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Excel - Password protection

Q: Excel - Password protection

I have an Excel workbook titled "Password" in which I keep all the passwords I use (lots) - this workbook is password protected so I really only need to remember one password
This morning when I got to work I opened the workbook
It asked for the initial password which I entered and was accepted
It then opens the dialogue for the Write or Read Only
Under the line
it gives a line of funny characters (blocks etc) which I had never seen before
Whether I enter the password or select ReadOnly I get kicked out of Excel
with a blank dialogue box headed PROGRAM ERROR
I tried several times and even rebooted with the same results
Please help

Preferred Solution: Excel - Password protection

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A: Excel - Password protection

Hi meksteen,

is the spreadsheet on a networked drive or are you on a network?

if so ask your administrator to check if the file has a lock against it, if so clear it, then you can try to open it again.

not sure if this helps, otherwise you spreadsheet may be corrupt (gulp).


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Hi Guys

I'm having a problem with a user on Excel, the file is an xlsx (Excel 2007 Format) we are using Excel 2000. The Microsoft compatibility pack converts the file to a readable format, the problem is it asks for a password to open it.

I have tried and I can open it, plus a few others have also tried and have been able to open it. It seems to be this one users profile but not sure whatís causing it any ideas?



A:Excel Password Protection

Might want to ask a moderator to move this to the Business Applications category. You can do so by clicking Report on your first post.

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Morning from England,

One of our clients has a problem, when they receive an email with a password protected excel sheet and try to open it, they get a message saying that the password is incorrect and to verify that caps lock isn't on, before they even have a chance to enter the password.

Apparently they could do this last week, but not today.

They can save the excel attachment and open it that way and it allows them to put in the password. (But I don't think she is interested in doing this and I have no idea why it matters, but the customer is always right, apparently)

I know you should never take the story of the client as gospel, because most of the time it is wrong, but I'm just wondering if it is possible to open a password protected excel document from outlook, or does it have to be saved first?

If you can open one from outlook, how can I fix it.

Thank you for any help provided.

A:Solved: Excel Password Protection

When an excel file is password protected it will always prompt for a password.
If you open an attachment in Outlook, a copy is placed in the local temp folder but it's still Excel and it will still ask for a password.
I think your client has the following problem:
If you have preview frame on, it could be that since you want to 'preview' the message an maybe the Excel file too, it will prompt for a password to open it in the preview, this would explain the reason the password prompt appears, ask your customer to colse the preview option and try again.
In teh Excel file allows to read without a password but edit with a password then they should get the choice Open as read only besides the password prompt, so.
A client may be king but not everybody has to bow for a king.

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I am using Excel 2000 and have a spreadsheet that is password protected from a previous employee. I have saved the sheet under another name with no luck and I have used the edit/Move or copy command to move the sheets to another workbook with no luck. Any other suggestions? Thanks

A:Excel Password Protection Problem Follow up


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Unlock Password Protection from Excel Workbook with the help of Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, & Brute Force Attack by eSoftTools Excel Unlocker Tool. You can also, Unlock Word file password and Access file password with supported versions up to 2019 and Windows versions up to 10 (32-bit, & 64-bit). User can try its FREE DEMO VERSION to satisfied with this software working process.

Get More Info:- Search On Google eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery

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how can i over write password in an excel file? actually it is my file but someone put password on it how can i get rid of that password?????

A:How to remove password protection in excel file

Your best bet is probably googling "Excel password" and seeing what comes up. There are MANY many utilities out there for finding out the passwords in a spreadsheet, and you should be able to find one that works for you.

Do note, tho, most of the good ones are commercial

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Hi Guys,

This is a curious one.

I have three PCs (two desktop and one laptop) all running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1607).

Each system has a shared partition, set up exactly the same, which has sharing set for 'everyone', with 'full control'.

Password protected sharing is turned off on each system (in "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings").

Each of the desktop systems can access each other's shared and also the laptop's shared partition.

The problem is when I try to use the laptop to access the shares on either of the desktop systems, I get a pop-up requester asking for a username and password. (see below - the laptop is "T400" and one of the desktops is "A960").

Any idea why this would be happening? I've checked the settings on all systems (sharing and network) and can see not reason for the password prompt appearing.

Previously I was running Win 10 Pro 64-bit (1511) on all three systems and never encountered this error.



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Windows 7. I have a desktop and a laptop that were installed clean with the same OS version.

On a network, the laptop is able to stream my shared media to all other PC's on the network (one is running XP, another is running Vista). PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING IS OFF

On the same network, any PC that tries to network into the desktop is prompted to enter a password.

The laptop is sharing folders on the home network from C:\. The Desktop is sharing folders on the home network from a second hard drive labeled E:\. The media on E:\ is mapped into the libraries (pictures, videos, etc).

These are all of the things I have tried.
- turned password protected sharing ON:†prompts a password
- turned password protected sharing OFF:†prompts a password
- Disconnected E:\ to share C:\ only:†prompts a password
- Set permissions to all computers on the network under Admin control:†prompts a password
- Allowed access through firewall:†prompts a password
- Disabled firewall completely:†prompts a password
- disabled wireless card and used LAN:†prompts a password
- used a completely different router:†prompts a password
- allowed sharing on E:\ in advanced settings:†prompts a password
- set permissions to Everyone on every single folder in E:\:†prompts a password
- banged head against the wall:†prompts a password
- raged:†prompts a password

Something to note: If I try to network into the laptop from the desktop, it too is prompted to enter a password for the laptop (this only happ... Read more

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Does anyone know how to change the password for a Excel 2010 spreadsheet?

We have one, we know the password, but need to change it as many people that shouldn't know it, does. But can't figure out how

We can't use Save As, as the spreadsheet is linked to other tables on the network. Just want to change the password that we already know, to a new one.

Looked here already, they just mention Save As:



We're used to Office 2003, so this is a big jump at work for us



A:How to change Excel 2010 password (when in the excel sheet)

We can't use Save As, as the spreadsheet is linked to other tables on the network.Click to expand...

Why not? You can save it with the exact-same filename, even with the Save As command. It's only from here you can choose the Tools drop-down, General Options, and then change the password from there.

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I have a workbook with a lot of linking between the different worksheets and I am looking for a way to protect the tabs from deletion. If the users delete a tab, it will cause many error messages. I would like it to popup a message box stating "Deletion of tabs in this workbook is prohibited" and deny the operation. I have the cells protected and I know that there are workarounds to get around that, but my users are not looking to sabatoge my work - I just want to keep them from deleting a tab without knowing it will cause havoc. I don't know how many ways a tab can be deleted, but I want to cover them all. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

A:Excel VBA Protection

Hi Dan

I would do it this way: use the Workbook Open event and simply disable the Delete options


Private Sub Workbook_Open()
With Application
.CommandBars("Tools").Controls("Customize...").Enabled = False
.CommandBars("Toolbar List").Enabled = False
.CommandBars("Cell").Controls("Delete...").Enabled = False
.CommandBars("Ply").Controls("Delete").Enabled = False
.CommandBars("Ply").Controls("Move or Copy...").Enabled = False
.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Controls("Edit").Controls("Delete Sheet").Enabled = False
End With
End Sub

Then use the Workbook Close Event to reset: simply copy the above code and change the values to TRUE.

The code disables the 'Customise' option if you rightclick on a toolbar, it disables the 'Delete' and 'Move or Copy' options from the sheet right click menu, it disables the 'Delete' option from the tab right click menu and it disables the 'Delete Sheet' option from the edit menu.

By using the Open Event, these items are disabled as soon as the workbook opens so there is no message box because the user has nothing to click on (if you see what I mean).


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The company I work for has a control room where they have to enter data into excel spreadsheets with lots of links and macros, so we password protected the sheet so that they could only manipulate the cells that they needed. Myself and 2 other employees have access to the spreadsheet. Someone changed the password and the person does not remember what they changed it to. Is there any way to reset the password?

A:Password protected sheet in excel and can't remember the password

Do you have a backup from before the password was changed?

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Hi, I have a document that I wish to protect specific cells in. I have done this and whenever I double click or attempt to type in a protected field an error message appears. This is a good thing.

What I want to know is whether or not it is possible to prevent single clicking on protected cells as well. Basically, for the few fields I want data to be allowed to be entered in, I want them to be the only accessible fields. I don't even want to be able to do as little as click on cells other than the few left unprotected.

Is it possible to prevent any form of access, highlighting, clicking, typing on protected cells?

A:Cell Protection (MS Excel 97)

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I have created a little quiz and locked down the worksheet in Excel, so that the only cells that can be accessed are those in which the answer should be written.

A formula has been set up so that if the answer they provide matches that contained in a cell that i have hidden, then the word TRUE will be displayed.

This works well, and I have locked it down so the answers cannot be unhidden, nor formulae seen. Also there are no scroll bars.

However, if they highlight the whole area (as one brighter one did), then copy, and paste into a new worksheet, the answers can be easily accessed.

a) does this make sense?
b) without VB coding (i have yet to learn visual basic) can I prevent this from happening?

and c)

shall i give up and presume myself to be a pure dimwit ?

A:Excel 97 - protection issue

.....Forgot to mention - if anybody would like to see a copy of what I am blabbering on about in order to help diagnose, please mail me.

The file size is only 27 kb

use mail link below...


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I just made a spreadsheet and i have formuals in certain rows i do not want to have changed. I understand to protect things i have to protect the sheet. But becasue some people will be needed to make changes to different variables i need to have certain cells "unlocked" so that they can go in and freely input there info on a weekly basis but not have the ability to delete the forumlas i wish to have locked in.

Can anyone help me please.

Time is of the essence.

Im handing the reigns over on monday.....

Thanks for any and all help.

A:Excel Cell Protection.

Protect the entire sheet. Then unprotect cells you allow to change.

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i have an excel file with 3 worksheets and 4 macros.
the macros combines data from sheets 1 and 2 into 3, and then exports the sheet 3 result as a .prn file. when i try to protect the macro, the save step fails.

A:excel macro protection

Hi there, welcome to the board!

Can you describe - in great detail - the exact steps you are taking? What version of Excel are you using? What is the exact error message? Have you ever had this problem before, can we get a little history of this file? If nothing else, can you upload a sample of your file, minus any sensitive information?

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hi all, can anyone help please

basically i have a worksheet that is protected except for the ranges F5:F15,G5:G15,H5:H15 and I5:I15 for data entry, i also have 4 optionbuttons 1 - 4, what i am trying to do is, if optionbutton 1 is selected then ranges G5:G15:I5:I15 become protected so only entries can be made in F5:F15, if optionbutton2 is selected ranges F5:F15 and H5:H15:I5:I15 are protected so only entries can be made in G5:G15 and so on through the 4 buttons i've checked various forums but can seem to find the answer, can this be done or is there a different way to go about doing this, any help with the coding would be appreciated.


A:excel cell protection

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STOP PRESS - After i wrote this I went back and had another play and found the 'lock' function for cells which when used alongside the worksheet protection does exactly what i wanted it too !


A long time ago when i first started using spreadsheets I used a simple package called SuperCalc 4, one of the functions it allowed me to do was 'protect' from change (editing) specific cells, rows and / or columns.

I can't seem to get Excel to do the same, it seems only able to provide crude protection to whole sheets or offer tracking of changes unless of course you know better !

(Just for interest, what I am doing is sending worksheets out to home based staff, on the sheet is information such as client names, tasks visit dates, reports to typing and so on. I want them to be able to input dates and comments but not change client names, tasks and so on. I used to print the sheets and fax them out but we are trying to move into the e mail age now !)

Any suggestions greatfuly received !


A:Excel 97- Protection of data

1. select the whole worksheet
2.choose format,cells to open format cells dialog box
3.click the protection tab and deselect the locked option,click ok
4.now select the range youwant to protect
5.choose format cells again and protection and check the locked box and then ok
6. choose tools,protection,protect sheet and then ok

Now when you go to the cells you will not be able to put info in the areas you previously selected.

hope this helps

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A user who has a spreadsheet he sends out to people and they fill in data, then return to him. User wants to know if possible to prevent people from entering punctuation marks into the cells, ie so that all you can enter is plain text abcdefgh etc... Sure this is possible via some kind of data validation?but could not figure out how to do it.

A:Excel query - protection?

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I want to protect my formula from being overwritten, but i still need to be able to sort the other files that are not protected in alphabetical order, i have unlocked all the cells on the sheet, then locked and hidden the ones just for the formula, and then I have locked the sheet.
I can insert data into the unprotected cells but if i try to sort them the command for the sort is greyed out.
Is there a way to do what i need, Is it pssible to do it using VBA.


A:help needed with excel protection

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I need a free program or a way to password protect file that I choose on my computer. Thanks

A:Password protection

Your best bet is to just Google it... Or sift through Tucows.com to see if shareware or freeware for that exists.

XP Pro has ESF builtin (Encrypting File System), you could (provided you have Xp Pro and your partition is NTFS) view the file properties and enable the encryption...sry dont remember exact name. That way only your local profile could open that file. Problem is if you leave your pc logging on, or unlocked anyone could open, edit the file.

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I have a application on my laptop that I will be giving demonstrations with, this is a new program and unprotected
as yet, what I need is some sort of protection for it in case someone would double click on it and see the files and source codes etc,

I am not too well up on encryption or password protection so is there anyone out there who can tell me how to password protect this application.

A:Password protection

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I know this is going to seem like the most ridiculous question but i have a laptop which i think is using XP.....when I log in it brings up a little Icon that i click on to access my desktop. Is there a way whereby i can password protect this...and how do i go about it ? (Currently utilising another laptop which is running Vista basic where this happens automatically!)

A:Password Protection


type "nusrmgr.cpl" and click ok

Click on your account and change/add a password.

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coming back from sleep mode? From some reason Windows 7 doesn't automatically do this. I looked through the Control Panel and I guess I am missing it?

A:How do I put on the password protection when...

Quote: Originally Posted by rocketdescends

coming back from sleep mode? From some reason Windows 7 doesn't automatically do this. I looked through the Control Panel and I guess I am missing it?

I found the setting here;

Password - Require on Wakeup

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Is there anyway i can assign a password to a folder in windows XP home edition service pack 2. Thank you for your time.

A:Password protection in XP

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I use a internet modem without a WiFi connectivity.I would like to password protect my internet access.I use google chrome with windows 7 os and am not particularly fond of IE.How do I assign a password..?

A:password protection

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What is the simplest way to put password protection on the computer so that an 8 yr old can only go online when I am around? I want him to be able to play his other games and software, but only want the internet to be off limits until I approve. We are using Windows XP Home and a wireless connection.

A:password protection

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Any forum members know of a program that will store a password on a removable device (floppy, USB stick, etc), and prevent programs from running unless the device is present?

I have used programs in the past that required a 'dongle' to be present in order for them to run. I guess that's the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Appreciate the help.


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I have a western digital passport portable hard drive. I would like to put a password on the drive that when it is plugged into any computer, a password is required to access the hard drive. How should I go about this? I should add that google was my first reaction. I searched and searched, but found nothing that was what I was looking for. Please and thank you.

A:Password Protection

Take a look at TrueCrypt.

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Is there a way to password protect regular files on my computer?

thanks in advanced

A:Password Protection

It depends what you class as regular files?

You can use winzip to password protect a zip file. So if you wanted to encapsulate a file with a password you could do it that way.

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Is there a way to password protect Internet Explorer, so unauthorized persons cannot access the internet from this computer.. Thanks in advance -

A:Password Protection

Guess not - Thanks anyway

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Id like to password protect my entire PC in the past Id use a screensaver with password protection but this isnt offered on my XP home edition Any Ideas Please Thanks Gary and Denise

A:Password protection

Go to Control Panel > User acounts > Change the way users log on or off, and untick "Show welcome screen"'
Next,look to the left of the page under "Related tasks" click on Manage Accounts,then on the right under"Pick A Task",click on "change an account" then click on your account
(and assuming you have administrator rights)click on create a password and there you go

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i need a help in small issue...
i need to lock my xp station with password, but without security window. i mean that i steel need to see all the applications running.
there are lot of software for this, but i don't want to use anything that not coming with xp...
i was thinking about transparent screen sever, but i don't know how to make it.
another option i though is to remove all the management things via registry, but i'm not sure that will 100% secure.

thx for help!

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Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if there was an application that can password protect the WHOLE of the USB drive not just a partition? I really need an app fast as I'll be using a USB to hold some pretty sensitive information, thanks.

All the best,

A:USB Password Protection

Are you referring to a usb thumb/flas drive?

I found this doing a quick google search....you have to pay for it. I didn't see or really look for any free ones but you get the idea.

Flash Drive Security software - Securely lock and unlock your USB Key

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Does anyone know how to password protect websites on Internet Explorer? IE6 actually.
I looked all through the security area and couldn't figure it out.

A:password protection IE

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I wish to know if its possible to password protect a Drive or a particular Folder in Windows 7 Professional
Also,how much difference does an Antivirus make in a lappy battery performance I read a few Articles that claim that Security Essentials uses the least amount of Resources compared to others thereby causing less battery usage..
so do the antivirus play that great a role when it comes to laptop`s battery life?

Thanks in Advance

A:Password Protection

Here is the password protection, which is good.


And yes, antiviruses use many resources so that the laptop battery performance may reduce. But don't know which one is better. Sorry!

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Do you use a 'password protection' app?

A:Password Protection


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Do anyone know if there is a software that adds a password to the boot up (like bios password) that will delete the hd if its enter'd wrong?
Or is it still only something on movies ect?

A:Password Protection

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would anyone know of a decent program i can get ahold of too set access to some of my programs on my pc....what i mean is like i want it so only the people with a password can access the specified programs....not all programs tho...itd be greatly appreciated!

A:password protection

If you are using windows, the best option is to create different login accounts for all the people accessing this computer.

I don't think there is software which implements password protection for applications.

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I want to password protect a particular folder and its contents. I have tried right clicking and selecting 'Sharing and security' option, followed by putting a check in the box headed 'make this folder private'

All this seems to do however is require me to enter a password at the initial login screen when booting up - but when I click on the actual file I want to protect it is letting me straight in!

Where am I going wrong?

A:Password protection

Hi What operating system (version of Windows) do you have? And, if you have XP, give the Service Packs you have installed, if you have just SP1 or SP2.

If you don't know how to find that info, here is a small utility that will help> Do NOT post the entire log it shows you> ONLY post the version of Windows it shows you are using such as Windows XP Home Edition, Pro, or other...and the version of Service Packs you have.


Download the free Belarc Advisor which will give you a lot of information on your computer.

It also lists the Windows Updates installed and whether they are installed correctly.

Then I may or someone may be able to help with passwording a particular folder.

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Hello Everyone

Having booted the computer, I am trying to gain access to folders on my second hard drive that is faulty but I am denied access because of the password. is there any way around this. Thanks to anyone who can help


A:Password protection

If you sign on as administrator or with an account that had administrator rights you should be able to access everything on the computer.

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I'm running Windows 2000 and would like to password protect a folder. Can anyone tell me how to do this?


A:Password Protection

Look here

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Hi,sorry if this seems like a silly question, but I was just a bit concerned about this.

My Laptop recently had to be repaired, and when send to the repair centre by mail, I forgot to disable my password protection in BIOS and in Windows. I do this for security reasons. So that nobody can get my data if my laptop gets stolen, they will just have to reformat, I thought.

However, when my laptop came back from the repair centre, both the BIOS password and the Windows password had both been disabled. I didn't think that that was easy to do, so I was confident of the security. Now I just feel no point to password protect it, if it can so easily be bypassed/overidden/cracked/WHATEVER!

Am I being too paranoid, or should I not have relied on this security anyway?

P.S. I am running Win XP, and thanks for any replies in advance.

A:Password Protection

Wow...there are ways to bypass the BIOS password,but it's very hard.If you sent it to a professional repair center,than they obviously knew how to do it.I wouldn't worry,an average computer user couldn't get past the BIOS password.

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I am looking for a script or program that will password protect a web directory and re-direct the user to a particular web page based on the user name and password. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Password Protection

What is the operating system and what is the web server?

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i read in pc world that you should use a password protection software for 1. your password and 2. for your "personal question" to verify that it is really you logging in. they referenced Schneier Password Safe. Do you all wonderful people recommend this?

A:password protection

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Just found out today how to put a password on any windows file or folder. It goes into a compressed zip file. Windows XP home ( 6 yrs and still learning something new all the time) Question is if its password protected, is it harder for someone to hack into it over the internet? If it needs updated once in a while, will the download enter the file/folder or will you have to open it with a password to let the update take effect? In otherwords, if I would happen to password protect my antivirus, for it to automatically update, would you have to open the folder?

A:Password protection

You're talking about a few different things here, ZIP files, folder encryption, and folder permissions. How about telling us what you're trying to accomplish? You obviously can't ZIP stuff and expect it to still be executable.

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is there any sort of program i can get that will allow me to be able to ONLY use my computer if i enter a password upon start-up? i'm using windows me, and the 'users' and separate profiles function isn't even secure. if you click 'cancel', you're brought to the user profile anyway...

please help!

A:password protection.

Bios Password.


Do not forget your password.

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