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ideapad HDD Failure

Q: ideapad HDD Failure

Hello,My college son has an ideapad i5 Ultrabook. It would not boot so he took it to a shop near school who I think just used a USB deivice to get it to boot and reinstall the OS (updated to 10). I later discovered the HDD had failed and the OS was installed on the working SDD. The HDD is replaced and I can see it but the SDD is full and he keeps getting errors and it doesn't appear the HDD is really being used. My question; what is the correct relationship of the SDD and HDD? How do I get it back to the original configuration.

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Preferred Solution: ideapad HDD Failure

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


A windows insidere program currupted my system and i have followed the recovery usb from the website. all occasions of recovery failed except foor one which changed to the windows intalation invironment but ended on bricking. i have had no further seccess.i just dont know what to do. please help!

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This is not working for my Lenovo IdeaPad 320 .it is showing that pxe-61 media test failure please help me...in that
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The battery for my Lenovo ideapad 300 ? 15ISK has shown gradual degeneration and after less than a year it failed completely (battery report at the bottom). I?m deeply disappointed in Lenovo?s response to this. Initially they asked for having it in for repair, which in my case and I assume many others, is completely unacceptable. Being without a PC is extremely difficult and sending it away for a trivial issue like a battery replacement is unacceptable. But that was only the start of it, I checked Lenovo website and could not locate a replacement battery. Hence, I contacted Lenovo by phone but surprisingly I was told that the battery could not be sourced by Lenovo and I was recommended PC world or Amazon, neither have the correct battery in stock as it turned out.A lot of battery suppliers are listed on Google but most of them has very limited description and it seems very easy to end up with the wrong battery. I contacted Lenovo through Twitter asking for some assistance, but after several tweets explaining the issue, Lenovo vent quiet(!). A couple of weeks later I tried again, but with the same abysmal result. So, at the end, I gave up and ordered what hopefully is the right battery. Sadly, after Twitting Lenovo that I gave them up, they came back with the requested information?Lenovo is extremely good at promoting themselves, but be aware the equipment might not be up to scratch and their customer support is certainly not, not on their website, not on the phone, no... Read more

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I bought this laptop about 4 months ago because of its specifications, good price and I thought Lenovo was a trusted brand. The reason that I went to this forum is because I have a serious problem with the battery. It only runs 4 or 5 minutes without AC power and then the battery is completely empty. When you do a reboot (with the AC adapter plugged in) then it charges for about 10 minutes till it says it fully charged. I didn't know you couldn't remove the battery without opening te complete back cover! I even did a bios update to see if the problem of battery drain were fixed. I'm seriously thinking about sending this crappy product back to the store where I bought it!!  

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My Ideapad was purchased new in July 2016. It has always been connected to the mains and never used on the battery. The battery indicator now shows 91% and charging but it isn't charging and the laptop will not start up or continue running if the mains power is removed.I am concerned that a battery fault may cause other problems, such as fire, so I would like advice on how to remove or disable the battery completely and if it is OK to continue to use the laptop with no battery fitted. I am unlikely to need battery operation in the future.

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I purchased 320-15AST Laptop (ideapad)- AMD E2 few months ago, since then  I am unable to operate it with the AMD video driver installed. I always got the laptop crashed after only 5 minutes on internet browsing with blue screen saying "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (atikmpag.sys). I tried all possible means mentioned here in the Forum and in other websites, and always no solutions works. The only possible way to avoid such message is to uninstall the driver and work only with very limited VGA capabilities. Anyone faced the same problem with AMD and found a workable solution? Pleae help. 

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Hello fellow Lenovo users, i will start by saying having been a Lenovo brand user since my X41 in 2006 and having purchased over 8 laptops from the brand based on the rich experiences i have had over the years i am really disapointed at my Y510p i purchased a few years ago. After ownership of 6months i started to notice the screen would flicker as stated by hundreds of other owners.(just type Y510p screen flicker into youtube and see for yourself) I am sure this issue is not new to you  and there are many posts about this. After contact with customer services who constantly tell me it is driver/software related, which it clearly is not i would like to ask why such a prestigious brand such as Lenovo will not admit that this model was shipped with a design fault? I understand that there would be expense involved but after being an avid fan of Lenovo for over 15 years and having purchased over 13 products from tablets for my kids to phones for my wife and the new laptop i buy every 2 years for work, this is small fry. I can never buy another machine from you again now as i have lost all faith in your design/testing and the lack of willingness to accept liability when so many units have the issue makes me sad. This has become a bit of a rant, which i know is not what he forum is about but i feel people should know all the details about a company ethos before they spend their hard earned money on a sub standard machine. (at least in the Y510p)&nb... Read more

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aftter run diagnostic test I obteined:

Informazione sul Dispositivo?

Motherboard Usb Host Controller Count?2
Motherboard Pci Device Count?25
Motherboard Rtc Present?MOTHERBOARD_RTC_YES

Test del Dispositivo?

Motherboard Chipset Test
Motherboard Pci / Pci-E Test
Motherboard Rtc Test
Motherboard Usb Test

Codice del Risultato:WMB00F008-UM7X0D

What does it means?
Can anybody help?
Many thanks
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Brand new ideapad 100s 14 that repeats trying to windows update with failure due to drive space.Has rebooted MANY times claiming to "free up enough drive space" (xtra 64gb MicroSD, and 32gb USB do not seem to help situation).These repeated attempts to download and install windows update are all my computer seems to do, making it useless for me to use for anything else.

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Hi, Recently I bought my lenovo 700-15ISK with one of the highest configuration (i7, 16GB RAM) and windows 7.I have huge problem with this computer - it crash 2-3 times per day. When it occure nothing is responding (dislay show some artifacts, noise on audio output) - I'm only able to reset computer by holding power button. It's really annoying because there are days when it doesn't appear and I can't find any common factor of all of this crashes. I'm wondering if I should return computer to seller but I can't afford for delay in my work and I'm trying to figure out what will eliminate or "hide" this problem. Can someone observed similar issue? Maybe this is some driver fault (report  from lenovo solution center attached)?Thans for any sugestions. Regards,Thomas  

Lenovo Solution Center Log File.pdf ?98 KB

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Hi, I've been experiencing this problem for the last two weeks and can't seem to fix it. I've looked around and the last resort option seems to be replacing my harddrive which I want to avoid until I know for sure that's the only way. The problem is that I am still able to load my Windows and access everything but the message where it says media test failure returns if I'm either inactive on the laptop or I shutdown for a few hours. I tried these various ways:Changing the boot order to defaultPutting the network(Lan) thingy to 6th priorityReinstalled my entire system(Did not work)Take out the battery and unplug the cord. Then holding on power button for 40-60 seconds. (After a few attempts, this seems to be the method to temporary fixing the problem.) So if anyone knows or experienced a similar problem on this laptop, I'd appreciate any solutions

A:PXE - E61: Media Test Failure, check cable(Ideapad...

hi Epochness,
Welcome to the Forums.
When the computer boots up, it undergoes a series of hardware detection, driver identification and code execution. Ideally, if the system is set to boot from the HDD, the system checks first if an HDD is present (in the BIOS and during POST). if the system detects the HDD, it will then read the boot sector where it boots the Windows. The "PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable" error that your getting happens when the system doesn't detect the HDD (or any bootable media) and then boots into the network.
If the issue is intermittent, the problem may lie on the HDD or the connection of the HDD to the motherboard.
Things that you can try:
1. Verify the integrity of the HDD by running an error scan (i.e. using HD Tune).
2. Reseat the HDD
If the problem remains, I recommend you contact lenovo and report the issue.

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Hi,I'm just wondering a couple of years after I bought this laptop as brand new that why never the Lenovo solved the issue that the Turbo Boost never worked ever beside this model has a 4700M @ 2.4 Ghz which is 99.9% it's running at 2.38 or 2.39 Ghz BUT supposed to Turbo Boost itself by one core at 3.4 Ghz by the intel specification. Of course the Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 doesn't work it's supported by the new i5 and i7 CPUs. So what's the solution ? When it gonna be solved ? In the bios it's not possilbe to enable or disable. The only way I was able to go over the locked CPU it was the ThrottleStop only which was able to juice out 3.2 Ghz ...My question is why we got fooled by Lenovo when we bought this laptop and after we bought why this major issue wasn't solved by a BioS update or whatever else way ????

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purchased laptop within 4 months hard drive failed  , warranty replaced drive, october 2016 hardrive failed again,  warranty replaced hard drive, warranty expired jan 2017  now hard drive failed again may 2017. i paid 500 plus for this laptop my other laptops and tablets from lenovo have been awesome.  i am searching a solutuion and this is very frustrating spending 500 plus for a lemon laptop. error is boot device is missing blue screen and no solutions online help.

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I really hope that there is someone who can help with a OneKey recovery failure.  Briefly, when Windows 10 was first launched and prior to trying it out, I used the OneKey recovery button to back up my laptop onto an external hard drive.  When I didn?t like Windows 10 I successfully restored everything to where it was by using the OneKey recovery button.  Because this worked I had no hesitation repeating the OneKey process earlier this year.  Sadly, when I pressed the Recovery button, after a few minutes the following message was displayed: ?The program cannot restore the system partition because there is not enough available space on the hard drive?.!I tried Lenovo support and was told to take the laptop to PC World, which I did, however after three weeks of trying they failed to restore the laptop too! Can anyone please help?  Because the recovery worked the first time and I was confident that it would work the second time I didn?t backup any data.  Everything is now locked on the external hard drive.Thanks in advance.

A:OneKey recovery failure ideapad Z500 Touch

I?m still trying to resolve a problem with a OneKey recovery failure and I have not had any response to my first post.
Briefly, when Windows 10 was first launched and prior to trying it out, I used the OneKey recovery button to back up my laptop onto an external hard drive.  When I didn?t like Windows 10 I successfully restored everything to where it was by using the OneKey recovery button.  Because this worked I had no hesitation repeating the OneKey process earlier this year.  Sadly, when I pressed the Recovery button, after a few minutes the following message was displayed: ?The program cannot restore the system partition because there is not enough available space on the hard drive?.
I tried Lenovo support and was told to take the laptop to PC World, which I did, however after three weeks of trying they failed to restore the laptop too.
The only difference between the first time I backed up and restored and the second time is that there is much more data stored.
Can anyone please help?  Because the recovery worked the first time and I was confident that it would work the second time I didn?t backup any data.  Everything is now locked on the external hard drive unless I can restore the laptop to the state when the back up was made.
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Ideapad Z560, Model 0914, Win7 home premium..  Hard drive started acting up until it got to a point it would not run.  Ran chkdsk and some other utilities, many bad sectors, could nto even access the recovery partition.  Cought a new drive, but I cannot find any restore media downloads or any alternatives from Lenovo other than the one click restore.  SOmeone please tell me I can download a bootable recovery media for cdrom, USB or DVD.  I may be able to if I can find the right "57" number, but I can't find that either.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Even tried downloading MS win7 media, but it was not allowed since the key if for and OA (OEM) install. thanks! -m

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So I purchased my Ideapad U530 Touch two years ago and unfortunately I had an extremely common hardware failure occur after my warranty period. One day, without reason or warning, my left hinge on my laptop completely failed when I went to open it. The hinge was stuck in the closed position and when opened it seperated from the laptop screen with a series of unexpected cracks and pops. I spent over $1,000 on this laptop expecting it to make it through my years at college but now I am left with a laptop barely connected to it's built-in monitor. I contacted lenovo support and the support rep even admitted that this is an extremely common occurence but stated that since I am out of warranty, I am basically out of luck and $1,000. You can easily google or search these forums and find that this is obviously a fault in the Lenovo design but they stated that nothing can be done because they can't put me in the system even. The support rep sounded extremely foreign and was unwilling to provide me with any help other than calling Best Buy and paying for a repair. My problem with this is that if I was "lucky" enough to have this design flaw happen during my warranty, I would be provided a repair. But since I was unlucky and had it occur after, I basically lost my money. To me, this is absolutely horrendous customer service for a company that I am sure has billions of dollars in profit. They sold me a flawed laptop that was destined to break at some point and now I have no ch... Read more

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A friend of mine bought Ideapad S206 4 years ago with Win 7 and made Win System Image backup at that time. Recently his hard drive failed. I bought a new hard disk ( slightly larger than the original one  - 500G )  for him and recovered from Win system image backup made 4 years ago. However, Windows does not start complaining that something changed and I cannot repair.with common tools. I wanted to use Lenovo One Key recovery  to get to the factory default, but this does not work ( does not start when I press the other power button ).  When I boot from Win install USB stick ( from other system ) I can see through command prompt and Diskpart these - NTFS C: System_DRV volume, D:Windows7_OS, E:LENOVO and another RAW which is most likely OEM partition. I do not see any folders/files in E:.  Is there any way how I could re-install Win7 or are the partitions containing factory image destroyed because of using Win system image backup? Appreciate any ideas. Thx.

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Hi all, Three years ago I replaced my y510p's hard drive with this SSD.  (Ik this is not a Lenovo product, but hear me out). I've been having some strange issues with my laptop in the past half year, including random BSODs, freezes, and crashes. Sometimes I'd start up the computer and all of a sudden the screen would go black, with just the cursor showing (and it was huge and unmovable), so I'd have to force restart. A couple months ago I started getting massive lag spikes trying to play a video game and in the past week or two, games crash unexpectedly after 10-20 mins of gameplay. Now, this has always seemed like something being wrong with the GPUs to me (I believe they are SLI'd GT755s or 780s). I've had plenty of graphics issues related to NVIDIA rolling out bad drivers, etc. However, on doing a Lenovo hardware scan, I got a WARNING result for the SMART Short Self Test of my SSD, which is my main drive holding Windows and many of my programs. This is my result code: WHD400000-DN7Z5J. I can't find anything online about what it means and the Lenovo app isn't telling me what it means, so could it be that the SSD is behind the freezing and crashes? I did some research and many people are complaining about this SSD suddenly dying, and supposedly the SMART Short Self Test failing/warning means imminent failure. Given I have about 3 or 4 weeks of warranty left, I'd like to see if its an SSD issue or I need a completely new computer. EDIT: Attached the ha... Read more

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Hello,In Feb 2015 I bought a new Ideapad Z710 20250 1TB 16GB ram with win 8.1 64 preinstalled.  I always kept the original partitions being C (system OS) & D.I had a OneKey recovery/back-up in place both on local hdd & external drive being a Seagate Backup Plus 1TB.  Antivirus was a licensed fully operational AVG. Everything went smoothly until a given day in June when after a regular start-up I got a blue screen with error code 0x0000001 and the message that some vital files were missing & corrupt as well, that it wasn't possible to connect to any recovery media even when the external drive was properly connected.  Restart & Novo button always resulted in a slow looped return to the same blue screen.  The only options I could still access from the Novo menu were bios & boot order (changing priority boot to ext drive didn't help a thing).  Since then I haven't been able anymore to enter windows mode.  The other regular repair/refresh/cmd etc options were no longer available or accessible. Purchased recovery software such as NeoSmart's EasyRe & Numus Software's Data-Recov-Boot-disk both managed after a very lengthy & 'clunky' process to access the system but all repair failed or was claimed impossible & recovery of data scrambled or again impossible.  EsayRe reported repeatedly the same broken/corrupted file records during the dos repair process (I forgot to take note of the exact details). Today... Read more

A:Ideapad Z710 hard disk failure: repair or replace?

Hi VerDim,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
By the sound, This seems like a Bad HDD, I strongly suggest a Replacement via a warranty claim And this will also include a Recovery CD together with it.
You can call Lenovo Technical Team to get assistance with the HDD replacement
But If you want to really check the HDD first.
You can try running Seagate tools to check the HDD health and functionality.

Download the SeaTools for DOS ISO file
Use 7-Zip to open the SeaTools for DOS ISO file.
Extract the SeaTools.ima file to your hard drive.
Rename the SeaTools.ima file to SeaTools.img.
Use Image Writer for Windows to write the SeaTools.img image file to a USB drive on Windows.
Now you can boot off of this USB drive and run SeaTools for DOS.

When you run the USB to the Lenovo
Follow this guide on how to enable Legacy USB boot,
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Inside BIOS
    Under Boot Tab
          Change Boot mode to Legacy
           USB Boot should be enabled
    Under Security
          Secure Boot Has to Be disabled
In case the options above are grayed out in your BIOS, Got to Exit Tab and Change OS Optimized Default to Other OS
and check the options again.
Once All are Set Make sure to save all changed by hitting ... Read more

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Hi, when I try to boot up the laptop its goes past the lenovo screen onto the screen where you select your profile, it automatically selects my profile, then after this screen it's just black, I can see the bottom bar and the cursor but I cant click anything or do anything. I've tried a few things I've seen online to try sort this problem but nothing, and when I try to factory reset the laptop I press the lenovo button on the side of the laptop, select system recovery and it does nothing it just boosts the laptop up back to the black screen any help would be appreciated thanks.

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My laptop had a boot failure . I do not have OS image with me . The laptop came with pre-installed Windows 8 . How can I install and activate OS on my laptop without having OS image with me . Thanks in advance

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Lenovo Solution Center reported a hardware failure today in my ideapad - 110-15ISK, with the below message, Result code: WHD01V002-RM8Y0EDevice: TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 - 931.51 GBs. I have no idea what this is, when went further the details were related to Storage Device (Target Read Test - Failed). Experts advice please.

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Ideapad 300-15isk passes the Lenovo Solutions Center Hardware Diagnotics under Windows 10.After reverting to Windows 7 to seek more reliable performance, the same hardware scan now indicates that the Intel HD 520 video math operations test fails with Intel video driver installed. The post at https://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/ht105222 describes the solution for this problem on the Y700-17ISK.  Trying that procedure for this computer produces a popup stating either:- the best driver is already installed, or;- The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. On May 3 2017 Intel published graphics driver to install this driver also fails, citing that this driver is not validated for this computer. Any thoughts / ideas on this one?

A:Ideapad 300-15isk Video Math Operations Test Failure Intel HD520 Windows 7

Hi Chekov,1. Use this guide to bypass Intel Driver Validation and install the driver. 
2. Perform another hardware scan.
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i have used the bios update utility for my ideapad300-15ISK downloaded from the product page  , after that the device tells me this message default boot device missing or boot failed.insert recovery media and hit any keythen select boot manager to choose a new boot device or to boot recovery media i can`t use my laptop and can`t find a way to flash the bios againany help please??

lenovo.gif ?64 KB

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Hi, SMART Hard Disk Error The SMART hard disk check has detected an imminent failure.  Hard disk 1 (301) FAILURE ID:  Q37V6J-77R8AJ-MFPV7F-60AG03    Need help!!!

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Hi ,         We purchased 3 lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK Laptops (ideapad). in that i installed windows 7 professional os. i am trying to incre,decrease screen brightness(fn+f11,fn+f12). but brightness control buttons not working. how to control brighness part.Now brightness is very high. Because of this brightness i am getting eye pain. So Please provide me solution for brightness control. my mail id : [email protected]  Thanks.  

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Hey guys, I have a Lenovo Ideapad IdeaPad 100 14ibd - win10 and basically im planning on formatting my laptop to get rid of all the stuff/unknown files that are terribly slowing down my ram. But im still new to this process so im wondering if using Lenovo's Onekey recovery is a good thing but then i saw the Reset this PC feature of windows is another thing. My question is, what would be the more recommended thing i should do to get my laptop to its original state just like the new windows 10, or are there any difference within those  two?PS: I got my back up files all set from this laptop to my external hd already Thank you!

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Hello I recently reset my ideapad 510-15ikb using the lenovo recovery usb method. After reset the Device make in Lenovo Vantage shows IDEAPAD not ideapad 510, also the battery gauge / vantage toolbar is not present anymore.

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I got a 2nd hand Lenovo Ideapad 100S. It came with Win10 installed but had someone elses profile and data. 
(I am not sure if it originally had Win8.1 when it was shipped, there is no rollback option anymore)
My preference is to wipe the current installation completely by downloading Win10 and installing a clean copy off USB. 
I also usually prefer to delete all partitions, including recovery because future reinstallations can be done from scratch via USB. (I don't need the option of reinstalling from recovery partitions , the extra space is more important)
I see a warning in the user guide however .....
"Do not delete or modify the Recovery Partition on a WIMBoot-enabled computer. If the Recovery Partition is deleted or modified, you may not be able to restore Windows to the factory status. For computer models on which WIMBoot is enabled, deleting the Recovery Partition may cause Windows to fail to start. How can I determine whether the Windows running on my computer is WIMBoot enabled? WIMBoot technology is normally enabled on copies of Windows 10 Update running on SSD (or eMMC) -only computer models."
What is the best way to do this?

Install a clean copy and remove the partition by booting off a USB, or should I not do this?
Via Settings: settings > Recovery > Reset this PC > Remove everything, or
settings > Recovery > advanced startup > Reinstall from USB

Which of t... Read more

A:Ideapad 100s - Win10 clean installation on ideapad...

 Hi larrens , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
It's a good thing you posted first before proceeding with any clean installation. 
Not sure what the Machine Number is to verify the details and specifications of your system.
But if you have a pc with a Windows Image Boot (or WIMBoot) you may not want to choose a clean installation. 
This new deployment of installation is compressing part of a big OS file so that you can have an operating system that can only take small spaces intended for small storages (SSD).
Best option to wipe out previous owners profile is a have a fresh out of the box image is using the Puch button Factory reset (Novo key similar to Item 7 page 1). Simply shutdown the system and use the button to turn on, System Recovery option would provide One key recovery from initial backup to do it. 
WIM boot are usually created thru OEM depot authorized by Microsoft . DIY for WIMboot maybe a bit complicated.
Click on underlined links for further review. 
Hope this answered your query.
Update us. 

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I want to know that Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB Laptop Internal Solid State Drive (MZ-M5E250BW) is compatible with my laptop?

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Ho Comprato un'IdeaPad 100: il volume di dell'altoparlante e Basso RISPETTO un calcolatore di un altro Lenovo bis del calcolatore di Altre Marche, vorrei Sapere se Qualcuno ha LO STESSO Problema. Grazie.
Google translated from Italian to English......
I Bought un'IdeaPad 100 : the volume of the speaker and Basso RESPECT one computer to another computer in a Lenovo Other brands , I would like to know if anyone has the same problem . Thank you.
Mod's Edit:  Since this is an English forum you may get a better response by posting in English.  Readers have a tendency to avoid posting in threads which require translation.
Modifica del Mod : Dal momento che questo è un forum inglese si può ottenere una migliore risposta inviando in lingua inglese . I lettori hanno la tendenza ad evitare distacco in fili che necessitano di traduzione.

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I have Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK type/model 80Q700DRSC.
I want to update BIOS, so I downloaded D5CN47WW. In text file it is written that this is BIOS for my computer.
Everything seems fine but when I execute BIOS exe file it says that this is BIOS for Lenovo Paris 300 notebook!
What Paris now? I tried to google but only can find Paris in France.
I am user of Lenovo notebooks for many years (from IBM ThinkPads to this days) but when txt Readme file said
this is update for your computer, it was! This is confusing for me so I cancelled update.
Can anybody explain this mistery?
Thanks in advance
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Hi, Interested in buying the 720S 14 with 8th gen intel cpu and MX150,  but I can't find one to actually hold in my hands and get a feel for. I have seen other models in the 300 and 500 series and wondered if any of them are a close match for the 720s 14 in looks and build. This is in the UK if this makes any difference. Many thanks in advance Manco  

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hi all,i am facing issues with my keyboard as number 4 is getting typed continously and i cant stop it  (number 4 on keyboard not on numberpad). also i am unable to type upper case letters, as once i hold the shift key the cursor travers backwards and stops at the first word. plz helpi have tried below points:i have tried reinstalling windows which didnt work.there is no dust setteled on keyboard.please help.

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First of all, I thank you for your attention.

I cannot perform any "Windows update" issue since the 23/08/2016.

Each time I reach the "Windows Update" screen, I get the following error message :

In french : "Redémarrer l'ordinateur pour installer d'importantes mises à jour"

In english: "Restart the computer to install importante updates"

Then, after rebooting, nothing change.

After further investigations, I get the following error message:

In French : "windows update ne peut pas actuellement rechercher des mises à jour car vous devez tout d'abord redémarrer votre ordinateur afin de terminer l'installation précédente."

In English : "windows update cannot research update because you must first restart your computer in order to finish the previous installation".

Then, I've recreated a new catalog by executing these commands:

net stop wuauserv

ren %windir%\SoftwareDistribution SoftDist.old

net start wuauserv

Now all services are running but I still cannot perform updates.


Please find below the new "ReportingEvents.log":

{01BE2198-E0D2-430F-9299-BBD2100A83F8}    2016-10-22 19:03:27:466+0200    1    148    101    {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}    0    8024a005  
&... Read more

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on 2012 R2 I'm installing MS Dynamics CRM 2016 and installing the email router with no success the WLLOGIN_64 fails every time and the router install error

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My computer will not past the Hp screen. It has a failure code as listed above.

A:SMART hard disk failure FAILURE ID: PLW3HS-7ASBG2-MFPV7F-60V...

HI.  Check the document, you must replace the hard drive. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01443465 Regards.

? I do not work for HP, I volunteer.? To close the topic, check "accept as a solution" the correct answer or Thumb to say thank you.? I'm sorry but you do not answer questions privately.

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Hello All Computer hardware wizards,
My Dell Notebook a Vostro 1500, 1.6Ghz 4G Ram, 250GB Hardrive and OS: Vista Home Edition, suddenly acted up yesterday.
1) At first my screen displayed random horizontal color lines (sort of blinking randomly). When that did not change after a few minutes, I 'hard' powered off the Laptop.
2) When I pushed power on, it dispalyed the LED's for Num Lock, Cap Lock and Scroll Lock. The Cap Lock LED was blinking and the Num Lock, Scroll LocK LED's remained continously on. SCREEN was completely black.....no display!
3) After about 30 seconds all 3 LED's shut off and computer went dead.

I repeated this several times. Took battery off, tried unplugging from 110V power etc. Still does the same as described in paragraph 3.


A:Screen Failure & Startup power failure. After 30 seconds laptop powers off

That doesn't sound too healthy!

How old is the laptop? If it is under warranty I would get it checked that way.

My initial thought, although not a certainty, would be a problem with the graphics card itself from your description.

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I've been browsing the site and the internet for a sollution to my problem, but can't seem te find it. There are similar postings, but they're always just a little different. So that's why i posted the new thread.

Since a couple of days i've been experiencing troubles shutting down my PC and using my USB ports. It started when i tried to log onto my work from home. It failed and the IT guy from work told me to reinstall citrix reciever. So I did and I was able to work from home. After finishing and logging out (to get back to my own PC) I found that my USB portst didn't work anymore. I tried rebooting, but af 10 minutes of "shutting down" I got a blue screen: Driver Power State Failure with code 1000009f.

I did the following:
- tried system restore - it failed with different time stamps
- update drivers - they were all up to date the system said
- Malware Bytes, CC Cleaner, MS Essentials, Hitman pro - Did them all, had some minor stuff, fixed that, problem remained.
- SFC/scannow - no problems
- Memory check - no problems

As it is now, the only update I have left is the update to WIN10. However it has tried and failed during a few of the reboots, so that doesn't seem to be and option.

After try all different kinds of things from a lot of posts I decided to refresh my windows install. Did a lot of updating and still the problem remains. Although I now found out that USB devices that are plugged in upon startup work. Once I unplug en replug them, t... Read more

A:BSOD Driver power state failure when shutting down /failure USBports

Are you still having BSOD problem?

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HI Techies,

This is my first post here. I am doing my first MOBO build and am having some issues. Here are my specs:

PC Chips A13G+ Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ 2.0GhZ
200 GB SATA Hard drive
80 GB SATA Hard drive

Now when I first turned on the computer I got the following error. I have seen posts with this error before and I tried some of the things but they didn't work for me. The only thing I didn't try is replacing the Lithium battery, which I will do tomorrow. But in the mean time the error I got was the following:

PXE - E61: Media Test Failure, check cable

Now here is what I have tried so far:

- Reset CMOS (by placing the jumper in the CLR_CMOS mode for about 30 secs)
- Unplugged Video card, HDD cables
- Switched RAM around
- tried booting a Win XP cd
- taking out the lithium battery and placing it in again.

I would appreciate any help from you guys.

Thanks in advance.

A:Media Test Failure, check cable, disk boot failure

Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from your optical drive first.

Or you have a SATA hard drive and controller and are trying to boot from an unpartitioned drive on a controller that you haven't provided a driver for.

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Hi there

Recently, I upgraded my laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, but randomly, I get lots of BSODs, either Kernel Security Check Failure or Video TDR Failure igdkmd64.sys . However, these do not happen at the exact same time, ie when I log in, or boot up a certain programme (I think). They just occur out of the blue (no pun intended ).

Any help/advice/fixes would be super helpful, as I am completely lost

Attached is my bundle of files that were requested in this thread here; BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums

PC Specs
CPU: Intel Core i7 4700MQ
GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 + NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M
RAM: 16GB DDR3 Dual Channel memory @2394.3 MHz

A:BSOD - Kernel Security Check Failure + Video TDR Failure igdkmd64.sys

Are you using 361.43 version of nVidia driver ? If that is correct, rollback to 359.06 version and report back.

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As I try to boot my laptop (a different computer than the one on which I have a malware thread ongoing) - IBM Thinkpad T41, I get the message: ERROR - 0200: Failure Fixed Disk: 1. Press F1 to setup, which brings up the IBM bios setup screen - with which I do not know what to do.

While I do have the backup of my user files, I do not have boot/recovery disk, I think. Am searching for something like that...

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Failure to boot: Error 0200 Failure Fixed Disk 1

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My Windows 7 machine fails to properly request a dhcp address but works with a static address.   Looking at the error logs I see the error message.
The Network Location Awareness service terminated with service-specific error %%-1073741288.
This problem started with a failure of the DHCP service to start but I fixed that by fixed by changing permission in the registry as outlined in this post -

dhcp fix
Based on what I found online I tried the fixes below - none have restored the Network Location Service. 

Restored to a previous good statechkdsk sfc /scannow  
netsh winsock reset ; netsh in ip reset ; reboot virus scanovernight memtest  
The hardware/network seem fine - this machine is dual boot with Ubuntu which runs fine.  
Any suggestions ? 


A:dhcp failure caused by Network Location Awareness service failure

Run the commands 
net localgroup administrators localservice /add
net localgroup administrators networkservice /add

Then reboot.Regards, Kalyan.

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hi there,below is the error message I received - with hard disk test -- What does this mean? Testing Drive: 1SMART Check: FAILEDFAILURE ID: 9C06TT-5B762N-9XL02K-60BV03 

View Solution.

A:SMART hard disk failure FAILURE ID: 9C06TT-5B762N-9XL02K-60B...

Hi, The drive on the link below is an example of one that would be fine for your notebook. 500Gb Hard Drive The procedure to replace the Hard Drive starts on Page 43 of your Maintenance & Service Guide. Once done, simply use your Recovery DVDs to reinstall the Operating System on the new drive. If you don't have your Recovery Discs, you can order a replacement set using the link below. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00810334 If you have any problem with this link, order them directly from HP. If you live in the US, contact HP Here. If you are in another part of the world, start Here.?Regards, DP-K

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OK so i went to do a system tune up on my compaq laptop and it says short dst failed with the failure id gw5xww-5k9848-xd003f-60xu03. does anybody know how to fix the problem?

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