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Problem in starting selenium

Q: Problem in starting selenium

Hi all,

I'm getting issue in starting selenium. Actually my thread class has selenium.start() in run() method. So when I'm using below lines of code,

//some another class
class someclass{

ScrapeThread nidleThread = new ScrapeThread("nidleThread");
Thread scraper = new Thread(niidleThread);

as thread.start() method internally calls run() method, so in run() method of thread class only first two three lines of code are getting executed and when it executes comes to selenium.start() and executes, then selenium is giving issue in starting means I can see only two commands getting executed in command history of selenium remote and then getting struck there.

But when i m using below code and directly calling the run() method of my thread class

//some another class
class someclass{
ScrapeThread nidleThread = new ScrapeThread("nidleThread");
here it's working properly and I'm getting proper output as I want.

What could be the issue in starting selenium when I'm executing the thread in normal way i.e. by calling scrapper.start() method?

//in thread class
selenium = new DefaultSelenium(config.getHost(), Integer.parseInt(config.getPort()), config.getBrowser(), config.getUrl());
Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Problem in starting selenium

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem in starting selenium

Which Selenium are you trying to run IDE or RC?

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there 60+ scripts in my project ,when i run my bat file. only 3 scripts run.what might be the issue

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I am running Windows 7 home premium

I have tried to create a batch file that should run Selenium RC but the path is coming up incorrect.
The batch file is coded like this :And saved as a bat.

@echo off
START "c:\selenium\selenium-remote-control-1.0.3\selenium-server-1.0.3\java -jar selenium-server.jar"

The cmd opens up but I get this in the cmd windows

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


A:Creating A Batch file to run Selenium RC

please do not duplicate posts
I have moved the reply from this post to your other post here
closing this one

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I have an issue regarding the use of Selenium on one of my Servers. I am trying to take a screenshot over IE using Selenium, its returning with a black screen. The user is not logged on remotely on the server to perform this task. Do you have a fix/workaround
for this type of task?

Server version of IE: 11.0.9600
Selenium Webdriver for IE: 3.150.1
Windows Server version: Windows Server 2012 R2

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Hi all,
 I am facing an issue when automation IE 11 with Selenium C#.
 clicking on a specific link is opening new window, where the expected behaviour is to open the link in a new tab. When manually trying to do the same scenario, the expected result is obtained where as the problem arise when trying to do the same using
automation. the behaviour is working fine with automation in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Selenium Webdriver Version :3.3
IE version: 11
IEDriverServer version :
Kindly let me know if more information required.

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when I am manually clicking on a link it opens a new tab but while I am doing automation its opening as a new window but in console its showing that it has not switched to the new window and is not able to perform any other operation on the new window
And according to the script it should click on a link, switch the new window and perform operations on the new window.
IE VERSION IS IE-11 Windows7. Here is my code,

Set<String> handles = driver.getWindowHandles();  
Iterator<String> itr = handles.iterator();    
Object   firstHandle = itr.next();    
Object   lastHandle = firstHandle;    
while (itr.hasNext()) {      
lastHandle = itr.next();                        
I am not able to switch to the new window .

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Attempts to install Selenium Server as a service (using nssm) in Windows 10 fail with

Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED on nssm start selenium-server

Selenium is selenium-server-standalone-2.53.0.jar. nssm is 2.24. OS is Windows 10, 1511, 32-bit.

Event viewer says

Service selenium-server ran for less than 1500 milliseconds. Restart will be delayed by 16000 milliseconds

The objective is to run acceptance tests of a Symfony application using codeception. PhantomJS has been abandoned as it does not accommodate javascript popups or jquery dialog boxes.

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I am trying to run a automated test in IE 8 with Perl and Selenium RC. The Selenium RC server is freezes up at this point: (1 0:59:57.675 INFO - Launching Internet Explorer HTA...) and then locks up.
At the Perl prompt I get the Error message: (Error requesting http://localhost:4444/selenium-server/driver/: 500 read timeout # Looks like your test exited with 255 before it could output anything.
The browser does open up but the test site does not launch. Has anyone every experience this problem. (Fire Fox runs great I am only having the problem in iexplore 8
Selenium RC Server command: java -jar selenium-server.jar


A:Perl & Selenium RC unable to lunch test site in iexplore 8

no one knows

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Not sure if this question belong in this part of the forum.
So recently our company has just installed a mandatory update that broke Internet Explorer in many ways and Selenium WebDriver is one of them. For more info, I'm using Selenium in C# and we are NOT allowed to roll back any mandatory update (only adjust parts
of GPL but we have to have compelling evidence). The last time we installed any update was on 04/22/2019, Last Windows 10 Security update that we got was KB4493478 and KB4493441)
So after the update happens, Selenium Sendkeys runs extremely slow on the website (1 letter per 1-2 seconds). Before that, we ran the same exact code on the same exact website and it ran fine. I tried looking up some additional help but to no avail at this
point. Any idea may help!
Thanks a lot!

Benedict Wolf

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d version of windows 10"?
socan u please help me....
My code is:
package First;

import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;
import org.openqa.selenium.edge.EdgeDriver;
import org.openqa.selenium.edge.EdgeOptions;

public class Demo {

// TODO Auto-generated method stub
public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
System.setProperty("webdriver.edge.driver", "C:\\Users\\Ganesh\\Downloads\\MicrosoftWebDriver.exe");
        WebDriver driver = new EdgeDriver();
        driver.manage ().window().maximize();



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1. When I turn on my Computer, about 75% of the time, it gets to a certain state, then resets itself, resulting in a blue screen appearing for about a second with a count down at the bottom, "dumping..." (something) then I get a black screen, with "Safe Mode, Start Normally..." etc. Then when windows finally starts, I get a window, with the following error...

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 4e
BCP1: 0000009A
BCP2: 0007DE7D
BCP3: 00000006
BCP4: 00000002
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:

Any Ideas?

2. With some games, when I choose "Exit" from the in-game menu, the game closes down (as it should) but I get a window saying that, basically, it stopped working, and it has 3 options, 2 of which are "Cancel Program" (or something like that) and "Debug"

Anyway, I can't do anything with this window, I need to use CTRL+ALT+DEL and use the Task Manager to shut it down (The window, not the game itself, the game closes when I close the window) Again, any ideas?

Reg... Read more

A:[SOLVED] 2 Problems. 1. Problem when starting computer. 2. Problem with some games.

Hi and welcome to TSF

It seems to me that we are having BSoD errors here. First I would like you to start up in Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key. Then use the arrow keys to choose Safe Mode and then Choose your OS. Boot up into your computer and click Start. Right click My Computer and hit Properties. Then in System Properties click the Advanced Tab. Under Startup and Recovery click Settings. Under System Failure in the new box decheck the box that says, "Automatically Restart." Click Ok and then Ok again. Then I would like you to restart your computer and try to get the Blue Screen again. When you do get the Blue Screen tell me exactly what the text says.

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Hi all,

I really need your help urgently.

My brand new PC, just died this weekend.
When starting it up it stays on the start-up screen for 30 secs, then goes black and the text, Insert Bootable Disc blah blah..something...Whatever key I press it just repeats the message and I cannot get the computer to start at all.
It also sounds a bit strange, you can hear the disc spinning louder than usual when starting up, and I am getting really really worried about this.

I've got soo many things on my computer that I don't want to lose.
Please could someone help.

Maybe there is some sort of file I can put on a floppy and boot from that?
Just to get in and then clear whatever virus or bug is doing this to it.

Please help.
Many thanks


A:Urgent Problem - Starting Up Problem - poss virus...

Hi all,
Not sure if anyone can help.

I've now tried to change the boot order in BIOS, which is the only thing I can access. I cannot start in Safe Mode which is a bit worrying.

Unplugged all USB plugs etc, that might be a prob. Nothing seems to help.

Is my computer doomed?

Please someone help...

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Hey there,

about a week ago i installed Windiws Vista Business. i noticed a couple of times that my [COLOR=#3676a2! important][COLOR=#3676a2! important]PC[/COLOR][/COLOR] jusr restarted itself. other than that it worked fine up until last night. it all started with intenet explorer. i couldn't open any [COLOR=#3676a2! important][COLOR=#3676a2! important]website[/COLOR][/COLOR]. it said something about corrupted file. so i figured i'll give it a restart. and then the it wouldn;t boot up anymore. it says that windows failed to start.... then it says:

file \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\[COLOR=#3676a2! important][COLOR=#3676a2! important]DRIVERS[/COLOR][/COLOR]\acpi.sys

status 0xc000000F

windows failed to start because a critical system driver is missing, or corrupt.

i already tried to do what it said there. it told me to put in the original CD of vista and click on repair. well that didnt work. it was repairing over 18 hours and nothing is happening.

any suggestions? plz if u could help me i would really appreciate it, i have all my work, school stuff = pix on the harddrive i wouldnt want to loose that.



A:I have problem starting up Vista - problem with driver

Sounds similar to an old xp thing with the acpi have you tried loading to a safe dos mode and running checkdisk with the appropriate parameters I think its "checkdisk /f /p" you'd need to run "checkdisk /?" just to make sure.

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Hi, I have an old pentium 200 with two SCSI 3GB harddrives that I haven't used for awhile.
I need to format the hard disks and install windows.
When I power the PC up with the startup disk in it seems to detect the two harddrives and the cd rom but after it says invalid system disk. I looked on the disk on another computer and it seems to be ok.
I'm using the same floopy drive as I used to make the startup disk.
I had to set the time and date again but it hasn't asked for them to be set again.
Can someone tell me whats wrong please


A:Problem starting up PC

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When I turn on the system is starts to boot up and then the screen goes black for anywhere between 1-2 minutes and then the desktop appears. I don't have many programs starting up when the system starts. I always check the Config.exe file.

A:Starting Up Problem

Could you list your system specs?

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I have a xps m1730 and have had some booting problems recently. I took my computer in to have it looked at and they said it was a bad hard drive. So I had themt install a new one and reformated my computer and during booting it dont recognize the hard drive but it does go to the destop. I still have some of the same problems as before often. the comuter doesnt like to wake up from sleep and have booting problems once in a while. Could it be bad motherbord?

A:Starting problem

1. Change BIOS settings to default.

2. And upgrade the BIOS ROM

It will work.

If not let us know.

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everytime i turn my pc it gets to the part where it displays windows xp is loading, then when it should go to the log in screen the screen stays black, and i think the pc shuts down, or stops responding, but my screen stays on but black.

i've followed the advice given on the windows website, but that doesnt work, it tells me to remove my xp disc and start up again, but i cant remove it because for some reason my pc asks for me to put it in the cd rom drive every time i start up.

any ideas?

(i'm on my friends pc looking for help, thanks)

A:problem starting up

anyone? please? i have to get off this pc soonish (about an hour) so i want all the help i can get before i go home to try fix mine!!!

thankyou xx.

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When I start the laptop, the two option is coming - (1) boot from efi file & (2) boot from notebook harddrive. The system cannot start atomatically. What the problem. plz give me solution

A:starting problem

 Hi @SumantaMondal, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post and wanted to reach out to help you! In your post, you had said that currently your HP Pavilion 15-n204tx Notebook and two options for starting. Upon first starting the Notebook press and hold Windows key and b. Just keep holding it. Once your sure nothing is happening restart the Notebook. This should restore the last configuration of the BIOS. If that does not help you could try to restore the BIOS to factory defaults. This will have the system start to the Hard Drive or Operating system. Please get back to me how this goes If you wish to say Thanks for my efforts to help, click the Thumbs up to give me a Kudos. Thanks.

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Hi my laptop wont start and i have a blinking light coming from caps lock

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If I start the pc apear on the screen this:The system had detected that a Colling fan is not operating correctly.ERROR : System fan (90B)

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Ok. I put my computer together, along with my dad watching and helping when needed. I followed the intructions carefuly, and after it was all connected and ready I tried it out.

What happens is the cpu fan, the case fans, the light all turn on for 1/2 a second-1 second, but then it powers down.

My OCZ PSU is 600w, which should be plenty for my system. When I just turn the PSU on, the green "ok, its getting power" light turns on -on the motherboard.

The reset, pwer, and HDD led are all plugged in correctly, and I've checked most parts and connections.

My PSU has a added feature that if it detects a short-circuit, it shuts down. I feel this is whats going on. Now to find the short-circuit...Anyone know what it could be?

Also, along with my case came these little nylon/plastc/rubber red rings. The instructions DIDN'T say to use them with the screws and standoffs. I fear the mobo is getting short-circuited by the case, and that I have to put a red little ring between the screw head and the top of the motherboard.

I spent 2 hours putting it together, and had to go to bed with this problem hanging over my head...I just want a working computer....but nothing in my life seems to happen right the first time.

Please, if you can help me figure this out I would be very greatful. I can take pictures if needed, but I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down the problem.


A:Problem not starting!

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i have a small office consisting of 4 PCs...
i am using P-IV system, 256 MB DDR RAm and ASUS X-series motherboard etc...
My problem is that when i start the system, it works fine...but after shutting down if i start the system after some time, there is no display but the power is on and so is the cpu fan... this happens in all the 4 systems...

i have tried changing the battery, cleaning the memory but the problem persists....

A:Starting Problem

Your power supply may not be delivering enough power to the P4?

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I know I've read about this here before but can't find the thread. Anyway, I've got a somewhat intermittent problem in that when I dial up to the Internet, I connect to my ISP just fine, but then I get an error that reads the page cannot open. This happens when I try to begin with Outlook Express, too. What's happening is that the "Bytes Sent" in the Status bar remains at about 386 bytes, and my little "Connection" icons (little monitors) aren't even blinking or flashing. It's not a problem with traffic on my ISP, because my computer downstairs loads just fine on every attempt, even when I can't on my "upstairs" computer. Seems I read somewhere about selecting or deselecting "connect automatically" or "always use my default" or something. Any ideas????

56K Modem
ISP - Earthlink
IE 5.5
OE 6.0
1.2 Pentium III

A:IE Starting Problem......Again

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I have an issue with my PC and XP. It suddenly failed to start. The thing is I get 4 green stripes in 5 columns on the screen then it tries to start XP but reboots and the same thing happens again and I am being asked if I want to start the PC in failsafe mode or last good working configuration.

I am suspecting my graphic card it is a MSI ti-4400 but I have had no problems with it earlier. It's an P4 2.4Ghz with A-bit IC7-G motherboard.

What can I do, and what has happened?

A:Problem starting XP

Assuming the machine is a desktop (not a laptop) then I, also, would be suspicious of the video card. I would also be taking a long hard look at the monitor. It may well be something as simple as the cable has come a little loose. Try refitting the video cable and make sure it's straight and tight. If the cable has plugs on both ends then try another cable.

BTW - when it brings up the boot menu will it startup in "Safe Mode"? Are you getting this problem BEFORE the O/S starts to load?

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Hi,I have an emachine 1600+ amd athlon computer with win xp home os some times when I push power button of computer and computer turns on but there is noting on the monitor and it stops the booting then if i try to repush to start it boots up and monitor works fine and no problem some times this problem happens I dont know what it is wrong please help.

A:starting problem

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I am having trouble booting up my PC, it's taking along time to boot up and when it finally does it shows a blank desktop for awhile, when the desktop finishes loading it restarts itself. This problem started after my computer froze up after i recieved a bunch of pop-ups, and i tried to restart it.

I tried doing a system restore in safe mode, everything went fine until system restore restarted the computer and it still didn't boot up correctly. I tried going into safe mode and not doing a system restore, but once i was in safe mode the computer ran very slowly and everytime i tried to open a program it would freeze up, and i would have to restart it. I also tried the option of booting up to the last time my settings worked correctly, but the computer still didnt boot up normally.

I am almost positive this problem is being caused by some sort of virus or spyware/adware, but i cant do a HiJack This scan because i cant open the program without the computer freezing up. I also noticed that when i was in safe mode my CPU usage was at 100%, but there were only 15 processes running, and my PF usage was at 52mb.

My Computer's Specs Are:
P4 2.4 ghz
512 MB ram
and i am running XP Professional

If anyone has any ideas of what i could do to fix this please let me know.

A:Problem starting up my PC

Can you see what processes are running either in Safe Mode or Normal Mode (do a ctrl+alt+del and go to Processes tab)? If you can, see which processes are taking up lots of resources and post them here.

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Hi, this is my first thread at this forum and i'll aprishiate any kind of help. So this is my problem: every time, in the last two months, when I start my PC it doesnt want to load the OS. It comes to some point, like starting the interface of the OS, and it stops. After that I need to turn it off and start it again. After that everything works normaly until the next day when I need to do the same procedure again. Alsow I've noticed that when the PC is turned off the HDD makes squcking noises (it buzzes). May all of the problems be from the HDD?

A:Problem when starting PC

It might be a hard drive problem. You might be able to check the drives "smart" status, to see if it's giving errors.
You can check it's status with everest home, here's the link.

Once installed click storage/smart and check if the values are normal/passing, or failing. Your drive might not have smart enabled though.

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At first attempt it turns itself off automatically just few seconds after post screen and windows logo. When i keep on pressing the power button / remove power cable and reinsert it starts up again. I have to do the above at least 3-4 times to get the PC up and running. Funniest part is that it works fine once it loads to windows and becomes stable. No heating or any other known issues.

What could be the source of this problem ?


E7300 | Intel DG31PR | 4GB DDR2 800 Ram | 250GB HDD | eMARC PSU (genric)

A:PC - starting problem

I would try a different PSU, if you have a spare around, as you will soon know if it has found the problem, by booting first time.

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I couldn't find a better suited forum to post this, so I'm posting here as I use Windows 7. Though I mention antivirus below, my problem is NOT anti-virus related... it's "missing file" related.Yesterday I decided to switch my antivirus from Avira to Avast as I kept getting a popup asking me if I wanted to allow Avira to run every time I booted up my laptop. When I ran a scan there were two "infected" files which I quarantined and I believe one of them was the basis of the problem I'm having now. Now everytime I boot up my laptop I get a popup saying "There is a problem starting C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\BthcfgLite\nsPathapi.dll". I've searched for this nsPathapi.dll file and get zero results. What the heck is it? If it's not something I need, how can I stop the popup on bootup?I know I can simply do a system restore, but I've been dealing with a browser hijacker for the past couple weeks and don't want to bring this file back unless I know what it is, and ever since I quarantined it and switched from firefox to chrome I haven't been taken to false pages when doing a google search.Any help would be appreciated.Edit: Moved topic from Win 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:There Was A Problem Starting...

Looks like it was a Sefnit.E infection. http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=f6e1c5bb3c46f7b3cca4501695a1ef8f58d4c73bb7b40a87cfb419fbd1ce20a0-1293011449http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Threat/Encyclopedia/Entry.aspx?Name=Trojan%3AWin32%2FSefnit.EI think we have an orphaned malware file in nsPathapi.dllmessage is usually related to malware that was set to run at startup but has been deleted. Windows is trying to load this file but cannot locate it since the file was mostly likely removed during an anti-virus or anti-malware scan. However, an associated orphaned registry entry remains and is telling Windows to load the file when you boot up. Since the file no longer exists, Windows will display an error message. You need to remove this registry entry so Windows stops searching for the file when it loads. To resolve this, download Autoruns, search for the related entry and then delete it.Create a new folder on your hard drive called AutoRuns (C:\AutoRuns) and extract (unzip) the file there. (click here if you're not sure how to do this.)Open the folder and double-click on autoruns.exe to launch it.Please be patient as it scans and populates the entries.When done scanning, it will say Ready at the bottom.Scroll through the list and look for a startup entry related to the file(s) in the error message.Right-click on the entry and choose delete.Reboot your computer and see if the startup error returns.Credit to quietman7Next run MBAM (MalwareBytes):Ple... Read more

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My computer doesn't start up at all, there power to the mother board because lights on it are on. When i press the power button on nothing happens the fans don't come on or anything. Any suggestions on what to do??

A:Problem starting up

Your problem is most likely the power cord that connects to your "power on button" on the front of your computer. open your case and make sure that the cord that connects to the power button is connected.
the cord should be red/white although not sure if this is the case for every pc
it aslo should be braided in a spiral pattern if i am correct

Tell me if this works first

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Hi, I just set up my first computer from scratch, load the operating system which is window7  home premium and up dated to 7 Ultimate, the problem I'm having is every time I turn on the computer it will go to the Bios first for 1 second , opened another window which I can't read because  it will go so fast,and after that   window 7 will start loading
Just asking if there is a way I can do the setup properly, so it will just load window7 when I turn on the computer
Thank's any one who can help

A:Starting problem

From memory, because this computer is up and running and I don't feel like fiinding another computer just to boot it and look at its BIOS, there is a control in BIOS which allows you to see the boot sequence on screen or not. This is probably set to 'show'.
But why worry ?  It is going to go through this sequence whether you watch it or not, and it sounds as though you are happy with the way the computer is working. If it ain't broke, don't fix it !
Chris Cosgrove

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my pc keeps on rebooting..wenover i
start it, it shows safe mode, network
mode,etc and below the seconds keep
on elapsing..after that it shows
windows xp and after that it displays
no signal nd then reboots..plz tell me
what can be the prblm..

A:pc starting problem

Are you able to boot into Safemode (by choosing the option when the bootup starts, you mention seeing it)

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when i turn my computer on or restart it. 2 error messages come on when its completely loaded
1. error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\stlbdist.DLL
The specified module could not be found
2. error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\inetp60.dll
The specified module could not be found

If anyone could please help me out and tell me how to fix these problems, then please do so! I dont know what is wrong with it.

A:Problem with starting up

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Here's the scenerio, it's complex:

Around December, my friends computer putzed out on him and was constantly getting blue screens, so he formatted. Everytime he tried to reinstall Windows, it'd crash halfway through. I stepped in and finally got it to install, and all was good.

Then he bought a used computer (Compaq), which he was having some conflicts between his onboard video and PCI video card. So his friends switches out the motherboard on his old computer and puts it in his newer one, and they start getting blue screen errors on start-up. Then they switch it back to the original board that came with the Compaq and he is still getting these errors(on different occasions)

Kmode Exception Not Handled

Operating System Not Found On These Devices

Anyone know what could be causing these problems?

A:A problem with starting up.

Couple of things that can give those kind of problems.
1. RAM
2. Power supply
3. Overheated cpu
So check those things and see
So basically what i would recommend is to start the board with just the video card ( sound card, network card , modem been taken out). Format the hard drive and try to install windows. If you're able to install it without any problems then the hardware removed is the problem ( sound , modem , network etc..)
On the other hand windows can't be installed or has problems (before puting back the above mentioned hardware) it's one of those 3 things....

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Just started today - no new stuff added.
When I start up, I get the blue windows screen saying it needs to "check file and folders," but at the bottom of the screen where it gives the percentage scanned, it stays at zero, and after a couple of minutes, goes to a black screen and and says "machine_check_exception STOP:OV000009c,."whatever that means.
If I hit anything on the keyboard (on the first screen) before it attempts to scan, it starts up fine, and runs fine. I tried defrag and doing the "correct error" thing in the control panel.
I used to get this if the computer was not shut down properly, but it would scan up to 100%. Now it does nothing. ANy one have any ideas how to correct this, or should I expect the whole thing to crash if I keep using it this way?
Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Starting up problem..

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Hello everyone i have a serious problem starting up my PC. I HOPE ONE OF THE CLEVER PEOPLE OUT THERE CAN HELP!!

I have a serious problem starting up, when i turn on my PC the Monitor ALWAYS goes to the orange light and standby mode.

The only way to access it is
1) Switch on PC
2) Whilst its running IMMEDIATELY take out the MAINS plug so you cut off the power
3) Put plug backin and start again
4) It will start to load and beep like this= first a single beep, then double beep then lastly a single beep
5) It will start to load and the monitor will wake up, it will then start with a Black page with the CMOS start up.
6_ On this page i press F2 and change the time and date to the correct one. Then i load best performance settings and exit and save
7) Finally it will start to load as normal and the windows page comes.

This is what i have to do EVERY time!

So is there anyone that can advise me on how i can fix this so it is normal??? Also can anyone say am i doing any harm to my PC starting like this every time??

I hope someone can help me

MANY MANY MANY Thanks to the person that does

A:SERIOUS problem starting up pc

Change your BIOS battery.

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I get this message every time I start up machine running Win7 Home Premium. Any thoughts on how to fix?

A:There was a problem starting

Hi, I can't get any results on that file name, please check the spelling.

Chances are it relates to an item of software on your system that has not uninstalled correctly, have you uninstalled any software recently?

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Had my pc for over a year now but this last week i have been having a problem getting it to turn on. when i hit the power button it comes on for 1-2 seconds and immediately turns back off again, after a few tries it does boot up and says "Please reset CPU or memory frequency in CMOS setup" and the choice F1 to continue of DEL to enter BIOS. pressing F1 it boots up and when its running everything seems to be running like ususual but i have noticed a crackling noise that sounds like it is comming from the PSU im not 100%. I Dont want to use it when i have to keep forcing it to turn on incase i damage the hardware. Any ideas whats causing this problem?

A:Problem starting up PC

A faulty PSU could easily be responsible for your problem, specially since you are hearing "a crackling noise". It could also seriously damage PC components including the CPU. I would suggest you test voltages and stop using your PC till you confirm this problem.

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I have an Acer Aspire 5100 Notebook
The problem is that the NB does not start Normally, the power is on, the power light is on, but the monitor is off, it just doesnt start, i have to turn of then turn on for many times , sometimes i have to do it more then 20 times, till it starts workin, but when it starts , it works perfectly. I wonder if you could tell me where the problem is, why doesnt start on the first time i click the power button?
If you have any Idea , please show it to me....thaks for the time, i hope i will hear from you soon

A:Problem with starting?

Remove the battery and try starting on the AC adapter only

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Hello, i upgraded my wifi card to a new one because the old one was not working and broke, so when i tried to start the laptop after i upgraded the wifi card, it says System halted, unsupported wifi card, i tried to do everything nothing worked..  Help..

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First, I am not very computer savvy. 
About two weeks ago, I tried to track a package and installed some kind of unwanted junk on my computer.  I finally got that cleared off my computer, but in the process I have created another problem.
Now when I start my computer, a screen comes up that has two small icon boxes on it.  Beneath one box it says "okwrangler", beneath the other box it says "administrator".  When I click on the okwrangler square, it takes me to a new site, when I click on the administrator box, it takes me to my normal MSN site.
Is there any way I can get rid of the okwrangler box and just go back to the way my computer was before I n
messed it up?
Thank you

A:Starting Problem

The simplest thing to do is to try a 'System restore'. This will restore your computer to the condition it was in at the time of the restore point you select.
Click 'Start - Control Panel - Recovery'. Then  choose to do a 'System restore'. The restore panel will open. It may show only one restore point, the latest, and if this is not from before the time the problem started then click the button 'Other restore points' and select one that is definitely from before this all started. Then click 'Restore'. You will get a couple of warnings, accept them, the restore will start. Do NOT interrupt it, just let it run until it is finished. This shouldn't take longer than about ten minutes and usually it will ask you to re-boot. If it doesn't, re-boot any way.
If that doesn't fix the problem. post back.
Chris Cosgrove

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Here's the deal. . . . .
Here's the deal. . . . .

Not too long ago i was restarting my computer after a Kazaa Update. The computer seemed as if were doing fine then all of the sudden, it would begin to start up then it would say, invaild system disk, replace and press any key. or it would say Device file system.ini has been damaged. SO I want to reinstall Windows but my manufactor didnt give me a CD for ME, and i guess it is already installed.... so if I cant even get into Safe Mode or a DOS promt, then what now!!!!!!!!

Please Help

-Spencer W

[email protected]

A:BIG Problem-starting up

kaaza has spyware look at this post

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when my system starts up. it gets strucked and an dialogue box appears saying windows explorer is stop working ... Please help me rectifying this issue . Any more information required then let me know. Thanks in advance.

A:Starting up Problem

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when i try to start my pc this happens:

1.i get all those DOS black screen readings (checking NVRAM ect...)
2.pop up window says WINDOWS ME (goes away in a blink)
3. checking disk for errors (if i let it run after a few seconds everything blocks and i have to reset Pc;if i cancel it, it goes as follows:
4.it asks me my network password (which is strange cause i never set a password neither am i connected to any network), what i do here is just click X and close window
5.this is where my desktop normally appears, but lately the screen freezes and i have to restart my PC even as much as 50 times!!!!to have it run normal again.

i tried to defragment C drive, but i couldnt proceed cause i got a message that the drive contains errors, so i ran scan disk & repair, and it found no errors to repair!!!!
im pretty sure my system is virus and malwear free..
i have enough RAM
C is 88% free
all programs at peak efficiency.


A:problem starting Pc-please help

Sounds like hardware problems. I'd start with a memory check, and then move in to a disk diagnostic for the disk. What make/model of disk do you have?

Microsoft Memory Diagnostic


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Taking around 2 to 3 mins to start. What may be the reason for it...??
Model Name: Dell inspiron 15 5559
1tb HDD
4GB graphics
i5 6th gen.

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I though it might be easier if i take a short video to explain my problem.
So whenever I start up my computer, it will load up and enter this blue screen (at 0:17). Following which, I would press the Esc button and it will reboot and enter the bios menu. After I exit from the bios menu, the computer will restart and my computer will load normally.
This problem occured after about 2 months after I built this computer with the help of a friend.
Hope to get some help! Not sure if I'm in the right topic.

A:Problem when starting up

Start with Startup Repair.  The easiest way to get to that would be to hold down "Shift" while you restart the system.
More info on Startup Repair here:  http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/2843-automatic-repair-run-windows-8-a.html

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