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Need serious help: Recover lost file after hard disk restore/crash

Q: Need serious help: Recover lost file after hard disk restore/crash

Had a power failure during a recovery of an Acronis backup on my C: drive. It seems it happened while Acronis just started loading the backup files? When I restarted the Samsung Laptop local drive C: did not appear in Explorer. Only drive D: and my DVD drive E: appeared (C an D are partitions on the same hard disk). The recovery software was on a hidden partition but when trying to use the Samsung Recovery facility it say Drive C: not found.

After trying out suggestions found on the internet I only managed to screw everything up resulting in also loosing the D: drive containing my Acronis backup. The laptop did not start at all. I at last managed to get it going after installing Windows 7 again and I then sit with only C System Disk, D System reserved and E: DVD drive at that point.

Foolishly I shrinked the system disk C and created a data disk. That disk is now Data Disk F. and not D as original.

The Acronis backup containing all my files and data was on the original Data Disk D:

I desperately need to recover that .tib file to get all my documents, data et back.

I have used various free software to try and find that specific file. But they all search by drive and the missing file must be somewhere on the disk either as lost or wrong drive letter or something.

I know it all was really stupid of me so I now really need expert heavyweight help in trying to locate and recover that specific .tib file somewhere on the hard disk?

Preferred Solution: Need serious help: Recover lost file after hard disk restore/crash

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: Need serious help: Recover lost file after hard disk restore/crash

This is a hard one, the best software that I am aware of is Recuva
Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
If that does not work, the next best suggestion is to download and use windirstat, it will show you everything that is on your drive.

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recently my ASUS r704a notebook's hard drive crashed big time. it was running windows 8 and the oem didn't ship any software with it nor did i make the system image discs like i should have. its got an i5 processor, 4 gigs of ram, and a big screen. i can replace the hard drive easy enuff but i am at loss with what to do for an os. ASUS told me to go buy a copy of windows 8, not helpful.
any suggestions? the cheapest solution possible would be cool cause i am a college student and have no money.

A:hard drive crash and no restore disk

Actually in this case, I ordered recovery media disc and downloaded generic windows setup disc image. Also one can downloaded the additional drivers, if needed. And this solves my problem.

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One Day when I opened "My Computer" I saw a strange icon for Drive C instead of the Usual One. I am not able to restore the Icon?

Can anyone Help me? Here is a Screenshot


A:How to Restore Hard Disk File Icon?

Boot into Safe Mode and refresh the icon cache by deleting the IconCache.db file from your profile directory (usually /Documents and Settings/Username/Local Settings/Application Data). It will be automatically recreated.

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Can anyone have a look at my Disk Management screenshot and help me with my C Drive?

The C Drive works as usual but it worries me by stating the status as
"Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)".

I google searched "Page File" and "Crash Dump" but couldn't find anything useful.
What are they indeed?

Thank you.

A:Any Problem with my Hard Disk? Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump)

This is completely normal. Look at my C partition. Only difference is that mine is active because I do not have the system partition.

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I want to delete this xtra thread. Please help. Dont know how to delete threads on this forum

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Hello everyone. I am a newbie to these forums. Please be gentle lol.I have aLenovo Z70-80 laptop. I have a few system recoveries on an external drive. My question is, what if my laptop hard disk were to become unusable for whatever reason how do I get to install Windows 8 onto a new disk? I have replaced my disk with a new one just to tryout using a usb memory stick, following instructions from a web site. Nothing happened. I know I cannot use any of my recovery backups as I need the MBR in place. If I could copy that and put it on a partition part of the new drive I am thinking that might work. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?Thank youu

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I think they were deleted after running a disk cleanup or something, anyway they are deleted and I can't get them back. Anyone know how?
Acer Aspire 5755G  Windows 7

A:How to recover lost system restore points

Sorry, but to the best of my knowledge, if they are gone, they are gone. However if your computer is running normally at the moment you can always create one :  'Start / Control panel / System / System protection (in the top left hand corner)' . Then choose 'Create restore point' from the dialogue box that appears.
Chris Cosgrove

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I have installed a dual boot  (Windows/Linux) on my Lenovo X1 Carbon and for a stupid mistake erased all disk boot sector and partition table. How can I install the system the way it came from factory with the original Windows and Lenovo utilities?

A:How to recover original OS after disk lost

You can contact support.  If its under warranty see below link.  If its out of warranty I believe you can still call support but they will charge you $45-$60.  Its been a while so I dont remember the exact charge.  You can download recovery media only 1 time.

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I put a folder of many sub-folders, excel worksheets and other items into the recycle bin. When I went back to it, it was gone from the recycle bin! I did a Search and the folder didn't show anywhere. I did a System Restore to this AM. When I went to the folder, 90% of the sub-folders, were blank. The others has miscellaneaous files and folders that were not the same as before this problem occurred. I did another Sysyem Restore to yesterday and that produced the same results. I did a third System Restore to the day before and that didn't help. HELP! Please help. Thanks.

A:Recover a lost folder-System Restore not working

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I just have to empty a SD card; compressing its contents to a 7zip-file takes too much time, and if I have to access the files quickly, I prefer to use a mountable filetype. Thus the requirement to quickly create a VHDX-file, then mount it using the context
Tested using Windows 8.1 without Hyper-V-Role installed.
First, you need to create an empty vhdx-File as a template.
You already have to specify the maximum size this vhdx is allowed to expand to, in my case 255 GiB (255 GiB × 1024 MiB/GiB = 261120 MiB). This can be placed in either your user profile or shared for all users:

Current User: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\All Users: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\
To create the template:
1. Start an elevated command prompt
2. Run diskpart.exe
3. Enter the following commands:
create vdisk file=C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\Virtual-Hard-Disk.vhdx type=expandable maximum=261120
attach vdisk
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs label="Blank Virtual Disk" quick
assign letter=z
detach vdisk
4. Once the template is in place, just run this command:
reg.exe add HKCR\.vhdx\Windows.VhdFile\ShellNew /f /v FileName /t REG_SZ /d Virtual-Hard-Disk.vhdx
Now you just have to right-click in any file explorer window, also on remote network shares, select New > Hard Disk Image File and rename the file as you wish!


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I am familiar with System Restore, selecting earlier times, and the often-available option of undoing a System Restore. But I found out (too late) that according to Microsoft, System Restore done in Safe Mode is not able to be undone.

I lost 1,000's of photos doing the system restore, now the only restore point option visible is what I believe to be the new one after I did the restore. Prior to me doing the System Restore, there were a number of times from me to choose from, I just chose one that was 10 days ago.

Is there any software, method, or hack that I can use or do to recover the thousands of photos that were on my desktop and that were in folders on my desktop? It's a 1 TB HD, any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:How can I undo or recover lost files from System Restore in SAFE MODE?

If I lost thousands of photos by running System Restore, the first question I would have is why did that happen? Did you have your photos stored in some Windows system folder?

Or did System Restore malfunction in some way? As I am sure you know, it doesn't normally affect personal data.

You might be able to retrieve something with a standard data recover app like Recuva.

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My daughter was dragging a word document that she completed from her wireless laptop to the dinning room desktop computer (wired to the router). The file disappeared from her computer and never showed up on the dinning room computer. I thought usually the file is just copied and not actually moved when you drag to a network resource. Also, sometimes, my router is intermittent. I don't know if that is the problem, just wanted to add it to the mix. Thanks for any help you can give.


Ps. Backup was not enabled in MS Word, and I searched for "*.wk" and "*.asd" files and found nothing.

* Windows XP SP2, MS Word 2003

A:How To Recover A Lost File?

As I remember, the file type for Word is .doc; for Excel it is .wk.
Try doing a search on the .doc file type.

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I accidentally reformatted the wrong hard drive, I lost all my information on D. I was wondering if there was any solid method of recovering some if not all of the lost files on that drive. Thank you.

A:How to recover lost data from hard drive?

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DDS (Ver_09-07-30.01) - NTFSx86
Run by michael wee at 10:24:28.51 on Wed 08/12/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_15
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.2029.1010 [GMT 8:00]

AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {17DDD097-36FF-435F-9E1B-52D74245D6BF}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k imgsvc
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgcsrvx.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe
C:\Program Files\PowerISO\PWRISOVM.EXE
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\NMBgMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\wc... Read more

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hello people- I need help- real quick- we just got back from vacation and I was transferring pics from my camera to my external hard drive- BUT somewhere along the way as I was deleting things I accidentally deleted a folder from my C drive called Documents-- I had all of my important documents on it PLUS my screensaver of all my family pics with out dog that we lost a few years ago- I am in dire straits now and need to recover that file folder called documents- I see I can download some from cNET as FREE but some have limits??(like 1 GB)- that is why I ask your expertise in getting the correct software to download that will do what I need. Please help and I and my family thank you for your help.

A:Recover lost file data

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i have win7 home edition 32bit given with my pc installed.
after a while i installed ubuntu 10.10 dual/boot and allocated 20GB as a partition to it.
dual boot worked fine i could use both os without problem
at some time i had some virus problems in win 7 and decided to format disk and reinstall.
i have no win7 installation disk but a win7 recovery disk given with the pc in order to use in these situations.
when i used the recovery cd before reinstalling windows i formatted disk (using the recovery cd to do it).
the rest of the install worked all right. however the problem is that now the 20GB of hard disk space allocated to ubuntu are lost. windows recognizes only the rest space and does not show any other partition. i also used easeus partition magic tool but got the same result.
what do i have to do to be able to use all disk space.
do full HD format with some option? and how?

A:Win7 problem after format and recover (lost disk space) urgent!!!!

Right click on your My computer icon on the desktop > Manage . It will open the computer management window. Maximize the window, click on "Disk management" in the left hand side pane, and post a snipshot ot the resulting windoe , for a better understanding of the present situation .

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Ubuntu uses a different format structure for the disks and partitions , so usually the ubuntu partitions are not generally shown in windows. But it is visible in the disk management window, without any drive letter assigned to it .

EDIT : If you want to access the linux partition from within windows, you may try this program : http://www.techiequest.com/diskinter...-from-windows/

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I just flew overseas to study abroad for a semester and brought my laptop and my external hard drive with me. Well, after I arrived, I hooked up my external hd and fired it up, but Windows wouldn't show it in My Computer, so I went into diskmanager and it shows that the drive is unpartitioned. It's a Maxtor 300gb disk and had 3 partitions on it, a FAT32 and two NTSF partitions. But non of them show up. I also tried accessing the disk through Knoppix, but no luck. I have files on their that I really don't want to loose, how can I recover the partitions or at least get the files off and then make new partitions. Also, why would the drive have done this? Maybe the x-ray at the airport? I have partition magic, would that be of any help? Note: I can't use Partition Magic right now, because my laptop isn't booting into Windows right now, but thats another problem, if you want to help me with that, search through my other posts, I'm about to start a thread for that too.


A:Hard Drive partitions lost - Need to recover data

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I'm trying to recover lost partition and files from external USB hard drive (Maxtor Portable 250GB).
I'm using disk Internals sofitware and the software finds the files, but when I try to save them on the drive, each time I get a watchdog, or another BOSD error.

Here are the dumps.
Attachment 44121

Thanks in andvance.
Any help will be much appreciated.


A:BSOD, trying to recover lost partition from external hard

Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!

Do your still need help with this problem?
I will be notified if you reply to this topic and will respond within 48 hours.

Start with these diagnostics on the USB hard drive: Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
If the hard drive is dead/dying, this could easily be the cause of the BSOD's

I like the GetDataBack software from Data Recovery - Data Recovery Software - RAID Recovery - NAS Data Recovery
It's free to see what you can recover, but it costs $80 (last I checked) to actually recover it.

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I had created a personal.pst file and had set some rules to move a few e-mails over to this file. Eventually, when my Inbox reached its max limit, I even archived e-mail in this file. Now when I had created this long time ago I had set a password and did not remember that. So one day I was trying to clean up my Inbox and after the job was done , just went and closed the personal.pst file. The next day when I was trying to open it, I realized that it had a password and I had forgotten it.
I tried all my normal combinations, but it has been a couple of years since I opened the file and don’t remember the password combination I was using in those days at all.
So trying to see if there is any way I can recover this data.
Any help is appreciated.

A:I have lost the password for my personal.pst file. Is there any way to recover?

Not sure if this is what you need...but take a look:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/pst_password.html .

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Dear All friends

i have bigg problem by mistak my external hard disk formatted by clean and clean so plsss help me how to recover my all file is insaid now whn i connet the pc its detecting hard disk but not showing its connecting pls help me friends

A:Hard Disk Recover

Hi shabee417, I'm not sure that I understand what happened to your external HD. Did you format it or did you just find it and everything was wiped?

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good evening , i know that if i want to recover the hard disk of my computer i must restart my computer and click on F12 and click on recover of the hard disk. i want to know if i do this, is the content of the second patition in my computer who contain my files (videos, pictures,etc .........),and who doesn't contain the windows files, will be not deleted?

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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic127696.html ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.

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I am preparing for a hard disk crash.

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8. Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?

If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

A:optical disk installation of Windows 8 after a hard disk crash

Quote: Originally Posted by broiyan

I am preparing for a hard disk crash.

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8. Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?

If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

I'm not positive, but I'd guess a $14.99 price for Win 8 would be a download, unless Samsung is offering some special promotional price for a disc.

I've seen a price of $69.99 for Windows 8 Professional, which I think is for a disc.

I'd find out what that $14.99 price is good for. It may be for an ISO download, in which case you could burn the ISO to a disc.

I'd keep the Windows 7 disc regardless. If you are like most people, you probably will find 7 preferable to 8.

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My hard drive recently crashed, so I went and bought a used one from best buy and have been trying to install it with recovery disk that I receive from HP. It would through the process with the first disk and now all i get is this error: file:\efi\microsoft\boot\bcdstatus: 0x0000185info: the boot configuration data for your pc is missing or has an error.  Can anyone please help me, I have only has this computer for a little over a yr and this is the 4th hard drive. 

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I upgraded my hard disk. Now my Windows 7 Professional product key is "stuck" on my old hard disk (which is now mounted as an external USB drive). I tried the sniffer product key programs to recover my product key (I have legitimately paid for and own the Windows 7 Professional key) but I am getting "do not have permission" error when sniffing old hard disk for product key.
Any ideas on how I might recover the Professional product key I own? (I have tried about 6 sniffer programs but all deny access to external Windows 7 directories)

Thanks for any help.

A:Recover Product Key from Old Hard Disk?

Have you tried Magic Jelly Bean; it has been very succeful in the past.

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I had a 400 MB HDD partitioned in 3 parts. Since the last 3 years the HDD was working fine. One day, the computer simply froze at windows XP boot screen. I restarted the machine quite a few times , but it use to freeze at the Windows loading screen of XP.

Then I removed the HDD and loaded win XP on another HDD 160 GB and made it the primary device. Now when I try to connect the earlier HDD as a secondary slave, the system just freezes and as soon as I disconnet the HDD from the cable, the system starts functioning.

I have a lot of data in the 400 MB HDD. Need to recover the data which is there in D and E partition.

Can anyone tell me the process with which I can recover the data from the old HDD ?

A:How to recover data from Hard Disk

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Hello all.My recent purchase has developed a start error (bsod). I have tried using Windows system recovery, to restore the system to an earlier point, but it doesn't work. So I M contemplating a full factory system restore using hp's recovery image on the partition.My question is, can I install the fresh operating to a new ssd, and not the existing mechanical drive the PC came with?Advice and installation tips would be much appreciated.Mario.

A:Can I recover Windows 10 to a new hard disk?

Hi, Yes you can do a fresh install using Windows 10 installation media from the following link      https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 (Note: Using a tool to create the iinstalltion media). Now, use the media to install fresh Windows 10 on your computer. You need to use same version (Home) . During the installtion process, it will ask for a key, please SKIP and continue Windows 10 will automatically activate when you come online. The key is in the BIOS. Regards.

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I have problem with my hard disk's chip of my laptop. How do i recover all datas from it.
Thank you.

A:Recover data from hard disk.

You've not exactly explained the situation very well.
are you saying the laptop is broken or the hard drive itself. "hard discs chip" doesn't mean anything in any lingo lol.

if its the laptop at fault you can buy a usb 2.5" caddy place the hard drive in it and use another computer to recover all of your data and files.

if the hard drive has failed and no longer works, theres little you can do. you could try a caddy like above, placing it in the freezer is an old trick to gain a small amount of life from a dying drive.

I dont mean to go on.. but this is why EVERYONE should back up their data regularly. harddrive failures shouldnt result in manic.. it should be "oh well its all safe on another drive/disc/flash drive" ect

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is anyone there who can give me the solution for a hard disk which is showing as a unallocated space, as i formatted c: which contains the windows Vista OS, please give me the solution for that as it hav lot of my personnel datas.....


A:How to recover the crashed hard disk

There are no guarantees that you can recover all or any of the data on the drive. To try and recover the data you will need another working PC that will allow you to attach the drive you are trying to recover from as a secondary drive. You will some type of recovery software to scan the drive and attempt to recover the files. Some people have reported success with using the GetDataBack program:


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My T61 is not booting. Can I take out the hard disk and pop it in any HDD and read it from a different computer to recover the data?

Go to Solution.

A:recover hard disk data

Yes, assuming it is not password protected

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I had recorded about 20 little league games on a Toshiba DVR when a water sprinkler head broke and drenched the recorder. After drying the DVR recorder I tryed to access the video's on the hard drive but it says "disc empty" and shows none of the videos. Is there anyway to recover the videos that were on the hard drive of the recorder. I need help!!!

A:Need to recover videos on a hard disk DVR

If I were you, I would try taking out the hard drive and then slave it to another computer and see if the files show up on the slaved hard drive and then try to transfer them to the computer. If they don't show up or the hard drive is blank, then the data is probably lost.

Good Luck!

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Immediately search great solution-Atom TechSoft 7z password unlocker tool to Repair & recover corrupt, damaged, erroneous zip file data without losing internal items. It completely
helps you to combat with all these possible errors without involving data loss. This 7 password unlocker utility is the mind-blowing technique for repairing 7z file password & also Supports Zip recovery of password protected zip files.


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o.k...so heres my problem....im curently defragmenting my HD...i have two partitions...my C: drive and my D:drive.....i have my OS installed in my C: drive and alot of other things.....

So when i first started defragmenting my C:drive....i had 34.0 GB of free space..and i left to go eat taco bell..XD..and when i came back...it was around 70% done but the free space was down to ONLY 2 GB.....

so iv looked evrywhere and foun lots of people had this problem..didnt quite find a solution though....and BTW...im stil defragmenting *** im writing this...but i might just end it becouse it started going really slow.....im assuing becouse i have no free space left on that partition....

Another important thing is that im NOT using the disk defragmentor that comes with the OS....

im using one called "Piriform Defraggler"....and before that i used the default one that came with the os...and it said that it was 0% defragmented..but when i analyzed it with the other program..it said it was like 64% fragmented......

So if theres ny more info u guys need ...just let me know...and i dont know if my HD space will come back after i close the program..but idk..il let u guys know..becouse i might just close it out now..becouse i dont think it will finish any time soon....

so plz help me out with this problem.....and thanx in advance.......

A:Solved: Lost Hard Disk Space After Disk Defragment

KK..im sry guys....i was just doing sum "reasearch"..and found out how to fix it....it turns out i had to resize the maximun ammount or shadow copy space..or sumthing like that....i had to do it in the cmd prompt...so ya...


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I'm desperate here, really need some ideas.

We offer B&B accommodation at home.
All our bookings until October were on the hard disk.
That hard disk no longer works!
It does not boot the computer, nor can it be accessed from another computer.
I took it to the shop where I bought it and they were unable to get it to work.

The disk turns, but for some reason is not recognized.
Then the message comes up asking if we want to format it.

The problem began this morning when the computer got blocked up.
I rebooted and got a message about a missing or corrupt ntfs.sys file in system32/drivers (the OS is Windows XP Professional).

I tried all the suggestions I found, like trying to restore from CD etc., but to no avail.
According to the shop where I bought it (the disk is a MAXTOR HD) there is something defective.

Is there any way to recover this data? I really need to or else we cannot make any more bookings.
Would the manufacturer be able to do so?
Are there services that might be able to help?

A:Help! Broken hard disk, I need to recover data!!

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I have recently bought a 1 TB Seagate external hard disk. It worked very good.
Some days ago I had to format my computer and reinstall windows, so I saved my important data on the external hard disk.
Accidentally, I did the format while the hard disk was connected to the computer.
I tried to connect the hard disk to my other computer, a massage popped up saying "Seagate storage device was successfully installed and ready to be used" , but I couldn't find it in "My Computer".
Then I went to My Computer-Manage-Disk Management and there I saw the hard disk, but it was Unallocated.
I tried to activate it, and then I saw it on My Computer. However, when I double clicked on it, A massage saying "This drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?" popped up. I said NO and then tried some file recovery programs, but with no success.
The only program that worked was "VirtualLab" It found the files, all of them, but I couldn’t save them because I had to buy the program.

I Tried the "Recuva" software, but when I tried to scan the hard disk, Recuva said "Unable to read boot sector".

Please, I really need to recover my files from there, There are some Medical Documents there for my sisters surgery.
Help me up please!!!

A:Recover data from External hard disk

$40 is actually a very good price if the program can see and promises to recover all the files you need. Free software is free software; sometimes it works fine and sometimes you get what you pay for, especially with data recovery. The ones I would have suggested cost significantly more (GetDataBack and Easeus Recovery Wizard).

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Recently my 320GB Seagate Hard Disk faced a problem and had to be replaced.

Am running Win7 x64 on my new 1TB WD Hard Disk. However, there was some important and slightly sensitive data that I still want to recover from my old Sata Hard Disk.

Chronology of events before replacement:

Mid-July: Hard Disk was working fine. I had to go out of town for a month. PC was not being used during that period.
Aug 11- I returned home, but PC refused to boot. Even the BIOS screen or the name of the motherboard does not appear. Just a blank screen. After a couple of hours of replugging in all the hardware and power cables, the PC booted and worked normally.
Aug17- PC refused to boot, repeated the same procedure of unplugging the hardware etc but this time i noticed that one of the connectors of my hard disk appeared slightly chipped off at the edge (cant remember if its the power connector or the sata connector). PC worked normally after a couple of hours of playing around with the hardware.
Aug 18- PC was freezing, every mouse click was taking a couple of minutes to respond. I tried rebooting but the faced the same problem as the previous two times. Unplugged the HardDisk and used an old IDE hard disk to figure out if its indeed the hard disks problem. The old IDE hard disk worked.

I went and purchased a new SATA hard disk which works fine now, absolutely no issues.
But i wanted some of my data from the old disk, so I tried connecting the old Hard Disk back but cant get it to bo... Read more

A:Need to recover data from a Bad Sata Hard Disk

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.
Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online (last one "bootable CD"). Download it and burn it. Boot from DVD. Does it see the SATA-disk? Does it see all partitions?

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Hi all,

I got a new Toshiba Satellite L50-B notebook with Windows 8.1 64-bit installed. As I need to go a special place, I passed the notebook to a IT guy and have the whole disk encrypted using DiskCryptor. The guy told me that he cannot boot the OS, even he entered the correct password. And one more nice thing. The guy did NOT make recovery discs first!

Since the hard disk is encrypted I cannot boot it. Also I cannot do a system recovery. I booted the notebook into Linux and copied all the content in the recovery partition to a USB drive.

Now, I would like to know if I can get my machine up and running again. I don't mind all my content will be lost as it is a new machine.

Would you show me how to make a set of custom recovery disc out of the content in the recovery partition?
Do I need to format my hard disk in UEFI mode? if so, how?

Please help!

A:New Toshiba L50-B Hard disk encrypted! how to recover?

The simplest thing to do would be to order the recovery discs from Toshiba.

What is the full model number? Like: Satellite L50-BBT2N22

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I have 3 SCSI Hard Disks... Configured in RAID 5...
now i wanted to install Windows Server 2003 on it so i booted the server from the HP Start Smart Cd and then partitioned it and then installed. But then after completing the installation successfully i came to know that i need to have backed up certain folders also that i didnt do. I used Easeus software to recover the whole partition and it recovered 246 GB of data which is useless...
There are many excel, word files that appear in different versions and then any file doesnt open..
I want some help on this...

THank You

Syed Mohammed Sirajuddin

A:What to do if the hard disk is formatted and we need to recover the data?

the best software i would recommend is Easy Recovery Professional ==>as far as i have experienced, they have the BEST

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Lenovo laptop G580I have created a Windows 10 recovery onto to a USB stick.I have replaced my faulty hard drive, but now I can't recover windows to the replacment hard drive.When starting up with the new hard drive installed I get the blue screen with "Choose Language Option"After choosing language I get the Troubleshoot or Turn off  optionWhen choosing the Troubleshoot option, I only get the optionsSystem Restore - use a restore point recorded on your PC to restore WindowsSystem Image Recovery - recover Windows using a specific system image fileI am not seeing the option Recover from a Drive, which should be there, I believe, from various Internet messages and posts I've seen Can anyone hlep please to get my laptop back up and running Windows 10 ? Geoff

A:Can't recover Windows 10 on to replaced hard disk

If you are not getting the Recover from Drive option, you must have missed selecting the option to "Backup system files to the recovery drive" when creating the Recovery drive, so you will have to download and create Windows 10 Installation Media to reinstall Windows 10 to you laptop.     Download Windows 10https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 When you get to the point where it asks for a Product Key, select the to skip  (or I do not have a key) option and Windows will automatically activate upon completion of the installation.  Unfortunately you will be starting clean, so any data will have to be restored from backup, and applications will have to be reinstalled.  FYI, If you do no have your data backed up, with luck you may still be able to recover it from the old drive if it just failed to boot from the drive, by mounting the drive into an external 2.5 inch USB enclosure, and copying off the the c:\users\<username> folders to your new HD.  Cheers, 

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Hii everyone.

I have a Western Digital blue 640 GB internal SATA HDD, which showed bad hard disk in startup repair. It does not shows in disk management or device manager when connected via USB port. But shows status as "online" in diskpart when connected via SATA port & when I enter startup tools using windows installation disk. The SMART test fails in BIOS when hard disk is connected internally. I want to recover the data of this hard disk because it is utmost important for me.

The hard disk is spinning normally and not making any clicking noise. Also, I checked via a software called 'Hard Disk Sentinel' that it has about 519 bad sectors & showed 0% health & 0 days remaining.
Is there any possibility of getting my data back? If yes, then how? I'm just a student, & the data recovery experts take a huge amount in recovering data. Please suggest all possible solutions for recovering data.

Thank You.

A:How to recover data of Hard Disk with many bad sectors?

Utmost important data, along with the OS partition, is best backed up at least weekly if not bi-weekly onto trustworthy external media. Where are your backups? If no backups, a local recovery expert working in a serious-minded business-oriented computer fix-it place will probably be your best bet.
Have you ever used any kind of recovery software before? Rule one: whatever you decide to use must not write anything anywhere onto the hard-drive.
There are several very good recovery programs available:
MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Piriform's Recova, EaseUS Data Recovery, and many more. I have pay-for versions, however, you might get results with one or two free versions.

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I had recorded about 20 little league games on a Toshiba DVR when a water sprinkler head broke and drenched the recorder. After drying the DVR recorder I tryed to access the video's on the hard drive but it says "disc empty" and shows none of the videos. Is there anyway to recover the videos that were on the hard drive of the recorder. I need help!!!

A:Need to recover lsot videos on a hard disk DVR

Closing duplicate thread too: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/851169-need-recover-videos-hard-disk.html

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I've been using a 60gb external hard disk which I bought last September.I've formatted the disk and rename it as "leyza's" and have no difficulties in using it in my laptop or others before this.The disk was not in used for about 4 days..and when I plug in through USB recently, there is no autoplay window and no trace of new disk at 'my computer' as usual.But,there is safely remove hardware icon with different hardware's name,not like the one before.How can I recover all my files saved in the disk.Please help me..

A:recover files in my external hard disk

check power and usb connections ok?
remeber if you bumped/dropped it etc?
can you hear it spinning up/powering up?
any wierd noises? grinding, clicking etc..

try on a different pc
if your on winxp, goto [my computer (right click)>manage>storage devices] see if your drive comes up there

if it is truly a machanical faliure, then you'd ask yourself how important is your data...

and like the painfull and expensive lesson i've just learnt, backup regularly.....

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Hi there , can any one help me to fix my hard disk . my hard disk is St- 3500413as but now showing ST- M13fqbl ATA 500 gb . OS Windows 7 32 bit. Suddenly my pc won" t turn on & when I try to fix i find in disk manager my hard disk showing just 3.86 gb. & showing not initalized & unalocated. I try more then 10 software like mini tool , wonder share nothing . no result . i even try with windows command promot bootrec/FixMbr bootrec/FixBoot bootrec/Scan Os bootrec/RebuildBcd. itd not working too. can Any one help me . all i need is recover my data . Please can some one give me any idea to recover my data.I try every suggestion i got from internet . Nothing . Still I'm In the same place with my data in my hard disk . Really really need help to recover my data


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I get this error on start up. This happened after my laptop froze and I turned it off with the power button.
STOP: C0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file):\System Root\System32\Config\SECURITY or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.

I've search and basically have only found two options: system restore of start up repair.

Start up repair didn't work so I guess system restore is the only option. I have data that I don't want to loose, though. Can I back up the data onto and external hard drive even thought I can't boot the system up?

It's a Gateway T1628. Not even two months old. The Gateway people haven't help me at all.



A:{Registry File Failure} Recover files for Restore

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Windows 7 was correctly displaying a message that

"Windows detected a hard disk problem"
"Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss".

I was then given this option later:
"Don't ask me about this problem again (not recommended)."

Since I ran utilities that showed Windows was right,I chose the option to not ask
me about this problem again.

As that may have been unwise at the time, I would like to undo that step
and have Windows ask me anout this problem again. How do
I restore receiving the "Windows detected a hard disk problem" message?

A:Restore Restore Windows 7 message about hard disk problem

The only way I know how is to use System Restore (NOT A FULL RESTORE), to roll back to a date prior to you making the change. It will affect any programs or Windows updates installed since, so you may want to remove those first, and then reinstall them after the System Restore has completed; check out this reference:

Hope this helps, best regards

The Cleaver

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Hi everybody,
(Am a new member in Tech Support Guy)
I have scant knowledge of how .tmp, .asd and temporary .doc files are created when word is opened.
I HAVE LOST THE USB DRIVE THE ONLY PLACE WHERE I STORED THE WORD 2007 FILE, I want to know if there is a way the Unsaved word file (unsaved on my PC and saved and opened only from jump drive) can be recovered

Important facts I want to know
1) Are .tmp, .asd and temporary .doc files stored in RAM and in what cases (or always)?
a) If they are, are they lost forever beyond recovery when word is closed normally or they can be recovered with a data recover software. (I ask this because I have an idea that RAM is volatile memory)
b) If they are not, where else they are stored and can they be still recovered from those places keeping in mind that my word document was closed normally and was unsaved on the pc anytime?
2) If the .tmp, .asd or temporary .doc files are indeed capable of being recovered as in my situation with most probably a data recovery tool, can they be opened in Word 2007 or they will be junk files by then and of no use?

Please help guys. Even if I am not able to recover my file by any means and the related files are lost, I would still liketo know this info above as it might be of some help to me in future.

A:Please help. Can I recover unsaved word 07 file onlu saved on USB drive now lost

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