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What is price windows 8 in india?

Q: What is price windows 8 in india?

I would like to know windows 8 price in india

Is it support only touch screen ?

Preferred Solution: What is price windows 8 in india?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What is price windows 8 in india?

Windows 8 upgrade
INR 7,999 ERP

Windows 8 Pro upgrade
INR 12,999 ERP
It can be used with a mouse and keyboard. The default setup is not ideal for that. Many are using 3rd party programs to make working with keyboard and mouse less onerous.

That's about $245 usd

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No battery available for Lenovo Ideapad 510 bought 14 months back. Service Centres in India and neither the Lenovo India Management have any clue or ETA about the battery availability or its pricing as confirmed by them. Few other Lenovo exclusive charging or rather black marketing with different high prices with various warranties for those batteries. They do not have any uniform pricing patterns which raises issues on its authenticity.
Feel cheated and deceived for putting trust in such a company leaving aside other brands like Dell and HP.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Had a call last night, strong Indian accent I could barely understand, claimed that he represented "Windows" and that someone was using my computer without my knowledge. He knew my name complete with middle name. I hung up. Now I am thinking that someone was trying to initiate a scam, perhaps hoping to get passwords or other data. Anyone else know about this? I have run my Norton anti-virus, checked for recent Windows updates, everything seems fine.

A:Call from India re Windows

It`s been done before, just ignore them.

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Good day , i hope to find a solution through your kindnessI live in Egypt my uncle bought for me hp split from US mar 2015it get issue on keyboard attach on oct 2015 and repaired through geeksquad (replaced the slate dock board )when my uncle was on US last jan 2016after just one week when he came back to Egypt it got hardware failurei try to solve it through hp Egypt agent (feb2016 ) and give them the receipt on (17 mar 2016) so i have all my rights for warranty servicehp respond that it wouldn't deliver theSpare parts while there is someone who in US find that the parts is available on 500 $ price where i shocked (the total hpSplit price is around 500$)i hope hp to solve this complicated as they have the parts why they didn't send it to their agent here in Egypt to solve my problemthere was a communicate with hp social didn't find a way to handle this problemAnd all what they can help me is to arrange for the unit to be shipped to a friend/relative within the US so that they can arrange for servicebut it isn't allowed to ship the laptop so they give me email for CEO and President Dion WeislerI send email by the problem 28 mar and there was no respond and send again on 7 apr and wait and no respond tooI really don't know who is the one who got the ability to take responsible for helpWith all my respect to you

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i have pavilion dv6 7040txi had upgraded it to windows 10 nd most of things lik microphone. internet connection. and so are not working properly nd yesterday to add to this i had a virus attack. 85.195., something... ma laptop is messed up... i want to boot the lap. so can u tell me wer to get genuine windows 7 home basic oa india to download nd reinstall as laptop came with this nd i have the product key

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I have purchased 2 Windows 7 licenses in China very recently. Can i use it anywhere in the world? Or is there any territorial restrictions?


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Bought the Y70-70 touch lenovo in US a year back and activated Windows 8.1 in the US, but about 2 months back in India, the unit is prompting for Windows 8.1 to be activated.  Called Microsoft support in India but the Installation ID is not opening up as it is OEM model and I do not know the Windows product key except for the last five digits- W4243. India Lenovo says support unavailable here but to contact US lenovo for help.  Can any one help how I could re-activate the Windows 8.1 on my Y70-70 laptop. tomliw

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I stay in India. I was using Windows 7 and Office 2010. In the regional settings in Windows 7, I had selected "English (India)" and therefore, Excel 2010 was putting the thousands' separator as per the Indian Rules. In Windows 8 also, I've selected "English (India)" in my regional settings, but Excel 2013 is not putting the thousands' separator properly. Here is how it is putting it: 1234,56,789. It should have put it this way: 12,34,56,789. Please help.

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Today, the price of gold sits around $1660/fine ounce, maybe Huawei should put their E173 and E220 drivers on wall st. The price per unit would surely surpass that of gold before the close of trade.
On the Vodacom website there are two downloads for the E220, a pc software for vodafone and a VMC update for the dashboard. I downloaded and installed the software for Vodafone onto the laptop, and thereafter dowloaded and updated the E220 with the VMCLite_E220_3_2_1_156_standard program.

Now, since the modem's dashboard could be updated, it would be safe to say that the modem was detected, right?
Well, this is what happens when I open the Vodafone program:

I have been struggling to sort this out for a while, and I'm sure I'm missing something so simple...
Please can someone help out?

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Silly question: is the price of W8.1 likely to fall after the introduction of W10? I got shafted when I bought a new PC that had Wenterprise installed and this cannot be renewed. I have three weeks left until my license runs out. So I will be able to upgrade to W10 after getting a new license?
I very much doubt that the shop that sold me the PC will help in any way.

A:Price of Windows 8.1

What is Wenterprise?  I couldn't find it in search.  Do you mean Windows Enterprise? What version do you have now?

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i want to buy windows 7 64bit to install it on my new computer

whats the difference between these 2 operating systems?

1.- Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64BIT Operating System Software - OEM DVD - $150.00

2.- Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Operating System Software - English, DVD - $300.00

does the second one have 64BIT and 32BIT both or why is there such difference between the price?

A:price for windows 7 pro

Hi -

Not sure where the exact terminology came from or why one contains "English"; the other does not. One says x64, etc...

One thing that I do see clearly in the 1st - "OEM" = Original Equipment Manufacturer (Dell, HP, etc...). An OEM version of Windows 7 contains the OS + OEM added "features" - the garbage pre-installed software, trial versions, etc... An OEM version dies with the system it came installed on.

I suggest that you purchase a full retail version of Windows 7. A full retail version can be transfered to another system - in other words... you own the copy for life.

From Microsoft --> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/buy/default.aspx

Happy Holidays !



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Wasnt sure where to post this so i just put it here. When i go to windows website it says i can buy windows 8 for 120 usd but when i download windows upgrade assistant it wants to charge 120 euro which is nearly 160 usd, does anybody know what this is about?
Thanks in advance

A:Windows 8 price.

Hi JayJayC and welcome to Eightforums,

From your post I understand that you live in Europe. Well, as with almost every product that is being sold in Europe as well as in the USA the prices in Europe are far far far higher (>25% to be exact). In almost all cases the only thing you have to do is to change the $ sign for a € sign and you have the price in Europe. Which is, due to the currency change ratio's, approximately 25% higher.

Don't ask me why this is the way it is. I guess it has something to do with on of these options ==>
A) The USA manufacturers like to screw Europe
B) USA export taxes
C) Europe import taxes
D) Nelie Kroes (member of the EU parliament)
Since you live in Europe it is not possible to buy the product 'like you were in the USA'. So just get used to being screwed....

Like SunTzu said ==> "If you can't beat them, join them".

ps. Why didn't you buy an upgrade copy in the period october 2012-january 2013? It was only $30 of €30 (= $40) then. That's how I got my copy .

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I saw that the downloadable version of Windows 8 will be $39.99 until January 31, 2013. Do you know how much the downloadable version will go up to after January 31?


A:Windows 8 Price

Probably to something Like windows 7 was...

If i remember right it was something like a couple hundred dollars depending on what version.

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Edit: How much approximetly would it cost for a Windows 7 computer with this.

Computer Wishlist
CPU: Windows 7 (Professional)
Memory : 4 GB Memory
(I put 2.5 before to see if it was possible,
because I dont want to go way over my budget)
Battery : N/A
Storage : 400 GB HDD
Processor : Anykind (1.7+ GHz)

(P.S. Thanks Zomby88, I'll check that out)

A:Can you give me a price for windows?

Have a look at Tigerdirect.

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I do like the Windows 10 and I would like to switch back to my windows 7 SP1

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Please tell me my eyes are deceiving me, I spend a lot of time on tablets and computers, I hope I'm going cross eyed.

Microsoft Store Australia Online Store - Windows 8 Pro

A:Windows 8 price in Australia

That's right. Always expensive for our Aussie chums.

It is ?189 in UK.

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Where can I buy Windows XP for the cheapest price?

A:Windows XP cheapest price

eBay? Looks like you can get XP Home for under $70.

...or you could try Windows 2003 Server RC2 for free from Microsoft, it'll run for...either 180 days or a year, I forget...



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So far I found it at $92, no tax, free shipping.


Can you do better?

A:Best Price for Windows 8.1, 64-bit version??

It's an OEM...I'd rather have the retail version....but nice find.

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Hi, I have three computer still running on Windows XP and money is very tight in my house hold. Anyone know where I can get an upgrade to Windows 7 to 8 for a good price?

Or how safe is it to keep running windows xp?


A:Update Windows Best Price?

Hi Walmart may have it but not online Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 3 Users Family Pack Upgrade: Computers : Walmart.com might be worth a phone call or if there is a student in the house you might find an upgrade for them cheaper.
Newegg might have something but it now does international shipping so the page automatically recognise where I am and show prices for my country Newegg.com - windows 7 home premium

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Amazon had a pre-order price of $50 for Windows 7. Will that happen for Windows 8?

A:A Bargain Price for Windows 8?

Originally Posted by CalBear

Amazon had a pre-order price of $50 for Windows 7. Will that happen for Windows 8?

Who knows

ask Ms marketing

I'd suspect if they want to push their products some sort of discount wouldn't be a bad business decision.

However "Corporate Greed" tends to get in the way --it really is amazing how many businesses seem to think a HIGH % of ZERO money is worth more than a smaller % of SOMETHING.

Ever had discussions with a Bank when for whatever reason you just can't pay -- they throw all sorts of threatograms / debt collectors at you in spite of the fact that most of these companies have about as much right to collect as your Grandma's cat -- and cannot understand that for reasons that might be TOTALLY outside your control -- for example jobs being off-shored, redundancy etc etc that you just CAN'T at the moment pay (not WON'T pay) -- so their scrobbity lawyers get involved and after a HUGE amount of hassle the Bank gets awarded 1 EUR per month for the next 1,000 years -- which had they been reasonable the whole thing could have been settled much quicker.


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Hello i want to buy Windows 8 Pro, but the digital version, the downloadable version, and i've searched the web and i didn't find a price, only the pre-order from Microsoft.

So the digital version, how much will it cost ? I've heard, something about 60 euros ? It's true ?

A:Windows 8 Pro Digital price !?

In the USA, $39.99 for the download (only) version. The price is supposed to be equivalent in other markets. You'd have to check whether you're in one of the "140 countries" where the deal is offered.

Reserve your copy of Windows 8 Pro and Pre-order Windows 8 PCs today!

It's a promotional price, through the end of January, 2013.

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I want to install Windows 7 Ultimate on a second computer, but the licence can only be used on one.

Does anyone know how much it costs to buy additional licences in Australian dollars?


A:Solved: Price of Windows 7 licence in Australia

Why not go straight to the source.

If you don't need ultimate on all those computer you can get Home Premium Family pack.

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I just to know the price of the upgrade version of Win. 7 for vista.

A:The Price of the upgrade version of Windows 7 for Vista


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How much money would you charge on top of a license?

A:What would be a good price to charge to downgrade windows 8/10 to 7?

Not quite sure of what you are asking is this something you are doing for someone else because in this forum really isn't the place to ask about recompense for helping someone out.

I personally will do things for nothing except charge for parts of course (if those parts are reasonably pricy) and I have to incur a cost of new part/s and I just like the challenge of doing whatever is being asked for.

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Would ?109 considered a good price for Vista Ultimate, inc. VAT??

Software: Cheap computer, pc parts and components at Computeuk.co.uk

Bit short of cash at the moment but want to go 64bit ASAP. May have to wait a couple of weeks though....

A:Windows Vista Ulitimate 64 bit - good price

Sounds about normal. I'm not sure of the excahnge rate but OEM 64 with sp1 is $179.99 from newegg.com. Isn't it now about 2 dollars to a pound? If so it's cheaper from newegg if they ship to Leeds.

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I am considering purchasing an additional user licence.

Does anyone know what the selling price of just the licence is, without the software?

A:Price of Windows XP Home EU user licence?

Pretty much the same as buying the media itself and getting the key that way... your not going to find much of a discount for not getting media.

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apparently I'm not a very good windows 8 salesman !
someone I've done work for wants to keep an older HP laptop, and put windows 7 on it despite the sweet pricing on windows 8.
If I just wander out and buy a license at bestbuy... that's EXPENSIVE!!
What's the best pricing you know of? I think they have teachers in the fam somewhere but I dunno if there is a deal for 'education'

A:Upgrading Vista to Windows 7: what's the lowest-price path???

Did you run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on the XP laptop to make sure the hardware will handle Windows 7?

It's going to run you around $140 for Windows 7 while you can go to Windows 8 for $40. With a little work you can make Windows 8 look and feel a lot like Windows 7.

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By now, our readers know that Windows 10 is slated to be released to manufacturing this July. Popular shopping site Newegg has apparently and likely inadvertently revealed the general availability date for Windows 10, by listing a pre-order of Windows 10 Pro OEM. According to Newegg (first spotted by WinSupersite), Windows 10 Pro OEM will run for $149.99 and will be available on the 31st of August.

Microsoft has yet to reveal the price tiers for the different Windows 10 editions (you can read more about that here) and there's a chance that this information may just be a place holder for Windows 10 on Newegg. For example, Windows 7 is also listed for $149.99. For now, we suggest taking this with a huge grain of salt. Here's a cached version of the Newegg listing on Google in case it gets removed.

Windows 10 Pro price and release date potentially leaked by Newegg

A:Windows 10 Pro price and release date potentially leaked by Newegg

Windows 7 Pro costs more than that still where I am from, I was looking at upgrading so I would qualify for the free upgrade to W10 Pro.

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I have purchased
Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Computer - 15.6" Screen / 6th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor / 1TB Hard Drive / 12GB Memory/ Windows 10
from amazon.com in US and they provide me 1 Year Dell Warranty on Parts and Labor there and now I am in India. Now I want warranty in India What should I do for it?

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Hello, I am looking forward to buy a Hp 22es Display from Amazon.in. The seller is Cloudtail India. I have heard about warranty problems for hp products purchased online in India. Therefore I was doing some research before buying this product. That's when I found this hp customer advisory. It lists Cloudtail as an authorized hp vendor. But, not Cloudtail India, which is to the best of my knowledge is a sister concern of Cloudtail. So, my question is if I buy this product from Cloudtail India on Amazon.in, will my product be covered under 3 years warranty (it is wrongly described on the Amazon listing as 1 year warranty) from Hp India? Thanks is advance.

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Hello, as the title says, we are infected by this ransomware, we managed to save some files but alot of them are encrypted.
I managed and kill the malware from the whole lan computers and now i am trying to find a way to get back my files.
I also considered paying the ransom but i just read that there is no security that i will take back my files if i will pay them.
Just need some help from you guys....
Thank you.

A:Infected by [email protected]

I am also infected with a virus. I managed to remove it but they all files received extensions id ...... [email protected] Does anyone have an idea how to unlock these files . Is there a program to unlock these files !?
Please help !!!!

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Guys I am from India I want to buy a laptop

I want a laptop that should have 4 or 3 GB ram and 500 gb hard disk, 1 gb graphic card and i5 processor. I wanted to buy it from dell but I don't know which brand is the best because i use desktop.

And the price should be between 35ks to 45ks.

I need your help guys just tell me which one is the best.

And most importantly i forgot to mention i need at least 3 to 4 hours of battery backup

A:Which Laptop to Buy - India

A lot of machines have that specification - Toshiba, Dell, HP, Sony, Acer
I dont know the brands available in India - however, I have moved to hardware forum, & changed the title - you may get more response

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I am wondering if it is possible to connect my home PC back in India from here in USA. I tried net meeting, remote desktop connection, but i got errors.

Can some experts guide me how to do this. I think this will not be allowed as its something like hacking. I use a cable modem and router, while the internet connection in India is a dial up 56 kbps.

I read on internet that both the PCs must be on same network for netmeeting, etc to work, so how do i do that. Also is it true that the IP address given by ipconfig is not the actual IP address, i should somehow get the WAN ip address of both PC's. I do not know how to get that.

Guidance would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

A:Connect my PC in India from US

When you are connected to a router your computer's IP address is a private address assigned by the router. For your public IP address look at the router's WAN status or go here: http://www.whatismyip.com/

To connect by Remote Desktop your India PC has to be configured properly; for XP Pro this just means set to allow RD. For other systems you need some third party software. And, of course, the PC has to be connected to the internet. You will probably not enjoy RD with dial-up, and unless it's a pretty decent dial-up it may be too slow to work at all. Good luck.

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I'm experiencing an annoying problem on my router.
The router works well for some hours but suddenly the internet light/led on my router just turns off and the DSL led starts blinking (in attempt to make a connection ).. After 30 sec or so the DSL led turns solid green and the internet led turns red. I have to then use laptop , connect it through cable to router and reset up isp I'd And password. This happens 4-5 times a day basis. Same will be needed if I switch off and switch on router. Have being using this router for 2 years and no issues. Looking at net, I updated firmware to 1.06 . Still no luck . Any suggestions of this is router issue or isp provider issue. Am staying in larger colony and everyone uses this isp. So was not confident of this is isp issue.

Plz help
Dlink DSL-2750U
H/W rev : V1 India

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My sister is bringing dell 7567 laptop for me from USA ... And I want the warranty in India ...she is yet to purchase it ... Please guide me what should I do to have international warranty so that in case any problem occurs I can redeam warranty here ...??

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Hi all

I am planning to buy a all in one inkjet printer for my home, my usage will not be very high but i need the best printer for it and also not exceed my budget of Rs6000-7000. Plz help me

A:Which is the best all in one inkjet printer in India

I don`t know what`s available in India.

I`d recommend Canon printers. Superb quality, and reliability. The ink cartridges won`t cost a lot either.

I`ve just checked, and apparently Canon is available in India.


Regards Howard

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I'm in India and I have set lang. and location to India But still Cortana says that I'm not available in your country.. Helppppppp!!!

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I'm in India and I have set lang. and location to India But still Cortana says that I'm not available in your country.. Helppppppp!!!

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Sir I want to buy that HP ab555tx laptop but its currently unavailable in every place...that's great budget laptop make it available in India

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Hi, friends!
Is this forum India-specific?
I joined the community on 17th Aug 2017, eager for informationabout Dell Laptops and services.I am planning to buy a Dell Laptop in India. 
I posted a message to: dellcommunity at dell.com on the very same date, eager for a reply. It was only today that I was directed to post my query here.my question is: What about the scenario if the laptop runsinto any sort of problems, post-warranty period?I found upon searching that the service centre that existsin Mysuru is NOT an original service centre, but anauthorised service centre.There is a difference between the two kinds of servicecentres: Company's own service centres don't think aboutprofits regarding service, as it is about their brandvalue. Authorised service centres always are into profits,they don't care about the brand's value.The brands that give the most troubles are the best brandsfor them. Dell Vostro doesn't appear to have a companyservice centre in Mysore.I hope you understand.I am eager to hear your response on the issue.Regards,Rajib BandopadhyayMysuruIntending customer

A:Is this forum India-specific?

Hi Rajib,Thanks for posting.No, the Forum is available for all countries, however, most of the Dell Employees are in the USA.  To find out about warranties in India, you can go here:  http://dell.to/2yNLO5NUsually, post warranty service can be done by the customer, the Dell authorized service center, or a local computer repair shop.

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Do anyone have any Idea as of when will lenovo yoga 720 will be launched in India

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Currently ASUS has not many note books available in india. I checked on asus.in
They have few models i like 2 of them The bamboo - u6v and g50v

Both are unique with Core 2 Duo processor. I think the graphic card of G50v better. Can any one suggest me which one is better

A:ASUS notebooks in india

What is the main purpose of usage? Without knowing this, what ever we tell you is pure speculation and may do you more harm than good.

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Hi All,
I want to buy a Dell laptop. When I compare the prices between India and the US, I found that it is more affordable to ship it from the US.
Is it  possible to ship the laptop from the US, if so what will be the Shipping charges?Will it be delivered safely?
Any valueable inputs deeply appreciated.
Thank you.

A:Shipping Laptop from th US to India

Unless you know someone in the US who can order for you and ship, no - Dell won't ship internationally.
Even then, remember that the warranty applies to the country of purchase - you'll have to transfer ownership and warranty when you receive the system.

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I need to replace the battery hp vk04 notebook battery. Does HP provide battery for this model in India?

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