet there appears to be the following:

Display adapter type ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Total available graphics memory 8941 MB
Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB
Dedicated system memory 0 MB
Shared system memory 7917 MB
Display adapter driver version 8.850.0.0

I don't want it to touch my system memory. I want to disable the ability for the card to scoff up that 7917MB. I want the card to only use what it has, nothing else. Can this be done?

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how do i disable onboard video for a new ati x1300 video card?
I checked bios but it didnt say anything like disable on board video
the instructions said it might be on the mother board?
i have this mother board
Foxconn 661MX Pro SiS 661MX/964L

A:disabling onboard video

Every MB I have worked with that had onboard video all I had to do was install a video card and it automatically used the video card I plugged in. Simply said, when you put in another video card, all you have to do is connect your monitor to it.

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Trying to get my Cyberlink Power DVD Program to run but I get a message that the TV out option must be disabled in order to run a Copyrighted Disc,How do I do this?Not using it anyway????

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I have a ibm 2137 e84 it has built in video card...i tried to put in a new one... cant find where to disable old one and it wont run both. I am not computer literate but a friend showed me how to get in bios but we could not find old card to disable it...thanks for any help out there Zoren

A:disabling video card in motherboard

Go to start/settings/control panel/system/device manager/display adapter tab, click on it to expand and select the onboard video, select properties, find the check box to disable in this hard ware profile, check it, hit okay, shutdown, put the new card in and try it. Make sure bios is set to boot pci or agp depending on what card you are installing
If that doesn't work then there must be a jumper on the motherboard somewhere to disable it.

Moving to hardware forum

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Hello! My video card is:

Intel(R)810e Chipset Graphics Driver(DC133FSB133)

I'm planning on putting in a video card for linux so that I can use X. How can I disable the onboard video card so that I can use the new, regular card? I don't think I can use the onboard thing when I have another video card. Thanks for any help that can be provided!



A:Disabling onboard video 'card'.

Hi maxim
Some motherboards have a jumper on them to disable the onboard video. There might also be a place somewhere in the BIOS to turn it off and finally some motherboards automatically turn off the on board video if a video card is installed.

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I had trouble with my Radeon Video Card, so I uninstalled it from my Windows XP Home system. I then had the default system VGA display working OK. The problem is, I stupidly disabled this in the "current hardware configuration" setting, and now when I turn my system on, it boots up just find but I have no display. How can I fix it if I can't see anything?

A:No Display after disabling video driver

When the computer turns on get the Boot Menu up by pressing F8 just before or as the XP logo comes on the screen. From this menu select VGA Mode or Safe Mode and re-enable the driver.

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On to the problem. I recently purchased a Sapphire 9800 SE card because the previous card died. I have a Geforce 2 in there for the time being and everything works fine (except poor video quality =) So I hook up the new video card, (previous nvidia drivers are uninstalled) and when I boot up, none of the USB ports work. This is a slight problem because the keyboard/mouse/printer are all USB. I tried various things (ps2 adapter gets the mouse working) etc. The only thing I can think of, is that there is not enough power for both - but it is a decent power supply (antec trupower 330). I will not be able to work on the computer again until tomorrow, but I would definitely like to have an answer to the problem or a place to start to try and fix. Please ask any and all questions you have to help fix the problem, i'll be checking the forum regularly! Thanks guys/gals!

System Specs:
Abit KX7-333
Athlon XP 2100+
512MB pc2700 (it's name brand but I forget the name)
LiteON 16x DVD
WD 80gig 8mb cache
Geforce 2 - in currently (sapphire 9800se is causing the problems)
Santa Cruz DSP (Sound)
56k modem (sadly they arent on broadband yet)
Antec Case w/ Antec 330 watt Power Supply

A:Video Card disabling USB Ports?

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Must be one of the most often asked question, but I haven't found correct reply yet - how to disable Windows 7 64 bit File manager to display video thumbnail preview on right panel?

regsrv32 /u shmedia.dll doesn't work - file not found.
Preferred is to disable all video extensions with the same option, as there are rare formats which I'm not aware, but the slow PC down or may hang PC for several minutes.

A:Disabling video thumbnail preview

Hello Robilong,

If you mean the Preview Pane, then it's a universal setting in all Windows Explorer windows to either be on or off. It cannot be turned on or off for specific file types.

Preview Pane - Turn On or Off

Hope this helps,

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system:aptiva2139E6U PII 400mhz 128mb 13.5gb HDD, IDE PCI/ISA,4x5 ATI 2xdvd 56K W98
We're trying to install a new video card(geforce2 MX400)Didn't have any luck following directions that came with the card or IBM support.The installation guide says to disable the onboard video and the computer guide says to use an "auto- disabling card"(I haven't found this term used ANYWHERE else)The only thing I haven't tried because I afraid to ( I really don't know what I'm doing but hafta learn somehow)is disabling the onboard video in device manager then installing the new card. If I do that and the new card doesn't work for some reason what will happen?Will I be able to reinstall the o/b video or will I be screwed?Do I need to install the new card software from the cd before I try to install it? Thanks!

A:disabling onboard video for new card

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I have a HP Pavillion 510w, the has an onboard video graphics, I have installed a G-Force4 PCI video card. The new video card works great. The problem I am having is will my Madden NFL 2004 game, the game works great on the inital install, but as soon as the computer is restarted, and I try to load the game it hangs on the main screen. I have contact EA sports, and they think that the onboard video is the problem, since everthing else is compatible with the game.

The problem is that in the bios, there is no option to disable the onboard video. The only options are to allocate 1mb or 512K to the video, no disable.

I disable it in the device manager, but it still is interferring with the new card/game. I checked the moberboard and there are no jumbers to diable it that way. I called HP and they don't seem to have a clue with how to resolve this problem. I have updated all of the current video drivers, and there is no bios update available.

Does anyone know how I can disable the onbaord video.

A:Need help disabling onboard video graphics

In many of these types of systems, you cannot disable the on-board video.

Detection of the AGP card will usually be all thats needed for the system to ignore the on-board chipset, but thats different to disabling it.

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I need help in disabling my video card and bios from my pc and also windows so i can insert my new pci 5200 3d card.

A:help w/ disabling my video card and bios

in the device manager disable the onboard
turn off the computer
install your new card and switch the monitor cable to it
turn on the computer and go into the bios and set it to detect the card first
save and exit the bios tapping f8
from the boot options choose vga mode
when windows finishes booting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

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my friend has a dell dimension 2350. im trying to disable the onboard video because she got an ati xtasy 128mb pci card. I followed these instructions on the dell site:


After doing that, right when booting up, the old card works (and the new one doesn't)..then the monitor goes blank with an orange light when the dell logo supposed to appear. so i switch the monitor cable to the new card..and the screen comes back. Then right before the desktop, the new one stops working (with a blank screen again) and I have to switch to the old one..which pretty much works.

it seems the system is trying to switch between cards upon booting..and decides to go with the old one. i'm thinking it's a conflict. but i'm afraid to delete the driver of the old one.. i'm afraid the system won't boot up at all (with a blank screen). i tried to get a bios update..but i need a floppy drive for that, wich the system doesn't have (the dell site says i need to boot to dos mode on xp and run the update from there..but xp has no dos mode i think). So anyone have any suggestions? I emailed dell on the bios issue..and they don't support upgrading cards. thanks.

A:disabling onboard video on Dell

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I have a PC with an integrated video card, and a new video card lined up for it. How do I disable the integrated card and update the PC to recognize the new card?

A:Disabling Onboard Video Card

Right click on My Computer => Manage => System Tools => Device Manager => Display Adapters => Right click on the Integrated card and choose Disable.

You can also do it on BIOS (by hitting Delete after the computer starts up), but I feel more convenient doing the other way.

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I've just bought a new video card; BFG GeForce Fx 5700. I haven't been able to play any games so far. Everytime I start the games up they crash or run VERY slowly. HL2 stopped me from going into windows completely causing me to completely reinstall. Does anybody know if i need to disable the onboard video card or is there another solution?
Here's my specs;

Winfast K7s 741mg
2.5 AMD Processor
Geforce 5700 256 DDR
1 gig DDR ram (2x512)
WD 100 Gig HD
WD 80 Gig HD
Philips 16x Dvd dual layered
52x32x52 Cd Rewriter.



A:Disabling Onboard Video card or not?

when you list your specs always include the power supply
in the device manager disable onboard
if you have installed the card,then uninstall it
turn off the computer
swap the monitor cable to the card
start the computer tapping f8
from the options choose
vga mode
when windows finishes booting and installing the card
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

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Hi all, question please. I have a PIII 700mhz board with on-board video which I have established is not working. How is this fixed, do I have to replace the mainboard or buy a new PC altogether. Or is there a way to test it.
Thanks Andy.

A:On board Video

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HELP!!! I am working on an older computer with a soyo mother board sy-7IWM/L V1/0 500 mhz celron with 128 meg ram. It has on board graphics that i cant seem to get to work. First i looked for drivers, but none of them seem to work i constatnly get error messages when i try to install them, even the ones i downloaded form intel. so i tried to install my own graphics card. and old diamond multimedia dm975. well this created a conflict even though i disabled the on board vga controller it automatically enables itself. It is driving me crazy. ANy ehlp is appreciated.

A:on board video

Try installing the mobo's chipset drivers first then do the video/agp drivers.

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I have an ARK Logic 2000-pv2m video board. I don't want to install it until I can determine what the resolution is. I've search PCWORLD, PCMAG, ZDNET, CNET, and the ARK LOGIC sites. I can find no specs on this item. Apparently ARK LOGIC has been sold but I don't know to whom. Can anyone help?

A:video board

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I managed to disable on-board video for my pc in order to use a ATI Radeon 7000. Im having problems with it so i wanted to know how do i get on board video to work again, b/c eveytime i connect the screen to the onboard video it doesn/t show anything.(i know im posting alot about video cards but I really need the help. I really appreciate it )

A:on-board video

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I think I have a problem with my on-board video but I'm not 100% sure. Last night while on my computer, my monitor would go black and the power light on the monitor would go from green to amber. This happened several times. The only thing I could do was to turn off the computer and turn it back on. It's an Emachine and I don't know if I could disable the on-board video. But that doesn't matter because I don't have any available slots open to install a video card anyway. What do you think the problem could be?

A:on-board video

It could be the graphics chipset is over-heating, but that would be unusual in a system that has it onboard, as those GPUs are pretty low powered. Unless you over-taxing it with a high-power game or similar at the time?

Its more likely that the connection between PC and monitor is dodgy. Check that the monitor lead is really securely fixed in place, that there are no bent pins either end of the connector lead, and also that the connector to the motherboard is also secure.

Has anyone trodden on the monitor data cable, or could it have got damaged in some other way?

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Hi everyone

I have a bit of a problem. I own an HP Pavilion 6350 and I just purchased a new video card for it (ATI Radeon 32 MB PCI.) My system lists that the current onboard card is a SiS 5597/5598.

When I plug my monitor into the new card, my monitor does not come on. From doing some research, I believe I am supposed to "disable" the onboard video card so that the system will use the new one.

Any ideas on just how I should do that?

BTW...I looked all over the HP support site (if that is what u want to call it) and found nothing. Also, I searched this forum and found a lot of people in very similar situations but not exactly this one so unfortunately, the advice there didn't help much.

I would appreciate any help. Thx in advance...


A:Disabling onboard HP Pavilion Video Card

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i would like to know how to go about disabling onboard sound and video so that i can install more up to date ones......my system is old and my onboard sound is Soundpro HT1869V and my Video is Sis6326AGP. Can anyone help me figure this out, I am at total loss. I would like to install the 3DBlaster Video and and Soundblaster plug and play cards.

A:Disabling onboard video and sound cards

Usually this is a setting in the bios or a particular jumper on the motherboard. I am sure someone can give you specifics if you can tell us what motherboard you have.


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Well, for the past few hours I've been trying to reinstall my Nvidia GeForce2 Mx400 PCI, since I took it with me during my last trip to insert into that resident computer. While I was gone, I reenabled the onboard video of my HP 4530, which is an SiS 530. What I first did was attempt to uninstall the drivers for the SiS, and then disable it, and reinstall my vid card. But the drivers wouldn't uninstall, because they weren't made to be uninstalled, so I removed them manually, by taking them out of Windows' database. I now have the onboard down to the standard pci graphics adapter. I installing the GeForce after removing the onboard from device manager, but then neither of them work and the computer doesnt initialize. I can't disable the onboard by normal means (DV properties), so how can I disable it and successfully install back my precious GeForce?

Thanks for reading,


p.s. TSG forums look stunning in 16 colors.

A:Onboard video disabling woes, please help, urgent!

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Hi! I'd like to completely disable the onboard video on my Dell Dimension L700cx. It has Intel 810e chipset. The BIOS does not give the option to disable the video, just to set the primary display to be PCI or Onboard. I have set it to PCI, and am using my Radeon 7000 PCI as my display, but the Intel graphics still show up as a disabled component in Device Manager, and some of the parts of the old video supersede the new card (ie, the system still uses the old video acceleration, rather than from the Radeon, and the memory on the video card is unused). Since I seem to be unable to configure the BIOS to disable the video, I was wondering if there was a way to modify the Dell BIOS to permit it, or else to physically disable the video on the actual motherboard. Any advice?

A:Disabling onboard video on a Dell L700cx

Not as far as I know.

If there is no option under BIOS or no jumper on the motherboard (seldom seen these days) then its stays there.

Thats actually quite a common issue with the cheaper brand name PCs.

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I have an old HP Pavilion computer with an Asus Spax Motherboard. It has an on board video (card), SiS Interated video. It was working fine and suddenly disapeared. Does not show as existing in the control panel display propertys.
The display is now the native 640 x 480 VGA. Any ideas?

A:On Board Video adaptor

You probably need to update the drivers for it. Go to the HP website for your specific HP model and see what integrated SIS chip the motherboard uses. HP will also have a driver available for download which you can use. Or you can then go to the SIS website and download the latest driver which be newer then the HP provided driver.

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I currently have a p3 500 and a voodoo3 1000 8mb agp card. I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard/processor. I've been shoping around and have seen alot of motherboards with on-board video. What is better, on-board video or video cards? I play games, internet, etc...

Any opinion will be helpfull..


A:on-board video vs. cards

Videocards are better.

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