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EZ Modded Bios Flash Enables Any Wireless Card In HP Laptops

Q: EZ Modded Bios Flash Enables Any Wireless Card In HP Laptops

Someone with the username TTAV134 in other forums has removed the wireless adapter whitelist from the HP Phoenix bios v. F.33 and apparently, many other bios versions, too. I can confirm that his version of version F.33 is the BOMB! I can now stick any old wireless adapter that I want and forget about seeing the dreaded 104 error on start-up. I'm gonna get me a hot new wireless-n adapter, now. Google TTAV143 and your bios version and go for it. Using the tools and modded BIOS.WPH files he provides, I first flashed with WinPhlash, then shut it down and stuck in a random non-HP wireless-n adapter borrowed from an ASUS Eee PC. It fired up like a rocket and installed the new drivers as Windows loads. I was connected and updating Atheros drivers from Windows Update in no time. I wanted to be sure, so I downloaded and ran WinPhlash v. F.33 from HP and got the error 104 back on start up. I then used the modded F.33 BIOS.WPH files he provided to prepare a bootable USB flash drive with good ol' Phoenix Crisis Recovery Disk v. (Fujitsu) in the way I did it on the post "The EZ Way To Unbrick". (Link below). Phoenix only seems to run on 32-bit Windows xp by the way, so I needed to create a bootable USB flash drive with his hack on one of those machines. Then I flashed it again using the EZ Way To Unbrick with the bootable USB flash drive prepared with TTAV134's fabulous BIOS.WPA file. It restarted perfectly with the card from my ASUS netbook. Thanks to TTAV134's brilliant rewrite of F.33 BIOS.WPA file and Phoenix Crisis Recovery Disk v. (Fujitsu), I can now have any wireless adapter I want in no time.EZ Way To Unbrick:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware/The-EZ-Way-To-Unbrick-After-WinPhlash-Bios-Update-Fai... Download for F.33 whitelist delete BIOS.WPH and tool kit.http://www.sendspace.com/file/bl0c28 http://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Forum-Wifi-WWAN-Whitelist-Removal

Preferred Solution: EZ Modded Bios Flash Enables Any Wireless Card In HP Laptops

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: EZ Modded Bios Flash Enables Any Wireless Card In HP Laptops

Thank you.

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Hey! It looks like Lenovo has dropped the ball on the Yoga 2 13. Does anyone have a compatible BIOS that supports Windows 10 UEFI? Maybe a modded one? I know the BIOS works outside of the operating system environment, but it would be nice if it's not geared towards the Windows 8.1 boot manager. Can you hear me Lenovo! Thanks!

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Looking for a bios flash for AMIBIOS 586 1985-95 American Megatrends 6P96312. Strangely the video will not work when I try to install a wireless card. Tried a pci vid card and plugged other pci devices in just to see. So I figure I can try to flash the bios and may get some results

A:Looking for a bios flash for AMIBIOS, installing wireless card

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I have 3 laptop connected by switch. Only one is connected to internet (ads wireless router by an internal wireless card). The tcp for all are - 21 - 22. The is connected to internet; the wireless card tcp is settled automatically on I canít see and share the resurce in the network. The ping doesnít work . Why? It is strange... Tx

A:Share internet with 3 laptops by wireless card

Are you trying to file share and have Internet sharing with these machines? Since you are receiving the Internet from a router, you can simply bridge the connections in the Internet connected one and configure the others for automatic addressing, and it should all sort itself out.

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My Gateway NV54 Laptop (See Computer Specs button) keeps crashing my AT&T 2wire router every time I take it out of standby.

I first thought it might be a driver issue and saw I had a driver update for my wireless card. I installed it and it didnít help the problem one bit.

I am stumped, because you can put the laptop in standby then 2 seconds or 2 hours later wake it and the router will crash. It will then take about 10 Ė 20 seconds for the router to reestablish an Internet connection then everything is fine; except the fact that the whole house gets knocked off the Internet for that duration.

I can live with this problem for now if the fix is reloading my OS or something of that nature, but I am hoping there is a simple fix to this problem that I am just over-looking.
Thanks for your help!

A:Laptops Wireless Card Crashes Router

It causes the router to lose it's ISP/modem connection, but all computers remain connected to the router? Very strange.

Make sure you have the latest firmware; then reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure it.

Is the Gateway's wireless adapter integrated? If so, do you have the latest driver from Gateway's web site (you didn't say from where you got the driver update)?

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here is what it says...
'This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system."

i did a reinstall of xp so everything is like it was when i bought it, yet im still getting the error

A:my laptops wireless network card quit working

Try uninstalling the card in device manager, then reboot and let windows re-install it.

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I have an Acer 5102WLMi Notebook with 4GB RAM installed. Whenever I use the internal card reader with the upper 2GB of RAM installed the system Blue Screens. The card reader is completely stable with the upper 2GB removed and completely stable in Vista x32, which doesn't see the upper 2GB.

Previous responses to my posts and my own experiences have persuaded me to believe that this is a device memory mapping issue. In other words it appears that the card reader is sharing address space with the upper 2GB of RAM.

I would like to obtain a custom BIOS that provides device remapping capability. It is unlikely that Acer will ever provide such a feature in their BIOS releases and uncertain whether a later release will address the Blue Screen issue. Acer is also adamant that they will never support 64 bit OSs on this machine.

Do any of you power users know how to edit BIOs or know of a reputable 3rd party source who does? I've already tried "Mr. BIOS" and they don't want to touch it because my BIOS is only 6 weeks old. The technician I spoke with "Gene" wouldn't even discuss the idea of a rewrite. He appeared to be interested only in his agenda.

My machine is appx a year old now and I've seen the same model advertised on eBay for a fraction of what I paid for it. So, I plan to purchase one of these as a laboratory unit to experiment on. I've also found at least two sources that provide new BIOS chips, in case I "toast" the MB with a modded BIOS.
... Read more

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A friend of mine gave me a 4GB flash drive that he found on the street last week and as I like taking things apart I erm... did.

Anyway instead of seeing a regular memory chip on the logic board it had an (see pics) 8GB Sandisk micro SD HC soldered to another board which was in turn mounted onto the main board with the connector for plugging into the USB on your computer. As I didn't pay for it and mainly because the system (and sticker) said the drive was only 4GB and inside on the actual card it said it was an 8GB I pried it off the board.

What I wasn't expecting to see was that there were a number of contacts in the middle of the chip that were soldered to its board. I scraped and sanded the solder down to allow for using an adapter on the 3 legs and removed the last bit of biscuit board from the dot contacts. at one point (something was still bridging one or more dots) I got my adapter to register the card but it said that it was 2048.0GB or something so I sanded and scraped it down so that all of the dots were definitely separated but that made the card not register as being connected to the system. \

Erm... Sorry for the shoddy picture I couldn't find my magnifying glass to put in front of the webcam which would have made the quality way better even with a low res camera it makes the image quality 3 times as good as it is without it on. Moving on I know the pic doesn't give much detail it is mainly for the orientation and better explains what I ... Read more

A:Micro SD HC card modded from USB?

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This is a Dell Dimension 2400 computer that had excessive spyware which was cleaned but the nic will not renew the IP. The following error was received "an operation was attempted on something that is not a socket"

I ran Dell diagnostic and the NIC passed and also reinstalled the NIC driver.

Any suggestions?

A:NIC card enables but cannot renew IP

First try the Microsoft solution from their knowledgebase. Use this link:


The solution in Method 1 works most of the time. If you need a registry editor, use Tweaknow, or download the simple and good RegCleaner by juoni Viourno at www.majorgeeks.com
Good luck.

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I have been able to connect to my wireless router until yesterday it stopped working. I reset my router and that's about as far as I got....now when I try to diagnose connectivity issues it says "DHCP is not enabled for wireless connection 3". Help please!!

A:Wireless connection issues and DHCP not enables...

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I have a LENOVO G50-45 and i want upgrade it with an Intel 8265 wifi card!But if a card is not in "whitelist" bios will not boot my laptop!i want a modded bios without these limitations and more optons enabled as cpu-multiplier!

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i updated my bios from v38 to v40, after lenovo technical service renew my motherboard, hdd and ram. And than nvidia graphic card start glitching constantly. For example when i open a game first game crash and screen freeze than computer do not response. i sent my computer 3 times because of that problem but all the time technical service told me there is no problem at all. 
i have two theory about what cause to problem. First there is a physical malfunction on the motherboard. Second one is that after i updated bios problems started so it is about bios.
What should i do? i believe that if i can backflash my bios version, problem will be gone
i live in Turkey and unfortunately Turkish technical support shelve about my problem. Worst thing is that i can not use my problem anymore. i am a student and i can not afford new machine
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I would like to upgrade my wireless network card. I would like to know if my particular notebook model has a BIOS whitelist that would prevent me from installing a card that's not on the list.


View Solution.

A:Wireless Network Card BIOS Whitelist

HP has never published a definitive list but by monitoring posts here from people like you and success and failure stories and our own experiments with our own HP machines it has been determined that HP abandoned the whitelist sometime in Q42013. Models with 4th gen Intel Core processors like yours are generally safe. I am about 95% sure you have no whitelist issues.  See p. 86 of the Manual here: Manual Just about the time HP abandoned the whitelist, however, they began selling laptops strung with a single wireless antenna cable. While the laptop no longer is blocked from booting with a non-HP card, the absence of a second antenna effectively prevents use of any very good wireless card, making upgrade efforts futile. The only way to know for sure if you have 1 or 2 antennae is to open it up. Models with the 802.11 b/g/n "low-end" wifi cards tend to have a single antenna. It is theoretically possible to add a second antenna lead but very difficult to do.  Don't shoot the messenger. Not my design, but this is the straight story.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I bought one HP laptop two years ago. The model of my laptop is HP Pavilion 15 e066tx. I found bluetooth is not supported by the default wireless card with the model Realtek 8188EE. So I wanted to change the wireless card by BCM4357. But when I booted the laptop after I changed the wireless card, it showed "104-Unsupported wireless network device detected." So I had to change the default wireless card back. I flashed the latest BIOS which was released at April 2014 but it was still no available. So I found there is a wireless card whitelist in the BIOS. If the model of the wireless card is not contained in the BIOS, it will never be supported. I think this laptop model is out of warranty, so I ask for remove the wireless card whitelist from the BIOS or add the model of BCM4357 in the BIOS. Thanks.

A:Remove the wireless card whitelist from the BIOS

Hi @moreshare, Welcome to the HP Forum! Thank you for joining the HP Forum community.  It is a great resource for information, tips, and solutions that have helped others. Here is a link to First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More as a guide should you have any concerns or questions about the process. I grasp that you would like to update your wireless card to one that support Bluetooth.  You wished to install the "BCM4357", but after completing the  installation of  the card, you realized that it was not compatible.You tried updating the bios, but there was no change. You would like assistance in altering the bios.I am not able to assist you with altering the bios, but here is a link to the HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide. Please note chapter 3, page 26, item 20 for the recommended wireless cards replacements, that have been tested and known to work with your model.  Please let me know the outcome. When you have resolved your difficulty, would you choose "Accepted Solution" on that post to alert other members and visitors to your success and perhaps help them. To show appreciation for my help. please click the "Thumbs Up Icon" below.

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Hi I have been back and forth with HP support for replacing my WiFi card. None of the replacement seems to work.  I have HP Pavillion DV60 with Product number QJ912AV#ABA.  My Bios version F.1B 10/23/2012.
HP says they don't manufacture these parts and only option is to remove white list.  Any help would be appreaciated.  I do reaaly want to replace my WiFi card that is giving lots of troubles.

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Hello, I would like to install a newer wireless card to take advantage of AC wireless speeds, so I'm looking for an update or mod to my f1.b bios for my Dv6t-6c00 due to the white list. I've tried using the HP website to check for updates for my computer, but the automated process fails everytime. I'd like to mention donovan6000(http://donovan6000.blogspot.com/2013/12/modded-bios-repository.html) created quite a few Modded Bios, but everytime I run the included InsydeFlash application it tells me, while trying to install both the original f.1b bios & f.1b modded bios, that they are not for my notebook. My Dv6t-6c00 Bios informationSystem Board ID - 17FABios Version - F.1bBios Vendor - Insyde I havent seen an update to this subject for a long time, and any help/tips is greatly appreciated!


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A:Newer Wireless Card install/f1.b bios update

I found a solution that worked perfect. I upgraded my bios F.1b to a modded F.02 and was able to install a $26 wireless card(http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PDLCFL8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00) that gives me a wireless speed of 866.7Mbps Here is where I found the solution http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/hp-pavilion-dv6-6b-c-xxx-dv7-6b-c-xxx-unlocked-bios-whitelist-removed.741662/ Here is a direct link to donovan6000's bios downloads http://donovan6000.blogspot.com/2013/12/modded-bios-repository.html

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With Windows XP, perhaps 1/2 year would go by before i had my computer freeze for some reason but always solved after a re-bootup. The past 48 hours i had a real BLANK of a time with my computer freezing up....eventually i solved it. However i am not exactly sure what went wrong in the first place. Perhaps this post with help others. Here's what happen:

During the past week i had about 5 episodes of my computer freezing but i saw no real problem until yesterday when the computer freezing problem got worse,much WORSE by
freezing up within 15 seconds of Windows opening. The computer froze in safe mode too. When i tried running CHECKDISK/REPAIR, my computer froze. I tried many times to boot into WIndows but the freezing problem continued. I decided to do a REFORMAT...1 hour later i boot into WIndows and the freezing problems continued. I did another REFORMAT and still the freezing continued.

I started to panic and started wildly trying all things.

I pulled out up the USB cord with the WIRELESS CARD adaptor,rebooted and WOW! the freezing problem was not happening. I plugged the USB cord into my computer and FREEZE. I tried 5 times booting up and as soon as the USB cord was plugged in,the FREEZE. I have been using this same USB adaptor was 2 years,so i assumed it was broke. I bought a new USB WIRELESS adaptor,the freezing problems came back.

I found myself wondering what to do next,i did reformats and i did reformats. Then i started experimenting and took out the internal... Read more

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Recently, Flash has quit working, or working properly on 2 laptops at the same time.
I do share files between the computers via external hard drive.
This happened after running PCMatic and allowing it to correct registry entries, etc.

I am including the files from HJT, DDS & GMer for the older machine At top of the 64 bit results I have indicated 64 bit Gateway. Attach files also indicate the 64 bit

Thanks in advance for your help

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2806 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1275 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 289782 MB, Free - 248054 MB; E: Total - 54974 MB, Free - 54974 MB; F: Total - 54472 MB, Free - 40521 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, NV55C
Antivirus: Total Defense Anti-Virus Plus, Updated and Enabled

64Bit Hijack log:

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PCPitstop\Download Nitro\pcpitstop-nitro.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBUpdate\qbupdate.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2012\QBW32.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorIcon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\NewTech Infosystems\Gateway MyBackup\BackupManagerTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Launch Manager\LManager.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\PCPitstop\Info Ce... Read more

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Upgrading several T61s both with CPUs and WIFI cards.  Have some with bluetooth some not.  Bluetooth card is inside display screen and would prefer to leave that alone.  Was looking at replacing current b/g wifi cards with a faster one and if possible a combo wifi and bluetooth card.  Will install middleton BIOS to get around whitelist.Will be running Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate in the T61s1.  Will the Intel Wireless-AC 7265 cards work with both wifi and bluetooth in the T61s?2.  Can I somehow disable either the existing bluetooth adapters or the bluetooth in the 7265 cards so I do not get conflicts with 2 bluetooth adapters.I am assuming I can download the drivers for the new adapters from the internet.

A:Will a T61 with middleton BIOS support an Intel Wireless-AC 7265 wifi and bluetooth card?

The cards and sockets are physically a different size.  

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I need to enable Wake on Lan in BIOS for 300 laptops. Is there a utility like Dell's DCCU that I can run an .exe to update the BIOS settings on these laptops. We currently using Carbon's and Yoga's. 

A:Enabling WOL in BIOS for 300 laptops.

Welcome to the CommunityYou might do it even remotely using WMI scripthttps://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht100612Or use the tool from Lenovo developershttps://thinkdeploy.blogspot.ru/2016/08/the-think-bios-config-tool.html

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I have got a ThinkCentre M83 SFF Pro Type 10AN-S02E00 that has been working for three years on the original BIOS from the year 2014, probably version FBKT74A or so. This week I moved to Windows 10 and decided to also update BIOS to the latest version, since FBKTB4A "added Win10 support" according to changes.txt, and also there has been important security fixes regarding Intel ME, so I downloaded the latest version FBKTCLA and run the update.The problem is, I know there are two parts in updating the BIOS on these systems (I also got an M93p Tiny), and in my case the first part (afudos.exe imagefb.rom /p /r) runs OK (erasing,updating and verifying main block), but the second part (afudos.exe imagefb.rom /defans /capsule /b /n /r /sp) fails right before erasing giving me15 - Error: Secure Flash function is not supported on this platformand after that no reboot and no second part of the update.After this my system boots OK and BIOS version is reported as FBKTCLA with BIOS date 11/17/2017, butboot block is FB72Aembedded controller is FBCT13ACPU microcode is 306C3_00000017 (08/16/2013)ME version is diagnostic tool is v. 02.09.09Intel VBIOS version 1030So I got the newest BIOS, VBIOS and newest UEFI diagnostic tool but still got old boot block (should be FBCLA), EC (should be FBCT32A), CPU microcode (should be 306C3_00000021 05/10/2016) and ME firmware (should be system works and I have no problems with my Windows 10 install, luckily th... Read more

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Goodevening, goodafternoon or goodmorning, whatever it implies for you.Today i would like to share some information on recovering bios after bios update failure or bad bios.Please follow the following steps.Disclaimer:- This would work for laptops with signs of life but may work for dead laptops.Download pheonix crisis tool and the respective bios files first. Now extract the zip file to the desired locationRun the bios .exe application where it will extract the main bios file. Go there and rename the bios file For.ex 30cn71ww.wph from that folder to bios.wph.Copy the Renamed bios file to the folder where you extracted the pheonix crisi tool.( extract it with wincrisis.exe file).Plug the usb stick ( not more than 4 gb or about 2-4 gb )Run wincris.exe > start > ok > ok > noNow plug the usb in the affected laptop and remove any power source such as battery and ac adapter.Hold Fn+R or Fn+f or Fn+B or Win+B key and then plug in adapter. Just after Plugging in the ac adapter, Press the power button .After this you will see the usb light blinking and hear the the fan running(yippe!!)You will then hear beep sound indicating that the bios is bieng reflashed. Leave the computer for about 5-10 Minutes. It will automatically restart. If it doesnt then restart the laptop manually. If everything went well then yippe your laptop is back and the bios recoverd with flying colours.This has been tested with the Lenovo Ideapad Y560 and it was suucesful!!!Hop... Read more

A:Bios Recovery For ideapad laptops!!

Good Info should help those who are looking for Bios recovery .
I had tried similar for my S10-3 and it worked

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I am trying to set up my linksys router. We have 2 working laptops and a desktop we no longer use. I tried to set this up using my laptop on a lan connection but when I try to move my laptop and enable the wireless connection I get nothing.

Do you have any ideas?

Kyta :

A:going wireless using 2 laptops

The wireless router needs to be physically connected to one computer using a cat5 cable, I believe, to set it up. Not sure if you can later disconnect it or not. I know the computer ours is connected to don't need to be on for the wireless to work; I'm pretty sure once it's configured, the computer can be left off. I'd set it up on the pc, configure the router, and then use the laptops.

If you've already done this and I'm babbling, maybe someone can correct me. hehe

Oh, yeah, check your laptop to see if there's a switch of some kind on the outside of it for wireless on/off. I found that out today - some of them have that to turn off all wireless connectability in order to save power. It was a Compaq - I found the suggestion regarding a Sony Vaio; I was getting a message that the hardware was turned off and I needed to turn on the wireless switch - had no clue what they were talking about til I found that info on the web.

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i have a hp laptop now maybe im crazy but all i have is a single laptop computer and no desktop

can it still be used as wireless online??

i just dont get how it can be moved around without having the ethernet chord plugged in

at&t sent me the new modem AT&T 2WIRE 2700 HG-B Wireless Gateway DSL Modem


A:Wireless and laptops

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I have an Asus A8N-E mobo and want to flash my bios, however like I said, the Award flash utility is nowhere to be found. So how do I do it?

A:Award flash is nowhere to be found. So how do I flash the bios?

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A few days ago I had some problems with my HDD so I brought a new one.  To install Windows in the new drive I plugged in the DVD drive that Lenovo ships with the laptop and tried to boot from it. That failed and BIOS got like "programmed" or stuck with configurations that doesn't let it recognise any boot media no matter if it is a USB stick or HDD, no matter if I try to change the configuration of the BIOS it would always get back to the initial state of not being able to boot I even tried to reset it by unplugging its battery and the laptop battery but the only thing that happens is system time starting from 0 while any other configuration stays the same.  I thought this could be fixed using crisis recovery mode, but the laptop doesn't recognise the BIOS loaded on the USB and never make any sort of beep or alert noises, the screen doesn't show anything either and fans just get to 100% I really need help to solve this problem, it's like the BIOS got stuck in the last configurations before plugging the DVD drive in. (The Boot menu still showing that there's a USB booteable device even when it is not plugged in).

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Hello everyone! I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn`t find any kind of solution for my problem.Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system, which also previously was Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). The installation went as usual, and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site, for my product. When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i`ve needed, i stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop, by the producer. So i proceeded to install the upgrade, restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so, but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual. At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing, things that i did not understand at the time (i have never encountered anything like that). After that my screen turned black. I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that, but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter. When trying to boot it all up again, the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else.After doing a little bit of research it appears that, somehowm i`ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something, and nothing else would work at this point. I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back, trye... Read more

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Im working on a Toshiba Laptop A105-4284, Model #: PSAA8U-0FH02K that froze while trying to flash the BIOS, so I didnt know what else to do but shut it off. Now, when I try to boot it up, it gets stuck in the same place it did during the flashing; on the Toshiba splash screen with the status bar at the bottom showing about 20% complete. I cant get into the BIOS and cant boot into Windows. Other options available on this screen are Press F2 for System Settings and F12 for Boot Menu. Pressing F2 results in a beep and the status bar changing to "Please Wait..." but nothing else happens no matter how long I wait. Pressing F12 doesnt do anything. Pressing ESC takes me to a screen that shows the typical system info -- Phoenix Technologies Version 6.00; Intel Calistoga CRB.T3A Reference BIOS; VERSION.MAK 1.53; (looks like its running POST and recognizes CPU, Cores, No TPM or TPM has a problem, and system RAM and stops there. What is my best course of action?:

- shorting out the CMOS battery (I've tried this on the solder pads marked C88, with no laptop battery, with and without the wi-fi, ram and hdd installed; Im either doing it wrong or its just not working )
- trying to reflash BIOS chip (I tried this; turned the laptop on and held down the 'c' key to boot from cd, but still got stuck at the same place)
- replacing the BIOS chip
- something else?

Any guidance or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free t... Read more

A:Toshiba A105: Failed BIOS flash; now no BIOS access & won't boot

Im trying to figure out why I've had no replies yet.

Have I asked a stupidly easy question that everyone is rolling their eyes to and cant bear to tell me the answer? Or have I stumped everyone?

I have a hard time believing this is a stumper. I've found the same question posted elsewhere on the net and shorting the CMOS seemed to help. That or removing the battery altogether (its soldered to the board), but I dont think Im doing it right. Can someone give me directions on that?

or is this just a lost cause? :-/

Thanks in advance

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i opened up one of my customer's ibm laptop... the cmos battery is missing. i cannot go into bios settings. so booting from cd is out of the question, yes, i can boot from a series of floppy disks (old ibm with floppy drive) to start the xp install, (possibly) but there has to be another way.... which leads me to my second problem
toshiba satelite notebook. if i try to get into the bios configuration, it freezes on me until i hit enter. it seems like its indicating a problem with my hard drive if i try to go into bios. but ih ave tried 3 other hdd. i still cant go into bios. again, i want to change boot settings to install windows.

now, since i cant boot to xp with both these laptops, how am i gonna fix them?

i know i cant hook up the hdd to my desktop and install windows via usb... i have a 2.5 to 3.5 hdd converter...can i install windows in the laptop hdd with my dekstop?

or any other way to do it?

A:2 laptops need repair, cannot go into bios settings need 2 change boot.. what now?



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Hi All, We have disabled the 'Flash BIOS Updating by End-Users' setting in all ThinkPad laptops in our organization, becuase we don't want activities with high risk to be performed by end users, Recently 1 remote user with ThinkPad T440P received a popup window to install drivers updates through the Lenovo System Update utility, the System Update tried to update the BIOS and asked the user for the BIOS Supervisor password, the user tried to type his domain password 3 times and eventually he received a message that "Supervisor Password retry count exceeded. You have to reboot the system and try again.",The problem is that after the user reboot, the laptop shows a message of "0199: System Security - Security password retry count exceeded. Press F1 to enter setup",And the laptop doesn't alllow the user to boot at all without entering the Supervisor password, this is a problem becuase remote users will not be able to boot, and obviously we can't provide the password for users, I see that in T460 there is a BIOS setting of "Password Count Exceeded Error" which can be disabled to prevent this behaviour, so the laptop will not require to type the supervisor password in such case,But the T440P do not have this setting to prevent this behavior,My question is, what could be done to configure T440P laptops not to require to type the supervisor password in such cases, as this have serious impact on remote users who can't boot th... Read more

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hi guys, i have 2 new laptops. im having trouble connecting to the internet with one while the other is connected, it has mentioned something about ip addresses conflicting when i have tried to diagnose connection issues but when i look at my router it shows 2 separate ips on each computer if that means anything. im running an msi netbook with windows 7 and an advent 5421 running windows vista. i would greatly appreciate any help. thank you

A:2 wireless laptops conflicting

With wireless running both machines, would you please hit the Windows key and R together in each system. In the Open box, type cmd /k ipconfig /all and hit Enter. The Command box will show up with a lot of information which it would be useful to see. In each box, right click and then Select All. Pressing Enter copies into the clipboard, then open Notepad and press Control and V together.

Please head each page Vista and W7 accordingly then copy and paste them both back here.

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I have a printer connected to a desktop. I have 2 wireless laptops and want to be able to print from them. What steps do I need to take?

A:How to print from wireless laptops

Tom, what you need to do is Share out the printer on the desktop and add the printer to the laptops.

From the Desktop PC..
1) Open up Control Panel, double click Printers and Faxes
2) Find the printer you want to share, right click it and select Sharing..
3) Select the radio button to Share this printer, name it what you want, and click OK.

From the Laptops..
1) Open up Control Panel, double click Printers and Faxes
2) Select Add a Printer..
3) Select the radio button for "A network printer or printer attached to another computer." Click next..
4) Select the Browse radio button, click next..
5) Find the printer in the list that you just shared, click next.. and follow the rest of the wizard.
6) Print a test page to make sure it worked right.

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Upgrading laptops to wireless N
I am told you can replace the wireless adapter in laptops and looking at my own the unit looks as if it is easy to remove and replace.
Has anyone done this and does anyone know where to purchase the upgrade cards? Are they a standard item sold by the networking equipment suppliers or are they unique to the laptop they are supplied with?
Are they called mini PCI cards?

A:Upgrading laptops to wireless N

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HI, i have disucssed this earlier but got no reply so i am tyring again.

Me and my bro have a home wireless netowkr setup. We both use two laptops which are exactly the same models
the problem is that while his wirless works fine, my wireless occasionally drops. This usually happens when a runnng program e..g msn or voip, freezes. when i close it, the internet is knocked off. In the device manager, my wirless adaptor is connected while doing a ping says the network card is not connected. To fix the problems i just thave to siwtch it off and on again..

Note: this is a realtek 8187b wirless card and it only shows on the device manager when i switch it on.

Now i took both these laptops to a friend's house. My laptop worked fine!!, but my bro's internet ddint even start!!!...it kept on connecting, then disconnecting etc....what is the damn issue!!!

A:Two laptops two wireless problems

After updating drivers, I had trouble getting my wifi to talk to my router...
here is what worked for me.


The "Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool" resolved in seconds all the connectivity issues I was having.
Mind you, I prefer Firefox as my browser...
but MS does make some good stuff.

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I am not real technical savvy so please please help me! I have no idea what to do!

I have internet through my cable provider. I have a linksys wireless router. Everything was great....we were able to connect to the net with my laptop, no problems, etc.....until I purchased a laptop for my daughter. For some reason TWO laptops cannot run on this dang router! If both laptops are on at the same time, we get error messages. I dont know what to do! I have reset the router, reinstalled everything, gone through everything I can think of, which isnt much, and I cannot get them to work correctly! I get limited connectivity, local connection only, etc. And when I try to diagnose or correct the issue, it is never able to diagnose or correct it. I am desperate. Someone please please help me! Now I cant even get my computer to work with it anymore and i am having to mooch off my neighbor's unsecured wireless router just to type this plea!!

A:Wireless router and two laptops !!

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We are having a constant problem w/ our business laptops accessing our guest wifi, instead of our restricted & incripted WEP key needed, network. So users call to tell us that they can't access the network . We go on site & see windows managed wireless has attached to the guest acct . Then we go to network properties remove guest , move up to the top the facility network wireless we want then our employees can continue to work. This was not happening until we installed our free wifi for guest. Also we have checked connect even if not broadcasting for our network. And placed a bullet in advanced properties : connect to access points (infastrure preferred) network only. Help please. It doesn't seem to matter the brand name or model of laptops , we use Dell Latitude, Fujitsu e8110 it happens on both.

A:Wireless laptops on our network

Hi and welcome to TSG.

One simple solution might be to encrypt your guest WiFi access point with an easy to remember and easy to enter key like GUEST . As long as your company laptops are never set up with that key, they should not be automatically connecting to the the guest access point.

FWiW, you should consider switching your restricted WiFi encryption from WEP to WPA.

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My 2 Computers

Modem that both computers use to access the internet: Siemens Speedstream 6520.

(Mobile laptop I want to conect to the other laptop to enable printing)HP Pavilion zt3000
XP Pro SP2
1.25 GB Ram
Netgear 108Mb wireless PC card WG511T

(Main laptop hard wired to printer)
Toshiba Satellite Pro
XP Pro SP2
1 GB Ram
Intel wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

The Problem

The computers do not see each other in "My Network Places-->Entire Network-->Workgroup"

Things I have tried and noted
Both computers connect to the internet with no problems.
I have run "Network Setup Wizard" and used the residential gateway option, and shared the printers and files.
I have ensured that the workgroup name is the same on both computers, and each computer has a unique name.
I have noted that both computers addresses are "assigned by DHCP"
The ip addresses on the both computers start with "10.0.0"
The TCP/IP is set to aquire IP and DNS addresses automatically.
I have used ipconfig /release, followed by ipconfig /renew on both computers.

The only success I have had was that I was able to see the Pavilion computer on the Toshiba Network places, but displayed an error when I clicked on the Pavilion name. It said I did not have permission to use the network and to see the administrator. On the Pavilion laptop at the same time did not display either computer under the workgroup name.

Please help. All I want to do is print!!!

A:How To Network 2 wireless laptops

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I have a Belkin wireless N router that has been running effectively for about a year. I also have two newer model laptops that connect wirelessly to my router and dsl modem, as well as a desktop that connects via ethernet.

For the past a week or two, the internet on the wireless laptops has run sluggish, about half or less the normal speed. After some rain showers last night, I attempted to log on wirelessly (automatically) and neither laptop would connect.

One of the laptops will still find the connection in the wireless networks available directory and report 5 full bars of signal strength, but will not connect. The other laptop does not recognize the network at all.

The desktop runs Windows XP and both laptops run Windows 7. The router and modem are both plugged into a power strip/surge protector.

The ethernet desktop connection is obviously fine. I have read several similar forums and tried to do some troubleshooting on my own, but I can not find the problem.

I have taken the security off both the router and the connections at the laptop and reset the WINSOCK, ip and the other 4 and 6 commands and rebooted numerous times. I have the laptops trying to connect automatically and I've tried to connect manually. None of it has worked.

As for running the ipconfig command, if it is needed to diagnose the problem, should it be run on the laptops trying to connect or the desktop connected via ethernet?

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Wireless has stopped on two laptops

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Helo, We have had this ongoing issue where our wireless NIC on our laptops drop out sporatically throughout the day. We will be working and then we will see an exclamation through the wireless Nic icon in the bottom right. It tends to go away after a minute or 2 or you just disconnet and reconnect and it's fine.  We have tried updating the driver to the newest 19.1.0 on the 7260 model card. This does not seem to work. Our IT team who managages our wireless access points is saying it is the computer/nic. But something is telling me it's a bigger issue than that....possible our sonicwall. I never lose connection to the LAN just the WAN.  Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is happening on at least 13 computers throughout our company.

A:Wireless NIC dropping on several 840 laptops (g1 and g2).

Hello RaymondRossini! I understand that you are having issues with intermittent connectivity on several 840 G1's and G2's. I would recommend that you run our Softpaq Download Manager (SDM) on these units and make sure that all drivers/firmware and Operating System Enhancements (Essential Systems Update) are installed.  Also this tool will allow you to flash the BIOS, which should at least up to v01.37 for the G1 and v01.16 for the G2. Here is the link for the SDM and the Support Sites if you do not have access to the tool: www.hp.com/go/sdm  Support Sites:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5405097&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4059 (for the 840 G1)http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=7343205&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4059 (for the 840 G2.) Once you have all of the drivers/firmware up to date, please go into the BIOS and hit b Restore defaults. Save changes and exit. Test the units. Please let me know if this helps.

I am an HP employee.Always happy to assist.

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Hello, I hope someone can advise me in determining what type of wireless router I should purchase to not only let me untether but to strengthen the speed of my signal (boost?) as well.

I am running a Dell Inspiron 1501 with an Expresscard adapter and an internal wireless card.

I access Internet via Hughesnet Satellite, they installed the external modem and runs the modem to the computer via what resembles a telephone adapter, only wider (next to the ac power input jack). They run using a Broadcom Suite program (again only assuming as these programs were not on my machine prior to installation).

Please tell me the least expensive provider and whether my expresscard PCMCIA (or whatever-blah blah yuk yuk) will hinder this process. It would seem to me that the wireless card in my laptop would take care of the interfacing wirelessly with the router, correct?

Help me please I am anxious to use this thing anywhere but at the desk in the home office!

Thanks in advance!! Notsodumb......

A:Wireless Router for Laptops

"... via what resembles a telephone adapter, only wider ..."

That would be an ethernet cable.

Your integrated wireless adapter is all that you need in the laptop.

Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear all make similar wireless routers. Also ZyXel and TrendNet and others. The least expensive is whichever is on sale or has a good rebate.

Best deals are on standard 802.11g 54Mbps. If you have special distance needs you can consider the pre-N, draft-N, etc., but they'll be considerably more expensive and for the very best results with them you need a matching (same brand and technology) wireless card.

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I turned on my computer last night and was locked out with a BIOS password prompt. Super frustrating and it takes a lot of time to send in laptop for "free" repair as noted on Toshiba Support Notice: http://askiris.toshiba.com/ToshibaS...iceId=&dialogID=33671841&stateId=0 0 33673053

I found the repair info over several blogs and forums regarding this problem. It is a really easy fix, with just a little bit of work and patience. I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4014. This should also work on a A100 since they are of the same family.
1) like always with anything that you do when taking your computer apart, take out the battery and unplug it (common sense)
2) Remove the plastic cover piece above the keyboard, called the "keyboard bezel". this is the piece where you can see the speakers. This page gives several pictures as to how to do this. http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/toshiba-satellite-a135/remove-mainboard-2.htm
**I found it a little bit difficult to get the plastic retaining clips to "pop" loose, but if you are careful, you can use a small screw driver and slowly "wiggle-pry" between the two screen mounts. this is done with the screen all the way back. you could use a paper clip with a little 1/8" bend at tip to do this also. (it is a tight working area) Once these three retaining clips have come loose the others are fairly easy to "pop" Just be patient and work it slowly. once this is... Read more

A:Fix BIOS incorrect power-on password prompt on certain Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba Password error

Hey Subscan
Thanks so much for the great post. I have seen your fix on other posts also. I have a different model but same problem Satellite M105-S3004 bios password error. I have a different layout on my model. I cannot find terms c88 on the board from what I can see without taking the body apart, My wireless is in a different location on the bottom thru a access panel. I have tried a boot disk that wood update bios and fix issue but no fix there either, What does c88 bypass when jumped? I also have a finger scan that gives me the scan your finger or enter password error, Any help or Ideas wood help greatly. Thanks

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Hi guys,

i hope you could be able to help me with this very wierd problem im having.
Im using an ADSL internet from Alice (Telecom Italia). The modem is ethernet and wireless. I used to use it thru wireless since the telephone line was in another room and thats where the modem is.
1. On my M17 i got Vista and Win7 both 64 and i had no issues seeing my modem and connecting wirelessly.
2. I got a technitian come and wired the walls so i started using the cable instead.
3. Since the wireless connection was automatic and it connected thru the ethernet i disconected wireless since i didnt needed it anymore. Presuming it will be not automatic anymore but manual connect.
4. I had to move to another room, no ethernet, so back to wireless...
The problem:
I cannot see anymore my wireless on both Win7 and Vista!
I can see other wireless connections of the neighbours, but not mine - Alice-76232332. I can see it on any other PC that i try so the SSID is not hidden. Neither is my MAC banned or something.

What i did so far without success:
Reset / restart the modem.
Restart PC.
Removed my "Alice-76...." from prefered networks in both Win7 and Vista. Moved closer to the modem.

Any help please. Its very wierd imo since it doesent work on both OS. The modem setting havent been changed ever and other PCs find it no problem.
Used to work, only thing i did is click disconect from the tray on wireless while ethernet was connected and used the cable connection for ... Read more

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Im having a problem with my laptops wireless capability; it worked fine, until i tried a hardwried connection (i went over to this center and tried one and it didn't work, so i unplugged it).

Now, I can't connect to any wireless networks unless i do the windows network troubleshooter, which it tells me my laptops wireless capability is turned off; I then have to click on the option to turn wireless capability back on..

I have tried playing in change adapter settings in Network Connections, but nothing is working.. I have tried disabling the LAC and wireless adapter but nothing is working..

I also notice under Local Area Connection that is says "Network cable unplugged". Also in one of the tables of the windows network troubleshooter it shows Network cable unplugged and wireless capability is turned off.. Is my laptop trying to find the hardwire connection all the time so it turns off wireless? How can i fix this :3

A:laptops wireless capability keeps turning off..

I also notice under Local Area Connection that is says "Network cable unplugged".Click to expand...

That's normal and accurate unless you have a cable plugged in. If you do have a cable plugged in probably the NIC or cable is defective. Although it's possible that the ethernet was turned off to save power.

I assume that you are using an integrated wireless adapter. What kind of wireless switch do you have, and is it turned on? Do you also have a utility that can switch the wireless on or off? If so, is it saying "on"?

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My wireless internet worked fine, never really had any problems except the odd few were I could find it, connect, but the internet didn?t work, after a while it seemed to resolve its-self. I purchased a new base the other day; I put the disc in to install the wireless router via an Ethernet cable internet worked fine. Then I tried to connect on my Windows XP home edition laptop, which I only really use for downloading films and music, I couldn?t find my wireless connection, I could find the rest of the streets just not mine. I restarted the laptop and while I was waiting tried my windows vista laptop, after refreshing the search 3 or 4 times I found it, the internet works fine. Next I tried my Xbox wireless adapter, found both the wireless A+G connections, connected first time worked fine. Went back to my home edition laptop, still nothing and has been this way for a good few days. The problem being I can find wireless internet, just not mine even if the laptop is next to the router. My knowledge of how these things work are basic, but I always seem to find the problem just this one has me stumped. So I am hopping you intelligent people can help me out. The laptop is an Acer Travel-mate 4060, and connects using an Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network connection, the driver version is, if that?s any help. The IP Address and DNS Address are both set to automatic. My Router is a Linksys Wireless A+G Router that Xbox recommended to me. The model number is WRT55AG. ... Read more

A:Can't Find my Wireless Internet on One of my Laptops


are you familiar with the term, "hide SSID"

if other devices have been setup to connect to it then they will see it as they have the rights to access it...

New installs wont see a router with the SSID of the router set to be hidden as this is a security measure

Go into the routers setup and see if its set to show the SSID...

Just a thought

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Hi guys,

i hope you could be able to help me with this very wierd problem im having.
Im using an ADSL internet from Alice (Telecom Italia). The modem is ethernet and wireless. I used to use it thru wireless since the telephone line was in another room and thats where the modem is.
1. On my M17 i got Vista and Win7 both 64 and i had no issues seeing my modem and connecting wirelessly.
2. I got a technitian come and wired the walls so i started using the cable instead.
3. Since the wireless connection was automatic and it connected thru the ethernet i disconected wireless since i didnt needed it anymore. Presuming it will be not automatic anymore but manual connect.
4. I had to move to another room, no ethernet, so back to wireless...
The problem:
I cannot see anymore my wireless on both Win7 and Vista!
I can see other wireless connections of the neighbours, but not mine - Alice-76232332. I can see it on any other PC that i try so the SSID is not hidden. Neither is my MAC banned or something.

What i did so far without success:
Reset / restart the modem.
Restart PC.
Removed my "Alice-76...." from prefered networks in both Win7 and Vista. Moved closer to the modem.

Any help please. Its very wierd imo since it doesent work on both OS. The modem setting havent been changed ever and other PCs find it no problem.
Used to work, only thing i did is click disconect from the tray on wireless while ethernet was connected and used the cable connection for a week.

Please he... Read more

A:Cant see wireless ADSL modem from one of the laptops

First please fill in your system specs in your user CP. It will help to know all your hardware. Then go to your device mngr and expand your eithernet connection devices and post snip of it. Are their any yellow triangelsin the device mngr. You'll also have to enablethe device. to post a snip herre is a tutorial A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots

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I have 1 Wireless router
and 2 laptops one of which is wireless
and the 2nd will be tomorrow..

is it safe to operate 2 wirelss laptops in same room?
as they will be operating in same frequency.?

the reason im forced to ask is because today when i tried a PCMCIA card in
the 2nd laptop..when i removed it one of the 3 times i did it caused the other laptop
to crash and it also recieved updates for the driver (no not the laptop that had the
PCMCIA card in..the other...) and i never even plugged it into the 2nd (new ACER by the way)
so I obviously dont want to damage it...


A:1 Router - 2 Wireless Laptops... ..is it safe?

I have had as many as five wireless devices in the same room, and currently there are three running here. It's perfectly safe.

Yes, they will certainly run on the same frequently, but they share the bandwidth.

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