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How to login without entering a password? (Microsoft Account)

Q: How to login without entering a password? (Microsoft Account)

I do not like having to enter the same password of my E-mail to login on Windows 8, how can I turn off this?

Preferred Solution: How to login without entering a password? (Microsoft Account)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to login without entering a password? (Microsoft Account)

Originally Posted by JoaoDamaged

I do not like having to enter the same password of my E-mail to login on Windows 8, how can I turn off this?

I have to enter my damned password several times a day... really annoying.
Have you tried the netplwiz app to bypass needing a signature?
It does not work for me, but may for you...
Go to start.
type netplwiz and click on apps, see one listed, run that, UN check the box which says a password is needed.
That SHOULD do the trick but does not.

I think part of my problem is having 8 win8 systems at home, all with the same username... but you would think Wiindows 8 could allow a user like me to network with my own computers without having to deal with permissions etc... really irritating.


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On my computer (Windows XP), it is suddenly doing this thing when I try to login:
I type my password, it accepts it. It starts to login then a popup which is
blank except for a red x and the words yes and no appears. No matter which one
I choose, it logs me out, even though I really never logged in.
I can boot up in safe mode just fine, but not in safe mode with networking. If
I tried using msconfig to just use diagnostic startup but it made no difference.
I can't think of anything else to try, any ideas?

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I am using windows 10 , 
I want to connect to EAP-PEAP profile using only xml file and netsh commands
I don't want to enter user name and password manually
After netsh wlan add profile command ,can you give any method to set username and password through command or code or api or xml file, so that just by giving netsh wlan connect command my
device should connect to EAP profile without asking for username and password?????
I am doing this for testing purpose,so please anyone suggest any method???

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I am Arun Kumar Kushwaha and I have discovered one Big Loophole/Security Leak in Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating System worldwide.
through which we can Access/Delete/Copy/Replace Important Data without Cracking/Resetting the Login Password in Windows 7 OS
and for this we not need any 3rd party Software/ CD/ DVD/ Pen drive/ CMD/ Script/ or any other means of hacking Devices/tool.

only through Windows 7 OS we can Access anybodies Computer Around the world, and user will never get to know that his/her computer has accessed by someone else.
This is purely Microsoft's Negligence towards user's Around the world.

U can assume how much serious is this Issue, if anybody can steal confidential Important data of Company/ Govt data/ or any other Sensitive Personal data of anyone who are using windows 7 OS.

I have Talked through telephone to MS India regarding this Issue and they told me that there is no loophole in their OS and can't be accessed by anyone without having Login Password or User need to Reset login Password with tool/software available.

also i have mailed to MS Technical support Team and also asked about this issue on Windows worldwide official support forum, but not get any meaning full response from them.

I am asking this message to here, coz i want to Spread this issue around the world, so every user can secure their Data and also MS can rectify this issue by releasing an OS Update.

Thanks for reading ..

Your's Truly
Arun Kumar Kushwaha

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Odd issue in Windows XP Pro SP3.  My workstation that I work on daily has been working great with no issues.  I didn't install anything recently.  This morning I went to log in as usual.  Typed in password and clicked to log in then a total system freeze that required me to unplug the machine to reboot.
To be clear - when the freezes would occur it would happen right there at the login screen with blue background (screen never went completely blank or anything).
It's like the password takes and then complete lockup without doing anything else.
This happened 5 times in a row.  The sixth time, I logged in and the screen immediately went to my desktop and my icons started to show up like nothing was wrong.
I'm currenty logged in so it isn't an issue now.  But Nothing changed between any of those 6 times I tried so it doesn't make sense.
I did research this problem a bit and people are saying it can be caused by microsoft security essentials being out of date but I dont' have it installed.
I do regular scans for viruses/malware and have symantec antivirus installed.
Even if the domain had a problem handling my login it wouldn't freeze up my computer, specifically. 
Any ideas of what could cause these login freezes?
Nothing has changed on my computer from yesterday to today (yesterday everything worked great like it usually does).  I never went to any wierd websites eit... Read more

A:Login froze 5 times after entering password - 6th time booted fine

A damaged user profile might, IMO.  That's one of the typical reasons users have reported login problems.

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Hi everyone and merry Christmas!

I followed the procedure found on the web, I entered "netplwiz" and did uncheck ?Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".
There is no password set.
THere is just one user/account which is obviously also the administrator.
(the Account tab shows also HomeGroupUser$, but I guess is a default option...)

the point is that when I switch the pc on, I have to click on the icon of the user account in order to see the desktop. Is there any chance I can login automatically without even clicking on the user icon?
thanks a lot in advance

A:Auto login, one account, no password: avoid to click account icon?

Hello Lorcar, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Go ahead and create a password for your user account, then do the tutorial below again to enter the new password and set your user account to be logged into automatically at startup.

Log On Automatically at Startup

Hope this helps,

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Hello, so I've just found an old laptop I've had hoarded with windows 8 on it. Everything on it is super outdated, and I noticed it had my account on it which was basically my Microsoft account. I tried to sign in, but it says it's incorrect. I know my
password, and I've changed it over the years, but since the laptop is so old, it wants me to put in the last password I used to sign in on it. Problem is that I had so any password changed and I cannot remember what password I used. It will not let me use
my new password, because it says it's incorrect. Any way to fix this?

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I bought a laptop a couple months ago. I am annoyed at how I have to log in to Microsoft every time I use the computer.

I have managed to remove the lock so it doesn?t appear every time the computer goes to sleep but cannot find any info to remove the lock completely so I don?t have to log in all the time.

I think it?s stupid that I have to log in to my Microsoft account to use my own computer and can?t log in unless I have internet access.

Pls help to I can remove this annoying feature.

A:Login without Microsoft account


On the net you can find many interesting articles about login with Microsoft and local account.
Here are some of them:
Can I sign in to Windows without a password?
Change Microsoft live to a local account in Windows 8.1
How to sign into Windows 8 or 8.1 without a Microsoft account - make a local user

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Hi guys,

I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 8, but after that I can't login with my user account(don't know the username?!) and I can't login using my Microsoft account, changed my password several times but it won't work. I also tried to create a new microsoft account and this won't work either.
Windows 8 keeps saying that my password is incorrect.

Some one knows why this is?


Jordy van Outvorst

A:Can't login Microsoft Account

Hi, welcome to the forum, You forget you Windows user name or you Microsoft Account name ?

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When logging in it says the password is incorrect. I know my password. I even went to account live.com/password/reset and changed my password ands still nothing. I can get onto every other device in my home with that account. Very frustrated. I upgraded about2 weeks ago and it was fine. 2 days ago it started


A:Can't login using Microsoft account

Hello Smokey49er. Welcome to EightForums.

It seems you're not alone. I read more and more about this problem on the forums. I don't have a solution for you, but I'm thinking it's a password-storing file problem or an MS server (cloud) problem. Hang in there!

I'm on my phone and as soon as I get to my PC I'll look this up.

Again, welcome.

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Okay, this is for a friend. I've tried everything I've been able to find, and since she got the computer second-hand..

Let me start at the beginning. This is her Christmas present, that her mom bought for her at some auction. It's a decent system, almost as powerful as my own. That being said, the person who sold it neglected to mention that the administrator account that allows you to do ANYTHING has a password on it. Not only that, but they also neglected to give a password recovery or reset disc with the computer.

As it stands, here's what we've tried thus far:
Tried using a program known as Ophcrack on a USB drive, but for whatever reason, it won't work without administrator approval. (Yeah, that had me scratching my head, too.)
Tried to clean out the machine and do a fresh install from the boot menu. (After almost a week, you get desperate.)

Those were the two most feasible ones I could find on the web, but after that, I have no clue how to do this. (I've loved XP for as long as I can remember, so.. I'm not particularly schooled in Vista.)

Just a quick note, in case you weren't able to infer it: the PC in question is running Vista.

If anyone at all knows how we can get around this password issue, please.. this is driving her crazy, and, being her boyfriend, it's driving me crazy as well. >_<

Thank all of you for your time, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

(I was taught to be polite. o.o)

A:Can't login to Admin account due to password

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I installed Windows 8 preview and when I try to logon for the first time it won't accept my outlook.com account or my live.com account. It says my email account or password are incorrect.
There is another option to logon through local account but I don't have one.
Any help?

A:WIndows 8 won't login with my microsoft account

You may find some answers here:


And in particular, Here:


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For several weeks I have tried to login to my windows account, keeps telling my password is wrong, reset password, then go to second step tells me password is wrong. I keep resetting and and it says it was successful but then when I go to use it, it says it's wrong. I can't even try adding the extensions to Edge because of the password, you have to login to your account.

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I hope this goes somewhere where someone will help me fix my ongoing inability to login to my Microsoft Account. None of the steps works. I always get an invalid username or password prompt. I go through the steps using my email address, I insert the recovery code, I change the password. I am told it is an invalid username or password. Every freaking time!

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Hi there

We have a Windows 8.1 machine. In this machine we also have 2 users: generic Admin account and user XXX for instance.
Because we give them admin right into that user XXX so he changed his login type from Windows Local Account to Microsoft Account. Now he left the company and we need to access to his machine using account. We would like login as this XXX user to see other application that might use before we are destroying this machine.

What we have done so far is login as Admin account and accessing user files using Explorer - we can get user file etc etc.

I've been researched on this it looks like there is no way that we can by pass user Microsoft Account on this machine, isn't it? Can you please confirm about this? Any third part tool that we can use perhaps?


A:Is there any way to bypass Microsoft Account login?

Nope.. It is HIS MS Account

Create and login as an local Admin

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I'm running windows 10 pro free upgrade, I stupidly created a Microsoft account to install an app 'remote desktop'

it changed my login to an email address, that messed up all my network logons, and I don't want an email logon, I hate it. I want a normal name login. I forever connect to remote servers and cant mess around trying to connect!

How can I remove the Microsoft account login, its taken over my prime login with all my applications, I cant seem to delete it, I deleted my Microsoft account and now cant change the password on it!

I don't mind hacking the registry if someone knows how! I just need it gone

otherwise its a start again windows 7 installation

Help please

A:Help Removing Microsoft Account login

Simply switch back to a local account: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi all, my friend isn't able to sign into his computer anymore after starting it up. It's asking for a Microsoft Live account instead of his local account and there appears to be no buttons to switch user. There's no "create account" option either to get through this.

I don't have access to his computer currently, but I was hoping someone might have encountered this issue and know of a solution. It seems sketchy to me, he's not extremely adept at computers and I'm suspicious he might have some malware. He said this happened suddenly, one day he turned on his computer and it asked for a Live account instead of using his local account. Maybe it was a Windows Update or configuration change he made though, not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello. Does anyone here link their microsoft account with windows 8? How do I skip the login screen which requires me to enter my email and password when I boot each time? I know if local account we can skip this part by using the "netplwiz" method, but if we set up a microsoft account it seems like there is no way to skip it. I wants to remain Microsoft account but I want to bypass password screen on boot. Is there a way to do so?

A:I want to skip Microsoft account login

Hello, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You can use the method in the tutorial below to have Windows automatically sign in to your user account at startup.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

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 I have tried several times login into my account and cant. I have classes tomorrow,please help me

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I have two machines that I've installed Windows 7 Professional 32-bit on and I'm having the same problem on both. When I turn on my computer it goes to the login welcome screen and stops. I have to click on my picture for it to continue logging into the desktop. I have no password and only one admin account set up on either one. I tried setting up the auto login using netplwiz in the search bar but it doesn't do anything. I set up a password and set up the autologin and it didn't work on either machine. So now I'm back to no password and in need of help. Anyone got any ideas?

A:Login Screen Appears with no password and one account

Log On Automatically at Startup

Run or Search

de-select option


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New to the forums and PCs in general. Bit of back info - built a PC a month ago. Have had a few set backs with drivers and BIOS update, but it seems everything is stable for now.

I signed into my Xbox Live account about a week ago, which is linked to my hotmail/outlook account Ive had for ages. This automatically linked to my PC user account I have on this PC. I found out by rebooting, login screen shows my name as usual, but now underneath shows my email. It also changed my login password to my outlook password. Is this something to be concerned about? I can still login fine, but been nagging me because Ive never had a login password automatically switch on me before.

A:Linked my PC to outlook account and now login is a new password

Hello Hansperdman, and welcome to Ten Forums.

It sounds like you switched your account that you sign in to Windows with to a Microsoft account when you setup and signed in to the Xbox app.

This is perfectly normal, and is nothing to worry about since your Microsoft account uses your email address password.

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Hi.. I have windows 7 in my laptop but I forget for administrator password, I'm only remember a guest password. so I have problem to update many program like a adobe flash, yahoo messenger, etc..
and If I try to updated or install a adobeflash(etc) its looking for administrator password.
Help me please..

A:how do i login administrator account if forget the password


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This is my first post. I have Windows 8 running on a Samsung Series 7 slate PC. I am Canada and was using @gmail.com as my windows live login account. Each time I try to login it says this service isn't available right now - please try again later.

I searched the forum, seems it's just me. I have tried creating a new account but can't get an image to show up to validate me. I tried creating a new hotmail.com account on another PC and get the same message. sometimes I get to the point where it says this address is already in use, if its' yours you can use it. But ultimately I get the same error.

My colleague who has the same unit in Toronto didn't have any problems.

I changed my live email account login to an @live.ca but same result. I switched my region settings to USA. I looked at the tutorial and forced cookies all on. Restarted and still nothing.

Anyone heard of this?

A:Trying to login to a microsoft account / switching after install.

You should not be having any problems but let me try assisting you.

Try creating a new hotmail account using @hotmail or live

Try redownloading windows and reinstalling windows 8

I hope it helps

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I use local accounts on my desktop. I do not want to use Microsoft Accounts.

However, I want to use the Store sometimes. From what I understand I can't just use my Microsoft login directly to get into the store. I have to change my desktop user login from a local one to a Microsoft Account login before I access the store. Am I correct?

If so, when I want to access the store, can I just change my user account type before using the store, then change it back to a local one immediately afterwards? Will changing my user account back to a local one completely disassociate my Microsoft Account from my PC?

Call me paranoid, but I just want to run Microsoft's operating system on my PC. I do not want to have Microsoft synching and otherwise 'controlling' my PC

A:Access store without microsoft account login

I don't think you need to change user account, I'm on my domain user account now, and if I remember well, the first time I go to the Store, it ask me a Microsoft account, I type the user and password of my Microsoft account in the pop up Windows that open and he never ask me again.

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I made a Microsoft account last night to get an app and now there is a login in screen on my computer that was not there before. I am using a new licence of Windows 10 on a new computer and I would like to undo the changes making a Microsoft account made to my computer.
I read this thread:
Help Removing Microsoft Account login
However the solution was not satisfactory. The login screen introduced doubles the startup time of the computer.
How to remove?

A:Made a Microsoft Account Need To Remove Login

Hello Donagh, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You could use the tutorial below to set Windows to automatically sign in to your account at startup using netplwiz.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I use "netplwiz" to set auto login feature. But i found that if i use local account, it works well, but if i use Microsoft account to log in windows 10, it will still ask me for passwords when waking up from sleeping mode or power on.

A:How to auto login windows 10 if i use Microsoft account?

Hello demonguy, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Using netplwiz works with a Microsoft account as well. Double check using the tutorial below to see if it may help.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I currently use a yahoo.com e-mail address to log in to my Microsoft account. I have created a new outlook.com e-mail account and I want to use that as my Microsoft account login (I will eventually close the yahoo.com e-mail as there is too much downtime).

When I go to "Your Info" and then "Manage how you sign in to Microsoft", I click on "Add E-Mail" and I have 2 options 1) Create a new email address and add it as an alias and 2) Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias****************

When I click on option 2 and enter my outlook.com e-mail address, I get an error which says "This email address is already taken. Please try another."

I posted in Microsoft Community and got a reply that I should contact their Answer Desk. I made contact and gave the above information. The assistant gave me instructions on how to create a "New" account (something I did not ask for). When I pointed this out, the assistant said that if he could have access to my computer, then he could resolve. I said no and asked for a step-by-step.
This is what he sent:-
1. Please Press ?Windows? and ?I? at the same time.
2. then select accounts.
3. select sign in with local account.
4. sign out from the present Microsoft account.
5. then sign in with the local account, which you created.
6. after signing in with the local account.
7. Please Press ?Windows? and ?I? at the same time.
8.then select accounts.
9. then select... Read more

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My windows phone keeps saying: "Can't connect We're having a problem signing in. Make
sure you have good reception. If you do, the problem may be on the other end. Wait a little while and try again." Whenever we try to login to our windows account. We've had this problem for a long time and can't get around this problem no matter what
we try. Please Help! thanks...

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I must create a roughly a dozen LOCAL accounts on a MS Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 that is shared in a workplace. The workplace has a Windows 2003 Server and a domain; the Surface is in the domain and known in the Active Directory.
I would like to create each account with a dummy password, and require the user to change the password immediately on first login.

How do I do that? Is the technique for Windows 10 the same?

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My administrator password is not accepted when prompted for administrator password in user accounts. Why is this

A:Administrator login password not accepted by user account

Password help is against the forum rules> Rules

Other then saying if you have never entered one to leave it blank that's all we can do.

Thread closed

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I can't log in to my computer because I forgot my password. I didn't set up a Microsoft account, so I only have the local account. I'm really stuck! If anyone has a solution for me, I would appreciate it so much!

Thank you so much!

A:Forgot Windows login password, only have a local account

This is a tough one unless you made a password recovery disk, had a MS account or have another user account. Ways of making another user account you will need a Windows 10 installation disk to boot from. Other option is to call MS or reinstall windows.


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I tried to dig up some info on this online, but couldn't really find anything.

Right now I am not using a Microsoft account to login to Windows 8. But I do like the idea of being able to login with one, and have settings like my browser bookmarks and history, along with other settings synced.

My question is - does anyone know how secure the Windows 8 technology is when transferring all these settings back and forth over the internet to Microsoft servers? Is it using an SSL encrypted connection? Any information about this would be good to know.

I like the idea of being able to access some of this common info from computer to computer, but not unless there is really tight security in place.

A:Security and privacy when using Microsoft account to login and sync

For anyone else interested, I found the following:
Keeping Your Microsoft Account Secure

For more reading, see this blog from Microsoft:
Keeping your Microsoft account more secure

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I have a MS account. I know the password. I am logged currently in at https://account.live.com/proofs/Manage

Today my brain left me for a moment and I bought a Windows 8.1 phone (640XL).

No matter what I do I cannot long in with my Microsoft online account. The phone says the password is wrong, which it isn't.

I tried creating a new account and again, on every login attempt I get the wrong password error.

Does anyone know what kind of new Microsoft madness this is and how I might avoid it, short of donating the phone to the local Op Shop?


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I always liked using a non admin account to (help a little bit) protect against spyware and Trojans and all of that. Now that I have W8 and linked to my Microsoft account I was going to do the same thing but it is not letting me.
W8 was installed and when I logged in for the first time using my MS account it set me up as an admin. I created a second local account that was an admin and used that one to try to set the MS account to a standard but it didn't let me.
Is doing this possible and should I even bother?

A:Change my Microsoft login account from admin to standard?

Hello Jezo, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Odd, it let me change by default administrator account created during installation to standard after creating another local administrator account, sign in and out of local to finish setting it up, then sign back in to the administrator account to change the types.

Double check to make sure that the new local account is actually an administrator type. By default, when you add a new account in Windows 8, it's created as a standard account.

User Account Type - Change in Windows 8
If it just won't let you, then I suppose that you could do this below as a workaround.

Change the new local back to standard.Switch your administrator Microsoft account to be a local account.Switch the new local to a Microsoft account with your email address.
Hope this helps,

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Can anyone please advise me?

I enabled cortana on my fathers windows 10 install, which required the creation of a Microsoft user account.

I created a new Microsoft user account linked to my fathers email address for this^ purpose, and recorded the password in a document stored on the windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 then automatically changed the windows login from the user local account, to the Microsoft user account! Which I did not anticipate.

Now we are locked out of the computer.

His email address password is also locked behind the windows login! So we cannot access the email address the Microsoft user account is linked to for password recovery!

How could this happen? All we wanted to do was talk to cortana!

A:Help! Cortana Microsoft account changed windows login!

Did you by any chance set up a recovery email address when you created the Microsoft account , or link it to a phone number?

I'm assuming you've been to Reset your password already?

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Is it possible to not have my email address visible on the login screen. I still want to use my Microsoft account as Windows 8.1 isn't worth the effort with just a local login. Currently the way the Microsoft login works,
every laptop user effectively gives away their name, email and (likeness, if they are photographed) every time they open the lid to anyone in the vicinity. In the age of phishing scams where people are looking for this info it seems like they are catering
to those people rather than their users.
Note- already changed my name in my Microsoft account to gobbely gook but the email issue still remains. 

Any and all help much appreciated

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I am a 87 year old who had his first computer, a Commodore 64, in the early eighties and have enjoyed computers ever since, currently using WIndows 7.
Having just bought a smart 'phone, I find that I'm unable to buy apps for it unless I remember my Windows Live account password. The problem is that I must have chosen a password many years ago which I have never had to use and have therefore forgotten.
So the problem is resetting a forgotten password.
I spent literally hours yesterday complying and answering the same questions again and again, giving my second Email address, date of birth and location, mother's maiden name and the subject of my latest private Email,only to arrive back at the original log-on window. Microsoft once sent a temp. password for me to enter, which did not work.
The password reset file I made in a flash drive was a .psw file which crashed Word 2007, and didn't work.

It is obvious that many people have had the same problem with Microsoft.

Can anyone help?

A:Microsoft account password

Try this page:
Forgotten password and other sign-in problems - Windows Help

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ill be quite honest , my mum went on my comp , to check my folders out etc , so i changed my password , when i did , it gave me an error , that it couldnt change it , rebooted comp , entered both of the passwords , neither work .

What an idiot i am .

So now i cant log in , on vista .

What are my options ? reinstalling vista ?

I hate myself thanks .

A:Guys no laughing please! dont know my vista account password , cant login . SO ANNOYD

i guessed my password now , but just out of curiousity what would ya do ?

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Hi everyone.

I recently password protected my windows account and accidentally hit 'Yes' when the box came up asking whether I want to make my folders private. Since I am sharing some of these folders, I wish to undo this and no longer make them private. I tried setting the password again to see if it would re-trigger the message box again, but nothing showed which makes it seem like once its set to private, it can't be changed?!

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

A:Make folders public again after privatised during password creation on login account

Windows XP Professional, disable Simple file sharing:
Click Start, and then click My Computer. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab. In the Advanced Settings section, clear the Use simple file sharing (Recommended) check box. Click OK. Then, follow these steps:

Right-click the folder in question, and choose Properties.

Click the Security tab.

Click Add, and type in Administrators, click OK.

Select Administrators group that you've added now.

Put a checkmark near Full Control (Allow) in Permissions box.
Click OK.

Windows XP Home Edition, you need to start Windows in Safe Mode in order to see the Security tab. Remaining steps are the same.

Once you add Administrators group and give them Full Control for the folder, the Make this Folder Private option is automatically disabled. Level 1 permissions are no longer in action.

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after booting, a screen pops up and asks for the username/password for microsoft networking. i can't seem to get rid of this screen at all.

any suggestions?


A:microsoft networking login - username/password

Try this

How to Prevent a Windows 95, Windows 98, or
Windows Me Logon Prompt at Startup

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 95


This article describes how to prevent Windows from prompting you for a password when
you start Windows.

Note that this information applies only if you are not using user profiles. If you have user
profiles enabled, and you follow the steps in this article, Windows is not prevented from
prompting you for a password. If you have enabled user profiles and you would like to
disable or delete them before you follow these steps, view the following article in the
Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q156826 How to Disable and Delete User Profiles

To prevent Windows from prompting you for a password at startup:

1.Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network.

2.On the Configuration tab, click Windows Logon in the Primary Network Logon
box, and then click OK.

3.When you are prompted to restart your computer, click No.

4.In Control Panel, double-click Passwords.

5.On the Change Passwords tab, click Change Windows Password, select any of
the check boxes that you want, and then click OK.

NOTE: If you cancel the network logon dialog box when you start your computer,
the Change Passwords tab may not be available. You must log on so that the
Change Passwords tab is avail... Read more

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I was stuck in a loop booting to safe mode. My user account is attached to a LIVE logon and a PIN instead of password. I followed a guide on how to reset the password. I did that but was still blocked so I was able to create a new user. Now I am unable to log in with my account because it says RPC failure. I think that's because it's no longer able to connect to Microsoft.

How can I undo this and regain my access to that account?

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Why is the password limited to 16 characters?
My main password is like 35 characters.
Btw I ask this because i was just wondering

A:A password question about microsoft account

35 characters it's not a password it's an encryption

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Hey everyone So not long ago I changed my password to a touch screen password (making lines and shapes to access computer) and I have since tried logging back in but it has reset it to my original password, which I now don't remember. I tried calling customer support but apparently I'd have to pay for a service to actually reset my whole computer! Does anyone have any other solution than this? When I try clicking reset password a pop-up appears saying: (This feature requires removable media, such as a USB flash drive)Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks All  I'm running windows 10

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I forgot the last password I put in my microsoft account.. so I can't sign in to my PC.anyone can help me please

A:forgot password in microsoft account

Hi, Double post. Please use:     http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/forgot-password-in-microsoft-acc... Thanks.

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I forgot the last password I put in my microsoft account.. so I can't sign in to my PC.anyone can help me please

A:forgot password in microsoft account

@beatheresa? Please use the following instructions to reset:    https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/instantanswers/2b74d21c-ce0d-4a81-ad67-7cc5103a5f83/how-to-reset... Regards.

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Please Help me. First, sorry for my English. I have a big problem. stage: Windows 10, set to boot in safe mode (alternate shell) without network access. So, I forget my microsoft account password (usually i used my pin), how to get into the alternative shell or how to boot normally. ??

A:forget my microsoft account password

Hello Apalmero, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Luckily, you can use OPTION THREE in the tutorial below on any PC or device connected to the internet to reset your Microsoft account password.

Password of User Account - Reset in Windows 10

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