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Why can't users delete user pictures?

Q: Why can't users delete user pictures?

It is astounding to me that Microsoft would not allow users to delete a user picture, if the user didn't want one at the logon screen.

What possible reason is there to disallow deleting the picture. I know you can create a blank jpg, use a different picture, but why not just eliminate the user picture. A choice to get rid of that bad decision some of us make in testing and trying things is just too puzzling to let go.

Windows, do us a favor and listen.



Preferred Solution: Why can't users delete user pictures?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Why can't users delete user pictures?

Hello there, Welcome.

Windows, do us a favor and listen

Listen to what or who?

How to remove previously used user picture/avatar images in Windows 8.1

If you don't want them anymore try this:

In File Explorer, type the following in the address bar (or just click folders until you get to it):

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\AccountPictures

Replace the "YOUR USER NAME" text with your actual user name.

Easiest way, you can hit winkey+S & type this


hit enter.

delete pictures.

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can i detele the files inside c:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache\

i tried _http://www.justanswer.com/computer/5dl5x-c-users-user-app-data-local-microsoft-windows-files-contains.html

but it doesn't clean them ,and ccleaner

and the windows clean tool doesn't empty this folder


A:can i delete the files inside c:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft?

No Don`t Do it.

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My father replaced his Windows 98 machine with a new computer running Windows 7. He's currently on 32-bit ultimate, but we could change versions if needed.

He's really hoping there's some way to force Windows 7 into a single user mode, primarily so C:\users\All Users, Default User, Public, and his own user are merged into one. It's absolutely driving him nuts the way it is.

I've done quite a bit of searching and have came up empty. Before I said it couldn't be done, I'm wondering if anyone's heard of a way to do this.

A:Win 7 single user, merging users\All Users, Default User, Public, etc?

Just curious, but why does this annoy him so much? Surely it's not that complicated a system and all of his documents etc are stored in the same place, with more or less easy to use shortcuts to these directories placed throughout Windows 7?

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I noticed an annoying problem when deleting a user account from your PC.

Basically Windows Store app got into a pickle on my main user account. I fixed it with a restore point. But it wasn't working on my wife and son's user accounts. As they barely use them and have little to lose I decided to delete their accounts and then re-create them. The intention being to see if Windows Store worked correctly after doing so (It did!!!).

I deleted the accounts, restarted machine for clean slate and set them up again. All good but something that I noticed and really annoyed me was when I went into network I could see the WMP sharing media projecting my wife's name twice and the same for my son. Looks a bit rubbish. I went on my TV into media sharing and could see the duplicate WMP clients listed on here. So as a test I deleted my son's account again and re-created and sure enough now three WMP shares from his name.

So I looked under C:\users and can see (using my son as an example) three folders ... son's name, son's name-pc name, son's name.000-pc name. So this is why I see the duplications because good old Windows 10 doesn't fully delete the user from C:\users. I tried deleting those old folders but got met with either 'in use' or 'denied - you need admin access'. Of course my account is an administrator so that doesn't compute!!!! I tried taking ownership of those folders and got met with all kinds of resistance but I deleted enough of them to stop the duplicate WMP shares. Basi... Read more

A:Deleting a user account leaves traces of that user behind in C:\users

Having the same issue here. A user account started misbehaving so I used Settings>Accounts to remove it. But the user *folder* is still in c:\users and won't let me delete - even though I have administrator rights. How can you delete these folders?

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What is this file used for?
Why is EXPLORER.EXE constantly trying to create it (as reported by Process Monitor)?
How do I stop this wasteful misuse of my system resources?

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I like to take pix & send to 2 family members who use AOL.No, they won't change! I take small 50-70- kb pictures & save in jpg. on my hard drive. I then attach them to an e mail & send. most times they cannot open the pix. They get the E mail fine.What can I do or they can do to solve this. I CAN save in many ways other than jpg. ALSO, was is JPG progressive??

A:Sending pictures to AOL users

I was going to ask if they had a program to view jpegs, but they should have internet explorer already installed. I have a friend that uses aol and I get his attachements ok.

1 - are you just sending 1 at a time?

2 - ever think about posting them on the web? Webshots allows you to post for free and you can password protect them. http://www.webshots.com I post photos there all of the time.

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I have just removed an autorun virus from a computer and a flash drive.
The virus autoruns from the flash drive, and creates an .exe file in the 'documents and settings' (Or 'users' in vista) named after the user.

ie: C:\Users\[user name]\[user name].exe

It then copies itself to any removable media attached to the computer - and repeats.
Does anyone know what this virus is called, or what it actually does - apart from replicating itself??

I used combofix to remove the virus from C: and deleted the autorun files frmo the flash drive through CMD.
Thanks for any information.

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This may have been posted before but it was new to me (but then again I just found out Jimi Hendrix died!!).

Anyway, found it interesting.


A:For all XP users, Windows Vista in pictures

I honestly donít comprehend what the purpose of that site is for. I have Vista Home Basic on one of my machines. Was hoping that SP1 would resolve some of the hardware and software glitches. But noooo! It still is not compatible with some hardware and software. Those photos just confused me even more. I truly think I am getting slower as I get older. Perhaps someone else may find those photos useful.

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I am just trying this forum for the first time. I have a problem with sharing on our home computer. My wife and I each have administrator user accounts on our new Dell computer, each of us with our individual password, and I want her to be able to see and use the pictures and folders that I have placed in the Picture Library on my user's site My Pictures. I have read up on sharing and have gone to Advanced Sharing options and marked the 100 picture folders I have in My Pictures for her to be able to share and see those folders. Yet when she has gotten on the computer and entered her user site and password those pictures do not appear on her MY Pictures. I have found that she can see picture folders and use them when I have placed them, on my site, in Public Pictures. So I have an alternative way to get pictures to her. But I would like to share the My Pictures folder instead and I have tried every way to get it to work. But it doesn't work. I suspect there is a glich with picture sharing in Windows 7 but I don't know for sure. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to fix the problem. I am certain that I have marked the folders for sharing correctly but it does not work. Could it be that since we are both Admistrator Users that it won't work. Please advise. LeighTwo

A:Problem with Sharing My Pictures by Two Users

Hi LeighTwo, and welcome to Sevenforums.
It seems to be a permissions problem. What are permissions? The way to control folders in the NTFS system of Windows. Where I could see them? Let's say that every folder has permissions, so to see them just follow this: Rigth clic on the folder -> Properties -> Security.
Here is an example of how it looks (My Windows is in Spanish, so where it says "Seguridad" it is "Security" for you):
As you notice, just under where it says "System" (highlighted in blue) you can see my User acount (Agustin). So what does it mean? That no other user has access to my folders (exept the System that is not a "human user"), in this case My Pictures folder. It is the case in which, altougth I tried to share files, other users won't see them. So what you should do: add your wife's user acount with the properly permissions in the security tab. Here is the way:1) Rigth clic on the folder -> Properties -> Security

2) Clic on Edit ("Editar" in my Windows).

3) Clic on Add ("Agregar" in my Windows).

4) Write your wife's account in the blank place (just the name of the account; for example my account is "Agustin" so I just need to write "Agustin" in the blank place).

5) Clic "Ok" in each window to submit changes. Here is the new user show in the properties window (in my case the new user is Dana).

At this point you are able to sha... Read more

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Had to recover from Bitlocker lock out. Everything looks OK except I cannot copy pictures (and files) to external disk drive.
I have an SSD as Drive C: and a hard drive as Drive D:
I can copy from drive C: to D: but cannot copy to external drive.

I drag and drop (copy)
Message is:
This is no longer located in C:\Users...\Pictures. Verify the item's location and try again.

I hit "Try Again" and get the same error
I need to be able to copy files to the external drive.

Is there something I need to reset? I've never seen this before.
Any ideas?

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I hope someone can help me as I am not the most technical user of a PC. So if a solution is posted please make it easy.

Here is my issue. I bought a new PC with Windows 8.1 and I probably set up stuff wrong at the start.

I set up my wife and 2 daughters as Administrators like me but I thought that they would not be able to see my Documents or Pictures or Music as my Profile has a password. But they were able to see all my Music, Documents and Pictures.

Previously in Windows XP, all our stuff was separate and they didn't see any of my files.

Thinking all I had to do was make them Standard Users and this would rectify the issue but obviously it didn't. I have left them at Standard Users hoping for a solution from you people here on this Forum.

So I am asking is there a way on Windows 8.1 to have my stuff Private for me and for no one to see it?



A:Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures from Other PC Users

Just go to your User name folder as shown in the picture, my name is blocked out in Blue' right click a library folder then choose "Share With" then choose "Stop Sharing" for any particular Library folder that you don't want to share.

You need to do this because in Windows 8/8.1 the Users folder is shared by default so that people don't get confused on how to share the Users folders, sharing of the Username folder was not enabled with Windows 7.

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I have seen multiple question and answers in forum regarding this GPO to Delete User Profiles Older than a Specified
Number of Days on System Restart not working or some hotfixes, in my environment it is working on all required systems in one OU. But in some PCs it is not deleting the parent folder and some folder under appdata.
like c:\Users\DomainUser\Appdata\local\abc\efg\
so the profile data like my documents, pictures, desktop etc are deleted but folder structure "\DomainUser\Appdata\local\abc\efg\" in efg folder is empty, which creating confusion during Audit and physical check.

Thanks, Anuj.A

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I am trying to install a program called postgresSQL a database program that creates a user (postgres) during install. I have installed the program before, created an account and forgot the password . I am trying to re-install the program and it still see the old user and wants the password.

The program says the solution for this is to.....

control panel>admin tools>comp management>local user and groups delete "postgres". local users is not there on home premium, handled by user accounts .


net user postgres /delete This gives me error 5 access is denied

not sure where to go from here???

A:user delete on home premium. no local user or groups??

Welcome to the Forum

Sorry that you are having a problem. If there is a separate user account,
Possibly this excellent tutorial can help.
Reset User Account Password[11]=User Accounts

It will not be easy, but it should work.

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I deleted the previous user account on a laptop given to me by my friend (Joanne) and changed it to a new name (Serena). This seemed to work and when when I login it is with the new username. However there seems to be contradicting info about user accounts on my pc. The first screenshot shows my current username but the second screenshot is not showing my current usernames and all files appear to have the old username. I keep trying to delete the files associated with the old account but cannot do so. Can anyone help?

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I downloaded the pictures from my iphone to my chromebook thinking i could select which ones I would send, but now i have 200 unnecessary pictures. When i right click on the photos the delete option is faded. Sorry if its a dumb question.

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My wife and I went on vacation and took some pictures that.....well......shouldn't be seen in public. I transferred some of the "bad" pictures along with the "good" pictures to My Pictures. I sent the "bad" pictures to the Recycle Bin and emptied it, but when my screen saver kicked in, which shows a slideshow of My Pictures, I saw some of the "bad" pictures on the slideshow. How can I get rid of these pics? I would be grateful for any help.

I have a PC and use Windows XP

A:Can't Delete Pictures

Also look through My Documents and see if there's any hidden in there and maybe you film editing program

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THis is driving me nuts! My Pictures is full of individual images and multiple copies of them. When I try to delete them, it just makes more copies!
What is going on?
Windows XP

A:My Pictures won't let me delete!

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As grandparents, we are new to digital photography. We got a new digital camera that uses a secure digital card. There were 204 pictures on the card. I put it in my media reader and downloaded the photos on to my computer Windows XP. I thought I took the card out of the reader but am not positive about that. Any way, I started looking at the pictures and deleting the ones that were out of focus etc. When my husband put the card back in the camera and started looking for certain pictures, they were gone. But there was a black space where the picture used to be. If I delete the picture using the camera, it just disappears as if it was never there and does not leave a space. So, I am in trouble because I deleted his pictures off his SD card.. I don't know how I did that. But the crazy part is that some pictures that I deleted from the computer are still on his card and some pictures that I have on my computer are no longer on his SD card. This is the part that is a real mystery to me to explain how I could have done this. I am in BIG trouble with my husband. Can any one explain the missing photos and what happened ??

A:How did I delete the pictures ??

How did you download them?

have you looked where you downloaded them to...? assumeing you gave the folder a name...

when you downloaded them did you give the folder a name you can recognize?

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I downloaded the pictures from my iphone to my chromebook thinking i could select which ones I would send, but now i have 200 unnecessary pictures. When i right click on the photos the delete option is faded. Sorry if its a dumb question.

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I have new Vista laptop. I changed the primary Administrator name from ABC to DEF. I also added another Administrator, XYZ. ABC still shows up in c:\users. DEF and XYZ do not (they're in the Control Panel>User Accounts). Before I download any more programs, how do I get ABC files into DEF? how do I get DEF and XYZ into c:\users? Thank you for your help.

A:Add and Delete Users

Hello Wemimo, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The only way you can change the C:\Users\(user name) folder name is to create a new account and delete the old one. The Note at the top of this tutorial will help show you how to if needed.

User Account Name

Hope this helps,

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I am on the tech support team.  On the computer by my desk I login to over 10 accounts a day to test and make sure the users work.   Is there
a script or some way to delete all the accounts?  Right now I have to right click "computer" / properties / advanced system settings / user profile settings / then delete them all one at a time, and each one take like 30-45 seconds.  I
can delete the user profiles easy, but all the accounts really slow things down.

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any ideas ive created another administrator and dont know how to delete a user

A:how to delete users in xp

No domain HERE

with domain HERE

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How do i delete a former administrator user on a cpu bought used. I will not let me assess operation files and/delete files

A:how do i delete users

If you mean how you delete an account, log in as admin and delete / change the account. If you are referring to the admin account itself, you must have an admin account. You can change the password as long as you know the admin password. If you do not have the admin password, there are programs that let you reset it to blank. After that you log in and change it however you want. Here is a link to a program that allows you to reset your password.

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On the desktop, after right-clicking and then clicking on Properties, under DESKTOP, how do i delete the choices i have for the background? my computer automatically puts pictures in the choice box whenever i put my pictures from my digital camera to my computer. theres too many background options!!!!

how do i delete those options?

A:How Do You Delete Pictures for the Backgroud

Are your digital camera pics in the 'my picturtes' folder? If so move them to a new folder....create one just for digital pics and choose that directory for uploading pictures....hope this helps.

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When I select a picture and hit control to select several more pictures to delete it automatically copies the pictures.  How do I select several without coping?

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So, I have never had this problem before, and can't find a solution anywhere on microsoft.

I copied photos from m digital camera onto a CD. Now, i want to delete some of the photos from the cd, but I keep getting a message that says they are read-only files and that I can't delete them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:anyway to delete read only pictures from a cd?

once a file is on a CD you cannot delete it unless its an RW, in which case you could erase the disc.

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My 128 GB SSD are always like 90 % full.

I Had lot of troubles back when windows10, downloaded by itself.

reverse win updates KB259XXXXX and such..to get rid of it and hiding the packages for future wuauct.

Now, suddenly my C: drive has like 3 GB free space again !

I have done/ as we speak:
-disc cleanup. remove sysfiles, empty basket, del copies,restore points
-uninstalling programs I dont need
-about 5.0 GB Steamfiles/data moved to other storage
-Uninstalling FL Studio and move data to other storage

But still ! What about this?

C:\Users\admin 24,7 GB (admin. dont use)
C:\Users\rihtt 13,8 GB (this is my account. that matters)

*I can not understand why the admin-account containts so much. It most be doublettes?
How Can I safely browse and decide what to delete?
I use the admin-account only for like maintance.

So most of my user-data,programs and such are installed @rihht account.
It shouldnt be 11 GB extra on the admin account in my world!

C:\SWSETUP 6,0 GB (wtf? lots of .CVA files. Intel ? )

C:\WINDOWS 23,6 GB (what to delete? whats important?)

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I need find a way to keep a limited user on an XP-home box from surfing the internet yet still have access to a file on a 2000 server (LAN). Thanks

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Hello, I've recently installed windows 8 and during the installation I found out I already made a Microsoft account with my email.
That was no problem, it actually saved me time, so after the installation was finished and windows was set up I opened the windows explorer, where I found out my user folder (in C:/Users) was named sjoer_000. I found it a bit disturbing as it seems windows has made that name up so searched how to change the name (I didn't wanted to break something by changing it manually). The first thing I found didn't work. You had to navigate to the menu you get when you type "lusrmgr.msc" on the startscreen (I think you could access it by pressing win+x+g, then computer management, then system tools and then something like local users and groups). But I couldn't find it and after some searching again I found out it was for Windows 8 Pro only. Great, so that wasn't going to work. Another thing with regedit didn't work too probably because of the same reason; the standard versions lacks the feature.

So what I tried after that was creating a new user account with the good name (I think it was a local account) and then I lost my original account and tried restored it with some backup from WinTransfer, but cancelled it somewhere in the process. I also made a Microsoft account with a different email (it might have been the same email, I don't remember).

I did some other things, not sure what, and all that created a big mess. Now I finally have my normal... Read more

A:Delete C:/Users/#name# folder

Hi Sjoerd,

you may find an answer and sollution in this tutorial ==> User Account Name - Change in Windows 8

At the bottom of that page are some "related tutorials" which may have some relevant information.

Good luck with it!

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Somehow I've ended up with two profiles:
C:\Users\Beau Johnson
C:\Users\Beauregard Johnson

The C:\Users\Beauregard Johnson does not have a single file in any folder, and has only these folders:

and the Windows Startup Screen says Beau Johnson, not Beauregard Johnson.

I've checked out Control Panel > User Accounts: I looked at "Make changes to my account in PC settings", "Change your account name", "Change your account type", "Manage another account", and "Change User Account Control settings", "Manage your credentials", and "Configure advanced user profile properties" . . .but can't find any way of deleting the Beauregard Johnson account..
"Manage another account" only shows Beau Johnson, which is the one I want to keep.
Is there a way to delete C:\Users\Beauregard Johnson?

A:Two C:\Users\ Directories - Can I Delete One of Them?

Have you tried the Computer Management Window? (Right click on the start button to access)

Look in the Local Users and Groups section and see if it appears under your list of users where you should be able to right click on it and delete it.

If it is not there you could simply delete the folder from your C:\Users directory. As always make sure you have backups and system restore points set before making any changes.

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I often make new accounts and then delete them after using it. However, I recently realized that the account folders still appear in C:/Users. What would happen if I delete those folders, it shouldn't change anything should it, I mean I already deleted the account itself.

Edit: I can't delete the folders even if I want to, help please?

A:What happens if you delete a folder in C:/Users

Hi did you use this method How to Delete a Windows 7 User Folder | Chron.com

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Let me preface by saying that I am fairly computer illiterate.

I run Windows XP. When I initially got my computer, it was shared by several different people, and I set it up with several different users. Now I am the only one who uses this computer, and I'd like to delete the other users. When I try to delete the other users by going through the control panel and following the instructions, everything is fine until I get to the actual "delete this user". When I click on it, it pauses, and nothing happens. When I hit cntrl-alt-del, I get a message that mhsta.exe is not responding. I have googled this, but I am at a loss as how to how to fix this. I have restarted the computer several times (for other reasons), but I am still not able to delete the other users.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Because I am not very good with computers, please explain your suggestions in detail. Thanks!

A:Cannot delete users on windows XP

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I am having problems deleting Users. I have no problems creating a new user. On creation, it appears to also create a folder in C/Users. After I delete a User, I go to C/Users and try to delete the folder from here. I try to delete as an Administrator, but the message "You need permission, and must be an Administrator." comes up every time. It is now getting cluttered, and I am having difficulties knowing which one relates to my current User list. How do I delete the unwanted folders?

Another very recent problem is that it created a "Temporary" user in the C/Users folder, after I tried entering as an old User A/c I hadn't used for some time.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



A:Windows 7 - Users - To delete

Hello Frank, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You probably got the "Temporary" folder if that user account was corrupted. Did you get this error when you tried to log on to it: Your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary profile.
If you are logged in as an administrator, try opening those use folders and allow yourself acccess when prompted. Afterwards, see if you are able to delete them.

If not, then you may be able to delete the user folders for these deleted user accounts using one of the options in the tutorial below through the command prompt.

Folder - Delete from Command Prompt

Hope this helps,

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Hi there - I have a Dell XPS box, and it is locking up.  I've had someone 'look around' in it, and he found a couple of phantom users - they show up as users with really long strings in HKEY-USERS in Regedit, but when I try and delete them, I get a could not delete due to error.
I really need to punt these guys to move on, so I can leave my desktop alone for a while without coming back to find it is so locked tight that I have to hold down the start button to force a restart.

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I just installed Win 7 pro and have it set like I want it. I have 3 hard drives. Two internal and one external. after install I wiped out second internal and external drives clean. Then I tried to do a back up and it failed and in my pictures library it says I have a folder from my external drive that does not exist so I need to delete that folder and the path I guess to make this work.Everything I have tried has not worked.

Thanks Ivan

A:How to delete folder in pictures library.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

or see


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Hey there!
I have a problem that I wasn't able to google out so I am posting it here. It concerns yahoo email. I found out that yahoo saves all the pictures you send and receive as attachment in your emails into a separate picture folder. This folder is not visible in the yahoo mail interface on PC but it is viewable when logging in via smarphone (I do not use the yahoo smarphone app, just direct login through web browser - google chrome on iOS 7).

The pictures that are viewable in the "pictures" folder when logging through smarphone web browser cannot be deleted in any obvious way (such as a delete button or something). I figured they should dissapear if I delete the original message BUT that worked only partially. After deleting the said emails, I could no longer see pictures that I received from others, but I can still see pictures that I sent myself (and yes, I made sure to delete all the emails in "sent" folder as well). Please help! It is driving me crazy.

A:Cannot delete pictures from yahoo email

I don't have a smartphone and do not use the classic interface so I have never seen this photo gallery.
See if the directions here help

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I have some how deleted all the pictures that are available to user accounts in WinXP Home w/SP2. Does any one know how to get them back? I have also lost the shortcut to Windows update. Would appreciate any help!!!!

A:User Account Pictures

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So I was at my Friend Lo's house and I was messign w/ the comp. and trying to delete all the bugs, which apparently I successfully did but then one of the users dissappeared and so what happens is that the user was given a temporary account and so the pictures were moved to that account. Upon restarting the computer, the original user worked again and the temporary account was deleted, along w/ the pictures that were moved to that temporary account. obviously the pictures must still be in the computer. But where could they have gone?

A:XP temporary user pictures...

see if the temporary accout is still setup in documents and settings. If so you should be able to recover the pictures.

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So I force my users to enter their username and password after ctl-alt-del but above that where thte user account picture should be is just a blank frame.

Wheres the pictures gone...?

Does anyone know how to fix this issue....?


A:User Account Pictures

Hi, Welcome to Seven Forums.

You cannot do this, because there is no way of discovering which user picture to load, because to do so you'd need to type both the username and password and press enter which removes that screen and moves straight onto the 'Welcome' title screen. The only way to show user pictures would be to have them listed on the welcome screen rather than requiring them to enter both their usernames and passwords.

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Hi all new to the forum. My sister has given me her go stream, I'm having trouble figuring out how to delete her account and add my own. Anyone able to help with this?Thanks in advance

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I have download a bad files and he have a ''Malware'' or virus, My Malware or my anti-virus have delete the infection but the document I can't erase and he have nothing in ?

If he have a clue for that, give me, I appreciate !


A:Problem ! I can't delete a file in my users

Is it a file or a folder you are trying to delete and do you get an error message when you try to delete it?

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Hi, a family member created an account which I have deleted from Control Panel>Users Account...But when I went to Computer>(C>Users and right clicked delete on the File name, the following happened:

Are you sure you want to move this folder to the Recycle Bin? > Clicked Yes.
You need to confirm this Operation. > Clicked Continue.
Windows need permission..> Allowed.

Got the following:
You need permission to perform this action > Clicked Try again...Same box pops up.

I've went to security of the file, changed to full authority, and even tried the Run, takeown/icacl (I received success message for both, but still wasn't able to delete the file).

Any help please?!?!


A:Hows to delete an account from (C:)\Users ? (HELP!)

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I have some pics on my laptop i am trying to delete, whenever i try to delete i always get this message "Could not find this item.Verify the item's location and try again."
I tried unlocker and lockhunter but they dont work and i tried to delete them in safemode.

How do i delete the pics? they have been there for a week now

A:Cant delete pictures, verify items location and try again?


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I have two accounts on my laptop: Bryan as admin and James as my local account which I use for my daily workings.
All my work is save to a different partition on the hard drive.

I now notice that if I go to C:\users, I have my admin account but there are two other user accounts James and James.lenovo15.

Originally I found James and James-2 user accounts so I moved the James-2 folders and files to my work partition (just so I didn't lose the info before deleting it). When I signed in again, I could only sign in as a "guest" using the James-2 password.

I have now spent a coupe of days deleting the user account under the User Accounts setting. Then deleting the James account in the only place it appears (C:\Users); and creating a new Local User account in the user accounts (using Bryan admin). However, I find that in C drive I still have two James users - James and James.lenovo15.

I think that when I just deleted the James account in C:\Users it must have left some residual elements somewhere and it recreated itself and the new local account which I names simply James was forced to add to the name .Lenovo15 to prevent conflicts.

Although I doesn't affect the running of the computer, having both users takes up considerable space. James user 4.7 gbs while the new James.lenovo15 has 1.7 gb.

Has anyone any idea how to resolve the matter?

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Since updating from Win 7 to Window 10 - I have 'lost' the appropriate user name in C:\users.
Therefore when trying to set 2 other computers to recognise this particular laptop is not possible. My account is Local, and the network is private.
A visit to C:\users shows the following..........

Obviously I can see in UAC what the username is supposed to be, and I know the password - however inputting that info does not work. (The other 2 PC's run on Win 7.)
Your thoughts and help would be appreciated.

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I am using Windows XP Pro, with service pack 3. I have Eset Nod 32 for antivirus/antispyware.

I had been going on Ebay a lot to get clothes for the grandkids. I started getting a lot of Http:Bad Error pages when looking at different and more pages. Different online forums said that I might need an error fix tool. I downloaded and ran Uniblue Registry Booster. After I ran it, it said that I had to restart my computer for the fixes to take place. I had already ran this a couple of times, so thougt nothing of it this time.

I logged off, and hit Restart, the computer shut off and came back up, but now I only get the Dell Windows Screen with the scoll that zips across the bottom. It then takes me to what I think may be the Welcome Screen, just not loaded all of the way.

It is the light blue background with the WinXP logo, but no Welcome word, and no user log on icons. I cannot get logged onto my computer at all.

I am on the Hubby's computer, but I really, really need my computer as his is for play and mine ( with tons of stuff on it!) is for business.

I have started in Safe Mode and gone down thru everything on that screen to no avail. If I could get logged on, I could restore back to an earlier time, as I do the restore quite often, but I just cannot get logged on.

I have tried Ctrl/Alt/Del, but no go there either. When I do turn on my computer, I have to turn it back off by holding the button in because I have no 'Turn Off' computer button on that blue scree... Read more

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