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Software Distribution Program help please

Q: Software Distribution Program help please

I just got hired by a company and it is an accounting firm. They currently do not have any way of pushing updates out to there users. They make instruction for them and tell them were the exe is located. We all know how that works, people don't do the updates and then are behind 5 or 6 versions. They use WSUS for windows update. I am not familiar with any software distribution packages that are out there. Can someone help me out.


Preferred Solution: Software Distribution Program help please

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Software Distribution Program help please

We use Ignite

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WHAT is 'software distribution service 3.0' ? my system re-started itself at 3 am 08/10/11 ? i was running some new software and thought something went wrong. thanks WINDOWS/XP, HOW OFTEN DOES THIS HAPPEN ? DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ? THANKS


See this post.



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I went to System Restore this morning and I noticed that every day for about a week there has been this "System Distribution Service 2.0" on every date. What is this, because I didn't install or download it. Is it harmful?

A:Software Distribution Service

hi and welocme. Read this link below!

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Hi folks, I have a few questions about C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution.old. The folder is 456MB.What is this, and can it be deleted? I think it has something to do with Microsoft updates. I should clarify something: I have TWO Software Distribution folders. A few months ago, after the folks at the HiJackThis forum helped me clear up a malware infection, I started having some problems with some Windows functions. A Microsoft techie solved the problem, but in order to do so he had to create two "Software Distribution" folders. He named the one that already existed "Software Distribution.old" (this is the 456 MB folder), and created a new one: "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution".After he created the ".old" folder, the problems I was having cleared up... so his solution seemed to work. So can I now delete the ".old" folder?Thanks a million, D.

A:Software Distribution Folder

Most likely you can delete it without any issues. But I'd recommend moving it to another location for a week or two to see if you need it. Then, if you still don't need it, delete to the Recycle Bin - where it'll remain until it's forced out (thereby providing a measure of extra protection).

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I want to remove this from my computer. Can this be done?

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I posted earlier today about a current situation and while awaiting some help, I went to system restore to see what has been done the last couple of months. Went back to December and each month, this "Software Distribution Service 2.0" has appeared. I cannot find out what this is about. It appeared in Dec, once in Jan, twice in February.

Anyone tell me what this is?
HP Pavilion 526X

If I have done something wrong that has caused the freezing of my computer, If I did a restore back to December, would I mess stuff up? Would it backlog all updates etc?
Please forgive me but I an a novice.

A:Software Distribution Service 2.0

I believe that "Software Distribution Service 2.0" is Windows updates creating a restore point. You should see them on the second Tuesday of the month or shortly after.

I would avoid going back all the way to December. When did the problems start?

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For about the past couple of weeks I have had some strange things happening with my Gateway laptop running XP (Media Center ver 5.1 - SP2). Strange by intermittently not recognizing external USB components; keyboard & mouse. Just strange. Slowing down, taking a long time to load programs & files - just like there are too many cookies reporting in. Then upon calling up the task manager it appears with no top headings - including the exit "X". The only way to exit was to highlight the Task Manager and click the "End Process" button.

Had a blue screen event with XP doing a HD check disk!

Yes I ran a virus scan and Ad-aware with no problems showing up.

There are discussions on the web about problems with SDS 3.0 and suggesting using the restore point to remove it. Take a look at (can I do this)...
and read "squirekat's" comments.

I also read that MS has a program you can download to remove it!!!

Oh! SDS 3.0 was installed on my machine on May 13th. I'm anxious to hear from you so I can decide whether this is happening to a lot of you or just some "thing" that's on my computer. I value your input... thanks.

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So my dad instead this update on the family pc and now whenever we start it, the resolution is low and the setting wont allow me to change it and system restore isnt restoring to before the program was installed. please help for the family pc!

A:Microsoft Software Distribution Service 3.0

"Are you prompted to install "Software Distribution Service 3.0"?
Thats not something coming from windowsupdate. There is nothing called that
in the update catalog."

Eddie Bowers
Security Support
Microsoft Corporation
Click to expand...


I suspect he fell for social engineering and has installed a virus or trojan on the system .
You should go to the malware board and post a hijackthis log .
Looking at other cases it appears it may be a win32 bancos (bankfraud) / smitfraud-c infection.

Regarding your video problem.
Option one go to control panel /system / hardware / device manager
Locate your video card under display adapters
Select it and choose remove
One all video adapters are removed restart your computer and let windows find it , search for and install the best driver it can find.

Option two would be to go to the video card manufacturers web site and download the latest driver pack.

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be deleting windows software distribution downloads will that effect the saved restore dates?

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My sister whom is in university has a laptop. This laptop is 1.5 years old and has been working perfectly until currently. It seems that while she was sleeping an autimatic update was installed on her computer concerning Software Distribution Service 3.0. This update has dramatically affected the performance of her computer. The computers internet explorer is not working anymore event though she is getting the distribution from the provider even though it was working fine before hand and also the icons are not shown on her desktop. So she asked me to help her fix it. I tried system restore but it wont restore the computer at any points, my suspicion is because it is a Microsoft thing. My sister really needs to have the internet for university and this thing has messed it up. I dont know what to do, but would like some input upon this matter of software didstribution service 3. please reply soon

A:Software Distribution Service 3.0 problem

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I noticed that there were many system restore points on my computer titled Software Distribution Service 3.0. I recently restored my computer to one of these SDS 3.0 restore points. (Actually I restored from about 1:00 PM to about 8:00 AM in the same day.) Since there are so many of these SDS 3.0 restore points...I was wondering if they are different versions (like maybe an update or something) of the SDS 3.0 or if they are all the exact same thing.

Note...This is not causing me any computer problems I was just wondering about it.

Thanks in advance!!!

A:Software Distribution Service 3.0 Question

That serivce is used with Windows Automatic update feature. Whenever a microsoft update installs, it makes a restore point.

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Was wondering if anyone had some information.

I back-up all my DVD's onto an external hard-drive in the case that the little ones mistake it for a frisbee. With all this data on a HDD, I came across the idea of streaming all this data around the house to be viewed anywhere.

I've scoured the internet for a comprehensive package which can decode the .ISO files, wirelessly stream the a/v feed to a receiver and ultimately onto the TV's around the house. Of course I would need a nice GUI (possibly with access to Gracenote database) allowing me to access and manage these files through my TV. haha, kind of asking for a lot huh? :haha:

Does anyone have any experience with this?

A:Audio/Video Distribution Hardware/Software

I've got a similar setup but far less complicated, just use a video out on your video card and send that as a second display, along with audio, into a AV spliter than send it where you want in your house, also if you can get an old P3 with a video out it works similarly but steams the video off your network, my comp is hooked up to 5 tvs using a combination of the two methods and it works flawlesslythe furthest being almost 60 feet away from my main comp, just a suggestion, a little less complicated in my opinion.

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Hello everyone,

I don't know what is happening with my computer. My computer does not respond when I try to open programs. I can not even restore my computer to a previous point because "Software Distribution Service 3.0" has been downloading to my computer every morning around 2AM. I did not give this software permission to download. Am I infected????? I have never heard of this program before. I tried to do an Internet search to see what this program was, but unfortunately I did not find anything. Can someone please help me???!!! How do I get my computer to respond when I try to open programs? I also notice that I have a lot of programs running in the background that I did not authorize. These programs are taking up a lot of memory and CPU Usage. I also found that a lot of people are having this problem out of "Software Distribution Service 3.0".

Thanking you in advance,
Mrs. Bland

A:Software Distribution Service? Can't Restore Computer

Have you tried using System Restore from a command prompt in Safe Mode?I have not dealt with this issue before but there seems to be a lot of folks with the same complaint. There are some suggestions in this disussion thread.

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I have a mission-critical business system at stake here!

I encountered a system crash a few days ago that caused my system to reboot and apparently resulted in major corruption of the registry. I can still operate but it intermittently fails to populate the main program groups (Start menu, Programs, Add/Remove, etc). And it's getting worse.

I need to do a System Restore from a prior date. Checkpoints are there.


System Restore is telling me it "CANNOT RESTORE" the system when I try to restore from a checkpoint date that's prior to the date when Software Distribution Service 3.0 showed up (which happens to have been two hours after the system crash that I need to pre-date -- I let Automatic Updates do the update without realizing I had corruption and certainly without realizing that the update would prevent accessing restore points)!

According to some posts I'd found on the web, this is exactly what others have encountered as well: System Restore won't allow a restore from a checkpoint date that's prior to the date Software Distribution Service 3.0 was installed.

And I have yet to find anyone who has found a way to uninstall Software Distribution Service 3.0 (or find any other way for the System Restore to occur).

Before I tried to do the System Restore, I called MS tech support to be prudent after the posts I'd seen that said it might not work. I got them to move me up to a level 2 tech, who said I didn't need to uninstall Software Distr... Read more

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WHAT is 'software distribution service 3.0' ? my system re-started itself at 3 am 08/10/11 ? i was running some new software and thought something went wrong. thanks


It's part of the Windows Update system. Your system installed updates @ 3:00am and restarted to complete the process.

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What does Software Distribution Service 2.0 entry in the System Restore in winXP do? A few seconds after this entry got Installed Windows Media Codec Setup. Could it be because of the codec update?

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Hi,My laptop is choking to death. It started wheezing with internet explorer, but now it has full blown internal pneumonia.I haven't gone through the advice in the slow computer guide yet but did run disk cleanup and defrag.I took a look at my running processes and found 4 sets of svchost running. Checking into Google, I found some thoughts that this may be happening each time I run antivirus software. Unfortunately, MS doesnt tell you what to do (unless you would like to call their help desk to get the hotfix).Any ideas?Note: Since this post I did find the svchost article on BC...Thanks! Wonder why MS has the article saying it is due to virus scans?Also: I found software distribution service on my restore point recently. I have seen some articles claiming this to be bad news. So...are these the culprits? How do I deal with them?Deb( is this the appropriate place for this topic? )

A:Svchost Quadtripled And Software Distribution Service Killing Me?

Hi MystyDeb.

You have probably figured out by now that svchost is usually a legitimate generic name for some of the services running on your machine. My machine is running 6 at this moment.

If they are being run by SERVICES or similar (in capital letters) they are probably legitimate and no worry. If there are different instances running, then they will need further investigation.

Let us know what you find. Cheers

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XP SP3 in place. Thursday night 05/11 Software Distribution Service 3.0 was automaticlaly installed. Friday PC started crashing by switching off completely (no blue screen).
Sometimes it simply won't re-boot and needs leaving alone for a while.
Sometimes it does re-boot and will stay on for 5-10 minutes and then crash and switch off. no error message, no blue screen.
Start in safemode and leave it and it will crash soon.
Unable to run antivirus or MBAM. Last antivir virus scan was successffuly run (negative on 04/11). I have no doubt it is caused by SDS 3.0 which I have researched. I am planning on restoring system to 04/11 but I have also read on various forums that either they were not able to restore pre-SDS 3.0 or if they did, it would re-appear the next day.
Please provide solution to either:
* re-store + prevent SDS 3.0 showing up again or
* patch/fix to add on top
bearing in mind that I have no more than 5-10 minutes, even in safe mode before it crashes again.
thank you
P.S. KB976749 was also installed on 05/11. is that the same as SDS 3.0?
I was also able to get a highjackthis log but that is it. I can provide if it helps but I am not convinced problem is on malware side, more on MS updates...

A:PC switches OFF following Windows Update of Software Distribution Service 3.0

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=enNote the date.SDS has been on my systems since then, I have no idea why you would be receiving critical updates for it.I just went to WUS and manually (I don't do autoupdate) downloaded 4 critical updates: 2 related to MS.NET 1 related to IE8 1 was the Malicious Software Tool.Looking in my Add/Remove Programs...all three (the Malicious Software Tool does not appear in A/RP) appear as they should, 2 under MS.NET installs and 1 under IE8.What are the KB numbers of your installs dated Nov 5 which are reflected in A/R P?Louis

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I have a ton of files in C:\windows\software distribution\downloads\ and have searched online about deleting them. 1 person says it is safe, 1 says don't do it... I'd love to free up the space if it is safe to do so.
I would also like to get rid of other unnecessary features like Tour XP and MSN Gaming but I don't know how to delete the tour and I get a message saying I can't delete Gaming.
Is there any way to do this w/o causing problems?
Is there a link to info on what can be deleted/how to do it anywhere? I know using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel is 1 way but there is a lot of stuff on XP that doesn't show up there.

A:remove files in C:\windows\software distribution\downloads\ OK?


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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this Tech forum but am frustrated and hoping someone can help.

Last night at 3am (and I've seen similar postings on google but no assistance), my computer ran an update (I know to now turn off auto updates)... As a result, I have lost all files I had in a back up folder connected to my old hard drive (new hard drive and link to old hard drive).

Just gone. All of my media files and pictures are missing. I did a system restore and it did nothing but did say the last update was a Service Distribution Service 2.0. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

A:Software Distribution Service 2.0 - Now lost all pictures, media files

This same update actually crashed my machine. I had to run a chkdsk /f in order to get it up and running again.

Perhaps your issue is similar, to run chkdsk, go to the Start Menu and select Run type chkdsk C: /f then click OK. Chkdsk might not be able to lock your drive for a scan and will prompt to run at next reboot. Just type Y press enter and reboot.
Substitute C: for the drive letter with the problem.

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Hi all. Anyone able to suggest a vbs (or command-line file) to clean out C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Download?

Thanks, I'm aware of the significance (or lack of) of this folder, and I realize I could just drill down to it and manually dump the contents. I'm just looking for a more elegant solution.

Incidentally, the folder seems to named 'SoftwareDistribution' on my XP machines, but 'Software Distribution' (with a space) on my Win7 pc. Maybe just a glitch in the matrix?

Cheers :-)

A:Script or command to delete contents of Software Distribution folder?


Save the the below text a Notepad. And save it as a batch file. i.e.

File > Save as > <filename>.bat

Note: You have to Right Click on the Batch File and Run as administrator

net stop wuauserv
ren %windir%\SoftwareDistribution SD.old
net start wuauserv
Hope this helps,

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This is personal SCCM but I need some help.

When I have msi application and want to distribute the content to SCCM and DP as distribution pons, DP received it and SCCM did not failed got this message  (Distribution Manager failed to connect to the distribution point ["Display=\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=M3N"]\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\.
Check your network and firewall settings.)
Please help

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I have all up-to-date AV (Microsoft Security essentials) on my machine and have run it and Malwarebytes at regular intervals. I've never had any problems however recently Malwarebytes threw up 3 odd things, Didn't look like anything too significant but I elected to "remove": before noting what they were and now Malwarebytes gives the all clear, as does a full AV scan.

However I also ran a GMER scan which I include below, which pointed to something strange in C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Event cache.

I also recently did a Windows update manually, even though I have it set to Automatic updates. I was surprised to see I had 22 updates needed. I downloaded and installed these without trouble. I checked my Automatic updates and it is selected to download and install the updates automatically, at a particular time of day. However all the options to change this - the day, whether to do it automatically, or not at all is all greyed out.

I'd like to get the Automatic updates configuration available again and to confirm that I can have Automatic updates working.

Would it be safe to delete all the files in the event cache, (or just the ones listed below in the Gmer output) or alternatively, the registry key that is referred to in the Gmer output below? Would this clear the issue or what other steps should I take?

Here is the GMER output:

GMER - http://www.gmer.net
Rootkit scan 2010-09-03 15:15:52
Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
---- Sy... Read more

A:Solved: C:\windows\software distribution\event cache - and automatic updates

Was just running an on-line Panda scan and at 33% it had already thrown up 9 infected files. I'm going to post in a malware forum instead.

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My XP Pro began acting strangely lately: on bootup, a black DOS window for GoogleDesktopUpdate.exe is staying open for a very long time (no activity in the window); intermittently I had nothing in my QuickLaunch toolbar or in my Programs group or even at one point not even anything at all in the Start button; intermittently the Add/Remove window failed to populate with anything; and all my QuickLaunch icons got scrambled (least of my worries of course but part of a much bigger problem).

Recent events that could have led to this include having had the system go into a spontaneous reboot on it's own while I was working in a complex video editing program (I assume it had a bug or the system hiccupped when I hit spacebar to play an audio file). When the reboot that that incurred was done, I got a warning saying XP had just recovered from a "serious" system error.

Looking in my System Restore list for what took place recently in there so I can decide when to try a System Restore from, I notice a few innocuous things that were added since the date I want to do a System Restore from (innocuous because I can uninstall them before doing the System Restore and then reinstall them afterwards, which I assume is the best way to go -- a Symantec web help assistant and, if I choose to go back farther in time, iTunes).

However, it shows one potentially problematic entry dated yesterday, and I need to restore from at least a few days prior to that.

The potentially problemat... Read more

A:Handling "Software Distribution Service 3.0" before doing a System Restore

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The title says it all. What's in it and can it be deleted?

A:"C:\WINNT\Software Distribution"--what's in it; can it be deleted?

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Every time I attempt to allow windows automatic updates to install software distribution 3.0, one of the updates in that distribution causes my windows to load in perpetuity(the black screen with the windows logo where the blue bar is loading). I have to do system restore every time to start my windows normally. Should I just disable automatic updates? However, I would need to know which ones to install manually.

A:Cannot boot windows, after a Windows software distribution 3.0 update

If you want to download Update files and run them manually without searching all over microsoft.com, you can install theMS Baseline Security Analyzer, which scans your system,tells you what's missing and offers downloads to run or save.It's also very informative generally:MS BSAnalyzer ver 2.1.1http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=enBelarc Advisor is a useful tool, for a detailed profile of your computer;hardware, software, MS Hotfixes, product keys, software licences etc.It will also tell you which ones are missing.(Free) Belarc Advisor:http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html

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presently I am not on my own computer so I haven't run TSG Sys Info and included info of my system. I will do so if needed including my printer.
My inquiry is about having a photocopied sheet (from previous work from an older computer which died) which I can scan on my printer, I then want to transfer that info (lots of typing and some sheets have info in table format) onto my present computer and be able to edit or change the layout if necessary. There are lots of sheets so it would be too time consuming to retype. Is there a suitable program I can install to do this? I once heard of OCR but not sure if this best or if there is something better or newer on the market that I can use?
Thanks in advance for your input.

A:what software program do I need?

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I am wondering if there is any software which will process scanned, hand written documents into typed text.

A:Looking for a software program...

Not for the PC, handwriting is so varied, a database for it would be huge!
I would imagine the postal service would have some form of OCR for postcode or zip code handling but this doesn't help you much!

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Where can I purchase the Recovery Manager software? There are a couple of on line sources that are bogus. Their download shows an error in a DLL when trying to install and if you try and repair using the "on line fix" the FIX is loaded with malware! (typical for on line programs for Windows.) I have an older HP Pavillion dv9000 that had to have the HD replaced and when I re-installed the Win 7 OS .. the Recovery Manager went away.

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I would like some advice on good software to run In safe mode to clean my pc of adware/ malware. thank you.

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I would like some advice on good software to run In safe mode to clean my pc of adware/ malware. thank you.

A:software program

We have a set of scans to cover all types of malware etc PCHF System Scans its best to post results as some require knowledge to interprate

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Can someone tell me what software is being used in this video?

A:Software Program

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I like so many other people feel that I have a book inside me just waiting to get out. It does not seem logical to use MS Word for this purpose. If I am correct in my assumption which program do writers prefer to use, to produce their Books?

A:Which Software Program would I use?

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How can I delete software or programs that my computer does not use any more?Like Weblink,Softex,Spam Subtract,Microsoft works,encarta,popup blocker,ommi pass and so on. Manuel

A:Software or Program

Control and then Add/Remove. This will list all Programs on the PC, Simply scroll through the list and remove them.

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I am using a digital imaging software program(Photoimpact) I can scan and work with images with no problem but when I attempt to save an image clicking
(File...save...save as) the program shuts down...disappears from the screen.

I am unable to save anything I work on. Any suggestions?

A:software program shutdown

Hi steles !

Have you tried to completely uninstall then reinstall the program ?

Do you have similar problems with other programs when you are trying to save some file on the disk ?

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Hi there,

Quick question, but maybe longer answer.

I have a desktop at work connected to a test device. I want to set this PC to boot the test program instead of booting Windows. I have heard this can be done, but am uncertain as to how.

Thanks in advance.

A:Boot to software program only

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I have a program on my Windows 7 computer of which I have lost the installation CD . Is there any way to somehow move the program from my old computer to my new Windows 10 OS on my new computer? The program is Omron Health Management Software. I contacted Omron for a new CD. They no longer support my device.

Thank you,


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I just bought a used computer for my kids. It has a couple of programs on it that I would like to use on my computer, however, they did not give me the disks with the computer. Is there a way I can copy the program from that computer to mine without the cd roms???

A:How to copy software program

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i have tried to download some anti virus software from CNET and half way through a window pops up asking me which program i want to use to run the software - i have no idea - help

A:which program to use to run downloaded software

apologies - more specifically - i am trying to run a piece of software downloaded from microsoft called microsoft security essential - a window pops up asking me to "choose which program you want to use to open this file" - help !

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Does anyone know how one might go about doing this? Instead of installing the program to the hdd from the disk, install it so that it would run from a cd? I was just wondering if this was possible. Thanx


A:Ok, how to install a software program to cd?

I think the only way is to go to your HDD first,,I always click save instead of run from the current location and I save it to my desktop,,Then when I get ready to put stuff on a cd I copy the program from there.

Hope this helps

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Is there a software program that will tell me if my computer has been accessed? Date/Time? Or is this information already stored somewhere on my computer. TIA.

A:Detection software program

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Where can I download a software program that can check to see if I have any bad sectors (I'm not sure of terminology) in my RAM? I'm having a problem with a Dell 8300 where it just shuts down during operation. Screen turns blue and I get a message that says "drivers not equal" and some other crap. Sometimes happens several times a day - sometimes not for several days. Seems to only happen when I am active on the Internet either with Windows Explorer or Jukebox. Dell says its probably something I loaded causing it but I have reverted several times to my configuration the day i bought it. A tech friend told me this is a common problem with Dells and to look for a software program that can detect if I have a RAM memory problem. Help please....

A:Need a RAM checking software program

Welcome to TSG,

Try this outfit :


And - Happy New Year.

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Somehow, I have ended up with a program advertising for MalwareWiped, a supposed spyware/adware removal program. Don't know how it got on my box, but I can't get rid of it. Have tried the control panel remove, dragging from programs on C drive, etc. But it keeps giving message that it can't be removed.

Any suggestions?



A:Program Software Removal

Here you go malwarewiped removal tool

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I have an Dell Inspiron Computer running XP Home. I do not have a problem with Windows programs but the one program I need most - Business Vision Encore 3.2 has all of a sudden become unresponsive.

I can get into the program - no problem but once in it just hangs and finally a message comes up saying " this program is not responding ".
I do not understand what has happened. This occurred on Dec. 18/11
and I have tried everything I can think of but still no result. Since this is
an older version of the software the manufacturer will not offer any help.

I tried reinstalling the software and then adding the data files but this hasn't changed anything either. I also tried " system restore " but apparently it does not work on my computer . Perhaps if I could correct that problem - it would fix this one . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Software Program Not Responding

Hi Mistyblue22,

Try un-installing the software again and this time, also delete the registry keys that deal with the software in the registry. When you do this, make sure to make a backup of your computer registry. Then, try re-installing the Business Vision Encore 3.2 software again and see if it will work for you. How much would it cost for a software upgrade, if you don't mind me asking?

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I can capture vhs tapes and make a mpg file on my hard disk. Once it is a mpg file, I can import in into Pinnacle Studio 10.8. I have on my motherboard firewire input/output capability but even though it sees my Panasonic dvr, I get the yellow "i" and it it is looking for a driver which Panasonic doesn't supply. I prefer using my external dvr recorder not my internal dvd writer because on this Panasonic DMR-ES25, I have the ability of getting almost dcvd quality in 4 hr. mode and I would like to combine many vhs tapes to make 8 gb files before burning.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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I already tried Sage and Beyond TV and that's far too much for what I'm looking for. I just want a simply program that lets me schedule taping of TV programs.

A:Anyone know a good PVR Software Program?

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