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Numbers Lock will not stay on in Windows 10

Q: Numbers Lock will not stay on in Windows 10

Anyone have any idea what I need to do in Windows 10 to get my Numbers Lock to stay on all the time?
Each time I start the system I have to remember to press the Numbers Lock button. On my Windows 7 it stayed on all the time unless I purposely turned it off.
It's no real big deal to push a button, but it's just a pain in the rear to type in a password or user name and discover it didn't work simply because this darn button was turned off by the system.
Oh, I did do a "regedit" and changed the numbers in the box to #2 and restarted the system. When the system restarted the Numbers Lock light was on and I figured I must have fixed it. However when I booted up today it was off again.
Thanks for your help!

Preferred Solution: Numbers Lock will not stay on in Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Numbers Lock will not stay on in Windows 10

I can't say if your computer has this but some computers have a numlock enable/disable in BIOS.

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aspire V3-572PI've tried the Fast Startup un check and changing Value to 2 in Keyboard registry.  I have made sure numbers lock is on when I cold reboot.Also, can I make it so all my passwords/login names are stored.  there are certain web pages which won't save them,  I use them alot and it is becoming a pain.

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I am writing this for a friend who has problems every time she reboots she looses the number lock setting. What do I tell her to do to fix this issue?
Problem seemed to appear when she plugged in new keyboard which is a Dell wired.

A:Solved: Numbers Lock Setting

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when i hit letters in my applications, it says im hitting numbers, and even when i hit the numbers on my keyboard, it starts going "1,2,3,4,5" ect. just from hitting 1 number. for instance when i go on youtube and hit 1 on a video player, its supposed to keep taking me to a certain part of the video, but it just keeps going forward until it restarts and then goes through again. also when i play minecraft and i try changing my settings, if i want to set "move left" to "a" it says i it number 1!?!? i know a good bit about computers, but this is just BAFFLING me, i have looked ALL OVER this website and all of the people that had this problem just had there NUM lock on, and i cant use any applications while this problem is going on, so please, anyone, help me out

A:Keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters? (NUM LOCK IS NOT ON)

If this is a laptop see if this helps.

If you're writing numbers instead of letters when you press the keyboard of your laptop and you must hold down the Function key (Fn) to write normally.

This is due to the fact that the digital lock is activated. To solve this, simply press the Fn+Numlk or depending of the model, press the button or Fn + Shift +Numlk

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This is killing me.
When in word documents or typing in browsers, my laptop keyboard is perfectly fine, but when I'm in a game or certain other programs (like typing in Pandora, the internet radio) my keyboard (all the numbers, letters, and punctuation keys), when hit, will display numbers. No matter what key is pressed the first press gives me a "1," the next a "2," and so forth until "0" which is when it goes back to "1." I can't play anything and have to copy paste into Pandora's typing field. Oddly, when I hit CTRL-V to paste it still registers. CTRL-random number would not paste, so something is (I think) changing my letters into numbers after the letter registers.
I tried to do all the Num-lock and scroll-lock stuff but it didn't work.
AVG Free's scheduled scan turned up nothing.
I'm currently scanning with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Spybot S&D. Unhackme says there is no Trojan on my computer.
I temporarily fixed the problem previously with a system restore, but it did not last.
Someone please help!

A:Keyboard only typing numbers in sequence, num lock OFF

UPDATE: There doesn't seem to be any virus or malicious files.
I searched and found a guy with a similar problem, but there was no solution...

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When I engage NUM LOCK the keys on the right of the main keyboard also become number keys as well as on the numeric keypad on the right.
I've tried pressing Fn and NUM LOCK at the same time like on a non extended keyboard but this makes no difference.

I've also tried different input languages and keyboard styles.
I can't test with an external keyboard because I don't have one. I've downgraded from vista to XP.
I don't know if this made a difference because I didn't notice this until after the downgrade.

Any ideas?

A:Re: Satellite P300-276: keys on right of keyboard become numbers when NUM LOCK


Sorry but I think I don?t understand your issue?
Fact is that if the NUM LOCK is enabled (FN +F11) then the buttons; U, I, O, J, K, L and M become to numbers:
U to 4
I to 5
O to 6
J to 1
K to 2
L to 3
M to 0

If you would press FN + F11 again then the buttons should be set back to letters...

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My numbers lock & scroll lock are coming on & off by themselves (along with "exception beeps"). In addition "b,n,*, & /", appear in text windows without me typing them. Sometimes they appear a few times, other times they repeat many times. Drop down menus appear & highlight different options without me doing anything. Sometimes a highlighted option is selected / clicked on without me doing it. At times my mouse becomes non functional, it freezes I can not highlight and use backspace to clear the offending text. Other times, the back space will not work without the mouse being froze. Less often, a new page that i didn't click on, will open.

Dell Dimension 2400 MS Windows XP SP3 Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller

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I have a new Inspiron 5000 and whenever I boot up or re start etc, I have to press the Num Lock to enter numbers from the numbers keypad. I have checked the Regedit InitialKeyboardindicators and it is set to 2, but every time I reboot, I have to press the Num Lock again.
How do I get the Num Lock to stay on after reboot.
OS Win10 1607 which is fully up to date.

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Windows XP sp2:

when caps lock is toggled off, curser types all caps. When toggled on, types small case.!

the numbers above the letters will not type numbers, only the symbols that should type when you select the shift key in either toggle mode. The number pad to the right will not work at all. i can type no numbers at all.!

When selecting a program via double clicking icon from the desktop, the left (primary) mouse button acts as a select all. Windows then prompts that it will take too long to open all of the applications selected. (because whatever is doing this highlights everything above and to the left of the mouse location.

This select-all problem also exists inside other softwear such as Word. and also in all fields in web browser where any data is entered by the keyboard.

i have run Spybot, AVG antispy and anti virus. results deleted successfully but problem still exists.

I can't use my computer like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Caps Lock, Numbers Don't Work, And Mouse Click Selects All?

How old is the keyboard?
Any damage history of it?
there could be a button in the keyboard that is stuck that makes the opposite on caps or symbols
If you want,consider to buy a new one if the problem still persist

Im not sure about the mouse problem..i'll check that out a bit later

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In laptop mode the "rotation lock" option is disabled, which I guess is by design and that's fine. When I flip the screen to stand mode the option is enabled and turned off. I can turn the option on and it works as expected. If I flip the screen back to laptop mode and then back to stand mode, the option is turned off again. How can I keep it turned on? I never use tent mode or portrait mode, so I don't need it and it messes with my window sizes. I could disable the ymc service, which fixes this problem, but then the keyboard doesn't turn off in stand mode. Anyone have any ideas?

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Caps lock randomly TURNS ON, or whEN I presS the "N" oR "B" keys. This just started happenING out of the bLUE. IT happenS when I am usinG the InTERNET, Word, Excel, anYTHING.
If caps lock turnS on WHen I press the keys "N" OR "B", I can TURN it off bY PRessinG The left SHIFT key twice.  BUT if I press those keys again, THE caps lock key will turn ON AGain. Sometimes pressinG THE left shift key twice doesn'T turn OFF caps lock. Its so ranDOM. 
Also, when THE caps lock turnS on, my mouse then Freezes.
I have tried chanGING the inPUT methoD through the conTROL panEL. It does nOTHING! 
My laptop is onLY 6 monTHS old. I have nOT spilled anYTHinG on THE keybOARD. I have searched the inTERNET anD have founD other HP NOTEBOOk users havinG the same probLEM. hAVNE'T founD a solution though.
Here is my laptop inFO:
HP Spectre x360-13-4105dx 
Model # N1R86UA
[personal information removed]
If someonE could help me fix this probLEM, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

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Hello All,
       This is not really a request for fix assistance, since I've already fixed the problem, but I wanted to see if someone could explain how the now fixed issue came to be.
        I work with individuals who are visually-impaired or blind to teach them how to use their computers with assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers (most commonly JAWS and ZoomText but there are others).
        One of my current clients has an HP laptop that is hooked to a large-screen TV via HDMI and who's also using an external keyboard and mouse when he's at his desk.  On Friday, there was an accident where several heavy objects were dropped and hit both the external keyboard and mouse, but not the computer.  Subsequent testing shows neither the mouse nor the external keyboard were damaged.  The laptop itself was untouched during this incident.  The client had believed that the keyboard and/or mouse were damaged, and acquired a bluetooth portable keyboard and mouse, but the behavior I'm about to describe for the keyboard occurred on the laptop's built-in keyboard, the external wired keyboard, and the external bluetooth keyboard:
            1.  Caps Lock was absolutely locked.  Nothing would unlock it, including fiddling with input method settings to switch the caps lock on/off to the Shift key rather than shift loc... Read more

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Not a techie.  Can't get straight answer ANYWHERE.  New laptops tend to NOT have indicators on the keys.  Hoping Windows 10 has indicators that can be turned on and PROBABLY would show up in the tray at the bottom right of the screen. 
I have heard of sites where such things can be downloaded but again NOT a techie, so I hesitate to go outside of Windows/Microsoft for downloads.  I do not know what download sites are safe or spoofs.

Please plain English ... i.e. go to settings etc.  Or just give me a Microsoft approved site for download.

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My errors are a freezing cursor - dead mouse on every other reboot ..and.. With file transfers from one HDD to another I will frequently get a system lockup of Windows (forcing me to reboot. hard reboot). My System is CLEAN of viri and trojan as wella s spyware. I Have WinXP Pro Sp2. Running Zone Alarm Pro v6, Eset NOD32 v2.5, Webroot Spysweeper (for coookies and alt scans), Spyware Doctor v. (resident), and Trojan Hunter v4 (also resident on boot). I am also booting and browsing with Pop-Up Stopper Pro. My Hardware? Abit NF7-S rev.2, Athlon 3200 Barton core, Best OCZ 400Mhz RAM (?) - 1Gb in dual channel, Audigy 4 Pro for sound. Latest drivers for all "to best of my knowledge" Any Helpers? :)

*More on the file tranfer lock-ups. The two other drives are Seagate drives and identicle. They're 300 Gb each... I have not reformated them since my last Windows reinstall - they were detected right off.

Could be Windows isnt seeing those drives for what they are?? Even worse, a bus problem?

Thank you in advance.

A:Mouse Lock-Up (not there on boot) and Windows Lock-Up Transfering Files HDD to HDD.

have you tryed running safemode? is it the same?
run a chkdsk: start > My Computer > right click the drive u want to scan > properties > tools > error checking - Check Now > put tick in both boxes > click start > click to scedule on next boot > restart

see if it returns any errors or corrects this

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Hi, new to these forums, hope I don't break any rules or anything here.

My laptop is a
Sony Vaio - Model: SVE141R11L
Product name: SVE14135CXB
Pre-loaded with Windows 8 x64
Intel(R) Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz
6GB RAM w/ 900GB HDD space
Purchased in Navy Exchange last year (around July 2013)

I have dropped it once or twice from at most a 3ft fall inside a padded case. I mostly use my computer for school work, some gaming, extensive video/photo editing, internet browsing. I've installed some debatable programs but have been installed long ago. Most of my programs included Microsoft Office, Adobe suite, Steam, iTunes, uTorrent, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Winrar, VLC, etc. But are now gone due to the refresh I had just done last week for prior problems, but still experience problems.

I recently been having issues with my computer where it just won't respond at all. Like today, I had it working for a few hours, but then went out and left my laptop on the lock screen, and came back to it being completely stuck. Completely stuck as in, no keys or clicks would unlock the screen to the login prompt. However, my cursor was fully able to move around the screen, and my caps/num lock buttons work as they display the lights enabling/disabling them. The time when it was stuck was 8:03pm, but the clock was stuck on 7:55. But on the bottom of the front of the laptop, the HDD orange light is not lit up at all, which I believe suggest that the HDD is not reading/properly reading. Oddly e... Read more

A:Windows 8 Lock Screen Stuck, Cursor/num/cap lock work

Sounds like one too many drops killed the computer. You may get lucky and find a local mom & pop shop that will fix it cheaper then Sony.

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Hey everybody.

I don't know if the title is a good one for this problem, but here goes.

I have a column that has numbers in this format: 54321-1234

Now, I want to take off the last 4 numbers, and the dash, from all the numbers in the column, using a formula. So that the output would be: 54321.

I want it so the first 5 numbers stay the same, but the dash and last 4 are gone. Is this possible?


A:Solved: Excel 2003: Replacing Large Numbers with Smaller Numbers

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This was asked before by KlausdB:

"I have 4 x HDDs on SATA AHCI (Intel Controller) in Native Mode and 1 x ESATA on Win 7 Pro X64.
I noted that looking in Admin. Tools\Computer Management\Storage (as an example) the 1st HDD (Port 0 in the AHCI BIOS) is showing as "Disk 2" instead of my expectation of

"Disk 1".
Selecting the Drive's Properties correctly shows the "Location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0)".
I also note that the Disk Number allocation in Windows will change randomly after some reboots/startups - going anywhere from "Disk 1" to "Disk 4".  I can force/replicate this

behaviour by removing the ESATA drive.
Is this expected behaviour?
It doesn't appear to create any operating issues at this stage, however, is there a way I can force the Drive to always map to (eg) Device 0 --> Disk 1, Device 1 --> Disk 2,


 This was answered by Nicholas Li:

"As far as I know, how the disk is plugged physically and the order it is displayed are not related. For a simple example, if a drive is plugged to SATA interface 4 and it is the only disk, it will be displayed as Disk 0. If there is no related issue about
the disk order, I think we can safely ignore this."

 Because the topic was closed I want to ask a new question here:
 What happens if one of the 4 HDD drives or 5 has an OS installed on it? I ask because windows always write some bo... Read more

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I have three SATA hard drives :
Main system/boot drive , WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 0 port
A backup drive, identical WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 1 port
Another dirve, Hitachi 1 TB, connected to the SATA 2 port
When I installed Win 7, only the main drive was connected... and it remains the only drive with active/system/boot partitions.

All three drives reporr correctly in the BIOS, and in the right order, but why is it that only one of the drive (the one on SATA port 1) has a "SATA:" prefix and the others have a "HDD:" prefix ?

Why is it that the assignment of Disk #0, 1, 2 ( as seen in Disk Maanger or DiskPart) does not seem to have nay rhyme or reason?

I would have expected:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port O, to be assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, to be assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, to be assigned as Disk 2

but instead, I have:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, is assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 0, is assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, is assigned as Disk 2

Just curious why that is.

I am assuming there is no way to chagne this. Its not something I would dream of reinstalling Windows 7 to correct ( even if it did correct it).

A:SATA port numbers vs assignemnt of Disk numbers/

Best advice, leave it alone. It may bother your (and others) sense of order but it won't affect how anything works, and no re-installing Windows won't change it.

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what to do when a dell latitude d630 laptop is not on but cap lock, num lock and scroll lock is on and i'e tried to check the VGA and the processor

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I have Windows XP, with Wordpad v5.1 and Notepad v5.1 as well. In Notepad, if I toggle off Word Wrap, I can then toggle on the Status Bar, and it shows me the line and column number in the status bar. It does not look like Wordpad has the ability to show line and column numbers. Does anyone know if there is a way to show that in Wordpad? Thanks.

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I was checking my program and software list and at the top of the list I noticed two (2) sets of numbers that I have never seen before. I checked the internet to see if I could find out what they were. It kept taking me to sites for spyware, adware,etc. I could not find out what they were or why they are on my system. I do not want to remove them until I know what they are. I have not noticed any problems with my system, but I do not know what might be going on behind the sceen. The numbers are listed as follows:



A:Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

The first one > http://www.acresso.com/products/is/i...d-overview.htm

The second one > http://eraser.heidi.ie/

Both are legit and not malware.

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I have been given four transcripts of telephone calls recorded at a call centre. All at different times on the same day. Two have the same callID number. The sequence of the numbers attributed to each call are odd. The first call has a higher number than later calls and the last two are also out of order. I am not sure if this is the right forum but i am desperate for some help. The transcripts are VERY important and I cannot be sure that they are the real deal because of the callID numbers. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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For some time now, i have been experiencing that my Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking) all at the same time, I tried to google it but i can not find any solutions or explanations for it.

Does anyone know if it is bad? and what is causing this?

I am having a wired keyboard with nothing fancy just a standard issue Logitech keyboard.

A:Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking)

Can you toggle those functions off, one at a time? Sometimes restarting the computer will use the last state it was in, I'd fully shut down and pull the power cord from the computer and the keyboard cable then put them back and try again.

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how to disable Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages?

I have desktop pc with two keyboards usb and bluetooth. Also TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack software, but in device manager: keyboard > hid keyboard device both using microsoft drivers. And I dont have any software installed for keyboards. Also bluetooth has separate system tray indications (it is also disabled) so its not that. I made some googling and found other fix it with Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Widcomm\BTConfig\General KeyIndication set to 0, but I dont have it in registry. Acualy I dont have anywhere in registry KeyIndication. So any ideas how to disable it? Thanks

A:Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages


You'll find that the messages are controlled by a piece of software that came pre-installed on your machine when you bought it. Try looking for a Hotkey managing app to see if the notifications can be disabled.


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I'm using an HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook series. I noticed that my Caps Lock LED is not working but its FUNCTION is working fine.. same goes with Scroll Lock. Here's the weird part.. when I press Num Lock ( function key + scroll lock ) the LED turns on! I already tried a system recovery, it didn't solve the issue. Is there something wrong with my BIOS? Any help from you guys will be highly appreciated.. thanks!

A:Caps lock & Scroll Lock LEDs not working but Num Lock is wor...

Sometimes electrical components needs to have all power sources removed and reintroduced to work properly.  Try performing a hard reset first, if it doesn't work then try updating your BIOS.  If neither works...It's pretty much dead and not worth fixing.  To Perform A Hard Reset Shut down the computer by going to the Start menu and selecting shut down. (If you have no display, hold the power button down for  5 seconds)Disconnect the AC Adapter from the notebook.Remove the battery from the bottom of the notebook.  There will be a switch/button to eject the battery.Wait at least 1 minute with all power sources disconnected.Re-insert the battery and reconnect the AC Adapter and then attempt to power on the notebook.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1, but it reset my custom lock screen image.  I tried re-applying it but the lock
screen preview in the settings is stuck on a load loop.  Does anyone know why that is and why it won't set my custom image as the new lock screen image?
i can't find the  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Systemdata, folder,
in my laptop
how to get default lock screen images in 8.1? plz help me..

A:Lock Screen Custom Image Stuck on Load for Windows 8.1, (Can't see the default lock screen images)

Please take a look at this link and it should solve your problem.

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Hi all..

Before I pull out every last strand of hair... someone smarter than me, please come forward.

Thanks to the good advice here and the scan results, it seems that my problems may not be malware-related (right now).

The issues that I have been having are a little strange.. and seem to be connected to sound and touchpad now.

Volume settings won't stay in "up" position and I have no system startup sound anymore. Touchpad first started giving me errors that the advanced features were disabled because another device was in use, when it wasn't.

Touchpad cursor started jumping all over the place - had to plug in a mouse to do anything. I uninstalled, then reinstalled the touchpad and it works fine until I reboot.

Something from the last few days has wiped out all my System Restore points. So whatever it is, or was, that caused these changes has me puzzled. I've been dealing with this for 3 days straight and I've tried just about everything.

This is an older HP Pavilion laptop..zv6000 with AMD Athlon 64 processor, XP OS. A few episodes of freezing have happened today as well..or just "sticking" in one place for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time.

Anyone who wishes to advise, I am ready to listen.

A:Volume Slider Won't Stay UP, Touchpad Settings Won't STAY

I would try to replace the CMOS battery with a new one, first.

http://www.zlectronic.com/product/NEW-CMOS-BIOS-BATTERY-FOR-HP-PAVILION-ZV6000-ZV6009EA.html , appears to be standard CMOS battery, CR2032, available anywhere batteries are sold.


If problems continued, I would be thinking serious problems with motherboard.


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Hi, I'm a newbie here and I've loaded a prolific programme in my computer and it can't go lower than com7, I would like to change it for lower, like com1 or 2.

A:Can I change com numbers on my windows

Quote: Originally Posted by apivin

Hi, I'm a newbie here and I've loaded a prolific programme in my computer and it can't go lower than com7, I would like to change it for lower, like com1 or 2.

Welcome apivin to the windows 7 forums.

You might help by filling out the system spec's on your system.

Also, Is your problem that the program your trying to run requires a com port higher than 7?

You can in most cases, in your system configuration rename the com port to a higher number.


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I have some reference books I use and in all of them I have this problem:

The number written on the document pages doesn't match the number my pdf reader says, and for every document it has a different offset. That is, for example when I go to page 16, then on the page itself it's written that it's page 5 and not 16.

It's an annoying problem.
Is there any way to fix this by changing the pdf numbering or is there any workaround?


A:pdf page numbers don’t match document page numbers

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Now my numbers appear as letters, and I can't figure out how to get them back -- looks like capitals of numbers like exclamation points won't print either.

There must be a setting that I haven't found. Any suggestions? My passwords won't work without numbers...

A:Solved: Can't type numbers in Windows Eight

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Hi all, I have a A475 (?470) that new i think came with Win 7 Pro, but i bought it 2nd hand and has 10 Pro on it and all is good, however i fully aware that any drive could die and i would have to buy a new drive and reinstall windows, which may be an issue for me as i have no media and no SN to activate my version of 10. I'm guessing (correct me if i'm wrong) i could download the 10 Pro ISO using MS download tool but i'd still have no SN and given a drive would have been replaced how do i go about making my copy legal again, is it a sinple case of running jelly bean or is their more to it? All1

A:Windows 10 Serial Numbers for fresh HDD

Please try this Windows 10 Key viewer:https://www.chip.de/downloads/Windows-Product-Key-Viewer_58663752.htmlorhttp://m.majorgeeks.com/files/details/win_product_key_viewer.htmlor any other and you can write down your keyfile for later.

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I have two monitors. Before a computer crash, the one on the left was identified by Windows 7 as #1, and the one on the right as #2. Now the numbers are reversed and macros that rely on screen coordinates no longer function correctly. I've tried disconnecting the right (currently #1) monitor and starting the system with only the left monitor functioning. Windows identifies the monitor as #1 as desired, but as soon as I add back the second (right) monitor Windows changes the left monitor back to #2.

Is there some way of getting Windows to call the left monitor #1?

A:How to swap Windows ID numbers for two monitors?

Is the monitor that is now 2 selected as your main display?

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I have 2 machines running at home both with Intel 17 920s and Asus motherboards with Vista Ultimate 64bit installed.

1 board is the Rampage II Gene, with 12gb OCZ Gold DDR3 ram and a Diamond Radeon 4890. Everything is set to factory settings, no overclocking yet. The best I have seen on the index is 5.9, with all the subcategories showing 5.9. The hard drive is a Western Digital "Black" 1 TB. Also have 2 optical drives, 1 HP super- multi with Lightscribe and the other is a LG super-multi. All this is in an Antec 300 box with an Antec 750W power supply. All the drive connections are SATA.

The second board is an Asus P6T SE with 6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3 ram
and an XFX Radeon 4760. Everything is set to factory settings with no overclocking yet. The best I have seen on the index with this one is also 5.9 but the processor score is 7.5 and the memory score is 7.4. The rest of the subcategories are a flat 5.9. The hard drive is a Western Digital
VelociRaptor 300gb . Also have 2 optical drives, 1 HP super- multi with Lightscribe and the other is a LG super-multi. This is in a midtower with an Antec 750W power supply. Again all the drives are SATA.

I have tried the SATA drives set to IDE and AHCI with no improvement either way.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to improve the performance?



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Greetings All,Recently did a Clean Install of Windows 7 X64 on an HP DV7 and now My Windows Update will NOT work. It just goes searching forever / endlessly. I have tried and downloaded and installed a few KB Numbers (KB3083710, KB3102810 etc. ) to try and fix the issue with NO avail.  Yes, I am losing my Hair fast   Could  some one please help me with the Latest KB Numbers or Solutions I can try as of August 2016?  Any Help would be greatly Appreciated.Thank You in advance for your time.Best Regards, Rob 

A:What are the Latest KB Numbers to fix Windows Update NOT wor...

Rob3307 Folks have bandied about a couple of different KBs -- claiming these both "fixed" Windows Updates.  But further examination has revealed that NOT to be true. I continue to support a bunch of Win7 PCs, some of which were rolled back from Win10 because the owners disliked Win10 so much.But, I have noticed that recently, Windows Update has been performing really slowly on ALL these machines.The symptoms are that it searches for HOURS -- and does not appear to make any progress!OR .. it finds stuff, but then goes into downloading for HOURS ... and does not appear to make any progress!Anyway,  check for a Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads\ folder.  This is where Windows Updates stores the updates it downloads and its working files.  IF it exists, Windows Update is working -- even though you see no progress.  Over time, the folder will grow until all the Updates have been downloaded.  Then, it will shrink as the Updates get applied.  When done, Windows should remove it. If it does not, you can remove the contents of that folder, but do not remove the folder itself.And yes ... updates are taking hours (or days!) when they used to take only a few minutes. So basically, there is nothing wrong with your PC.  And -- if you RESET it, you are only going to make matters worse as that will start the Update process from scratch, and the last time I did that, it took three full days (!) to find, download, and apply all the updates... Read more

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Im using windows 10 totally updated version and the problem im facing is that windows keeps adding numbers after my WiFi name/SSID and the number keeps on increasing. It aint causing any trouble with network usage but I still wanna fix it and wanna know whats causing this. Ive attached a picture with this thread where u can see the wifi name states Redmi 7 but my network name is just Redmi. This 7 was 2,3,4... some days ago. Please help me asap with this issue ill be grateful.

A:Windows keeps adding numbers after my WiFi name

I don't understand why that is a "problem" or why you are bothered, but I don't need to understand. In Network Connections you can right click on the connection name and select Rename and call it whatever you wish (within reason). I should add that you could do this in previous versions of Windows but I'm only assuming the ability has not been removed in Windows 10.

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Hi all,

New here, so I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this(if it isn't, admins please move it to the correct forum, thanks!). I'm currently running Windows 8.1 and recently I took a look at my Resource Monitor and noticed a process called numbers.exe with the description "Numbers". It showed it as running in the background but in a suspended state.

As I've never seen that process before, I decided to search it up and it came up with some results related to a trojan/rootkit. But this trojan/rootkit was namely referred to as <random numbers>.exe (for example: 123456789.exe); nothing indicating specifically the process "numbers.exe". I did a bit of digging in the associated handles and noticed that some of the files were related to the default Windows Calculator App, which I have currently pinned to my Start. When I unpinned it from the Start the process was gone.....so I'm assuming it is the process for the calculator. But because of a trojan incident I had a few years back, I'm a bit paranoid based of the searches that popped up for numbers.exe.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if this "numbers.exe" is a legitimate process? Does anyone else who also has the default calculator pinned to their start have this process running as "suspended"?

Anyone help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Calculator App = numbers.exe process?

I just fired up Windows 8.1 Calculator. The only things I see listed are Windows Calculator under processes and calc.exe under Details. No numbers.exe. I hope this helps.

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Greetings All,Recently did a Clean Install of Windows 7 X64 on an HP DV7 and now My Windows Update will NOT work. It just goes searching forever / endlessly. I have tried and downloaded and installed a few KB Numbers (KB3083710, KB3102810 etc. ) to try and fix the issue with NO avail.  Yes, I am losing my Hair fast   Could  some one please help me with the Latest KB Numbers or Solutions I can try as of August 2016?  Any Help would be greatly Appreciated.Thank You in advance for your time.Best Regards, Rob 

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I ripped music through windows media player. I find the files in a folder called unknown artist, inside unknown album. I rename them, move them to other folders, but when I look for them again, they are back in the original place where they were ripped to, and unnamed. I've went through that process multiple times with the same outcome in the end. I don't know what to do, I'm starting to think there is something wrong with my computer.

A:Music won't stay renamed or stay put.

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Hi, so far i have managed to make my program so that it prints out the odd numbers between two inputted numbers but i need it to print the sum of them?
This is what i have:

public static void main(String[] args) {
int int1, int2, sum = 0;
Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
System.out.println("Please enter two integers: " );
int1 = scan.nextInt();
int2 = scan.nextInt();
for (sum = int1; sum <= int2; sum++){
if ( sum %2 != 0 ){
System.out.println("" + sum);

A:Java: Sum of all odd numbers between two numbers?

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I have got an HP Laptop from my previous employer. But this has been cleaned before I got it and i have problems to fix an issue With some numbers and time and date. Can you see whats wrong and please help me.

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Hello. I don't know how exactly to explain my problem but I'll try:
I connect to a wireless network whose name is for example "X" and I have a network connection but I don't have internet access. I disable and enable the wireless adapter and the name of the network is now "X 1" and so on... The problem is my internet is only working on number 9 and I don't know how to delete the other available settings (I am not sure if they are settings) so I can connect only to number 9, not to all other numbers to 10 in different orders - I mean if I disable/enable once it gives me a lucky number - not one after another. I don't know if you understood what I mean but I really hope so. Thank you

A:Windows 7 puts numbers after my wireless network name

See here for info on removing unused Wireless networks: How to Remove a Wireless Network in Windows 7

Also, you can rename the network connection if you want.

netsh interface set interface name="Local Area Connection 2" newname="Local Area Connection"

Actually, you could make newname anything you want, like "Fred's Internet" or "My Wireless Connection".

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I have sought a solution for this problem for a few weeks and cannot find one.

My notebook is an HP Pavilion dv9005ca Laptop (17in. screen) and has a separate numeric keypad. Running Windows XP SP2 with all patches.

The keys: M,JKL,UIO produce numeric characters (0 to 6) when the num lock key is on and the correct characters when it is off (some other keys on that side of the keyboard produce symbols found on the numeric keypad).

Following HP support suggestion at [url not allowed:-( ] I have tried the Fn + num lock combination but this does nothing.

When I first boot up the characters are normal until the num lock key is toggled.

At some point a while ago when entering text I believe I inadvertently pressed a combination of keys that caused this problem.

I hope someone can help.

A:Keyboard Produces Numbers Instead of Letters in Windows XP

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In Windows XP, WordPerfect 10 tables, suddenly all the dates in the dates column change to numbers. Is this a virus? Or can I do somthing to get my dates back? I deleted the column from the table and then added a new dates column and put back all the dates, and that was fine for two days, and then while adding data to the table, the dates suddenly changed to numbers again. PLEASE HELP!

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Is it possible to force windows media center to accept a channel number above 158? I am using a tuner card, and my cable provider has channels I watch all the way up to 305.

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Hello, 1st post, glad to be here.

I am having a problem that I find odd and something I never noticed with Windows Search in the Win 7 environment. I have users who name files strictly with numbers. No letters, just straight numbers. They're part drawings made by drafting software (i.e. Solidworks, AutoCAD). I don't believe this has been a problem before Win 7 As I believe XPs search did find these types of files search strings with out issue.

I've attempted to mess around with the Indexing under Folder Options and the Search tab. That didn't seem to help. I also did a google search for the topic and found third party software but where I work at it would to be a tough time selling this to management to allow me to install.

I have level 1 tech support experience and anything with command line and me usually is a very slow process but if any of you happen to know a way to get this type of search to cooperate without third party software i'd greatly appreciate the input. Thank you!

A:Windows search can't find files named with just numbers.

Hello CentralPA and welcome to Seven Forums.

I just tried this and Windows Search found files with numbers only.
I don't usually use Windows Search and have indexing turned off.

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