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Upgrade Win 7 home prem to professional using upgrade disk

Q: Upgrade Win 7 home prem to professional using upgrade disk

I bought a Win 7 Professional upgrade disk at retail and want to use it to upgrade a new computer that has Win 7 Home Professional installed. The installation stopped and I was directed to use Windows Anytime Upgrade to do the job. Microsoft expects me to purchase a key in order to perform the upgrade. Can I ignore this and use the disk I have? If so, what's the procedure?

Preferred Solution: Upgrade Win 7 home prem to professional using upgrade disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrade Win 7 home prem to professional using upgrade disk


You should be able to use Anytime Upgrade to do that...just give it the product key on the Upgrade package.

You will not be able to do an in-place upgrade from the disc, to the best of my knowledge.

If you would prefer to do a clean install, try this tutorial: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I bought Windows 7 Professional and now I am ready to upgrade from my present Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on a Sony Computer with Core Duo processor. I downloaded and ran the Win 7 Advisor, it says I can upgrade no problem to Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate. But what about Windows 7 Professional?
Are there any caveats before I install Windows 7 Professional as an upgrade? Do I need to do a clean install instead because it is Win 7 Pro? Thanks.

A:upgrade from Vista Home Prem Svc Pk 2 to Windows 7 Professional?

Make sure you have your Windows 7 on a DVD/flash drive incase anything goes wrong. Just run the Windows 7 setup from within Vista and choose upgrade option during setup. See how it goes. Even if something goes wrong, all you'll have to do is to clean install. Make sure you have proper data backups.

What's your Vista version btw?

Also confirm what license you have actually bought -- is it just an upgrade key?

Clean install is always a better option than upgrade

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Hi all,

I have a new Thinkpad T530 that came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64. Through my school, I have a free upgrade to either Professional or Ultimate. Should I upgrade to either?
I've looked through the thread here on the differences, and of the features that Pro and Ultimate have that Home Premium does not, I honestly don't know what any of them mean.
My question is will I see any difference, good or bad, if I upgrade? Since there's no charge to me, should I just go with Ultimate, or will the added features just take up space and cpu ussage without giving me any noticeable benefit.


A:Upgrade to Professional or Ultimate (for free), or stay at Home Prem.?

You can check the few extra features in the higher versions to decide if you need them here: Compare Windows 7 Editions - Windows 7 Forums

Otherwise the OS's are identical.

If you decide you want to upgrade just insert the Product Key in Anytime Upgrade, even a retail key will work for the higher version: Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to - Windows 7 Forums

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To avoid the Student Win 7 hassle (upgrading Vista 32 to Win 7 Pro 64 bit ISO burn, etc), can I simply use the Home Prem 32 Upgrade (for my other computer) arriving this afternoon with my 64bit Pro upgrade key & end up with the 64bit Pro installation?


A:Win7 Pro 64bit Upgrade Key w/ Prem 32bit Upgrade Disk

No... you can only update to the same version that you have installed... Home to Home... etc.

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Hi guys, I emailed Microsoft support this question and got a useless answer back; they just sent me a link to download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which basically told me what I already knew (that my system is capable of running Windows 7).

So I called them just now and the so-called "tech support" person wasn't much of a help either, she didn't seem too bright and didn't know much about the whole upgrade process, giving me conflicting information. So, I hope someone on here can answer this for me.

I recently bought a new laptop that came pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Then I found out that Home Premium does not have "XP Mode" capability, so I used the Student Discount offer to buy Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (full version not upgrade) from Microsoft's website for $29.99 (what a bargain!). Can anyone tell me FOR SURE, whether I can do just an upgrade (where all my manufacturer's pre-installed applications, drivers, and all my currently installed applications and settings are preserved) or if I MUST do a clean install (reinstalling all of these applications, etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

A:Win. 7 Home Prem. (64) UPGRADE to Win. 7 Prof. (64)?

Do an Anytime Upgrade with your key. Worked beautifully for me. I was in the exact same situation as you.
Almost forgot: Welcome to the Forums!

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I didn't explain my situation very well yesterday so let me try again.

I have a new laptop that came with Windows 7 Home Premium. I bought Windows 7 Professional Upgrade from download along with the backup disc. Unfortunately, the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade I purchased is not the Anytime Upgrade and it can't be returned since it was obtained through the student program. Do I have a "qualifying previous version of Windows" to just do the upgrade or do I need to reformat this hard drive and install my upgrade version from boot (clean or custom install)?? If a clean install is necessary, how is hard drive reformat accomplished? Please point me to the appropriate installation instructions for this scenario. Need and appreciate help Thanks a bunch.

A:Upgrade vs WOW for Win 7 Home Prem to Prof

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to

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Issue is on my laptop which is an HP. It is currently running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 HP OEM. I have a valid copy of Windows 7 Professional x64 but whenever I try doing an upgrade it tells me to use Anytime Upgrade, which will not work with my serial key.

I would rather not do a full install if possible, and am curious why I cannot perform this upgrade?

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

BTW My Win 7 Pro license is an MSDN AA key from my school, never activated and legit.

A:Cannot perform upgrade from win 7 Home Prem to Win 7 Pro

Your spec's show that you have three OS's already installed.

Windows 7 HP x64
Windows 7 Pro x32
Windows 7 Pro x64

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I recently bought an HP Pavilion 6213w-b that came with Win 7 (64-bit) Premium Home Edition preloaded. I didn't get any CDs with it.

I also didn't get an installation ID string of 20 or more characters with it either, or if I did, I don't know where it is. The box that the PC came in is up in the attic full of Christmas decorations, so while I CAN get to it, it's a bit of a hassle.

So, if I upgrade to W7 Pro Edition online, I've been told that all I'll probably get is an email with a new ID string, but will I need the old one to tell Microsoft that I have an authentic edition?

Regardless, I suppose I should have the current Home Ed's ID string written down someplace, so where can I find it or get it?

Also, I've seen some discussions on here on the value of doing a clean install vs upgrading, but I'm not all that PC literate, and I don't really want to risk losing what I've already transferred from my old PC to my new one plus any new stuff. Plus, being unemployed (the money used to buy the new PC was part of a job exit settlement), I'm pretty much played out financially when it comes to PC enhancements, so an upgrade copy sounds a lot less expensive than buying W7 Pro's complete package.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated. I Googled something like "help for problems with W7" and SevenForums.com came up - I'm so glad there's a central point for information and discussions from rational PC users who speak and write in English, mostly.


K3yP1... Read more

A:W7 Prem Home Authenticity/Upgrade Qstn

If all you want is the key, without destroying the attic filing system, try this:

Magical Jelly Bean Software - Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder v2.0.1

I think that is the number that you are referring to. It is the only one you may need.

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My desktop computer was originally Windows XP and I downloaded an illegite Windows 7 to it. My question now is which Windows 7 should I upgrade to: Home Prem. or just Home Prem Upgrade? C I want to get my computer in good condition by purchasing and downloading a legit Microsoft Windows 7. WIth the windows 7 that is now on my computer, everything is crashing and the DIrect-X is not working. I don't know anything about the inside of computers, just know how to type on them.(Smile). I want my computer up and running like it should once I download the newer version of 7 to it where everything will work. Also do you think since I have an illegite 7 on my computer, is that why it crashes all of the time? Pls help ASAP. I'm tired of searching for the best software to download to upgrade my computer. Thanks Genuine50.

A:Purchasing Windows 7 Home Prem. Upgrade

FWIW: The upgrade version of Win 7 obtainable in family packs...is far cheaper than any other version...provides both the 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs...and results in a clean install of Win 7 from a system with XP installed.



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Can I do a inplace upgrade from Windows Vista Basic to Windows 7 Home Premium or will I have to do a reformat and install of Win 7. I know if I do an inplace upgrade I would be able to keep the programs, settings, etc.

I've run the Windows 7 Compability Download and it says that I can upgrade to Windows 7. Does that mean I can do the upgrade in place or do I have to do the "Custom" install.

Thanks for letting me know. I've looked all over Google but haven't come up with the answer.

A:Upgrade from Vista Basic to Windows 7 Home Prem.

After more research, I've found that you are able to do an inplace upgrade from Vista Basic to Windows 7 Home Premium.

I hope this will help someone else that is not sure.

I will post back on how the upgrade went after tonight.

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I am in the middle of another windows nightmare right now. I just purchased an anytime upgrade for my laptop and desktop (both OEM 64bit home premium to Ultimate), and rebooted and everything was fine on both. However, I noticed that some elements of Windows were missing. The Local Security Policy was not there, and would just bring up an error. I went on to Microsofts Technet help pages and found a fix for missing local security policy after anytime upgrade. (It was a regsvr command that reregistered all of the windows dlls.)

This seemed to fix the problem on my laptop and as I went through the control panel and administrative tools everything seemed to be there. I then installed the new version 9 of Vmware Workstation and the new virtualbox 4.2 and rebooted (because virtualbox needed it for networking) and it would just boot to a black screen. I tried a system restore, I tried using my macrium reflect system restore disc (worked in the past by rebuilding the boot configuration.) I also tried my windows 7 64bit system repair disc, and none of them changed anything- still booting to black screen after the windows splash screen.

I have an OEM factory restore disc set but there is no repair option on the HP 3 disc set, so I did not use them, normally any problems booting are fixed by my macrium reflect boot disc, or my windows 7 repair disc that I had made from within windows. Strangely, my recovery partition was no longer recognized by Windows and I had no o... Read more

A:Successful Anytime Upgrade Home prem. to Ultimate, problems next day

Well if bootable, I would give this a go.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Also verify in the system window that it did in fact upgrade properly and is now calling itself the proper version.

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite P15-S409 that I bought a few days ago. I am trying to upgrade from XP Home to XP Pro. When I run the upgrade CD, it reboots and tends to freeze before the upgrade process starts!

I did a bit of searching, and found the following related articles:

1. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;321645&Product=winxp

2. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;292607

The first article says that certain Toshiba Satellite models have this issue during the upgrade, and suggested that I disable certain drivers ('TOSHIBA SD Card Controller Type A', and the 'Toshiba PCI-0804 SmartMedia Host Controller'). I disabled the first one, but could not find the second entry as specified in the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers node, or anywhere else! After rebooting, the upgrade still did not proceed.

The second article says 'Microsoft does not support upgrading Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1 (SP1) to Windows XP Professional without SP1'. So I tried uninstalling my XP SP1a, rebooted the machine, and tried continuing with the upgrade - and yup, you guessed it - no luck here either!
What I need to know is this:
- Can I still upgrade? How do I do this?
- Every time I now rebot my laptop, I see two options before the OS loads up, one is to load the Windows XP Professional Setup, and the other is the Windows XP Home. The lap... Read more

A:Not able to upgrade XP Home to Professional!

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I hope this is the correct forum to post

I purchased Win7 Professional for my old computer. Shortly after the install my old computer failed. I've since purchased a new computer with Win7 Home.

My question is: can I somehow upgrade the Home version to the Professional version using the Professional Install disc? The old computer was 32 bit and the new computer is 64 bit if that makes any difference.

Thank you in advance, Wally

A:Upgrade from Home to Professional

If it is an upgrade DVD the rule is on one computer only, so yes. I will get you the tutorial showing how.

Do a clean install, but only on one computer at a time

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version[2]=General Tips

You must format if the platform is different 32 v 64

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I just did a fresh install using my Toshiba Recovery disk. It took me back to XP Home. Last year, I had a friend who upgraded to Pro on my laptop. My backups are based on the "Ntbackup.msi" utility which was part of Pro. I am trying to restore my last backup and find that I can't without the XP Home disk (which of course was not included with my new laptop six years ago). I thought that if I had the Pro I could add the backup utility. Somehow, that does not seem to exist on the Pro disk as far as I can see. I have searched the disk and do not find that file. I would like to restore and maybe there is another work around. Any help will be appreciated.

A:How do I upgrade from XP Home to XP Professional

No need to install XP Pro.The backup utility on the Pro disk...is the same one that's available to Home users via download.WindowsXP Tips, Installing NTBackup on XP Home - http://www.onecomputerguy.com/windowsxp_tips.htm. Scroll down to Installing the Backup Programs...Using NTBackup in XP - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308422 Louis

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Is it possible (advisable) to upgrade from Windows XP Home Edition to Windows XP Professional ??

If possible what are the potential problems ?? Pitfalls?
George Hines

A:Upgrade for XP Home to Professional

Should be on of the better and safer upgrades you could do without problems.

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Am i able to upgrade my Windows XP Home OEM to a Professional (OEM & RETAIL)

I haven't got the actual XP Home CD because my pc is a store purchase where it comes with those 4 CD Recovery CD's which is a pain. I was wondering if i could purchase a XP Pro Upgrade pack as they are only $249. sometimes you get damaged files in windows and you can't insert the windows cd and repair windows. i don't think i can upgrade to another home.

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I recently bought a new Windows key, a professional key and I wanna upgrade my home premium the to upgrade it. I tried to upgrade it from system page and clicking on windows anytime update but its not working.

any help?

A:Upgrade from home premium to Professional

Hi nerdi and welcome to PCHF,

Perhaps this post from Microsoft Answers will help.

If the license for Windows 7 Professional you have access to is either a retail upgrade or full version, you can use the product key and Anytime Upgrade to move from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. Click Start, type Anytime Upgrade, follow the onscreen wizard, enter the Windows 7 Professional key when requested, click and restart your computer when prompted. Within 10 mins, you should be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and your files and settings preserved.
Please note, if the product key is distributed under Volume Licensing, MSDN-Academic Alliance or OEM System Builder, it will not work.

Source: How to upgrade from Windows 7 Home to Professional? - Microsoft Community

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I have a windows 7 home premium computer and am not sure the best way to upgrade to windows 7 professional now that Windows Anytime Upgrade (via control panel) no longer allows you to do this. I have also heard that the retail upgrade versions of win 7 pro upgrades through (relies on) Windows Anytime Upgrade not through the disk itself. Does this mean I need to buy the full retail version of Win 7 pro to do the upgrade? Note that I do not want to do a clean install. I want to do an "in-place" upgrade so I don't have to backup all files, reformat my drive, reinstall all software, etc? Will the full retail version of win 7 professional allow me to do an in-place upgrade from win 7 home premium to win 7 pro? Thanks!

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I want to upgrade my Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 but my install CD is for Professional. Will my computer know what to do and just install the 7 Home Premium version?

A:Use Win 7 Professional Iso upgrade on Vista Home?

If you have a Windows 7 install disc, it will upgrade your system to whatever your Windows 7 key is for. So if the key is for Professional, you'll get professional, if it's for Home Premium, you'll get that.

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I mistakenly ordered a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium and as a result - am unable to add it to the work network domain - I just screwed up. Is it possible to "upgrade the O/S" (pay to have it unlocked) and change it to "professional" or whatever is needed? Thanks in advance.

A:W7 Home Premium upgrade to Professional possible?

You can upgrade from WIN7 HP to WIN7 Professional.

From Windows 7 - Anytime Upgrade to
Windows 7 Home Basic - Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
Home Premium - Professional, Ultimate
Professional - Ultimate
Starter - Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate

It's easy it takes 10 seconds to perform Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade

Just buy a win7 professional upgrade key

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Hello everyone, I just received a copy of Windows 7 Professional via MSDNAA. I'd like to upgrade my computer which is running 7 Home Premium.

Is there any tweaks that I need to make, as every time I try to launch the Upgrade process via the downloaded Win7Pro disk, it tells me to use Anytime Upgrade. However, Anytime Upgrade says that it can't upgrade to that version of windows after I enter the key given to me by the MSDNAA (it validates fine).



(Copied from NBR)

A:Upgrade Home Premium to Professional? (7)

Unfortunately, MS wants you to use Anytime to Upgrade between Win7 versions. You are left to clean install if you have another retail version.

However, there is a workaround which is achieved by adapting this popular fix for changing between the Ultimate RC and any other version: Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to any retail version Icrontic Tech

The same principle applies: you carefully change the reg keys to trick installer into thinking you are upgrading over the same version, which is a Repair Install in Win7 and therefore allowed.

It has worked every time tried so far, for many different combinations Starter>Premium, Ultimate>Pro, Premium>Ultimate, etc. All users report good performance.

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Looking for info on how to upgrade from Win7 Home to Win7 Professional. The info I could find related to this at Microsoft either did not apply or did not work. Here's what I am trying to do:

My PC is a home build with Windows 7 Home OEM. I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional to have more control over user accounts and access to drives and programs.

I attempted to use Anytime Upgrade, but received message that this wasn't available - reason was not clear. All attempts to follow links to MS site resulted in options for upgrading to Windows 8/8.1.

I have not been able to find a way to purchase Home to Professional upgrade.

My question is, which options do I have, and which is the best/easiest/least expensive to use:

1) Purchase Win7 Professional OEM and do a clean install (or upgrade)

2) Purchase Win7 Professional Retail and do a clean install (or upgrade)

Would appreciate any help.

A:Upgrade from Win7 Home to Professional

The Anytime Upgrade option would normally require you to purchase the 7 Pro upgrade (only or at a retailer) and then provide the product key from that package.

The 7Pro upgrade is becoming more difficult to find.

The OEM package is and will be available for quite some time, and *MAYBE* you can use it for an upgrade rather than a full clean reinstall. If it fails, you can always use the weekend to wipe-and-install it.

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I currently have home premium but want to upgrade to professional or ultimate. I have tried to get an activation key so I can use "anytime" but it does not seem to exist. I am trying to avoid backing up prior to upgrade as I am not a computer wiz. Can you please advise what is the best course of action. Thank you

A:upgrade from home premium to Professional or Ultimate

What extra features of professional/ultimate do you want? Backing up a system disk is always a good thing to do regulary.

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Hi all,

Just wondering if i need to do a clean install if upgrading from 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional 64 bits? Or am i able to just upgrade? Will it affect the current softwares on my PC and do i need to reinstall them? Thanks all!

A:Upgrade from Win 7 Home Premium to Professional 64 bits

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to

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We are thinking on deploying tablets on my company for production purposes. As the usage is pretty lighweight, such as read pdf files and images, we are not willing to buy high-end tablets but about 300-500$ price. Oir first choice will be Windows so we
are able to join it to the domain but all the mid-range tablet I saw come with 8.1 Home Edition.  I was thinking on buying it and also the Windows pro upgrade. Do you know if it works properly or have you tried yourself? My concern is that after the upgrade
it becomes unusable and also that we could lost the guarantee for such change.  The tablet I was looking for have 2GB RAM and a Intel Atom Z3735F CPU.


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Hi, all. I was given a computer. The computer has Windows XP professional on it. The person who gave it to me says that she removed the password protection. However, a log in screen comes up that I cannot bypass. The log in information given to me does not work. It was suggested to me that I could reinstall the operating system to solve the log in problem. Is this correct? I do have the Windows XP software disks, but they are an upgrade version. According to some research I have done on the web, since it is an upgrade version, it would require a disk of the old computer operating system to proceed, if I understand this correctly. And I also saw mention that the upgrade XP disk is non-bootable. Does anyone have any hints or ideas on how to solve this problem? Thank you.

A:Re-installing Windows XP Professional from Upgrade Disk

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My old computer has Windows xp home premium.

I bought the student upgrade to Win 7 Pro. I got the download and I paid for the DVD.

Shoud I wait for the DVD? Or will the download work okay? I don't care if it reformats my hard drive.

A:Win7 Professional Student upgrade from XP Home Premium?

Quote: Originally Posted by Hondajt

My old computer has Windows xp home premium.

I bought the student upgrade to Win 7 Pro. I got the download and I paid for the DVD.

Shoud I wait for the DVD? Or will the download work okay? I don't care if it reformats my hard drive.

So long as the download is on another partition you should be ok

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Hi guys,

I currently have windows 7 home premium 64 bit edition on my desktop. I get a copy of windows 7 professional 64 bit disc with legal key from my university for a student special. How can I upgrade? I was redirected to windows anytime upgrade during the installation. But my windows 7 professional x64 product key was not accepted there. I already have lots applications installed so I don't want to do a clean install. Any suggestion? Thanks!

A:Upgrade from windows 7 home premium to professional from disc

Quote: Originally Posted by apexapex

Hi guys,

I currently have windows 7 home premium 64 bit edition on my desktop. I get a copy of windows 7 professional 64 bit disc with legal key from my university for a student special. How can I upgrade? I was redirected to windows anytime upgrade during the installation. But my windows 7 professional x64 product key was not accepted there. I already have lots applications installed so I don't want to do a clean install. Any suggestion? Thanks!

Your original installation may have an "OEM" license and your pro license may be retail.

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We have a Satellite Pro A300-2C4 (purchased 23/11/09) which came with Vista Business 32Bit installed but was downgraded (using disk provided) to Windows XP because of business network requirements.

When Windows 7 became available I purchased the Windows 7 upgrade DVD that Toshiba were offering so that if the Business decided to upgrade to the new operating system we could do so on this laptop.

This is what I have recently tried to do to discover it cannot be done as the DVD is for Win Vista Bus to Win 7 Pro upgrade.What is the best way to do the upgrade without having to purchase another upgrade disk. I do have a set of Recovery Discs for another Toshiba SatellitePro A300-2C4 which was purchased about 2 months before this one; these were created using the Toshiba Recovery software before any changes were made on the laprop. Would I be able to recover the system to its Windows Vista state using these discs and then use the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade DVD to do the upgarde?

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly received.

A:Re: Satellite Pro A300-2C4 'Windows 7 Professional Upgrade DVD' to upgrade


Upgrading from WinXP to Win7 is not supported by Toshiba nor by Microsoft.
The only possible way to upgrade (go from 1 installation with some data to Win7 and keeping your settings and data) is from WinVista SP1 or later.

So regardless of how You look at it, You need to get XP out and either begin with WinVista factory installation + any 1 million updates that were released after this, OR
you can boot up from the Win7 media directly and install clean.
The second method saves a lot of time BUT have some negative side effects - namely not all drivers and utilities will be available in the final system if installed clean.
Some packages from WinVista works well in Win7 and are for that reason expected to be in the system during the update.
Hence, if You do a clean install, they will be missing.

However, they might not cause any trouble for You if they are not there, but that is not known until You're there and can see what You are missing.
Basic functionality should be expected though (WLAN, LAN, Sound, video....so on)

So, think about what You want to do and get busy with either recovering your unit with the WinVista set, updating, and then running the Toshiba Upgrade DVD, Win 7 upgrade and finally the Toshiba upgrade DVD again, OR just install Win7 clean + adding as much as possible / needed from the Toshiba Upgrade DVD.

Good luck!

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While I wait to see if I get an answer on how I can fix my current problem, thought i would check on how I might completely relaod computer, just in case I don't get a fix. I have a HP Pavilion P3, it originally came with Windows ME, at a later date i installed an upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition. I have the original 3 disks (2 ea system recovery, and 1 application recovery), I also have the original XP Home upgrade disk with product key. I have already tried this once but it would not work-- I inserted disk 1 (hp system recovery) and booted the computer, after only a second or two the screen went blue and informed me the hard drive could not be found. I thought maybe it was because I was not using ME, so I installed the upgrade disk and booted. It began doing its thing then after loading several files it informed me of a windows error and it shut down windows. Guess my question is can I reload with the disks I have? if so what do I need to do, if not what do I need to acquire? I really hope I can get my CPU problem fixed so I don't have to reload, but just in case any shared wisdom is greatly appreciated.

A:Reloading with XP Home Upgrade Disk

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Hello all,

First, let me apologize if I missed it but I did not see the word OEM in the forum upgrade sticky.

My hard drive just died last night.

I ordered a new hard drive.

I have an OEM Windows 7 64 Home "Upgrade" disk. I've heard that the OEM disks are for one computer only. Technically, i'm only changing the hard drive--the MOBO and the CPU are the working fine so I'm not sure if that still qualifies as the same computer but I'm lead to believe so...

Can I just do a clean install and will it activate?

Thank you for your time and help!

Best regards

A:Windows 7 64 Home - OEM Upgrade Disk

Should not be a problem. Changing hard drives or CPUs is not an issue.

Changing motherboards is an issue.

Do you have your Product Key?

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are there any disadvantages of copying your OS to a disc then booting from it as to completely start fresh.
although I have used Malwarebytes, avast, CCleaner, and defrag when necessary, I still seem to have quite a bit of lag time, that was never there when new, amongst other issues that I'm not sure I could diagnostically handle. I could take what I need off and reinstall them later,but I'm not sure if I'm really need to go through this whole process. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.also I have run multiple commands from the command prompt line, dskchk, dskchk fix error and so on, (not the proper cmds, I know) to no avail.

A:boot from disk-home prem 7

What does this mean "copying your OS to a disc then booting from it as to completely start fresh"
You don't copy OS, you get the installation media either in store or downloading ISO file and burning it to DVD and then you preform fresh reinstall which in your case would be better if someone else do that.

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I'm considering buying this upgrade, because I liked version 10 on XP. Unfortunately, that is not compatible with W7. Two questions comes to mind...1. Will it be installed totally separate from the previous version, or must the old version be used also? 2. Does this truly work as well on W7 x64 as it did before?

A:Acronis Disk Director 11 Home Upgrade

Quote: Originally Posted by seekermeister

I'm consider buying this upgrade, because I liked version 10 on XP. Unfortunately, that is not compatible with W7. Two questions comes to mind...1. Will it be installed totally separate from the previous version, or must the old version be used also? 2. Does this truly work as well on W7 x64 as it did before?

I have been using Acronis on my windows 7 64bit ultimate machine and have restored a few times from the image.

I like version 10 but have upgraded to version 11 on a couple of other machines.

Some like it, some don't.

I don't believe that you can have both versions on the same machine to be able
to use either..


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hp m7463w with added 200 gb hdd, win home prem 7, 64bit is installed on factory 300gb hdd. did a clean install and lost the ablity of dynamic disk features. 1st ?. what do i need to do as far as partitioning these two hdd so that i can run linux cinnamon 64bit with 7 in a raid 5 config.? 2nd part of 1st ?. Is the raid hardware hp factory installed enough  to allow 1st part of this ? if not do you know where i could get drivers from xp pro os that supports dynamics disk config. my optical drive would not read my recovery disks, so i trashed them in fit of frustration. My intent is to gain a little better performance from the 3.00gh Intel pent D, multi-core.and expose myself to a different os.in hopes of being freed from the chains of microsoft.Ex. Lack of live support in an arrogant way, an inability to reconize that this is america and I bought this computer and its mine I will represent and make my own choices. Internet explorer, norton and so on.thank you for any help that can be provided, respectfully in need

A:win home prem 7 does not support dynamic disk arrangement.

You have only listed two hdds, you will need a minimum of three for RAID 5.
How-To Geek has a good article on setting up a RAID array in Windows 7 which probably will answer most of your questions.
How to Create a Software RAID Array in Windows 7

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hi just wondering if anyone could help? my partners laptop has crashed and wont boot windows and it came without recovery disk. how do I resolve this? any help would be much appreciated.

A:where can i get recovery disk for original windows 7 home prem

I think that this short video from MS will help solve your problem.
Good luck
Create a system repair disc

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I have a notebook, which has got windows XP Home, i have been using this for a few months now, and have loads of data in it.

Now, I want to upgrade my OS to Windows XP Professional. Can I do this upgrade without loosing the data and installed programs on my notebook, or if I go for the upgrade all will be lost ?

Thanks in Advance -

A:Will I loose data if I upgrade from Windows XP Home to Windows XP Professional

You should be OK with an upgrade, just make sure your computer is clean before doing it. Dump the trash, do a disk cleanup, defrag the HD etc.

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is it possible? will my license key be the same? or my future OS will be fake or pirated?

i bought a new netbook with windows 7 starter OS. but im not satisfied with this OS.

thanks for the help!

A:upgrade my windows 7 starter to windows 7 ultimate/professional/home

Stop making double threads, you already asked and got answered in the other subforum.

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I would like to upgrade one of our computer in the office which come with windows 7 home BASIC (not PREMIUM) to windows 7 professional.

but i can't find the upgrade purchase option of this. I am finding the upgrade of home premium to professional but not of home Basic to professional

can anyone here guide me to the right direction.

we are looking for upgrade version instead of full version to save the cost.

A:windows 7 home BASIC to windows 7 professional upgrade

You may need to be using the Windows Anytime Upgrade option, although I'm not absolutely certain whether you can upgrade from Basic to Professional.

Also, you can only use it in certain parts of the world.

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

All you do is buy a new product key for Windows 7 Professional, click Windows Anytime Upgrade, and then insert the product key that will have been emailed to you.

Windows then downloads the files needed for the upgrade and you will be required to activate the system on completion of the upgrade. Depending on how many files need to be downloaded, the upgrade shouldn't take any longer than half-an-hour.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can use the option with the Basic edition of Windows 7.


It would appear you are faced with buying Windows 7 Professional.

Windows 7 Starter is the edition of Windows 7 that contains the fewest features. Windows 7 Starter is only available in a 32-bit version. The Windows Aero theme is not included in this version. The desktop wallpaper and visual styles (Windows 7 Basic) are not user-changeable. Microsoft originally intended to restrict the edition to running three simultaneous applications but this limitation was dropped.[6]This edition is available pre-installed on computers, especially netbooks, through system integrators or computer manufacturers using OEM licenses. Source: Wikepedia.


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I have Windows XP home edition on my Laptop is it possible to upgrade it to windows XP professional without any formatting .....

Please help me...


A:Windows XP home edition to windows xp professional upgrade

Its most definatly possible. All you will need to do is run windows setup and it will install over your home edition. You would probably be better off formatting your hardrive first. I've never installed pro over home edition but I have installed home edition over windows 98 several times. I hope you have good luck with you rinstall.

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I have a new laptop that came with Windows 7 Home Premium. I bought Windows 7 Professional Upgrade from download and the backup disc. Please point me to the appropriate installation instructions for this scenario. Need and appreciate help

Addendum: Unfortunately, the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade I purchased is not the Anytime Upgrade and it can't be returned since it was obtained through the student program. So do I need to reformat this hard drive and install my upgrade version from boot?? If so, how is the reformat accomplished?

A:How to Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional

Press windows and pause/break keys together.

In the new window that pops up, select change product key.

Put your new Professional key in.

Then Activate.

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Fellow Humans,
recently I upgraded My new Compaq Presario, which is running at 1.6 Ghz, and have 512MB of Ram, from Win XP Home to Win XP Professional. Now I keep getting messages telling me that my System Save Drive (D), is very low on Disk space and that I need to clear programs. This drive has a capacity of 3.89 Gigs and 3.85 Gigs are being used. It seems that each time I start the computer I am losing more and more of the free space on this disk.

My C drive has 47.4 Gigs of free space, but I can't seem to transfer any of the files from D to
C, and make them stay - or reduce the amount of used space on drive D.

The folders on System Save D are:

CPQDRV, CPQS, DATA, Documents and Settings,
Cookies, Desktop, Favorites, My Documents, Start
Menu, Programs, UserData, My Music, Program Files, and Windows. I do not think that all od these should be on the D drive, while only 4.5 Gigs of
the C drive is being used.

HELP! HELP! HELP! I would greatly appreciate any and all help I can get toward solving this problem

I Thank You,
[email protected]

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Can I not go to a site and do a simple upgrade from home premium to professional and pay accordingly?
It appears I cannot unless I pay approx. ?330 for a new OS.

The problem I have got I recently upgraded my RAM from 12gb to 32gb, apparently the Home premium will only use 16gb. Is this correct? professional will run 32gb!!!!!

Help would be appreciated. Thank you

A:upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to windows 7 professional

The Microsoft "anytime upgrade" for Windows 7 has been discontinued. You will, apparently, have to buy a new version. However, there may still be "OEM" versions available and they are less than the full versions. The only difference is the OEM can only be used on the PC it is first installed, just like the original "OEM" version that came with your Dell.

What are doing or going to do that will require that much memory? I have 16GB installed on my recording studio PC and have never used over 7GB of RAM.

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Hello Guys

First of all, Please move this to right section if this doesn't belongs here Thanks.

I would like to ask about my HP G62-340US with Pre-Installed with Windows 7 Home Premium and
I also have a Windows 7 Professional Legit Key installed on other machine.
Now, my other machine with Win7Pro is, I didn't use it anymore, and formatted the drive few months back.

Is it Okay If I upgrade my HP G62-340US with Win7 Home Premium to Windows 7 PRO using the same key that I used before on my OLD machine that was not available anymore?

any help would be appreciated. thank you.

A:Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium with Windows 7 Professional from OLD PC

Hi netbox,

The answer to your question is "it depends" (helpful I know)

Basically, if your old machine came with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed then it is probably an OEM copy. This means that the license is locked to that machine and that machine only and can't be transferred.

However, if it is a retail copy. That is, you went out and bought the disk, and it didn't come pre-installed then it should be fine. Although Windows may ask you to call Microsoft for activation, just so you can tell them that it isn't in use any more. Here's a tutorial: Upgrade Install with Windows 7

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I recently bought two 8GB RAM sticks to add to the 8 GB of RAM I already had. But when I installed them, I found that Windows 7 Home Premium was loading past the 16 GB mark and I needed Windows 7 Professional. I had recently set up a computer at my workplace,
so I had a copy of Windows 7 Professional lying around, so I decided to use that. Except when I went to install it, it told me to use Windows Anytime Upgrade. But there, it went and said that Windows Home Premium cannot be upgraded. I went back to the standard
installation, and was told that Windows 7 Professional can only be installed with a clean install, and I'd have to format my drive, which I can't afford to do.
Is there a way to upgrade my PC to Windows 7 Professional WITHOUT losing all my data, or should I return one of my RAM sticks and get some of my money back?

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I was recently given a Medion desktop pc (its a second hand one), and i want to recover it back to factory settings. I got nothing with the pc, no disks or anything.

It has one HDD which is partitioned into two drives, one of which is called "recover" and contains what i assume to be files that will reset the pc to factory settings and install all of the orginal content again. This drive has no .exe file in it, or any other file extention that i can do anything with. The appears to be no program that i can find that will recover the pc.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how i restore it factory settings?

Any help would be appreciated.


p.s. The DVD-rom is not working at the min, so even if i did have a disk i wouldnt be able to use it.

p.p.s. The pc has 2.8ghz processer (pentium D), 250gb HDD, 1GB RAM, Vista home prem OS

Btw, the pc also has no internet connection, however i do have another computor so i can download things and transfer them over. (i cant set up my internet connection because they drivers i need to run the wireless adapter are on a CD and i currently cant run Cd's)



edit: I think i might be making progress (assumin im heading on the right track?), when i press F10 during start-up i get the following come up on screen:


Edit Windows boot options for: Microsoft windows Vista

Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe

Partition: 1
Hard Disk: cb352c78

... Read more

A:Possible 2 factory reset a Medion desktop pc that has vista home prem OS, w/o a disk?

from what it sounds like the way the recover is setup you need some sort of disc from the manufacturer.

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I'm trying to find out the easiest way to go about upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) and what issues I might run into.

I don't want to reinstall everything (Or anything if possible) so am looking for the easiest option to upgrade.

Anytime upgrade offers the upgrade at $139, a bit expensive.

I found a seller on ebay selling "Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Full Digital Download Key " for a lot less (He has about 1500 feedback at 100%)
My question is, can I use the key from this and enter it into the 'Enter an upgrade key' box during the Anytime Upgrade? Will I run into problems doing this?

Alternatively, I could get a copy of Ultimate from Digital River, burn it to a disk or thumb drive, use the key from the ebay seller above and try to do an 'upgrade' install over the top of my current Windows 7 Home Premium install (I don't know if this is even possible?)

Any suggestions are welcome.


A:Upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium - Anytime Upgrade or reinstall?

The best way for any install is ALWAYS a clean install. Believe me you will have less problems and headaches than an upgrade. It would be worth your while to reinstall your software.

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