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extend dat. error?

Q: extend dat. error?

How do I fix an 'extend.dat' error that has suddenly occurred when I try to open Outlook 2003 on xpsp2 notebook?
I have checked device manager processes and don't see anything unusual there?
I am the administrator and don't understand why this has occurred?
I don't know what file it is nor what causes an 'extend.dat' error.
I look forward to suggestions, thank you.

Preferred Solution: extend dat. error?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: extend dat. error?

I found the fix. My Computer>finding the extend.dat file and press delete and Reboot.
Error disappeared.
Thought that I should post this.
Have a good day. xpsp2

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Hi guys,

I've got a windows partition set-up like below:

39MB (healthy EISA config) -> 14.65 GB Recovery (D) -> 43 GB (C) -> 1.95GB (no name) ->91.39GB unallocated

The partitions are set-up in that order. When I click on the 1.95 to extend it / add it to the 91.39GB, I get an error: the operation failed to complete because the disk management console view is not up to date. I've attempted to update it and restart the computer to no avail. Any ideas how I can get my 43GB combined with the 1.95GB and 91.39GB partitions located to the right of it?

A:Extend my Partition, getting error

If you fill out your system specs, then somebody might be able to help you.

Regards....Mike Connor

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I receive an extend.dat error msg. "an extend failed to initialize. Can't open extend,dat

I have seen some solutions, one being change extend.dat to extend.old by searching through C:\documents&Settings\...

but Vista no longer has documents and settings. I went ot folder options and check show hidden folder and files, and even though vista can't display documents and settings this will show C\users\...

All of this still means I can't locate that extend.dat file.

One another note, I have found that my Outlook version continually crashes and I think its my usage of Word as email editor.

Would a fresh uninstall/install lose all the email content or do I use to do a pst file backup?

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I got a problem when I add ESU windows 7 license to my company laptop with slmgr /ipk command on cmd. The system has popped up an error code : "0xc004f025
access denied the requested action requires elevated privileges" . I don't know this error is mean?

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I took my Acer Laptop to the computer shop to get my SSD fixed and when they finished it and got it home i noticed my drives where split into 2 drives of 50GB approximately; C: & D:.
I have been trying to merge or at least give some space to drive C: , but my extend volume button in the partition manager is gray, even tho i have allocated space.
please give me some advice.

A:Extend Volume on C: Drive grayed out, can't extend volume.

Disk Management will not do the extension, but Partition Wizard will do it.

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Have XP. Drive split evenly between C and D. C has 35.4GB Total Size and 544MB Free Space. D has 39.0GM Total Space and 39.0GB Free Space. I would like to create one drive or at least transfer some of space from D drive to C drive. Would appreciate some help in "how to". Thanks

A:How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

Windows Vista and newer have built-in tools that can resize volumes. See our tutorial for that here.Windows XP and earlier don't have the tools built-in, so you have to use a third party partitioning tool. We have a tutorial for that, too. This tutorial covers shrinking an existing volume to make space for a new second volume, but resizing two existing volumes is substantially similar.

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I wanted to know if it is possible to extend the IE in the following way:

I am surfing on a page which will relead content via ajax. But if a special word is mentioned I want to have a sound output :)

So, is it possible to add something like a polling to the IE7 which will check every 1-2 Minutes if a special word is available in the html code and if this word is available start a soundfile?

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Currently i am using HP-D009TU Laptop having 2GB ram i want to extend My RAM please suggest me whether i can upgrade my ram ? how many ram slots are having in my system?  if there are two ram slots then i will upgrade by putting a 4GB Ram into my device then my system will become 6GB RAm or else i will Buy 8GB Ram and How much a 4 ,8 GB Ram Will cost?gurrantee /warantee for the product  in years?can we install any other Company RAM other than HP ?Whgich is best Company Ram in Market in Best Price? please give a detailed explaination to the above answers please write answer in a very clear manner Thanks in advance madcoder

A:I want to Extend My RAM TO 8GB

please compare various RAM Companies for Upgrading

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can i extend RAM In my compaq presario cq42 355tu model?

A:extend ram

Hi,Manual: Page 4, 5http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c026231612 slots present, max upto 8gb (two 4gb sticks)Get exact same configuration, speed, voltage as given in Manual.For utilising more than 4gb memory, you should be using 64bit operating system.RegardsVisruth

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Does anyone know if there is a way to extend RAM by using a USB memory stick under Windows XP Pro SP2 ?



A:Extend RAM

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Hi all - I have a Realtek RTL8187 network adapter, which has a short RP-SMA cable on the input, and a short USB cable on the output. I need to extend one or both of these cables to a total of 15' or so. Is one more desirable than the other for extending? Or is it better to split the distance & extend both cables? What's the maximum distance I can go in any case? Thank you!

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Hi, as you see I have 86 GB of Unallocated space. I want to extend in size my "Downloadz (D:)" drive. But I don't get the "extend" option. How can I add this unallocated space to D: drive?? Thank You for your help!!

A:Can't Extend

No success here with extending volumes outside of Vista re-install.

You can easily make a new NTFS partition with unallocated space.

Right-click on unallocated space, format, assign drive letter

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hi guys,

i want to expand my lan network.I'm gonna use engenius eoc-5611p access points.It's gonna be a point to multi-point connection.there are 3 areas to cover.So i need 4 access points,1 has to work as a ap with a omni-directional antenna and the others must be in bridge mode.The distance between the ap and the other areas is about 6km.
My question:
-what omni-directional antenna can i use with the engenius eoc-5611p to reech the other access points?
-which cable do i need to join the engenius eoc 5611p ap with the omni-antenna?

please i need you're help...

A:extend lan

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Guys, when i installed windows 7, i made a partition of 40GB. I fear this will be swallowed up very soon as i download near enough eveything i find within the forum. I have 2 internal HD, both 149GB. When i installed Win 7 i seem to have lost the other HD that has XP on it! It does not show up in My Computer! The other 109GB on the same HD as the 40GB Partitoin is doing nothing. Can i link it to the Win 7 Partiotion so when the win7 one fills up it links to the other 109gb?

Also, how can i go about linking my other internal HD up? Where has it gone? LOL,


A:How To Extend HD

goto startmenu,

rightclick on Computer, chose manage.

In the management console on the left pane chose disks management.

wait a few secs until disks show,

look for the missing drive,

If it is recognized it's there but without a drive letter.

Right click on the drive, select add drive letter,

chose a drive letter and click ok.

You're done.

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Running Windows 7, home premier, 64 bit
On all my disk partitions I have this very large file named $Extend\$Usr.lml
What on earth is it? What is it all about, and why is it needed?
When I run Diskeeper, it does not seem to defragment it.
I have seen something similar in Lubix, but windows???


What is the full path to this file or is this $Extend folder at the root of the C drive?

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how toextend the warranty of acer aspire e5-574g-77rn from 1 year to 3 year

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hi all

after a bit of a slog trying to log on here (had to setup a new user as my old one was not sending password resets) im finally on! phew

anyways im after a bit of advice with regards to extending my wireless range.

currently my setup is as follows

phone line > netgear ADSL2+ wireless router (834gv4 iirc)> eithernet cable to my pc (out of range)

however the other day I came across a netgear DG834GT super wireless adsl router.

does anyone know how I can set the DG834GT to act as a extender or repeater (not sure on the correct terminology here)

all I want to do is extend the signal to the few rooms that dont get it.


A:How to extend my wireless..?

What you need to do is setup the 2nd router as an access point. You run an ethernet cable from your first router (the one hooked up to the dsl modem) to the 2nd router but before you do thaqt configure the 2nd as an access point.. Also make sure the set it to a different channel and the same SSID. I can not give you specific instructions or even know for sure the the 834GT is capable but that is what you need to extend your range.

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My C drive was dying, so I replaced it and did a bare metal restore from a backup with ShadowProtect. All went well, except that now when I click "Computer" to view the drives, it tells me that the new C drive is only 698 GB (which was the capacity of the older drive). The new one is bigger (2 TB).
I'm trying to change the partition (there's only one) to a bigger size, using Disk Management in Windows, but it's not working. In the upper part of the dialogue where it lists the drives, it's reporting the incorrect amount of space (698 GB). But in the lower dialogue where it shows the partitions, it's showing the correct size of the new drive - 1863 GB. It all shows up as a Primary Partition; there's no Unallocated Space. If I rt-click and try to extend the volume, that option is grayed out.
One forum says that if you convert the disk to a dynamic disk it will then let you extend the volume. But it won't let me do that either - it tells me there's not enough space available to convert it.
How can I make Windows see the full size of the new drive?

A:Can't extend a partition

I'd say that you need to consult your Shadow Protect documentation on how it works.

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When I defrag this won't defrag right, and it's on my hard drive. Should I worry?
Is this something that needs fixing?
Is someone watching me?


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I cannot extend my C: Partition!

Why is it I have so many problems lol, anyways heres the screenie.

Attachment 13301

A:Cannot Extend C: Partition

It seems to be at max size, so you can only shrink it. You will need to shrink your other partition in order to then allocate the space to your C: partition.

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Hello all,

I am having a problem that I hope someone here can help me with. I had to recently replace the hard drive in my laptop with a larger one (the old one was 30gb, the new one is 250gb). I managed to do that successfully (surprising to me as I am not tech savvy), yet when I go into disk management, I cannot extend C drive, as it isn't contiguous with the unallocated space. At the moment, my partitions look like this:

|C: 29.35gb|E: HP Recovery 6.36gb|F: OS Tools 1.55gb|Unallocated Space 260.82gb|

With the above scenario, the extend volume option is greyed out on drive C, so how do I go about getting around that?

Thank you in advance for your help here.

Oh, and I'm running Windows Vista Home Edition 32bit if that helps.

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Hi all, when I last installed Win XP Pro on a new Hard Drive, I partitioned about 10gb (C Drive) just for the Windows files etc. Recently I have been getting messages about low disk space on C drive and even when I clean this up I only have about 600mb of free space. I have moved all "My Documents" and other files to the other partition but still cannot free up enough space.

Any suggestions please?

A:Can I extend a Partitiion?

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I have a Drobo system with 16 TB of hard disk. Windows has it allocated as a 2 TB and a 14 TB for some reason. I formatted the 2 TB as seen in the first screenshot. I then Right click in the computer management window and click on Extend Volume. This is seen in the second screenshot. I then click Finish and get the message seen in the last screenshot.. I know that a 16 TB disk is OK since I have had it before. What is going on here and how do I extend the volume?

A:Can't extend volume

To use the entire size contiguously, you must configure the drive as GPT not MBR.

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I created a partition of 40GB to install windows 8 as a dual boot.

I need to extend this partition as I need more space but the extend button is greyed out.

Is there anyway to get around this?? I have some unallocated space ready but its not working.


A:How do I extend my partition In

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image.

This video show the tool which works best to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help.

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There's nothing on D:, but it wont let me delete it. I have 150+ gigs free, but it wont let me put it on C:. I'm trying to do this through "Computer Management", why is this?

A:Can't extend C: cannot delete D:

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
and we will give you the steps needed.

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I want to extend partition C , but the extend is not active on right-click menu. what's the trick

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Hi All,
Just been reading the Outlook Contacts thread and it reminded me that I have a long outstanding query someone could maybe clear up.

I backup my .pst file with my regular backups, in my case it's in my Outlook flr.

But what is the Extend.dat file that's there also?


Later: this is what I found:
The Extend.dat file is a binary file that caches registry entries for third-party product extensions.

More important, it doesn't need to be backed up because if you rename or delete it, it will be recreated the next time Outlook starts.

I'll leave this thread here in case anybody else searches for Extend.Dat


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Upon opening Outlook 2007, I received the following error - "Cannot open file extend.dat." Apparently, one solutioins is to change that file to extend.old. When I tried that fix I received another message that I didn't have the proper administrative authority. I am the Administrator and no one else uses my computer. Why can't I change this folder. BTW, after restarting my computer yet again, the first error message was gone. What gives?



A:Cannot Open Extend.dat

Hi, there are a couple of things you can try:

Take Ownership of that file, a tutorial on how to do so is at Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums.

Do a System Restore, the tutorial can be found at System Restore - Windows 7 Forums.

These should be a good place to start.


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Hey guys,

Im looking for a program to extend a partition using free space I have. I used to use a program by Paragon Software on Vista but im not sure if it would work with 7. I dont really wanna risk it considering the drive I want to extend has all my valuable data on so I dont want it to go wrong. It also use to take a really long time.

Does anyone know any other programs which definitely work with 7 and is pretty quick?
Im also running 64-bit if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

A:Extend a partition

Quote: Originally Posted by Exodus

Hey guys,

Im looking for a program to extend a partition using free space I have. I used to use a program by Paragon Software on Vista but im not sure if it would work with 7. I dont really wanna risk it considering the drive I want to extend has all my valuable data on so I dont want it to go wrong. It also use to take a really long time.

Does anyone know any other programs which definitely work with 7 and is pretty quick?
Im also running 64-bit if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

Hey Exodus

Parigon Disk Suite 2009 is pretty bullet proof. Im not sure they have a 64 bit version but you could check. If you are worried why not back up before.


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hallo! i'm sure, there are lot of solutions for my problem, but i can't find the right one, so i will ask again. i shrimped c disk and gained almost 100Gb, that i want to move to d disk, but disk management wizard don't allow me to do this. i can shrink partition d, but can't extend (it's gray and unclickable). what i have to do?

A:can't extend partition d

Hello pavlix and welcome to Seven Forums.

The Disk Managment wizard is limited in what it can do. It might be easier to use the free MiniTool Partition Wizard. They have an option to "extend partition" that works quite well regardless of where the unallocated space is located in relation to the target partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard

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I need to extend the data range of a collection of embedded charts on a worksheet. I saw the Extend method, but I really want this procedure to extend the series based on it's current source data values. I'm adding a new row of data each week, so I need each chart to extend it's data source by +1 row. I could not find a good example that used the existing range + 1 row.

Any help is appreciated.

Sub UpdateChartData()

Dim ChtObj As ChartObject

For Each ChtObj In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
ChtObj.Chart.SeriesCollection.Extend Source:=Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A6:C6")
Next ChtObj

End Sub

A:Extend a set of charts...

Welcome to the board. Which version of which program are you using?

In Excel, this can be done without VBA by naming the source data range using a dynamic formula. Whether this method would suit depends on how you're set up so far.

Download & open the attached file. Press F5, type:


, press Enter. Note the range selected.

Enter 7 in B5 to see the chart expand. Do the F5-thing again.

Click on a column in the chart & note the formula bar, =SERIES(,,DynaChart.xls!Data,1)

To see the formula that defines the range "Data", go Insert -- Name -- Define.


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how to extend C: drive in windows7 without using any third party software

A:extend drive

check disk management

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I think that I will need a female to female adapter to extend it, right?
I can't find any online... any suggestions?

A:need to extend my a/v cable

Look more carefully?

Also, how about another plain female-to-male cable?

Mind you, the longer the cable, the bigger the loss in quality (unless you have a digital setup) and the less joints in between, the better.

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i have a dell optiplex 5040 i have two dell monitors i want to set up and use one as en extended desktop, i connected vid HDMI and the dvi SLOT on same card but it just gives me two desktops, no option to extend display any ideas? or is this card just not capable of it if so should i add new dvi card?

A:extend display

With all of your programs closed right click on an empty area on your desktop, and then click Screen Resolution.
Click on the Multiple Displays drop-down list, and then select Extend These Displays.

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hello, I have an arris broadband modem combo and the wifi signal in the basement is poor I tryed to connect a netgear n 300 wireless router (wnr2000v3) to extend the wifi with an ethernet cable but the neatgear router does not have an internet connection. what can i do or what am I doing wrong?

A:trying to extend wifi

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How can I extend warranty of my HP notebook.

View Solution.

A:Extend warranty

Dear Customer, Sorry, but this is just a community self-help forum staffed by volunteers. HP maintains no official presence here and we are not authorized to deal with warranty issue.For that, you will need to contact HP Customer Support directly.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.--------------------------------------- Good Luck  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I recently made a 20gb partition from the C drive and called it the U drive. I needed another 10gb on U, so I shrunk C 10gb. When I right-click the U drive from Disk Management, "extend volume" is grayed out. Here's what I have now:

DISK: 149.05 GB Online
12.00 GB - Recovery Partition (Don't worry, I know not to touch this)
SYSTEM RESERVED - 102 MB NTFS - Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)
Windows (C) - 106.94 GB NTFS - Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
10.00 GB - Unallocated
Ubuntu (U) - 20.00GB NTFS - Healthy (Logical Drive)

Thanks for any help!

A:HD Partitions don't extend

Windows 7's Disk Management will not let you extend to the left of your U partition, only the right.

You could delete the UBUNTU drive, and then create a new partition, which would include the 10GB you took off C.

Or you could get hold of third-party disk management software that will let you move the U partition, and then extend it or create a new partition on the 10GB unallocated space then merge it with the U partition.

Acronis do trial software if you don't want to spend any money.

BTW, it is always a big help if you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window just in case we're barking up the wrong tree.

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I want to combine some unallocated space with a partition, but it wont let me, but it will let me with a different one.

A:cant extend volume

I take it you are trying to extend D:\?

You can only extend from left to right using W7's software.
You will have to use 3rd party software like Partition Wizard - Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

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My laptop has VGA and HDMI
I normally use VGA to output to a second monitor

A lighting bolt just struck me: use the HDMI as well!

Can I use both together?

I can't think why not


A:Can I extend out to both VGA and HDMI?

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I want to extend a partition on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system.

The HDD is at 150Gb. I have it at 2 partitions at the present.

I shrinked the second partition with 10Gb.

How do I extend the first partition C:\ with the 10G's from the second partition D:\

I have attched a view dump from the manage.


A:Extend a partition ?

Windows native disk management will let you extend a partition only when there is unallocated space IMMEDIATELY to the right of that partition. That is not so in your case, so use partition wizard. Heres a tutorial.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

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I want to extend my warrenty of my laptop

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Hello. I'm a New Member on this forum. Nice to Meet U Everyone

I have something to ask about my partition problem here :

That's my partition list, and I want to extend Unallocated drive (that I recently used for Ubuntu) to drive C or D, but I can't do that because I can't click "Extend Volume" at drive D.

Any ideas ? what I supposed to do ?


A:Can't Extend Volume

Minitool partition wizard will solve your problems and its free.
You'll probably need to move the empty space next to the partition you want to expand it to.

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Hi, I have a D-link Wirless G router DIR-300 in my appartment, I need to use it 2 floors upstairs with my laptop, I've tried but I cannot get the signal enough and the navigation is not possible, sometimes it gets a low signal and let me see one or 2 page, then it disappear. I'm not expert about this, I've red on the internet I need an Access point, maybe I can put it in the middle floor, this is possible for me. Someone knows if the Access point is the right way and can suggest 1 low price model. many thanks

A:Extend wi-fi signal

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we are learning about polymorphism which means that we are learning about "extends", "implements" abstract classes and interfaces.

i understand that classes that extend and implement have an "IS A" relationship w/ the supercalss

what i don't understand is the difference 'tween "EXTENDS" and "Implements"

i understand you "extend" abstract classes as a way of code resuability (i.e. not re-inventing the wheel" and i understand that you "implement" interfaces for the same reason except that an interface reuses code for things that are similar but still different (eg. paying an invoice and paying an employee's salary - both are payables)

i also see that a class can only "extend" one class but "iimplement" many intefaces

in my first java class the teacher used "extends" w/ ActionListener and "implements" w/ "ItemListener"
but both are interfaces.
(did i answer my own q?)

A:implement vs extend

Hi tovachanah,

There is a good explanation on this page.

Have a good read !

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Help, please! I'd like to extend my warranty which has 1 month left. Can I do that now or, am I too late?

A:I want to extend my Warranty

You need to purchase a CarePack and I think but cannot guarantee because I do not speak for HP that you can do it right up until the original warranty expires. http://cpc.ext.hp.com/portal/site/cpc/;jsessionid=2B31FDEFF83095F8B8A528B5AD831A46.tomcat6-c1t11481?...

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Vigorous Extend
less consciously than before. Number more. Or ... In different cases, eating more following a period of excessive use of calories could cause legitimate weight loss water, the individual confused with this particular loss of water to lose fat.I have it? good. Incidentally, if you intend to lose fat while preventing dozens of boring fables and mistakes and issues, almost every person yearns to lose fat, sense free to check out my new plan: Remarkable Fat Loss When you're trying to

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