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Win 8 english version install with french version cd key

Q: Win 8 english version install with french version cd key

i have windows 8 core ( non pro ) installed
my friend have me a windows 8 pro key a french key
* he has dream spark pro from his school
will i be able to upgrade to pro with it?

Preferred Solution: Win 8 english version install with french version cd key

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win 8 english version install with french version cd key

Yes you will I think. I have a French key and activated EN-US 8.1 RTM with it. That was a clean install though.

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Hi there

I bought a new Laptop here in Germany which comes, as you would expect, with a German version of Windows. I would prefer an English version though. It appears I'd have to update to Win Ultimate or Enterprise to be able to change the language which is quite expensive. However, I don't need the ability to change languages, I just want English.

So, I still have an unused English Win 7 license. Is there any way to convert my system from German to English using that license and keeping all the software that is already installed on my Computer?

Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!

A:Possible to install English version over German version of Win 7?

You can call MS Customer Service to find this out for sure.

I think I'd shrink C in Disk Mgmt to install to a test partition to see if English will activate with your Product Key, as this can vary. If so then we can help you remove the old OS or hide it if ever needed again.
Partition or Volume - Shrink
Partition or Volume - Extend

Put your wireless adapter on a stick so you can get online to try activating. If not just delete the test partition in Disk Mgmt and extend C back over it.

Remember you can only have 4 Primary partitions or three Primary and unlimited Logical. If in doubt post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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My cousin asked me to help her with a computer problem. She has been given a note book, with french xp home os. She wants it in english.
I know that you cannot upgrade to an english version and you cannot download a MUI file because its xp home and not professional.

She has an external dvd rom drive attached by usb. I have xp professional english version and was hoping to install it for her.

I booted the notebook from the cd rom and every thing was going well, all the os files where loading, but when it came to agreeing to the license, I had to press F8 to agree, but when I pressed F8 nothing happens, but when you press ESC to disagree and reboot, that works fine. I tried three time thinking it was the usb connection, but the F8 button would not function. I pressed every button incase the french keyboard layout is different.

It is a DELL notebook is there anychance that Dell have put a block to stop someone installing another OS.


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I have Windows 7 sp 1. I recently purchased my new MSOFFICE 2013 and tried to install it. I accidently indicated to install the Spanich Version without my realizing I had done so. Upon completion I found the wrong language version was installed. I want the English version. How can I correct this error. I tried to uninstall the MSOFFICE, and then reinstall, but the program now only gives me the Spanish version for installation.....

A:Solved: Insatlled Spanish version INSTEAD of ENGLISH version of Office 2013

I think you could try a language pack.

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i just bought a TOSHIBA laptop in China & the windows came in chinese version. I would like to know the correct way to change it to English version as we cannot read in Chinese. My Windows Vista is Basic version & i would like to know will the change has any impact on laptop & will it void the warranty if anyone knows it....I am slow in this so pls guide me step by step. Thank a lot
regards, Peck Cheng

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I have an ASUS EEE PC 1005HA, I suppose to get the English xp version.

I was given wrongly the Chinese xp version, without the English version being loaded up.

I have the ASUS 1005HA support English version DVD, but how do I get it working, now!

(I did follow some of the suggestions made in some forums regarding that, but still I cant get it working).

Any useful infos will be very much appreciated.

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Purchased a PC that was supposed to have English content. Turns-out certain apps are in Spanish, most of which I have been able to correct. My
biggest problem though is MS Internet Explorer 6. The browser is in Spanish, and while I was successfully able to download the English version, I get a program warning suggestion that while I could go ahead and install the IE6, I should remove the Spanish version first from "Add/Remove".

Since "Add/Remove" is part of the browser, it too is in Spanish.
When I go to remove the program, it doesn't offer the two options as its offered in the English version- "Remove or Cancel", but basically something that indicates (loose translation I think!) "Repair or " Replace" with a previous version (which I believe there was- in English, prior to the Spanish replacement but I'm not certain)

My question is, since there isn't a clear choice, should I attempt "Repair" or
"Restore-I don't want this to end-up a total reinstallation of W2K all because of a browser issue!

Any and all suggests would be genuinely appreciated- thank you!


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My new computer was given to me with Windows 7 Professional German version installed. I just want to overwrite it with my English Home Premium edition but do I need to format the drive first or remove the existing version? When I try to install it says the drive doesn't have enough space (because of the existing OS).

A:Help installing English version over German version

Two thoughts. The first is why don't you just try changing the language settings on your existing installation ?  As I remember, if you use a Windows repair disc the first thing you are asked is to choose your language and keyboard. You can get full instructions on how to create a Windows repair disc here :
No guarrantees it will work, but if it does it saves you a lot of work !
I have Win 7 Home Premium and the complete Windows folder is 27 Gb. This is quite a lot, but I am surprised that you are being told you don't have room to install it. I would expect any new laptop to have at least a 250 GB hard drive. But if you are determined to put Win 7 HP on your laptop, I think you are going to have to remove the Pro version first. Just back up any data you have on the computer before you start !
Chris Cosgrove

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Hi, newbie and non-techie, please be gentle! Posted in Tutorial section about changing key code, but not sure if it's the right place so will copy here too.
I am buying a new PC in Spain but want Windows 7 Home Premium in English, which does not seem to be available anywhere here. So my techie guy is downloading an English version (pirate???) and at same time buying a genuine Spanish version. He says he will then use the key code from the Spanish pack to validate the English version.
Is this possible, and could I encounter any problems later? How can I be 100% sure (before I leave the shop!) that I have a validated, genuine English version of Windows 7 that will continue to work indefinitely?

A:Activate English version with Spanish version key?

Quote: Originally Posted by miro8

How can I be 100% sure (before I leave the shop!) that I have a validated, genuine English version of Windows 7 that will continue to work indefinitely?

I have read that the keys are language-version-specific. Others may know for sure.

Here is how to doublecheck validation before leaving the shop. Ask for the Spanish pack key insert. Run Attachment 39526 and scroll down to see the installed keys on machine: compare audit's Windows 7 key to the key your shop provided given on package insert.

Now go to Start>right click Computer>Properties and scroll down to confirm Windows is activated.

Be sure to keep the Spanish package key insert with the paperwork from your shop. Ask for a DVD copy of the Windows 7 installer to use for reinstalls or repairs.

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I've a NFR copy of 7 ultimate that I'd like to send to relatives in Europe. Does anyone know if this is going to cause them problems with the EULA?

Or can they even validate it?


A:install english version in another country

As long as they have a valid key for the version that you are sending them, then they will be ok, otherwise no....

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Issue since moving from IE9 to IE11 in the office

I've changed the Language Preference on IE11 to add both of them, English by default
Microsoft Office is already set to use both language

Although using Internet Explorer, we are having an issue where it only seem to spell check one language, giving errors when typing words in the other language.

Read on the internet some people that added both language in the keyboard layout, but that's not an interesting solution because first the French keyboard layout does all the English keys and second people tend to accidentaly switch language while typing
using shortcut or whatever

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated


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Is there a way to get a french version of the CVRF entries  from the API?

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I have Windows XP in new computer since April.....on delivery the french version was installed by mistake......... I installed the English version over the French ..... I still have some Files in French on my hard drive.....is it safe to delete these as I come across them or do I have to make a clean install of Windows XP in English to get rid of these files.

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I'm trying to do an automatic installation of Windows 7, I've captured  the Windows image and I wanted to create an unattended file using the Windows System Image Manager. But if i try to load the image, I receive the following error:

This application requires version 6.3.9600.16384 of the Windows ADK. Install this version to correct the problem

After acquiring the image I did the driver injection through Dism GUI, I imported the image through Windows System Image Manager to create the answer file, and everything was OK. However, I had to edit the image again to add a folder and two files that would
have been useful to launch a post installation script. I used DISM GUI again. Once I saved the image I tried to import it again with the Windows System Image Manager, but in fact I receive the error mentioned above.

Now I did not understand what I did by saving the wim file last time, because before it was possible to read it and after the last modification no.

In a Laptop I have version 6.3.9600.17029 of AIK and on a Workstation is present the version is 6.1.7600. 16385 but in both cases the error I receive is always the same ....

What could have happened?

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A friend of mine has the English Vista OS and would like to know if he buys the
French Win7 upgrade if it is possible (via the Clean Install route) to install on top
of the E. Vista and would that work.


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So I bought what I thought what the full version of Windows 7 Pro online for the student discount for $65. I got it all installed and the activation key wouldn't work.

Long story short I got the upgrade version on accident. So I got that refunded and I'm about to just go buy Home Premium. I need to install it. Do I need to uninstall Pro before I install Home Premium? Or will it just get rid of it for me when I install it?

A:Got the wrong version installed. Need to install correct version

No need to uninstall. The new installer will clear the disk.

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Hey guys..!

Help me out.. from last 1 week my photo app has been showing this notification of updating its version..!

Whenever i open it it says to "Install a newer version of this app through windows store.. or update" but whenever i open the store or check for updates no new updates are available.. Please help..! Photo app is not starting..!

A:Photo app asking to install lattest version bt no new version availabl

Did you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app from the store?

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If I buy a full Vista disk, can I UPGRADE from my current XP SP2 system (keeping my applications) with it? Or, do I have to do a clean install and reload all of my applications?

This http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/windowsvista/buyorupgrade/upgradepaths.mspx is not totally clear, but it looks like you do not have the option to UPGRADE from the clean install version.

I am aware I can use dual-boot with the clean install version, but does that mean I have to re-install applications in the Vista partition

Summary: Can I UPGRADE from the clean install disk?

One other question:

I understand Vista's backup/restore is different and perhaps not too flexible. I have had great success with MS's NTBACKUP program. Can I use it with Vista?

A:Ugrade Version or Clean Install Version?

with full..you can upgrade and keep favorites/settings/email...etc

i have ultimate full...let me check here
stupid box is almost impossible to open sometimes, you have to hold it just right to open easy **frustrated**

for antivirus..update it then disable it before you upgrade
ok it also says for upgrade you can keep your current settings/programs, user accounts,files
however it does recommend to backup files n stuff to disc before you install

you can dual boot..i dont know if you have to reinstall apps in vista, i assume you can use transfer tool to do that

with upgrade edition..you must have an activated valid XP installed first
with full edition....well its obvious

i kinda doubt you could use NT backup but who knows, give it a shot

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I need to know if I can use a clean install disk for Windows 7 Ultimate to upgrade from Vista or if I have to use an Upgrade version?

I'm leaning towards buying the clean install disk so that if I should loose the hard drive at some future point I could just clean install Win 7 Ultimate from the disk without having to first install Vista and then upgrade.

Regardless of which type I purchase, am I better off to buy the OEM disk from the machine manufacturer (Toshiba) or just purchase any OEM disk?

Of course, if I want Microsoft support then I need to purchase retail disks.

Thank you.

A:Upgrade version vs clean install version

I suggest the much cheaper upgrade DVD. It will do a clean install, if there is an underlying supporting version of Windows

MS has changed the rules for OEM, they are not for personal use, even if builidng your own computer.

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I upgraded my pc and bought Windows Vista ultimate 64bit, and i would like to install Windows vista Business 64bit.

How can i do it ?

I took ultimate because it was the only version i could find (in my area anyway) that had a 64bit version in the box.
But i don't want the media center, the high definition, and all the multimedia stuff. All of these ultimate "extras" are of no use whatsover to me.

So my question is basically can i install the Business version with my ultimate key ? (is it "downwards" compatible in a way ?).

I don't understand why ultimate is the only one with 64bit in the box. It doesn't make sense to me. It would have been much more logical for the Business version to be the one with 64bit in the box.

A:Install Business version with Ultimate version dvd

You can try this (but I don't know if it will work):
1. Preform a clean installation but DO NOT enter the key when prompted.
2. When asked which version to install, select Business. This will install the Business version in trail mode.
3. Now the I don't know part: Once you are up and running, go and try to activate your copy using the Ultimate key. I suspect this will fail but I have never tried it.

On the other hand, did you try installing Ultimate and then remove features once installed.


Originally Posted by olant


I upgraded my pc and bought Windows Vista ultimate 64bit, and i would like to install Windows vista Business 64bit.

How can i do it ?

I took ultimate because it was the only version i could find (in my area anyway) that had a 64bit version in the box.
But i don't want the media center, the high definition, and all the multimedia stuff. All of these ultimate "extras" are of no use whatsover to me.

So my question is basically can i install the Business version with my ultimate key ? (is it "downwards" compatible in a way ?).

I don't understand why ultimate is the only one with 64bit in the box. It doesn't make sense to me. It would have been much more logical for the Business version to be the one with 64bit in the box.

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Does anybody have a link for YAW........Yet Another Warner.....English version.

I have the German 1......but my German is not very good


A:YAW English Version


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What do you think. I need to see this in English, U.S. http://www.abclinuxu.cz/blog/kamil_paral/2008/8/vraceni-licence-windows-u-lenovo-cr

Using Firefox 3.5.2
what can I do about it?

A:Can I get an English version of this page?

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I don't know about you guys, but i don't speak chinese . So I was just wondering when will 7106 be available in English? I use build 7077 and i'm quite happy, no mayor bugs except when i close the lid of my laptop and then open it again the screen goes black forever. So i am hoping that in 7106 this will be solved

A:Anybody knows when will see an english version of 7106

not sure but solar did make a god point in the other thread about if the MUI files are put onto it ten it becomes a homebrew os. might be more hassle then its worth tbh

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Hi there
I'm confused with the W8 x-64 Enterprise TechNet versions - there's an ENGLISH version and a UNITED KINGDOM version -- what's the difference. Anybody got any ideas --AFAIK the official language of the UK is still English so why the different versions. What do I need to download.


A:Technet W8 enterprise - English or UK version ???

There is no difference. It's just that the UK version is configured to use UK settings by default, rather than the US settings which we had in previous OSes (and which we had to manually change after installation and the creation of new User Accounts).

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dear sir

i m using windows vista with my desktop. how can i change my chineese version to english?

Thankx and regards

A:change chinese version to english

Hi. . .


Try this -

START | type intl.cpl into the start search box & hit enter.

Look at the different tabs up top and see if you can change the language.

Good Luck to you.

Regards. . .



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Does anyone know how to change the XP Spanish version to English Version. Is this possible, if so, how?
Thank you,

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Posted in Poland on a project, and the computer assigned to me runs Windows XP, but its in POLISH!!!

i dont understand the language, so i need Windows XP in ENGLISH.

Is it possible to CONVERT this Polish version to ENGLISH, WITHOUT REINSTALLING with an English CD of XP? Company policy does NOT allow me to do this :-(

A:Need English - WIndows XP Polish Version

Maybe this will help.

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 I purchased my desktop in Germany. It has win 10 German version pre-installed. I want to add a version in English plus ubuntu. Will they all fit on a 128Gb SSD?

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I live in Korea and I'm about to upgrade my laptop and I am wondering if I can do a fresh install of English Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit using my new laptop's Korean licence?

I have an English Home Premium 64bit DVD here, so I can just format and reinstall in English, but will my licence work?

A:Using a Windows 7 Korean license with an English version.

What do you mean by upgrade ? Are you having an issue ?

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August 12, 2009

Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional (English Version) Just Today

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Your benefits at a glance:

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-Simple System Backups and Restoration: Fast and easy backup creation to CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs with the Simple Backup Wizard. Back up your system and data safely and easily before performing critical partitioning operations.

-Optimization and Defragmentation Paragon Adaptive Restore ? A powerful and unique technology which allows restoring Windows Vista on completely different hardware or even on a virtual machine.
And much more.

Limitations: No winPE CD included in this version.

If you are 64bit system usre follow this link: Paragon Partition Manager x64.zip

A:Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Pro (English Version)

FREE Rescue Kit 9.0 Express - Don't wait for disaster, get instant data recovery software!

and here is another freebie with no time limits, from the same vendor. its called Rescue Kit Express.

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I want to use chinese software in my english version system windows xp sp2,but the chinese words in the software can not display correctly.

A:How To Use Chinese Software In English Version System

Hi, go to control panel>regional languages>langauages>install files for east asia languages, you will need your xp cd.

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Hello, I am considering to buy a Surface Pro 4. If I buy the English version of the machine and add the Japanese language pack, can I run the Japanese version of software? Will that be fully compatible? Some of the filenames are in Japanese. Same question but in the case of buying a Windows 10 installation disk and install it on a Mac running bootcamp.

What are the differences between English version of Windows 10 + Japanese language pack vs. Japanese version of Windows 10 ?

A:Japanese software compatibility under the English version

Hey petercohen8877,

I was curious, so I did some checking.

It appears that this same question was posted before, in here. Have a look at THIS thread. There was some discussion, but I'm not sure it there was a clear answer or not.


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I'm trying to install this new service pack. It says to put in my word 2002 disc so the install process can access a file called wordret.msi

This file is not on my Office XP Version 2002 (3 discs) for students and teachers, nor is it on my original Works Suite 2002 (1 disc) that came with my Medion computer.

What now?


A:Office XP Service Pack 2 (English version)

MacAn, I did a search at microsoft and came up with this webpage. You might try the steps it suggests. Good luck and Happy Holidays.


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i have hp pavilion dv2500 but it purchase in spain. and the language in my laptop is espanol?how can i change it to english language? pls help thanks a lot

View Solution.

A:how to change language in laptop to English version? in hp d...

1.Click the Start button , click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.2.Click Check online for updates from Microsoft Update, and then wait while Windowslooks for the latest updates for your computer.3.If any updates are found, click Optional updates are available4.Under Windows Vista Ultimate Language Packs, select only the language pack that you want (installing all of them might take up too much space on your drive. 5.follow the instructions and go to the Windows Update site to download the English display language. The language pack should be available in the optional downloads. Source: Microsoft Install Language Packs Best regards,erico

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Kaspersky 2016 (English US) version released, however other languages and locales are not yet available at the moment.


Alternate Link & User Guide

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

A:Kaspersky 2016 (English US) version released.

Hmm wonder if they have it out here as we are usually a bit behind .

Just as a by the by Iown mate Windows 10 is not yet compatible with Kaspersky yet - or at least out here cos I tried to reinstall it last night and got the pop up message.

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Kaspersky 2016 (English US) version released, however other languages and locales are not yet available at the moment.


Alternate Link & User Guide

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

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Im having a problem with the cutscenes on RE4. They start but dont finish! Has anyone else had this problem and know a way to fix it?
my specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
GFX card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTO
with windows xp!

A:Resident evil 4 for pc (english version) cutscene problem

xPreatorianx said:

Im having a problem with the cutscenes on RE4. They start but dont finish! Has anyone else had this problem and know a way to fix it?
my specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
GFX card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTO
with windows xp!Click to expand...

same here any ideas?

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I had to delete the NEW and NOT IMPROVED FIREFOX and now can't locate an ENGLISH VERSION of the previous Firefox.    THANKS please !
Someone gave me a link but it has lots of "choices" of versions and each one of tried is in some other language incomprehensible to me - don't want to have to download each one as it takes considerable time only to have it be another language.

A:Need a Safe Source to Download an English version of Firefox 56

This seems to be it:https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/56.0/Use this at your own risk. Select the system architecture, language (If you want English US, then select en_US), and then download the .exe file. You will also have to disable automatic updates of Firefox if you don't want it to update itself to Firefox Quantum.

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hi guys,

is this possible?

I have 1 english download (not installed yet since i am upgrading the hardware and want to wait), and 3 licenses dutch.

I changed my mind and want 2 x english installed, so is this possible:

to load Windows 8 english version and activate with the dutch code?

that way i can easily use Easy File transfer for all the apps already on the first computer for the seond one.

Unfortunately one cannot use Easy File Transfer between computers with different language.



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A friend has a Dell laptop bought in Norway running Windows XP Home which defaults to the Norwegian language for menus and system messages.

I know there is no way to configure XP Home to change the OS to display in English, so i'm wondering whether her license key will work if I install an English XP Home edition?

Does the MS license cover this?

Many thanks

A:XP Home license key reinstall onto English ver from foreign lang version

Yes, yes, and yes.
Check out the regional settings in the control panel.

I reciently configured mine to display German and Japanese text easily.

Might take a bit of work for the menus and such though...
It may be easier to make a unattended CD, and re-install off that.


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June 4, 2009
Replacing your old hard drive with a speedy, high-capacity drive is one of the most efficient PC upgrades you can make. Don?t go through the tiresome process of reinstalling your OS, applications and data. Just run Paragon Drive Copy 9.0 Personal SE (English Version) and it'll Clone your existing drive in the shortest possible time. Once your new system is up and running, you can also use the program as a simple backup tool.
Key Features:

Copy Hard Disk Wizard - fast copy of your entire hard drive to a new one.
One Button Copy Wizard ? automatically copy your hard drive with just one mouse click. Nothing could be easier!
Copy Partition Wizard - copy individual hard drive partitions with a few easy mouse clicks.
Make the new drive bootable in the event hard drive fails.
Schedule drive copy or partition copy operations for backup and archive.

A:Free Today - Paragon Drive Copy 9.0 Personal SE (English Version)


---THANK YOU for the info---should I use it on my (2month)-NEW laptop yet, or how soon/often should I upgrade---

---also, some of my friends still use the desktop pc's - (with Windows XP) - are they able, and should they also upgrade theirs---


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April 29, 2009

Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition (English Version) - Paragon Partition Manager is the most reliable and complete drive partitioning tool available in the market today!
It provides flawless partitioning operations of all kind, converts operating systems, defragments partitions, resolves all common boot problems and it is the only drive partitioning tool that offers the backup & restore functionality to guarantee data loss free operation.

Easily create, format, delete, undelete, hide, unhide, move, resize and merge partitions. Copy a full hard disk or a separate partition - you can even resize a partition while copying it;
Install new OS through intuitive Wizard; Convert Primary partition to Logical and vice versa; Update Master Boot Record (MBR);
Use Boot Manager and setup a multi-boot environment;
Resolve most common boot problems with Boot Corrector;
Perform different strategies of file system optimization through defragmentation;

A:Giveaway of the Day - Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition (English Version

I have used this on Vista x64 and Win7 x64 and it worked perfectly for me.

Anyone looking for a partition manager that works on both 64 and 32 bit - and comes with a good boot disc would be advised to get this while it is available free.

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i have foolishly purchased a french note book and wish to change it to english is this possible and how can i do it help please thanks

A:win 7 from french to english

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A friend of mine who spends 8mths a year in france and 4 months in portugal, has just purchased a ACER laptop with XP and all sorts of bundled software in France at a great price, however, he cant seem to change the language option to english, someone else out there who recommended the Shop and Deal has just told him that microsoft have hard coded XP to only work in French on these machines.

Is that true, is there a way around this problem - he is learning french slowly while out there, but would find it more natural in English.

A:french XP to english

go into the control panel and click on regional and language settings. on the first page you have standards and formats, click customize and pick what you want, then click advanced and make that the same as you picked in the first window. That should do it. If not let us know and we can try something else.

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I have an HP Pavilion Laptop, Windows 7-64bit.
My WMP11 does the following:
1. It clones music titles...even in front of my eyes.
2. Music files disappear.
3. Titles are now assuming wrong names even though content remains.
4. My music files come from my Music Library. Those have not changed or cloned..

5. I deleted WMP11 and re-installed...but all the above errors returned.
6. My Library files are skewed. Music is mixed with Video and with Documents and all around. Why? I dunno.
7. My music library is around 25GB; but it changes with the losses mentioned in #2 above.
8. I tried RealPlayer but their format leaves a lot to be desired by me. Also, it keeps requiring Flashplayer and no matter how many time I download it, it asks for it again.
9. I am 80 years old, not very computer savvy and I'm blessed with Parkinsons. Music is my hobby.
10. HELP.....PLEASE!

A:Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7

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I have just deleted @BIOS because I just read where it has no known benefit, I did this because my system is running is slow .

In Facebook the settings have altered so I cannot access the title part of frames to click on or the bottom of friends list to see the content,

Also the pages in general have this stupid advertising called Discovery that keeps coming up across the bottom of page

Also there is advertising that keeps coming up over the images of items for sale, this is adverting similar items
Can you please advise how best to get rid of this unwanted advertising and correct other issues please.
Thank you

A:Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7

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