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How to highligh duplicated words in MS Word 2010?

Q: How to highligh duplicated words in MS Word 2010?

Hey Tech guys,

I have a document with large data,
collected from various sources, and duplication is there,
I wanted to find these duplicated words, emails, names and delete them,
using windows 7 / MS word 2010,
Kindly help to solve this,
thank you

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Preferred Solution: How to highligh duplicated words in MS Word 2010?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I just started playing with PowerShell (Wait, let me finish.) and as I find scripts that I think I can use later on I copy them to a Word document and put some explanation of how I understand the script to work. Currently I have one document with about 50 scripts that I have collected so far, so that I can search one document when I am looking for an example.

Before I spend a lot of time trying to write a Word macro, (Which I have never done) or trying to reinvent the wheel, does anyone know if someone has already written a macro to color code the script portion of the Word document? Im thinking I would select the PowerShell code and then execute this macro that would color code the words, much like TextPad.

Hope someone can help and guide me in the right direction, if I am going to have to write something.

A:Color code words in Word 2010

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Items on my Outlook 2010 To-Do bar are all duplicated. They are not duplicated in the Task List or in the To-Do List. The items are a mixture of tasks and flagged emails.

How to fix?

running Office 2010 under Win7(64) Ultimate

A:Outlook 2010 - items duplicated in To-Do Bar

I fixed the problem of duplicates in my To-Do bar...

I have two email accounts, one with my ISP and one with my web host. They obviously have different addresses, but the name on both is the same. The duplicates went away when I made the names different -- one now includes my middle name and the other does not.

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Sorry for asking a Word question in the Wind 7 category, but applications were not listed in the topic list.
I edit engineering documents that contain the word "hole" hundreds of times.  The spell checker stops at every instance, stating it is a commonly confused word.  Is there a way to modify the commonly confused word list?  Unlike unconventional
spellings, there seems to be no way to add it to the dictionary as something that needn't be checked.
Thanks, Eric flyboy

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I want to create a word statistic. Someone on a polish forum help
me with this, but partially. In this moment "my" code output the following
results: words, frequency of occurence, and page number.

Option Explicit
Option Compare Text
Sub Test()
'based on: http://www.vbaexpress.com/kb/getarticle.php?kb_id=727
'based on: http://www.authorsden.com/categories/article_top.asp?catid=20&id=39307
Dim lngRes As Long
lngRes = WordCountAndPages(ThisDocument)
MsgBox "There were " & CStr(lngRes) & " different words ", vbOKOnly, "Finished"
End Sub
Function WordCountAndPages(SourceDoc As Word.Document, _
Optional ByVal sExcludes = "[the][a][of][is][to][for][by][be][and][are]", _
Optional ByVal lmaxwords As Long = 50000) As Long

' "[ale][ani][aby][do][od][czy][za][ze][przed][po]" 'excludes for example for polish
On Error GoTo WordCountAndPages_Error

Dim NewDoc As Word.Document
Dim TmpRange As Word.Range
Dim aWord As Object
Dim tmpName As String
Dim strSingleWord As String

Dim lngCurrentPage As Long
Dim lngPageCount As Long
Dim lngWordNum As Long 'Number of unique w... Read more

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how can i count the red words present(that are) in my doc?

A:[word] how to find how many red words ?

I've never heard of such an option. I'm guessing you would have to write a VBA script to try and accomplish this.

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Hope I can explain this. What I want to do is on the left margin, type a computer command, the tab several times and display what the results would be. I'd like to like the command and display by dotted lines to be easier to follow as there will be many commands, followed by a display. Much like


wirh rhe right side always in alignment. Is there a "trick" to doing this?

A:Connecting words in Word

Yes, this is easy to do. Select Format>Tabs. Put in the tab stop position you want, under Alignment select "Right", and under Leader select "2". Click "Set" then "OK" and you're good to go.

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I have been looking for an answer to this question for a few weeks now. I unfortunately have not found anything that covers the specific aspect of Word I am discussing.

In Word 2010 (I think 2007 did the same thing), the spacing between words is different depending on the words and how they fit together on the line. I assume that Word is automatically trying to fit as much information on one line as possible by adding or subtracting small amounts of space (smaller than what the spacebar can do) between words. I understand the purpose of this, but it is getting very distracting and confusing in my written pieces. For example, some words look almost as if they are one large word (e.g. 'teaching position' looks like 'teachingposition' because of the small amount of space between the two words) while others look as if a small word (like 'a' or 'I') could possibly fit between them (e.g. 'teaching [ ] position'). This creates a strange looking set of words across a line when the spacing is different between each word.

I have looked up and attempted to execute line spacing and character spacing to no avail. I have no problem with single and double spacing nor the spacing between characters within the same word. I am only having an issue with the distance between the words themselves. I do not want Word automatically adjusting the spacing between words in order to make a "pretty" line of words. I would rather like a fixed rate at wh... Read more

A:Microsoft Word-Spacing between words

You have your paragraph set to 'Justify' which means to stretch out the text to fill the entire space within the margin so all rows of text are exactly the same length. To fix it, the first thing you need to do is select all the text in the document. My quick easy way to do this is to press these keys one after another, not holding them all down at the same time: Alt-E-L.

Then on the home tab in the Paragraph box you can click the 'right align' button. The shortcut for this is Ctrl-L (Press the L key while holding down the Ctrl key.)

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One of my typist's quick words file/template must have got corrupted. It appears as though she has "lost" her quick words, but I do believe they are still there somewhere. After researching on the internet, trying various things, we cannot "find" them or restore them. I would appreciate anyone's help, suggestions, ideas, etc. We have already renamed them, moved them, checked settings, etc all to no avail. She has over 5 years of quick words on there and never backed them up .

Thank you!

A:Word Perfect 11 Quick Words

Welcome to the board,
I don't have WP on my system but have you tried the WP (Corel) support site?

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Once upon a time, Word 2000 used to give me the optrion of adding a word (to the dictionanry) with a right click. Now that option is gray (not clickable)

whats up with that?

A:Word 2000 wont add words

Read through this thread

http://www.mcse.ms/message831520.html -

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Isn't there a search tool that will locate certain words or passages within Word files? I have Office 2003... I mean before any file is opened...??

A:How do I search within Word for files that contain certain words?

I don't think so.

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Is it possible to count how many times a single word occurs in a MS word document. For example, if I wanted to count all instances of the word 'apples' in a document, is there a way to do it?

I've tried scouring MS Office help but without any success (no surprise there I guess).

[edited for typos]

A:Counting Individual Words In Ms Word

Hi Floydoid.
Outside of a macro, the easiest way is to just open the .doc in Word then click Edit>Find.
Type the word you're looking for in the "Find What" box and put a checkmark in the "Highlight all items found" option. Click the "Find All" button. Above the buttons, word will give you the number of times the matching criteria (the word) was found.

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I have a text file of commonly misspelled words and phrases. I would like to write a macro in Microsoft Word 2007 which goes through the text file and highlights any words from the file which appear in the current Word doc. I would also like to specify the colour of the highlight.

I have written/recorded macros for Excel, but I don't know much about Word VBA. Is this possible, and would someone be able to help start me off with this project?



Windows 7 home basic
Office Suite 2007

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I know this is probably an easy question, but I've searched repeatedly on the web and I can't find advice there or in the forums because I'm missing some kind of terminology.

I want to be able to highlight multiple words in Excel and see the home toolbar open every time I open a spreadsheet.
Longer explanation:
I'm using Microsoft Vista 2007 with Excel 2010. I use Excel to make quite a few spread sheets to study for school, and I often have to selectively highlight multiple certain words by hitting ctrl and holding ctrl while highlighting the words. Next I would underline all of the highlighted words. About a month ago it was working fine.
Suddenly out of the blue whenever I try to highlight multiple words by holding ctrl in Excel it won't work. Also, previously when working in excel 2010 the top menu bar would stay on home toolbar with all the option listed, meaning I could keep tinkering with the font uninterrupted. Now after underling just one word at a time the toolbar keeps disappearing with the File tab highlighted green, and I have to keep clicking back to the home tab, then click underline. Have to repeat highlighting each individual word,, clicking home tab, and then underlining. Ugh!
I would love to hear some advice before I tear my hair out in frustration.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 unable highlight mutliple words & toolbar problems

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i would like to know how to make it so that you can only type 500 words in a text box. Any help would be appreciated. Also if there is a way of indicating how many words the person typing has left that would be great . thanks

A:Limiting number of words in text box (ms word)

Welcome to the forum.

Is there a reason why you are using a text box? A Text Form field has limitations built into it that allow you to limit the number of characters.
Update: Whoops I missed that you said words instead of characters. You might have the VBA people look into counting spaces to figure out the number of words within the text box.

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Hi, when using a list and a regular formatted text, they are separated by a page. On the left page, there is the regular text, and on the right page is a list I made.

Whenever I press delete at where the arrow is pointing, it deletes the words in the list, but not the large space.

How can I get rid of the space?

A:Microsoft Word Space between List and Words

I'm guessing that there is either a page break or section break immediately after the text on the left hand page. To see it, click the "Show/Hide" icon as in the screenshot below. To get rid of it, highlight it then right-click and select "Cut" (for some reason, hitting delete or backspace doesn't always do it, but cut does), and then the list should jump back to start just under your text. If not, post back and we can try plan B

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I hope somebody can help me,

Since weeks we have to restart Word from time to time because it changes the content by giving it unreadable signs. It looks as if some letters are typed over and over (look at the attached picture).
After restarting WORD the problem is away.

This issue occurs on several computers and also in combination with different printers. I first thought it might be a printer problem but one secretary uses a different printer than the others and has the problem, too.

One thing to add: It seems it happens only on greek letters so far.
Office 2007 is updated on these computers.

A:Mysterious signs in between words in Word 2007

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I have this problem and not sure how to fix...


The sentence would be going like this, then nearing the marg
in, this happens.

How I really want it to look...

The sentence would be going like this, then nearing the margin,
this happens.

Please Help

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I want to be able to repeat the text in the quotes with one caveat...

"Today is a great day and Jon was feeling happy."

... that I can change, say, the name "Jon" in it when I repeat it elsewhere in the document so it would say in the next instance:

"Today is a great day and Ralph was feeling happy."

I can't seem to be able to do with this Bookmarks and Refs. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Also, please don't say cut and paste... this is not a real solution.


A:How to do repeating text in Word AND change some words in it?

Can you explain a bit more, where are you going to get the Jon and Ralph and Fred .. texts from?

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I have a contract (I'm using MS Word 2010 but have a 2003 document) that I need to extract the 'defined terms' from and write to another file. That is to say, the words that are capitalised that are not the first word of a sentence. The entire document needs to be searched.

Sometimes a defined term has more than one word, for example, "Service Measures". In this instance I would ideally like "Service Measures" to be found rather than two results: "Service" and "Measures".

I have found the following wildcard search that finds words that begin with capitals that are not at the start of a sentence however this also returns the two preceding characters of the word:

[!.\!\?] <[A-Z][A-z0-9]{1,}>

However I am not sure how to:
a) export the return of the search to another document (to generate and build a list of defined terms)
b) delete the two preceding characters to just leave the capitalised words
c) run the macro for the entire document
d) edit the macro to group immediately subsequent words together (eg the "Service Measure" example above)

Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!


A:Microsoft Word Macro - capitalised words

Can you upload a sample?


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I think this is more a Word question than Vista.

As a writer I frequently need to capitalize the next word following speech marks. I can't find any way of doing this automatically. Does anyone know how I can set Word to do this?

A:Solved: capitalize words in Word 2007

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I know this is dumb, but I don't know what you call it when you link words with dots. Like............... This.
I need to have a list in columns, with dots connecting them for easier reading.
Is there a way to do this? If I knew what it was called, I could probably search the help section of Word, but I don't.


A:Word 2007- How do you connect words with dots?

The extended string of periods is called an ellipsis. But I don't know how long an ellipsis can be most often i've only seen it as three periods in a row, and I dont know that there is a way to automate doing that in word especially for a longer set across columns. Best of luck I'll research a little and see if I can't find an option like that


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I was wondering if there is a way to select all words in a word document that contain a certain character? Specifically I have a large word document that contains names, addresses and email addresses of a list of people. I only want to cut all of the email addresses (all words containing @) without having to take hours to delete the names and street addresses individually.

Thanks for the help!

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I have a new issue that has come up since we converted an Access database to 2007 file format.
Here is the history.

We have an access database that was created in the old file format. In that database there is a button that opens up word and a mail merge file. Word's mail merge then uses a query from the access database to populate the mail merge document.

We recently converted the Access database to the Office 2007 file format and now the merge process will not work.
I have tried to relink the files and have done some research and it appears that the DDE way of connecting is no longer used in Office 2007. I did finally get to the point where I could see the queries i needed but once I try to open that data source Word give me a general error that it can not open the data source.

How can I get these merge files working again?

PS. We are running Windows XP if that is needed.

We are quickly moving to office 2010 also but that uses the same file format as 2007 so I assume it won't be an issue. Any help you can give me would be GREAT!.

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Hi, I have set up a new Access 2010 database (saved as .accdb) (copying tables, forms and queries from my current one then deleting the old data and modifying a lot of fields). I have a query in with some simple calculations. All the calculations work perfectly in Access. When I merge this into Word 2010 (set up as a letter document) it doesn?t use/show the correct data.

The calculated fields in the query are ?number of people * price tea & coffee = cost tea & coffee? and ?number of people * price buffet = cost buffet". I then use these costs in the same query to work out ?VAT? (another calculated field adding up the calculated "cost tea & coffee" and calculated "cost buffet" as well as a number of other non-calculated fields and multiplying the total by 0.2) and ?Total Cost? (a calculated field adding up various non-calculated fields, the calculated "cost tea & coffee", calculated "cost buffet" and the calculated VAT field).

There are two errors in the data that ends up in the merged Word document:
The "VAT" doesn?t add in the two calculated fields, it only uses the data from non-calculated fields in the query.
Also the "Total Cost" doesn?t add in any of the calculated fields (teas & coffees, buffet and VAT), it only uses non-calculated fields from the query.

It doesn?t ping up any error messages. Why is it changing the data between Access (where the query works per... Read more

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I have a word document set up with fields that I want to create a mail merge from a Query. When I go through the steps to add my query as the source then click on edit recipients there are no recipients. I have tried the same steps with other queries that I have and it works. I'm not sure why the query I want to use isn't working. The query I have set up does have a lot of expressions. Here is an example IIf([fie dt] Between #8/1/2010# And #7/31/2011#,[fie dt]+1096,Null) I have tried to change the expression and it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:mail merge issue with Word 2010 and Access 2010

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I've been reading around and it appears lots of peopel are experiencing this issue. Has anyone managed to fix this annoying issue of the cursor jumping around in when typing. I'm using a sony vaio laptop , windows 7 ?????

A:Cursor Jumping In Windows 7 , outlook 2010 , word 2010

Hi jezrp,
Does the issue occur in other applications such as Notepad? If the issue only occurs in Microsoft Office 2010, you can post a thread on Office 2010 Forums.
However, if the issue occurs in other applications as well, please try the following suggestions to see if the issue can be resolved:
If the issue persists after installing the latest drivers which are compatible with Windows 7, the issue can be caused by the factors including third party software, device driver, touchpad settings, virus or spyware infection.
Please see if the following suggestions can resolve the issue:
-    If the issue occurred after installing certain software or hardware, please remove it to check the result. Or, you can perform System Restore to restore to the date before the issue first occurred.
-    Scan your system using anti-spyware and anti-virus software to confirm the system is clean.
-     Check the touchpad's sensitivity if it is available. You can simply disable the touchpad to test the result. You shall contact the device manufacturer directly to confirm the settings.
-    Use a mouse pad for better mouse performance.
-    Replace the mouse and check the result.

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Win 7 SP1 64-bit
Word 2010
Access 2010

We have some fill-in form templates that we have moved from Word 2003 to Word 2010 (properly) and in the underlying form macro, there is a call to a database to pull office address information that originally was in Access 2003. The macro works just fine if it opens the 2003 version, but I want to update the database to 2010 so that I don't have to worry about compatibility issues. So, after creating a new 2010 database, I went into the Word macro and changed the name of the database in the macro to reflect the new 2010 database, and nada. The statement that accesses the database does not seem to work. Here is the text:

Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
conn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
conn.Open Environ("ALLUSERSPROFILE") & "\Application Data\sgData01.accdb"

Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open "select * from offices where shortName = '" & sCity & "';", conn

I am NOT a programmer so if there is further information you need, please let me know. I assume, though, that perhaps 2010 uses something other than Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 or something like that...

Any and all assistance will be HUGELY appreciated!!

C. Homer

A:How to pull data from an Acess 2010 database using Word 2010 VBA

Allen Browne has a utility to establish the Jet version (among other properties) of the current database. See

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Hello All

Win 7 Prof 32 bit
Office 2010

I've been trying to create a Task in Outlook from a Word Document that I have created on this computer. The idea is that a shortcut to the document is created as an Outlook Task. Click on the shortcut, and voila - there is the document.

The "Create Microsoft Office Task" icon DOES send the document to Outlook as a Shortcut in a Task, however, when I open the task, Outlook says:"Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: Shortcut to 'document name'."

It's NOT an unsafe attachment; Outlook WILL OPEN this document if I send it as an email attachment. Outlook will open .docx files types.

This is a one person computer...no network, no sharing. And this problem has been driving me crazy. This would be a wonderful feature, if I can get it to work.

Anyone have any ideas what I (or Outlook) are doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

A:Creating a Task in Outlook 2010 from a Word 2010 Document

I think this will do the job for you:
Add & Create Outlook 2010 Tasks From Word 2010


You can create a task from Word 2010 document and save it under Outlook 2010 tasks. This feature is by default concealed but you can make it apparent on Quick Access toolbar and use it directly.

In order to use this feature, you need to make this feature apparent on Word 2010 Quick Access Toolbar, head over to Quick Access Toolbar and from small drop down button click More Commands.

You will reach Word Options dialog. Hit drop-down button present beneath the Choose commands and select All Commands. Now scroll-down the list and find Create Microsoft Outlook Task command. Select it and click Add (>>) to show it on Quick Access toolbar pane. Once added, hit OK.

First save the document and then select any portion of the text in the document from which you want to create the task, from Quick Access toolbar, click Outlook task button.

Upon click, it will create Outlook task for the Word document and you will reach Outlook Task dialog where you can set Start and Due date for the task and add more information about it. Save & close the task to view it under Outlook tasks.

When opening task in Outlook 2010, you can also view the document from which it was created from, just double-click the document to open it.

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I would like to evenly arrange some words in a cell or table. There is an odd number of words so I can't use the normal grid; using 'tab' is still messy and using the 'space' bar is not the best way of doing it. I would like to know how I can arrange these neatly. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Please see the attached pdf file.


A:Solved: MS Word: evenly spaced words in a table

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Hello all,

I have had this problem for a while, and after a few frustrating hours of not being able to figure it out, I resorted to using Pages for a few weeks. Don't get me wrong, Pages is great, but Word seems to have more customization to it.

Now, incase you didn't get it from the title, here's my problem:

I'm [trying to] use Microsoft Word 2011 on my Mac.

When I type, small dots appear between all of my words.

I searched around on the internet for a bit, and people told me [and other users] to click the button. I tried this, but it didn't work. All it did was make s appear next to all the lines of text. And when I clicked the button again, all the s went away, but the dots stayed.

Now, with the school year getting busier by the day, I want a good program to do my work with.
It would be absolutely fantastic if anyone here could give me some help on this.

A:Solved: Dots between words in MS Word '11 Mac - ¶ DOESN'T work

Do these "dots" print when you print out a copy?

I do NOT have 2010, but in 2007 try the following

I think you may have the "Spaces" turned on within the "Options" area, then the Display tab and the in the "Always show these formatting marks...". If there is a check mark by any of the list other than "Show all formatting marks" then remove them.

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This concerns using the Quick Words Template and bottom line or basic question tying in with the issue here; my recent hire in at law firm to use word perfect software for transcribing's excellent, but the one feature I greatly use but is not enabled, due to the template being read-only.

The bottom line, in word perfect 9, i understand about the default template, in order to function, quick words has to be parked there or placed in the default template, this' found, I have found, when I looked in the tools, files, templates, it turns up in the N:\Network's drive designated, for that purpose, of course, for firm's 3 offices. The template's not being used on the network drive or for network, at all.

The sys. operator either when he reloaded WP on my computer, didn't align something right or per some of the sources I've found on other Corel sites, it might and could be when some of this reloading software's done, some files may be for whatever reason, affixed or assembled as read only, etc.....

Bottom line, and question here, if possible suggestion or information can be provided, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Can I retreive the template or copy back to my own C drive or where it should be in order to function, as I understand, move it to the default template. My supervisor's not keen on people or staff tinkering around on the network settings because some attys. caused some issues with macros they'd created and somehow or w... Read more

A:Word Perfect Quick Words Template's read-only

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Word is making every word that starts with the letter i start with an uppercase character, and I can't edit it away.

For example, In, Inside, and It's DRIVING ME MAD!

I can't Imagine what's causing this.

I'm really CRYING for help.

Nearly insane,


A:Solved: Word make all i words start with uppercase

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Hi! Could you help me with automaticly transferring articles which are in notepad to a ms word file.
For an example; in notepad txt. file written is:

customer name= Alex Brown

I want to transfer this article's paticular words like "Alex Brown", "12.03.2006", "$120" to a microsoft word file's spesific area. For ex.,in msword file I want these written automaticly:

Dear Mr/Mss Alex Brown,

You have a $120 debit for shopping in 12.03.2006. Please....

&#304;f I change customer's name in notepad, it should be changed in ms word automaticly..

Thanks for your attention and helps...

A:Transferring words automaticly notepad to microsoft Word

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When I'm writing a Word 2007 document, I occasionally get some phrase or word underlined, as though it was a grammatical or spelling error. However, I know that in some cases, this is not true. So how do I either turn off this function, or modify it?

A:Solved: Word 2007 error messages on words/phrases

Go to Word Options>Proofing.

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I have a document in word 2007 which I would like to change the next 12 words font colour after a specific word.

I am looking to write a macro so I can use it over and over again.



A:How do I write a macro to change the font of the next 12 words after a specific word?

I should add that I need to do it several times in the same document, always with same word as the anchor point

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I have had an utterly bizarre problem ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, and it persists now after the Windows 10 update. My computer is a Lenovo Ideapad, with an Alps touchpad. Here's the issue:

If I unintentionally swipe across the touchpad from the left as I begin to use it, it will (silently!) erase whatever word is just behind the cursor. That's in Microsoft Word. If I'm in another application -- say Notepad -- it will instead leave one of those little rectangular boxes that indicate a character that won't display.

I haven't seen any discussion of this problem anywhere. All my drivers are updated. The system claims to be entirely current. And yet this maddening bug persists.

Anyone know how to fix this? Or work around it?


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I have had an utterly bizarre problem ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, and it persists now after the Windows 10 update. My computer is a Lenovo Ideapad, with an Alps touchpad. Here's the issue:

If I unintentionally swipe across the touchpad from the left as I begin to use it, it will (silently!) erase whatever word is just behind the cursor. That's in Microsoft Word. If I'm in another application -- say Notepad -- it will instead leave one of those little rectangular boxes that indicate a character that won't display.

I haven't seen any discussion of this problem anywhere. All my drivers are updated. The system claims to be entirely current. And yet this maddening bug persists.

Anyone know how to fix this? Or work around it?


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Hello -
OS is XP.  Word vs is 2000.  When I tap on the spacebar it creates two spaces between words instead of one.
This isn't a character spacing issue.  It's set to normal.  Example:
It should look like the top line but it types like the second line.
How are we working today?
How  are  we  working  today?
I have booted to no avail.  The template is Normal.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Word 2000 problem. Spacebar creates two spaces between words.

Does this only occur in Word, or does it happen whenever you type text, in Notepad for example ?
If it happens whenever you are typing text I would suspect a sticking space bar on the keyboard. If it only happens in Word, then it is a problem in Word. I am using 2003 and have had a look at the 'Options' and the 'Font' and 'Paragraph' format controls and can't see any obvious way to get it to do this - or not to do this.
It might be worth your while copying the normal template and saving the copy in a temporary folder somewhere, then have a look at the normal template. It is a file called 'Normal.dot' and is fairly important in Word, so if you mess it up having a copy means you can reinstate it to as it was. Since it is a template like any other, you can edit it and save the changes.
Chris Cosgrove

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I left my computer alone with my father and he refuses to tell me what he did, so I have little to go by, and Google is of no help. My entire Word document has turned to...
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Is there anyone out there with an idea of how to fix this??

A:Opened a Word Doc, words replaced with random characters and symbols?

Is the document actually opening in word?
It looks like it is open in a standard text editor like notepad.
The default program for word files may have been changed
or the file association may have been changed.
Try right clicking in document and click open with and select
word to open it.
If the is an always use this application to open check box,
select that.

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In Microsoft Word 2007, I created a macro to hilight specific words within the document. I'd like to now add a print function to the macro. I need to print the page that hilighted word is on. This is what I have so far. I appreciate your help.

' --------CODE TO HIGHLIGHT Qty out of tolerance-------------------
Options.DefaultHighlightColorIndex = wdYellow
Selection.Find.Replacement.Highlight = True
With Selection.Find
.Text = "Qty out of Tolerance"
.Replacement.Text = "Qty out of Tolerance"
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = True
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
End Sub

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I need a macro that finds a specific word in a text and highlights it. For example, I would like to find a word "computer" in some text and make all words "computer" in red color. Can anybody help me to create such macro for Ms Word?

A:Solved: Macro that finds and highlights specific words in MS Word document

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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to write a .bat file that will save and close all open Word documents, then quit Word or terminate the Word process.

How in the world would I do that? I'm a complete novice at .bat files!

Also, could the .bat file be triggered only after Word has been unused/idle for a specified time?

I look forward to your responses!


A:.bat file to save and close all open Words docs, then quit Word


Killing the word process wouldn't be too difficult but that would be on a schedule rather than x amount of idle minutes.
I don't believe a .bat file would be able to save any open workbooks though.

Are you able to provide some background on why this is needed and maybe there is an alternate method?


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How can I get a dictionary to use to look up definitions of words in the Research tab in Microsoft Office Word 2007? My Word 2010 on another computer has an Encarta Dictionary give me definitions of words when I alt + click on a word, but I can't find a way to get the dictionary in Word 2007 on my laptop, even when I click on "Research options..." there's only a Thesaurus. Please help.

A:How can I get a dictionary to use to look up definitions of words in the Research tab in Microsoft Office Word 2007?

I had never done that before - but I have word 2007 so I gave it a try.
From the Research tab - I put the word I wanted in the searchfor box.
The drop down box below that gave me several selections - inlcuding Encarta dictionary I did not do anything to get it there.
It seemed to work ok.
So you are saying you do not have dictionayr selection in the drop down box?


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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Office 2010.

All of a sudden, when I tried to paste text I copied from an internet page, I got a message "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable" .

It worked fine this morning and is working fine now.

I had to paste it into Word Pad to use it.

I made no changes to Word. Any idea what is going on?
Thanks, cb

A:Word could not create the work file. Check the Temp... Word 2010

Did you check the temp environment variable as it suggested?

Open a command prompt.
Type echo %temp%
What is the result?

On my Win 8.1 computer, it's set to: C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Local\Temp

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Don't mind the curious ones, but I'm one of them. So anyway, almost one year ago now, the Word macro virus W97M/Marker.C was running rampant around Gordon College, with many teachers and students alike being infected. I was even infected with it thanks to one of my professors posting an assignment description document that had it. I was running AVG 9.0 at the time, and it was flagged many a time over. I think there were like six or so instances. My memory may be flaky, as my laptop has undergone many reformats since then, but what I do remember is trying to ignore AVG's warning, due to the fact that AVG has given me many false positives when I used it. The message Word gave me was that the document couldn't be opened because it wasn't available. But the strange part of that is that AVG had not removed anything from the file. I can think of two reasons why the file wouldn't run with the virus in it. Tell me which, if either, is correct. One is that Microsoft has since changed the macro format from 2003 and earlier versions of Word simply due to the many viruses that once existed for it, or two, that message was a very convoluted way of telling me that Windows 7 no longer supports Virtual device Drivers (*.vxd) as I was able to open the file after it had been cleaned up by Eset NOD32. Any knowledge you folks have would be very interesting, as I have always been curious about the very odd weekend of February 12, 2010. Now don't get me ... Read more

A:random curiosity about MS Word macro viruses and why (thank the Lord), they don't work in Word 2007/2010

I don't know the particulars of the macro virus you mention, but with Microsoft Office 2003, a significant change was implemented that effectively stopped the propagation of macro viruses.

Prior to Office 2003, macros were enabled by default, and opening a document with macros and auto-execute meant the macros were automatically executed (and thus the virus could infect and propagate).

With Office 2003, macro security was introduced. With a Microsoft Office 2003 default install, macros need to be signed with a certificate issued by a trusted root CA. Macros that are not signed will not be executed. Users have to explicitly lower the macro security level for unsigned macros to execute. Almost all macro viruses were unsigned.

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