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Itunes will not play certain 30 sec/1:30 samples

Q: Itunes will not play certain 30 sec/1:30 samples

Itunes will not play certain samples, it seems that it's usually the songs that I have searched for in the search bar. After I have searched for it and it doesn't work, I try clicking on the artist through the main page and accessing the song there, but it still won't play. It stays on 0:00. I have tried restarting itunes, restarting the computer, and updating itunes. I'm not sure what else will work!!

Preferred Solution: Itunes will not play certain 30 sec/1:30 samples

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Itunes will not play certain 30 sec/1:30 samples

Have you tried playing the songs in a different Media Player?

Also, try re-installing Itunes.

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I'm running Windows XP.

When I'm looking at cd's on Amazon and I try to play a sample of a cd it doesn't work no matter if I choose Media Player or Real Player.
Both tell me they can't play the file.

But they work if I put in a cd in the drive.

Anyone know why they wouldn't play from internet ?

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I just got a new computer (custom built by cyberpower pc), and windows media player and Itunes (both latest version newly installed) will not play anything. They will open just fine, but when I push play nothing happens. this is for any media type on both programs. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi, my iTunes loads fine, but every time I try to play a song (even Music Store previews), it sits there at 0:00!

Usually a reboot solves the problem, but not lately.

I am using Windows Vista, and iTunes

Will uninstalling/reinstalling remove my Podcasts??


A:Itunes Won't Play!

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Yesterday, I ws downloading an update for itunes. It tunred out fine, and so later on, I shut down my computer normally.

Now, when I came back to it today, for some odd reason, when I try to play an mp3 file with Itunes,
I get an error message saying Itunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing, and then it says to re-install it.

I have re-installed it about 5 times, and then I've done a system restore before I got the update, but Itunes still won't start up.

Anyone know the problem?

A:Itunes Cannot Play..

Does it tell you what the file name is?

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Itunes loads normally but will not play songs. It just sits there at 00:00. Sometimes rebooting fixes the problem, sometimes not. Please help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6100 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3893 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 293158 MB, Free - 120747 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corp., Base Board Product Name, Base Board Version, Base Board Serial Number
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Itunes won't play.

Do you have the latest version? if not try and update.

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Hello, ever since I installed the Windows 8 beta I noticed that iTunes has been a bit funky. I can play a song or an album straight no problem. but if I pause it and close the window, open it back up that play is stuck. And I found out the only way it starts back up is if I start playing a song on another media player, like Foobar 2000. It's almost as if iTunes is now dependent on other media players. What is wrong?

A:iTunes play stuck at 0:00

Yep, I've noticed this issue too. I've tried a few things like re-registering the iTunes COM but it still happens randomly. I find if it 'locks up' (lock up being it doesn't play the song - stuck at 0:00) like this, I can open a similar file in a media player like Media Player Classic and the song starts instantly playing. Is iTunes your default media player for various media extensions? Other than this post, I've not seen anything else about this. You also might wanna consider posting about this issue on Apple's support forums in the iTunes section. They might have an idea too. I've also been pondering if this might be an issue with the mixer on Windows 8 as well, but I'm starting to think it's something else if other media players can 'unlock iTunes'.

Also it's worth noting that when the 'lock up' happens, I notice iTunes' resources spike. I'm going to use Process Hacker to see if I can see what's happening, exactly.

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After adding content to iTunes earlier today, it stopped playing. Not just audio, but the songs didn't start. None of them.
Not sure what I did to prompt this but a simple update to the latest version of iTunes fixed it. Hope this helps someone else, as this site has helped me many times. Cheers!

A:Solved: iTunes Won't Play

Thanks for the info.

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Hi guys, I just purchased a new laptop 3 days ago with windows 8 and I am trying to export my movies onto itunes but they won't import. Previously on my older laptop I was running windows vista and the movie files played on itunes. They were mp4 files. I went onto the set defaults for programs and tried un-checking the mp4 box on the program "Video" which I think may be the reason I can't export them onto itunes but the box won't un-check. Any solution?

A:Can't play mp4 files on iTunes

This not a "sound or audio" problem (this forum section). Not sure which section it belongs in, though.

But, I don't like the "new" version of iTunes. Can't seem to get around it like the old versions (I have an iPhone5).

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i have a bunch of .mov files that originated when I used my iPad to take video of my kids' sporting activities. I moved these files to a separate external HDD. I had to do a complete system reinstall on my PC (vista sp2) last week and reinstall iTunes. Now when I try to watch any .mov file in iTunes, the video doesn't play smooth. It skips and jumps. I don't think it's the file because I saved one of them to a thumbdrive and played it with no problem on my sons MacBook.........
Any suggestions on where to begin would be greatly appreciated.

A:Why don't my .MOV files play in iTunes on my PC?

First try copying it to the hard drive then if that doesn't work try using QuickTime.

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After downloading the latest itunes (4.8) i ran into some problems, first when i tried to burn cds it crashed, and now all i can hear on my computer is system sounds. Is it my driver? or is my sound card screwed up? thanks in advance

A:cant play songs on itunes or WMP

Make sure the volume control within the program/s are up.

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I have ITunes 7 installed on a Dell (Windows XP) computer. I am unable to play audio Cd's. When I insert a CD a window pops up saying "Accessing Gracenote CDDB Processing." Then after a minute or so, the window disappears and that's it. No CD song list appears in the source window as it it supposed to. I have a suspicion that Windows Media Player 11 is somehow interfering, but I am not sure how.

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Just downloaded Itunes 6 which I thought would solve this problem that arose when I installed the notorious Itunes5.

When I try to play any song in Itunes it doesn't play. The song name comes up, but the bar which indicates how far into the song it is just stays stuck on the left. No error messages or problems with installation.

Ive tried removing via add/remove and reinstalling and it doesnt help.

I know my way round my computer and can't understand whats going on. Any help greatly appreciated.


A:Help with Itunes, doesnt play

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When I insert a CD that I have burned, I get a message asking me if I want to play it through Windows Media Player, or to view more options in Control Panel, but it does not give iTunes as an option at that point. When I go to Control Panel/Autoplay, I check "Play audio CD's using iTunes/OK", but audio CD's still play via WMP. Can anyone explain how I can alter this so that they play using iTunes ? Many thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Can't Play CD's via iTunes

Set the option from within iTunes.

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I am new with these items. We were loading the library and playing songs without any problems for a couple days. We had a CD that a friend had made for us and when we tried to load it, it will play but we get no sound. After trying to adjust some settings via phone help from another friend, we now can not play any new CDs. I can still add them to the library and import them, but they won't make sound when they play. (and yes, the volume is turned up and not on mute).

Any idea how to correct this?

Thanks in advance!

A:iPod/ITunes won't play some CDs

How was the CD made? As an audio CD or a MP3 disc.

Another thought is that if the CD was a MP3 disc (data disc) and your friend purchased the songs from a site like iTunes or Napster, it might be that you need the license to listen to the songs.

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for some reason just recently my media players such as Itunes and microsoft
media player have ceased playing any video or music files. The error claims
it cannot find the file even if the program was launched by double clicking
the file to play. Itunes atleast noticed the file and loads it, but never plays

Ive also noticed streaming audio on the web using windows media or quicktime
have the same problem. I noticed it when I went to Gametrailers.com

this also does not affect realplayer files.

the only thing that seems out of place were some updates to itunes and quicktime that had some sort of error while downloading a few weeks ago. but that was awhile before the problems happened.

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Here's the story: http://forums.techguy.org/multimedia/923630-ipod-computer-itunes.html

Previously on WTFBBQiTunes WOAH WOAH WOAH. This is really wierd.. a majority of the songs, when I play them the cover flow album goes blank for a sec then it turns back into low res... I've run out of ideas.

I really need someones help now.

A:iTunes coverflow goes low res when I play song

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Here's the story: http://forums.techguy.org/multimedia...er-itunes.html

Previously on WTFBBQiTunes WOAH WOAH WOAH. This is really wierd.. a majority of the songs, when I play them the cover flow album goes blank for a sec then it turns back into low res... I've run out of ideas.

I really need someones help now.

A:iTunes coverflow goes low res when I play a song

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I've got a question, I don't own an iPod but I do use iTunes to organise my music. If I listen to Song "A" 10 times on my way home, then 'sync' up my iPod with my iTunes, will it update the playcount on my iTunes?

A:Solved: iTunes Play Count

Can't say for iTunes 7 as I haven't bothered upgrading to it yet but yes if sync your iPod and iTunes 6 then it will combine and update your playcounts in both.

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When I come across an iTunes link on a webpage that links to--say--an app, I click on it & nothing happens. In Safari/Firefox/etc... the local version of iTunes opens up and takes me to the page for that app in the store.

Anybody know of a way to force this to happen? I can't find an option for Application choosing.

Thanks, BTW, for the civil responses. You all are great. (And if I ever feel competent enough on a subject, I'll chime in & answer some other's posts for help. )

A:Chrome/iTunes Play Nice?

That Error is made known to the Dev team.
The reason apparently is a little flaw in the User agent part.
As a workaround you could either use this extension
or this one


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Yesterday I upgraded my iTunes to the newest version (7.1.5 i think), and ever since, whenever I open iTunes and click on a song to play my iTunes freezes up and then crashes. I'm thinking about just rolling back to my last version, but if there's any way to fix this, then I'd rather do that.


A:iTunes 7 Crashes When I play a song

Same problem. Some songs work, some cause a crash. Incidentally, all the songs I've seen that cause crashes have artists that begin with A. Other artists that begin with A, however, have songs that play just fine. So that may not be helpful.

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Hi, I'm running WindowsXP SP2 and recently installed iTunes with Quicktime. I subscribed to a podcast, which downloaded. When I tried to play the podcast, the sound was fine but the images in the Quicktime box was a mass of flashing green and other colours, alternating with a black screen. I can't find any answers on the net, but read that codecs are the problem. However, when I played an MP4 file on a website, it played perfectly, so I assume my computer has the necessary codecs. I'd be really grateful for any help with resolving this.

A:Quicktime won't play MP4 files within iTunes

I can't help you, but I wanted to let you know that I'm having the exact same problem. I found that I can play m4v files in iTunes and Quicktime, but not mp4 files. I hope someone out there can tell us what we can do to correct this!

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Never had a problem until I updated Itunes to and it updated quicktime with it too.

Music plays/previews fine in the store, however, if I play video in my libary or try to preview video on the itunes store windows say a problem has occured and itunes closes down.

My internet is working fine and plus if it was that then my locally stored videos would play fine?

I'm running Vista Home Premium and itunes

I've tried disabling genuis sidebar but it did nothing :/

Anyone get any ideas as I'm very stuck with this and if I don't get it working then I've wasted money on a few videos which I can't view.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Edit: I believe the problem is caused by Quicktime (itunes+quicktime are updated together) so I'm going to try uninstalling Quicktime then reinstalling it. Will let you know if it helps.

A:Itunes 8.2 crashings when I play video

Good news the above seems to have worked : )

So if anyone else experiences this then go to your control panel and click install/uninstall products and find Quicktime and then download and reinstall Quicktime from here


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I have successfully burned a number of iTunes tracks to an audio CD, and wish to use iTunes player when I insert that CD. However, each time I do so, it plays via Windows Media Player. I have gone to "Control Panel/Autoplay/Media/Audio CD" and saved "Play audio CD using iTunes" but each time I insert a CD it plays via WMP! Can anyone please advise how I can alter this so that these CDs plays via iTunes? Thanks.

A:Solved: How to play burned audio cd via iTunes?

Have you gone into iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General
See the "When you insert a CD" menu
Is it set to Play CD?

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To make audiobooks easier for my iPod I join the tracks of the individual CD's then rip them. I then use a program called MP3Merge to merge the large tracks together into one very large file (basically all of the mp3s of all discs merged as one mp3), then import that into iTunes. This has worked fine for me for almost a year.
But the last few times I've tried it, it seems to work fine then when I get the very large merged MP3 into iTunes it displays the wrong the time length. I'll merge 5 mp3's, each at about 25Meg and 1.5 hours - the very large merged file will read: 125Meg file but only 1.5 hours. When I play it the merged file continues to play after the 1.5 hour ending time though I can't FF or it will start over at the end and begin playing from the 1.5 hour end time oddly enough.
This is really annoying me and I'm not sure if it's iTunes, or the MP3Merge program, though I reinstalled the MP3Merge and had the same results.
Any thoughts?

A:Solved: iTunes not displaying the right play time

Okay, I've found that if I convert the mp3 showing the bad time to mp3 format, it seems to fix it.

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I've downloaded some music and they show up as Winamp Media Files.

I can set them up so they default open with another program such as Windows Media Player but the actual file type still says Winamp Media File.

I do use Winamp to play all my music and would like to keep doing so but i want to be able to put these files onto my ipod.

I realise there isn't such an extension as Winamp Media File but i don't know what type of file they are or how to find out.

Is there some way i can find out what the file extension is (in properties it just says Winamp Media File) and then can i convert the files somehow so theyll play in itunes and i can get them on my ipod??

Please help.

A:How do i play Winamp Media Files in itunes?

Anybody got and ideas?

Surely theres a simple way to find out the file type that im overlooking?

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New Dell XPS laptop purchased this Spring. It seems I can EITHER use iTunes OR use the CD/DVD drive on the laptop. But both won't live together in harmony.

When iTunes is loaded (or updated), the CD/DVD is wiped out and not recognized. I call Dell and then tell me how to go into the registry and get my drive back again, but then iTunes doesn't work.

Dell blames Apple and Microsoft, and basically told me "not my job mon". I can't even reach anyone at Apple or Microsoft to hear who THEY would blame.

If you know "the fix" any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Cher-Bear

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What can I use? I've used a plugin I found for WMP11 but it doesn't seem to work fully. It doesn't show the ID tags on bit of my music.

What other programs could I try?

A:Since Itunes 8.1 doesn't play FLAC files....

Winamp MediaMonkey or Quintessential Player with a plug-in.

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Hey guys, probably a really, really simple thing to fix, but I'm stuck...
So, iTunes decided to have a freak out and mess all my track ordering up.
How do I make it show the tracks in order?

First pic is what it looks like now.
Second pic is what it should look like, different album though.


A:Make iTunes play tracks in the right order?

Hello Daniel,

Thats odd for iTunes to do that. Have you tried reinstalling iTunes (direct link).

If you uninstall the old version, preferably with Revo Uninstaller, then install iTunes again and re-import all of your songs and videos. It's a bit of a pain but as far as I know, iTunes doesn't have a diagnostics function

As I am writing this, I have just thought that in the iTunes installer there may be a Repair function which you can try?

Hope this helps,


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Is there a way to find and play music from itunes (i.e. m4a & m4p) in media center?

A:Play itunes music in Media Center

Hi Eggyuk,

The Vista Codec pack allows you to play .mp4 and m4a files in WMP or MC...

Vista Codec Pack - 32bit & 64bit Media Player Codecs


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I have an alienware 17 R4 with the QHD display and the nvidia gtx 1080 card. Everytime I try to play an HD movie in itunes, its freezes, I have to start up the task manager and end program.  Does anyone have any workarounds or fixes for this?

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I was wondering if anyone could help with a computer problem-- whenever I try to play music on an app such as iTunes or Windows media player, it will not load. On iTunes the songs stay stuck at 0:00 and on Windows Media player it shows a red X. The sound on the computer works fine, for example I can watch Youtube videos, etc. with sound and can hear it normally.

Could it be a firewall issue? I have Vista and know that it can have strange security settings, but music used to work until a couple days ago. Thanks in advance for any guidance that you can give...

A:Music Won't Play On Itunes Or Windows Media


This could be down to a faulty codec, or it could be that the media files themselves have been mooved.

What does the error message say in windows media player?

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I usually use the RealPlayer on my Android to play videos without problems,but when I use it to play iTunes it simply doesn't work. I want to know is it possible to play iTunes videos on RealPlayer too and how?

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I finally got around to redeeming my digital copies of The Hangover, Star Trek, and District 9. My OS is Windows 7, but I use iTunes. I put each disc in and redeemed the code properly through iTunes. Each transfer went perfectly. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. But when I go to my Movie tab in my library and play each movie, I only see a gray screen with no audio. The movie is playing, but nothing happens. I tried deauthoritizing and authoritizing my account, twice and that didn't work. Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

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Sorry for my stupid question, but why cant i player iTunes purchased music movie with Windows Media Player? Also no luck when i tried to edit them with Windows Movie Maker

Driving me crazy! any computer savvy please give some advice?

Thanks in advance!

A:play iTunes music movie with Windows Media Player

Hello pixelly, Welcome!

I am unfamiliar with iTunes and its storing procedures, but what format are the movies stored in? There are a number of good free programs that will let you convert from 1 type to another. I recommend Any Video Converter.

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Some songs have been skipping lately, and by skipping I mean they play the first minute or so and then end. These songs works fine in other programs like Windows Media Player and VLC but they don't work in iTunes. I've already used the MP3 Validator on them and they still don't work. Any ideas?

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I've had to give up using other media players in a resolve to trying to clear up a few problems on my computer. But the same thing that happened with other media players is annoying me about itunes i.e. how do I turn of the facility that enables the itunes library to add the song file to it's library upon being played?

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play back problems from Itune movies. good sound  but picture jumps and freezes.

A:video play back from itunes. images jump all over the place.

Hi,Welcome to HP Support Forum. Please perform a clean install Flash Player:  http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/clean-install-flash-player.htmlRegards.

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I decided to wrie this in Libre to illustrate a point I was trying to make.
This is written in the default that the writer opens with. [Liberation Serif]
This is written in Linux Libertine G
This in Ar Blanca
This in Ar Bonnie
This in Arr decode
This in Arial
Javanese text
Microsoft Jhenge
This is turning out to be a bad example I guess the default has finally changed this should be in some type of oriental script. According to the charecters displayed in the drop down box.
Oh well I tried. All options are checked off for english 4 days ago this actually typed in Oriental charecters. LOL
Well pasteing did not work apparently the editor for this page rendered it different than what was pasted.

A:Samples of text

I have both Libre and Open office suites. If I understand your unspoken question, you're correct, many writing programs change anything entering into its document "blank" into a pre-determined, pre-set, font and size.

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Every time I visit a website that offers mp3 sound samples, I get an error when I try to hear them.

For example, visiting a wind chimes website that offers samples of how their products sound. When I click on the "hear a sample" icon, it takes me to another page, with .mp3 at the end of the address, but I get a little exclamation point inside a yellow triangle in the bottom bar and nothing shows up on the page and I don't get to hear the sound.

When I click on the triangle to find out what the problem is, it tells me, "Error: object expected".

I don't remember having this problem before IE updated itself and changed it's format a few weeks ago. I have no problem hearing music embedded in websites, it's just the sound samples with a .mp3 address.

Any idea what the problem is?

A:Why can't I listen to MP3 samples?

What player did you use before? Now?
What version of IE are you using now?
Have you also tried Firefox or another browser?

To play/hear any .mp3 or such sound, a player, such as winamp, realplayer, etc. must be installed, and it must have permission to play such files.

May have to reinstall IE, or at the least check all of the settings.

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I am a student studying for my Honours project on the Analysis and Detection of Ransomware. Part of this project is to look at different types of Ransomware samples and record their characteristics and behaviour, as well as come up with preventative techniques to stop/halt the attacks. To be able to do this I have been asked to acquire different live samples. As I am new to the forums, and therefore not a verified member I am unable to access the malware repository. I would very much appreciate if somebody could point in the right direction to get some assistance in this area.

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I have over 500 fonts. I have to delete at least 200 of them.
I know what should NOT be deleted but, is there a way
to print a sample of EVERY font?
Also, when it comes to deleting, should I delete to a zip disk
or just delete?
I have already backed up every font on a CD-RW disk.
Thank you.... missfuffy

A:printing samples of every font

You can view and print samples of each font in W2K by going to the C:/Winnt/Fonts folder, (I believe in XP its located in the C:/Windows/Fonts folder.) Just double click on each one to view a sample which you can print by clicking on the print button on the upper right. However, if you have 500 fonts, its probably not worth the time and ink to print all of them. Its probably best just to view them and delete the ones your planning to get rid of by cutting them over onto your zip disk for backup.

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I can't hear the music samples for a song because it ask if I want to open the file instead of playing automatically. How can I fix this.Mod Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Can't Hear Music Samples

Have you checked the file association in the file's properties?
Right click on the file, choose Properties.
Right under "type of file" should be "opens with." If it is NOT your media player of choice, you may change it.

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I bought a new computer recently with Vista and find that when using Internet Explorer I cannot download mp3 audio samples from websites. They download OK on Firefox but with Explorer I just get a blank screen with a yellow triangle and exclamation mark and the word done at bottom left of the screen.

A:mp3 audio samples not downloading

Are pop-up's Enabled? Some time's if a pop-up try's to come up there's a little box that say's "Pop-up Blocked" if that is the problem click on the box.

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Download the Exchange SDK Documentation and Samples and start building applications for Exchange 2000. The SDK includes new and updated documentation, sample applications and more.

System Requirements

- 16 MB disk space required to download.

Operating System - Windows 2000, Win XP

Exchange SDK Development Tools

The Exchange SDK Development Tools provides tools and components for creating and debugging collaborative applications on Exchange.

System Requirements

- 4.5 MB Required disc space to download, install and operate

Operating System - Windows 2000



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I go to a legal site that has mp3 samples... when I click on one it opens a new
page and say's page cannot be displayed.. I have a new pc, and I do have
media player set to play mp3's. I believe on my old pc the same thing
happened until I changed a setting. In IE6 settings I do have play
multimedia checked and allow active content... when I click on the link
media player should open and play, it does on my older pc ??? If I copy the
shortcut and paste it into media player that works, so I know the link is
good. So what am I missing ? I also tried a link on one of my sites that plays wmv files, also associated with media player and I have the same problem

A:playing mp3 samples from websites

Post the links.

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