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x230t specs for UHD/4k display on external monitor

Q: x230t specs for UHD/4k display on external monitor

I was wondering if this model is capable of displaying UHD/4k on the external monitor.To my knowledge this computer has Intel HD graphics 4000 but I don't know if it can handle UHD.Furthermore, I would like to ask what version the display port is since ver 1.2 is required to view UHD at 60hz.Let me know if there are any other things to consider to solve this problem.Thanks

Preferred Solution: x230t specs for UHD/4k display on external monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: x230t specs for UHD/4k display on external monitor

you can't view the UHD at 60 hz, only at 30 hz. https://www.thinkscopes.com/2014/08/10/thinkpad-compatibility-with-4k-lcd-thinkvision-pro2840m/This is an old list that i generated in regards to the Intel HD 3000 and 4000 compatibility with the UHD resolution.

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I have a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Windows 10. I have just purchased a Dell U2515H monitor which I am waiting for delivery for as we speak. I believe the monitor has quiet a few inputs however I am not 100% sure which lead to get to connect them both and which port I use on the Dell Laptop. Looking on the left hand side of my laptop there is a port with a lightning sign next to it, is that called Thunderbolt? and is that my monitor/display port? and what lead do I need? it looks like some sort of micro socket!

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Hi community! My X230T display was changed. The new one looks to me like it has a yellow bias (the X230T-display was always a little bit warm-white, but not so much I think). Furthermore the maximum brightness seems to be less than with the old display. Here a comparison between a white paper at cloudy daylight and the white of the screen at maximum brightness:  It is said that for the X230T there is only one panel manufacturer, so it should not be a question of where the replacement part was produced. Does anybody have similar experiences? Would another change improve the situation? Thanks!Spot

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I just can't get my Yoga 910 to display anything on my external monitor. I purchased a 4k usb-c to HDMI adapter [sandberg] and plugged it into the correct port. The white one at the front. Tried to then duplicate the display but nothing happens on the external monitor. I really need this to work as I spend most of my date at my desk and rely on an external image. What can I do?

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Hey guys i got a new tv recently and i wanted to use it as an external monitor for my laptop. i have a pretty new Dell Inspiron N5110 which i assume would have the necessary drivers. the weird thing is that my laptop will sense the tv as an external monitor. i can choose to extend, duplicate, etc. by the tv simply says "no signal." ive fiddles with both my graphics card menu and windows menu tot ry and get the darn thing to work, any ideas?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6051 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1262 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595378 MB, Free - 381809 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 034W60
Antivirus: Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper, Disabled

it has both HDMI and basic computer monitor plugins, but the HDMI is completely unresponsive

A:external monitor will not display

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Recently got i5 7567....GTX 1050 Ti ...I have an old AOC monitor which supports VGA input....through HDMI to VGA adapter connected my laptop to monitor... On duplicate screen mode and second screen only, it works.....but the monitor goes blank saying "input not supported" on 'extend display '.
display settings has detected the external monitor...while intel hd graphics setting and nvidia control panel are not detecting the external monitor... 
Need help folks...!

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Hello Sevenforums,

I run Windows 7 64 Bit on my HP laptop and essentially have 2 "modes." The first is just straight laptop use with nothing plugged in, and the other is a "docked mode," where I plug a monitor, external keyboard and mouse, and speakers into the laptop and use it essentially as a desktop. To save processing power, I display ONLY on the external monitor.

So my issue is that every time I plug in the monitor, I get a duplicated display (same thing displayed on both the laptop screen and the monitor). Is there a way for Windows to change my display settings when it detects a monitor has been plugged in? This isn't a huge problem, and only takes about 15 seconds to fix, but if there is a solution I sure would like to know.

Thanks in advance,

A:External Monitor Display Question

Hello Lanebobane, welcome to SF!

When you connect a second screen you have the option of "cloning" your primary screen to it or "extending your desktop". Or, sometimes, neither. It seems you've set it to clone. Since you did not post any lt details it is difficult to give examples...i wonder what it is that you do to fix it now, as i would expect that to be the sam screen where you can set this right...

Also, dending on mobo, on board graphics, if your system is new enough to run W7, I would be very surprised if running lt screen AND external, caused a noticeable processing power diff?

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Most solutions involve "reflow of video card". I am a computer tech in my town and have never heard of this process. Please explain.

A:No Video either on display or external monitor

Don't do it. A reflow is a very crude fix that will not last even if it seems to work temporarily, It involves blowing heat directly onto the video chip to melt the solder and reestablish lost connections. Real tech shops do a "reball" which properly applies the video chip back to the motherboard. We don't really hear about "reflows" any more. That was about a specific model series almost 10 years ago and I am not aware of your model having similar issues. If the video is dead, then your best bet is a new motherboard. You can also find shops that have a presence on eBay that have professional equipment needed to rework a motherboard at the chip level and their services are about $60-100 to rebuild your motherboard. 

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Hi guys, I have a t400 and a t61, and a few weeks ago the motherboard of the t61 died. I don't wanna invest money there so I wondered what can I use it for. So there comes my question: is there any way I can use the t61s display as external monitor for the t400. I only know that the display cable has 40 pins. I googled it but nothing so far :/

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This is a real tricky one, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Basically the problem is:

We have a laptop, which like many laptops has an external display connector (standard 15 pin D-SUB VGA) but also like many laptops looks for an external monitor & if it can't find one (presume via the sense lines) disables the external output.

3 Modern flat panel displays I have tried work fine but 3 older CRT's do not (they come up initially when the computer boots then at a point it the startup when it does the check the external signal shuts off). I have to get it working with one of the CRT's.

Yes, I can force it to output with keys function/F12 but it has to be an unattended feature during power cycling.

In the cable can I short a combination os sense pins to mimic the newer screens so that the external VGA output is always on.

I have tried shorting pin 11 (Sense ID 0) to ground and pins 4/11/12 (sense ID 0,1 and 2) simultaneously to ground but still the laptop does not detect the monitor.

This should be really simple but it isn't I have spent hours and hours researching on the Net to no avail.

Hope someone can help.

Lee Gibson

A:Help with laptop external monitor no display

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I have an HP Elite X2 tablet computer. When I am on the move away from my desk I have an adapter to alow me to output video to HDMI or VGA devices, but the Type-C port is now in use and I may run out of battery power. Unhoking and carrying the USB docking station and its power adapter is impracticle, the docking station isn't very compact anyway. Is there a Type-C dongle out there that has both video output ports and can charge the tablet at the same time?

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this IdeaPad 510-15isk of mine the built-in screen is defective so i attached a VGA monitor to the VGA port. i learned somewhere that when a laptop senses, on bootup, that there is an external monitor connected it should send its display to the external device. my laptop doesn't do that and instead it uses the built-in display which i cannot see because it's defective. i also try to get into the CMOS settings using that Novo button but it since it shows the display using the built-in LCD screen i am unable to check nor configure the CMOS to direct all output to external display (which i'm assuming is controlled by the CMOS). since finding how to goto the CMOS settings on this laptop (that Novo button is too small is not well labelled) i thought there might be some hidden feature that would allow me to force the display to go to the external device. btw, the F10 hotkey that is supposed to toggle the display output doesn't do anything. appreciate any help.

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Okay guys i have a puzzling one for you... I'm running my trusty Emachines E527 with Windows 8 RP. I was playing Minecraft on an external monitor (a TV) and I get a blue screen... no biggie I've dealt with these before. I do a hard reset and turn my computer back on and I don't get an image on my laptop screen. I take a flashlight to my screen ( I've had back light issues before thought it might happen again) and nothing... no image or anything. I decided to take it apart and use a voltage tester on the inverter to see if it's even sending power to it and I don't get a reading anywhere. Furthermore no external monitor hookup will display an image either

This must be a software error... though I don't get a boot splash either..

This one is beyond me.. someone on another forum suggested clearing the cmos. I only have a battery in there on my motherboard but it is soldered to the board itself... kinda hard to clear...

I leave on vacation tonight and I need my laptop so any help would be greatly appreciated....


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I have a laptop as my main computer and I have it hooked up to an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Sometimes I like to unplug everything and just use it like a normal laptop. When I use the Fn+F5 key to change to the internal display, the resolution is still the same from the other display. It is still readable but there is a black space where the screen could expand to. I tried to (while hooked up to the external display) change the resolution of the secondary monitor (the internal one) but it keeps just copying exactly what is on the first display (the external one). If I change the resolution on one monitor, they both change to that. If i click "Identify" it shows a number "1" on both monitors. I could just change the resolution every time i switch monitors but then when i plug it into the external one it is a little distorted (enough that i could navigate to change the resolution back though)

Or is there a batch or vbs script that could toggle the resolution between the two?
The two resolutions are: External: 1024 x 768 Internal: 1280 x 800

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Hi, I own an Elite X2 hybrid tablet.  It says all over HP that the tablet can be connected to TV's HDMI via the USB C port.
I bough the iLuv USB C digital AV adapter, but it doesn't work. 
I've changed HDMI cables, I've updated drivers, I've tried to call hp, but nothing seems to work.
Plese please help. What can I do?

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I routinely use a second monitor but these last few weeks either the laptop doesn't recognize the 2nd monitor or else it does breifly and then the monitor blanks and goes into low power/power saving mode.  Same issue with two different monitors.  There is no problem with the laptop's built-in display. After researching, I suspect it is a by-product of the recent Windows 10 update.  Mixed advice on solutions.  I tried updating all my drivers from Windows Device Manager.Several posts recommended going to manufacturer (intel) and downloading drivers. Its automatic utility did not detect a current driver, but under older versions there was one from about a year ago. (I didn't try to install.)I've changed power settings so have monitor "always on". No difference. What else can I try? This is really frustrating.

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Well, running w7 ultimate on a Dell xps m1330 laptop. Everything looks good, but at work I am connected to a matrox triple-head-to-go device which is connected to (3) 22' monitors (3840x1280 resolution). Now when I connected it, ran the nvidia app, it found it and worked great.

Problem is I get home, no external connected, so running off the laptop with the basic resolution, I am trying to start apps (firefox, stickies, etc.) and I guess they were in other spots at work as I don't see them. I forced a close on FF, then re-started, rt clicking and maximizing which worked, but then other apps like stickies don't have that option. An alt-tab shows it running in the lower right (see screenshot), but there is absolutely no way of getting to the app! I did close the app completely and restarted, but it does restart in a location not on the screen.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

A:External monitor display issues when not connected

Right click desktop.
Screen resolution.
Select appropriate option.


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I set up two external monitors on my x1 yoga (i7-7600U w/intel 620) using the usb-c dock.  Both monitors are identical with a native resolution of 2560x1440.  I can only get the first monitor to display that resolution; the second only has 4 resolutions available, the highest being 1280x800.  I've download the latest Intel Driver.  I've tried using 'custom resolutions'.  **bleep**?  Please help - thank you!

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Im having a problem when i connect my laptop with external display.
My laptop is HP tx2(12" display) with windows vista sp2 and my external display is an LCD tv of Onida(Xaria 22")

When i connect my laptop to the LCD tv, the connection is ok... display comes properly....resolution is also good...
but after some time of using it(either watching videos or even normal browsing) the display flickers and then gets diconnected(with the disconnection sound or tone) and automatically gets connected again.
sometimes after auto re-connection the resolution also gets changed....this is really annoying..

Iv used the help section... they asked me to increase the flicker rate to atleast 75 but my laptop has a max freq of 60hz only. iv also applied max resolution to the screen...but the same thing always happens again..
then i also connected the same lcd tv to my another laptop(hp dv6000, 15.4", vista sp2) and the same problem never comes. even the flicker rate of that laptop is max 60 hz. both have same resolutions also

iv tried all that i cud.... advise please.....

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One day I was using the laptop surfing the net normally, everything was fine and suddenly the display gone wrong...(pic below). I tried using an external monitor and still the same, so I am quite sure that my monitor is fine and it's probably a display card problem?
I tried to update my display card driver and no luck, so I decided to use the recovery CD to restore the system, and no luck again.

Here is a screenshot after the system restore...is there a way to repair this without taking it to a service centre??
Link: [http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p262/ctb205/mon.jpg]

A:Tecra S1 - Display issue, even on external monitor

Hi borist,

It?s really great that you could post a picture of your problem. Thank you!
Furthermore you tried already a lot of like recovery installation and an external monitor.

Unfortunately it seems to be a hardware malfunction of graphic card. :(

So that means you have to exchange the mainboard because the graphic card is fixed on it. Mainboard is pretty expensive part and Tecra S1 is old notebook so maybe you can get a second hand mainboard or notebook on eBay and exchange it yourself.

Good luck! :)

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I have a HP Spectre x360 running the latest version of Windows 10 Home. I just bought a new 34" dell widescreen monitor, installed the latest drivers and played with all known settings but have not been able to display my laptop's image on the entire wide screen monitor. Anyone experience this issue?

A:Cannot get external monitor to display full screen

Hi,Hope you installed graphic driver available from your HP support page?Did you change scaling settings and checkhttp://www.pcworld.com/article/2953978/displays/use-windows-10s-individual-display-scaling-to-perfec...Change screen resolution:https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/21084-multiple-displays-change-settings-layout-windows-10-a.htmlScale full screen from displayRegardsVisruth

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My Friend has a HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop. His display isn't work. Suddenly display gone. But I thought it could be Display problem not a VGA. So, i tried to connect an external monitor and used Shortcut keys to change the display. I pressed fu + F1 or Fu + F2 or Fu + F3 or Fu + F4 up-to F12. But no result.
I couldn't check whether it's a Display or VGA card problem. IS there any other way to check it. in addition to these is there any other combination keys to Change the display to an external monitor. I'm unable to check whether i get login or not. if I can login then i can use Windows Key + P. Then i can select mode. But I'm Unable to anything here. Please help me to find the problem and i have to take it to repairing shop.
Thanks in Advanced

A:Change display of laptop to external monitor

It should be the Fn + the key that shows a monitor symbol. If it still doesn't display, the motherboard video processor has failed, and not the LCD Panel

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I recenterly got a W530 with a Mini Dock Plus Series 3 with USB 3.0. I have set up the W530 sitting on the dock which connects to 2 external monitors via is DVI 1 and DVI2 ports. I have used the Lenovo Vantage app to run a complete system update and BIOS version is 2.71. The W530 is installed with Windows 10 Pro and works great with the 2 external monitors, except that I am unable to get the boot display on either of the external monitors (in order to be able to choose boot devices). So I let the W530 sitting on the dock and lifted the LCD lid, then turn the power ON and used the F1 key to get into the BIOS settings.  In the Config -> Display page I tried to select Boot Display Device but only "ThinkPad LCD" is available; no other options were present. A screenshot is inserted at the end.  Since the W530-on-dock has been turned on many times so the 2 external monitors connected to the dock should be known to the W530 and so be recognized in the BIOS and in display related selections. The puzzle is that this BIOS doesn't seem to know (or designed to ignor?) the 2 connected external monitors and, hence, leave me no other choices. I need the boot display on external monitor to often switch between Windows 10 Pro and Lunix. which are installed on seperate SSDs. My question is: how do I get boot display on one of the external displays? 

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Hi @ all :-) is ist possible to connect a monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440 (Eizo CG277) at the displayport of the HP ProBook 470 G2? Thanks in advance :-)

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On other laptops I've used, I've been able to see my laptop screen while simultaneously projecting to an overhead or external monitor. I can use F5 to toggle between screen, external, or simultaneous. This works great for presentations. With my A70, however, I can only toggle for screen or external/projector, not both simultaneously.

Any help on solving will be appreciated.

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I have a Emachine Laptop model d620 ,and it has a broken screen . So i have been using a dell external monitor. Due to virus i decided to restore the laptop to it factory settings . After the computer restarted to showed the logo and the windows logo ,but the setup it want show the display on my external monitor. I was wondering if there is anyway i could fix this problem please help.

A:After system restore display on external monitor want show

You need to go into your display settings in Control Panel (if the laptop screen is still usable), and re-set the external monitor as the default monitor again. If the laptop screen is not usable at all I don't see how you can do it any other way.

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Hi, My p50 display just stopped working out of the blue yesterday. When i connect an external monitor or HDMI (TV)  the screen pops on the tv or external monitor. Everything works fine. It's just that the screen on the p50 is just blank. To make it more complex, the touch is working fine. Just to be precise. The black screen is also during post and boot of windows so i don't believe it's a driver issue. The only thing i can think is that the display is broke but don't understand why touch works. Is there a way to reset perhaps bios to default or does anyone have a good idea before i raise a RMA?. The p50 is working still fine but just the screen. Thanks  Ivan

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I am using Vista for business (32-bit) on a new Dell Latitude E4300 laptop. I want to use a new external monitor (Dell S2209W) with it.

The external monitor is connected and works, but I cannot get it to display at its proper top resolution of 1920 x 1080.

When I check the displays in the laptop's device manager, both the laptop and the external monitor are given as Generic pnp. Attempts to update the drivers meet with the response that they are up-to-date.When I try to change the display from the desktop, the resolution options do not go high enough for the external monitor.

The laptop display works fine; what I need is for the external monitor to work at the high resolution.
Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks

A:Driver for External monitor wont display top resolution

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This monitor is called Samsung Syncmaster t240hd. Its an hdtv monitor with 1920 x1200 resolution for monitor. I believe if used as a TV, its 1920 x 1080 though but i wont use it for tv. Anyways, the first thing i noticed was the monitor isn't straight. If you look at it from the side, it looks like its slouching. Is there a way to fix this? Thus adjust it a bit higher?
The other thing is when i look at numbers/words, its a lot harder to read than my old monitor? Thus you see its much easier to read the same thing on my laptop screen compared to this monitor. My laptop is dell xps 15 9550 and very nice. But its just harder to read on this hdtv. I tried making brightness higher than 45 and this makes it much worst. The lower it is, a bit better but its just harder to read on it. Basically its looks very yellowish? For example when i go to a site on another forum, where most of it is white... if i open the same page on this monitor, its yellow. Its a really ugly color and just hard to look at the screen.
Can someone tell me how i can fix this issue? Also i wasn't aware of this but this hdtv monitor has glass over the monitor. Is this how all hdtv monitors are? Is that the reason why its harder to read on this as oppose to a regular monitor?
Are there settings i can change that i can make reading words and letters much easier?
These are the settings when i click on the menu button
Mode: Standard
Backlight: 8
Contrast: 95
Brightness: 45
Sharpess: 50 (can't change)
Co... Read more

A:External Monitor Display Looks Very Bad Quality/Color Issues

Example on this same page... if i open it on my laptop monitor and on this external monitor, you see how the sides of it are blue on the laptop. But this one is like a fading light blue color. And the area where there is nothing written on, it looks white on the laptop screen... yet this one looks yellowish/fading color.

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Hi, I have my Acer Monitor (G277HL) linked to my Acer Laptop (VN7-592G-79KR) via HDMI cable. I have no problem with it until recently, the external monitor is only able to display if my acer laptop is being charged. If my laptop is not charging, my external monitor won't be detected by the laptop. I had not make any changes to at the battery power setting. Anyone advise?Thank you.

A:Acer External Monitor unable to display/detected b...

iamjustin wrote:the external monitor is only able to display if my acer laptop is being charged. If my laptop is not charging, my external monitor won't be detected by the laptop. So, right now it's not working charged or not?Which windows OS version is installed?Are you able to try another external monitor or TV on your laptop?Are you able to connect your external monitor to another PC an test if it works? One quick thing you can try, is to uninstall your graphic adapter from Device manager, reboot and let windows re-install the drivers. windows logo key + xDevice managerdisplay adaptersright click your display adapter choose to uninstall and tick to uninstall software too if askedreboot

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I have a Dell notebook with XP Media Direct. The display goes black soon after boot-up while an external monitor functions. When the notebook lid closed and re-opened, the display comes back temporarily, the external seems to reset, and then the notebook display returns to black. I have hibernate turned off, standby set to never and sleep set to never.

I tested standby and hibernate and they both display that they are either about to switch to standby or hibernate before the display turns off.

I don't think it is a heat issue because it happens even after the notebook has been off for awhile and turned back on. I've updated the video drivers.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


A:Notebook display goes black, but external monitor is functional??

i believe this is a feature, not a problem.

Most laptops will shut off their screen when an external monitor is connected to save power. However, depending on your laptop, there should be a Fn command allowing you to swap display modes (only ext, only laptop, or both)

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I bought an Inspiron 15 3542 a few months ago. I connected it an external Acer 27' monitor via hdmi cable. It didn't  work. However, I could connect the same monitor to my older Acer Laptop via same hdmi cable without any problem.

I installed the latest video driver from dell.com, setup with 60p HZ, and the monitor only worked fine for a few seconds then went black (same as before). However, when I changed the display setting to 60i HZ, the monitor worked but the display was a little shaky/blinking.  Please help.

A:Inspiron 15 3542 can not display correctly on external monitor.

You may want to take a look at this article on setting up and troubleshooting multiple monitors in Dell laptops.  While it doesn't sound like you're using the FN+F8 key to set up multiple monitors the basic concepts of how to adjust display settings, how to tell the system to display onto external monitors, etc., are the same. 
Let me know if this helps or not.   It could simply be that the resolution and refresh rates of your monitor are outside the range of what the laptop is currently set up to handle.   Have you tried the on-screen setup utility that comes with most monitors?  Try resetting the monitor to default (factory) settings and see if that helps.

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Good Day !!!

Is it possible to connect a external monitor with Tecra S5-12L and use both display at the same time.

My Laptop details: http://www.toshiba.nl/innovation/jsp...U&ERROR=0#tab7;

OS: Win7 32 bit

I had installed value added package from toshiba but still i cannot able to connect and use laptop display and the 2nd monitor at the same time. i.e my PC is not detecting the 2 monitors at the same time.

If i connect the external monitor and restart the PC then my PC takes the external monitor as a main display and the laptop screen is not detected any more.

If i disconnect the external monitor and restart the PC then the PC monitor acts as a primary monitor and after the booting up in connecting the external monitor the PC is not detecting any more.

Before i used to use to connect it with TV and i can get the TV and the PC monitor to work at the same time but at the time i was using Windows XP. Now connecting to TV, I cannot able to get the TV and the laptop screen working at the same time.

Is it true that we cannot able to use the PC monitor and an external monitor at the same time ? or is there any settings that i should perform to get the dual monitors working ? Please share your view if its know.. thanks...

There is no problem in the cable nor the monitor as i tested it with other PC(ASUS, Win 7 64 bit) and its working fine.

Is there any limitation in hardware or its just software issue/settings.
Please support !!!

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Dell Inspiron M731R
When turning on the laptop it has white screen at boot-up. I hooked up an external monitor(hdmi) and when it reaches the window 8.1 splash screen then the external monitor kicks in and everything works fine(laptop lcd is still white with vert and horizontal lines (I can kind of see whats displayed). But when I tried in safe mode the external monitor doesn't display anything. I can barely make out what is displaying on the laptop but when I try to project on to the external monitor I get a message 'your PC can’t project to a second screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card. 
Could it be an inverter for the white screen and driver for not projecting in safe mode? Reinstall the display adapter?

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hi, I just upgraded from an X1 carbon to an X1 yoga with OLED screen. I connect to a Dell U3415W monitor and use extend display.The display quality on the laptop is outstanding but when I connect to the montior it isn't very sharp. I'm running monitor resolution on 3440x1440, and using HDMI cable. I had no issue when using the X1 carbon.I've updated display drivers. Any ideas? thanks

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Hi, We recently purchased two T470 laptops. Both of these appear to have display issues when outputting to an external monitor. Text will appear fuzzy/blurry and after a couple of minutes your eyes starts to hurt from trying to focus on it. Has anybody experienced any similar issues? We also have a T470s that is doing the same but it even has blurry text on the built in screen.

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Hello, I've had this problem with my laptop display for about half a year. When the laptop starts, the backlight turns on, but there is no display of Windows. When connected to an external monitor or projector, this displays the image with no problem. Thus, my question is: if my GPU and backlight are working, what component is causing the problem and how can I fix it? It is worth mentoning that sometimes on start up the display came back to life, and then if no shutdown or battery depletion occured, it would function normally. However, if the battery ran out, the problem came back (since I very often just put the laptop on sleep, this system functioned for a while...) Then, a couple of weeks ago this happened again, and the display hasn't worked since. I am now working with an external monitor.  Looking forward to your answers. Many thanks, Stefania

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Problem started 6.1.2017 Windows 10 Would include screen print if I could see how. Also unsure what further info would be of use.

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I have 2 Precision 5510 laptops that are identical in hardware. When I hook up one to an external monitor (Seiki SE39UY04) via HDMI the resulution is good (3840x2160 and looks like it). However, when I hook up the other laptop to the same external monitor the resultion is listed as 3840x2160 but it looks more like 800x600.
I've compared all the settings I can find between the two laptops and they all appear to be the same. Resulution, refresh rate, etc. Both systems have the same hardware (Intel HD Graphics 530 and NVIDIA Quadro M1000M) and are running the same driver versions. I've applied all available hardware/software updates from Dell.
Does anyone have any ideas why one laptop works properly and the other does not? 

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Hi I have lenovo G400s touch laptop. It has following display adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000NVIDIA GeForce GT 720MI have a QHD External Monitor having 2560 * 1440 native resolution. On connecting my Lenovo laptop and Monitor with a branded 4K HDMI cable, I still gets FHD (1920 * 1080 resolution). I am having tough time to find the solution online. I have installed latest drivers for both the above adapters. Still only FHD resolution.  I also find GeForce GT 720M supports QHD as mentioned in specification: https://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook-gpus/geforce-gt-720m/specifications Please let me know I need to upgrade the adpater. If yes, which one will support G400s touch laptop. ThanksMohnish  

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Thinkpad X230iI have an Acer R221Q external monitor. If I connect my Thinkpad to the monitor's HDMI port using the Mini Display port, in Windows 7, I get the dreaded blinking.If I connect from Linux Mint, everything works perfectly OK!!!!! Is there a solution for the Windows fault?

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A T470s on the UltraDock running two Samsung 3840x2160 monitors scaled to 2560x1440 at 29Hz. One monitor uses the docking station's HDMI output, the other uses the DVI output. Nine times out of ten reboots, both monitors come up fine. It's that tenth time that is challenging - Both monitors will comes up normally, but the HDMI one intermittently blinks a partial screen, rectangular image horizontally offset from the actual background image. It flashes two/three times and then disappears. Then a minute later it's back. The size of the partial image varies, the flashing interval varies, but a reboot tends to fix the problem. I've swapped HDMI1 and HDMI2 plugs on the monitors, I've switched the actual monitors, and I've switched the cables. But after ten or so reboots, the image shows up on the HDMI monitor again. It's annoying, but sending the T470s in would take time, and the problem could be at my end - Cable length? Cable routing? I just don't know. Any thoughts out there? (Maybe someday I'll capture that "image" and post it, but so far it's as hard to capture as it is to understand.) 

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Hi I'm using Window Vista Home Edition. I've been using an external CRT monitor with my laptop for several months without problems. To connect to the external monitor, all I do is tick the 'extend to this monitor' button then 'apply'. I can then move windows to the external monitor and watch movies.

However, since yesterday my laptop does not display images. I put on the external monitor and noticed that my desktop, icons, etc were all on the external monitor. Even worse I when I go to the display settings, I see that the external monitor is labelled 'default monitor'. On the Nvidia control panel it is shown as 'primary monitor' and has the number 1. When I try to set my laptop as primary on the Nvidia control panel it brings up a dialogue box to stop me from changing it.

To my surprise, I now have to tick the 'extend to this monitor' button to view images on my laptop, which is a blank desktop with blurred image and colour. Also I have to move the mouse to the left of the CRT monitor to get to my laptop screen, the complete reverse. When I click on 'identify monitors' it shows my CRT as 1 and my laptop as 2!

This is crazy! I need my laptop to remain as the default monitor, number 1, and primary. But it now seems the CRT has taken over as my main display.

When I power off, disconnect the CRT, and power on, the display returns to my laptop. But as soon as I connect the CRT to my laptop, my laptop display goes blank and the CRT takes over.

I would really apprecia... Read more

A:Display headache! My external monitor is labelled as default, 1, and primary.

Well, i do it by first clicking extend on the lappy screen, then click, make this my primary screen. Try that out.

I also use win dows control panel instead of nvidias software.

Welcome to TF

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Hello all,

I've set my external monitor as primary because the laptop screen is broken, via Q&A: How do I make an external monitor my laptop's primary display?.

However, when waking from Sleep the primary display is switched to the broken laptop screen instead of the external. If I hit Window+P on my external wireless keyboard, I am able to select the external monitor and then it will come on, most of the time.

Is there a way to set the external monitor as the primary after sleeping? Perhaps a third-party program or registry tweak? I've googled around and searched this forum, but have not had much luck. All drivers are up-to-date

I found this forum post which looks promising, but not sure if the solution proposed is applicable to my case.

Thank you.

Laptop: HP Pavillion G6-1d60US
Monitor: Viewsonic VX900

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Hi there, I have a spectre x360 which I am using with 2 monitors: 1 x 24in monitor plugged via HDMI - HDMI lead1 x 27in monitor pluged via mini DP - full size DP lead I have the laptop screen and the 2 monitor screens on at the same time - so effectivily im using a total of 3 screens. Everything works fine until the laptop goes to sleep. When I wake up the laptop, the laptop screen and the monitor plugged in via HDMI turn on. The monitor plugged in via display port doesnt wake up. The only fix is to unplug the mini displayport cable and plug it back in to the laptop - this wakes up the monitor. The issue with unplugging and plugging the cable back in is all the windows that I had opened get moved about and its very frustrating. Please advise how I can get the laptop to wake up both monitors. thanks    

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How do you display bios to an external monitor for a Lenovo Ideapad u530 running Windows 10? I can get Windows 10 login page to show on the external monitor but not the bios details. Reason: I have an almost non-functional laptop screen so I'm using the external monitor. What I see in the bios screen (on the almost non-functional laptop screen) is Insydeh20 setup utility. Is there an option in this utility to force the bios to the external monitor?

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