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Urgent - Windows 7 Update Service Update June 19 2012

Q: Urgent - Windows 7 Update Service Update June 19 2012

Today June 19 2012 I received this.Did anyone get this also?After Microsoft's service had been cracked by Flame, my trust in Microsoft has dropped to zero.So I would need confirmation if anyone else had thisupdate today (19 June 2012).The interesting thing is, mostly it gives a link forthe update to read more info about a certain update.But here today is no description whatsoever.edit: I should mention the odd thing about this is, I lookedinto my update settings and it was set to automatically installand update windows. So it should have downloaded this and installed.So why the difference?It makes me feel uneasy, to say the least.Advise pleaseThank You

Preferred Solution: Urgent - Windows 7 Update Service Update June 19 2012

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Urgent - Windows 7 Update Service Update June 19 2012

I called Microsoft just now.
They established a remote session directly to my PC.
After verification that my OS is legit etc. they had a look at this.

They recommend that I reinstall Windows from one of their ISO images
and not from the HP recovery partition.

The guy said he wouldn't trust that update as there is the information link

I only can do what he says, downloading that 3 GB ISO and burn the DVD
and reinstall Windows.

So, if you get the SAME looking update, my advise is as his.
Don't install that update.

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It is vital to apply this update as soon as possible as there is a lot of malware using this exploit currently
If you use Windows 8 the the update comes from Windows update NOT via adobe

A:Urgent flash update for October 2012

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hello friend..

I cannot update windows 10 to anniversary update. Every time I check for update, this came out

"We couldn't connect to the update service. We'll try again later, or you can check now. If it still doesn't work, make sure you're connected to the Internet."

I am connected to internet, Mozilla firefox is ok, utorrent is ok, everything is fine except windows update.
I have try disable the firewall, turn off windows defender, disable antivirus, none of it work.
I downloaded windows10 update assistant, did not work.
I don't know what is blocking windows update form connecting to internet.

Any suggestion? or perhaps solution.

Thank You.

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We have an issue with this security update, as it keeps on failing to install in windows update.
I receive error code: 851A004A
What I have did was to manually install the the update from the MS site, and the machine shows it has been installed and when I ran updates again, windows updates picks this security update again even though its installed. 
I have removed SQL server 2012 developer edition  and all of its components, restarted the machine. Did windows updates and then installed SQL 2012 again and manualy installed KB3045321 and still after running windows updates, windows shows tries
to install this update. 
My company runs reports from WSUS regarding failed windows updates. This machine appears in the report even though its installed. I have tried hiding this update and still it appears in the report. 
I then built another machine, did windows updates, installed SQL server 2012 developer edition ran windows updates and again it fails to install the security update. It gives the same error message 851A004A. Again installed update manually and still
windows updates tries to install this update again. 
Any ideas ? 

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the main thing is each and every install  windows update just searches forever and nothing happens after diagnostic tool it says Datastore.edb is corrupted and cant be repaired and each time it download the corrupted Datastore.edb
can they at leats give a proper service pack 2 for windows 7  64 bit ultimate that is then uptodate with working windows update that works after a direct standalone install of sp1 i use windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i reinstalled the system allready
 5 times each and every time the same problame that Datastore.edb is corrupted and windows update just gets stuck!
i how you can either releasse a service pack 2 so that windows update works again after a direct install of service pack 1
or a windows update that doesnt use data store cause its yepp Not working,
i use a amd 6 core with a amd hd 6700 readon and 8 gb ram
both asus motherboard and grafic
as it is now windows update is with windows 7 service pack 1= not useable !!!!
sincierly Christian Madjari

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I did a restart, logged in and screen remained blank. I tried to restart several times and had the same problem. Finally I did a system restore and booted okay. I then deleted all files and folders in Windows/SoftwareDistribution and changed the windows update setting to not check for updates because I didn't want the update to apply after any restarts. How should I go about fixing the problem so I can get and install updates. Any help would be appreciated and sorry for being long-winded.

A:June Windows 8.1 update caused desktop not to display

I have the exact same problem after installing the updates. I noticed that explorer.exe didn't start on my computer. If I start it manually it does show up in de task manager but nothing else happens.
Edit: I've added a screenshot of the updates.

Edit2: I have installed all the updates except for KB2969339 on a different windows and I didn't experience any problems. So KB2969339 seems to be the one causing all the trouble. You can rightclick on the update in the update list and click hide to hide it so you never accidentally install it again. However, I don't know anything about computers so I don't know if doing that will cause more problems later on.

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Improvements and Fixes for Windows 10 v1703

This non-security update includes quality improvements. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. See all the improvements and fixes here


A:Windows 10 Update: June 27, 2017—KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447)

Today isn't Patch Tuesday, but Microsoft still released cumulative updates for all versions of Windows 10. The firm seems to be doing it twice a month now, as the last set of builds arrived on June 13.

As usual, there are no new front-facing features. Instead, all of these updates focus on various fixes.

If you're on the Creators Update, you'll see build 15063.447, or KB4022716. You can download it from the Microsoft Update Catalog here.
This is what got fixed:
Addressed an issue introduced by KB4022725 where Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge printing from a frame may result in 404 not found or blank page printed.
Addressed issue where network printers may fail to install when using the printer vendor?s setup software on machines with less than 4 GB of RAM. These printers will install properly if you install using the Settings app or from Devices and Printers in Control Panel.
Addressed issue that causes high memory usage for the Camera app on mobile platforms, which reduces battery life. Any app that uses a media capture element (MCE) or media element (ME) and plays 1080p will consume a lot of power, which will significantly reduce battery life.
Addressed issue where, after updating to the Creators Update, devices that have Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) enabled have significantly low wireless throughput.
Addressed issue (Error 0x7F) with Windows Forms (WinForms) that causes the system to crash after upgrading to the Creators Update.
Addressed issue... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron with a Core i5 CPU.

I am running Windows 7 Home - 64 bit.

I have McAfee Anti-Virus Software.

My computer has 2 issues that appeared after a Windows update.

My IE 10 will not start. It flashes a Screen momentarily and shuts down.

Second issue - can not shutdown computer. Restarts when I try to shutdown.

Don't know if issue is Windows update or something else.

Device drivers appear to be OK.

Any suggestions?


A:2 things happened after Windows update 2 on June 10th, 2013

Welcome to Sevenforums,

Maybe first, see to uninstall the IE10 updates kb2838727 & kb2859903 from the Programs & Features => show installed updates.

Try uninstall the flash player (see if it works after), then updating flash player to v 11.7.700.224 to the latest.

You could also run the System Update Readiness Tool

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Today i did received through Windows Update, two optional updates.

One is for Intel processors.

-Article ID: 3064209 - Last Review: June 16, 2015 - Revision: 1.0
June 2015 microcode update for Intel processors in Windows

About this update:
This article describes a microcode update for Intel processors that are running Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
This update improves the reliability of systems that use certain Intel processors. This update also fixes some issues that could cause the operating system to function incorrectly.

Did the Intel Microcode Update Revision number for Ivy bridge was "17" before?

I can't recall properly as now it shows: Microcode Update Revision "1B"...

The other one for language pack: https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/kb/3040272/en-us

A:June 2015 microcode update for Intel processors in Windows

I just checked updates and nothing for my i7 3770.

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I upgraded a laptops prefectly operating 160 gig HD to a new 1 Ter HD using
Ghost 11 ... have done this for other laptops before without incident.

This time all seems to be well, until I go to windows update to confirm the
windows installation is completely up to date and this is the problem.

(note: i am also not allowed to view the update history, no matter how long
i wait all i get is a blank white page)

When I click on "Check For Updates" a dialoge box comes up .....

Windows Update

Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the
service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.

... of course i've tried that ..... and a few other fixes too ... looked for spyware
re registered DLL's ... all no go ... please

also, if I put the drive that was the source for the clone, the 160 back in .. updates are no problem at all.

A:Windows Update service not running, can not update after HD upgrade

Rather unique problem you have, but lets try this.
Go to the computer icon on the desktop Right click
Now look at the lower right. Do you see the Microsoft Emblem.
Maybe, you are not correctly validated and have to validate with the key number.

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Some news for Windows 7 SP1!!
MS has released the Windows 7 SP1 June 2016 Update Rollup
Microsoft Releases the June 2016 Update Rollup for Windows 7 SP1

This also includes a fix for the extremely slow Windows 7 Update (KB3161647) ...finally
Microsoft Finally Fixes the Painfully Slow Windows Update on Windows 7

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Consider the following scenario:

You are using .NET Framework 4.6 or a later version on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2012 R2.You previously installed the June 2018 Preview of Quality update KB4291497 or KB4291495You try to install the July 2018 Security and Quality Rollup updates KB4340557 or KB4340558.
In this scenario, the update doesn't install, and you receive a "0x80092004" installation error message.
To work around this problem, use one of the following methods.

Workaround 1
To immediately bring affected systems up-to-date for the security fixes that are included in the July .NET Security and Quality Rollup updates KB
4340005 or KB


Workaround 2
Uninstall the June 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup updates KB 4291497 or KB 4291495, run the DISM cleanup tool, and then reinstall the July 2018 Security and Quality Rollup updates KB
4340557 or KB
4340558, as appropriate.
Detailed information, please refer to this KB article.

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help.
If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
[email protected]

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Reinstalled operating system using Vista Ultimate.  After Service Pack 2 is installed, I am no longer able to get Windows Updates.  Internet Explorer 9 was installed June 2016.  Is there a fix to this problem?  Thanks.

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excuse me for my mistakes bu I am not a native English speaker.

I run a Windows 7 Pro sp1 x64 and I use NTBackup.exe to perform my weekly full backup (I know that NTBackup is not meant to be run on Windows 7, but it perfectly fits my needs and it perfectly run until last windows update).

Since last windows update of 10/02/2015, NTbackup fails and in the NTBackup log I find this message: "Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure".
Looking into Windows Event Log/Applications I find 3x error messages related to in VSS, where the only really significant one is "Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine CoCreateInstance.  hr = 0x80004002. 42554543584D4C43333533320000000042554543584D4C433334393400000000".

I spent the last three hours reading about potential NTBackup issues and I think I can exclude those related to VSS itself because:
- the "Volume Shadow Copy" and the "Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider" services perfecly start, stop and restart
- I can browse previous versions of files being saved (e.g. because of system restore points)
- the "vssadmin list writers" reports all writers being stable and with no errors
I therefore wanted to try and uninstall the KB3032622 but was unable to, since it is not listed in those than can be uninstalled.
Here my questions:
1- Is anybody experiencing my issue?
2- Has anybody been able to solve it? ... Read more

A:Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4 Redistributable Package (KB3032622) breaking NTBackup

the only other thoughts I have;
- it could be broken, because it was never intended to function, and it has only worked ok until now as a happy accident
- it's extremely unlikely that MSFT would have ever tested for the use of WinXp NTBackup on Win7, so unlikely to get formal support for the scenario
- there may be others with related experience, you may find in the dedicated storage/backup forums like

https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=winserverfiles or

https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=windowsbackup or perhaps on other discussion forums (non-MSFT forums) ?Don
(Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer", where applicable.

This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thanks!)

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I had been away and when I came back and turned on the computer it had downloaded several new updates. I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit running Internet Explorer 9. I have been dealing with this issue trying foolishly by myself to fix it by doing several system restores and uninstalling Internet Explorer 9 .. only to find that 8 does fix the problem but I cannot reinstall 9 anymore so I have to do a restore to get 9 back.

Anyway, Gadgets do not work properly. CPU monitor shows the thing moving but no numbers. Calender Gadget just shows orange or white square.

My AOL cannot look on the web anymore (I only use it for an old email but found that my emails couldn't display properly either.)

And to really seal the deal.. windows help does not display properly either.

Internet Explorer 8 makes everything work again but I like 9 which this update on top of 9 screws my windows user account up. A guest account or a new account do not have these issues.

I am sorry for the long post but I would appreciate any help as I have been staring at this screen for many many hours straight. No old system restore will fix it. No SFC scan, etc.


A:Windows June update - broken gadgets, windows help and more

Hello plastisman and welcome to Seven Forums.

With IE9 installed, do you see those June updates listed in the Windows Update History? If yes, you could try to uninstall them and see if your computer works properly. If it does, reinstall the June updates one or two at a time then use your computer for a while. If everything still works correctly install the next couple of updates. If the machine suddenly stops working you've narrowed down which of the updates might be the problem.

You could also try running a System File Checker scan to see if any files were damaged or corrupted by the June updates. If the scan finds any problems, run it 3-4 times as some file may not be fixed on the first or even second go-around due to dependencies (for example, file C may have to wait for file B to be fixed and file G may have to wait for file C to be fixed.)

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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In my update history I have a notification that this update has been successfully installed everyday since 2016/01/13. I am also getting a notification everyday that the update failed to install.

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Several people are posting about having various problems after running the latest Windows Updates. Those who have tried to do a system restore to a date before the updates are encountering further problems where the crypt32.dll file has gone missing thereby rendering the machine unbootable.

This is just emerging and I'm sure Microsoft will issue a fix rapidly but until then it might be a good idea to turn off automatic updates temporarily so they are not downloaded and if you've already installed them and are having problems do NOT do a system restore but hang tight until further notice.

A:Apparent problem with Windows 7 updates - June 13/14, 2012

I know nothing about the problem(s) and had no trouble updating three systems plus two VirtualBox guest systems. A frequent cause of Windows update problems is a security suite or other firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware. So, if you do go ahead and update before getting some definitive word on this disable your non-Microsoft security applications during the update process. And remember to re-enable it/them after the required reboot.

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Hello All,

i'm working on a pc currently, and have run into a big issue while trying to fix another, and i have just noticed this pc has not been updated since it was purchased.

I have tried running windows updates but receive the error message
"windows cannot update the service is currently not running you may need to reboot your pc"

i rebooted with no change then i went into services.msc and attempted to restart the services for update but there are no update services in there (?)

i ran the windows update located on these forums that reset's the update history as well as the services with no change

i have ran anything i could find on the support site for microsoft for windows update, the trouble shooter turned up nothing.

i have also attempted ot add the wuau.adm template but there is none to be found..

basically how it looks to me currently is as if windows update is not installed/located on this computer anywhere

as well all thefixes are saying update is working
and yes i have turned automatic update off and then on again

any help would be much appreciated

thank you

A:Windows cannot update no update service

Open Windows Update
Click on Change Settings
Select 'Never Update...'
Click OK
exit Windows Update
Now open Windows update again
Click on Change Settings
Select 'Update automatically'
Click OK
exit Windows Update
Open Windows Update, and do a manual Check for Updates.

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I installed the Updates for Oct 2012 and now Outlook cannot connect to the exchange server. The server is available because I can connect to it via OWA.
This is ONLY with an Exchange server I have an account that connects to a different mail server and it can connect fine.
Task 'Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004011D) : 'The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.'

A:Windows Update Oct 2012 Problem

Did you check this?


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Hi there
Will the W2012 Server get the 8.1 type of update --anybody know. There seems to be a deafening silence on W2012 server which IMO is strange as it is STREETS ahead of the really horrible W2008 server.

W2012 server has options though already to avoid the whole metro stuff but it would be nice to add some of the proposed customisation features to it.

I'm also not hearing anything about whether W8 ENTERPRISE will also be upgraded -- IMO this is MORE important even than the HOME versions if Ms wants businesses to adopt W8. Boot to the standard desktop is really a MUST for businesses - by also pinning standard programs to the quick launch task bar and / or the desktop a lot of problems of User training can be avoided.


A:Windows 2012 server to get update or not - anybody

I am wondering this myself. Also, how will future support work for users who do not upgrade to 8.1? Nothing in 8.1 looks to have much of an effect on someone who uses a SMR and the desktop exclusively. Should I bother upgrading and risk having some type of issue with my work PC?
I recently rolled out a 6 PC trial with Windows 8 and Start8 (Start8 with GPO), and am really concerned 8.1 could break something with GPO or Start 8. Ugg, MS.

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I just saw this after checking for updates.

Looks like one of them is to address the long scan time for updates on "some" computers.

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Version 1.98. is released today.

Open hijack, click config/ miscellaneous tools/ webupdate.

A:Hijack this update June 29

thanks mobo just grabbed it

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another update issued today from lavasoft.

A:Adaware update june 12

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Update 493 available. Added detection of new virus Worm/Mofeir and new variant of I-Worm/Sobig - I-Worm/Sobig.E.
- June 25, 2003 -

A:AVG update 25 June Sobig-E

Kaspersky Labs noted this Sobig worm is new in it's use of zipped files:
Separating Sobig.e from its four predecessors is its use of the Zip file format, what it does after system infection is virtual identical to past Sobig variants. Sobig.e getting around as a Zip file is a significant twist because while company gateways often filter out potentially dangerous file formats such as .exe, .vbs and .scr files, the .zip format is rarely scrutinized by businesses. Indeed past Sobig variants would have usually never made it past company gateways.

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I understood MS would release a final update in June 2020 before going end-of-support in jan 2020.
But, almost August and no update in sight, according to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/advanced-threat-analytics/ata-versions
So, when can we expect this update (if at all)?

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I've recently setup and configured a deployment share using "MDT 2010 Update 1", although recently I discovered that after deploying "Windows 8 Enterprise" and creating a new user account with administrative privileges, the new user account does not display the "run as administrator" option the right-click menu, any ideas as to why this is occurring?

Please note, I haven't confirmed if this same issue occurs with other deployed operating systems yet.

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When you install this update, you are enabling Microsoft Word 2002 to connect to translation services provided by Bowne Global Solutions. Translation can be performed between English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. These services use computers to translate your document automatically. You can often use these translations to quickly determine the main ideas in a document.
For important or sensitive documents, a professional translator can give you the most reliable results, since computer translation may not preserve the text's full meaning, detail, or tone. Professional translation is offered via a link on the page that displays machine translation results.

Note These translation services work with Word 2002 installations only.



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Good morning.
Not sure if there's an issue or not but wanted to post since I didn't see any other Member's had posted anything similar with the latest Java Update.
Both me and the wife got the prompt to update Java; she got hers last night  and I got mine this morning.
We're both running Windows 7 and we both have disable Java content in our browsers anyway but we like to stay updated and/or patched, so we downloaded the latest offering  (and declined the Free McAfee Security Scan, thank you very much )  and just as it appeared to complete the process, we both received this pop up:
Sorry about the pic size...still haven't *quite* figured out the best way to insert a pic in these Forums.
So I did a quick check on both our machines and we're both running Version 7 Update 25, which appears to be the latest, according to the Test Java version via the Java website...but it also shows that it was installed on March 18th of this year.
So I Googled the main phrase of the pop up but that only lead me to any number of technical articles that were  way  beyond my pay grade.
Also, in our Control Panel, it shows the Java version to be 32-bit although both our machines are 64-bit. 
So, is something amiss?
Should I uninstall both versions and reinstall only the 64 bit versions?
Should I curse the names of all who work at Oracle?
... Read more

A:Java Update June 2013

You may still have the Update item checked from a previous install -
Java 7 Update 25 has been released -

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The Microsoft Outlook 2002 Update: June 21, 2001 provides you with the highest levels of performance and stability available for Outlook 2002. This update increases performance when using Outlook 2002 with Instant Messaging integration or running on a Microsoft Exchange Server. This update is part of Microsoft's continued effort to provide the latest product updates to customers.




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Hi all,
I have a problem after running the recent Windows Updates (on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit).
The updates seemed to run OK, and prompted me to reboot the PC. But after reboot, I keep getting the following error message when I want to start any application (Outlook, File Explorer, ...) :
'Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.'

I also noticed that it took several minutes before my antivirus (Vipre Antivirus) showed in the system tray, and my firewall (Online Armor) even never showed up. Also my Gadgets did not appear.
When I click on the Vipre icon, or try to open the Gadgets, I get the above error message.
When I open Task Manager, I see that only very few processes are running.

I do can open the Start Menu, but clicking any application results in the above error message.
I do can open the Control Panel, and some of the items there work, others don't. I managed to execute a System Restore, I did first to the Restore Point that was created before the Windows Update, but that did not improve the situation (I did get the icon 'Windows Updates available' in the system tray back, though). I tried to restore to an earlier Restore Point too, but still to no improvement.
This made me wonder if the Windows Updates are the real cause, I have to admit. Now my PC is luckily configured as a dual boot (Windows 7 and Vista), and booting in Vista works without any problem, so I guess it cannot be a h... Read more

A:Problem after Windows Update of today (July 10, 2012)

try a CHKDSK and SFC from either the original install disk, or from the 'Repair Your Computer' boot option.

Your best option in that case is to run the CHKDSK and SFC in offline mode from a Recovery Environment boot.

Reboot the computer, and tap the F8 key until you get the advanced boot menu up - one option should be 'Repair your computer'. Pick that one.

Log into your normal account.
You'll get a set of options - pick the Command Prompt one.
At the command prompt, type
- if we're lucky this will bring up a listing of your normal C: drive contents, including the Program Files folder(s) and the Windows folder.
If not, try E:\ (etc. until you get the right letter - if you've tried F: and failed, try C: )

then type the following command

CHKDSK <drive>: /R

and wait for it to complete - it could take a few hours, depending on the size of the drive.
Once complete, type

sfc /scannow /OFFBOOTDIR=<drive>:\ /OFFWINDIR=<drive>:\Windows

where <drive> is the letter you found above.
Wait for the command to complete. (make a note of the response!).
Once it has, type EXIT and the pick the option to reboot.

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We have a server that was put in by a company that likely no longer exists, and may not have even been a legitimate company in the first place. (Server came with the OS installed, but we did not get any documentation on the authenticity of the Windows license, nor is there a sticker on the machine... seems fishy to me.)

The server runs Windows Server 2012.
It will not update, as it says that updates are disabled, and does not allow me to enable them, as they are 'controlled by the administrator'.

What's worse, is that any computers joined to the domain that this server controls, are also plagued by the inability to update.

There appears to be the following problems:
1) Phantom update server - The computers that are members of the domain try and update from some source elsewhere than the regular Windows Update servers from Microsoft.
2) The computers do not let me change update settings if they are joined to the domain. They say the setting is 'controlled by the administrator'.
3) The server will not get updates, as they are disabled, and does not let me enable them because they are 'controlled by the administrator.'

I am the administrator so that doesn't make sense.

I can't seem to figure out why this is the case, as I went into the group policy editor on the server and changed all the Windows Update settings I could find back to 'not configured'.

I restarted the server, and the workstations, and still, I cann... Read more

A:Windows Server 2012 Cannot Update: Controlled by Administrator?

Really nasty -- sorry to hear of your fate.

You might check out How to disable GPOs.

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I have just installed the latest June update but to my horror it has wiped out all my personal data.

Such as licence files, desktop icons, passwords and saved login details etc.

I cannot even restore from a backup as the Diskeeper archives do not recognise the backups.

Can anyone please help as I need ny data back...


A:June update caues a loss of data.

This is almost certainly co-incidental - no update could possibly do what you claim.

It sounds as if you have booted to a new User Profile?

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I recently purchased a new Seagate 7200RPM 500gb hard drive that I have installed a fresh Dell combo windows Vista Home 32bit. It works perfectly after I installed all my drivers but then I started to do only high priority updates and I did all of 2007 first and then restarted and still worked fine. However then I started to install updates from the first half of 2008 and the latest 3 from 2009. And when they finished I got a BSOD on restart.
Now that I have the story finished let me explain, I have tried to install my OS 5 times and each time it gave me the BSOD on restart only but never on a boot up.
I have the BSOD message which is the common junk for about 10 lines then the actual information of
Stop: 0X0000007B (0x80403BA0, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I thought it may be the RAM but I have checked that and also done a f/ dskchk or whatever it is called. Neither showed anything.
So if anyone has any information I would love to know.
As well in Device Manager it shows no bad drivers.

A:Jan - June 2008 Update causes BSOD on Restart

Can you post the .dmp file in C:\Windows or C:\Minidump for analysis in a .zip file, or take a look the guide in my sig.

What do you mean by combo Vista?

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The Microsoft Office XP Clip Organizer Update: June 19, 2002 includes several stability and performance fixes for Microsoft Office XP. It offers you the highest levels of performance and security available for Microsoft Office. This update is part of Microsoft's continued effort to provide the latest product updates to customers.




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O.k. I have Windows 7 Professional x64 and you can see my specs in the specs list. I am trying to install the latest drivers for directx from the windows site but am having no luck. I tried the Feb 2010 as well as the Jun 2010 end user, sdk, and webinstallers with no luck. I get an error saying the cabinet file can't be trusted, check if encryption services are running and verify the certificate. I checked to make sure that encryption services were running and they are. I have changed a few things in the services and was wondering if there is something I should check and see if running. Any help in this would be awesome.

A:Need to update my DirectX drivers to the June 2010

I'm assuming you're attempting to install from an admin account? Try this, download the complete installer:

DirectX 9.0c

Right click on exe and click on Run as Administrator. See if that doesn't work.

A Guy

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I am seeking inputs on understanding impact of security updates to Windows Server 2012. I ran through a Windows Server 2012 and there were couple of windows updates pending - around 15.
For example - I could see one of updates to be applied on the target server:
Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 for x64-based Systems (KB2972213)
To understand this security update, I browsed through https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/ScopedViewInline.aspx?updateid=228676f3-8545-444c-a7e0-4df7b9c2b4d6
and learnt about the update from https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/2972213/ms14-053-description-of-the-security-update-for-the-net-framework-3-5
I would like to learn and understand where it would impact in ASP.NET web sites and applications hosted in this Windows Server 2012. To be precise below are my open questions:

1. How do I learn and understand which areas in my ASP.NET website gets impacted?

2. How do I test that after applying this security update my ASP.NET website works as expected and there by not breaks?

Please help.
Thank you

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Is anyone else experiencing a problem with their Windows Live Mail after today's Microsoft Update?
I'm running Windows 7, x64-Edition on an Acer Aspire 5750. This morning all was well, I was able to use my Windows Live Mail successfully without any problems.
After the Microsoft Update (KB2670838) and restart this afternoon, the program appears to be very much messed up! The E-Mail Account "tree" down the left hand side of the program - when new mail is received no is no longer ledgeable - i.e. the number count updates but appears as though multiple numbers are printed on the same spot. Scrolling up and down the Account "tree" only makes the jumble appear like a mash of scribbles as the program fails to scroll but instead smears the characters as it scrolls.
Also the background colour is now black!!?? What's going on?!?! How can I undo this change. I've just tried to reinstall WLM but that has not fixed or solved the problem.
See attached screen shot from the program... It's now virtually unusable.

A:Windows Live Mail 2012 - Microsoft Update 27Feb2013

Hello -
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2670838 < < Microsoft link to details in the KB2670838 Update
Prerequisites -
To apply this update, you must be running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
Thank You -

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An update is available for Windows Live Mail 2012 build 16.4.3522.0110 dated February 20, 2014.

Release Notes

Windows Essentials: Worldwide Downloads

Windows Essentials: Install Windows Essentials while offline

A:Update to Windows Live Mail 2012 build 16.4.3522

There are other updates in the installer, SkyDrive changes to OneDrive.

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Hi, Need urgent help please. Bought a Yoga 910 not even a week ago, set up everything, worked perfectly, then had to install the **bleep** Update of Windows 10 (W10 was already on it, so upDATE not upGRADE) and suddenly there was a blue screen saying something about error with BCD file and code 0xc000000d. Don't have a recovery media nor installation media, so made a recovery from the Win10 version on my other pc (on a USB-device) as I had read in a windows forum. Changed BIOS to boot from USB. Get the recovery window with only half the options available (system repair is inactive). Opend the cmd window, entered the commands with bootrec and /fixMBR, /Fixboot and /rebuild BCD, did the restart. Now It will only boot with the USB and give me the same meager options as before. BIOS will not open. Got so desperate, I even opted for the complete reset... WHICH IT WILL NOT DO! I'm leaving in two days for some travelling and it's the reason I bought this laptop. I urgently need a fast solution. Please help... at least to get back in BIOS...

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This is a critical out of band update to all current versions of windows and it is very strongly recommended that ALL users apply it URGENTLY
Today Microsoft released a security update that fixes a remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows Server Service. This is a serious vulnerability and we have seen targeted attacks using this vulnerability to compromise fully-patched Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 computers so we have released the fix "out of band" (not on the regular Patch Tuesday).

A:Urgent windows update warning

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Hi, Need urgent help please. Bought a Yoga 910 not even a week ago, set up everything, worked perfectly, then had to install the **bleep** Update of Windows 10 (W10 was already on it, so upDATE not upGRADE) and suddenly there was a blue screen saying something about error with BCD file and code 0xc000000d. Don't have a recovery media nor installation media, so made a recovery from the Win10 version on my other pc (on a USB-device) as I had read in a windows forum. Changed BIOS to boot from USB. Get the recovery window with only half the options available (system repair is inactive). Opend the cmd window, entered the commands with bootrec and /fixMBR, /Fixboot and /rebuild BCD, did the restart. Now It will only boot with the USB and give me the same meager options as before. BIOS will not open. Got so desperate, I even opted for the complete reset... WHICH IT WILL NOT DO! I'm leaving in two days for some travelling and it's the reason I bought this laptop. I urgently need a fast solution. Please help... at least to get back in BIOS...

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Hey everyone. I need an answer to this as soon as possible because I can't download the 3 Critical Updates that I need and although I have a firewall, I hate not having Critical Updates on my computer as it leaves my computer open to security risks that can be repaired with the updates. Here's what happened. I first left my computer downloading the updates while I took a nap. I had selected more than just the critical updates though. When I came back, the middle frame that is supposed to tell you if your updates were successful or not said, "Page Not Available" or one of those other errors that you get when a webpage can't load. So, I tried downloading just the 3 critical updates and it wouldn't let me do it. At the time, I had Automatic Update running as well. I got the same error on the second try. So, I restarted my computer and have not tried it again but would like some advice just in case restarting doesn't fix it. Thanks in advance!

A:Urgent! Windows Update won't work!

Here's a link to Microsoft's Windows Update Troubleshooter:

Good luck and let know how you make out.

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What is the verdict on MSKB3161608 - June 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1?

I see that MSKB3161608 includes quite a few patches, including MSKB3161647 - Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: June 2016. In the past, I think some people mentioned MS possibly slipping in some Win10 crap with patches to the Windows Update Client.

For Windows 7 SP1 systems that will not be "upgraded" to Windows 10, does MSKB3161608 (or MSKB3161647) include any nasties, Win10 garbage, or MS-suprises?

For Windows 7 SP1 systems that will not be "upgraded" to Windows 10, is MSKB3161608 a recommended install?

A:What is the verdict on MSKB3161608 - June 2016 update rollup?

Hi SevenOfNine

(So, you are referring to Star Trek Voyager)

Actually, you still can upgraded to Windows 10 as this will end on July 2016, as announce.
I refuse to install, as i am used to Windows 7.

I think you can do it, because it keep showing when going to MSN website.
Try it, as it may works.

Sometimes i don't understand why people so like to do update this patch that so on....
When it is good and ready, Windows update will push to your pc, definitely.
You can go > Start --> Windows update, then it pop-up to remind to upgrade to Windows 10 (was downloaded into my pc.)

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Download the construction update to keep your maps current in Streets & Trips 2003

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP



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