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Configuring Kerio for Cute ftp

Q: Configuring Kerio for Cute ftp

Windows XP Home SP2
Cute ftp 7
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4 (paid)
I recently upgraded my Java to jre1.6.0 and removed all my "old" java versions.

Today I tried to upload my web site using Cute ftp. It uploaded fine but when viewed on the Internet I got an "Internal Server Error" #403 and/or #500

While researching this problem I came across several mentions of Java, as well as other possible explainations.

I just ran CCleaner and in the "Issues" section there is a long list of ActiveX/COM items that look like this;

Problem: ActiveX/COM Issue
Data: InProcServer32\C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\ssv.dll
Registry Key: HKCR\CLSID\{761497BB-D6F0-462C-B6EB-D4DAF1D92D43}

In my Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4 (paid) I have ActiveX checked so it can't run.
Is there a connection between not being able to see my web site and this list of ActiveX issues, or the new Java? My web site has a few forms on it that use Java.

What is the best way to configure Cute ftp in the Kerio firewall so it is secure, but still works?

Am I even asking the right questions? I hope you can see something that might provide a clue.

Thanks for looking

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Preferred Solution: Configuring Kerio for Cute ftp

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Windows XP Home SP2
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall
Cute ftp

I don't know what has changed or how it got changed, but now when I open Cuteftp it makes Kerio firewall start creating new purple shields across my task bar,Cuteftp blinks, and everything slows down. There is 100% cpu usage until I open Windows Task Manager, then it eventually gets under control and goes to 3 or 4%. When I open Windows Task Manager to see if I can see what's going on, whichever process I click on also begins to blink. Pointing the mouse at the row of Shields causes them to disappear, but they return, one by one. It's like a process is going that I haven't started.

I think the problem is in how I have the firewall configured. I really have no clue as to what to allow, not allow, or to be asked. Ftp is especially delicate because it's so easily used by outsiders if it's not protected well.

Could someone tell me what should be Permitted, Denied, or Ask, for a safe FTP? And is ftp a trusted zone or an internet zone?

I'm supposed to upload a monthly ezine tonight but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Always sumthin, hey?

Thanks for any help

A:Solved: Configuring Kerio firewall for Cuteftp

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can somebody help me in solving my problem.
i was using a ftp account on cute ftp very smoothly until yesterday but suddenly it has now started giving me problem saying "530 Authentication failed, sorry."

What can be the solution for this problem. plz let me know asap.


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for my windows 2000? like the one on windows XP you know when you are searching for something a real cute puppy comes up.Is there anything similar to that?

A:Does anyone know where I can get some cute animation

I don't know of any off hand but when I google search for Animated Mouse Cursor puppy I get lots of hits.

Here is the first one it finds

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I recently regestered a domain name with doteasy.com and i am using cute ftp but It won't let me connect. I have been to EVERY help menu on the net. I keep geting error 503 and error 530. ftp.yourdomain.com Just will not let me connect.....What do I do??? Please help.......

A:cute ftp and doteasy.com Please Help...

Have you tried using just your domain name without the ftp at the beginning? (www.yourdomain.com)

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I am using the program to convert documents to pdf. When I do so and reopen, the document is 58%. Is there any way to save this and make it open at 100%?

A:Cute PDF Writer

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Computer: windows xp
program: cute pdf writer

I have downloaded this program multiple times. When I try to "print" a page using cute pdf, I get the message it can't find the printer. I have uninstall this program as well as Adobe 9.



A:cute pdf writer

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How do I get into the registry and remove Cute Ftp bits and pieces so I can reinstall it ??


A:Cute Ftp & Win 2000

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I am converting a word document that has hyperlinks in it using Cute pdf Writer. The links do not carry over when the document is converted. There was mention in an old post about the "hyperlink problem." Is there a way to convert the links into the pdf?

A:Cute pdf Writer - Hyperlinks

Yes, but the converter program MUST support it. A lot of the "Freebies" do not support links.

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Hi all,

I'm running Windows XP SP1.

I'm not sure what's causing this, but I've found these strange files in my C drive.

a) cute.exe
b) debug.txt
c) mtiu.exe

When I tried to delete them, I'm told that some resource is holding on to the files cute.exe and debug.txt

I went into Safe Mode and managed to delete these files. But when I re-booted back into normal mode, they came back!

Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this worm/trojan/virus or whatever it is?

Appreciate any help! Thanks!

A:cute.exe, debug.txt in C Drive

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I am trying to upload my web site via FTP. I have set up as detailed by ISP. Have talked to a "Tech" (RIGHT!) at ISP who knew less than I do.
When I try to connect I get the error "Socket error = #10061" It says I can't connect to remote server. I have disabled any and all firewalls, even in Windows. I set my internet security as low as she goes. I have even tried 3 different ftp programs all with the same results.
If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
Windows XP Pro
288mb ram
service pack 1

A:Cute FTP pro connection error

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Just a little reminder for all the members and visitors. The holiday season is here, and we are all thinking about our families, friends, and loved ones. Unfortunately, there are some evil people out there, who are not thinking about love and family. They are thinking up new ways to infect our computers and make our lives miserable.

If you should receive a nice invitation to open a Holiday Card, from someone close to you and who you trust, resist the impulse to open it. It is not that difficult for "the bad people out there" to steal the contents of "Mom's" address book and send a card with a bad virus in her name.

Furthermore, I will not even tell you to call first to make sure who the card is from. At best that "cute" card" will be the cause of your email address to be sold to others, until eventualy "they will get it".

In any event, I am not trying to dampen your holiday spirit but rather make sure it is a happy one.

Happy Holiday All

A:Cute Christmas E Cards

Thanks Rich.. forewarned is forearmed..

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I am looking for some guidance with an on going problem.

I have win 98 se, aol broadband and am using cute ftp pro to upload files.

The problem started when I got an error message saying "Can't connect to remote server. Socket error = #10060."

I tried ringing aol and they eventually suggested re-installing Internet explorer. That cured the problem but then a couple of days later it happened again. This time I cant fix it????

Its driving me nuts

Hope you guys can help

A:Cute FTP Pro error message


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Hi all ...

I found this cute robot to plug into my Android phone (supposed to work with any smartphone, incl. iPhone)
Do you think this will work with my Galaxy Spica? It's kind of a slow phone - what do you think? The website is www.wiserbots.com


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We have had Cute Writer working perfectly for a number of years. Last week it starting to print with no text. Images and table structures are fine, just no text.

I have now installed the latest version and updated Ghostscript. I have also followed the instructions on the CutePDF support pages:

Text characters are wrong or missing in generated PDF file.
On Win2000/XP boxes, select CutePDF Writer properties in the application print dialog box and click "Advanced". Select "Download as Softfont" (default is "Substitute with Device Fonts") on TrueType Fonts setting for font embedding.
On Win98/ME boxes, open the property of CutePDF Writer and change the Fonts setting to "Always use TrueType fonts".

BUT ... still no text whatsoever.

This is on Windows Server.

Anyone else had this problem, and how the hell did you fix it?


A:Cute PDF Writer fonts

Try PDFCreator .. It has better reviews that Cutepdf
separate ghostscript not needed.

And welcome to the TSG Forum

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OK, so yeah, I was working on an old HP, it had aol for years, it was 7 years old, still dial up...yeah...time to get a new one!

So I did! I thought it would be the end of my problems, but OH NO, of course not.

So three days ago, I got a new gateway 505GR, awesome cpu, actually probably TOO awesome, since I don't game, and I just like to surf, watch movies, and listen to the radio. The monitor is an upgrade...TFT-LCD Flat Panel, FPD 1750. I thought I was going to have an awesome picture quality, but there seems to be a lot of pixelation, some graphics on websites won't load, basically everything looks smudgy. Very technical word, I know.

I tried updating my graphics driver, I tried changing the resolution (they recommend 1240 by 1086) but since I am illiterate, I am afraid to do too much. Also, I am still on dial up since my DSL has not come yet, and I have a free month of Juno. Could the internet provider be the problem? The bad pictures and graphics and texts only show up bad and smudgy when I am on the Web...

Any help would be awesome, I appreciate it, and thanks for the site!

A:Totally illiterate...but I am cute!

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At irregular times, mouse click to close program causes spontaneous crash and reboot. Damndest thing I've ever seen. No IRQ conflicts, current Logitech cordless mouse drivers, 384Mb RAM.

Conflict started just after having changed from cable to DSL (It's a $$ thing!). DSL software is Internet Express.

B]Any suggestions deeply appreciated![/B] Thanks,

"When freedom is given up for security, you soon lose both!" (Benjamin Franklin)

A:One more cute mouse question?

Have you tried uninstalling the mouse and its drivers then reinstalling them? If not try that. I like the quote.

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open word doc, print, choose cutepdf, save to folder. then when i open the second page and follow steps, i get another pdf! guess i am doing something basically wrong but cannot figure it out. so i end up with two pdf's. thanks

A:cute pdf creating one page pdf!

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i cant seem to connect to my new websites ftp files...i made sure that the user name and pasword and the address and port were set correctly but i still get this error "ERROR:> Timeout (60000 ms)." whats goign on?

my only guess is its cus of the router i have, i even set port 21 to the port fowarding but still i get the same error? anyone know how to fix this problem?

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If I 'print' a word doc as a pdf (File> Print) the Save As dialogue box always precedes the File name with 'Microsoft Word -'
I find this intensely annoying; I create a lot of pdfs and have to delete this every time. Is there a way to stop this appearing? Apart from anything else I seriously doubt that anyone on planet earth wants all their file names starting 'Microsoft Word'!

A:Microsoft Word in Cute pdf default File name

Have you tries File > Save As, instead of File > Print? You should then be able to specify the name of the .PDF without any other preceding words.

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A contact sent me that link via msn mess.
I thought it was .gif so I clicked on the link and ran it.
too late now, just wonder what kind of virus it is.

A:what kind of virus is it? http://jose.rivera4.home.att.net/cute.pif

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I'm trying to install the newest version of sunbelt kerio firewall. I already uninstalled my old version (4.21 I think) and ran a few registry cleaners but when I run the installer for the newest version it says I already have a higher version installed and closes. What should I do?

A:Kerio Help

Did you reboot after the uninstall of the previous version?I am installing the Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall and i receive the message: Higher Version of Kerio exists. Please attempt download later.

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hi all,

i want to limit the internet access in my office by using KERIO and by user id.

i managed to import users from my actice directoty, but when it comes to the traffic policy. i cannot to limit the access by users, only by IP.

i block all access to internet in my router, then i set the IE connection to the computer where i installed the KERIO.

is there something missing or wrong in my setting?

heres an example from the traffic policy that i set in my KERIO

testing [email protected] Any HTTP Permit
HTTP Proxy

testing is only the name
source: [email protected] means that he is allowed to access internet where ever he's using any workstation.

if i limit by IP in KERIO, all is fine but i want to limit it by users.

still andy cannot access the internet because the policy that i set in my router. any suggestion ???

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Looking for help configuring Filter Rules and MD5 settings under "Administration > "Advanced" in Kerio 2.1. This stuff is way above my level of understanding. Any ideas on a standard configuration for the average novice user or items of major concern (critical settings). This firewall seems to be blocking some unauthorized connections, but I am worried that I am missing something. I am running the middle setting "Ask Me First" under Administration, and have set some rules for using programs like Outlook Express for example, but other than this... things get really fuzzy. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hello, ok ive just installed Kerio Personal Firewall.. But when I have it on, I cant view some site, like (http://gmail.google.com).. when i login to my email it doesnt load.. But when I turn off my firewall and then reload I can get into it.. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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Nice Team Up for Security...............


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does kerio personal firewall 5 support ics (internet connection sharing). im talking about the FREE version here. im using XP. will be updating to SP1, if it matters

A:kerio question ...

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Hi Folks...One of the many friends whom I help keep their systems going is running Win 98. the latest release of Zone Alarm is not compatible. I also have an old Dell desktop running Win98SE. I don't use it much any more, but I like to keep it current.

The only alternate (free) firewall I've been able to find is Kerio. I have zero experience with Kerio and would like to hear some opinions about it. Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated. Also any other alternative firewall suggestions would be helpful.


A:Kerio Firewall

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This morning I started gettting a bunch of Kerio popup warnings which I do when the DNS numbers change. I changed them in my rule set and I still keep getting the one below. What does it mean?

A:Kerio Alert

I am always mystified by the warning pop-ups that Kerio (and presumably ANY firewall) shows from time to time. Usually if I don't understand them I tick the 'Create appropriate....' and click Deny. No problems so far.


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I just installed the new beta of Kerio, Been using ZoneAlarm up til now.
After installing it, Under network security.. trusted zone, is a loopback to, adapter N/A.. is check.. is it safe to leave that? Or should I uncheck it? I am not on a home network. Also, I dont see an option to start Kerio automatically on startup.. I guess I just copy a shortcut to the startup group? wierd lol


A:Kerio Firewall

I have been using the (free) Kerio Firewall for about three years without problem, other than when it flags up an incoming or outgoing message I usually cannot understand what the potential danger is, if any. I usually click 'No', and if it persists I click the box to make the rejection permanent.
I can't answer your first question, but as regards startup you should find the option, after having started it manually, by right-clicking the taskbar icon, choosing Administration, and find the option at the bottom of the Miscellaneous tab.


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I just installed Kerio Personal Firewall free edition... when the install was complete it told me to restart to complete the installation, and I did. when the computer restarted, at the Windows 98 startup screen, the computer again restarted. it then went into safe mode fine. I tried to startup again in normal... it restarted like before. From there, I uninstalled Kerio in safe mode... what happened?

A:Kerio Problem

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I've been using Kerio's Personal firewall for a few months now, and after seeing joe2cool's link showing Steve Gibson updated his stealth checker, I went to see how I fared with Kerio. Well, after doing the full port scan, I found that I have only about 6 ports in stealth, and the rest closed.
Does anyone know how to set Kerio ports to stealth?

A:Kerio and Stealth??

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Hi,OS: Win MEKerio Personal FirewallI am trying to understand what is going on with my firewall.I have 2 months + of logs showing this message every few seconds:Rule 'Packet to unopened port received' :Blocked: In UDP,;67->localhost:68, owner:no ownerCan anyone tell me what this means and if it is something I need to worry about?Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,TJ

A:Kerio Firewall Log

I think it's a port used by DHCP server which issues you the IP address.I would think you should allow Kerio to listen to it and acknowledge, but an expert needs to confirm.Are you having internet problems?This description of various windows ports does NOT include ME, so I don't know if it may have changedhttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/832017 Normally port 67 and 68 go together.

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I would like to know what is your opinion about Kerio Personal Firewall.

I would like to install it but I need some advice.

I have Windows XP firewall already. Symantec anti-virus and AdAware 6.0 plus Spybot Search and Destroy.

Some say that Windows' firewall is not enough, that I need another one.

Need your opinion please.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


A:What do you think about Kerio Personal Firewall?

I use Kerio Personal Firewall instead of the Windows XP firewall at home. I think it's a lot better because of the ability to see what programs are executing and which ports are being used to listen on your computer.

I've also heard that the XP firewall may get disabled by certain types of viruses, leaving you unprotected.

I think you should try it out; it's free for home users anyways. If you don't like it you can always uninstall it and try ZoneAlarm or some other type of firewall.

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Has anybody else seen anything about this? Unless it's an elaborate hoax by someone, there is a posting at the Kerio Forum announcing the discontinuance of KPF w.e.f 31/12/05; http://forums.kerio.com/index.php?t=msg&th=7040&start=0&S=9de97243d04e13fe90cc6fa8dc15787d

The reference is to the 'commercial' version, but, if they are dropping that, it's not likely they will continue support for the free version.

Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere.

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Hello all,

Kerio Technologies has grown into a significant player in both security and messaging markets. We have achieved many accolades, and we have many satisfied customers all over the world.

Kerio now employs over one hundred people in our three offices worldwide. We want to continue to deliver products that you enjoy to use. We made a promise to give our customers the best products in their category. And that means implementing some changes in our product strategy.

During the second half of this year, Kerio will be discontinuing two host-based security products from our portfolio Kerio ServerFirewall and Kerio Personal Firewall.
Kerio Personal Firewall will be discontinued as of December 31, 2005. It will not be available for purchase after this date. Subscriptions will not be renewed. Technical support will be provided to all customers with valid subscriptions until the end of 2006.

Thank you for your support of Kerio.

Joshua Thomas

A:Kerio Firewall Discontinuing

Here is some other related news>



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I want to open a port range. I have searched everywhere on google and I have tried the help files but I still dont undertstand how. I am using kerio personal firewall 4 and trying to open the port range 6881 to 6889. How would I go about doing this? I have already tried there offical forums but still no use.


A:Kerio Personal Firewall 4

See if this helps at all http://club.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-93653.html

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I have a friend who said that I should fully uninstall Zone Alarm and download and install Kerio. Is this just a question of individual's tastes, or is it generally agreed that one is better than the other? I am not unhappy with Zone Alarm Pro and don't want to make the switch unless there is objective data indicating that Kerio is better or that it is preferred by most forum readers here.

Any advice?

A:Zone Alarm Vs. Kerio

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Hi all I am new here in the States.I used to live in "Sweeden"I have been using Sunbelt 's Kerio for my firewall.I was wondering if anybody has had any trouble with this proram.I think the firewall is the most important part of a good security plan.I hope my spelling is not to bad .Thankyou Ivan

A:Sunbelt Kerio Firewall

Is that the old, free one? Try Comodo. It is one of the best and free besides.

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It was recommended I install Kerio's firewall. Not for nothing, but compared to zonealarm, this thing is a piece of crap. It 'asks' over and over about allowing this or that thru... and details.. that button is a joke. I have never seen such a goatrope in all my years in computers... ZONEALRM actually tells you WHAT wants thru. This piece of garbage... you have to be a 20 year experienced network engineer to (MAYBE) know what is asking permission to my box.

I'm deinstalling this piece of junk asap. and well.. I'd actually prefer nothing to this hunk of junk ( read > upset )

The thread I read said the default settings would = stealth at grc ( which I have used for a couple of years and had no problem achieving stealth mode at grc with a newbie, no direction install of ZA ). Not true, in any way, shape or form. Sorry!Yeesh.. no uninstall pulldown on it either, in the thing. My God!
MUST have been wriiten by the maniacs at Mcafee.. looks like their garbage. McAfee does NOT pick up things NAV does... THIS I can guarantee you. FRUST!


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Using the free Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall, I get the following error at startup, no matter what I do, what I disable and enable. It's something like "Application Error" then some 000000 and then it says "the memory could not be "read"". Click OK to continue or Cancel to debug.

This error is very annoying...does anyone know how I can fix it? I've reinstalled and everything...I WANT A FIX!

A:Kerio error...frustrating!

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Hi, I'm planning to do a change in my company's proxy server. I've been using ISA Server 2000 but, I've heard some interesting features about Kerio Winroute Firewall 6. Based on your experience which one would you recommend?


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KERIO and ZONE Alarm, which is better? If you think is ZL, why? if you think is Kario, why? Or what do you use and why do you use that particular utility? Thanks. YOYO.

A:Kerio Vs Zone Alarm

Kerio's full features turn off after a thirty day trial if you do not purchase their paid version.I personally prefer ZA which I have been using successfully for years.If, for some reason you do not like ZA try the following:Comodo firewall (freeware)http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/

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The settings for the firewall got messed up can anyone tell me the normal settings or the safe settings for it?

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I cannot believe the recent McAfee PFW 8.0 upgrade requires eight services and ten running files using approx 88MB memory per Task Manager! This is just unacceptable. I uninstalled all things McAfee but the FW ages ago and that is about to get the axe, too, I'm afraid. My subscription is not up until April but I am so disgusted I may just not wait til them to uninstall! Because I only want to select a FW with continued development (ruling out Sygate), I have narrowed the field to Sunbelt Kerio PFW and Comodo PFW, with a present leaning towards the SKPF. I have been readiing up on them for some time now on several forums & the latest releases of both appear to offer excellent protection & run pretty light on resources. They both appear to have a learning/basic mode with out-of-the-box ease of installation/setup. Comodo is currently free (but must register) and SBKF is currently $19.95/yr with a $10.00 renewal fee each year thereafter.Given what I have onboard realtime (see my signature), would users of these firewalls please offer their advice,suggestions, warnings as to how the two might perform (or conflict) on my system? Would you anticipate any problems/conflicts with what I have onboard?

A:Sunbelt Kerio Fw Or Comodo Fw?

I have a similar set up to you and I run Comodo. Your correct in that you have to register comodo but that is only foer the license key - I used a throw away gmail address for this.

System resoourse seem light and do not seem to be interupting day to day running.

Previously I was running Kerio but got fed up with the free version constantly reminding me to upgrade.

As I said Comodo does everything I want it to do and there is an official forum with custom rulesets.

Load it and give it a go.

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ok, here's the story.
I upgraded to xp home edition about 3 wks ago. Things are pretty smooth with no glitches, almost. I am running an inexpensive computer with lots of hard drive space and 256k memory.
I installed the free version of kerio 2.1 personal firewall. I am very much the novice on what to allow and what to deny permission but that is a different story, I hope.
I called the co. that built my computer and they suggested that i uninstall kerio, then reinstall which I did. The reason was because each time I tried to open "status,administration", or anything, I got a box stating that Kerio was running on a remote computer(the box was checked) and the "status window" box was checked. Nothing happens when I try to change to the "local host" box and the Admin box.
When I boot up, I get two pop up boxes, one stating:
Ffvarlibinit:var_server_starterror 1(10048:bind()failed
and the other stating:
KFE initialization failed: invalid parameter
Now the crazy part about it is that Kerio is currently active and running. I called Kerio and they told me they do not support the free version. So, basically, I can't get into the firewall to make any changes or do anything to anything to this program. By the way, when I began to uninstall there were two Kerio's. One was the Kerio 2.1 and the other was just Kerio. On uninstallation of Kerio, it said I would have to restart in VGA to uninstall. I have no clue as to what that is or what to do. ... Read more

A:xp and kerio firewall question...please help

They probably want the uninstall done in safe mode.

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