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ddr2 & ddr3 video cards and clock speeds?

Q: ddr2 & ddr3 video cards and clock speeds?

ok i understand ddr3 cards have a better clock speed but if i get one with a higher mb like 512 and ddr2 instead of 256 with ddr3 someone explain these to me in deatil please times is running out!

Preferred Solution: ddr2 & ddr3 video cards and clock speeds?

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A: ddr2 & ddr3 video cards and clock speeds?

No-more is not always better. Since time is of the essence:
256MB dedicated ram (no hyper-memory or turbo trash crap)
GDDR3 (if not GDDR4)
256bit memory bus

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I dont get why there are DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 (I think it goes to 4).

Like they all go in PCI-Xpress 16x slots. Will all of them work with a PCI-express 16x slot?
Wouldnt it be best to get the fastest DDR RAM? Or do you want it to match your PC?

IE: I use PC3200 400mhz ddr ram for my pc, would my video card wanna be just ddr?

A:Video Cards, ddr, ddr2, ddr3, ddr4? Does something matter here?

Well the memory on the card has nothing to do with the memory on the computer. the memory on the card act like the memeory on the computer. It will store thing there for faster access. So the faster the memory faster the resaults.
It just like regular memory but geared toward video cards. It just different speed of memory

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OK! I am a noob at this!
I am running XP Pro 32-bit. I want to replace the Video Card. Nothing great or expensive...just a decent one. It for a friend (senior, that is why XP). I just got him a Dell Vostro 200 slim, added a 1TB HD and installed all drivers and XP. Please let me know 3 things:

1. Does ddr2 or ddr3 matter on the video card..is one better to run on XP
2. 64-bit or 32-bit. I assume 64 will run on 32-bit XP
3. Any suggestions on the card or where to buy (PCI Express 2.0X16)
Thanks! Ynot

A:Does it matter if you use a DDR3 or DDR2 video card?

The only thing you need to know about buying a single graphics card:

Do I have a large enough power supply for this card?
Do I have the appropriate card slot for this card?
If the card is 2 (or 3) card slots wide do I have room in my case?
What monitor cable connector will I be using?

Everything else may be important for choosing the card you want but not needed to get the card working.

1) Graphics card memory type is irrelevant as far as the operating system is concerned.
2) I'm not sure why you are asking the second question.
3) We need to know what you will be using the card for. (A slim form factor doesn't give much options)

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I got myself a new mainboard that is based on the ATX DDR3 AMD standard. But I also thought that the old NVIDIA Sparkle (GTX260--896MB) that is based on the DDR2 internal memory set still would work since the connector on the card is PCI-express. Does the DDR2 memory (896MB DDR internal graphics memory) stop the communication with the DDR3 mainboard? Its a bit unfear since this was not the case between DDR1 up to DDR2. Why has there come up such a brickwall between DDR2 and DDR3. Or am I wrong?

A:DDR2 video card on a DDR3 mainboard?

I think you're confusing system RAM with video RAM, they're separate things. What's the model of your motherbaord? If it has a PCI-E slot your GTX 260 should work.

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Well, here's the deal. My 3+ year old - 22" LG LCD Flatron W2242T is pretty much FUBAR. I'm planning to get a new monitor in a couple hours. Preferably a 24" or above LED - maybe a Samsung, LG or...... ~ any suggestions/recommendations? (brand wise).

Now, since I'm going to get a new monitor, i decided to get a new graphic card as well. My current card is an old NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT 512 MB DDR2.

Before i continue, let me mention that my motherboard is Gigabyte G41M-Combo. I could use both DDR2 and DDR3 memory/RAM but I'm uncertain about graphic card.

2-part questionAs i understand, my current graphic card is a DDR2. Does it matter if you use a DDR3 or DDR2 video card? Or the DDR2/3/4/etc plays a factor and i can't use anything other than a DDR2?
If i could use any card (DDR2/3/etc), which brand/model should i go for (only select the list posted below please - You don't have to be specific if you don't want to; a simple answer such as 'You should always go for -i.e: Asus-' would be good as well).

As I'm on a budget, i could only get one of the following:
** Asus ENGT 520 Silent 1GB DDR3 | Asus EAH5450 / EAH6450 Silent 1GB DDR3 | MSI N520GT 1GB DDR3 LProfile | Palit GF210 1GB DDR3 PCIE | Palit GT520 1GB DDR 64B TC | Sapphire HD5450 1GB DDR3 | Sapphire HD6450 1GB DDR3 PCIE | XFX GT220 1GB DDR2 | XFX HD6450 1GB DDR3 | EVGA GT430 1GB DDR3 **

Thank you for your time and patience. It's truly appreciated.


A:Does it matter if you use a DDR2, DDR3, etc video card?

The short answer is always opt for the faster components in your system, within your budget.
DDR3 RAM and GDDR3 Video card.

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So I don't think it would... But if I have a DDR2 board with DDR2 RAM would it make my computer unstable to put a video card with DDR3 in it?

Posted via Mobile Device

A:DDR3 video card on DDR2 board?


Memory on the video card is for the GPU (graphics chip) to store the image data. It has nothing to do with your computer ram. Note: many of todays video cards have gDDR5.... how many DDR5 motherboards are out there? None.

Issue with video card you should be concerned with is power supply and abilties to play the games you want to play.

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This might not be in the correct section.

After a series of disasters I have just upgraded(?) my system.
I haven't adjusted my system specs info yet (so you can still see my previous setup info).

My new system:
AMD AM3 x6 Phenom II 1055T.
4 GB of DDR3 (1333).
My new setup seems smoother overall (although Firefox seems to take longer to shutdown).

I noticed something disappointing/strange after refreshing my WEI score:
8 GB of DDR2 ( 800) - 7.2
4 GB of DDR3 (1333) - 5.9
I was under the impression that:
DDR3 was faster than DDR2.
1333 was faster than 800.
I'm sure that my old system was using the default settings (i.e. no overclocking).

Is the WEI memory score actually based on capacity, speed and type?
Do I need to adjust my BIOS settings?

Also when I run System Information Tool:
XP SP3 CPU Power - 140W.
W7 CPU Power - 70W.
According to AMD it is rated at 125W.
AMD Phenom
All other values (e.g. voltages and temperatures) seem to be basically the same.
The temperatures seem to be basically the same in Ubuntu as well.

A:WEI - DDR2 vs DDR3

It is faster, but you've halved the memory amount. Double to 8GB and it will shoot up to 7.8 or so.

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What is the exact difference apart from physical one?
In terms of gaming does it matter?
Does it matter if you're looking to change parts of the PC such as graphics card / processor?

A:DDR2 and DDR3 ram?

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Would 4GB of DDR3 be the same as having 8GB of DDR2?

Which would you rather have?

A:DDR2 vs DDR3

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Hello all,
Think I know the answer to this...but I have the option of running my DELL using:

4 GB 1066 MHz Dual DDR3


8 GB 667 MHz Dual DDR2

I'm currently running the first.

My Windows Experience Index, for what it's worth, gives me a 5.9 in the RAM category (and the HD category) but 6.8 - 6.9 in the others (processor, graphics, gaming graphics).

Thanks in advance.

A:8 GB DDR2 vs. 4 GB DDR3

Hi sjcecran and welcome to SF!
Four words for you: stay where you are!

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I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-235SA that came with 2GB DDR2 RAM. I want to upgrade the RAM and have done some internet research via the HP website.  I've downloaded the technical and service manual for the CQ62 Notebook where it seems to indicate the Notebook can support up to 8GB DDR3 RAM (see pic). However  elsewhere on HP site I get information it only supports upto 4GB DDR2 RAM.  (http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02253963). please can you tell what is possible, I wish to upgrade to as much what is possible but don't want to buy RAM I can't use!  

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Could someone please explain to me the difference between ddr2 and ddr3 ram. I've heard many different explanations and am still confused. My understanding is that the grooves that slot into the mobo (where the brass contacts are) is simply at different positions on the ram modules and the module will only fit into the mobo if it is supported. Am I correct?

A:DDR2 vs DDR3

Yes the DDR2 modules and the DDR3 modules both have 240 pins. The keyways are in different locations so you can only install DDR3 modules in a DDR3 motherboard. DDR's highest speed is 400MHz. DDR2's highest speed is 800MHz. DDR3 highest speed is 1000MHz

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I'm contemplating upgrading my computer piece by piece since I don't have money for a full overhaul right now. I definitly want to get a new intel core duo 2, probably the E6750 processor model. I also want to go for a P35 chipset motherboard (i dont care for the brand, as long as its a decent one e.g. gigabyte intel asus etc).

My problem is that i am not sure whether i should spend the extra money to go for DDR3 as of this moment or should I wait and buy a board that has DDR2 support and go for DDR3 way later like the next upgrade (which I can just upgrade the motherboard if i ahve to).
what are your opinions?
thanks, adam

A:go for DDR2 or DDR3?

If you are a serious gamer, go for ddr3 for the best performance

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If you had a choice, DDR2 or DDR3 and why? Trying to figure this out for my new computer.

A:DDR2 vs DDR3

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I wanted to know is 2GB of DDR3 ram faster than 4GB of ddr2 ram as i was trying to decide if it was worth going from 4GB ddr2 to 2GB of ddr3 as ithought it would still be faster even though it is 2GB less.

A:DDR2 vs DDR3

The difference will be negligible in games and every day use. You're better off sticking with the 4GB of DDR2 especially if you're only going to be getting 2GB of DDR3.

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Which one is faster,stronger,better?(especially for high end gaming and HD blue ray movies)

CORSAIR DOMINATOR TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF DDR2 4GB (2X2GB) PC2-8500 (1066MHZ) CL5 DUAL CHANNEL KIT Timings: 5-5-5-15 (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)
CORSAIR TR3X3G1600C8D DHX DDR3 3GB (3X1GB) PC3-12800 (1600MHZ) TRIPLE CHANNEL KIT Timings: 9-9-9-24 (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)

My CPU is Q6600

A:DDR2 CL5 vs DDR3 CL8

DDR2 provides the best value for the buck. Having said that... if you are installing a high end CPU, DDR3 is best for you!

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Hi all,

I currently have 3Gb of DDR2 memory, in 2 slots (1x 1GB, 1x 2GB) - however i wanted to increase this to 4GB or even 6GB. Basically i was wondering if the following factors would affect my choice:

1-Is there a limit of how much RAM i can have in my motherboard?
2-Can i cross between DDR3 and DDR2 memory in the two slots, or do i have to keep the same type in each? - (and also, whats the difference between the two)

Thank You

A:Can I use DDR2 and DDR3 RAM together?

If your motherboard currently supports DDR2, then you can only add DDR2. They're not slot compatible.

Which motherboard do you have? Most modern motherboards should support 4 to 8GB of RAM.

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I am getting to the stage with my desktop that it is painfully slow and are thinking off upgrading ram as a quick fix. This is just to get it through the next year without me throwing it out the window. However, I would be wondering with RAM the sort of questions: how much, which type is the most bang for your buck and would be looking for recommendations for individual products. Note: My price range is around $200.
Appreciate the help!!!

A:Ddr2 vs Ddr3

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question... the differerence between DDR 1,2 and 3.... in terms of pin placement on the motherboard? and am i correct in saying there is no motherboard that supports 2 different types of RAM? also... i wanted to find out the different speeds of RAM eg: 400MHZ,660MHZ 1333MHZ etc.. does that change the compatibility with the motherboard? For example, DDR2 400MHZ is installed can you insert DDR2 800MHZ and it will work? and if so will it work together with the 400 or must you have the same speed with all your RAM?

A:Difference between DDR, DDR2 and DDR3

There is no reason to post two identical threads.

DDR1 is 184 pin, while DDR2 and DDR3 are both 240 pin, so some motherboards support both DDR2 and DDR3.
If the speed is not supported by the motherboard, it will revert to the highest supported speed.
All RAM will run at the speed of the slowest module. In theory, it should work; I wouldn't count on it.

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Hello all, i wanted to know the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 because my pc had DDR2 ram, and i need to replace it...should i replace it with the exact same spec Ram module? or Can it use DDR3?

A:Solved: DDR2 vs DDR3?

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I am looking at a new system for general word processing, internet, and accessing databases on a network. I am under the impression that DDR3 is better and faster (1066 MHz). However, when pricing systems am I better to go with the 4 GB DDR2 or 2 GB DDR3? Less memory, newer technology, and faster clock speed. The system will only need to last 3 years before another upgrade.

Am I better off going with the 4 GB of the the older RAM or 2 GB of the newer DDR3?

A:4 GB DDR2 800 MHz or 2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz?

Hey Mose,
you will not notice a performance difference between DDR2 and DDR3 for the purposes you stated, so 4 gb of the DDR2 make sense. and if you are going to upgrade in three years then you will undoubtedly be building or buying a new system anyway, so the DDR3 you would purchase now would have no place in an upgrade three years from now anyway.

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Hi guys, i am looking for a video card and it has occured to me that there is alot of DDR2 and DDR3 mentioning, now i have no idea which one i have and i was just looking if anyone could help me solve this problem, thankyou for your time.

A:Solved: How do i know if i have DDR3 or DDR2?

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Hello everyone i got a quick question for you memory pro's .

I am currently running ddr2 800mhz but my board can support higher ,would it be wise to upgrade to the higher speed ram ?

Or should i stick with planing to buy a new board and new memory all together, meaning a board that supports DDR3.

Im wondering if it would benefit me anything since im having alot of bsod issues now that have a higher stock chip and my ram is at the lowest mhz the board offers and my card always crashes playing left for dead 2.

I have not tryed other games yet but im figuring i need to get higher ram to support the cpu better can someone give me a good opinion my specs are already listed .

I am prepared to do either or but im thinking picking up 8 gigs of higher ram would be better like 1066mhz

A:Question about DDR2 vs DDR3

also i would like to know would ddr2 1200 be better or 1066 would be better as terms of stability

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I have a HP dv7-1285dx(Windows 7 64bit) laptop that has 6 gb ddr2 ram in it installed factory. I was considering getting maybe ddr3 (2)4GBs sticks to put in. I mostly use my laptop for video watching(twice, youtube) and ofcourse games.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Why all of a sudden does ram seem to be so expensive?

Any help/advice is appreciated.

A:Laptop ram ddr2 vs ddr3

If you want upgrade your memory. You will have to stay with DDR2.. Your laptop will not support DDR3.

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hi .i got a ddr2 and ddr3 on the saboard .
now what i like to know is i be using only one drive so let say that i am on ddr2 and i have bookmark .etc.etc so when i switch to ddr3 do i have all the bookmark .etc.etc that i have on ddr2 or do i have to do it on ddr3 also .
.never use one board like that before .
but really i be on ddr2 99% of the time anyway .
i do have a brand computer on ddr3 now so i be using 2 of them .
thank in advance

A:ddr2 and ddr3 on the same board

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Hello there. My system is a little bit old. I have a Q6600 processor ( socket 775) and 3 Gb ddr2 at 800 Mhz. I would like to add another 1 Gb ddr2 there ( I have now 2 gb +1 gb. So I will take out that 1 gb and put a 2 gb one) to be 4 gb ddr2. But now come´s the tricky part : should I buy a 2 gb ddr2 800 mhz ( to have 4 gb ) or does it worth it to buy a new motherboard that supports ddr3 and buy me 4 gb ddr3 at 1600 mhz ? Does it worth financiarlly ?
1. First option : buying a 2 gb ddr2 800 mhz - cost: 30 ?/40 U.S.$
2. Second option : buying new motherboard that support´s ddr3 + 4 gb ddr3 1600 mhz -
-cost: around 110 ?/150 U.S.$
I am using my p.c. just for surfing web, gaming ( nothing hardcore ) , watching movies, listening music etc. So, just a regular user but who like´s new games released ( playing them at a resolution no higher than 1280x1000).
In my case, will I notice a big difference if I would purchase the ddr3 ?

A:Another gig of DDR2 or upgrade to DDR3?

Unless you are running a 64bit version of Windows you won't be able to address the full 4 gig of memory. That aside, don't believe it's really worth investing in another motherboard for socket 775 as it is coming to the end of it's life cycle. Might want to consider upgrading a core component like your graphics card that could be carried over to your next system.

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last question i have before iv finished me comp.
As my ATI gpu made an annoying noise, iv gotten out an Nvidia. I noticed that it was DDR2, would it still run on my DDR3 set up?

A:Will a DDR2 GPU run on an DDR3 motherboard?

Nvm, i found out im asking stupid questions

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I've started putting together a parts list for my new computer. The main strategy I'm looking at is to try and balance between upgradeability and current/long-term parts availability.

I was considering using the ASUS Maximus Formula mobo. I especially like the supported CPU list.

The problem starts with the RAM. The mobo supports up to 8G - 64 bit 1200Mhz ddr2
If I were to go with this board, will I be screwed a couple years down the road when ddr2 is replaced by ddr3? or will the older sticks be around long enough that I'll need/want new system complete by then ( I built my current computer in 2002-2003 and have upgraded it as far as it will go -- reached that point about a year ago)

BTW: I know there is an issue with the NB/SB heatsink. According to my research, just popping the heatsink off and adding a dab of thermal compound solves the overheat.

A:Solved: ddr2 / ddr3 ram ?

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my brother has a new mobo but it only supports ddr3 and he want to use the ddr2 is it possible?

A:is there a ddr2 to ddr3 converter?

Hi chilloh

Originally Posted by chilloh

my brother has a new mobo but it only supports ddr3 and he want to use the ddr2 is it possible?

it only supports ddr3 - You just answered your own question!

Sorry but you will have very bad results if you try!

Later Ted

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i am looking at buying a mother with ddr2 and ddr3 .
i am looking at the amd board this is all i use amd .
now is what i like to know .if i am on ddr2 and if i want to go on ddr3 cant i use the same hard drive and cpu .
i want to use ddr2 .with memory 4-4-4-15 gamig .
so faster then that is not on ddr3 any way
thank you .

A:ddr2 and ddr3 mobo

Hello yvesj and welcome to the forums

The hard drive and CPU that you use will work regardless of the RAM you have (be it DDR3 or DDR2). You just have to make sure that your CPU is the same socket as your motherboard and that your motherboard supports the type of RAM you go for. Post your specs and we can have a look over them for you


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Hey Guy's,

Question my friend asked me today and I was unsure of. He would like to know if he bought a mother board that use's DDR3 memory can he use his current DDR2 memory Dim's. I was unsure of this because I have heard mixed storys about this.


A:Can a DDR3 MotherBoard Run DDR2 Memory

Nope, they're notched differently,

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My graphics card is DDR2, my Ram is DDR3, does this matter? Thanks

A:DDR2 Graphics Card with DDR3 Ram?

No. The system RAM and GPU operate independently.

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I have an oldish Acer D260 running windows 7 starter SP1 that is a little slow it seems to me...so I ran the Speccy program to see what RAM Memory I have installed and the analysis comes out with an answer that confuses me...

Under RAM...Memory...It says DDR3 ...so I take it that I have DDR3 chip installed

but further down the page under heading of SPD...under "slot 1 it reads that i have a DDR2 installed...I`m confused.

Am I`m misreading the analysis as to what I have installed ?

Can somebody that knows about these things please tell me what type of RAM I have installed by taking a look at the uploaded page please ?

I DO know that I have a 2gb memory chip installed but that isn`t what I want to know...I would like to know what type of DDR is installed in the machine.

Thanks and hope you may be able to help.

A:Acer D260...DDR3 or DDR2 ?

ps...just to explain a little more...I asked this question elsewhere and the answers I received told me I had 2gb RAM installed...I know this and know it is the maximum amount of RAM for the machine...my thinking is that if I have the DDR2 installed then I will install the DDR3 as it is possibly faster for the machine...the Acer is running a little slow it seems to me ad I`m trying to speed it up a little.

The Speccy results page says two different things for the DDR type...I would like to know which DDR type is in the machine please ? (see above post for uploaded Speccy page)


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In the next 6 months I am going to rebuild my systerm. I just use it for lite gaming. video watching, net surffing, and communication with family and friends,

I want to spend <$700.00' I would like this to last me 2-3 years.I will not be overclocking.

Since I watch more tv and video than games, I would like to get an AMD motherboard with built invideo, with the option to expand if needed

I plan getting a AMD Phenom CPU.

Trying to find the sweet spot in memory seems to be alittle tricker. I would like ot go with 8MgB of ran either DDR2 800, 1066, or should I wait and see what the new DDR3 has to offer.

I am currently running a DFI Sockett 939 motherboard It doesn't seem to have
any serious problems, but I think that I could make it faster and more stable

I would appreciate any coments or suggestions.

Thank you

A:Ddr2 800 vs ddr 1066 or ddr3 ram for new build

for what u are talking about 2 gig of DDR2 800 would be fine. the DDR3 is way to expensive to use right now, but who knows how long it will take it to get affordable, with the way computer parts are being priced right now, it may be cheap in 2 months, or may go through the roof.

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Right off the top going with Windows XP 32-bit.
Game as well(sometimes).
Now I got 2Gb of Corsair DDR2 @ 533Mhz, and would like to know if it affects my fps at all.

A:Solved: x4 965 benefits from ddr2 or ddr3?

I do not understand your question at all.

Are you asking if you increase the amount of ram if it will give you more FPS?
Are you asking if you go to a different mb that supports ddr3 are you going to get better fps?

You do understand your memory will downclock to 400/800 if you install more than 2 memory chips.

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Can you just take a computer that is running DDR2 memory and change the memory to DDR3 or do you have to add other items?

A:Substituting DDR2 Memory for DDR3

Memory controller and DIMM slots have to be DDR3 compatible.

So no, you cannot.

With an AM3 CPU you would need a new motherboard.
With any other socket CPU you would need a new motherboard, and possibly a new CPU.

Currently, DDR2 is better for most systems anyway.

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I thought that the only motherboard that supported DDR2 and DDR3 was the GA-EP35C-DS3R, but when I was reading the overview for the GA-X38-DS4, this is what I found:

"IntelŽ X38 Express Chipset
The IntelŽ X38 Express Chipsets support the latest multi-core processors with FSB 1066MHz, including the upcoming 45nm processors, with its record breaking performance and greater energy efficiency. IntelŽ X38 chipset, with optimized system memory capabilities, chipset over-speed protection removed for maximum overclocking, providing faster boot and application load times and additional power savings. IntelŽ X38 chipset also offer options for both DDR2 and DDR3 memory support[/U], providing scalable options for users wanting to take advantage of higher memory performance with less power consumption to run next generation applications such as high-definition video and 3D visualization."

THe above was taken from the following website:


So, can anyone tell me, from personal experience or their own exstensive and rock-solid knowledge, if this board can take DDR2 as well as DDR3?

A:DDR2 and DDR3 memory support for the GA-X38-DS4?

The board only supports DDR2. While the chipset may support both DDR2 & DDR3, it's upto motherboard manufacturers whether or not to design motherboards with support for only one, or both.

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hi there.

am currently in search for new components for a "cheap" system that i can upgade month by month to top specs. My main idea is to find a good motherboard that will support some intel and:

1) FSB1333 cpu and above (thinking ahead i am
2) DDR2 + DDR3(1333) (i need both mem support as wont to use ddr2 now but next months upgrade to ddr3 when price comes to its sences)
3) Sata2 (minimum of 6 but prefer 8, as already have 6 disks)
4) Firewire IEEE.

5) all other gismo is bit irrelevant (though need 4 usb ports but guess every mobo has that--- although not the case with firewire as i found out....)

ok basically i need a mobo that will allow me to build upon with all latest specs components that are comming out the next months ,and unfortunately i need it now as my system has gone berzerk.

the only mobo that i found that supports both mem types of DD2 and DDR3 is the Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R, but the downside is that it doesnt support firewire at all. i know a pci card is an option but still i think firewire as a mast have.

if anyone has a recommendation i would be gratefull as i have been searching quite a bit for this mobo.

anyhow thanks

of a motherboard

A:Motherboard in Seach of DDR3 + DDR2

hi there.

anyone knows of a motherboard that supports both DDR2 & DDR3 memory????
would be gratefull for any advice,


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I have 2 1gb sticks of ddr2 800 g skill ram. I am about to buy 2 new 2 gb sticks of ram because i just recently got vista ultimate x64. I need to know if a computer that came with ddr2 ram support ddr3, and is ddr3 better.

A:Solved: Will ddr2 support ddr3?


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I know that DDR3 is faster
and how do I check which one I have on a laptop.

A:Solved: What's the Difference Between DDR2 and DDR3 RAM?

Also sorry for posting in the wrong category

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I was initially thinking about buying an ASUS P5Q iP45:http://www.ebuyer.com/product/160933, for my current Core 2 Duo 3GHZ processor then i came across the ASUS P5P43TD which is DDR3 memory: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/170167.
I remember people saying that the DDR2 memory was being phased out so i was wondering is it worth buying DDR3 for an intel Duo/Quad 775 socket? Or do you think its best to consider DDR3 in the future when the i5 and i7 become more popular/cheaper?

A:DDR3 or DDR2 based motherboards?

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Hey guys im new here, hoping for some opinions or realistic facts about these two cards

Ive been milling over both of them, have used both of them however i cant really tell which is better so i thought i would seek for some more expert advice. My theory really is one is dd3 ram and the other is double the ram and only ddr2 .. can someone tell me which one is actually better than the other, maybe i can stop going crazy over it.

EGA 7950GT KO 512mb DDR3 OR XFX 8600GT 1GB DDR2

I am running windows 7 RC 2.14 intel dual core processor.

Thanks in advance!!


A:EGA 7950gt KO 512mb DDR3 vs XFX 8600GT 1GB DDR2

sorry i ment EVGA!

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So, I have the ASUS P5G41-M LE Micro ATX Mobo.
I checked up some specs on it because I will be upgrading my current "rig"

2.9Ghz Intel Dual Core
3GB Drr2 800
1GB Geforce 9400GT

But anyways, Checked online..on newegg
It says that I can run DDr3 on this mobo, but when I checked the manual itself from the box, it never mentions ddr3..But this is 100% infact the same mobo.

Any help please?

A:My motherboard says DDr2 Support..newegg says Ddr3?

P5G41-M LE is DDR2, and the P5G41T-M LE you linked to is DDR3.

If you look at a DDR2 memory slot the keying notch is close to the middle. On DDR3 it is noticably closer to one end.

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This is the link of my motherboar....... http://vr-zone.com/articles/xfx-unveiled-intel-g31-based-xg31i-board/6218.html?doc=6218

I want to know whether I can use a DDR3 Graphics card on my DDR2 motherboard and if its certain to work. Please provide detail and whether it'll be compatible.

A:Can a DDR3 graphics card run in a DDR2 Motherboard?

The DDR2 slots on the motherboard refer to the desktop RAM sticks. GDDR3 on a graphics card doesn't make any difference, it's the connector (PCI Express 2.0 probably) that slots into the mobo.

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Here is a wacked out and twisted computer build: I planning to build a computer with the AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor but with a motherboard that can only handle DDR2 and PCI-Express 2.0. I am giving my old PC to my family as a Christmas Present (an ECS MCP61P M.B. & 4450e CPU) and creating my own PC at the same time.

I know many would say upgrade to DDR3 and you will enjoy it and it'll give you many more Motherboard options. The catch is I have multiple DDR2 Ram chips (recently bought & more than enough for each PC to have 4Gigs of RAM or more!) yet due to online restrictions where I am I can not sell them.

My budget is quite limited and is around $50 a month give or take $10. I have had to devise the methodology of buying ONE component at a time and only ONE component a month. In the limited time that I have available to me which ends November 29 & December 4 at the latest.

I already have the other hardware needed: Drives, I/O devices, fans, G.C.(9800GT), XP 32-bit OS & Win 7 32-bit OS OME OS Install disks, ect. So all I need to do is solve my processor and the motherboard self-induced dilemma..

After a long discussion in a previous thread I came to the conclusion that one of these motherboards would best suit what I am trying to accomplish (Insane as it may seem). Which one of these four motherboards do you people think that I should use that will work well with the Athlon II X2 250, DDR2 & PCI-Express 2.0?

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A:AMD Athlon II X2 250 + Which Hybrid Motherboard (AM2+/AM3 DDR2) -NO DDR3)?

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Hey guys,

Basically I'm looking for the differences directly between the DDR3 and the DDR2 RAM sticks. The DDR3 sticks have 9-9-9-24 timings and the DDR2 is 5-5-5-18. Which would be better for gaming? I understand that motherboards only allow a certain type but we've got 2 mobo's picked out for each type of ram.

For more info the two items are here:

DDR3: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231193&Tpk=N82E16820231193

DDR2: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145184

Appreciate the help as always!

A:DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) RAM vs DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) RAM

Personally I would say that as the DDR3 has almost double the band width that one would be better for gaming.

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