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Changing the text shown in first sign-in animation?

Q: Changing the text shown in first sign-in animation?

Hi folks,

I really like the first sign-in animation of Windows 10 ("Hi ....") and I don't want to deactivate it totally.
My forum and google searches did not show me any good results on that since most people just want to switch it off.

So I wonder if anyone figured out already, how to change the text shown in the animation?

Please let me know



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Preferred Solution: Changing the text shown in first sign-in animation?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


In IE version:11, When user selects a text and tries to drag it. The selected text appears dark on left hand side and shown as faint text on right hand side.
see below screenshot for your reference: 

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Im tryin to add an animation to my text in fireworks 8.

I have some text in one color but i want the animation to change it to a different color like flashing.

How do i do it?

A:Animation On Text

I don't have fireworks 8, but the method should be the same as PSP 8 that I use.
You have to have the same number of frames for the animation and the text.
Copy all of the text frames and paste into all of the animation frames.

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I just got Pinnacle Movie Box Plus. I heard it's a lot better than Movie Maker. I'm pretty satisfied with most of the stuff but there is one thing I can't seem to do. I can't find anything that will let me do all those nifty title animations that Movie Maker had. Can this be done with Pinnacle or am I gonna have to still use Movie Maker to add cool text?

A:Pinnacle text animation

Have a look here for an online tutorial


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Hey! So I have been wanting to change my boot/startup logo from the default windows logo with "starting windows" and Microsoft text.

So after many google attempts i have stumbled upon an application, BootUpdater. This program supposedly can easily change the windows animations and is exactly what i am looking for... except when i attempt to run it nothing happens.

No error, not blocked by antivirus, no unresponsive program. Nothing

I have tried running as administrator and then it gave the default admin popup, but after i clicked ok, nothing.

I double click it and absolutely nothing happens.

I have seen tons of videos or post about this application working but it doesnt work for me.

So im wondering if there are any programs out there / anyone who can create one or even fix the old one i attempted to use.

And if not, a guide on how to change the boot animation and text (which is understandable and i can actually do without messing up)

Here is the boot updater website Coder for Life - Windows 7 Boot Updater v11 Alpha Released

I am very frustrated with this and if anyone could help it would be appreciated

A:How di I change boot animation and text?

Was going to suggest compatiblity mode, though looks like it's meant for windows 7 based on askVG. If explorer is closed it may have problems, happens rarely to me but it does happen. Sometimes it's the network framework as well. Weird stuff.

Could try this How To Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation - door2windows guy doesn't use deviantart anymore and has a download manager you'll have to go through two sets of 4 screens with mal/bloatware like most software distributors these days. So be prepared to be anoyed but it should work. I haven't updated windows 7 at all, so I do receive framework errors from his stuff here and there. No viruses or anything like that though from the actual program.

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I'm told there is an easy way to add an animated text to an animation using edit>"Propagate Paste" in Animation Shop. Do you know of a tutorial?
Many thanks!

A:Adding animated text to an animation

You can try this one!

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i used windows 7 boot updater and when I clicked apply and restarted to test it showed windows vista safe mode boot animation but I still can boot to the desktop

how can I fix this

A:changing boot animation

8oot logo changer. Dont use the windows 7 one. 8oot Logo Changer

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So the glowing orb startup animation has begun to bug me. I'd like to change it to the Pentium 4 animation, but I understand that the glowing orb is a series of 5 pictures. Is there a method that an animated clip could be used in place of these?

A:Changing Startup Animation

Originally Posted by chsmadden

So the glowing orb startup animation has begun to bug me. I'd like to change it to the Pentium 4 animation, but I understand that the glowing orb is a series of 5 pictures. Is there a method that an animated clip could be used in place of these?

An animation like that is usually a (.gif) file.
So if you are looking to replace that animation you most likely want to replace it with a .gif file.


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My laptop has an issue that if I charge my laptop it starts charging but it does not show a charging icon in the windows..!

When I'm installing windows 8 the setup stops before even starting and shows error asking me to plug in my charger n start charging even if my charger is already attached and switched on... (Maybe due to charging icon not showing)

Any solutions??

A:installation nt proceeding due to laptop not shown battery chargn sign

Install power management driver from manufacturer. Install latest bios is good too.

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Hi everyone,I am facing a problem here. My G505 doesnt show battery charging animation; when i boot up the animaion shows upto 5 cycles, and then stops. My lenovo enerygy management is in the 'Maximum battery life'mode. The AC power adaptor works when I remove the battery and start up the computer. The indicator lights for battery remains amber colored with slow blinking.Please help me with my problem.Thanks, Vicky

battery.jpg ?30 KB

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First off I'd like to say hello to all.
The info here is great for customizing many aspects for win 7.

that in mind is why I'm choosing to ask this here.

I'm fully aware of how to change the background of the logon screen however, I'd like to change the little blue ring animation.

I'm familiar with resource hacker and restorator but haven't been able to find where this animation is stored to make the desired change.

any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

just to clarify. I DO NOT mean the boot animation.
I'm looking to change the small animation that displays while logging in/out.... the one that looks like that busy cursor.

A:Changing Logon screen animation

anyone even have a clue as to where i should start looking at least?

with as much helpful info as I've found here before, i thought some of the more experienced folks would have been all over this one...

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Hi everyone,
I noticed few weeks ago that I had problems with dragging the different windows.
For example, I used to catch a window and drag it at the top of my screen, then leave it and it automatically changed the size of the window to it's full size (the whole screen). This used to work both ways (from small to big and vice and versa).
I guessed you know my problem: it doesn't work anymore and it is very annoying. Does anyone knows why?
Thanks a lot.

PS: I already checked the "Performance Options" in the advanced settings..

A:Window's animation while changing size

It is a windows feature called Aero Snap.

To maximize a window Drag the title bar of the window to the top of the screen. The window's outline expands to fill the screen.
Release the window to expand it to fill the entire desktop.
To return the window to its original size, drag the title bar of the window away from the top of the screen.

Source: Maximize windows on the desktop using Snap

Probably it got disabled. Enable it : Aero Snap - Turn On or Off

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Has anyone heard of this happening?
I have the trial version of Animation Shop 3.05 and it freezes up and crashes every time I go to use image or text effects. Everything else appears to work.
If I use another program that has some animation, such as Corel Presentations, it doesn't crash. It's only with Animation Shop. What could be causing this?
Or can anyone suggest an alternate program?

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on a slide, for Custom Animation I would like to change the "Speed" of the effect.

Currently the only options are "Slow, Medium, Fast, Very Fast" but I have seen some presentations that within this drop down have the actual time they would like the effect to take place.....say like "0.08 seconds"

How can I accomplish this?


A:PowerPoint - Changing time on Custom Animation

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As the title says, I try to use the Windows diagnostic tools etc, system restore, command prompt, memory test and when I choose say system restore, no text is shown in the dialogue box. Again no text is shown in other dialogue boxes that pop up.
The disc works fine, so I am thinking this is a Hard drive issue?


A:Using Windows 7 disc to repair, no text shown

is the text missing if you are in safe mode?

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When I enter a text into a cell, say "Programming" or a number, say "12.543", Excel shows each one as general instead of a text or number! Why please?

What text or number I need to enter into a cell that Excel shows and treats it as number or text?

A:Text and numbers are shown as General in excel 2010

To set the actual formatting of each cell you need to select from the General drop down menu.
The screen shot below shows where to find this. There are a lot of options here for cell formatting. This screen shot is from Excel 2013, but I think Excel 2010 is the sane.

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In an Excel file, all of the cells are formatted to wrap, autofit, and contain an unlimited amount of text. There is quite a bit of verbiage in each cell. For the purpose of this inquiry, let's say there are 20 rows of text within the cell. 9 lines are visible - even if I increase the height of the cell - and the last row shown does not wrap. The person who sent me the file copied text (bulleted) from various Word and Excel documents. At my request, he sent those files to me so I could reformat the text from there before pasting it into the Excel cell that has the problem. Still though, all of the text wraps except for line 9, which extends past the right cell border. What can I do to fix this problem?

A:Excel - Only half of text is displayed while last line shown does not wrap

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Win 7/64. Whenever I read an incoming e-mail, the font size I see is the size shown in the font size window.
However, when I try to compose, forward or reply/reply all, the font that shows up on the screen is so tiny that it barely readable. When I'm replying, even the original e-mail text is tiny. This just started happening the last couple of days.
Any idea of how to fix it??

P.S. Even though my messages go out with tiny text, when I send one to myself, I receive it with normal size text, and nobody I send to has complained that they're getting tiny text.

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Hi, I have XP SP2. +Since this morning everytime I type I get '+' signs in the text. ++The +'+' works fine and '=' on the same key. I have run Nortons and found not virus. +I ran Ad-Aware and removed a few +things but still a problem. Also I can't double click to highlight in any web page or even select a line of text with the shift key down. The '+' only works with the shiftkey held down so I+ don't think it's a sticky key.+++ I have rebooted +many times and +cleared all+ my caching. I have ++also tried to pressed the '+' key multiple times to +clear it also. It is an +Acer laptop so I can't just change the keyb+oard.Extra info. If I open notepad and put the cursor in it, it will write a '+' randomly every few seconds even if I'm not doing anything.+ I ran Hijackthis is case someone can help.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 4:34:08 PM, on 24/08/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.e... Read more

A:Possible Virus. + Sign Keep Appearing +n +text

Sorry, forget this one. I found out it was a bad '+' key in the numeric pad. I cleaned under it and all is fine now.

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I want to digitally sign a word 2007 document. Some times ago i created a signature and signed a document. Now when i try to sign a document with different name its not allowing/giving me option for changing that 'signing as' name.

how can i change that Signing as name?


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Hey all, sometimes when I enter the TSG site my text size changes. One minute the text is the size I have it set to and then when I go to a different thread it will get larger. At times if I hit the refresh button it goes back to the right size and sometimes it doesnt. I ran ccleaner but it does not make any difference. I have tried firefox(3.6) in safe mode but no difference there. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this also. It is only the TSG site that this happens on.

A:Text size keeps changing

I have had this happen occasionally as well but have not come up with a solution yet.

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Windows 7 64-bit
I can adjust the display so it's large enough to read everything but the text. For instance, now have it set at 150% of normal and the title of this post is large but what I'm typing now is so small it's barely readable. MUCH smaller than 10-point.

There is a way to customize the display, but anything more than 150% is so large it overflows my wide-screen monitor. Surely there must be a choice between way too large and way too small, but I can't find it.

A message on my screen now says to run TSG Sysinfo, for information helpful in solving this problem. Last time I downloaded something similar, here, I ended up with a $40 Uniblue program on my computer that I had to fight like crazy to stop invading my world. I never got my money back, either. It would help to know what "TSG Sysinfo" is, before I commit to running it.


A:Changing Text size

You try adjusting the resolution or zooming in or our in your web browser.

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In Microsoft Word 2003 I made a document with text boxes in it. I typed text into the boxes. I then changed the font of that text. When I was done I saved the document. When I opened the document again, the text had changed to another font. I tried deleting the text box, adding a text box again, typing the text in at the correct font to begin with, and saving the document. After I saved, closed, and reopened the document, the font had reverted back to another font again.

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I have inherited a lot of song files (PowerPoint) that need updating to fit our situation (We have the Copyright license).

What I want to do is change all the type on all the files to one or two fonts; change the color to white and add shadow.

This is very easy to do "One slide at a time"-- but very tedious. Is there a way to change the whole file at once (or even batch a bunch of them)?

I have PowerPoint and Open Office Impress available to me (In MSWord, I could just "select all" and change the type throughout the whole document-- it seems like it should be possible to do the same in Power Point-- but I am not finding it).

Your insights would be greatly appreciated,

A:PowerPoint: Changing all the text at once

You should be able to select all the text from the outline pane on the left side of the screen. try clicking in there and doing a CTRL-A to select all the text in the pane.

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I have a new Sony vaio, with internet explorer 8. Evertime I'm on the internet my text size keeps changing. How do I fix this? The tab on the bottom screen has no lock to keep it at the same size. This is driving me crazy!!

A:text size keeps changing

Open your browser. Select text size and close the browser. On re-opening size should hold.

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For some odd reason, my text size on webpages keeps changing from med to large. I am not doing anything but going from page to page. I will set the text size to med, then all of a sudden I will pull up a page and the setting will be at large. My hijack this registry is clean. Any help would be great. It is not hard to change it back to med when I need to, but is getting annoying.

A:Text size keeps changing.!!!

if you use a scrollwheel mouse it can easely happen, if you hold the Ctrl key and use the scrollwheel at the same time the textsize will change

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Does anyone know how to change the color of the text on web pages? A step-by-step guide would be helpful. Thanks!!!

A:Changing color of text

You mean you have a website and you want different colors for the fonts?
Or you mean you want to view the websites in whatever browser you use - that you didn't tell us - to have different color fonts? Or what?


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Hi Can anyone help me? when I'm on Ebay and looking on a list of items i would like to check out. i would like to know how to change the colors of the sites you have looked at and the ones you have not. It's hard to tell what item or site I have looked at and which ones I have not.

A:changing color text

By default, Internet Explorer will change the color of links that have been clicked on. This behavior applies to all web sites. If you open Internet Explorer and click Tools, Internet Options (Or just Options), you should see a button labeled Colors. If you click that, you can customize what colors the links are before they're clicked on (unvisited) and after (visited).

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While working in Word 2003, my text is often corrected. The problem is the corrections made aren't necessary. What is causing this and what do I need to turn off?

A:Word keeps changing my text

I'm in linux, and can't do the procedure, but this should work.

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Any way to change the text description in a Windows program / app? Just curious as to how one could achieve this?

A:Changing text description in Win 10

What do you mean by Text description?

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I used to use an HTML editor that asked me once whether i want it to display page source codes with IE or not. I clicked "yes" , then after some time i decided to just keep using notepad , but i couldn't do it through the editor.

Is there a way i can change it back to notepad in IE or the registrey?
Thanks for your time

A:Changing the text editor associated with IE?

Try Tools/Internet Options/Programs tab.

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So to be forward,i have never used a psd file before in photoshop. plain and simple.
I downloaded a psd file but i can't figure out how to change the text that is currently there.
This is the psd file with the text i want to change,but keep the same style>> https://www.brushlovers.com/photoshop-style/poop-styles.html
This is a legit site and the psd is free as i have downloaded and scanned the file myself.
I just need to know how to change the word "S***..lol and keep the effect.
I tried watching videos,but they were confusing.
Im using photoshop CS6.
Any help would be greatly appreciated..ty

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I have searched google for ours trying to find a fix for this but to no avail.

CD drive and virtual drives dont appear in my computer and whenever i put in a dvd nothing comes up.

it appears in device manager and disc management however so i know there is nothing physically wrong with the optical drive. Under disc manager i can see the details about the dvd such as dvd name, size etc.

i tried changing drive letter and path but unfortunately that doesnt fix it. the letter "applies" for a second then disappears again.

any help would be highly appreciated.

also i am using windos 7 with all the updates installed

A:CD-ROM and Virtual drives not shown in my computer but is shown in Disk management

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How can the pale grey text displayed on many web pages be changed to black?  It lacks contrast on a less than white background and is hard on the eyes.
Help appreciated,
Thanks, John.

A:Changing webpage text colours in IEx 11

The text colors are controlled by the web pages themselves, where the author has intentionally used pale grey text.

There may be an addon for IE that allows you to locally change the css style sheet to override the font colors. I don't use IE, but I don't think it includes that feature by default.
What I do on pages like that is I press CTRL-A to select all of the text, which sometimes changes the color of the text and the background of the lines to make it easier to read - obviously a very stop-gap solution.

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Several programs I use have dark backgrounds with dark colored text, such as black background with dark blue text, someone told me there's a way to change text colors in the programs through windows 10 settings, is that correct? if so how ?

A:Changing text colors for programs ?

Hello kradnam, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if this may be what you are referring to.

Apps Use Light or Dark Theme in Windows 10

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I have Outlook set to create and send email in HTML. However, everything seems to go as Rich Text. I'm using Outlook 2003. The Mail format options are set to compose in HTML and to use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages.

I have the same problem even when I turn off the option to use Word as the e-mail editor.

The usual symptoms of Rich Text are happening. Recipients who do not use Outlook get the winmail.dat attachment and can't read it.

I've checked everything I can think of, but this still happens. Any help/guidance/suggestions will be appreciated.

A:OutlookHTML changing to Rich Text

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Using HP J4680 printer. Some of the pages I print size I print from web pages are so small it is hard to read the printed pages.

Is there a way to change the printed text size?

If so how?



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This is more of an annoyance then a problem. Each time I launch I.E. 5.5 the text size defaults to "medium". I then have to go to "View"-"Text Size"- and click on "Smallest". I would prefer that it defaults to "Smallest" when I launch it. Anyone know how to change the text default size?

A:Changing default text size in I.E. 5.5

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I recently installed Windows 7 in Dual Boot with XP Pro and I output the display to my 50" Sony HDTV at 1080p.

I do not like the way the Text, under the Desktop Icons, displays at 1900x1080 res.

In XP Pro, I could go to Display Properties/Appearance, choose Icon, and change the Font Type and Font Size to make the Text easier to read.

With Windows 7, I only see a choice for ClearType and Text DPI. ClearType does not appear to improve the way the Text under the Desktop Icons displays.

How can I change the Font?

A:Changing the Font for Icon Text

Hello BuschBarber, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can use the tutorial below to help show you how to change the font for the Icon item in the Advanced Appearance settings. However, this will change the font for all icons in Windows 7 and not just for the desktop.

Fonts - Change

Hope this helps,

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Every time I get an email from my boss (and some others), it seems to be in HTML because it displays in Ariel or something like it. But when I Reply or Reply All, it switches to Plain Text and displays in Courier New. Since I don't want my emails to brand me as a Neanderthal, I change the email to HTML, Select All and change everything back to Ariel.

Windows XP didn't do this... any ideas?

By the way, it's Outlook 2003. In Tools|Options| Message Format HTML is my Compose in this message format.



A:Outlook Replies Changing to Text

Hi, did you ever get any reply? I have the same problem with Outlook 2007.

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Is there anyway to change the font for the icons located on the desktop? Thanks

A:Changing desktop icon text?


Are you refering to the name of that icon or the style of font?

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Hi Everyone,

I've been making some portable applications and was looking at adding some information (text) to my .exe file.........NOT sure what its called??? Basically I want to Add/Edit the text that appears with the.exe Icon. I'm not interested in renaming it, I want to add/edit the text that appears under the "NAME".
Any HeLp is very much Appreciated

A:Changing Text Window In .exe Files

Are you talking about embedding text in the .exe file

or are you talking about adding text to the shortcut on Windows Desktop?

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is it possible to change the color of this from black?
Circled on top:

A:Changing Window Text Color - Is it Possible?

This thread may have some useful info:
Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

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Hi all,
can anyone tell me why I can see MiniDriver smartcards on some systems (7 / 2008 R2 / 2008) in the Device Manager and on other systems (same builds) the simply do not show up? In both cases the drivers are installed and the cards are recognized and work
as expected.
I've seen this on several different environments of my customers now and I cannot explain it :D
What's the catch? A policy?

A:Smartcard shown / not shown in Device Manager on different systems

Ok, figured it out, it's all down to the Certificate Propagation Service. Always thought it justs propagates the certs, but not that it also installs the drivers :)

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A very non-computer savvy woman asked why the text size changes (sometimes to large or very large and sometimes to small or very small) while she is typing on her netbook with XP. She says it happens in both her browser (Chrome) and her word processor (MS Works). She also is running Google Desktop. I did not see any utitlities or other unusual software. She says it is random but she thinks she might be brushing against the touchpad when it happens. Any guesses what she is doing? (She was going to try to show me but her battery died.)

A:text changing size on Acer netbook

If the touch pad is setup with a Scroll Zone, pressing CTRL+ScrollZone is same as CTRL+Wheel on the mouse, and will change text size in many applications. If they use keyboard shortcuts a lot like CTRL+C and CTRL+V that might explain it. You can disable the scroll zones in Control Panel | Mouse/Touchpad to see if that stops it.

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Hi, does anybody know how to adjust text size, colour etc. in dropdown menus.
Cheers xpvista (actually it's John but surpisingly that user name was already taken)

A:Changing text size and colour in menus

Hi John,

Here's a great tutorial for editing your default Windows fonts. Enjoy!


Windows Outreach Team

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