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Win8 constantly tries to reinstall ITSELF on start up!?

Q: Win8 constantly tries to reinstall ITSELF on start up!?

I run Windows 8 x64. During the last few days Windows 8 kept on trying/pretending to reinstall itself on start up/turning on my notebook. Colors of the screen changes I am asked to be patient and 2 or 3 mins later an empty--no tiles--start screen is showed and my account's name. No settings available on the right except Sleep/Switch off/Restart. A few turning on and off and then I used to be able to use Win8, but now it I am unable to do so anymore. Actually, today it's trying to do so constantly, so now I'm using Puppy Linux Live CD 5.2.8. to be able to ask for some help.
Recently I changed BIOS settings to be able to boot live CD. Yesterday I set all settings to default.
I guess its a Win8 bug, isn't it?
Well, I have no hot F keys to boot in safe mode, so actually I am unable to boot Win8 at all.
I don't think that I have any kind of malware, but Windows 8 bug/s.
Please help and tell me what to do! (Pls note, that I cannot run any diagnostic program under Win8, since I cannot boot. I can use Linux or bootable CD only.)
Thx for your help in advance!

Preferred Solution: Win8 constantly tries to reinstall ITSELF on start up!?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win8 constantly tries to reinstall ITSELF on start up!?

Plz show me a pic of what happens when you boot the computer.

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Can someone please help me.
I installed Windows 8. Then created a new partition and installed Ubuntu on it.
But now if I want to select Windows 8 in Grub, it waits a couple of seconds and then restarts Grub.
Image: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0B...lFrTnZORlE3T0U
Has anyone an idea how to get Win8(Consumer Preview) working again?

Thanks for every answer

A:Installed Ubuntu,Win8. Now if I select Win8 in Grub it won't start.

Have you tried the Ubuntu forums? I see this thread, perhaps it will help.

[ubuntu] Dual booting 11.10 and Windows 8 - Ubuntu Forums

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Hi everyone,I just reinstall win8.1 on my y50 (old one got virus and i format it and reinstall the OS)so when i try to use OKR , it shows that "Current System can not support backup"does anyone know why?Also what other preinstalled software does laptop come with?Thank you.

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Hi Tech people,

So here is my dilemma....I have a Toshiba satellite preinstalled with windows 8, after a family member borrowed it the hard drive was DOA, nothing I could do to salvage it. So I bought a new hard drive (from Toshiba) and began to reinstall windows 8. everything went fine until I tried to activate it and my product key failed. I have the original key from the BIOS as well as an additional media & key (windows 8 pro) but neither product keys will work. I think I might have miss matched my media disks, (I have 8 various copies of windows 8). when I input either keys I am given a message stating that the key is not ment for this version please use windows 8 setup or use a windows 8 pro key. well both of these keys are windows 8 pro. I called Microsoft and they verified that both of my keys are legit, but the disk I was provided (by Microsoft) is not. they told me I have a MAK key and my version is GVLK. they told me I would have to pay $100 for a new key. is there anyway I can just get a install disk that uses MAK keys or something? and what the hell is the difference in using a mak key vs GVLK?

A:reinstall win8 after crash

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I bought windows 8 a few months ago only because the deal was too sweet, but never installed it until recently, and that was only because I got the free Windows Media Center license that would expire on Jan 31. So I upgrade installed my Win7 install and everything went ok, but somehow, a few weeks later, my RAID setup broke. Luckily I back up everything. But I've never been a big fan of upgrade installs and want to start over. I know Windows will install fine, but I use WMC a lot, and wonder if I can reinstall using my license, even though its after the 31st. I had already installed it, so i don't think I'm not abiding by the rules.

A:Will I lose my WMC license if I reinstall Win8

Let me know too...

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I'm running MS Office 2013 Professional in Windows 8. The old hard drive in my laptop was beginning to fail and I could not clone it directly to the new drive because of the few bad sectors. So I moved over all of my data and documents to the new drive and reinstalled windows, office, and the other apps from scratch. The problem I'm having is with Outlook within Office 2013. Right from the start, I had problems with the new install in terms of migrating my old mail files to the new application install. Multiple issues, from Inbox always hanging up, Outbox hanging up, folders disappearing, etc...I tried to do an Uninstall of Office/Outlook via Control Panel, and a fresh Reinstall via Setup files, but the main mail folders/file that is causing all the problems was automatically ported over to the new reinstall, so all of my problems continue. How do I uninstall Outlook/Office, making sure that I also uninstall the main mail folder/file/configuration, so that it is truly a fresh new install FROM SCRATCH, and NOT saving & porting over any email configuration. Obviously, when you Uninstall the app, it does NOT Uninstall your main email configuration/address/folder...it is saved, and automatically reconfigured upon the Reinstall. Hope I'm making some sense and not babbling incoherently....Jim


Hi JHphc028 Your Outlook configuration files and folders are located in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft and %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft. There should be a folder called Outlook in both these folders. To be sure that you delete everything related to it, I would uninstall Microsoft Office completely using Revo Uninstaller Portable, set the scan type to Advanced and delete all the Registry keys and files/folders found related to it after. Or I would just go in Program Files (x86), Program Files, ProgramData, etc. and delete the Microsoft Office/Office folders manually.http://www.revouninstaller.com/download-free-portable.php

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I bought a computer (Z930, 128 SSD, 6GB RAM) with Windows 8 preinstalled, and I want to remove windows 8 and install windows 7 for which I have the license.
my question is:
1 - is it possible to format completely the hard drive to install a "clean" windows 7
2 - after doing this, will it be possible to reinstall Windows 8 from USB recovery media that I've created.
2 - Is the installation of Windows 7 pose a problem? (about the new UEFI; reconnaissence of hardware ...)


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to clarify my question about the reinstallation of Windows 8: if I delete all partitions of my hard disk, will it still possible to use the USB recovery media support that I created? is there any partition necessary to the USB recovery media support

A:Satellite Z930 - Is it possible to reinstall Win8 after its deletion?


Last week I tested it on my Satellite U940 and my answers are as follow:
> is it possible to format completely the hard drive to install a "clean" windows 7
> after doing this, will it be possible to reinstall Windows 8 from USB recovery media that I've created.
> Is the installation of Windows 7 pose a problem? (about the new UEFI; reconnaissence of hardware ...)
Generally speaking no, it is not a problem. Only problem can be installation of some drivers, tools and utilities but I believe you will be able to install it.

Check also http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2C03F80002R01.htm

> to clarify my question about the reinstallation of Windows 8: if I delete all partitions of my hard disk, will it still possible to use the USB recovery media support that I created?
I have tested it and there was no problem at all.

Before you start to do anything test recovery USB functionality.

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I have a Win8 laptop. Installed a free antivirus from AT&T which bricked my machine. I didn't have a backup copy -- yes, I know I should have -- but I own Win7 and used that. It's not working well. I thought I could just upgrade to Win10. It's not working well either. Anyone have a cheap Win8 I can buy? Or know how to fix the double image Win10 is giving me? I can't read anything on the screen well enough to use system restore. Additionally, it's not accessing the boot menu.  I appreciate your help. 

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A:Catastrophic loss. Didn't have Win8 to reinstall h...

Right before you use the Acer recovery media, you should load BIOS defaults and then save/exit, and use diskpart clean to wipe your HDD. So it would be like this: 1. Load BIOS defaults and save/exit2. Boot your Acer recovery media. Navigate in the menu to "command prompt".  Use "diskpart clean" to wipe your HDD3. Shutdown your computer4. Turn on your computer and use Acer recovery media

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I have a Win8 laptop. Installed a free antivirus from AT&T which bricked my machine. I didn't have a backup copy -- yes, I know I should have -- but I own Win7 and used that. It's not working well. I thought I could just upgrade to Win10. It's not working well either. Anyone have a cheap Win8 I can buy? Or know how to fix the double image Win10 is giving me? I can't read anything on the screen well enough to use system restore. Additionally, it's not accessing the boot menu.  I appreciate your help. 

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A:Catastrophic loss. Didn't have Win8 to reinstall h...

Right before you use the Acer recovery media, you should load BIOS defaults and then save/exit, and use diskpart clean to wipe your HDD. So it would be like this: 1. Load BIOS defaults and save/exit2. Boot your Acer recovery media. Navigate in the menu to "command prompt".  Use "diskpart clean" to wipe your HDD3. Shutdown your computer4. Turn on your computer and use Acer recovery media

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I have a Win8 laptop. Installed a free antivirus from AT&T which bricked my machine. I didn't have a backup copy -- yes, I know I should have -- but I own Win7 and used that. It's not working well. I thought I could just upgrade to Win10. It's not working well either. Anyone have a cheap Win8 I can buy? Or know how to fix the double image Win10 is giving me? I can't read anything on the screen well enough to use system restore. Additionally, it's not accessing the boot menu.  I appreciate your help. 

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A:Catastrophic loss. Didn't have Win8 to reinstall h...

Right before you use the Acer recovery media, you should load BIOS defaults and then save/exit, and use diskpart clean to wipe your HDD. So it would be like this: 1. Load BIOS defaults and save/exit2. Boot your Acer recovery media. Navigate in the menu to "command prompt".  Use "diskpart clean" to wipe your HDD3. Shutdown your computer4. Turn on your computer and use Acer recovery media

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I had a version of Windows 8 installed on a secondary hard drive for testing purposes. When I no longer needed it, I uninstalled it and formatted the hard drive. What's odd is that the Bootloader for Windows 8 is still there, and throws up an error screen saying it can't find critical system files.

Ive tried restoring the MBR using my Win7 disc, but to no avail.

A:Win8 Bootloader/recovery still in place after reinstall

Sounds like a boot menu entry pointing nowhwere. You should be able to delete it from msconfig>Boot tab

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Hi, i have and 6 month old asus with preinstalled win8, for about 2 weeks ago it started to crash, and i received several error messages, now it is looping trying to repair it self.

I can get into the menu and use sytem restore, i can also use the selfrepair and make Windows start all over, but none of this is helping, everytime i starts up it starts repairing and crashing again.

So my idea is to format my harddrive it is in 3 sections C: D: and X:
My current Win 8x86 is in danish language i have bought and upgrade to win8 pro also. but i dont have any of these DVD with me,
I have however two guys here one with win8x64 in eng and one win8x86 in danish, i have tried to use their dvd and reinstalling or repairing win8 that way, but my laptop will not accept it

I am and sailor and out at sea at the moment, our internet is nearly non existing so not easy finding solutions online. and getting little desperate thinking about 4 weeks without my laptop working, so i hope someone can give some good advice

A:reinstall win8 on asus K56CM-XX284H

are you getting any error messages

d/load and run the h/drive makers dos diagnostic utility on the h/drive


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This problem have been lasting for about 1 month.

The update KB3037581, KB3097996, KB3098781, KB3074543, KB2750841 is constantly reinstalling everytime I shut down the computer. I check the updates in the Windows Update history and found that multiples KB3037581, KB3097996, KB3098781 show "succesful", while KB3074543, KB2750841 show "failed". And when I check for the installed updates, KB3097996, KB3074543, KB2750841 is not in the list.

I tried to solve the problem by looking up the internet, some say that my hard disk may be failing, so I ran a hard disk check (the sfc /scannow) and found nothing.

So what is causing this problem? Is there anyway to solve it?

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So the tabs not loading part has been going on for some time now, but I've been living with it. When I type in a URL or search for something through address bar there's a 20%-25% chance that it will sit there with the spinning circle, but not do anything. The only way to fix it is to close the tab and open a new on and try again.

Well recently I've been getting the message that the tab had stopped responding so I decided to reinstall Chrome. Now after the new install Chrome will crash every single time it's opened. I've even tried a portable version of Chrome via PortableApps.com. This can only mean that there's something wrong with the OS right?


Chrome: 24.0.1312.52

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I bought a dv7-4035tx a couple of weeks ago, and i am having an odd problem, to which we cannot come up with a permanent solution.
There were no problems at first. Then after i removed some of the HP bloatware that came with my machine, i started having some issues with my sound. at first it was once every few minutes and i assume it was a codec issue or something. it then progressed to every few seconds, making watching any videos, or listening to music impossible.
Essentially, the sound "glitches" and distorts and makes a bit of a screeching sound and the whole computer freezes until it is over.
both my sound card and vid card drivers are up to date via device manager.
Rebooting does not help.
I have an ATI card. so i installed catalyst. it took over an hour to run, and when it was done, it said there was a failure/error.
By swapping between safe mode and full mode, i managed to get it to update the driver.
I thought it was the end of it, but it happened again. a driver rollback and then update was sufficient to remove the issue, long enough to watch one movie. when i went to wach something else, the problem was back.
If i install the drivers from the HP website it lasts about 15 minutes before i have to reinstall and reboot because its started again.
It's driving me nuts. i houldnt be having these kinds of issues with a brand new laptop

Is there something i'm missing, or is it time to call HP and deal with an Indian at a call centre?

A:Constantly needing to reinstall drivers

In your haste to remove "bloatware" you removed something essential.

If it's a codec issue, try installing K-Lite codec.

Codec Guide: K-Lite Codec Pack - Windows 7 codecs

Also, have you re-installed the drivers from HP's site?

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I had this issue where hard drive was on 10 and it was so bad that i wasnt able to do anyhting on the comp.

so i did a fresh install and all seemed to be well again for a few weeks and now its started again! It isnt just one hard drive either it will be one then the other but never both at the same time.

before the reinstall the process would always show 'system' but since reinstall and it happens its been comodo. you might think it innocent enough maybe it is carrying out needed tasks. thar is until i decided to uninstall comodo today and it still happened. the process seems to be whatever it can find/ wharever is running.

I went into safe mode tho and it doesnt happen.

i ran ccleaner and search and destroy and they didnt find anything.

what should i try next?

i have a couple of windows upadates to install but for some reason i cant access the server it just stays stuck at 0%

A:Constantly on 100% hard drive even after reinstall


Originally Posted by Remes

I had this issue where hard drive was on 10 and it was so bad that i wasnt able to do anyhting on the comp.

What does that mean? ("...was on 10...") -- what was on "10"? Where did you see this/how do you know this?

If you think there is a problem with the HDD, run SeaTools for DOS, LONG test - https://www.sysnative.com/forums/har...agnostics.html

Regards. . .



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Well, I was asked to fix a several month old win 8 laptop.

I was told it had been interrupted during an update and said no OS found, after getting permission I tried to refresh and when that froze (4% for an hour) reset. Then I loaded a copy of win 8 onto a usb to try a clean install, still nothing. I use a program to wipe it, then try a fresh install again. useless. I try installing win 7, same issue.

No matter what I do I keep getting varients of this \windows\system32\config\system 0xc00000e9 and a message mentioning registry problems.

Any ideas?
Failing that is there any way to more or less erase the registry and start from scratch?

A:Win8 FUBAR-update ruined-registry issue-reinstall useless

If you do a clean install you registry is replaced (along with everything else)

0xc00000e9 tends to indicate a hard drive failure though which may not be good news.

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I have done the WIN 8 upgrade on a Toshiba L870-156 laptop. The upgrade is OK, but I have no more Toshiba recovery media creator, as the upgrade procedure said that it had to be desinstalled before the upgrade and reinstalled after the upgrade.

I have one big issue : where can I find Toshiba recovery media creator to reinstall it ?

By advance thank you.

A:Upgrade WIN8 on Satellite L870 - Toshiba recovery media creator reinstall

You need to install the Windows 8 version of the Recovery Disc creator. I think it's generic so grab it from the drivers page of one of the new Win8 model notebooks.

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Greetings again...

I don't seem to have ANY control of my start-ups, and I "am" signed-in as the admin (screenshots).

As you may be able to see, the "Disable" is "shaded" (not allowing me, as Admin, to have any control over it).

I also find it impossible that my wifi protection (Hotspot Shield-Free version) settings report conflicts with what Task Mgr/Start-up is reporting..not that the reports conflict, but that the settings of both are reporting accurately.

Is anyone able to help me with these questions (and I actually have a third question), please?

Thanks in advance,

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Norton viewed this file as a threat.
win8startbuttonsetup.exe (WS.Repution.1)
This threat has been removed

A:Win8 Start button

Potentially a false positive. Programs like Norton don't like to see system files being messed with.

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I just bought a new laptop the other day and WOW!!!!  
I'm not liking WIN8.
I'm really missing the start button on the bottom left of the screen.
I see there are fixes for this but not sure which is safe to go with.
Any recommendations?

A:start button for Win8

Classic Shell is a good program to use for your start menu. Please read this tutorial for more information and download link.

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Hi, Adobe Fireworks won't start in Windows 8. It worked perfect in Windows 7 but won't anymore. I have tried CS3, CS4 and CS5 (I Dont have CS6) but they all do the same thing... Nothing. I have tried running them in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and XP. Also tried running as administrator but still wont start. Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe Products Work but not Fireworks.

A:Adobe Fireworks Won't Start in Win8

I had a similar experience. I saw the process running in task manager (ctrl+alt+del > task manager) but no icon in the taskbar. Problem turned out to be a form asking to provide feedback. In Task Manager, expand the 'Adobe Fireworks CS5 (32 bit)' app by clicking the arrow left of it, then right click on the program that shows up underneath. Choose 'bring to front'. After this, a feedback form shows up, which you can cancel. Fireworks starts as normal after that.

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Two weeks ago I installed Windows 8 on my laptop. And truth told, I'm not fond of it... at all.

Very few options to personalize my desktop, the tiles, etc. As a simple user you like the OS or you don't, there's barely anything you can customize.

I've also found that Windows 8 doesn't like interacting with non-microsoft software. They have pretty tiles and applications of their own but things like VLC (which has a lot more options then the media player supplied by microsoft), Google Chrome etc., they just don't work together.

I feel like my laptop is confused about it's personality. It tries to be a tablet, or a windows 7 desktop. It doesn't have any flow to it.

However, I'm not ready to give up on Windows 8 yet, I would like to believe that there are good things about this OS. My faith mainly lies in WPF. I've had a presentation about it at school and it really spoke to me.
My question is, as a first year IT student, with basic knowledge of C#, SQL, HTML, XML and CSS, is it possible to program applications for Windows 8 with WPF?

I'm willing to learn a lot in a short period of time, but it has to be doable/combinable with my studies. The presentation made it seem like it is possible, but I wanted a little more input on whether it is easy to use or not.

My main interest lies in personalizing applications. Making them more adjustable, making the notifications and tiles more adjustable.

A:Can I start programming Win8 apps?

Install VS2012 Express for Windows 8. The programming model is based on XAML and you can write in any .Net language.


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HI forummembers,
i'm new here, but have a big problem with my laptop.
due to the fact that it is a compaq610 notebook pc and i have upgraded him to win 8 pro the machine was going veeeeeery slowly. so i bought 2x 2GB DDR2 PC2 6400 sodimm ram.
when i put in 1x 2GB there is no problems except its still to slow.
HP says that there can be a upgrade till 4 GB 2x2GB, so i bought that and when i installed it the win 8 start up hangs when the win8-loge appears and than the dotted circle stops and everything freezes!

when i go into the bios, i can check the memory so check of 4 GB of memory goes well until 24% than the grafics does strange blocked screen n different colors.
Stranga that each mem of 2GB single placed works fine.

so who can help me to get the 4GB working on my laptop?

thx in adv

A:laptop win8 pro stops at start up with 4 GB memory

As long as it is known good RAM, unbuffered, non-ecc, dual channel it should work. Where did you get the new RAM from? Does it show up in the Bios, when you look in there, to see if the total RAM installed is correct.

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Got a new laptop a few weeks old that came with Windows 8.
Since then on three sporadic instances (maybe once a week) - when I turn on the computer to boot up, it takes a lot longer than usual... then eventually it shows the message "Preparing Windows." After that happens I get on and see my front page/start screen almost empty like it's in a default state with just a laptop manufacter icon and some other few things that look like a default start up when you turn on the laptop for the very first time after you get it.
I sign out and resign onto my user name and everything is back to normal.
I think the last thing I did prior to this last incident happening was using Windows Update, then shutting down after it was updated/installed. Could this be related?
What is causing these two issues (long boot time with Preparing Windows message, then the having to sign out and sign back in to access my regular start screen/desktop,etc? Is it a Windows 8 issue or potential hardware issue?
Thanks for the help.

A:Ocassional slow start up (Laptop with Win8)

Windows 8 is different than previous versions of wondows. It hibernates by default giving the illuison of a fast startup. A shutdown will normally take that shortcut. A 'restart' is however, always a complete shutdown and restart.
Updates do take time to install when shutting the machine down, but many will also complete their installation when the machine boots up again the next time - so yes, installing updates is ikely to slow down the next boot in two ways - firstly it will be a full boot, and secondly there is more work to do completing the update process before the machine is again ready for user logon. The 'preparing windows' message sounds very much like the tail end of an updates installation.
(edit for spelling only)

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I just discovered the hidden tweak which allows to enable an advanced Start Menu Animations. Also it is possible to play that animations every time you switched to the Start Screen.
try this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


and you will get something like this:

Launcher_SessionLogin_Tower_Offset and Launcher_SessionLogin_IndividualTower_Offset produce the carousel view for tiles. Launcher_SessionLogin_IndividualTower_Offset defines the ?far? distance of circle, and Launcher_SessionLogin_Tower_Offset defines the close distance.
Launcher_SessionLogin_Icon_Offset defines the offset for user picture. The greater the value, the greater the image?s right margin during animation.
Launcher_SessionLogin_IconText_Offset - same as above but for the user name.

Launcher_SessionLoginAnimation_OnShow - animation will play every time when you have switched to the Start Screen.

Ready registry files are attached.

A:Enable animations for the Start Screen in Win8

This is interesting, I think I might take a gander at this for myself.

I kind of like this, it reminds me of the new Start animation with Windows Phone 8 where the All Apps list on it kind of does that kind of effect. I also can't help but to notice that it seems you have something else in the works? The black pin icon on your Desktop labeled StartScreen peaks my interest.

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as above. the previous time i tried 3rd party software to make win8 use the same old desktop as win7, but i found out that the search box on the start menu didn't really index everything it needed to (e.g. control panel/power options).

is there a complete workaround now? i like everything about win8, except the useless metro start menu. :/

A:100% workaround for win8 to win7 start menu?

Unfortunately, there is no complete workaround. Only option is 3rd party sofware.

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The more I work with Windows 8 (on a laptop), the more I'm thinking it is a Windows ME clone.

Personally I can't stand this OS. Even though I've been computer friendly since Windows 3.1, I prefer a computer that just sits there, dumb, until I tell it what to do. This new "intelligence" technology is not for me. I'm having serious problems with the touch pad. I've disabled as many of the features as I can in Settings. I don't know if my fingers lack the necessary skin viscosity (if that is the right word) but at a point, the mouse stops moving and the only way I can get it moving again is to use another finger. I have trouble separating paper pages, too, so it might well have something to do with my fingers. I've installed the classic shell start button the the touchpad intelligence seems to have some issues with it. When I go to the start button and try to access anything on the right side (Computer, Documents, Control Panel, Run, etc.) as soon as I move it over to that side, it disappears.

A simple solution is to use a USB mouse. However, I would prefer to have access to both methods of mouse movement.

Yesterday I accidentally opened APPS and every time I tried to use the Start button, it kicked back to the APPS screen. I opened the task manager and closed APPS...and it came right back when I again tried to access the Start button.

Any help here?

A:Classic Start Button Issue w/ Win8

perhaps your laptop[mousepad] was not compatible with win8,or did it come with win8 as a new laptop ,

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Is it possible to customize what is shown on the Start Button right click menu for Win8.1? I would like to take certain items away from that list, and add others of my choosing.

A:Win8.1 Start Button Right Click Customization

Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8

(and 8.1)

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Hi, I have an HP Pavilion p6-2060a installed with Windows 7. (no disc came with the computer)The night before, I was impatient and forced shutdown and went to sleep. The next day, I booted the computer to find a message at the beginning aboutrunning a disc check. I skipped it and proceeded with the normal booting. The desktop had changed to a default format and the bubble at the right hand corner stated that I was in a temporary login.I Googled how to return to my usual desktop and majority of the advice was to restart or log off (I only have one user)So after logging off/restarting the computer a few times my original desktop and files returned. The next morning when I booted my computer, the "disc check on startup" message appeared again but I was too late to skip it and it started the checkup.I needed my computer so I forced shutdown and restarted the computer, and I was again logged in to the temporary profile. I came back home around 6 after uni and booted the computer and ran the disc checkup. The computer restarted afterwards and then gave me the options;startup repair or start windows normally. I selected start normally, but it returned to the HP screen then gave me the two options again. I've tried to do startup repair but it just stops at the blue background with the mouse only moveable. None of the advanced options seem to work either, such as safe mode, etc.I've tried starting the HP recovery system but that doesn't work too.In short. Stupi... Read more

A:Windows 7 won't start up constantly left with startup repair or start windows normally options.

The next day, I booted the computer to find a message at the beginning about running a disc check. I skipped it and proceeded with the normal booting.Hello and Welcome -Have you ever let the diskcheck run the full range ?? It runs 5 stages, takes about 1 hour, and will not harm your system.If you wish to run the check, it may cancel the restart problems - Please follow these directions >>Start your computer in Normal Mode -Run a Disk Check on your C: drive in Windows :•Click Start and open Computer•Right-click on C: (or your Hard drive letter) and select Properties•Click on the Tools tab•Under Error-checking click the Check Now... button•Mark the 2 boxes next to Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors•Click on the Start button•When the message box pops up, click the Schedule disk check button and >> Restart your computer•Once your computer restarts it will check the drive, don't press any keys so that it is allowed to do soAllow about 1 hour (on average) for the check to complete and it will Reboot itself back to Normal Mode -Next -Go - Start > Programs > Accessories > Find Command Prompt > Right click and select Run as Administrator > Then type sfc /scannow > Press Enter - Note the space between c and / > Allow about 15 to 20 minutes (on average) -This will Check System Files against original installation -Try these 2 simple procedures first to rule out... Read more

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So I tried installing Windows 8 on my Novatech Laptop, having windows 7 installed on it previously. I deleted the 7 partition and installed 8. It booted, but hung right after booting into hdd. Then I decided I don't need 8 and tried to come back to 7. There where a couple of problems with creating partitions on my hdd (while using clean windows install disk), so i just formated it all (low level format using some hirens boot cd tool). After that i can create partitions from 7 installation disk, and install windows 7, even restart the laptop once during the installation, boot tino hdd and continue the installation. After installation is over the computer just keeps restarting and won't boot .

A:Win7 won't start after full installation (followed by Win8 install)

Where did you get WIn7 installer? Did you burn the DVD yourself? If it's been used successfully before does it now have scratches or smudges? If so try cleaning. If not try a new official ISO burned with the tool in Steps 1 and 2 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Boot the installer, at first screen after booted press Shift + F10 to open a Command Line to run Diskpart Clean Command, then close Command Box, click Install Now to Clean Install Windows 7.

If this fails try entering Device Manager during install to disable any erroring device so install will complete: Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation

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Hello all!
Bit of a situation here. I need to start Windows 8 with the Shell and any Explorer.exe processes that may be spawned at a High priority. Is the shell still set in the registry? Maybe I could add a /high to the parameter for the shell? Any time the scanner is used the taskbar becomes completely unresponsive for minutes on end.

A:Automatically start Win8 w/ Explorer set at High priority

What scanner? This is a really bad idea, so knowing what product is causing the problem would be a better way to fix it. If the shell becomes unresponsive when something is running, that would mean it's running in the context of the Explorer.exe process on it's user interface thread, or it's holding a lock to something that Explorer.exe needs to update the taskbar. Neither are good dev practice, so what program actually causes this? That's what you should fix, not make a global change to the shell to make it able to pre-empt other processes (including Windows itself).

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When I attempt to start the Windows Search service I am getting the following error:

"Windows could not start the Windows Search service on Local Computer.
Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."
Looking at the details of the service, it appears the file in question is C:\Windows\System32\SearchIndexer.exe with the /Embedding parameter.  When I look in the System32 folder, the file is clearly present with a date stamp of 08/22/2013 and a time
stamp of 04:07 (I have 24 hr clock enabled in Settings).
So I'm unsure what the problem is.
Have attempted to run the SFC tool, no problems found.  Have disabled the service, restarted Windows then attempted to restart the service, getting the same error.
Have attempted to restore to a previous point and still getting the same error.  Even restoring to a date same as initial installation results in the same error. Any thoughts on what I can do at this point, short of doing a fresh install?

A:Windows Search Service fails to start in Win8.1 Pro

On Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:07:07 +0000, Jan v R wrote:
>I have the same problem. Windows Search doesn't work, registry field is 0 and in Services it only shows "starting" without actually doing. I also use System Mechanic and suspect the use of System Mechanic has been the cause of Windows
Search functionality stopping in Windows 8.1.
>Contacted System Mechanic and got as feedback "Unfortunately, at this time a fix for this error is not available". Does anyone has a suggestion how to get Windows Search operational again since it is a very useful feature to find material
on your laptop?
See Sergio's reply (which I marked as Answer in that forum) on a registry fix
that MIGHT work for you. Please come back and let us know if it worked or not.
-- Barb Bowman

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Okay, we are now getting Windows 8 PCs and laptops. We are trying to do what should be simple: create a shortcut to an Access Database and have that shortcut pinned to the tak bar and be on the Start Screen.This does not work.

1) If we try to just right-click and select the "Pin to Takbar" option, it is not there.
2) If we open the database and right-click the access icon on the task bar, it will pin... HOWEVER... when the user actually tries to open the database with the now pinned icon, an error displays saying that the database cannot be found.
3) If we create a shortcut, there is no option to pin that either.
So, how do we do this very rudimentary task: have an icon that will directly open a particular database both for (1) the task bar, and (2) the Windows 8 Start Menu?

Okay, wait... we just discovered we can place the shortcut in C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

Why is this not available on the context menu? This is a major bug IMO.

A:How to Pin Access Database to Task Bar or Win8 Start Screen?

Everyone the link I provide below provides the correct answer I was seeking.
While the answer provided by Ronnie does create a shortcut to MS Access in the taskbar, it does not provide a shortcut directly to a specific database.

When using the runtime version of MS Access that choice does not work so well. If the end-user clicks on the MS Access icon, it will open an error message box complaining that no database path was provided and then close abruptly. It is annoying. In addition,
I only want one link to one specific database anyway, I don't want someone to have to right-click the icon and then choose the database listed above the icon (if the specific database was pinned there).
So, the "correct" answer is to create a shortcut to the database and then edit the target property of the shortcut so that the full path to msaccess.exe is specified. Then two parameters are provided to the exe file, (1) the full path to the actual database,
and (2) the /runtime switch. Then just drag the corrected shortcut to the taskbar and it works. I also suggest changing the icon to something appropriate for that specific database.
The details are listed in this link and this is the correct answer:

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I?m running Windows 8.1. and recently I tried to launch Internet Explorer (11) from the start menu. It launched Firefox. I ran a search from the start menu for Internet Explorer found it and clicked. Again Firefox opened instead of IE. I clicked on an icon on my desktop set up to open a website in IE regardless of browser preferences. It opened Firefox and went to the homepage I have set in Firefox not to the URL I had set.

Opening IE by browsing to to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe. workes just fine. Creating a desktop shortcut directly to the exe works fine. I played around with the associated programs for internet and even with everything defaulting to IE it would still open Firefox when clicking on the IE Tile on the start menu. I uninstalled/reinstalled IE11 with no change.

So I then uninstalled Firefox. Now clicking on the start icon for IE it brings up a box asking me something about an exe with a checkbox (can?t remember exactly) and below that Internet explorer or I can choose other down below. If I chose IE it brought up another window asking what I wanted to do with iexplore.exe. Save/ Save As / Save and Run. None of the options opened IE. IE at this point still runs by going directly to the exe in Program Files.

Logged off as that user and logged back on as a different user and ie works just fine from that profile.

I?m guessing something in my registry is hosed any ideas on how I can repair this?

A:IE Tile on Win8.1 start screen opens Firefox

Hello Derf, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It sounds like there's an issue with your Internet Explorer shortcut. If you like, see if picking up at step 6 in OPTION THREE of the tutorial below may be able to help. It will restore the default shortcut.

Internet Explorer Modern - Restore in Windows 8

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I restarted to complete Windows Updates but my PC will only load the first Win8 start screen (the one showing mountains and the tower). I cannot get to any login screen. I do not have a touch screen but used Start8 software to enable Win7 type interface. Previously I got the same start screen but just pressed 'escape' and it took me to my Win7 login screen so I would input my password. Now I cannot get past the first screen. Help please.

A:Stuck on Win8 Start screen after WinUpdates restart

Did you try a return? You could try to repair startup using automatic repair (may need to run multiple times--say 3).

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hi guys,
i have a dell n 5010 i have upgraded it to win 8 since 5/6 months already.
yesterday night it has shutdown without any activites on it.
since then when i m starting it,it s shutting down during the startup process ,sometimes it s coming to the desktop then shutdown sometimes before
someone knows what could be the reason and how to solve this?
thanks in advance

A:DELL N5010 upgraded to win8 doesnt start

Hi mysel,
This could be due to various reasons. I suggest you to clean the air vents with a can of compressed air. Please run the hardware diagnostics by following the steps provided in the link given below:http://www.dell.com/support/troubleshooting/us/en/19/KCS/KcsArticles/ArticleView?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&docid=266787
Let me know the test results and your findings.

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Hey all,

Happy holidays!

I don't know what has triggered my PC to do this but it's driving me up the walls.

After every reboot or a fresh start, my Win8.1 PC always has its WiFi disconnected. It then takes me 2-3 tries to connect to my home WiFi as it returns a simple "couldn't connect to network" error message. I tried re-installing the drivers but that hasn't helped.

The last software that could have triggered is my VPN software. But the problem started to happen a few days AFTER I installed the VPN. The problem doesn't go away even if I disable the VPN's TAP driver. I cannot uninstall my VPN as I need it almost daily.

I hope there is a solution to it. It's so frustrating.

System Rig:
Core i7
GTX 680
Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 using built-in Wifi
Windows 8.1

A:Wifi Always Disconnected after reboot/fresh start Win8.1

Hi mufaa,
It may be a problem from your WiFi driver can you go to Device Manager then check if your WiFi driver is up to date?

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sorry if these questions seem trivial but I'm a new Windows 8 and Toshiba user.

After the start window and going into the Toshiba window I can see in the add software or unistall
I can see all software loaded but on the page its self I can't see any icons to start any programmes,
as there isn't a start menu as like on my old xp laptop,

how do I see any icons?

Also on on the description on my laptop is says that Nero and Toshiba webcam software should be loaded but again no mention of it anyway!

Help lol again sorry but I'm a user of xp and owner of an old laptop.

A:How to start installed software in Win8 preinsatlled Satellite L850


Since you are newbie to Windows 8 you should check some essential information from Microsoft. Here is a nice page giving you good survey of new system:

The main and important button now is the ?Windows? button (key with the Microsoft sign).
There are some important shortcuts you should know:

Windows Key + C: Displays Charms menu.
Windows Key + D: Activates desktop mode.
Windows Key + X: Brings up a menu of advanced system options, including Windows Control Panel, Command Prompt, Task Manager and File Explorer.
Windows Key + Tab: Brings up the Task Switcher and toggles between Windows 8-style apps.
Windows Key + Q: Brings up the apps search menu that allows you to search your list of installed programs.
Windows Key + E: Opens File Explorer to the ?My Computer? view which shows all your drives.
Windows Key + R: Opens Run menu where you can launch programs by typing in their executable file names.

Here you can find the full overview:

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I hope someone knows how to change this because for some reason it drives me crazy. As we all know the word "Start" appears on the top left hand corner of the win8/8.1/RT metro home screen. Is there anyway to get rid of it? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Start Graphic on the upper left hand corner in win8/8.1/RT

Originally Posted by darpavader

I hope someone knows how to change this because for some reason it drives me crazy. As we all know the word "Start" appears on the top left hand corner of the win8/8.1/RT metro home screen. Is there anyway to get rid of it? Thanks in advance for your help.

You mean this:

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Hi you all.. When I start my computer, my standardbrowser (google chrome) opens up and directs me to the site " hxxp://gamezdoka.org/". My anti-virus (win defender, hitman pro) could not help me. Could you help me remove the virus? Thank you in advance    The FRST file: ____Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 26-11-2014 01Ran by Arjan (administrator) on ARJANDEKKERS on 27-11-2014 11:28:41Running from C:\Users\Arjan\DownloadsLoaded Profile: Arjan (Available profiles: Arjan)Platform: Windows 8.1 Pro (X64) OS Language: Nederlands (Nederland)Internet Explorer Version 11Boot Mode: NormalTutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/ ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) ================= (If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.) (NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\nvvsvc.exe(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display\nvxdsync.exe(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\nvvsvc.exe(ASUSTek Computer Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey\AsLdrSrv.exe(ASUS) C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATKGFNEX\GFNEXSrv.exe(Acronis) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe(Acronis) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\CDP\afcdpsrv.exe(Apple Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mob... Read more

A:Infected after Win8 Start-> Chrome opens: http://gamezdoka.org/

I solved it myself thanks for reading,
Cleared my hosts file
And after this I used regedit.exe (from run)
My Computer
deleted the entry called CMD (with data to open gamezdoka. or any other entry with a malware sitename)
Hopes this helps any other people

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recently my computer has been freezing at several different points during the start up.
then it will freeze once it is up and running a few times before it will run for a bit longer, then freeze again. it will usually take me about 20 resets to get it going...like something isnt getting going for it to run???

any ideas?

A:pc constantly freezing during start up and running

Please note this is a "general" trouble shooting guide for random reboots. If it does not apply or you have already done it then please skip and move to the next section. (The ram test and hard drive test can be ran without booting into windows, they run from a floppy or cd rom)

The best all in one trouble shooting disk that is a dos bootable (from a cd rom, you do not need to boot into windows) Just throw it into the CD rom and start using the test.
Pretty much has everything you nee to run a diag.
Hiren's BootCD 8.7
Microsoft says whenever a computer freezes or reboots (crashes) you need to run chkdsk
Start, my computer, right click on your hard drive, select properties, select tools, error checking click "check now"(chkdsk).
(General maintenance can save alot of headaches, see link below for general maintenance)

Hard drive
Download the diagnostic tool and check your hard drive
Hard Disk Drive Diagnostics/Utilities



When your CPU overheats, it will usually cause your computer to reboot. Video card overheating causes artifacts to appear on your screen, and usually wont cause reboots.


Enter BIOS upon powering on your computer. Most BIOs have a hardware monitor. Use this to check your temperatures and fan speeds.

There is also hardware monitoring software that can check your temperatures from Windows. Your hardware monitoring software should have come with your motherboard. If you have no monitoring softwa... Read more

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Ok... I'm very new @ this so don't flame me for being noob (srry) >.<

My explorer.exe @ the taskmanager is constantly at 50% even when i turn on my comp and leave it for about 2 hours not touching it...

What could be the problem? I downloaded SpyBot search and destroy and got some stuff out... theres this file called removalfile.bat it was infected with some VirtuMonde. But i think spybot deleted it O_o... Anyways it doesnt seem to help at all... What else could of cause this? sorry im noob X_X

and can someone explain this hijacker program... im really new to this =[

A:Explorer.exe Constantly @50% Even All Loaded @ Start

erichau,I see you have an open HJT log posted in the HijackThis Logs and Malware Removal forum.You shouldn't make any changes to your system, while your HJT log is posted, as that could change the results of the posted log, making it difficult to properly clean your system.At this point, the HJT Team should be the only members that you take advice from, until they have verified your log as clean.I'm closing this topic until you are cleared by the HJT Team. If, after your log has been cleaned, you still need help, please PM a Moderator and we will re-open this topic.If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.

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My parents computer is an HP7920 running Windows 2000. Recently I recieved an error about something to do with the Registry and the computerlocked up. Forced me to turn it off and back on again. Start up starts as normal, but when it gets to the windows loading screen it automaticaly retarts and will keep doing so if the computer is not shut off. I have tried to start in safe mode and also tried to convert to the last working configuration and still nothing. I wish I could get the actual computers specs but since i cannot get into windows I can't get that. Let me know if anyone has had this problem before or if anyone can help me figure out this problem with the little bit of knowledge of this computer as I am able to give. Thank you

A:HP7920 constantly restarting during start up..

It sounds like the disk is corrupted, in particular those areas containing registry "hives".

If you can load the Recovery Console, run chkdsk /r (it's a longshot)


If you have the original installation media your best bet would be to use it to reinstall the operating system. If the reinstall completes successfully and the system boots normally -- you will need to reinstall all updates from Windows update.

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When I try to view a video from U Tube or from a friend the video starts and then, within seconds, it stops. I click on the wedge or circle in the center of the screen..often clicking all over the screen... and maybe it starts up again...for a few seconds ...and this process repeats over and over. I can rarely watch a video uninterrupted. Is this a problem with Adobe Flash, as an acquaintance told me? When an update for Adobe Flash was offered I downloaded it to see if that would stop the problem, but it hasn't.

How can I get videos to play without constant interruption?

Thanks in advance.

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This morning I found the start menu closing and opening like a neon sign. I was able to run a scan and no problems there. Obviously tried rebooting but that didn't help either.

Any ideas?

A:Start Menu Constantly Flashing

Post the list of hardware. Is it a laptop or desktop. You ran scan how? does the keyboard work?

Sounds like a keyboard fault at first glance is it USB keyboard if so unplug it and see if the menu stops opening.

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