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X1C resolution 1600x900 ->> higher resolution with...

Q: X1C resolution 1600x900 ->> higher resolution with...

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Preferred Solution: X1C resolution 1600x900 ->> higher resolution with...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi. I'm new here and this is my first post. I looked around a little and found one other thread with a similar question, but the question wasn't really answered. I can't find anything on the net that doesn't confuse me so bad it makes my head hurt, so I thought I'd try asking here. Thanks in advance for any answers I get.

I will try and be as thorough as possible, although the resulting question will be simple. I'll start out with why I am asking the question to begin with.

So I am trying to play a game I used to play nearly ten years ago. It's a free online game called Continuum/Subspace and there are user created "zones" or variations of the game within the game (if that makes sense). I play in a zone called Trench Wars. It's a top down game, meaning you are looking down at your ship as if from above and the screen scrolls as you move to reveal more of the area (map) you are playing in. You are in a spaceship of your choice with varying weapons for each ship. The game requires aiming at your enemies before firing at them and anticipating their moves.

Well I noticed that playing at a higher resolution allows you to see more of your immediate area and expands your view of the map. It works just like your desktop in essence. The higher the resolution, the smaller the icons, but the more space you have. In the game, the higher the resolution, the smaller the ships are, but you can see more space around you. Obviously, this would give an advantage to anyone playing ... Read more

A:Forcing Screen Resolution Higher Than Native Resolution

Simple answer is: you can not go over the native resolution of LCD panel because its physical thing for each pixel lcd panel has a cell you can not have more pixels than there is physical pixels in that panel.

smaller than native resolutions achieved by grouping more than one cell to form pixel thats why non native resolution on lcd sometimes gets blurry or edgy

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I plan to transfer a JPEG to a CF card to take to Wal-Mart to have 5" x 7" prints made. This JPEG was scanned from a 35mm slide and saved as a TIFF. I saved it further as a JPEG in two sizes: 5332 x 3664 and 980 x 673.

If I were to have two 5 x 7's made, one from the larger JPEG and one from the smaller JPEG, would there be a discernible difference in quality between the prints? How about if I were to have two 4 x 6 prints made? Or two 8 x 10s? Wouldn't I be able to tell the difference more in a larger print? It seems to me, theoretically, that a print made from a 5332 x 3664 file would turn out sharper than one made from a 980 x 673 file. However, if I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, then of course I'd prefer working with the smaller files.

A:Does higher resolution (JPEG) result in higher quality prints?

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Hey all,
I just got a new external monitor for my laptop and I'm having trouble making it display its native 1600x900 resolution. Some more details on my components are below. I tried about everything I could find to fix the issue. No driver updates worked from Toshiba or Intel, couldn't find any bios updates, I went through the troubleshooting guide on Intel's website, I checked the EDID for the monitor and that looks fine (the native resolution is listed in it). I tried using the steps in this thread to no avail. When I loaded the EDID in pheonix the correct resolution and frequency showed up. So from what I have read, the only option I have left at this point is to try to edit the .inf file for my video driver. I found what I believe is the correct driver .inf file based on what I've seen in a couple of other forums. My .inf never lists 1600x900 but there are other higher resolutions so I think the card is fully capable of displaying 1600x900. Hence, I believe that the problem is there. However, I am new to this so please let me know if my logic is flawed. I need help figuring out what exactly to edit in the .inf since I haven't found an example exactly like mine. I think I know how to update the driver after the .inf is edited, I just don't know what to edit. The entire .inf file is attached. From what I have read, I should just be able to type in the new resolution somewhere and make a couple of small changes but naturally, I could be wrong.... Read more

A:Help editing a .inf to force 1600x900 resolution

Nevermind, I worked out my issue using this method. It looks like Toshiba actually restricted the use of 1600x900 in the bios, so I'm technically running 1598x600, but that's close enough for me.

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 in firefox,  occasionally open  a link which opens new page in 960x600x instead of 1300x900.
Turned off/disabled the add-ons doesn't help.
I have onscreen keyboard running could thiss be sticking something 'on' even when i turn it off ?

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Hello all,

I have been considering upgrading the LCD panel on HP EliteBook 8470p. When I bought it, it said that it came with a 1600x900 resolution, but after it came in it had a 1366x768 resolution.
I've been looking at LCD panels on eBay, like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222405827922?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT
and in the description, it says: "If you are wanting to go from an HD (1366x768) display to an HD+ (1600x900) display - this will not work." Oddly enough, that's actually what I'm trying to do.
I've also asked elsewhere about upgrading my screen's resolution and I was told that replacing the LCD panel was the only thing I can do to get the higher resolution.

I just want to make sure I get everything right, if there's anything else I need to do, and that I don't end up wasting my money on a new screen.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a HP EliteBook 8470p laptop (14", core i5-3320M [email protected] GHz, 4Gb of RAM, 64-bit system) with Windows 7 Enterprise Sevice Pack 1.
I can only select three resolutions.
1600x900 (too small for me)
1024x760 (too big for me)
In advance options > List all Modes, I cannot select nothing between 1024x760 and 1600x900
I have tried to update the driver, but windows says I have the most updated one --> Driver is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000.
My monitor driver is "Generic PnP Monitor" and Windows says I have the most updated driver.
And my Display is named "Mobile PC Display".
With windows vista, I was able to select resolutions between 1024x760 and 1600x900.
I have tried to look the solution by editing monitor.inf from C:\Windows\inf\ folder, but I am not sure how to edit.
Could you please help me?

A:Can't set any resolution betwen 1600x900 and 1024x768 on my laptop

What happens if you slide it down?
And, you may check your system for latest driver updates in Intel? Driver Update Utility.

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which in your opinions is better? a higher resolution and lower textures and details or lower resolution, but higher textures and details. the highest resolution i am able to achieve is 1366x768. so nothing past there

A:Higher Resolution or higher texture/detail?

Well to be honest you're making a sacrifice in either scenario.

Is this particular to a game you're playing? If so, what game? If it's a general question I'd have to say higher resolution with lower details etc. because at the very least a higher resolution allows for greater overall detail.

Depending on the game, of course.

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Why is it CRT had resolution higher than LCD?

Also why it it 98% of monitors do not have resolution higher than 1920x1080 .Only some CRT have much higher resolution but you cannot find these monitors in the store it is not for the public.

Well these are not for the public the highest is 1920x1080.

And LCD has problems with higher resolution .

A:Why is it CRT had resolution higher than LCD

The higher resolution (above 1920x1080) in CRT consumes lot of power and releases huge amounts of heat and so not advisable for public use.

LCD dissipates less heat and consumes less power than CRT even at high resolution. It will take some time before even higher resolution LCD come to the market since LCD technology is developing very fast.

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I have just connected my laptop to a 1080p tv, when i did that it also changed the resolution of my laptop from 1600x900 to 1920x1080,
So it must be possible to get a higher resolution i am just wondering how,
if anyone has any ideas please let me know

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I often plug my pc into my 42" TV screen, and it would be nice if there was a higher resolution than 1080 available. I know it isn't "native" to windows 7, but is there a way of getting higher resolutions other ways?


A:Higher Resolution than 1080

why would you want higher than 1080? its unlikely with a true HD source your eyes will be able to sell the difference provided your using a HDMI or DVI connection to the TV

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I just bought a laptop from a friend and I'm stupid so I don't know shit, but I know that the resolution should definitely get bigger than 1024x768. What is wrong, do I need new drivers or something?

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

A:Can't get higher resolution than 1024x768

Welcome to the forum,

Go to Device Manager and look under Display adapter, see if you can right click, update driver.

If that doesn't help, we could use some specs on your computer http://www.sevenforums.com/general-d...tml#post256049

to help you find one.

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Hey, i have a problem with my resolution in games.
It seems i cant get my resolution higher than 1280x720 in some games, and it's annoying.
The games i'm struggling with is Crysis 2, Dead Island and Sniper Ghost Warrior.
In the graphics menu in the games i can't get the resolution higher,
but in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Dark Messiah, Oblivion and Rage i get the resolution up to 1920x1080.
It's especially annoying in Sniper ghost recon, cause the edges on the shadows, and objects is not smooth.
So i dont see anything from a long distance, cause of the edges on everything is so messed up.

I tried forcing the resolution in Dead Island and Sniper to 1920x1080 trough the Video.scr files, like the other ones on forums,
but no luck.

Do anyone have a solution ?

And also, i have a TOSHIBA 32" HD-Ready tv as a monitor. Does that have anything to do with the highest possible resolution in the games? It seems highly unlikely.

A:Can't get resolution higher than 1280x270

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My screen resolution is stuck at 640 by 480, and i'm not sure what to do. I have a windows xp. Do i have to get a graphics card, and if i do what kind?

A:Screen Resolution won't get any higher


Maybe all you need is to install/reinstall the graphics driver?

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I am in need of assistance with updating my driver to have a resolution of at least 1280 x 1020 to work with some of the programs that I use for work. Please Help.

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Hi all,
I am trying to fix a friend's comp. It's a Compaq 5340 with a 400MHz processor and SiS 530 onboard graphics, running Windows 98SE. I couldn't get the restore disks to work so I used my copy of Windows 98 with the original product key to get it up and running. The problem is I can't adjust the screen area, it's stuck on 640 x 480. I am sure when I started the resolution was higher than that. I searched the restore disk for the driver, installed that, nothing. I downloaded the driver from SiS (I think, I've downloaded so many I'm not sure anymore, I would look again to be sure but the download site won't load), from Compaq and a number of driver websites all to no avail. Am I missing something or is this Compaq just out to drive me nuts? Any help would be much appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Can't get SiS 530 to higher resolution


I can't get the sis download center to load either, you might try the motherboard manufactuers website.

There might be another step to do before loading graphics driver.

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I want more work space than my Lenovo ThinkPad E530 currently supplies me with its 1366x768 resolution.

I'm pretty sure there's a way to set it to a higher resolution, say 1920x1080, or something similar with a better aspect ratio, beyond the options Windows gives me.

I'm not interested in it for gaming etc, just Windows and normal programs.

Win7 64
Built-in Intel HD 4000

I've seen ways to do it with NV/AMD cards but nothing with a simple, built-in card.

Any ideas?

A:How do I set higher than native resolution on desktop?

I don't see how that would be possible. It would be like trying to fit 2 gallons of water in a 1 gallon jug.

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I have a 32MEG NVID AGP CARD and a 19inch monitor. Specs for both show they can show higher then 1024 x 768 however windows does not give me the option. Win98sec ed, seems to show correct monitor and video card info in windows settings? any ideas? its a Gateway select AMD 750mhz with a gatewat ev9 monitor

A:setting resolution higher then 1024 x 768?

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I want more work space than my Lenovo ThinkPad E530 currently supplies me with its 1366x768 resolution.

I'm pretty sure there's a way to set it to a higher resolution, say 1920x1080, or something similar with a better aspect ratio, beyond the options Windows gives me.

I'm not interested in it for gaming etc, just Windows and normal programs.

Win7 64
Built-in Intel HD 4000
I've seen ways to do it with NV/AMD cards but nothing with a simple, built-in card.

Any ideas?

A:How do I set higher than native resolution on desktop?

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Has anyone ever figured definitively whether or not the HP Elitebook 8470P display panel can be upgraded from 1366x768 to 1600x900?  I currently have an AMD Radeon HD 7570M [Display adapter] which should have 1GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory. I should also have integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 according to this: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03373336   Also, according to that same link info, I should be able to switch out the current HD (1366x768) display for a HD+ (1600x900) display. They both use 40 pin connectors in the same location. And this link ( http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03659338.pdf ) on page 3, shows that the 1600x900 display panel should work on the 8470P. Has anyone successfully switched the panel out for a higher resolution model? Will I need to upgrade my graphics card?Holler if you need more info, and thanks for reading this far.

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Can somebody help me out on how to improve my Hp 630 PC Screen Resolution above 1366x768 ??? pls, it's urgent! God bless you as you do. Waiting for you guyz.

A:Am In Need Of Higher Resolution Skill than 1366x768

Mellowtechguy, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

spec's Display for your laptop:

15.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD anti-glare (1366 x 768)
15.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD BrightView (1366 x 768)
Integrated: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, Intel? HD Graphics, or HD Graphics 3000
Discrete: AMD Radeon HD 6370M Graphics with 512MB dedicated video memory, AMD Radeon HD 7450M Graphics with 512MB of dedicated video memory, or AMD Radeon HD 7450M Graphics with 1024MB of dedicated video memory

your spec's from the hp site. What graphics card do you have?
Also, can you go to screen resolution on the right click main screen and change it to what you want?


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I have a 22' monitor with a resolution of 1680x1050px...
When I am working on my pictures for example in Adobe Lightroom the UI is very big and it lets about half of the monitor space for the actual image... I know that people having bigger screens with higher resolutions have the UI MUCH smaller, and I also know that the screen resolution is physically limited so I don't want to set my resolution to for example 2560x1600px but I want to decrease the size of everything on the desktop... Like just scale it down like you can do with the icons with simply holding Control and rolling the mouse when but with the whole desktop, the mouse, the UI, the start, etc. etc.

Can anyone help me ?

Update: A good picture of what I am trying to achieve is when you set the DPI to 125 or 150% but I want to set it to like 50 or 75%

A:Simulate higher screen resolution

This should work, but the usual warnings about tweaking the registry, make a backup 1st (a system image is even better). Use at your own risk!

Registry - Backup and Restore

Vista less than 96 DPI by registry change | Message 8 of 25 | TechRepublic

A Guy

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It started with the Asus Live update Tool that made my screen stretched. I have removed the update tool already but can not get my original resolution to return. I manually downloaded the drivers from Asus's Support site since Windows can not find any stating "It's up to date." I do not know how to get the drivers installed. The resolution is at 1280x1024 which is the highest it will allow me to set it at. Most of my games will not run and if they do the game screen is 1/16 the size of the actual screen. Please help me resolve this issue.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on an Asus G74S.

A:Asus Screen resolution won't go higher.

I figured it out! Thanks anyway xD

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1. I'm trying to duplicate a higher resolution display into a lower resolution display.
2. It's a 4K display that I want to be projected into an 1080p resolution display, without any of them changing their resolution

Can it be done? I know the other way around is possible (lower->higher), but I want higher->lower.

Please advise

A:Duplicate different (higher) resolution display


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I just stuffed an EVGA 8800GTx into my computer and updated the driver but the highest setting im getting is 1024x768 its way to big for my eyes. i used to have a 7800GTX and it seemed i could up the resolution way mare than that, any ideas?

AMD dual core
4g ram
75g and 500g HD
A8N-SLI Premium mobo

A:Solved: Want a higher Screen Resolution

What monitor are you using? Have you loaded any monitor drivers that may be limiting the maximum resolution? Or maybe loading the Monitor's INF may help to show higher resolutions.

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I have a dell dimension 2350. It came with windows xp a long time ago. I updated it to windows 7 and the graphics are messed up. My options are 640x480, 16 bit or 1024x768, 256 colors. My computer has the 32 bit operating system. I have installed all the proper drives. And my display adapters are a standard VGA graphics adapter and Radeon X1300/X1550 Series. My friend updated in to windows 7 and bought a few graphic cards. and only the Radeon X1300/X1550 let my monitor work. I also have a Dell 1905FP monitor and it says resolution optimum 640x480 60Hz and 1280x1024 60Hz. If you want screenshots i have some. just email me and i will email them to you

A:My resolution wont get higher than 16 bits

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I'm using a Samsung 226BW screen, which has a resolution of 1680x1050.
Can I force it to use a 1920x1200 resolution?
I'm asking this because Full HD movies look way better on a Samsung T220P, which has a 1920x1200 resolution, but is 22" on size, like the 226BW.

A:Solved: Forcing higher resolution

Hi there,

Regrettably, no. There is no way to force a screen resolution as this is determined by physical factors on both the monitor and the video card.

See the following links on how to change a resolution the normal way:



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This is my first post here and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have an Acer Aspire P3-171 ultrabook/tablet with Windows 8.1 on it. I frequently rely on multitasking to effectively get things done. As such, I find myself wanting to run 3 apps simultaneously, which is only supported at 1500 or higher resolution. My lovely PC only gets.

I've seen tricks to force computers up to a resolution of 1024 to support Metro at all, but nothing for my scenario. I understand the physical limitations of my display, but am hoping to find a fix or registry tweak that will allow me to run 3 apps at one time. I will even settle for a software work around
Thanks in advance!

A:Force higher resolution in Windows 8.1

Hi there and welcome to Eight Forums,

That's a good question you've asked there. I'm not so sure though the screen resolution of your device is the bottleneck here.

On my 24inch desktop monitor I can run 3 apps at one time with a screenresolution of 1920x1080. On my 10.1inch Surface Pro 2 monitor I can only run 2 apps at one time with a screenresolution of 1920x1080.

So my guess would be that your screen must have a certain inch width before you can run 3 apps at the same time.


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Anyone know why I can't get a higher resolution, I need it for some programs I am running, it is very annoying.
I am not using a desktop.
Thanks in advance!

A:Can't get a screen resolution higher than 1024 x 768

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Hello everyone. I have a big problem. Everytime I turn on computer, I have a big "suprise" waiting. The suprise is that resolution is set to 1024x768, which my default resolution is 1366x768. Tried restoring system. It kinda worked, but when I turned computer on again... resolution set to 1024x768. Do I need to update my drivers or something? Oh, and yes. When I turn on the computer, the Windows Aero option is off, which I have it on by default. Screen is brighter etc. Waiting for response as soon as possible.

P.S. I'm using Razer Cortex to boost my games.

Also, excuse me for my English. Polish is my main language.


A:Can't change resolution higher than 1024x768

Do you have dedicated GPU?If so,then uninstall Intel and GPU softwares From C & device manager,and reinstall them....

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Lately, when im playing a game and i set the resolution to 1024*768 or higher the monitor compresses everything to the right and various vertical purple lines appear on the right of the monitor. i tried to set the monitor options to modify this but it was in vain. i can't put it in the normal way. this started happening only lately so something has gone wrong.

can it be the video card?

your help would be apprecieated

A:Weird appeareance at 1024*768 or higher resolution

Could be the video card/drivers or monitor

Does the Device Manager show any yellow ? or yellow ! beside the video

Are you sure your system can support the 1024*768 or higher resolution?
What is the normal resolution you use?

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I've been searching since a very long time, to see if such a solution existed under Windows;
My laptop native resolution is 1366x768, but I would be interested in putting it above that (Maybe 1920x1080. In VMware, with the "Stretched" option, 1920x1080 is still readable). So far, the only software that claimed doing this was "PowerStrip", but I did not understood how it really worked.

I also attempted the custom resolutions of Intel control panel (I have an Intel HD 3000, with a Core i3-2350m, it's a Lenovo Thinkpad E420), with the discharge of responsability, saying that you may break your monitor. I attempted it with the same refresh rate (60HZ), but the custom resolution doesn't show up in Desk.cpl.

I wonder if this can be done at all under Windows...
I ask this because I've done it succesfully under Linux - someone developped since a while a script called "Newrez", and the script "scale" the resolution virtually using xrandr, so you could basically type nearly any possible resolution, and it'll work, without causing damage to the monitor. I attempted it, and it was possible to type an insane resolution up to 8000 pixels before the X server crash. Plus, this resolution change does not affect performance/stability, and when checking resolution from a website, the resolution reported was correct.

Did anyone had any suceess with this on Windows, any software that could possibly do a virtual scale, just so I could use maybe ... Read more

A:Scale resolution to higher than the 1366x768 native

Forcing Screen Resolution Higher Than Native Resolution



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Hi !

I can`t change my screen resolution any highter than 1024x768 !

This happened after is backed up my computer.

Tryed updating my drivers but '' the device is up to date''

A:Can`t change my screen resolution higher than 1024x768 !

We're going to need much more information than that to be able to help you. Fill out your system specs and let us know what drivers you're running for your GPU. System Info - See Your System Specs

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 Hello Everyone, I have posted extensively about my journey to use multiple monitors and / or higher resolutions from Thinkpads and Lenovo docks all of which was more difficult than the marketing literature suggested.  But in the end and for several years now, I have been using: * A circa 2012 Thinkpad T430s (i7, 16 GB with NVIDIA NVS 5200M upgrade) to drive 3 (three) external Samsung 27" monitors - each in 1920 x 1080 - using a) VGA b) DisplayPort 1 and c) DisplayPort 2 from my  * Lenovo Thinkpad Mini Dock Plus Series 3 with USB3.0 In addition, I have also experimented with 2 (two) 28" instead of 3 (three) 27" monitors and was able to drive them at higher resolutions - 2560 x 1440 - I believe also from the DisplayPort connections on the dock. Now, I am interested in higher resolution screens up to 4K and beyond. So to test how I might or might not like computing in a higher resolution, bigger screen environment, I bought a Samsung 55" 4K television last month.  It seems to work perfectly and looks amazing for television and NetFlix in both HD and UHD resolutions. All very exciting but when I try to connect my Thinkpad to the 4K screen, I am limited to 1920 x 1080. I have now spent several hours speaking to NVIDIA, Lenovo, and INTEL for starters, all of whom insist that I should have no problem pushing out 4K or at least 2560 x 1440 - as I did in the past from my existing Thinkpad a... Read more

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I have a Fujifilm FinePix S5200 camera and since I am digital camera user challenged I need to know how to increase the resolution over the Auto setting. The pics I want to make will take higher resolution but I'm in a dither as to how to do this. The manual is not very clear to me.


A:Fujifilm FinePix S5200 higher resolution

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I have a Vupoint PS-CA6-VP-BXW

I was looking for a simple photo scanner that feeds. The Pandigital reviews nearly all said the scans had a white line so I avoided them. I got the Vupoint yesterday much cheaper and scanned 20 photos. No white likes and easy to use. But resolution is less than optimal. Not quite sharp. I couldnt see what the scan resolution # was on this. (Id like to think I could get 300. On the reviews of the Vupoint wand scanner it said you could change the resolution. So two questions:
Does anyone know the resolution on this model?
Can I set the resolution higher?

It came with a CD of software but that appears to be only for Business cards (its called Business Card Organizer. which apparently this unit was originally made for. I have Photo editing software on my PC but I dont want to have to sharpen each photo separately.

Before I ship it back I thought Id seek help. It sure is easy to use and takes no space at all.

Thanks for help!

A:Vupoint 4x6 Photo Scanner - can I set resolution higher?

Maximum Resolution = 1800 x 1200 dots-per-inch, so it's way more than enough for scanning photographs.

You should be able to set the resolution within the scanner driver software, usually 300 dpi is sufficient for same-size copies of photos. Obviously you'll need to set it higher if you want to produce prints larger than the original.

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present machine has 1366x768

i am looking at replacement screen with 1920x1080

will it work?  do i need to do anything special?

A:E6540 screen: is it possible to upgrade to higher resolution?

Sizing is only part of the issue - the rest is compatibility.  You can't just drop in a screen by size - notebooks are coded in BIOS to work with the screens they ship from the factory with.
You may want to look up the specifications of your system (support.dell.com; use the service tag) - or call Dell Spare Parts -- or  contact a third-party Dell reseller like parts-people.com.  You can upgrade but will need to find out what you have in the system now in order to decide on the parts you'll need.

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I had recently updated drivers and bios of my HP Elite x2 1012 G1. I have 27" display with native resolution of 2560 x 1440 connected via HP wireless dock. After update system starts with resolution 1920x1200 and there is no longer option to set to display's native resolution. I have newest drivers and bios and software installed for notebook and dock. Any help ?

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Can't change default Monotor for higher Resolution in XP?
I have tryed Control Panel-Display-Settings-Advanced-Monitor Tab
and I find the monitor properties are grayed out and monitor settings
have no alternative choices.

Any suggestions?
Thank you,

A:Solved: Can't change default Monotor for higher Resolution in XP

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With a lot of help I've been able to fix the Control Panel>Display problem I had earlier. But now I have another problem. I started a new thread because it is a different problem, and because it may be a Viewsonic monitor or ATI screen driver problem rather than a Windows-XP problem.

When I have the screen resolution set to 1024*768 the desktop fits neatly into the monitor.
When I tried it at 1280*720 the desktop fits neatly into the monitor, but the graphics and text look as though they are stretched vertically - ie too tall for their width.
When I tried it at 1280*768 the proportions looked right, but the desktop seems to have been moved up and to the left. That is, there is about a 2cm black band to the right of the display, between the right edge of the monitor and the right edge of the display; and there is about a 1cm black band below the desktop.
When I tried it at 1280*800, just for completeness, the whole desktop seems to overlap the limits of the monitor. That is, the icons on the left are half hidden 'behind' the monitor, and the task bar at the bottom is barely in sight at the bottom edge of the monitor.

I don't remember having this problem in the past, but it's been quite a while.

Is there a fix to get the desktop to fit the monitor at 1280*768?

Regards, Alex

A:Solved: Higher screen resolution 'moves' display

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My Toshiba Portage Z30A-12N HD has a broken display. I want to replace the HD display with a new FHD one. Can you indicate me a FHD display (code, model) compatible with my Toshiba computer.

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How to get higher resolution in Dungeon Siege legends of aranna?

I could type this on the short cut for Dungeon Siege:
"C:\Games\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\DungeonSiege.exe" height=1080 width=1920 bpp=32 fullscreen=true

but it won't work for LoA why?

Thanks for you help all!!

A:How to get higher resolution in Dungeon Siege legends of aranna?

does the new version use the same engine?

does the new version have the same .exe name?? Im assuming your just altering the end of the file path??

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Hi im sure this is very stupid but how do i get a higer reslution desktop? which i think is the right thing, basically some of my friends have the desktop look much bigger than mine, which has nothing to do with the size of the monitor or anyhting... i know im being an ***** here but how do i do it?

thanks toddy 89

A:Stupid Q, but i want a higher resolution desktop - if that makes sense!

If you right click anywhere on a blank part of your desktop, and select properties, and then the settings tab. You can alter your resolution to whatever you like. Providing of course your monitor, and or graphicscard supports it.

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What is a good freeware or shareware program that will convert the images on a small video clip shuch as YouTube into a larger, higher resolution image.


A:What's a good program to convert video clips to higher resolution

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Hi :)

I have a Toshiba NB500 Notebook and I wanted a bigger screeen so I got a monitor SDM-HS74P and plugged it in.

I can't make the work at any size other than 800 x 600, but I'm sure I should be able to get better resolution than that.

Where can I download the proper driver, please?

A:Toshiba NB500 cannot get higher resolution than 800x600 on external monitor

> Where can I download the proper driver, please?

-Toshiba NB series
-Toshiba NB500

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Hello Everyone, This Forum was very helpful when I was setting up a docking station for 3 external monitors - thank you. In the end, the T430s continues to work well, where using the DisplayPort outputs (+ VGA?) on my docking station, I can get 3 external monitors to run at 1920 x 1080. I am now interested in higher resolution, however - at least 2560 x 1440 or if possible, 4K.  (My understanding is that higher than 1920 x 1080 will limit me to 2 external monitors vs 3 but that's OK.) Here is where I need help: Using 28" Samsung 4K monitors, I am able to drive 2 external monitors at 2560 x 1440, using 2 DisplayPorts (on dock) to DisplayPort connections on the monitors. Experimenting with a bigger, 55" 4K screen however does not work : ( Becauser the bigger screen has only HDMI and no DisplayPort.    (I tried a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, but it did not work either - apparently the adapter constrains the display to 1920 x 1080)  Can anyone please help?  Is there an active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that will pass 2560 x 1440 or higher? Can I somehow use the DVI ports on the dock to drive 2560 x 1440?  Could the new X1 with a 2560 x 1440 native resolution do a better job? In summary, 1) I want to use at least 2 and possibly 3, 55" 4K screens, which have HDMI inputs only 2) Display at least 2560 x 1440 - hopefully with future ability to 4K 3) Would rathe... Read more

A:T430s / Nvidia - Higher Resolution than 1920 x 1080? With 2-3 External Monitors and HDMI

your external monitor requires HDMI 1.4 port to drive the 4K resolution, as far as i know there is no Displayport to HDMI 1.4 converter on the market. The DVI ports on the dock is single link only, so it can't drive the 2560x1440 resolution you require. The new X1 Carbon Gen 2 has HDMI 1.4 and can drive the screen at 4K. But it has only one HDMI 1.4 port, so you are limited to driving one 4K LCD at this resolution.

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