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Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

Q: Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

My son has a Lenovo Y40-80 laptop. The harddrive is physically dead. It clicks and makes a terrible noise when powered up. I have a SATA->USB cable and tried accessing the drive using other computers, but no luck. I have a new SATA harddrive to put into the laptop, but I am wondering how I will get the OS reinstalled. I know that on the forum, all other discussions are about using recover partition of the harddrive, but this harddrive is physically broken. I tried to see if I can get recovery media through the support website, but was told because my laptop is out of warranty I could not download or get any recovery media from Lenovo support. I feel like if I buy a computer with an OS, I should at least be told what the registration code is for my OS so I can reinstall the software from media I have from other computers. Is there any other option besides just buying a brand new OS?

Preferred Solution: Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

If the computer came with Windows 8.1 or 10, then the Product ID is stored in the computers BIOS and is not required to reinstall Windows. You can download Windows Install media for Windows 8.1 and 10 for free from Microsoft using this link. During installation, the product should be automatically detected, or if reinstalling Windows 10 (even after an upgrade) you can skip the product key and it will be detected after installation is complete. If the system came with windows 7, then there should be a product key sticker either affixed somewhere on the laptop. BTW I cannot believe that Lenovo will not send you recovery installation media for your system. You cannot order them online in the USA, however, but you can order them by calling Lenovo support at 877-453-6686 The Lenovo recovery disks may be preferred since they would create the original partition layout, and include all the proper drivers and Lenovo pre-installed software that came with your system when it was new. Good Luck, Create installation media for Windowshttps://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15088/windows-create-installation-media

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Greetings;  I am a victim of malicous menacing locally....I have searched the forums for something about someone having physical access to my harddrive and potentially my program CDs as I am aware that my activity on the internet is being monitored and even after destructive reformats.   i.e., Notably new behavior where the log-in and/or entry fields on a particular webpage will highlight a light blue when they are clicked-on; my passwords get mysteriously changed; I get locked out of my email and bank accounts.  I have Active Ports and Process Explorer, but they show nothing questionable.   If the intruders are using my IP to connect through the internet connection they wouldn't, right??   I have performed  /release and /renew in ipconfig and turned off as many Remote Access options as possible. I disabled my router. Will changing the IP address be enough?  With the last hard reformat, the IP changed automatically without my intervening.  That was new! If I sound a little moritified, its because I am.  I don't know what to do to ensure that my internet activity is secure from the culprits.  Understandably, Comcast has promised little in helping. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm out of ideas here and just don't access sensitive information anymore. 2 online claim forms reporting the culprits were stopped and never received. Will changing the IP a... Read more

A:Harddrive physically hacked?

Hi. I'm not one of the experts here, and I am sure somebody will get back to you soon. They are great here. But I just wanted to say that what you are experiencing sounds awful. I doubt very very much that a hard drive can be physically hacked. I would be tempted to check that there is no surveillance equipment hidden in your home which somebody could use to see you type your passwords. You might want to change the security and passwords on your router too if you have not done so. Hopefully somebody here will know what advice to give you.

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Computer was given to me because the cdrom was dead.
The tick of death started, so the harddrive is dead too(it is dead now sure)
XP licence is stuck under laptop.

Pity to throw this laptop away, I would liket to get XPback on, but failling that anything is accepted.

A:laptop, dead cdrom, dead harddrive

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Hi guys,
I have just taken my laptop in to get checked out, because it was having trouble restarting after it froze durning a system restore. The fellow told me I have a pretty much dead harddrive, and that it would be easily replaced under my extended warranty, provided I hadnt caused the problem.

The thing is, i spilt the tiniest bit of chocolate milk on my laptop about 3 months ago. I know, I'm an idiot, but I cleaned it up and let it dry out, exactly as you're meant to. Everything was fine, but now i'm worried that this has caused the death of my harddrive. Or that even if it didnt, they will see marks or something and charge me anyway. However, I have always had trouble with my laptop, it often shuts down for no reason, even before the milk incident. I have also had trouble with system restores in the past. I have a hp pavillion and my partucular type is also notorious for overheating. The guy I talked to said that it could well be just a large number of things disintergrating over time that has caused it, but if I could get some insight, that would be great. Id prefer to know now if im likely to have to pay a couple of hundred dollars to get it fixed!


A:Dead Harddrive

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For about 3 months my computer has been having this stalling problem, and i've been able to keep it from getting bad by switching my sata port and cables. Slowly it got worse and worse, and now when i try to boot it up it just beeps a lot and gives me this error message saying disk boot failure please insert windows disk. I thought it might of been my motherboard so i plug ed it into my friends computer and it seemed to be working fin till it was about to load the windows login screen and just stayed black.


that is a link to my previous post when i thought it was my motherboard

A:Is my harddrive dead or is it something else

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Hi all,
yesterday, while trying to delete a file, I got "Cannot Delete, file in use" error and another error telling me that some file in the same folder was corrupted. Then, that entire harddrive "disappeared" from My Computer. In other words, the drive icon disappeared as if the drive was no longer detected.

I restarted and got a DOS error saying "Hardware Failure, contact your hardware vendor."

I removed the drive (its my secondary) and the computer started up fine. Virus scans found nothing.

I dont know what to do at this point. EVERY thing that matters to me is on that drive. Are there tests I can run to see whats wrong with it? I really hope the data is recoverable.

For the record, its a 250 gig Internal S-ATA Seagate drive.

Thanks for ANY help, I really appreciate it!!

A:Is my Harddrive DEAD?

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freezing during installing software/running software

numerous, error messages on boot drive stability

during format/partion, it took a long amount of time, and numerous attempts, file alocation errors

please help its a 8100 dell dimension

is the HD about to die? does it have a virus?

A:labtop harddrive going dead?

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my computer restarts and gets to boot disc failure so i think its dead but i use another power supply cable connecter and it works

ever had this happen?

the other one seems a little loose and may not last long either

A:dead harddrive? i guess no

I have certainly had it happen before. Purchase a new power supply.

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I have a friend whos computer was acting weird. It's older, so the local shop wouldn't look at it for her. she said she couldn't get it to say ON. I told her I would look at it, (but I know next to nothing)
when I started it up the first few times, the only thing odd I noticed is the background was blood red with a butcher knife on it. Just weird for her. I didn't try to get online.

I called her to ask if the background was normal, and exactly the problem she was experiencing was. she said the background wastn' normal, and that when she got online, it would restart her computer.

Thinking I had the answer, (virus) I headed down with my Norton in hand. I started up the computer as I have a few times before, but this time it didn't even recognize the hard drive.. checked for it.. then said.. "master NONE"..

I opened it up, checked all the cables and tried again.. nothing. I tried to put one of my old harddrives in, and it did recognize mine..

my question is.. would a virus have killed this harddrive.. and is that what it probably is? is there any way of getting the data back off? I have an old hard drive here, but I had used it as a back up for my digital pictures... there isnt' a OS loaded on it. so it won't start up the system either.

I just dont' know if i should cut my losses or keep trying.

thanks for any advice!!

A:[SOLVED] Is harddrive dead?

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Circuit City tech guy says he could NOT transfer my
data from IDE 60 GB to my new HP computer I bought on 7/8/7
He said the harddrive wasn't spinning & he thought it was dead.
(My monitor fizzled out on 7/7/7 like a light bulb going out.)


If the hard drive is not spinning, your options are suddenly very expensive.

You will need to take the drive to a professional data recovery company, but prepare yourself for a likely very high cost. If the drive has to be opened, a "clean room" lab is essential as even a single speck of dust will take out the heads and platter.

Data that only exists on a hard drive and is not backed up is data that you don't care about losing. The hard drive and PSU are the two most failure prone devices in a PC. You need to backup important data regularly, the hard drive is temporary storage at best.

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Circuit City tech guy says he could NOT transfer my
data from IDE 60 GB to my new HP computer I bought on 7/8/7
He said the harddrive wasn't spinning & he thought it was dead.
(My monitor fizzled out on 7/7/7 like a light bulb going out.)

A:Harddrive DEAD; LOST DATA?

This is the same as your previous post - http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/593431-how-transfer-harddrive-new-computer.html - which Ziggy suggested you get moved to the Hardware section. Please don't double-post, just contact a mod and have them merge the threads and move them to Hardware.

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hi, i recently started having problems with my external harddrive its WD 500gb

at first some times is asked me to format it. i only turned it off and on and it was back to normal. then after that last power outage it kept asking me to to format it and then its not detected at all.

bias doesnt see it at all (once it actualy saw it). when i plug in via usb my win7 just makes that enoying beep sound over and over. device manager is refreshed but nothing new is there. esata port stops the comp from starting at all. also if i try going to bias when its pluged in it hangs when starts to scan what is plugged in in my sata ports.

thought it spins and everything properly.

any one got ever had this sort of problem before?

A:external harddrive dead or is there hope

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im working on a dell inspiron 5100... was running xp... on boot up, i get black screen tht says "primary hard disk drive 0 failure" "no boot device available".. so looks like the hard drive is dead... ive work on desktops, but never the hardware on laptop... this is the hard drive that is on the computer...
Part Number:G0435
Functional Group:HARDDRIVE
Description:HD 40GB I 9.5MM 5.4K HIT-FRES
Comments:HGST Fresno-B 40GB HDD (5400rpm) udma 100

i was just wondering if most laptop harddrives will work on this computer without having to order the same drive from dell... does anybody have any recommendations... i think the pc is about 5 years old... thanks for your help...

A:Solved: dead dell laptop harddrive help

Yes, I've put several laptop drives in my Dell's. They don't have to be ordered from the manufacturer.

So you could even get a larger one if you want.

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I have a computer given to me that I am attempting to reinstall Win XP (older version then what is installed) and during bootup it does not find the hard drive.

The harddrive is showing as partitioned but I am unable to locate through DOS both partitions or the ability to remove the partitions. Any suggestions or ideas on this?

A:Reinstall Win XP No Harddrive

So windows doesn't find the hard drive when you boot from the CD?

But the installed OS boots and works?

Usually that's because the cd doesn't have the drivers for a sata controller chip, you have to load them on a floppy and hit F2 during setup.

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On power and these drive doesn?t even initialize. I had these two harddrives in raid 0, worked fine. I moved bays with them booted worked plugged to more in and they both did not work. Put in a new raid card nothing, changed cables tested with the two that worked. Mounted both in a docking station widows reads them but get a triangle with a red ?!? in storage manager. Any one has any ideas, how to update firm ware or rest these drives?

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Edit: Title should be WD5000AAKS-00TMA0

Oh god, this keeps happening to me. I've had so many hardware problems recently, taking up all my time and money...

I'll tell you the entire story.
I have a fan on the front of the computer (quite small) that often makes alot of noise. So everytime it makes this sound, I press down on the casing or nudge it (or slap it), and it quitens down.
For the past 2-3 days though it's been EXTREMELY loud, and it's unstoppable.
A nudge shuts it up for a minute or 2, and then it starts up again. It's incredibly annoying...
So I decided to do something about it.
It's a small fan, it appears to only cool down my 2 harddrives and nothing else, so I thought I'd remove it.
Attached to the fan is a black wire and a red wire. I followed these wires back to the source. The 2 wires were seemingly forced into 2 of one the 4 pin harddrive cables (wires:red black black yellow, white plug).
[I should mention here that my computer was built by a specialist and purchased on eBay.]
I saw this and thought to my self "Easy!"
I pulled the 2 wires out and removed the fan from the casing.

When I started up the computer, everything seemed fine. No more noise!
Then I realised my 2nd harddrive wasn't showing up.
500GB of music, software and work. Important work....
I put my hand to the harddrive as the computer casing was still open. Nothing.

It's COMPLETELY unresponsive.
I look at the BIOs, it's not recognis... Read more

A:Completely dead harddrive (like a rock) WD5000AAKS-00TMA00

Luckily, I found the correct screw heads in my shed so i can get at the PCB!!!!


R64 - 0.3 OHMS
R67 - 527 OHMS
D3 - 0 OHMS
D4 - 563 OHMS

There's also a setting on my multimeter to test diodes, so I gave it a go on all of them

R64 - 0 (BEEP)
R67 - 658 (NO BEEP)
D3 - (1 BEEP)
D4 - 712 (NO BEEP)
I imagine there is a broken resistor and a broken diode in there.
I think the culprits are R64 and D4.

Instead of removing the components as I've been told to (and replacing them with wire)... Can I just solder a piece of wire from one terminal to the other, like an arch? an alternative route? instead of clipping the whole thing out???

Please tell me the answers!!!!!!!!!
What next!??????

Thank you!!!!!!!

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hello I recently reinstalled XP on a new harddrive. Have not been able to connect to the internet. Trying to disable firewall but I cannot find control for firewall in control panel. Tried to execute wscui.cpl, and firewall.cpl in run but was not found. Can someone tell how to troubleshoot what may have gone wrong in the install and also how to get to the controls to the firewall? Thank you. Xandr

A:Problem With Reinstall Of Xp On New Harddrive

Have you tried going to control panel and clicking "Windows Firewall"? It has a button to turn it off there.

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Ok im new but need help. I consider myself pretty advanced at computers but I am not sure what to do here. So a couple months ago and my computer would lockup and I couldn't do anything but turn it off. Because explorer.exe and everything would lockup. So then I would randomly get disk checks even when I turn it off the safe way and it would always have to recover the same files one of which I remember being wmpshare.exe which was located at Index I30$ and that index was the index that all the files had to be recovered at. Anyway so then about a couple weeks after that my windows wouldn't boot at all. After going through microsoft the bluescreen I got said I had bad ram and after I removed the bad stick of ram it worked fine. Then when I turned it on a couple weeks after that all these files went missing and some programs won't start someofwhich include Photoshop, Internet Explorer, etc... So I call microsoft again and they tell me to do an inplace upgrade which I have not done yet because I wanted to back up my stuff. So once I was done backing up my stuff I go into a hardware diagnostics which came with my computer and tested the harddrive. It passed the Smart Status Test, Random Seek Test, Funnel Seek Tesk, Surface Scan Test, and Surface Scan Test 2. But it failed the Smart Short Self Test with the error code HD521-2W. I can't do anything today but do I need to replace my harddrive or is their anyway to save it??? I do also have a image of some sorts wh... Read more

A:Harddrive Failing or Reinstall?

please guys I really need to know...

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Good day all..
Abit of advice needed, I have bought a SSD drive on which i want my OS & programs etc and my main drive now as just data.
Now do i have to start again reinstall W7 and the whole sha-bang onto the new SSD-HD?
Or is there a easy way around this?


A:Win7 reinstall on new HardDrive???

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I recently re-installed XP pro 2002 with service pack 3
I am using a AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+, 2.2GHZ, 448 MB of RAM

I formatted my c drive where I put the XP .

I now have new items in my device manager ..(see pic)

I have 3 hard drives. c, d, and e

I had 3 USBs connected when I did the re-install one goes to my printer, one to a scanner and one to the remote for the mouse.

I have 2 DVD rw that show up as CD roms. whenever I place a DVD in them they change from DVD RW to to CD rom. sometimes this will
cause a shutdown when I try to burn a DVD, but not always. I notice that autorun will change to ...what do you want to do with this CD when I put a blank DVD in the DVD drives.
the DVD RWs will read and play DVDs and the autorun will ask what I want to do with the DVDs.

1) ....should I / can I delete the new invisible hard drives in the device manager? they show up as unknow partitions and are 100% un-used.

2).... what can I do about the DVD RW issue?

thanks for any help you can offer.


A:Reformatted Harddrive after XP reinstall

<<I have 3 hard drives. c, d, and e>>Nooooo...you have two hard drives (a 160GB and a 40GB) and 5 partitions reflected . Of the 5 partitions, 2 cannot be read by Windows.<<...should I / can I delete the new invisible hard drives in the device manager? they show up as unknow partitions and are 100% un-used.>>Depends...do you know where they came from? System manufacturer and model?In time, we will delete them...but let's try to understand what they might be and how they got there first.What did you use as the method for installing XP Pro? Microsoft CD? Restore/recovery disks? Restore partition?<<I have 2 DVD rw that show up as CD roms. whenever I place a DVD in them they change from DVD RW to to CD rom. sometimes this willcause a shutdown when I try to burn a DVD, but not always. I notice that autorun will change to ...what do you want to do with this CD when I put a blank DVD in the DVD drives...the DVD RWs will read and play DVDs and the autorun will ask what I want to do with the DVDs.>>Try uninstalling both optical drives in Device Manager...then rebooting XP. I would ensure that no USB drives are powered on, just in case that's confusing to the system.If no joy, then we try Upper and Lower Filters. CD-ROM 314060 - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060.Even though this is a common fix, you need to take precautions anytime that you anticipate making a registry edit, no matter how well detailed. An excellent tool for backing ... Read more

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Hi people.
Im sure Im not the first one with this problem but all tge solutions didn't help. Im reinstalling windows 8 on my just formatted hard drives since I've filled up 1.5 terabyte with shit. (Not porn) and now I can't install it again?
Sorry for the misspellings... Im on my phone.

A:Cannot reinstall windows 8 after harddrive format

Assuming there's nothing you want to keep on that partition, try using the Delete option to make the partition into unallocated space.

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the laptop didn't come with a disk for 7 so i don't know what to do.
i also dont know how to format my hardrive,
please help,

A:how do i format my harddrive and reinstall windows 7

Hello kueldood.

Here's some interesting info you may find useful, and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

After you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media; if you can find an exact Windows version that the PC shipped with you can do a clean install using the activation key on the COA sticker attached to the PC though it may require a robo-call to MS to sort the OEM batch-key.

How to Activate Windows 7 by Phone
If you can't find an exact same version, you could use the info in this tutorial to create an "all versions" installer of any version Windows installer, to install using the same method I posted above.

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create
After you have made backups of everything you care to save, the best method is to do a complete wipe (secure erase) of the entire Hard Disk Drive first, it over-writes everything, all the old Windows code including all the old drivers/programs, giving you the best possible space to install Windows to.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Hey everyone, I'm ner here. This looks like a great place for information. Looks like I'll be stickin around. Anyway, my buddy is in some major trouble. He has a big project due tomorrow and it's all saved at school. He had it at home but his ssiter reinstalled windows xp, and his file is lost.

Is there a way to retrieve his file?

Thank you very much,


A:Retrieve data off harddrive after reinstall of win xp??

Highly unlikely if she installed from scratch.
If she re-installed over the existing XP, the file should still be there.
Best bet is to get the copy back from school and continue with that.
Then burn it on a CD.

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Hello all....this is my 1st post but I always get good info just by browsing the boards!

I am trying to use my Windows XP Prof. CD to reformat and reinstall windows on my computer. I put the CD in, reboot my computer, and choose the option to boot from CD-ROM 1st. So far this works fine. I enter the windows setup where it loads all the normal setup stuff. Then it gives me the options of installing windows and tells me to hit ENTER.

PROBLEM is, when I do this, it tells me setup cannot find a hard drive on my computer and it would reboot in 15 seconds. I dont understand whats going on since there obviously is a hard drive!!

Can anyone offer help or suggestions?

A:Help! Trying to reinstall XP and setup cant find harddrive?

Some suggestions!
Go into the BIOS see if it is set to auto to aquire the drives, make sure the system is recognizing the HD. If not check all your connections, I once flipped the cable on an IDE that caused what you have. SATA plug in differently doing away with that. If you do have IDE and have the HD & CD on the same cable it may be seeing the CD as master. Check jumpers on both drives, most of the it is something simple that is over looked that drive you crazy.

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I had 2000 on the harddrive and it got glitchy. So now I am trying to reinstall and have actually done so but now I can't seem to create a dial up connection. Tells me the ISP name is no good and gives me an error for every name I used. So I decided, screw it. I'll wipe the whole drive and start over. Tried to do it through setup but tells me It cannot copy some kind of pif file? That it may not install without that file. But I'm new to 2000 and need to know how to reformat the entire drive so I can install a clean copy of 2000 Pro. Thanks.

A:How do I format a harddrive and reinstall Win2000?

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Hi, thanks in advance for any help.

My parents gave me an old Dell XPS 210 that they were told had a harddrive failure. I've got a 500gb SATA that I used an HDD Enclosure to format with my laptop. I've also got a Vista 32bt re-installation DVD that came with the computer. I've went into the BIOs and set the boot order to read the DVD first, but what I get when I put the DVD in is a BOOTMGR is missing error. On the off chance that it was my disc, I downloaded a copy of Vista on ISO and burned a new disc with the intent of installing and trying to use the recovery disc that came with the computer to reinstall all the needed drivers and software. But I get the same error with the burned disc as well. I'm not exactly a computer expert, so please try to make your explanations as simple as possible.

A:Trying to reinstall Windows on a blank Harddrive

and welcome to the Forum

It sounds like your DVD drive is not reading the DVD . . You may heve to replace it.

Once you reinstall Vista, rather than use the drivers from the disc, I suggest you download the newest drivers from Dell

You can go to the Dell support site, enter your Service Tag Number and download the drivers. Be sure to use IE and do not use the Dell Download Manager!

Just download the driver file, save it to the desktop and double click to install

On the list of drivers, click on the Download File and on the next page, choose Single File Download . .

See this for the order they should be installed:
How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order | Dell

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Hi, Lenovo sent me a new hard drive, I installed it but I'm not able to reinstall Windows 10 from the USB key they sent me. I tried 2 keys and both yielded the same result.I set up the BIOS to have it boot from the USB key before I switched the machine on. The first reinstallation attempt was inadvertendly interrupted due to a lack of power (and I had forgotten to plug rhe machine in :-( ). All my repeat other attempts ended up with an error message: "This system rebooted uncontrolled during WinPE Preload". Here is a (short) video of the installation process with the screens I get: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7e6kswinyojlah/20180226_170834.mp4?dl=0 The customer service is unreachable in France at the moment. Any idea to get this sorted out welcome. Thanks. Catherine. 

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Hi I have a HP Laptop that I need to replace the Hard Drive on. My question is when I replace the Hard Drive, Can I use the restore CD I create to start installing Windows 7 back onto the new Drive? Also would be possible to use a windows 7 restore CD from another Windows 7 home pc? in case I cannot create a windows restore cd on the laptop with the bad drive.


A:New Harddrive and reinstall Windows 7 Home Preimum

Welcome to Seven forums ziek2012.

The restore CD you make will not install Windows 7, it is to access repair options in a non-booting system. You will need an install DVD of the same version you now have to re-install and activate using the key on a tag somewhere on the laptop.

If the drive still functions, you could try cloning it to the new drive via USB or making an image to restore with.

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My desktop is HP Paviliom Elite HPE Series(480t) that is out of warrenty. The HHD is dead, so I have to replace it and reinstall the OS.  How can I do this? Thanks in advance.

A:Replace dead HHD and need to reinstall win 7

ginejil Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about replacing your hard drive and restoring your Desktop to working condition and wanted to help. In terms of replacing the hard drive, this links to the Upgrading and Servicing Guide for your PC: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02067973 Instructions for replacing the hard drive begin on page 9. In terms of restoring your PC, ordinarily, I would recommend using HP Recovery Media to restore your PC to its original condition. That would erase the entire drive, format the drive, and install the OS, the drivers, and the HP utilities.Unfortunately, there is no HP Recovery Media linked to the HP Product Page for your PC. This could be an oversight by HP, or it could also mean that HP no longer stocks the recovery media for your PC. They no long stock recovery media for the older PCs.You can try contacting HP Customer Support directly, using the links below, to see if you can order if from them:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while! If HP no longer carries your recovery media, here are some other sites you can try: http://www.computersurgeons.com/  and http... Read more

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I have two dead computers. The hard drives are certainly dead. They have failed the hard drive error test. This explains why the computers were so slow. (I am typing on a HP Pavilion dv7 which is much faster.)

The affected laptops are a Toshiba Protege M400. Windows would not boot any more. I pulled the hard drive and plugged it into an adapter. It failed the test. That hard drive is much too small anyways.

HP G62.

I ran a test on the HP G62 which includes a memory test and a hard drive test. I don't think it ran any other hardware tests unfortunately. The memory test passed and the hard drive test failed.

The only option I have with me is the recovery partition, which is on a dead hard drive.

Both of these computers have product key stickers on them. Should I use them?

Is the product key stickers on the computer meant just for that computer (in case I have to replace the hard drive) can it be used as many times as needed, for the computer it is attached to?

Is the product key on the laptops similar to registering MorphOS, where the keyfile is tied to the ROM (or something) of the computer? And that keyfile is not supposed to be transferable to another computer?

What is an OEM version of Windows?

Is that product key on the laptops an OEM key?

Can OEM keys be reused for a new hard drive if the old hard drive dies?

What is a "Windows for Refurbished PCs" install disc?

Can Windows for Refurbished PCs be reused if the hard drive di... Read more

A:2 Dead Computers: Should I Reinstall Or Get Rid Of?

I'm guessing they are both at least 6 or 8 years old?

If that's true, I'd say most of your questions are irrelevant--I wouldn't expend much money on either.

You may be able to order recovery disks from the manufacturer, but it may be for a ridiculous price.

Are both XP or is one Windows 7?

The Product Keys can be re-used on those 2 machines.

You could reinstall the operating system on new hard drives for either machine. You'd have to buy new hard drives and buy, borrow, or find an installation disk. You don't need to buy it if you can borrow a version that exactly matches the version mentioned on your Product Keys.

Up to you to decide how much time and money you want to use. If you don't do much with them other than browse the Internet, email, and minor stuff, they might be worth salvaging, but at their age it's a questionable proposition. You could buy new hard drives and have the motherboard or screen fail the next week. Laptops are very expensive to maintain compared to a desktop machine.

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Hello all. I?m new to this forum ?cause I have a problem (what else is new?)

My Dell E510, new in April this year, had been running 24/7 and doing reasonably well on XP-Media Center Ed 2005 ? not my choice, but with the options I wanted, that was Dell?s only offer. Weekly I shut down the entire system and do a cold reboot. Never a problem until late yesterday when I got the following message: "Windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll. Please reinstall a copy of the above file?.

How do I do that when the PC is dead???

I?ve been ?reading the mail? and have seen several *.dll problems but, naturally, not like mine. If you didn?t know, Dell no longer sends out CDs of ANYTHING. I have no XP-Media Center discs, discs for programs preloaded by Dell, and NO RECOVERY DISC. Noda, zip, zilch.

Yeah, yeah, I shoulda made my own recovery disc? Well, I didn?t and it?s too late for that now.

Good news (I think) is that I have access to a second PC by which I?m on line with you now. Finding a copy of System32\hal.dll via the Internet should not be a problem. Problem is how do I boot up what is now a dead terminal without a Recovery Disc or some other form of OS?

I have looked at the menu?s for F8 and F12 but I?m years and years behind the power curve so a lot of it is technobable. Until I retired a couple of years back, I had my IT staff to bail me out when PCs, servers or systems failed so ... Read more

A:Need Help to Reinstall system32\hal.dll on Dead PC

Try here for recovery disks: http://www.gennersales.co.uk/recovery/dell.htm

I don't know how it works at present with DELL as I haven;t had a system off them to reinstall on. Generally, you need the XP CD to do this: http://www.compphix.com/corrupthal.html

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Iwas on my computer last night downloading the Windows XP service pack 2. Everything went well until i restarted. When i did, it wouldnt start the OS, it just came to a black page with EXCEPTION at the top and a bunch of random things underneath it. I figured the only way to solve this is to reinstall the OS. I have the IBM recovery disk, but i am wondering if there is an easier way. My computer has been restarting when i am on the internet for long periods of time but it just comes right back. Any suggestions would be greatly beneficial.

A:computer dead, need to reinstall OS

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I'm running Vista home basic on a Dell 530, and home premium on and HP networked. They both have the same problem.
The dvd drives in both have stopped working. In device manager I get the message:
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

One thing in common is that two drivers are listed, standard Windows and Gearaspi..... I dumped the Gear driver on the Dell, thinking there might be a conflict, ut there was no change.

I tried reloading the driver, but the installation aborts, both from a manual install and from the Microsoft Fixit site. Also, when the fixit runs diagnostics, it can't find the drive first pass, repairs, says it's detected.

Dell diagnosics finds and runs the drive fine, with its own drivers.

Everything's backed up and ready for a reinstall. However, it won't boot to the install CD, the f8 trick won't get me into restore, so I'm dead in the water.

1. Can anyone think of a way to fix this without a re-install?
2. If not, any thoughts on getting either to the reload utility if f8 won't do 3. 3. Would an external usb dvd drive work without the Windows dvd drivers?
4. If not, can I do an insall by copying the install disk to a folder on an external hard drive, using my laptop, and install from there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:DVD dead, registry corrupted, can't do a reinstall

Delete the filters: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/

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Hi Guys,
hope you can help me, here's my problem.

I have a Dell Latitude DL420 notebook, i connected my 3G modem up to it yesterday and I got a blue screen of death!
I couldn't restart from my keyboard so i had to pull the battery out of the back of it. When it started back up i had a different desktop background, my windows theme had vanished.
I got a little worried, none of my FN keys would work, normally i can press FN and then my volume button and i will get the sound controller.
I had no sound and i couldn't connect to the NET via my 3G modem either. I tried to back up my stuff but i couldn't copy and paste from desk top to my USB key.

The laptop was effectively DEAD, I don't have my original DELL Windows XP cd that i got with the laptop, but i used another Dell Windows XP CD to reinstall windows
......so about 57 minutes later windows was reinstalled..
i can connect to the net with my 3G modem,but now my screen resolution is not the same as it used to i have no sound from my notebook i get back this message when i go to the sound controller:

There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices go to control panel, click printer and other hardware then click add hardware.

none of my FN keys work anymore, my screen resolution won't go as small as it used to so i need a little help...

anyone any ideas how i can get my laptop back to how it used to be, with the sound working, screen resolution small again, and all the FN keys working? ... Read more

A:After Windows ReInstall Laptop Dead...

Hello . . and welcome to the forum

You need to go to the Dell support site . . enter your Service Tag number and download the drivers for your system. Start with the notebook management then the chipset . . then video and any others you need


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ok, in a nutshell, my mate had vista installed on her laptop(hacked version to run on 256 ram LOL) it runs super slow, she has viruses with other problems, so im offering to fix it for her, i know vista has some problems with hardware n stuff, so can i just format the HDD useing a vista disk(how do i do that because i havent used a vista disk for that before) then install XP onto that same HDD without and MBR problems or anything?

A:formatting Vista harddrive reinstall XP(quick answer needed really)

Boot with the XP CD and run setup. Partition and format when the options appear.

If it is a SATA drive, XP setup does not support them.

Installing XP on a SATA drive
"Many newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the BIOS and check the 'Sata Operation' setting, change it to 'Raid Autodetect/ATA' if it is not already. Now try to install XP (Verbiage will vary by manufacturer)" - Courtesy of simpswr.

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I have been told to reinstall system, which I will as a last resort . . but I still have some questions that I would like to clarify before giving up in a repair, as I have MANY programs installed which I may not be able to reinstall.

Can you answer a few questions for me before I give in . . . as I still think this was/is virus caused as it has been getting progressively worse and worse as I work in it.

1) If the system does not reboot when commanded after doing a function as Restore, does that restore take hold after I have to do a hard off and re power to attempt a boot, or is it lost because of no proper reboot?

2) When choosing to boot Recovered Windows System, I get message that cannot start because, ...system32\Winload.exe is missing. Could this be the issue?

3) Can I put the hard drive in an external case in order to connect with a different system through USB, to do more troubleshooting with it? Perhaps to totally eliminate anything wrong with the hardware?

Vista OS

Any input will be appreciated.

A:System declared dead, to reinstall, but questions

Question 3: Yes you may check your hard drive and retrieve any files as possible using Enclosure, then scan for possible bad sectors that may probably cause damage to your PC.

Question 2: Due to bad failures of boot problem, corrupted files may exist and in order to fix that then a bootable CD OS should done for that.

Question 1: Usually as computer suffers error and no automatic action made then likely make a manual reboot and activate bootable drive.

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Hello all,

I've found a lot of good info here, but I could still use a little more help. I'm pretty sure the hard drive on my 6-year-old desktop just died. The computer had been turning off for no reason lately. I went into the BIOS after a "Disk boot failure" and there was no hard drive listed. That computer's on Windows 7 professional and was using an ATA-100/IDE hard drive. I imagine I have to install Windows 7 on the new drive and then load up the backup image (on 5 DVDs!), correct? I would also like to upgrade the new drive to SATA (looks like I need a PCI card for that). Would my backup image fail to load if I change the type of drive I use?


A:Dead Drive-Have Backup Image-How to Reinstall?

Quote: Originally Posted by Perumexican

Hello all,

). Would my backup image fail to load if I change the type of drive I use?


Which software did you use to take the image? Some, like Acronis, can restore to different hardware, although you may need to change the AHCI setting in BIOS. Or did you use the builtin windows backup?

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Hi,750GB Hard drive dead replaced with 1TB Hard drive. Window 8 Recovery USB created before hard drive fails.  Now trying to recover my laptop using with recovery USB its showing restored system successfully it asking to restart. While starts its showing popup "recovery unsuccessful" messages coming, popup having three options like "save log, details and retry". if click retry showing same popup again. Please help on this.     

A:Hard drive dead. How to reinstall Windows 8 on a new blank d...

Hi,Can you take out the new drive and prep the new HDD as described in here from another PC:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/How-do-I-upgrade-my-notebook-to...Then insert it, perform factory reset using recovery USB.RegardsVisruth

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So my brother dropped his computer to the ground, and now it is not working properly.
I started windows in repair mode, but the computer freezes like this https://imgur.com/Pq1ncSs, but without the repair box.
I was wondering if it is possible to recover some of the files and stuff on the HD, when the computer is unable to boot.
I have taken out the harddrive from my brother's computer, and put it in to my own computer. When i did that, my own computer asked me if i wanted to run a disk-controll or something like that. After it finished, the computer has freezed like this: Imgur
The text at the bottom says: Controll of usn log complete. It has been like that for almost half an hour now, and i am not sure of what to do.
Answers are much appreciated.

A:Need help to recover files from a "dead" harddrive

Hello haakelv!

What kind of drive is it that your brother has? Brand and model?

The disk controller is plainly said a chip that controls a drive depending on its type – IDE, SCSI etc. It enables the CPU to “communicate” with the HDD.
The USN Journal is connected with the NTFS format and it maintains a record of changes which were made to the volume.

From what I understand by dropping his PC, your brother broke his hard drive's disk controller which nowadays is integrated in the hard drive itself, and evidently inserting the drive in to your system led to a USN Journal scan, which (if I am translating correctly) CHKDSK has checked the USN log, has repaired the USN Journal data flow and completed. But the system has hanged.

In my opinion the drive is too damaged to load, the disk controller is most likely broken, thus the drive can't communicate with the system on a healthy level.

You could plug the drive out, restart your system, plug in the drive again, go in to BIOS to make sure your own disk is at first booting position and see if you could load into your OS and open the drive through My Computer, but I doubt it would work.

You'll have to use a data recovery software or company if you need anything from the drive.

Good luck!


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So this issue is probably best summed up by this comic: http://xkcd.com/1586/

To wit, this is an improbable situation, at best.

I assembled the following rig a little while back:

Intel i7 4930k/EVGA X-79 Dark/32 GB Corsair Vengence (4x8 @10-10-10-27)/EVGA GeForce GTX970/Corsair HX1000W/256 GB Samsung SSD (as well as a few others). It's cooled by a modified Coolermaster Seidon with Silverstone fans (almost silent), runs Windows 7 Pro, and lives in a Silverstone media center case.

The last major component change was swapping the Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 for the GTX970.

A few months after the switch it started to get twitchy about sleep, reset, and starting. One day it just refused to start. The lights on the motherboard were on, and when the button was pushed the fans would twitch, and the PS would make a little noise like a relay clicking, but then nothing (lights still on).

After doing some shooting (including memory swaps and removing the memory entirely) I reasoned the a likely,and least expensive, culprit was the PS. I ordered a Corsair AX760, installed it, and... same.

So. Mainboard or processor. I opted for the MOBO. Half the price, complex, exposed... seemed like the more likely thing to be bricked. New one came. Transferred processor, and AX760, and... same.

Okay, so dead processor. Rare, but possible. Order new. Install in new board, with new PS and...same.

Try varying combinations of old an new hardware (by this point we are bread boarding)... all same.... Read more

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Just a quick question...
I know about regedit and such.

The registry is a database, correct? so it's just a single file with a database extension, like mdb?

Where is this database file located?

Is it possible to delete your entire registry by deleting one file?

Or is the registry not in the filesystem, like the MFT?

A:Where Is The "registry"? (physically)

Hello jab416171,Even though the following article is about recovering from registry problems, it describes the location of the 5 registry files:"How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting":http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545EDIT:I later found the following article, which describes the registry in more detail:"Windows registry information for advanced users":http://support.microsoft.com/kb/256986

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does anyone know any web sites what walk you thought install usb devices on pc you see i have an old computer system which i would like to install my spare two usb ports onto the only problem is i cant see were the other install too on my other computer and i dont know were to connect them to on the older system motherboard.

can i actual install usb on old computers(talking between 5-10yrs old)
its a compaq computer system and everything standard in it.

A:physically install usb

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So my 8 GB usb flash drive was plugged into a port in a computer at school when my friend stepped on it. I didn't know till I tried to save the ppt and it said something like, "this file can't be found." I then took out the flash drive and it was bent at the end. I pluggged it into multiple computers till it said to connedct the diskso i'm guessing the disk is disconnected. Everytime I plug it in now; it acts like it's not even pluuged in. Is it permenantly damaged and if not what can I do to fix it. I don't want to have to pay $400 to have the files manually extracted by some company and please excuse my noob tech jargon

A:Physically broken usb

Hi xreborn,

If the USB stick is "physically" broken and not even detected by your system I am going to suggest that your only option is data recovery by someone or some company that can physically repair the device or has another means to read the nand chips on the stick.

Here are some options (please proceed carefully at your own risk):

Option? Flash Drive Recovery - $150

(Please note I have no affiliation with either site listed)

Hope this helps. I would be curious as to how you proceed and what type of success you have.

Good luck.

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My HP DVD burner will not open when the eject button is pressed or from the "My Computer" dialog. The drive shows up in My Computer and in the BIOS. Another interesting note, when the computer is turned on, the light on the drive comes on and stays on. From this point, the computer will sit at the boot screen until the eject button is pressed. When the eject button is pressed, the light turns off (and remains off the rest of the time the computer is on) and the computer boots up normally. This is pretty annoying considering the drive is only 3 months old. I'm not sure I can use the warranty as I don't have the reciept or box for the drive. Any help would be appreciated!

A:HP DVD-burner will not open (physically)

Bad news: Quite possible that your drive has went up. Unless you have messed around with the innards of your PC lately, i would say that the thing is dead, or at least wounded enough so that it will not work right

Good news: DVD drives are very cheap, and pretty easy to install, so if you have to replace it, you wont have to starve for a week.

I have to say, its a very weird thing (the light and all) I know a floppy drives light will stay lit if th cable is inserted upside down, but seeing as ATA cables are keyed...im not sure how that could happen.


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Can someone lend me a brick?

I?m a windows 8.1 user.
- 8GB Corsair ram
- Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD
- Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard
- Seasonic X-series PSU.

Backstory: last night I was gaming over my living room TV. I played through a USB 2.0 Hub connect to a usb extension lead to extend the reach of my peripherals (I game this way most the time). I was using a G600 Logitech gaming mouse & Razer Tartarus keypad when I noticed my main keyboard (wireless Logitech K270) had stopped working. Since I couldn?t escape out of the game, I opted to rest the computer.

The Problem: On reboot, I found that only my G600 gaming mouse & Razer keypad worked. Absolutely none of my other peripherals work at all except to access the Bios. Fortunately my G600 mouse still worked in Windows, but I had to log in using the ?on screen keyboard? to punch in my password.
In Windows I checked my Device Manager to find that all peripherals were recognized but unidentified, all except the G600 mouse & Razer keypad. All other peripherals were recognized as inputs by my computer, but unidentified within Windows 8. I have tried to access the peripherals properties to update & establish the drivers on each of the unidentified peripherals but Windows still won?t identify & establish their functions. Numerous resets & shutdowns have been made. Numerous shifting of dongles around USBs (both 2.0 & 3.0) have been made.

For the record I have already tried:
- Restarti... Read more

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I use compressed air canisters to clean my computer, but its still not enough, there is visible dust on some of my parts, and i'd like to clean them (by physically touching them) but am wondering of some precautions, or tools i can use. I would prefer not to "purchase" anything, and im looking for simple home remodies to clean, not a 250 dollar air blaster ^^

A:Physically Cleaning Hardware? Possible?

If your talking about the motherboard then don't use anything except air. If you use a brush or rag the static electricity can fry the board. If it's a cd or hard drive you can use a slightly damp clean towel once they are removed from the computer.

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