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PC will not wake up from 'power save' mode

Q: PC will not wake up from 'power save' mode

My PC will tend to not wake up when it has been idle for maybe 30mins plus. My screen is set to turn off after 10mins, when I try to wake it up nothing happens basically, but the HDD (SSD) light is normally blinking.

My power save options are all set to Windows 7 default apart from:
Changed 'Turn off display' to '10mins'
Changed 'Put the computer to sleep' to 'Never'
Changed 'Turn off hard disk' to 'Never'
Thanks for the help, SF diagnostic files are attached.

Preferred Solution: PC will not wake up from 'power save' mode

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: PC will not wake up from 'power save' mode

Quote: Originally Posted by juice

My PC will tend to not wake up when it has been idle for maybe 30mins plus. My screen is set to turn off after 10mins, when I try to wake it up nothing happens basically, but the HDD (SSD) light is normally blinking.

My power save options are all set to Windows 7 default apart from:
Changed 'Turn off display' to '10mins'
Changed 'Put the computer to sleep' to 'Never'
Changed 'Turn off hard disk' to 'Never'
Thanks for the help, SF diagnostic files are attached.

Hello there!

Try these articles

Can't exit power saving mode
Computer Will Not Wake up From Power Saving Mode Sleep | Computer Tips

Also I would be a good choice to update the Display drivers. Check this article to know how to update the Drivers : How to Update Drivers on Windows 7 | Captain Debugger

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Once every couple of days when my monitor goes into power-saving mode, it will not wake up, no matter what keys I type, or how many mouse clicks I do. My power-saving settings within Windows 8.1 is set to No hibernation or sleep, so the PC is running while my monitor is in power-saving mode. I need to do a manual restart on my tower in order to re-start Windows. I suspect the OS may have something to do with it.

There are no BSOD errors that I see.

My hardware is as follow:
AMD X4 630 (OC)
256GB Crucial MX100 SSD
and a few other HD's.

Thank you!

A:Monitor Will Not Wake From Power-Saving Mode


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We've had some power offs and ons due to snow storms recently. But, I don't know if the power is the actual problem.

Typically when I come to the computer its in the sleep mode and a mouse movement or keyboard key would wake up the machine. In the last few days neither do a thing.

A couple observations-

1) My Samsung monitor's power blue light , stays blue and blinks
2) The case power on button light is on and steady lite.
3) Pressing the reset doesn't go to reset, kind of does nothing
4) Pressing and holding the power button acts the same as the reset

In the end , I turn the power strip off then on again and then all's well.

The board is an Asus, with an AMD processor, 16 gig mem.

Samsung SSD
Any ideas?

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My sisters computer is in Power Save Mode and the keyboard and mouse are not responding. I've unplugged everything, cleaned everything, tried different keyboards and a different mouse but still nothing. The computer was bought in 2004, does this mean she will need to get another one??

A:Power save mode

One thing you might check is the CMOS battery. That is the battery on the motherboard that is about the size of a quarter. Since the computer is that old, the battery may have lost its charge.

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how can i get my cpu or monitor out of power save mode? on the monitor it reads press any key or click the mouse to make it exit out of power safe mode, but for some reason my keyboard or mouse is not on and it's like stuck, can anyone help me PLEASE!!??

A:How to get your Cpu out of Power Save Mode?

That can sometimes happen if a screensaver "kicks in" first, followed by power-saving mode. Usually only happens with third-party screensavers, although on XP it can also happen with the built-in screensavers to. If you set a screensaver it's best not to set any power-saving features. Conversely, if you set power-saving features don't set a screensaver. The two can sometimes conflict with each other.

Try one of these:

Press the <Enter> key.

Turn off the PC by pressing and holding the power-on button for 5 seconds, release button when it turns off. Now press to turn it on again.

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I am using a dell xp version pc, with Vista, My pc is stuck in the power save mode, How do i change that??????

Thanks Pat

A:Help * Power Save Mode*

By power save, do you mean it turns off after a certain time, or its just not set to how you want it?

By the way..it says XP version PC, with Vista...

which is it?

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My first post and hoping someone can help!

Everytime I load wow the game pops up nd im prompted with the login screen[account name/password] But before I can put in my information the game freezes, black screens, and my monitor immediatly goes into power save mode. Now keep in my my computer is still on. All fans are spinning my video card fan is still spinning just that my monitor will not leave power save mode. And this only happens in WoW all other operations are fine.

Thnx for any help here is my current PC information.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600)
Bios: Date 11/28/06 Ver 08.00.10
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 1022MB RAM
DirectX Version: 9.0c

Name: Radeon X600/X550 Series
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc
Chip Type: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor (0x3E50)
DAC Type: Internal DAC (400MHz)
Approx Total memory: 128.0 MB
Current Display Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor.

Power Supply: OCZ GameXstream 600W

A:Power Save Mode

Is there a safe mode setting for the game? If so run in that.

Try setting the resolution a bit lower in game too, thats all I can think of sorry apart from a driver update for your graphics card.

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After my computer sits for a while the moniter enters power save mode like it should but it won't come out of it unless I force restart my computer. I can't even press the power button once and wait for it to shut down properly, because it never will. I have to hold the button until it forcibly shuts down.

Then, after I start it back up and sign in to my profile, the screen goes black and it takes 1-2 minutes for the desktop to load.

I've tried searching on the internet and I've come up with "It's either the monitor or the graphics card, or possibly the cable connecting the 2." Well my moniter tests out fine. I bought a new cable. I bought a 250 dollar graphics card. It worked fine all day yesterday, but this morning it was stuck in power save mode and did the same song and dance all over again. Can anyone guess as to what's up? (I hope it's not hard drive related because I'm on my 3rd one for this computer as it is)

A:Power Save Mode

Try swapping your ram around.

Problem could also be with your graphics card using too much of the power supply, stick with the onboard vga for now.

Report back if swapping the ram around in the slots works or not.

Google provides a tonne of suggestions for your issue try searching "dell XPS 420 power save mode" and "power save mode"

Try all the suggestions in the forums.

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i just got back from a week trip to discover my computer on...the screen blue...and a loud beeping. i immideatly shut it off to stop the excessive beeeeep. i attempt to turn it back on and the moniter either says power save mode or it has a orange lite instead of green. what do i do to solve this? it has to do with the week of being on. but idk what to do. ive cheked all plug ins and all and nothing. please give me any information on how to help. thank you

A:Power Save Mode Help

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My monitor is staying in power save mode. I have a dell. I use windows xp. When I turn it on, everything works the way it should. My monitor has a blinking green light. The screen is black. When I push the display screen for the monitor this error message comes up that my monitor is in power save mode. I have played with the mouse, nothing happens. I have shut it down and rebooted, nothing. I disconnected everything and put it back together. Still nothing. Please help!!! penners982004

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A:Power Save Mode!!!!!

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Ok, i'm sure half of you have already seen enough threads about the power save mode problems, i've read each of those.

My problem is;

Old monitor breaks and i find a replacement, a dell monitor. I plugged it in and it worked fine, i then powered down the pc and left the monitor on stand-by. My other monitor normally switches itself off after being in standby for a short period.

I tried to boot up today and the monitor didn't display an image, so i pressed one of the colour settings on the monitor and i got the 'power save mode' text come up.

I've unplugged the monitor, checked the connection to the computer etc...

I've made no changes in the BIOS or control panel. I shutdown as normal, but left the screen in standby...

Any tips to fix this?

A:Power Save Mode

What is your graphics card ? on mother board, PCI, AGP , xpress ?

I have already seen this kind of strange behaviour et bios parameters was changed , why i do not know.
Try to put off and put on the battery of your PC in order to reset bios parameters.

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hi my monitor says power save mode and i am stuck my computer turns on and everything seems to work but i am not getting any video from my video card and i have know clue what to do i took the card out and everything seems to be fine i see nothing wrong with it its like my computer is not working with my video card and help plz

A:power save mode

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Hey wassup guys?

I bought a new computer today, when i start up the computer my monitor is on standby, as i press some buttons on my monitor i get the message "In power save mode, press a button on the keyboard or move the mouse".

I cannot use my mouse and when plugged in my keyboard does not work.

My monitor is a Dell, i have yet to install windows XP on my machine so there is no OS, I also cannot open my CD/DVD drive.

Any suggestions?, thanks.


A:Power save mode

I would guess that the monitor is not connected properly check all the cables - The main thing to check is if it is in the right port. A lot of computers have two monitor ports - one higher up - one lower down.

If there is another port lower down try that one.

If that doesn't work i would take the monitor to another computer and test it.

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Hi. I just bought a MAC and have been trying to get my photos off of my PC desktop to put onto my MAC. It has Windows XP Home Edition on it. My problem is: when I turn my computer on, everything seems to start fine except my monitor is in Power Save Mode. I've tried rebooting with F8 and unplugging and restarting. Nothing is working. I've googled this and found pretty much the same answers...go to the start menu, etc. BUT I can't get to the start menu because my screen is blank. I have also seen to reset BIOS. But I have no idea what that is. lol I'm computer illiterate, I'm afraid. Any ideas would be helpful!

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one little problem.. yesterday i installed a new dvd-rom to my pc.. when i try to start the pc, the monitor (LG Flatron) it enters in power save mode, i connected the monitor to a secondery pc and it works, and i also noticed that the bios dosen't boot. any sugestions?

A:power save mode

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my dell computer, 4 months old, is in power save mode and will not start up. i have tried rebooting, unplugging and all that a novice may know how to do. Please help, daughter needs computer tonight for exam studies.

A:power save mode

have you upgraded anything since you purchased it

when it starts do you see the post screens and when it hands over to windows you lose the monitor
if that is what is happening, see what happens in safe mode,if it boots fully into windows contact dell as your psu may be faulty

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Good morning,
I am experiencing a problem with a few systems that won't respond to the "power save mode" after implementing a Avocent Switchview box to it. The monitor is a 22" dell and the cpu is an HP using an Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 video card. I looked at the power options under the control panel but I think we have policies in place that won't allow us to make any changes. How do I resolve this? Thanks.

A:Power Save Mode

your saying that you could make changes, why is that
if you cant make changes i cant help you, but maybe the moderators can

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Hi All Recently our company purchase a bulk of x1-carbon and P27h-10 monitors. However we are expericing issues when we try to connect the laptop back to the monitor after some time. It does not wake up from the power saving mode. Even restarting the laptop does not solve this issue. We need to keep restarting multiple times and by chances it will be detected. This happens only with the x1-carbon laptops and we have no issues with other brand laptops like Dell. Just to note we have already update the firmware and drivers for the x1-carbon. The Lenovo on-site engineer have also replcace out display ports and motherboard of the notebook but the problem still exist till date.

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My dell monitor won't come on, it's blank and when you press any of the monitor buttons it says, "in power safe mode press any key on keyboard or move mouse". I have tried pressing every keyboard button and monitor button and it doesn't get out of Power Save Mode.
How do i get it out of power save mode?

A:Stuck on power save mode

Thanks for writing to us. When did the issue start?
Was there any hardware or software change done recently? Please try another monitor or this monitor on another machine if possible.
Disconnect all the peripherals including keyboard mouse, monitor power cable, and hold down the power button for 10 sec.
Then put back all the cables and try to power on again.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message

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This afternoon I went to use my Dell desktop, but the monitor will not get out of safe mode. I pressed one of the buttons on the monitor and it says the computer is in safe mode and that I should touch any keyboard button or move the mouse. I did both both the button still stays orange and the screen is blank. Any ideas?


A:Dell Power Save Mode

Are you sure we arent talking about standby?
anyway the button for the monitor...just keep it on as when you shut down the computer it will shut off
The light you will see on the monitor merely shows that it has power and is ready.
if you are going on vacation or similar then poweroff the monitor..but other than that just leave it on as it shuts off when you turn off the computer

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When ever i leave my computer idled for a long time the monitors turn black and i can't do anything but shut it down and start it up again. When i shut it down it says "Out of range input 1" Then i turn it off again and this time it has an error saying Vista didn't start up correctly, then i hit "start windows normally" then i can do stuff. How do i wake it up without shutting it down. Thanks

A:Vista Save Power Mode

It's some sort of issue with the screen resolution/other graphics compatibility issues. Did you recently install something new graphics related? New graphics card? New monitor? Change resolution?

If you have the patience, try lowering your screen resolution and wait for the problem to happen just to see if it's a resolution issue.

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EDIT: Okay, power save has nothing to do with it, it's just the monitor. >> Okay after looking it some more. I lose keyboard function only. My mouse is still able. It would seem my PC goes to sleep mode. I don't know why but after I try to wake it, the keyboard loses it's able to function properly. Since I can't type my password to log back in, I have to shutdown.


First off, I know it's not a software problem or user problem. I turn off all my power saving options for all my desktops. Don't need to save power if it's plugged into an outlet.

OS: WIN 7 Ult x64
CPU: 3.0ghz Core 2 Duo
RAM: 4gb
GPU: Radeon HD 4000 series
I'm not sure what else I need to put on here.

Anyways, to the problem.
I turned on my computer today only to find it to shut down by the power save mode. My pc will get to the login screen, and my mouse and keyboard will stop functioning. Then a short time after, the login screen will switch to shutting down then my monitor will black out and save power save mode as my PC turns off. Sometimes I will be able to login but only to be forced to shutdown shortly after (in the same fashion as stated above).

This is the first time this have happen to me. The reason why I think it might be a hardware problem is because I turned off my power save options. Maybe something is overheating by all my fans seems to be in working order. My heatsin... Read more

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my setup is the following

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 - (2) 15" Monitors (Work Fine)
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS - (2) Monitors (1) 20" also cloned to my 47inch TV.

The issue that i am having is that the 20" montior on the 6800 goes into power save mode and wont get out of it no matter what i do. Computer stays on an i able to work off my 47". The only way to get this monitor back on is to restart the machine.

This monitor will go to power save mode at random it doesnt matter if the machine has been on for a minute or for a day. it also doesnt matter if my 47" is on or off.

The other 2 15" are not affected and continue to function fine.

Any ideas?

A:4 Monitors 1 in power save mode


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Trying to hook up an old monitor & computer that were hooked up previously and the monitor comes up in power save mode, activate using computer. I know there is a key combination to access it but can't remember what. Can't make changes on the computer cause have no monitor. Any suggestions?

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I have a strange problem with my monitor (Dell P991). This morning when I turned on my computer (custom made: Asus A7V600, AMD 2700+, 2X512 GB Ram, 80GB Seagate HD, ATI 9200 Radeon 128MB) it displayed "monitor in power save mode activate with your computer". I disconnected the video cable, and the monitor self diagnosed OK. The power LED on the motherboard is green. The optical mouse red light does not come on, and I cannot see if the keyboard is detected. Restarting everything did not change the situation. I tried with two other monitors (a Samsung and a DigiView), each with its own signal cable. The Samsung did not display anything, and its on light near the switch kept blinking, as if in a power save mode. The DigiView displayed: "please check the signal cable). I know that these monitors are OK. So, the problem is with the communication between my computer and the monitors. I removed and reseated the video card and the Ram, but nothing changed. What might be the problem, and how should I proceed?


A:Monitor in Power Save Mode

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I have an Inspiron 3252 running Windows 10 on a 23" flat screen monitor.  It shuts down with "entering power save mode" unexpectedly whether after 20 or so mins. or after 4 or 5 hours.  I have done everything that's been offered by support and nothing helps.  I've created plans, changed plans, reset plans, changed minutes, etc. . . nothing helps.  It shuts down when I'm in the middle of something.  Sooo frustrating!!!  I have even disabled the ST2310_Analog and it still cuts off.  How can I totally disable this command.  Is it a driver, the monitor, or what.    Did not have this prob with windows 7 or 8.   HELP,  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks

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Im working on a pc that is having start up problems.. ( though I have not seen it for my self)
The pc would turn on and the monitor said it was in power save mode... And the front light would just sit there and flash. I brought the pc over to my house to look at it. Started right up.No problems... but then after going back to the owner Problem was back.
I had the person try different Power cord, different outlet, even my mother in-laws house... She said, same problem... I went over to the in laws place.. Started right no problems.... Returned to owner, pc wont start again.. just a flashing light and power save mode...Im lost... Power supply? Mother Board, Memory
What am I missing???

Ps newer ps ( Celeron 2700 , running XP, 512 mb)

A:Pc starts up Sometimes.. Sometimes Power save mode.. Help

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After about an hour of computer usage (Just making that number up, I have no idea how long it usually takes since it's only done it twice tonight, once on Windows then again when I was using Linux), I am dual-booting and it doesn't matter if I'm on Linux or Windows, the monitor goes into the same mode as if you had left the pc idle for awhile when you have no screensaver. It just goes black and the light on the front goes from green to orange, I can still hear my music and I'm guessing keypresses are still working but I have to restart. WHAT ?

A:Monitor going into power-save mode?

Try another monitor. Is your monitor a LCD or old CRT type?

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I have a Lenovoa X61 Tablet running Windows Vista.

When the power settings are set to "High Performance", no lock ups occur.

When the power settings are set to "Balanced" or "Power Saver", the computer will function for between 20 minutes and 2 hours. Somewhere in that time frame, here is what will eventually occur:

1.) I will be able to interact between the windows and move things around for a little while, but will be unable to save/open/close anything.
2.) Eventually the windows will stop moving and the screens will turn white, indicating they are "not responding"
3.) Eventually all I can do is move the mouse pointer and I am forced to hold down the power button to reboot.

If I run the resource monitor, I can predict when this is going to occur because:
1.) The "Disk" goes to 100% and stays there without ever going down
2.) All processes under "Disk" begin to shut down one by one until nothing is left. All the other categories seem to act totally normal.

If the laptop is on power save/balanced mode and is plugged in, this still occurs. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Recently bought 4 months ago a card from Dell. It was an ATI Radeon x1600 512 MB card. Friend of mine who owns the exact same PC brand bought the very same card shortly after I did.

Problem is we both had this same odd power save mode problem occur recently and now I cannot do anything with my PC. Upon boot up of the computer there is no start up screen and the computer monitor power button is blinking off and on with a green light. When I check the status it says " the monitor is in power save mode, activate the computer to remove it". I can hear fans inside my computer being louder than usual ( not sure if its the video card fan or other).

Problem is the computer isnt responding, no light on the mouse or anything. Only thing I see is a green light on the towers power light but no activity lights at all. On the back of the computer I have a,b,c,d lights, the A and C are yellow which means the system detects it as a video card problem. I just find it a little odd that both of our original cards burnt out at the same time, and now these cards die out at the same time.

I am wondering if it has something to do with mcafee, because we recently both installed a new version of mcafee and we had no problems with the card until AFTER we installed this protection.

I have tried reseating the card and nothing, I have reconnected all cables and nothing as well. I can put in my old card that originally burnt out before I bought this one and it atleast has a picture.

System ... Read more

A:Power Save Mode Lockout

Shutdown your computer and remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes. See if you can now boot, then go shut off the monitor power saving feature.

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I am having a problem with my computer/monitor and would appreciate very much if I can get some help.

My computer seems to be on all the time and the monitor is in power save mode..so I can see anything on the monitor.
If I shut down the computer manually by pressing the power button and unplug the power cable it comes off...As soon as the power cable is plugged in it starts to boot up on it's own...and the monitor stay in power save mode.


A:Monitor in Power save mode

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Does the monitor work with another PC?

Have you tried a different monitor?

Have you tried swapping out the cable?

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I am using my husbands PC because when I turn mine on all I get is a box come up in the middle of my screen with the words `Power Safe Mode`. I am on windows xp. I have turned my PC off and re-started it again, the same words appear, I have switched off the hub and restarted it, still the same words appear. Checked all the cables and leads. I have even changed my tower with my husbands, using all his conections but this still has not helped.

Can anyone please help me, my husband is not due back for a few days and I miss my PC.

Thank you ever so much

A:Solved: Power save mode

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After hooking up my LG Flatron L1920P for the first time, I'm running into some issues.
Any time I initiate a display settings change, either by adjusting resolution, refresh rate, or say, attempt to play Call of Duty 2, the monitor enters a "analog power save mode" and becomes unresponsive. It will also enter this if i'm not jogging the mouse or tapping a key at bootup. The system doesn't enter standy, as I can hear the sound playing in the background.
The normal power save mode, that it enters after 20 min, it will return from, but then, at that point its not adjusting the display settings.

note: this problem just evolved after hooking up the LCD after using a beast of a 21" CRT


A:Analog Power Save Mode

Try Installing these new monitor drivers, they are from lge.com.


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I installed Windows 7 64-bit Build 7600.16399-0900722-1835. I guess it's the most recent one. I've had it for about a week now, but yesterday, after about 10 minutes, in enters the power save mode and the screen goes back and I'm pretty much stuck. The same crap used to happen with Vista and I'm having other minor problems with email and downloading things with Internet Download Manager. I beginning to worry about this thing. I have to reboot the machine every time this happens. They're no trojans or malware. I'm using Kaspersky 2010 which works great with it. It's not the power settings either. I'm just at a loss. What in the world could be causing this?

A:Entering Power Save Mode

I'm curious... do you have a wireless keyboard or mouse?

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New to this so please bear with me, Xmas 06 i purchased a dell optilex gt(something)5400 i think for my son, also bought new funky case took to local pc shop they told me needed new motherboard so got one from them Asus,also bought new ram 2g spec ops by ocz also had installed thermaltake liquid cooling system thats the basics Now when my son is playing wow it switches off and says power save mode ,i switched off the power save modes thinking this would do it but prob still continued so phoned pc shop and they said could be the Norton antivirus which had to be taken out properly ,(cost 25 ) This antivirus was already installed on pc ,i had removed the same thing from my own pc so thought could do the same but pc shop said if i did this they would charge me 50 to repair as was harder to do,so me (clever guy did it any way ) and installed nod 32 on sons pc now he still has the problem and is giving me some right earbashing PLEASE HELP AS MY HEAD CANT TAKE ANY MORE
PS also had new psu installed which i think is 600w any help will be greatly welcomed pps The original dell optiplex is from 2005 (i think not 100% sure though and also not sure about drivers and the such (been updated i think they havent also not to sure how to do) Thanx

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I can't get my computer out of save power mode, usually ill start it up and then click any key on my keyboard and it will end save power mode and boot up, but for the past two days, my keyboard isnt working, i don't this its my keyboard becaue ive tried about 4 or 5. i think it might have somthing to do with what the key board connects to inside my comp, but i don't know how to succure that connection.

A:Can't get computer out of save power mode

laptop or desktop?
My laptop is picky about the power saving mode especially if it is running off of the battery alone. There is a setting to tell the computer how to act if running from the battery or if its plugged into the wall.

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Yesterday I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my Nvidia Geforce 8800 Gt, so I went to the BIOS, and I accidently set the primary display, or whatever it was called to Onboard. So know my moniter is always on power save mode.

My computer is a HP Pavillion, SMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core, 4 Gb of ram, and 620 GB of space.

Thanks for the help!

A:Help, permament power save mode.

Well, have you tried reverting back what you did in your BIOS to see if the problem still persists?

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I have an HP Pavillion Model a264w that went into power save mode and won't come out of it, I've shut it on an off several times and the bios wont even show up on screen during boot up, but the computer does however boot up without video, I'm put in new video card and hard drive, and also new memory. I have moved the mouse and struck the keyboard but all to no avail can anyone of you help me out there. Thanx

A:HP Computer Will no come out of Power Save Mode

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I put this in another forum but I'm pretty sure it was the wrong one so here is my problem.

Last night my power went out. Every time my power fails Vista will only start up in safe mode. If I try to start it normally it just goes right into "Power Save" mode. This has happened a handful of times, however it is usually an easy fix. I would just go into safe mode and run system restore and restore my system to a previous date. This however did not work last night. I can still boot up in safe mode. All of my files are still there. Can anyone help with this?

A:Power Save mode after Outage

Hi Ricky,

Check in your BIOS power management options for a setting or option to specify how your computer should startup after a loss of power.

Hope this helps,

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I have bought a new computer with no OS installed.

When I connect the dell monitor to the pc via VGA, the LED quickly changes colour from green to orange and says it is in power save mode.

It can't be the graphics card (I don't think), because the monitor said the same thing with another computer, but for some reason when I plugged the VGA into my laptop, it shows up fine on the monitor.

I have the Windows 7 install disc I just cannot install it as I cannot see what I am doing.

Thanks in advance.

A:Monitor in Power Save Mode

if you're getting similar results on varying computers, then I would start by checking the BIOS settings. seems to me that some computers are recognizing it and others are not. Compare it with working computers BIOS video settings.

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Hi, I didn't see any helpful topics on this.

But just recently my computer is stuck in "Power Save Mode".

Here's how it started:

I took out my ram to see the information about it, as I plan on buying more. I took out the video card since it's in the way of getting the ram in easily. So when that was all in order securely, I pressed the power button.

"Moniter is in power save mode activate using PC"

I could hear fans spinning inside the tower, but no beeps.

Last time this happened, I held down the "Insert" key, which fixed it last time. This time, it did nothing.

I tried leaving the battery out for over 8 hours, nothing.
Held the "Delete" key and power button.
Used an older video card.
Re-arranged ram.


I googled my problem, and I read something about a clear CMOS "jumpstarter" or something.

I'm positive I have this on my ASUS, because it says,
1-2 normal
2-3 clear"

However I have NO idea what it looks like where it is or how it works.

I am nearly losing my mind on this! What should I do?!

A:Power Save Mode(lengthy)

Right click on an empty portion of the desktop and choose properties. On the screen saver tab click the power button. What is it set to on "power schemes?"

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Sometimes, my monitor will not come out of power save mode even when I hit any keyboard key or hit a mouse button. Its been fine up til now. In order to get it to come out of power save mode; i have to constantly and completely power down then power up; and i dont want to keep doing that as i know that can eventually corrupt windows files. I tried removing the monitor from device manager and let it re detect it; but that apparently did nothing for me. As knowledgable as i am about computers etc; this one has me stumped. What would anyone out there in forum land suggest? my monitor is just a standard run of the mill much older flat panel dell(19 or 20 inch approx.). I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse which also begs the question should i remove the mouse and keyboard from device manager and reinstall them; or go a different route. Thanks Matt

A:monitor and power save mode

So you want to go to High Performance mode instead of Power Saver?

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My hp pavillion elite m9000 series computer entered power saving mode last night and I couldn't do anything to get it out of it. I had to reset the computer where it then only worked for about 5 minutes where it went back into power saving mode. Can anyone help?

A:Entering power save mode

Please go to Start and type in "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter.
Expand the Windows log heading, then right click on the Application log file and select "Save all events as..."

Then do the same thing for the System log file.

Then zip up the 2 logfiles and upload/attach them to your next post.
If they're too big to post (more than 2 mB I think), then upload them to a file hosting service and post the link to them here.

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my computer won't boot and it only display power save mode on the monitor..
my mouse , monitor and webcam has power but my keyboard don't..

what could be the problem? i tried using other monitor and it didn't work either.. still no light on keyboard..

pls help me.. tnx

A:Power save mode problem

Perhaps your hard drive has failed or is failing... or a memory module has died. Tell us more about the age of hard drive, general configuration of hardware, OS, etc.

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well my computer wasnt starting and when i found out what the problem is i fixed (usb prongs were touching the side but after i started the computer i heard a pop and now my moniter wont turn on it is on power save mode

A:Moniter In power save mode HELP!!!

Does the computer come on? Lights, fans, beeps?

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