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Monitor/Key board not working,windows 98se

Q: Monitor/Key board not working,windows 98se

Hi, I had my computer set up in the garage which wasn't heated. It was too cold there so I move it down in the basement. Everything worked perfect in the garage. When I move it to the basement.I let it set a couple of days because of the change in temp. After everything got acclimated I turned on the computer and the monitor said no signal and the key board lite up on start up then went dead. Fans work, floppy lites up,cd-rom drive lights up and opens and closes,hard drive is running. what next? BillDing

Preferred Solution: Monitor/Key board not working,windows 98se

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor/Key board not working,windows 98se

Make sure all the cards and memory are seated properly.

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After installing efax, the solitaire game on my Windows 98SE no longer functions. The solitaire game opens with a green screen and four cards placed face down. Nothing happens when I click on "deal". I have tried the add/remove function and deleted the efax tray icon to no avail. Please help.

A:Windows 98SE Solitaire stopped working

try these:
or see if a prog named Ctfmon.exe is running in the back ground and close it-
MAYBE this:

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I just hope someone can help me. I have a windows xp and a windows 98se pc. I have been trying for 3 weeks to connect both through a broadband router to the internet. I am on blueyonder broadband. I have a network card in windows 98se and one in my xp. I followed the xp wizard on the xp pc and ran it on my windows 98se it came up saying it was successfull.I still can't connect to internet on windows 98se. I have an ip address on both and a default gateway and a subnet mask on both.
I have it set as being connected to a residential gateway, and microsoft for family network i think it is. I am hitting a brick wall and don't know what to do.
I went to the link someone had given www.ezlan.net. I had tried everything it had said to do.
If anyone can help me get other pc up and running I would be so grateful.
Thank you

A:Windows xp & windows 98se can't connect 98se to internet through router.

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Hey ALL ! Hope every1 is well !?!? Got new MOBO+Processor last week. Now i`m rebuilding drivers. Ckekd monitor driver+ seems I have two drivers working under DEVICE MANAGER. Default Monitor + the one thats only supposed to be there- Samsung Samtron 75E(M) (PLUS)/75V . Which of these are operating my monitor? And i tried remove the DEFAULT MONITOR to only have it reinstall on reboot. How can be sure my SAMSUNG is PRIMARY driver? Plz HELP ? Thanks in advance folks! Later Dean

A:Two Monitor drivers? -98se

Well, if you only use one monitor and it is working then there is no problem, the Samsung monitor is the primary and it seems the only one running. Your video card likely supports dual monitors or TV out and that's why there ae two entries. Monitor drivers are also generally not that important, most people run with the default driver, it is the video card driver that is important - it is what sends the picture to the screen.

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Hey Guys,
I guess there is too much text in this post but I wanted to give you all a clear description of my problem please help. I have attached few screen shots as well.

I have some problems with my USB ports. I have 2 ports in front and 4 at the back (on the mother board). All these ports were working fine, since last 2-3 weeks there seems to be some problem with it.

I have a webcam that I connect via the back USB port, I never disconnect it. Recently the power supply unit failed when I tried to start the pc. So I replaced it with a new one, everything was back to normal.

Then after a few days or a week I opened my pc because it one of the front USB ports was not detecting my flash drive, while doing this I disconnected all the wires from the back of the CPU including the webcam.

When I restarted the pc the back USB ports stopped detecting any devices, there was a pop up stating, "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it"
So I tried connecting it in the front port, there came a pop up stating, "Your USB Mass Storage Device can perform faster if it is plugged into a hi-speed port"

I never use to get a message like this in the past and another thing I noticed was that the transfer speed has also reduced drastically. I was copying a few movies to my friend’s flash drive and it took ages,

Transferring at a speed of 800-900 kb/second. The transfer speed was pretty fast on XP and on the sam... Read more

A:Windows 7 - USB Ports On Mother Board Not Working

try to install windows 7 ultimate with 32 bit system,,,back up first all your important data,,,, and have the clean install... hope it works,,,,as what i see to your specs you are using win7 ultimate 64bit, which 64bit good only for 4gb ram.. and you are using 2gb of ram...just try to install the win7 ultimate 32bit... make a try......

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I have a Dell Optiplex 780 desktop running Windows 10 successfully until this morning when the on-board audio has stopped working. Note that I am talking about the built in speaker not plug in ones. I can still get sound if I plug in headphones but I prefer not to use them and I want to know what's up.

I figure that there might have been a windows update that may have changed things but I'm no expert.

Thanks in advance

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i have set up a small network: ADSL router and a 5- port switch.
The host computer has Win 98 se and Msexplorer 6.1

Ive bought 2 new computers to be connected with the host:

1. Notebook OS is Win XP Home edition
2. Labtop OS is Win XP Professional edition
The notebook is running OK in the network; it can see the shared files on the host computer and connect to the internet.

BUT the labtop is unable to do the same thing though i have run the setup wizard like i did on the notebook.

I think there is a difference in the way the Home- and the proffesional XPs are handling this networking thing

Can you help me ?

A:WIN 98se and WIN XPpro not working together

How many ports are on your router?? How is the network setup??? Router to switch to Host??? Did you check to see that the laptop is in the same IP range as the other two computers??? Is your router's DHCP server allowing for more than two computers in the network?? Otherwise it may not assign an IP to the Laptop and you wouldnt be able to connect. Or maybe as you said, XP Pro doesnt network well with 98Se.

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Hi. This is in followup to my other post here.
where I needed a password to get into MS Windows 2000 Professional (based on Windows NT 4.0). Well before I was able to crack into Win2000, I installed an operating system from my Windows 98se CD. Now the computer seems to be setup with a "dual boot" at startup.
I was using Win98se for a bit, and have things such as MS Office, files, IE Favorites, and other stuff loaded & saved to the Win98se desktop / programs / My Documents.

I would like to get rid of the dual boot and Win98se operating system. I guess this would seem logical to most people reading this. How do I do this?

Also, is there a way that I can keep everything saved from the Win98se desktop / programs / My Documents / IE Favorites, etc?

Please let me know. Thanks.

A:Win 2000 / 98se dual boot - like to get rid of 98se

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Hi all, I have monitor gericom 2030 and it has some power board model that I cant find on sell, so I have buy one that is almost same with it. 4 plugs for invetors are same but one connection for t-con board is diffrent and on oroginal board I have pins (5V, 5v, GND, GND, 12v, BL, N/F) and on board that I have buy has ( 12v, 12v, GND, GND, 5v, 5v, GND, N.C, ON, DIM, MS ) So any suggests wich on wich one I should connect?

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I want to install a new monitor but I don't know what video board to get
my motherboard is GA-990XA-UD3 (Socket M2)
please help!!!
I am using windows 10

A:New Monitor - What video board?


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Attempting to connect a Dell Inspiron 8300 MS XP and a Dell Optima MS XP to one monitor using a IOGEAR Model# GCS612A KVM. Have a Logitech wireless mouse and key board that has a USB connector instead of a PS2 connector. I have used a USB to PS2 adapter to connect Logitech to the KVM. The optima doesn't have PS2 connections only USB. I am using PS2 to USB adapter to connect KVM to Optima. I have use of monitor but not the Mouse and key board.

A:KVM:Monitor but no Mouse and key board.

The USB to PS2 adapters are likely the cause of the problem; thy simply don't always work with every mouse/keyboard.
You'll probably want a USB KVM to resolve this.

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Maybe a dumb question for you experts : does a bigger monitor require a more powerful video board ? Specifically a 22" Samsung 226BW LCD and a Nvidia GeForce 8400GS 256MB for Vista - no gaming .

A:Video Board vs Monitor Size

No, those will be fine together.

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Hey doez anybody here know about motherboard monitor?.....
does it work?
are there any problems at all with this program?

A:mother board monitor..good or bad

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I recently installed a new Acer Model S211HL monitor and a new Nvidia GEForce 6200 video board. I'm running 1024x768 mode with True Color-32bit with large fonts. Everything on my video screen seems wider than normal and the height seems shorter than normal.

What could be the cause of this?

Thanks for any help.

A:Monitor/Video Board Problem

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I have a fairly old monitor (NEC MultiSync 75) that always works with video cards but never works properly when I have it on-board.

The screen resolution is set at 640x480 and the color quality is set at 16 bit, and I cannot change these options. In the device manager, I don't even have a monitor tab, however I do have 2 sub-tabs under Other Devices titled SM Bus Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatible).

The screen is fine and so is the monitor itself, but I'm thinking that there's an issue with the drivers. When I downloaded the drivers for it, there was no .exe file. Instead, I unzipped an ICC Profile, a Security Catalog, and a Security Information file.

Does anybody know if I can just put these files into the registry somehow and my system will automatically update them and fix my screen resolution?

A:Old NEC Monitor On-Board - Screen Res Is Too Small

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Hi. I have a Sceptre S1902D-RV X9G-Gamer monitor. I am having the problem where, when powering the monitor on, it will turn on for a split second (and look fine) and then turn itself back off. Apparently this is because the inverter board is faulty, and replacing this board should fix the monitor.

I am having a hard time determining exactly which board is used in the X9G-Gamer, and also can't figure out where on earth I would go shopping for a replacement.

It seems like replacing one little board would be cheaper than trashing the whole monitor and buying a new one, and it'd also be kind of fun for me to crack this open and see if I can fix it ... but if it's going to be so much trouble to figure out, or just as expensive either way, I guess I should just get a new monitor.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

A:Monitor: Replacing an Inverter Board

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trying to salvage a Packard Bell Windows 98 machine. The on board video (driver/card) appears to have died. The monitor does work (tried it with a different computer).

How do I install a new video card when a can't see to change drivers/Cmos/bios/etc.

I did try to plug in a new video card into the PCI slot. Of course the machine never seemed to detect that it was there.

Any suggestions.

A:on board video dead, no signal to monitor

Putting a new card in may not work as some BIOS's require you to tell them that there is another card there. You could try finding the CMOS reset jumper, which is usually near the battery/BIOS chip on the motherboard. Using that may reset it and tell it to use the card you put in.

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I have a pc running windows 7 pro 64 bit, I received a update from windows and when the computer rebooted my monitor and key board will not work. I don't know what to do now, I can't even get it to boot in safe mode. Any Ideas?


A:windows7 update now my monitor and key board wont work.

Do you have the Windows disk. Boot from the disk and choose Repair.

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Hi everyone.
Yesterday I bought a new monitor (Packard Bell viseo 190W), I've plugged it to my computer, but something is not working: while windows (I've XP pro) is loading the logo appears and everything seems to be ok, but just before the "user-interface" loads, the monitor goes black showing a "NO SIGNAL" message. I tried to uninstall ati-drivers (my graphic card is ati radeon 9250, 256MB ram), it works but obviously is in low mode graphic. If i try to reinstall catalyst + drivers the problem comes back. I tried Omega drivers too, same problem :\

What should I do? Any suggestions?

Thanks for help
@moderator can u change "video board" with "graphic card" in the thread title? thanks

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I'm trying to find out how to enable both onboard and external graphics on my HP p7-1534. There is no option to enable both for dual monitors. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Enable on board and external graphics for dual monitor?

Hi, Its specs cleary says: Video graphicsIntegrated Graphics*Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed.Supports PCI Express x16 graphics cards.Either integrated graphics or the PCI Express x16 slot are usable at one time; they are not usable concurrently.DVI and VGA ports (Can be used at the same time)Source: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03673337 You CAN'T use 2 "cards" at the same time (red) but you still have option to use 2 nonitors (blue) at the same time. Regards.

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Hi friends,
I have windows xp sp2 on 80gb harddisk , mother board mercury make,intel processor now this mercury mother borad what i have donot support ddr2 RAM, i had moved harddisk to intel motherboard box.

i am able to detect harddisk and windows apologies to start safe , last good menu and start normally and command prompt appears, i tried all options but fail to start windows xp.

Pl. find me solution to loginto windows and resume work.


A:moved windows xp sp2 harddisk from mercury mother board to intel mother board

you cant use the same xp on another motherboard.

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hey... My computer switches on when i press the power button but no power is going to to the key board or mouse and there is no picture on the monitor........ this all started when i changed one of the settings on the F2(bios setting) and it switched off...... when i switch off the computer all fans are working all lights are working just no picture and power to mouse and key board. how do i undo what i have done. please help

A:computer tower ons.....no port workin .no picture on the monitor and key board not wo

Can you see the POST screen to enter back into the BIOS? You may need to go back in with the manual for the PC and make sure everything is properly set. If you used F2 to enter the BIOS, it should work, but you will need to make sure the display setting is supported. If you disable on board video, you will need to get a stand a lone video card to make the change.

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i installed a rage 128 video card and i want to go back to my original on-board video but whenever i plug my monitor in it, i get a black a screen..does anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

A:No picture when monitor is plugged into eMachines on-board graphics port

You probably need to enable on-brd graphics again in the BIOS. Plug monitor bk into rage card reboot, press DEL key to enter BIOS. It will be the Standard CMOS set-up or the PCI/Plug n Play menu.

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Key board can't tab the @ what is wrong I tested it out with another key board do the same

A:Key board not working

Hi and welcome to TSG.

You mean the @ key won't work? Or you don't have one?

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My Friend in CA tells me that when she try to type, her key board just make her computer beep, and i ask her to check the sticky keys and she said it isn't the sticky key. What can she do?

A:Key Board not working

oh yeah she say she put other key boards on the computer and get the same problem.

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I'm trying to hook up a 32" LCD TV as a second monitor on a Dell Optiplex 7010, with an Intel HD GMA 4000 graphics card. It's connected from the computer via a displayport-to-HDMI adapter.

Troubleshooting I've already done:
-Plugged in a Blu-Ray player to ensure that the issue isn't the TV or HDMI input itself
-updated Windows 10 via Windows updates
-tried to update drivers using device manager's "update drivers" function (says they're already up to date)
-tried detecting the 2nd monitor automatically via the display settings
-tried restarting the computer with only the displayport/HDMI cable plugged in, and NOT the VGA cable that runs to my primary monitor
-restarted the computer multiple times

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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can anybody help me, i have a Gigabyte M61PM-S2 motherboard AM 2 with AMD 64 Athlon CPU with 1GB of RAM.
Using 500W PSU
I can not get the on board graphics working at all...the screen is just blank and the monitor does not come on. i have tried different monitors but nothing...i also tried the clr cmos and removed the battery. help please !

A:I can not get the on board graphics working at all

I don't know why you removed the battery unless you were mucking around with the BOIS. But please start a new thread for your questions.


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Need help finding a HP USB Multimedia Keyboard Driver for Win 7

Hi, I have a HP USB/PS2 Multimedia keyboard... Model # HP KU-0316, all my function keys no longer work on my

keyboard. The only other identifying marks on it is a silver stricker with the # BC2AB0CGAV507T. I no longer have

the old driver CD, and I was hoping someone would know where I can download a driver. I have scoured the HP website

with no luck.

i have clicked on devices & printers and there is a yellow mark on usb keyboard icon. When i right click on icon and tried trouble shooting, it shows 'HID key board has driver problem. not fixed. "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

there is orange light on the key board. but it should be green.

Any help is deeply appreciated.


A:HP basic usb key board not working

Ask Google. Give it the model number and drivers and it should find something.

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tryed 2 keyboards but carnt get the at key 2 work

A:Solved: key board at key not working

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I am a real novice at this, so I hope I can explain. I added a USB board to my PC, it seemed easy enough. Now, my CD drive isn't working. It shows in the list in window explorer, but when I have a CD in the drive, it says it is not accessible. I have tried numerous CDs. I don't think I knocked anything out when I put the board in.

This is an older computer using Windows 98. I didn't have any USB ports (this was a real basic computer) so, I added the board so I could use my new USB printer.

I really could use some advice. I can't even install the printer software or load any CDs until it is fixed.



A:Added USB board, now CD isn't working

most likely cause for this is a loose cable.
open the case back up and unplug/replug all the connectors (including power) for the drive.

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Just wanted to cross my T's and dot my I's. My laptop stopped having internet access a while back so I just plugged my Ethernet cord in. Now I have time to trouble shoot it, and it seems I having having hardware issues with it. I am just double checking with you all to make sure I am not missing something. When I plug in my USB wireless card I get a signal and CAN connect to a wireless signal, but when I pull it out I get the RED X again in the bottom right hand corner. Any help with be appreciated


A:On board Wireless not working

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I've got an old ECS Elitegroup PF21 extreme motherboard. Now ever since I reformatted I have had no sound from my on board audio. The only way I have been able to was through my USB headset. I've never formatted a computer and it was my first time. Everything works perfectly fine and I have no problems other then this. Does any one know what could have gone wrong?

A:On board audio not working

Download the drivers from the motherboard's support site here

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Hey any of you facing same problem?  The top row of keyboard from q to p except for y and t arent working.  Has been a pretty disappointing experience. Just went to servicing center two weeks ago for the loose screw and they replaced my battery, now encounter another keyboard issue. Close to 3k usd set up with samsung 1tb ssd. Thought it shld have better quality. Didnt drop it, didnt spill coffee/water.  

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sometime my key board work.,, but sudden it fails to work    and i type letter T and Y num 5  and 6 appear automatically like (t5 y6).. what is the problem actully .....plz give some suggestion

A:key board not working properly

Dear Customer, Welcome and Thank you for posting your query on HP Support Forum It looks like you are having issues with the Keyboard on your Notebook.We will surely assist you with this. Troubleshooting Steps: Step 01. Click on the Start Button and go to Control PanelStep 02. Open the Device Manager and expand the Keyboard from the listStep 03. Right click on Standard PS/2 Keyboard and click on UninstallNote: This driver will get installed again automatically on your NotebookStep 04. Please turn OFF the NotebookStep 05. Un-plug the Power/AC Adapter and also remove the Battery tooStep 06. Press and Hold the Power Button of the Notebook for a full minuteStep 07. Now let's re-insert the battery back in and plug back the Power/AC AdapterStep 08. Start the Notebook and keep tapping F10 Key during the startup to access the BIOSStep 09. Once you get to the BIOS, Please press F9 or F5 Key[Model specific] to load setup defaults for the BIOSStep 10. Use the arrow keys to say "YES" and hit enterStep 11. Now let's press Esc/Escape Key. Save Changes and Exit - YesStep 11. Now please wait till the Unit loads the Windows Operating system Or Please check if Sticky Key is turned ON by any chancePlease press Shift Key 5 times and turn it OFF if it is turned ON by any chance And If the issue still persists please check and verify if an External Keyboard works fine with your Notebook Note: Please click on the below shown link to find more troubleshoo... Read more

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Sir, firstly my caps lock is not respending correctly as in my caps lock is blinking continuously everytime i open my laptop which would freeze my whole operating system. Also letter 'B' and 'N' are responding to the caps lock light which making me toubled. Secondly due to this problem all my keyboard is not functioning properly such as - I have to click rapidly my  volume keys to increase or decrease the volume, clicking backspace countinuously to erase the whole line etc. My last problem is with my dispaly as it shows a dialog saying display driver is not working properly even my drivers are uptodate. Plz tell me soulutions asap

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Hi guys, last night everything worked fine, turned off PC and went to sleep. Tonight i woke up with my Samsung SyncMaster SA300 monitor which is hooked on display port not working. My LG Flatron W2242T hooked on HDMI works. Whenever i restart PC i see the windows logo on the Samsung, and after that only the LG works. Pc does not detect other monitors. I had drivers card update, installed it , nothing changed, Samsung is still on stand by.I tried switching display ports as well. Tried running SAFE MODE and Samsung[on display port] was working on it! When switching back to normal mode only LG[HDMI port] works. I tried restoring system point rolling few days back, but that didn't help either. Tried rolling back video card drivers - that didn't help either. Sadly i have only 1 HDMI port and 3 display ports on my video card with no internal GPU from motherboard, so switching around is not an option for me. Also tried removing my video drivers all together and reinstall them again, and tried turning on PC, waiting for 3 minutes and then plugging all the USB's and monitors , only the LG works. My PC specs can be found below :

GPU : GTX 1060 3 GB
RAM : 8 GB
CPU : i5 3470, 3,2 ghz.

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I am upgrading my computer to 1.4 ghz with 512 mb ram. Thinking seriously of going to xp but would like some input.

Can I save data files like favorites or cookies and import them into xp from win 98se?

I would not care to have to go through the hassle of having to write everything down and have to add it that way.

A:Windows 98se to xp??

You can export and import all of the items you listed. In IE just click on File>Import/Export and follow the prompts.

As far as upgrading to XP, I highly suggest going to XP but be sure your running relatively new hardware. The problems most have with XP are caused by older hardware that's not compatible with XP. You can check <a href=http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/compatibility/default.asp> here</a> for compatibility issues.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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I got a good deal on a WD 120 GB HDD. However, fdisk has a problem with HDDs > 64 GB. In this case, it saw only 504 MB. See Microsoft KB Q263044. I downloaded the fix, but fdisk still has a problem, now seeing 11 GB. The MoBo is running Award bios 6.00PG, August 2004. It should see the full 120 GB. WD provides an overlay app, but I would rather not use it unless there is no choice.

A:120 GB HDD and Windows 98SE

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Are you able to change OS on a current Win98SE to XP or XP pro?

A:windows 98SE to XP?

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my friend had this unusual message...

Microsoft Development Environment

An exception of type ‘ com.ms.com.Com Fail Exception ‘ was not handled.
Do you like to debug the application ?

can anybody help on this matter?

A:windows 98se

Try this...


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Hey guys,

earlier tonight a friend of mine bought a linksys wirelss router and wireless nic also form linksys. but when I setup WEP or WPA the windows 98 box wont let me enter the keys, when I can enter the key it's using that profile manager that came witht the nic, but it aks for a passhrase and then keys a key. but then it wont connect to the router because they keys are not the same.

the keys that the 98 boxs gives looks like a really long mac address. is there a way to get around this? because right now there is no encryption.


A:Windows 98se and WEP

Why not enter the passcode, let the W98 system generate the hex key, then use that key to the other systems in the network? This should get around that issue.

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computer 1 and monitor 1 were working fine
took another monitor (was attached to computer 2 and working) and plugged into computer 1
new monitor from computer 2 does not work, have checked power supply and data cable
the CPU goes on, the monitor is on - with a blinking yellow light but a blank screen - totally black
tried another monitor but same story


A:Solved: switched a working monitor to different CPU - monitor not working

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When I just bought it, if I convert the screen more than 180 degree the keyboard will stop working. Currently, after I convert my screen, it still works.   

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I'm having problems with my daughters hp mini.
The key board is not responding properly, for example:-
When trying to enter text into google W= closes web browser, R = refresh, F= Find box, H = favourites e.t.c probably something simple but can't figure it out.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:HP mini 210-1000 key board not working


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Hello, I am a newbie to this forum (not to computing)

I have an old (and I mean old, more than ten years old) ATX PC, which is faulty. The PS blew, I replaced it and there is power going in but no signal going out. I fear the old PS damaged the mother board.

The thing about this PC is that it has software applications that will only work with the OS I have on it (Win 2000) they will not work with the latest Windows versions and I cannot afford to replace the software applications. I even lost the Win2000 and some of the software installation disks. Already one of them needs to recognise the hardware (mother board I think, with any luck the network card) to work, so I will need to see how much I have to pay the software company for them to give me a new key to get the software working with a new mother board.

My question here is, what are the chances of getting the hard disks, with the OS and software applications they have on them, working with a new mother board, perhaps a much more recent one? It could even be a matter of transferring the hard disks to a new ATX case with mother board.


A:Getting old OS and software working with new mother board

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Help needed.  For some reason my touchpad and keyboard have stopped functioning.   They work on the initial boot up, nut not after the Windows log in.  I have noticed that in device manager Synaptics P's/2 Port ClickPad has the yellow triangle.  I have Donna complete system reset and put everything back to factory settings but still no joy.  Please help. thank you

A:Touch Pad and Key board not working on login

Hello,  Sorry to hear about your current problem Please could you try a restart, after that if the problem persists, Please reinstall the Intel Serial Driver from the HP website.   

I am a very busy person. PleasePlease click ?Accept as Solution" if I solve your Problem

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