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Elevated prompt/Run as Administrator once and for all.

Q: Elevated prompt/Run as Administrator once and for all.


For those who'd like to use the power of a permanent admin (can of course be reverted) prompt here's how:

Elevated Command Prompt Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

Open Explorer and drill down to:

C:\Users\"Username"*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools

There you see the command prompt shortcut as the first of a list of shortcuts. Right click it, choose properties from the list.
The property list will open, now choose Advanced and tick the "Run as Administrator" checkbox. Click Apply, Close. Done.

Now every time you run a command prompt you'll run it with administrative rights.


* Username: the account name you logged on with.

Preferred Solution: Elevated prompt/Run as Administrator once and for all.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Elevated prompt/Run as Administrator once and for all.

I don't have that option.

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I'm trying to setup a WiFi Hotspot on my Laptop running Windows 7.
When I enter the command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow "ssid=myssid" "key=mykey? keyUsage=persistent
in an elevated command prompt, it says:
"You must run this command from a command prompt with administrator privilege."

I have an administrator account and had never problems with it.

Does someone has an idea what the problem could be?

A:No administrator privileges in elevated command prompt

Hi Bones, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The message you get shows absolutely clear without any doubts that you are not running the command from elevated Command Prompt. That message is only shown when a command requiring administrative privileges has been run from a normal Command Prompt.

When run from an elevated Command Prompt, your command syntax is OK (highlighted yellow) and runs as it should, the output (highlighted green) showing it's working:
Two telltales of an Elevated Command Prompt, numbers referring to respective numbers in above screenshot:The title has word Administrator in it
The prompt (by default) is C:\Windows\System32


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After thrashing this Win 7 beast around (it's now preforming rather well) it has become apparent to me that I need some tutoring on commands that are available for the different modules that are available at an elevated prompt. I don't mean the old dos commands. Does anyone know of a text available for this? Also The power shell commands (language) would be of interest.

A:Elevated Prompt

Hi HammerHead,

Check in the Tutorial section here on the Forum. Some great information for those looking to improve their knowledge of Windows 7. Good Luck

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I have been trying to register a program I bought and they tell me I must be logged in as Admin.

When I try to get to the elevated CMD prompt I am entering: net user administrator /active:yes

I get an ERROR 5 message and nothing happens.

I have also tried to use the other method using the Computer Management | Users method and enabling the account there. I don't see anything happening when I do this unless I have to reboot the machine, which I haven't tried.

The admin account is simply administrator and has not been renamed to something else and there is no password. I have used the CMD prompt method before and it worked fine now for some reason it won't.

Thanks ,


A:Can't seem to get elevated cmd prompt to work

Never heard of a program you are trying to register need you to be an admin, what`s the program ?

Right click on command prompt to run as admin.

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Not sure if this is the proper forum for my question, but here it goes.

I'm using a SSH server to remotely access my notebook from work. It works well for SFTP and remote command line access using a dedicated, non-admin, user account.

Problem is when I want to run something that requires admin permission under that connection. The server runs cmd.exe under the context of a non-admin user I've created for it, so I'm limited in what I can do. Question is, how can I "elevate" that remote command prompt to execute admin-only programs and commands? UAC of course will not help under that conditions.


A:Elevated command prompt over SSH

before you enter the command you can use the runas command first. You can also save the credentials so you dont have to enter them in every time.



runas /noprofile /user: username "command"

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This probably is not new to many, but I find it useful.

There are times I want an elevated command prompt. I usually type in "cmd", right click on it and run as administrator. If you need an elevated command prompt now and then, simply create a shortcut to "cmd". Right click on the shortcut, left click on properties. Click the shortcut tab and select "advanced". Finally, you can select "run as administrator".

Like I said, just something I didn't think about before, but it's handy to have.

A:Tip for Elevated Command Prompt

Elevated Command Prompt

As a sysadmin trying to roll out an image of windows7 to other machines, not having cmd parameters to automate an elevated cmd really annoys the hell out of me.

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how do I open an elevated command prompt?

A:elevated command prompt...huh?

Right click the bottom left corner of the screen and select Command Prompt (Admin)

Elevated Command Prompt - Open in Windows 8

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Hi friends !
Uber Philf told me to start a new thread with my problem. I cannot open an Elevated Command Prompt, Dont know why. I know that I can open it in two alternative ways : 1). Win+R, type cmd, hit enter eith ctrl+shift pressed ; and 2). start > all programs > accessories > command prompt > right click and run as admit. The prompt should be C:\Windows\System32_

But What prompt I am having is C:\Users\username_

Am I doing it wrong? Then what I am to do? I have user account control settings turned off.

A:How to open Elevated Command Prompt?

Several member had the same problem

Go to search by the start menu

type cmd

As soon as cmd pops up, do not hit enter. right click and run as adminitraor.

If done properly you will have the cmd. Try and report back

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If i try and use cmd from within the start menu ,in accessories and right click ,then "Run as administrator",all i am granted is normal cmd usage e.g(C:\Users\(User Name ).Now,i then pinned cmd to the start menu and again i tried to "run as administrator",but this time cmd fails to open at all.

The only way i am able to run cmd with administrator access is by using the start search box and entering cmd from there ,and right click ,run as administrator!

very strange ?

A:elevated command prompt fails

I have set my command prompt from the start menu to ALWAYS run as administrator:

Start menu
command prompt
right click
put a check in "run as adminstrator" checkbox.

I dunno about getting that to the taskbar. Maybe it is doable?

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@ AceInfinity & anyone who wishes to respond:

Hello. Nice to meet you. I have a question to ask you or anyone that would like to help me...

After seeing your example above, it got me thinking... ...I would like to add to my context menu an elevated command prompt (with administrator privileges) in the same or similar coding fashion (not binary code) as in this example below. The key is that it has to be "elevated" with Administrator privileges, not just a normal command prompt to open. I am not sure how to write a working script since it "MAY" (probably is) quite different than the coding pattern in my example here after including the 'elevated' coding component part to it:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Elevated Command Prompt]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Elevated Command Prompt\command]
@="control appwiz.cpl"

Please correct by adding and or deleting or modifying the script above so the code that would demonstrate a working "elevated" command prompt script to open in a window.

I would also like to add the command prompt icon to my context menu too. I am very sure that it would look something like this (pretty sure if the registry key information is correct though, probably it is not since I am looking for the script to be 'elevated' as I have already stated):

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Elevated Command Prompt]
"Icon"="C:\\Windows\\Context Menu Icons\\E... Read more

A:Add elevated command prompt to context menu

Hello. I tested with the test registry script and yes... ...I have the name "Elevated Command Prompt" in my context menu with the representative icon, and CMD does open successfully... ...the only issue is that it is NOT "elevated", but a "regular" command prompt. That is the question... ...what do I need to modify (subtract or add) to the code in order to the "elevated" command prompt (administrator privileges)??? Please provide the script to accommodate these changes.

Please reply.

Thank you!

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when I'm in cmd promt admin mode I still get message I need to be in elevated mode?

cmd prompt is in windows/system32 ok

this is a fresh install of win on to a new drive

can anyone help me on this please



A:I'm in cmd prompt admin mode I get message I need to be in elevated

Hi there ... Read the Link below ...

Elevated Command Prompt

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I can run an application as another user, and I can run an application as another user.  What I cannot figure out how to do is run an application as another user with elevation.  Both of the accounts are in the administrators groups of the windows
7 pro systems, one os a domain admin.  In order to get around this I currently have to turn off UAC.  Is there a way to choose run as administrator and somehow use another user account?

A:run elevated command prompt (or application) as another user

Based on my research, there are only two choices: run as another user and run as administrator. If you would like to modify the execution policy via another user
profile with administrator privilege, you have log off the current account and login on with another user account.

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Long story short,
I've been trying to dual-boot W7 with Ubuntu. Failed. Now I cannot boot up Windows, and though there are hundreds of forum articles explaining how to fix this (using the Bootrec/bcdedit commands in the Windows RE command prompt), but I can't run either of them (get an error). My guess is that I need to run bcdedit as an admin.
After doing some research, I learned about the "Runas" command, but I can't seem to get it to work. Microsoft and other forums didn't help much...

Please help!

A:Running an elevated command prompt (from the Recovery DVD)

Mark Win7 partition Active, then run Startup Repair from DVD/Repair CD up to 3 separate times with reboots until Win7 starts.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

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I am trying to make a shortcut to launch a program with admin privileges, with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, from a regular user account.

I had previously used 'runas' to launch a program with admin privileges from a regular user account using a similar method in the "How to Create an Elevated Program Shortcut Any User is able to Run" tutorial to create an elevated shortcut. In my case I am launching Process Explorer as an admin user from a regular user account. I had created a batch file with the command, then created a shortcut to the batch file, although the method in the tutorial where the entire command is just written out as the shortcut target is much simpler.

The 'runas' command used to work fine with UAC turned OFF. However it does NOT work with UAC turned ON. I'm not sure why. If I turn UAC off, it works. But if UAC is turned on, even though the application (Process Explorer) is launched with the admin user account, for system processes it shows <access denied> and no network and no disk information. I have verified the command launches as the admin user, since the admin user account username is listed next to the process, and the name of the admin user account is shown in brackets in the title bar of the application.

Interesting I also tried the Sysinternals 'ShellRunas' utility, which also did NOT work with UAC turned ON. I registered the context menu entry, then I right clicked to select "Run as different user...", and the... Read more

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I recently noticed that I couldn't start the On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe) from my start menu. Tried all kinds of clean-ups, but it would not run - not from the %windir%\system32 folder, not from start>run, not from an ordinary command shell. But it loads fine from an elevated command shell. It also runs from other user accounts. And it runs fine on log-on if enabled in the Ease of Access Center.
Does anyone know where its idiosyncratic behavior could originate from.

A:On-Screen Keyboard will only run from elevated command prompt

Welcome to Seven Forums c2357. Does it run fine in Safe Mode? If so, you might try performing a clean start to see if there is a conflict.

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

See if unchecking Tablet PC Components in windows features correct this behavior

Windows Features - Turn On or Off

If not, try the System Files Checker

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

It may be a permission issue, but then the question is what changed it, and how?

A Guy

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Needed to launch an elevated command prompt and now, explorer crashes when I do so.

What I've already done:
1) Run sfc /scdannow both from inside Win7 and from DVD. Finds files it can't fix. Appear to be due to (1) login screen customization, and (2) Vista basic custom there. But -- these have been true from when I first installed Win7 and have only run into this problem recently.
2) Read the thread on diagnosing Explorer crashes, applied the registry fix, generated the dump file. So, I can upload that here.
3) Do regular full-partition images, so went back three months, restoring one at time -- problem remains with the oldest restore I have -- December of last year.
4) Restored latest backup (2/25/11), ran startup repair (from DVD) three times. Rebooted Win7, tried elevated command prompt -- still crashes Explorer.

So, apart from a complete clean-install (which I am dreading because of all the pain I went through scrounging drivers for this XP-era Tablet PC), is there anything else I can do?

A:Crash trying to launch elevated command prompt

1 - start scrounging drivers "just in case". Save them to a flash drive or DVD

2 - upload the dump file. If it's too big to upload, upload it to a free file-hosting service and post the link here.

3 - check the CBS.log file (C:\Windows\logs\CBS\CBS.log) for the missing/corrupt files. Here's a KB article on it for Vista (Win7 should be similar): How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista

4 - scan for viruses, scan for rootkits

5 - try a Repair Install of Win7: Repair Install

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hi !

is it possible to have an "Elevated Taskmanager" without UAC-prompt on a user-account ?

for obvious security-reasons, i always run on a user-account, except when doing system maintenance.
i want taskmanager to show everything, so it would be really nice if it was possible to create a shortcut that starts it without any UAC-prompts.

any ideas ?

A:Elevated Task manager without UAC-prompt for a user-account ?

Quote: Originally Posted by hackerman1

hi !

is it possible to have an "Elevated Taskmanager" without UAC-prompt for a user-account ?

for obvious security-reasons, i always run on a user-account, except when doing system maintenance.
i want taskmanager to show everything, so it would be really nice if it was possible to create a shortcut that starts it without any UAC-prompts.

any ideas ?

Yep. You could start by searching the tutorial section. You would be amazed at how many things are covered there. For example. Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create

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Is there any programmatic way within a BATch file of determining whether it has been started from an elevated command prompt (run as Administrator) or a normal command prompt?

I note the difference between the Current Directory at start of the BATch file, but wonder if there is a better way.

When in elevated mode I don't get a UAC prompt when using DISKPART.
The UAC prompt only happens when running it in a normal command prompt window.

Are you aware of any command which simultaneously would
give a different errorlevel when executed in an elevated command prompt than in a normal command prompt, and
not produce a UAC prompt in normal mode?
If this is the case, unless I can find something to distinguish between elevated command prompts and normal command prompts, then I will have to try the %cd% variable at the start of BATch files, to see whether it is consistent even across user modifications of the command prompt shortcut's Target Directory...

A:programmatic way with BAT file determining if elevated command prompt

I can answer my own question, as below

@echo off

:: +----------+
:: I Elevated I Test whether this BATch file / Command Prompt
:: +----------+ in running in Elevated mode or Normal mode


:: method (applicable to Windows 7, and maybe Vista)
:: try to write a zero-byte file to a system directory
:: if successful, we are in Elevated mode and delete the file
:: if unsuccessful, avoid the "Access is denied" message

:: arbitrary choice of system directory and filename
set tst="%windir%\$del_me$"

:: the first brackets are required to avoid getting the message,
:: even though 2 is redirected to nul. no, I don't know why.
(type nul>%tst%) 2>nul && (del %tst% & set elev=t) || (set elev=)

if defined elev (echo Elevated mode) else (echo Normal mode)


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Not sure if this has already been posted, or covered in a tutorial, but this is a little trick I discovered to open an elevated command prompt, without having to create a special shorctcut. I find this quite useful.


1. Click Start Orb, and in the search box type cmd
2. Right-click cmd, and then choose Pin to Taskbar

Now, whenever you wish to open an elevated command prompt, hold down CTRL+SHIFT and the click the cmd icon on the Taskbar. Click Yes on the UAC panel, and an elevated command prompt window is then opened.


A:Simple trick for opening Elevated Command Prompt

I went one step further. I checked the box " run as admin" in the cmd Properties > Advanced. Then I applied this Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create Now my cmd sits in the taskbar and never bothers me with UAC prompts when I launch it.

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On the cmd prompt I entered a name for the "elevated administrator".
Now I want to change it but I forgot what it was, and I need to know what it is to change it.
How or where can I go in win 10 to see what it is?

A:Elevated administrator name

Your new name should appear under Users in the Local Users and Groups section of the Computer Management console (right click the start menu to access this).

There is also a tutorial on this that should help you sort this out:

Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

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this was simple in windows xp.I have a script that installs Citrix web client.Problem I need to copy over the shortcut to users\public\public desktop through this scriptHow can you program the copy to run in the Elevated command prompt mode to do this?

A:Windows7 elevated command prompt priviledges throug a script

Greetings, I agree with Calwell’s reply. It seems that you want to run the copy action as an administrator using the script itself.
You can refer the following URLs, hope it would be helpful.Utility Spotlight - Script Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vistahttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/2007.06.utilityspotlight.aspx?pr=blogHow Can I Run a Script Under Alternate Credentials?http://blogs.technet.com/heyscriptingguy/archive/2004/12/13/how-can-i-run-a-script-under-alternate-credentials.aspx  Since this issue is more related to scripting, I recommend you open a thread to Official Scripting Guys Forum in Technet so those coders can help you fix the issue in a timely manner.Official Scripting Guys Forum http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/ITCG/threadsScript Center:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/scriptcenter/default.aspx

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I just finished [finally] updating my copy of Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro (manually downloaded the ISO from Microsoft and did an in-place update within the existing copy of W8). After I did all of the available Windows Updates, I noticed that, whenever I try and open an elevated Command Prompt window (I want to do this to try and manually do some things to remove Windows.old, since it says that the directory is not empty), I see it open, but close instantly. A non-elevated Command Prompt window opens just fine. I searched, and haven't found anything. This also happens in safe mode.

A:Elevated Command Prompt window opens and closes instantly

Anything interesting in Event Viewer?

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As a single home user, in setting up Windows 10 I was not aware there is a hidden administrator who controls changes to the system.  I discovered this when I went to  open the check disk function.  I have spent hours trying different prescribed
methods found online online for ogetting access to the elevated command prompt - but all end saying I don't have the priviledge.  In another approach, my computer tells me I do not have access to luscr.msc and to instead go to account change.  Here's
the kicker.  Once there, I am not allowed to change from "standard" to "administrator"  - this is a Catch 22 since I am the only registered user of the system.  HELP - I'm not techie, but I'm also not a complete dummy. 

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I am writing a vba script for a standard user to run a program in elevated mode. Is there a way to program in the administrative password?

ie..elevate "cmd /k mkdir "newfolder"

The goal is to enable the standard user to create a new subfolder within a directory they don't have permission to do so as standard user.

A:elevated command administrator password

Hello sausepan, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if the method used in the tutorial below may be able to help with this. You could use the tutorial below to create an elevated shortcut to run your script file.

Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User

Hope this helps,

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I have a new Win7x64 Pro that I am the sole Administrator for with no other users.
I recently discovered that I cannot do some things like Copy/Paste various files/folders or even simple things like changing the icon for shortcuts that I just created.

I am used to unrestricted access to my previous XP-Pro comp and frustrated by the complexity of Win7 Permissions.

I have read about a dozen different tutorials on how to accomplish Elevated Rights and they all seem to differ wildly depending on what is desired and most are very involved.

I don't want temporary or narrow defined rights. I want what I had in XP.

How do I forever get rid of this @#$* headache once and for all and never ever again see or hear anything about Permissions???

PS: My wife will soon be getting her own Win7 comp and I'll want to set hers up identical to mine.

A:How to change to Administrator with Elevated Rights for ALL?

What I have done is to take ownership of Windows and all folders by following this Tutorial:

Take Ownership Shortcut

I also have the UAC turned down to it's lowest level-no notifications. I have also taken ownership of the registry by using this program

RegOwnershipEx Take ownership and access of registry keys and jump to them directly

This can be found at WinAero: Winaero - Free small and useful software for Windows. I hope that this helps you.

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So I'm done with trying this crappy new version of Winblows 10. Wanting to roll-back to Windows 7 (since it's only been about a week since I "upgraded" - using the term loosely since this has felt like a downgrade from the start) and what a surprise, this useless OS refuses to let me do so since I had created the hidden elevated Administrator account. It keeps saying, "Before you can roll back to Windows 7, you need to remove any Accounts you may have created since upgrading"

Naturally, being a huge pain in the arse that it is, Winblows 10 won't allow me to delete this account, saying it doesn't allow anyone to remove Built-in Accounts. Clearly there has to be some way to nuke this stupid account - it didn't exist in tangible form before I enabled it.

Can someone help me nuke this effing account so I can roll back this useless new version of Winblows? Thanks.

A:Need to delete Elevated Administrator Account in Windows 10

You only disable it: Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

Also, to downgrade, see: Windows 10 - Go Back to Previous Windows - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi to all
I have recently taken delivery of a new computer which has WIN7 Pro SP1 as the OS, and after downloading all critical/important security updates I tried to run a few commands only to discover I did not have full administrator rights/privileges.
After being somewhat led down the garden path elsewhere, I was directed to this forum. I have looked through the 'tutorials' and have found my solution. I would prefer to have the elevated rights to my computer rather than have to ask every time I want to do something or access certain files. I do not download or install rubbish. I have as yet not set a password - will add later - but I have removed the default nag UAC.
I have read through the tutorials and for my computer usage it looks like the below is what I need to follow - possibly all options - could this be confirmed?
I am the sole user of this computer, now and in the future. I am not on any 'home group' nor likely to be. It was brought to my attention that after a reboot my desktop and display settings may be altered. I will be setting a manual checkpoint in system restore in case I do something wrong following the tutorial.

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So... after many years having this problem, I decided to post for some help. I've been using this computer (Acer Aspire with Windows 7 Home premium x64 on an Administrator account) without issues for quite a while. One day, like two years ago, I noticed something weird while using Calibre (the virtual library software): the program was not able to save or edit files because it was not run as administrator. This was odd, because it was not supposed to work that way, and it worked fine without admin privileges before, but then I got used to using it as administrator. After that, I noticed that other programs were having this issue as well (Steam, Spotify, many others) and I gradually integrated into my workflow the use of programs as administrator... until I got fed up recently.

I've been looking for help and answers but it seems no one or almost no one has this exact problem, so I thought I'd better ask for help.

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with UAC. It is just that if, for example, Spotify is running without admin privileges and it wants to update, the update fails. I have to restart the program as administrator and then it can install whatever it wants. Every installation I do has to be done through rightclick->run as administrator, as an unelevated installation file will fail.

I've recently tried to take ownership of my C:\ drive, to no use. I also tried resetting the files and folder permission to default with the use of

secedit /configure /c... Read more

A:Built-in elevated administrator account has access denied

Good method to mess up Windows install once and for all Stop messing with the permissions imho.
It may very well be a registry issue.

Did you try to make another administrator account and see if programs work well with it?

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Re: Windows 7, SP1, Home Premium, 64-bit

When using Q-Dir, a 4-pane Windows Explorer replacement, I can manually move desktop files/icons between the all users a/c and my account. I created a batch file to do this, and it works fine when clicked from within Q-Dir. It does not, however work from a command prompt, even an elevated command prompt.

At the elevated command prompt, even the Dir *.* command results in a file not found error message, even though files are actually there (and are not hidden files).

This is the simple batch file:

rem C:\Users\All Users\desktop = C:\ProgramData\desktop
Move C:\ProgramData\Desktop\*.* C:\Users\ALLAN\Desktop\
@echo off

Incidentally, changing the permissions, to allow full control in the properties/security settings for the All Users desktop does not have any effect with respect to this issue.

Does anyone know why the elevated command prompt cannot access/find the files in the All Users desktop ("File not found" error message)?

Again, I can do this via my Windows Explorer replacement, so it is not really a problem, but it has me baffled; thus my request for help.



A:All Users Desktop Files "Not Found" (Dir *.*) in Elevated Cmd Prompt

The common desktop is located here:
C:\ProgramData\Desktop and\or C:\Users\All Users\Desktop is not where you should be working.

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1. Create a newTask named OpenCmdHereAsAdminNoUAC and activate "Run with the highest privileges"

2. Go to the Actions Tab, create a new Action "Start a Program" choose "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" and set the Working Directory (Start in) to %CURDIR%

3. Create a Shortcut named OpenCmdHereAsAdminNoUAC.
In the "Type the location of the item" Field type:

C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /TN "\OpenCmdHereAsAdminNoUAC"

and copy the created Shortcut to C:\Windows\System32

Finally, add the attached "Add_Open_Command_Window Here_Admin_No_UAC.reg" to Registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Created by: Darth Nukem
; Created on: 08_20_16
@="Open Command Window Here (Admin)"
@="cmd /s /c \"setx CURDIR \"%V\"& start c:\\windows\\system32\\OpenCmdHereAsAdminNoUAC.\"lnk\"& exit\""
@="Open Command Window Here (Admin)"
@="cmd /s /c \"setx CURDIR \"%V\"& start c:\\windows\\system32\\OpenCmdHereAsAdminNoUAC.\"lnk\"& exit\""

... Read more

A:[How-To] Context menu "Open elevated Command Prompt Here" without UAC

Elevated Shortcut without UAC - Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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I used the info in Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt Tutorial and it soon dawned on me that the applications seemed to be taking a long time to run.

Than the penny dropped - Scheduled Tasks run at priority 7 by default (which is lower than directly run applications typically run at) and the Task Scheduler does not directly provide a way to set priorities. So I Exported each task [that I had added] (as XML), deleted each task, edited the XML to change priority to 6 (which makes all the difference) and then Imported the tasks again. Problem solved.

The point of this posting is really to suggest that the Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt Tutorial could mention the priority issue and its solution.

A:Setting Priority with "Elevated Shortcut without UAC Prompt Tutorial"

Hello Batch,

If you go directly to the comment section of the tutorial you mentioned. You can make your suggestions there to the tutorial's author.


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I am attempting to fix a Windows WMI problem using the Microsoft WMI tools. But this tool requires that I log on as an "elevated" administrator.

I have searched through XP but have not found how to become "elevated".

Running the WMI diagnostic tools as administrator is not good enough. Diagnotstics stops after it starts and gives message that tools can only be run by an "elevated administrator.

How do I get around this?

A:WMI tool for XP pro 64b needs "elevated" administrator rights - How do I get them?

Hi you could try this How to run an elevated command prompt

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I've prepared an unattended Win7 SP1 DVD, everything works just fine except a part of my registry tweaks (>100) MyTweaks.reg. After investigation, it proved that those registries must be run elevated ("Run As Administrator").

Here bellow, MyTweaks.bat. What to add/modify to make REGEDIT elevated runnig? Otherwise, is there a .cmd command abble doing that?


REGEDIT /S "%systemroot%\Setup\Scripts\MyTweaks.reg"

A:Run elevated ("Run As Administrator") automatically in .BAT .CMD file

I find that nircmd.exe from nirsoft can do easealy the job


Nircmd\NIRCMD.exe elevate REG import C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts\MyTweaks.reg
But still the following registries are NOT applied.


; Remove Control Panel from the Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Panel
; Remove Favorites from the Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Panel
On reflection, I noticed that the problem is NOT (or not only) run elevate. It's the Permissions forAdministrators group Full Control box not cheked Allow step 5 HERE.
Is there any how to do that automatically?


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after win orb, typed Run. It goes directly to run without giving choice to run as system administrator

A:no prompt 'run as administrator'

Hello Jalea,

You should be able to use one of the other options in the tutorial below to use "Run as administrator".

Run as Administrator

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I can't run command prompt as administrator because "it is part of this windows version" is written there
What should i do to run it as administrator in the compatibility ?

A:Cannot run command prompt as administrator

I really dont understand the reason you can't run as administrator, but try in safe mode.

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I want to enable Safe Mode in my Laptop and to do that I need to run Command Prompt as an administrator. But when I right click on command Prompt and select Run as Administrator, nothing happens. I tried this about 5 times with no results.
Please help me!

A:Why can't I run Command Prompt as Administrator?

Try creating a fresh shortcut.
Right-click the desktop - New - Shortcut.
In text box, type cmd - then hit Next. Name it Elevated (so you know you've applied admin privileges).
Finish - Now right-click this shortcut - Properties - Shortcut - Advanced - check off "Run as Administrator" - OK

Try that out to see if it works for you.

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Hey everybody

I'm trying to figure out this "run as administrator" issue. as you all know in xp if you click run as, you can type in the administrative account and the password and voila it works. with this vista garbage it doesnt prompt me for a password, it just tries to run it without any credentials. i googled it and there was talk about UAC but that looked as thought thats only for it asking you if "its ok" to run whatever. any ideas? i feel like putting my foot thru the gd monitor. i can't even delete certain shortcuts off my desktop...

i do have administrator privileges but when i go fix a machine, having to log them off and then log in as an admin is bs and takes an hour.

thanks in advance

A:Run As Administrator wont prompt me wtf

Im not sure if this is what you want but i have used this which gave me virtually total control over my vista....which also was driving me up the wall

right click on file
click properties
click security
click advanced
click owner in top tabs
click edit
highlight the user you want and click apply/ok

click on your administrator account name to gain this access

I turned my UAC off as i got fed up with all the annoying pop ups...the only downside is that you also turn off some security settings...but that did not bother me as im a home user

Msconfig>Tools and scroll down until you see "disable uac"..this will do as it says...just remember this alters the security aspects

Hope this helps

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Hi guys

Im trying to activate the administrator account, which requires administrative access however when trying to do a Run As on cmd It says "to continue, type and administrator password, and then click yes. Though there is no username and password prompt box appearing so all i can do is click "no".

Same goes for doing anything that requires administrative rights to do, there is never a prompt for a username and password just the option of clicking "no"

What is going on?

A:Run As administrator, no prompt for username and password ? wtf

Use safe mode!!!

Why bother offering to Run As administrator if the administrator account is disabled and then not tell the user why!!

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Is it possible in Win8 ? It's starting to get in to my nerves receiving this message everytime i do an iisreset:
Access denied, you must be an administrator of the remote computer to use this
command. Either have your account added to the administrator local group of
the remote computer or to the domain administrator global group.

A:How to launch Command prompt to ALWAYS run as Administrator?

Quick keyboard shortcut: Press Windows + X, then press A.
Of course, this doesn't exactly work if CMD is called from another non-admin app.

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When I right click on run and select open as administrator, I get the following error: file:////C:/users/pc/appdata/roaming/microsoft/windows/start menu/programs/system tools/run.lnk The parameter is incorrect.

It doesn't give this message when trying run anything else as an administrator as far as I can tell, but it definitely will not let me open the run prompt as an administrator, which presents some obvious problems.

I have the only user account on this computer so it does have administrator privileges although they are not invoked simply from opening the run prompt normally.

P.S. I apologize if this is the incorrect area to be posting this question. If it is the wrong area, please move it to the appropriate one. I didn't see any other topic that struck me as appropriate for this question.

Thank you.

A:Cannot open 'run' prompt as administrator Windows 8

Originally Posted by Ozymandias

When I right click on run and select open as administrator, I get the following error: file:////C:/users/pc/appdata/roaming/microsoft/windows/start menu/programs/system tools/run.lnk The parameter is incorrect.

Sounds like it might be some kind of invalid shortcut. Can you please provide a screenshot of where you are when you right click. Are you sure it is not the command prompt you are right clicking? However, if it is, could you please try depressing the Win key + X and see if you can access it via the menu shown below?

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Hello i installed vista basic today and I set up two accounts one admin, of course, and one standard user. I'm using the standard account as my main account. In XP I run as a limited user and what I usually do is right click runas a command prompt an then I drag whatever needs privileges into the command prompt and I'm set.

I see that in vista you can't simply drag something into the command prompt. I know you can shift right click "copy as path" and then paste that into the privileged command prompt, but is there any way to get the command prompt to behave like the XP command prompt does?

thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] Run As administrator via command prompt?

I really don't know what you are talking about. But if you right click the icon of whatever needs administrator rights, you can then select "run as administrator". I think this will give you the same result.

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Ok so hello there,so i have windows 7 ultimate x64 bit and i have gotten the latest driver updates for my graphics card...And aero theme works great with everything,but when an admin prompt comes along...I know this is quite stupid for me to fuss over,but i have insane ocd and i really want to get this issue solved,i will try to get an image here in a bit.... :

A:Aero Theme Not Displaying On Administrator Prompt


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How do I gain administrator privileges for the command prompt logged in through the Recovery environment?

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The situation is simple; I'd like to know how to create an administrative account while logged into a account with restrictions.

A:How to create Administrator accounts via Command Prompt

You can't. Ask the admin to do it.

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Hello all, this is my first post in the 7forums and I'm ashamed of myself that it has to be one asking for help - mind you all, I'm tech savvy so I know what I'm talking about unless I otherwise note it, but here it goes:

In the past, I have had to use the built-in Administrator account to install Microsoft's virtualization software and install Windows XP Mode (I don't know why it wouldn't install before, I even disabled UAC with failed results). In order to do this, I enabled the Administrator account via Command Prompt, as recommended by a tech support specialist I used the command "net user administrator /active yes" and the Admin account was active, I installed the program, disabled the Administrator account, and went on my merry way.
It is now about a year later and after I have created a system image of my computer (I only made one because I do not have enough sufficient storage to make multiple ones, or even replace my current one) I have found out that there is an issue with command prompt or something... I unfortunately do not know. I had to reactivate the Administrator account for one reason or another and did my business, but after I reactivated it I came to find that the same command to activate the Administrator account... Changed its password. I used a Linux Live CD with Ophcrack to find out that the password for my Admin account was changed to "yes". And after I tried to disable the account, INSTEAD of it being disabled, the password was se... Read more

A:Command Prompt won't Disable Administrator Account

I'm not sure why you find it alarming that net user can change user passwords. The control panel and computer management console will let any administrator change user passwords as well. It's the way things are supposed to work.

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