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internal microphone in T460p doesn't work in windows 10

Q: internal microphone in T460p doesn't work in windows 10

I recently purchased T460p with windows 10 operating system. The microphone is not working. I have tried update audio driver, update windows10, and check microphone setting in control panel. The old thread in the forum shows that muting microphone may cause disfunction issue. However, that is not the problem in my case. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: internal microphone in T460p doesn't work in windows 10

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


The internal microphone of my Lenovo Y50-70 doesn't work my laptop found the 'Realtek High Definition Audio' at the recording tab... but he doesn't detect noise, the green bars are not rising when im talking or whatever. the microphone doesn't work with the windows recorder or skype. in the devicemanager there is just 1 thing in the sound tab   -Realtek High Definition Audio a friend of me has te same laptop and he has a "NVidia virtual audio device" in there, but i have not. Please help, thanks.

A:The internal microphone of my Lenovo Y50-70 doesn't work

Dear aariejj ,
Welcome in Lenovo community 
Please use the below link to download and install the latest update of the Audio Driver , please uninstall the existing one and install the new one 
Win8.1 Link : http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-noteboo...
Win7 Link : http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-noteboo...
Let me know

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My Windows 8 laptop has a mic built in, which always worked fine. I also have a mic I can plug in which always automatically worked when plugged in.
However, a few days ago I plugged it in and nothing happened. It still works on my desktop. I haven't changed any settings.
I bought a headset. This works fine on my desktop, but not on my laptop. I have sound through the headphones, but the mic isn't working.
When I look at the audio devices it doesn't show, although I'm not sure it used to show the other mic either. I've clicked to unhide other devices, still doesn't show. I tried going to add a device but it doesn't find anything.
I tried troubleshooting, but it finds no issues.
For some reason the built in mic did stop working but that is now working again. I didn't change anything. However, the headset mic still isn't doing anything.
What can I do to get the headset mic working?

A:Microphone doesn't work (Windows 8)

When in Audio Properties - Recording tab - Did you unhide also any internal/external mic?

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I have an Entertainment Notebook HP Pavilion dv7-3150el.Internal Michrophone (IDT High definition Audio CODEC) doesn't run anymore. I tested internal microphone with Sound Recorder and it doesn't run.I updated IDT High definition Audio CODEC (no error messages) but the internal microphone is still not working.Thx

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Hi everyone,

I have a Portege PPM81E and am unable to get the microphone working after having upgraded to Windows 7.

I've tried all the drivers I've managed to find but no luck.

Is there anyone out there with the solution?

Thanks in advance!

A:Portege M800 - Microphone doesn't work after upgrade to Windows 7

Just few questions:
Have you upgraded original Vista version hat you got with your notebook or you have installed clean Win7 version?
Are all hardware components properly installed and listed in device manager?
How do you test mic functionality?
Is Microphone listed in sound properties > Recording devices?
Is mic set as default device?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II P360 Dual-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3834 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290642 MB, Free - 218556 MB; D: Total - 14297 MB, Free - 1783 MB; F: Total - 99 MB, Free - 89 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 165C
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

HP G4 Pavilion laptop Mic stopped working in skype and recorder. I read a thread about one but didn't get to see it all and if the problem was fixed. Help please and thanks

A:Internal Microphone does not work

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I have the acer 5810 tz laptop run windows 7 home 32 bit.I used to have vista but they offered me the upgrade to windows and so I did. My interal microphone worked when I had vista but has stop working since I have windows 7 . I tried downloading the realtek update drivers for it and it did work but when my computer restarted my internet stop working. I am using hauwei ec228 data card thru alltel. If I remove the update drivers my internet goes back to working. I dont understand can someone please tell me what i can do to get both of them working together. Thank you for any help .

A:my internal microphone wont work

Did you look at Acer's website for updated sound drivers for your laptop?

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cortana does not find a microphone.control panel searches do not find internal microphone.i have updated driver but no change.when i turned on this morning there was an hp update downloading.did this screw things up?

A:internal microphone not recognised and does not work

Hello @Brian116, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I came across your post about the microphone issue, and wanted to help!  I understand that this issue may have started after an Windows update. It is possible that the update may have caused an issue with the microphone.  If you believe the update to be the cause, you can try performing a System Restore, to set the notebook back to its previous working state.  Otherwise, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes: HP PCs - Resolving Microphone Problems (Windows 10, 8) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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my inter microphone did not work, how can i do to make it work?

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Sound card: Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI and a Creative microphone. I went to the website and followed instructions for selecting the microphone as a recording device, etc. At the bottom of their instruction it suggested to go to the Device Manager, double-click on Computer and look for IRQ conflicts. The sound card was listed at 10 along with Diamond Viper V550 for Windows 98 and IRQ Holder for PCI Steering (the latter they said belonged there). Would the video card cause the mike to not work? I can play CD's receive sound over the internet from another mike, but mine doesn't register. How do I test it? I attempted to make a wave file, but nothing recorded. I can hear the sound when I insert it into the sound card. Thanks for your help.

A:Microphone doesn't work

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my Headset microphone doesn't work for an hour now without known reason. I used TeamSpeak while drawing via GraphicTablet and suddenly my microphone stopped recording and started to echo my computer sounds. I tested whether it works outside TS but it doesn't; i rebooted; reinstalled the realtek driver; tested the microphone at a different Pc where it works; installed older drivers of realtek, but nope, still doesn't work. I also tried to plug in my mic on the front side of the Pc. I noticed that I had installed Rapture3D two days ago, but didn't know that I did. Therefore I deinstalled it.

I'm using win7 and own a sennheiser headset. No recording, just echo of my PC Sound, realtek drivers.

Do you have any ideas?

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"Mic-Recording" troubleshooting

(Short Version): My mic doesen't work when I try to operate it, and when I look into the options of "Volume", it turns up transparent blanks. How can I fix this problem so that I may record sound through the mic? I've tried almost everything and nothing seems to work.

(Long Version): Alright, I have a problem with the audio recording for my computer. Whenever I plug in a mic and hit up the "Sound Recorder" and try to record something, the **** never comes through. It USED to, but now it doesen't show the wavy lines that suggests that sound is coming through when I record. When I play back, there is NOTHING. I checked to ensure that the mic is plugged into the right hole on my hard drive tower in the back, and it is. I went through the sound options, making certain that everything is checked where it needs to be accordingly ... BUT there are a few blanks suggesting to me that I must have something turned off somewhere when it doesen't need to be, so I'm not sure what I need to click and what I do not need to click. Can you help me out with this so I can make them from going transparent to going solid? The pics I've attached to this message will let you know what I mean ... it's like the whole mic-system is dead in the options, and it won't allow me through. If you could give me a step-by-step troubleshooting procedure to go through, I'd be much obliged. If there are... Read more

A:my Microphone doesn't work.. help

Errr, what pics ???

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Hello guys! I have a problem with my G5070's incorporated microphone. It isn't working. It stopped working when I installed windows 10 x64 . My MTM number is 59432354 if that helps somehow. For the moment I use headphones from my smartphone and it works fine on skype but thats all. The microphone from my headphones doesn't work with another programs like curse,discord teamspeak and it doesn't work in games too(Overwatch, CS:GO). I want at least one of the microphones to work so I can communicate with my team mates because I lose a lot because of the lack of communication.Thanks in advance!

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I have Windows 7. I have a couple of microphones and neither works.
One is a regular little clip on.
The other I used to use with my tape recorder. The plug fits, other than that I don't know if it should work with my computer.

I tried the sound check. There are three options listed and the computer says all are working. I get no response on the little meter when I speak into the mic. I tried all the normal checks given in online help.

There aren't any yellow exclamation points in the device manager, but I don't find mics listed anyway.

A:Microphone doesn't work.

Hi dottier,

Is your computer that's running Windows 7 a desktop or laptop computer? When you try to connect your microphone devices, does a new hardware prompt come up towards the bottom right at least? May I ask, what is the brand/model of your computer? Brand/model of your microphone devices? Thank you.

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So i recently bought a new microphone that was working great for several months now.A couple of days ago while talking to my friend on gmail chat, my friend said that he heard a loud radio station (or something of the like) and he coulgn't hear me.This only happens when i use this microphone.I tried to use the dss.scr 3 times but all 3 times it stopped mid-scan and i did not receive a report.While writing this, my computer showed the "windows blue screen of death"I am running Windows Vista Home Premium with service pack 2 and have 4.00 GB of ramI have an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00 GHz

A:microphone doesn't work?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEmsconfigsafebootminimalactivexdrivers32netsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exe/md5st... Read more

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I just upgraded my Vista to Windows 7 and now my microphone doesn't work. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ140E. Please Help!!

A:My microphone doesn't work

Have you installed the correct Windows 7 drivers? Go to Sony and get the Win 7 drivers for your model. This would be the first step.

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A while ago i remember doing some configurations with my microphone to be able to record my guitar by just plugging it in, but i don't remember what i did, and it seems to have messed up my microphone. now, when i try to use skype, my microphone doesn't pick up my voice, saying that it "can't access my sound card". please help me out

A:Microphone doesn't work

what mic are you using - is it built in to the laptop..??

if it's an onboard mic, there should be a sound manager somewhere
that will allow you to enable it, and set recording levels, etc..

do you have a manual, that may give you some idea of where to look for the audio settings panel..??

it might also be worth checking the Dell site for sound drivers
re-installing them may reset the controls to "default", thus enabling the mic..

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Hey, I've just bought e5 headphones with microphone, HP are ok, but mic doesn't work.


I've got max boost and volume, green bar goes up and down by 1 piece. Seems like windows sees the mic, but it doesn't catches the sound. I've read it's common problem with windows 7. What am I supposed to do? Help please.

A:Microphone doesn't work

Please fill in the "My System Specs" (you can see mine for an example). Helps us to try and help you.

Doing a search for "E5 Headphones" There are many posts about buying a preamp so the mic has proper volume.

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My friend's microphone suddenly stopped working today; he has the same sound card as me (X-Fi Xtremegamer), but a different headphone w/mic than me. What I was interested in was that I told him to go to the sound and recording tab and told him to say anything. He said that the green bar that moves up based on how loud they talk was ALWAYS 100% green even when he said nothing. I'm just curious if he's able to fix his mic based on this information or will he have to get a new mic? He has windows home premium 64-bit by the way.

A:Microphone doesn't work.

Hmm, this sounds familliar.
Have him open Task manager, then view processes for all users. This will allow you to view Vista(windows) processes that are running. Look for audiodg.exe and post back here at to it's status. I would bet you a beaver that it is running out of control.(If not, you can keep the beaver)

In my case, this meant an incompatable sound device (AC97). Since your device for sound is better than the upgrade I bought to fix it, I would have to think this would be a driver issue, as compatability should not be an issue.

Try uninstalling the device from Device Manager(without deleting the drivers) and rebooting. Allow Vista to reinstall the drivers and see if the problem is gone.

From here there are two possible outcomes. Either it won't do a thing, or it will go away. If the later, it will probably return. So, here I some additional thoughts.

In my quest to force the 'sometimes working' audio issues to work in my favor without a upgrade, I read that many people found that desktop sound enhancement programs often cause problems with audiodg.exe. It seems that things like reverb can cause an unending loop that will spike cpu and ram usage. Under this environment, you get terrible sound lag, or no sound at all. Look for anything related to this that could be disabled.

If none of these work, secure the latest drivers and try removing the device and checking the box to delete the drivers. Install the set you obtained and check the prograss.... Read more

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I am using dual boot (Win xp and Win 7), on XP my microphone works good, but on Win 7 no one can hear me. I didn't look for drivers because when I installed Win 7 i have all needed drivers. May drivers be a problem, or there is something else?
I am using microphone only for Skype.

A:Microphone doesn't work well

hi dxcatic, and welcome to sevenforums,

maybe you mike is too quiet?

try control panel >> hardware and sound >> sound >> recording >> properties >> custom >> tick box for +20dB boost

this will make you louder.

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As of recently, my headset microphone has stopped working on my computer. However, speakers or headphones do work, and I can hear everything perfectly fine, and the microphone from my headset works fine on my mobile device. I have tried different audio jacks on my computer, and the issue is still there. No matter what audio jacks I use, the microphone does not work on my computer. The headset I use is the Razer Kraken Pro, and the cord is split into two inputs, as shown in this picture: https://mobile.donanimhaber.com/store/e1/e4/aa/e1e4aaa583a41d696f2ff044f12ea2a8.jpg. The computer I am using is an ASUS Desktop PC running windows 10. and my specs can be found here: https://imgur.com/vA6eli0. I am not sure how to fix this problem, as it happened out of nowhere and I cannot find the source. I would appreciate any help, and I'm thankful for any attempts at solving this problem.

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I have three sockets on the back of my PC. I have an NVIDIA nForce sound card. I cannot get my microphone to record a voice-over?
I have my speakers [which work well] on the centre socket [blue] and have tried plugging the mic into either the pink, or the green socket, but ...nothing happens and my 'test' fails when I try it out in Sounds and Audio Devices in the Control Panel.
Please advise? What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks.

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after updating to win 10 microphone in my g50-70 i3 4gb ram doesn't  work. I tried some solution but I can't solve the problem. Cortana can't hear me and I can't comunicate using cam: can you help me?

A:microphone doesn't work in g50-70

Have u checked is there any update in lenovo website or either ur Audio card manufacture website for Win 10?Also worth a shot to check any Win 10 update?Hope u got lucky.

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I have an HP G71-340US Notebook. The built in Microphone isn't working. I've tried uninstalling then re-installing the sound card driver but it's just like it doesn't exist. It will offer to do the set up but when I hit the record button, it offers the signal bar but shows nothing hapenning on it. Almost like the microphone is unplugged and the laptop doesn't realize it.Thanks for any advice.

A:my built in microphone doesn't work

Please check the following link. This should be helpful: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00833331 

Regards,Deka----------------------------------------**I work for HP.**Please select the "Accept as Solution" button on the post that best answers your question. Also, you may select the "Kudos" button on any helpful post to give a quick thanks.

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Hey guys,

I just got my new custom computer not too long ago. My headset with mic worked on my old slow computer when I just plugged them in. However, with my new computer, the mic doesnt work. I've spent a couple hours trying to find an answer myself but no luck. I've tried the obvious, making sure they aren't on mute, etc, etc. They don't work for sound recorder or counter-strike or anything else. I know the headset as a whole works. Any suggestions would be great cause this is making me sick! puke:


Comp specs in profile

A:Microphone doesn't work on new computer

do you have to download any drivers for your headset?

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The microphone of my headset does not work when I plug it in my laptop. In the playback devices I can see the mic and it says active or plugged in, but when I try to speak it does not hear anything, I've tried updating the drivers, I've adjusted the microphone level to max but still nothing. When I tried to do voice record it said "Plug in microphone" but the microphone was plugged in and I can still see it in the recording devices listed as active. I really need help. Additional info I've downloaded a voice changer application earlier before this happened, is there a way to reset the recording devices?. And yes I've tried uninstalling and installing the device software.

Ive inserted a DxDiag file

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I have an HP 2000-2b10CA and I bought it FIVE DAYS AGO!! I was checking if everything worked so I shot a video and when I played it back I heard nothing! Then I found out it was my mic! I searched online and a lot of people told me to go to the settings and set it as my default device but IT DOESN'T WORK!! So I decided to re-install the driver but it didn't work! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I LOVE THIS LAPTOP AND I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT UP!!:cry::cry::cry::cry:

A:My NEW Laptop's Microphone Doesn't Work!!

If you have Stereo Mix (System Mixer), that should be set as default Recording Device, if you have it. Then if either the mic or Line In is used it will be detected and heard or recorded.

If reinstalling the driver, from HP, did not work, best to contact HP as only HP can correct it under warranty.

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Hello everyone! I hope this is the right forum. I have an older Acer Aspire 6920 laptop (Win 7 32 bit). I wish to Skype with my daughter. The built in video camera works fine. However, I can’t find the integrated microphone in the sounds or in the device driver management areas. The only options that show up are for plug in microphones. Did a little searching on the internet and saw some mentions of Realtek. Went to Acer site and found this:
Audio Realtek Audio Driver 39.5 MB 2008/12/04

Can I install this driver? If so, what is the process for doing that. Thanks for your time.

Golferguy’s Better Half

A:Integrated Microphone Doesn't Work

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Hello guys! my name is lazyb0ne and I have a Dell laptop 1521. I know inside have a build-in microphone. It worked like last year. But I'm not sure what happened to it. I reformat it and it doesnt work again. um I tried reinstalling and upgrade my sound device. But it didn't work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

A:[Help] Laptop's microphone doesn't work.

Hi lazyb0ne, All Programs>>>Sound Recorder>>> Start Recording>>> if the bar shows movement Mic. working. If not Control Panel>>>sound >>>recording. Check if it says it's working, if not>>>Right click to see if it's disabled if it is click enable.

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The microphone is detected, already enabled, but no sound detected.
The microphone doesn't have a problem, because it works on other computer which are using XP.

I've done troubleshooting, but it couldn't find what the problem is.
Please help..

A:Microphone doesn't work properly

Please post the exact HP model number.

Do you have the correct sound driver? If you only have the generic, basic function Windows installed High Definition Audio Codec, that is not the correct driver.

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Hello. I have a problem. A problem I did not have up until a month ago or so. I have a TV screen plugged in as a monitor. However, after some time, about a month ago, microphone stopped working.

At first I've thought microphone went just bust (it's a cheap $5 one and I had it for over 3 years), so I've plugged it in into friend's laptop to check it. Nope, worked there. Keep in mind that at this point I've used my TV as computer screen for over 3 months with no issues whatsoever all the time plugged via HDMI with audio working fine, it will be important soon why.

Next thing was to update sound drivers to newest Realtek ones. Nope, didn't help. So I went googling. Somewhere I've read that HDMI output may conflict with microphone. But it worked good up to this point. Weird. I've decided it's worth to try and disable HDMI out anyway just to see.

Lo and behold, microphone works after disabling HDMI audio. But wait a minute, it worked before without disabling HDMI audio, so what the hell?

Anyone knows any real fix for that issue? You know, any that doesn't involve disabling HDMI audio each time I want to record something? Like it was the case before this started to happen? And without buying any extra hardware, please.

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I have just bought a computer with a ASUS P5GDC-V Deluxe MOB with a P5 3.0. Hard drives are two Maxtor SATA drives configured in Intel's Matrix Raid 0+1 configuration with 1GB Ram.

I can not get the integrated soundcard on the Intel 915G chipset to read the microphone. I have to nearly swallow the microphone and yell for any flicker on the meter to register. The MOB came with the C-Media 3D sound driver and software programs.

Also, and most likely related is the fact that when I tried to install and configure a US Robotics internal FAX, Data, Voice modem that the computer would lock up.

Can you help me understand what to is going on and how to fix this problem?

A:Microphone and Modem doesn't work properly


Two things.

First of all delete all sound card references in Device manager and reload your sound drivers. Most ASUS boards require that you load sound drivers last for best operation.

The modem Issue:

Give this a try:

To to the modem manufacturer's website and download the latest and best drivers. (forget the disk that came with the modem)

Go into Start, Control Panel, System, Harware, Device Manager and remove ALL references to a modem.

Shut down and physically remove your modem and place it in PCI #3 (third slot down from the AGP port)

Enter BIOS setup menu and make sure the PnP is set to DISABLED>

Save and Exit

Reboot and when it finds the modem force feed (Don't listen to the XP message that says the best drivers are loaded) the drivers you have downloaded.

This should get you going.

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I purchased an HP sprout around five months ago. I recently discovered that the microphone is not working when I tried to use it on an application I have. It's windows 10 and always up to date. I tried downloading the audio drivers from HP site but this did not help. I also reset to factory setting several times but this did not fix the problem. Any suggestion on why a microphone may not work? Any input would be appreciated with many thanks.

A:purchased an HP sprout and the microphone doesn't work

Hi there @noramus, I hope you find your Support Forum experience a positive one! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are having trouble with the microphone on your Sprout. I am happy to help with this. Please give this document a try: HP PCs - Resolving Microphone Problems (Windows 10, 8), and let me know if it helps or not. I look forward to seeing your response, but if that document does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated. 

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This is what I am looking at. Does anyone have any experience with this software?


Do you see on the right. Things with nothing plugged into them are faded. As you can see. The microphone is plugged into the back panel. It shows up. If I remove it and plug it into the front panel that shows up. However, my computer doesn't seem to recognise the microphone. Flicking through the 3 tabbed options, none seem to provide any options for standard 'Mic In'.

Am I doing something wrong? How do I get my computer to recognise the microphone?

Edit: If I right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right tray and select recording devices. I have one listed. "Line In, Realtek High Definition Audio - Not plugged in"



I have been stuck on this for 2 weeks. I tried to disable the Line In. It disappeared. I clicked Show Disabled in the menu. The Microphone was disabled... enabled it and poof. Job done. Thanks for reading. Sorry for wasting your time

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Hi, I have a d9150 with a Creative SB xF-1 soundcard. I have tried to use my headset/microphone with the PC, but I don't seem to be able to get sound in headset or be able to speak via the microphone. To get a reaction in the microphone I need to almost shout...I also have speakers connected, so if I use an external microphone this creates an immense echo while speaking.Does anyone have a tip on how to make it possible to use the headset/microphone...?

A:Headset and microphone doesn't work - any tips?

First, is the headset designed for PC's.  e.g. one designed for a telephone will not work or work properly  with a PC. Second you should plug the headset into the front panel headphone jack and on models with a "mic" jack on the front panel you can plug that into the front panel mic jack.  If yours only has the front panel headphone jack you will need an extension cable for the mic portion so you can plug it in to the mic jack on the rear of the PC.  When you use the front panel headphone jack it automatically mutes the speakers.Finally, there are volume controls and mute options in the Volume control panel for the microphone.  Check those settings.

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I have a lot of problems with my computer. In an effort to keep myself from doing unnecessary work (Like reformatting.), I'm going to try and solve things, starting with audio and video problems. I'll probably learn something in the process, too.

So first off, I want to tackle my headset issue. I got this nice headset with comfortable earpads, 5.1 surround and a flexible mic.
There are two issues:

The first is that there's crackling in the sound sometimes. Sometimes restarting this will fix it, but usually only for awhile, as it'll randomly pop back up again. This makes listening to music via Winamp or other music software less than efficient. And yet, here's the strange part: when there is enough moving video (Usually has to be full-screen.), and it's not too crackly, there won't be any sound crack at all. I'm not sure why this is, but it means that when the video card is working, there's no crackle. This allows me to continue watching videos and playing games with sound, thankfully (Though there's a new render problem, but that's a different issue.).

The second is that while the microphone works, I come off as a robot voice to other people. I'm pretty sure it's not the program, as it's the same issue for MSN, Skype, Google Talk, XFire or any other we tried. I'm not sure if it's because it's USB (Other USB headsets have had issues, as well, but I'm not sure if they're broken as they don't work... Read more

A:Sound crackles, microphone doesn't work

Trying to fix single items on a PC that's messed up could be a waste of time.

The obvious item is the mis-reporting of memory. The possible connection between the video and audio could be that the video and audio uses that same RAM (shared memory). You should do some tests on the RAM. Plenty of tests around. That does not explain why other USB devices work OK.

BTW I usually find the Newegg pages better for quick reference of PC data. Consistent layout across all equipment, single web page, one tab to Details plus Feedback! Manufacturer sites are awful with endless selection screens.

Edit: It could be that the displayed RAM excludes allocation for the video and audio. I checked on a PC that has both onboard. Interestingly, the discrepancy seemed to be due to the video allocation alone; no apparent allocation for audio. Yours may be different.

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I have a new Tecra A9 with Windows Vista. The built-in microphone doesn't work. I'm not sure what the problem is - an external mic works just fine. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks


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It works on everything else just fine, allowing me to play various console games with my friends, but when it's hooked up to my PC, the audio comes through just fine, but my mic is completely silent. Nobody can hear anything I say. I've tried various other forums and tech advice and troubleshooting everything I can think of, but still no dice.

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I'm trying to get my microphone to work on my Mac Mini that's running Windows XP via Boot Camp. I've been trying to follow tutorials I found on Google, but I'm always hitting brick walls. Here is my attempt to follow what most of the tutorials said.

I plug in my microphone into the pink microphone slot and get this notice.

I open up the volume control, click options, then click properties.

Now here is where I run into issues. The tutorial tells me to select 'Recording,' but it doesn't let me. I noticed that I have my audio output selected, so I switched it to my audio input.

Now the tutorial tells me to make sure 'Microphone' is checked, but I don't see that anywhere. I don't know what to do next; my microphone still can't record anything. Can someone help me?

A:Microphone Doesn't Work on XP SP3 With Boot Camp

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When I plug my mic in to the correct pink audio jack, the realtek manager shows up and asks me what type of device im using so i click mic in and then go to recording devices to make sure that it is working when i see that it isnt, i messed with all of the settings and found nothing that works... please help. Thanks in advance

A:Microphone doesn't work with Realtek audio manager


This tutorial should help.


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My Compaq monitor MV520 has a microphone that is directly in the front/top area of the monitor. It doesn't work! I've gone to "my computer" and checked volume controls to make sure it wasn't muted. But the control is grayed out. This monitor is not the one that came wtih the tower. Do I need to get a separate microphone, or is there something I can do to get this microphone working? Thanks so much for any suggestions!

A:Compaq monitor MV520 -Microphone doesn't work!

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I am frustrated! I need help. I don't know much about computers but, I am willing to learn. I have windows XP
The microphone and line in plugs work if I plug in my headset in the back of the computer. But the headset doesn't work when plugged into the front panel.
I would like to have the headset work when I plug it in the front panel. I am working with a vocie activated word processing program that is fantastic. But the headset cords are a little too short to be comfortable when it is plugged in the back of the computer.
Any suggestions? I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas.

Thank you- shauna

A:Front Panel Microphone plug doesn't work

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Hi, I recently purchased new Lenovo P50s, and when I was trying to call skype I mentioned that microphone doesn't work. I was reading guidelines on mic problems, but nothing changed. Then I was contacting support, it looks like they tried to reinstall driver but it didn't help. I connected external mic, and its working ok. They offer me to give to service center, but I don't really like this idea, because it will take a lot of time. Computer had Win 8 installed originally, but I didn't try mic on it.  Did somebody met this problem and may have some resolution, maybe I should try to install some of specific driver which must be working on Win 10 or smth else.  Thanks!

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Well, I used my microphone on my laptop once to call a friend on Skype. Everything worked fine, even with my headphones plugged into the audio jack. But the day after, I try and do the same but my microphone isn't even working. After lots of frustration and trial and error, I find that it's the headphones being plugged into the audio jack that's causing this. Does anyone know how to fix this? Something simple, right? I use my headphones when I'm calling anyone. I don't want anyone to hear and I hate headsets with a burning passion. They make my head hurt, so is there any way to fix this? Thanks (:

A:Microphone Doesn't Work When Headphones are in Audio Jack

Try refreshing the audio. Go to the device manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the RealTek HD audio, then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the audio. This fixes any Windows/Audio corruption and many other problems. If you are lucky it will take care of your problem.

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I have recently custom built a PC using an ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 motherboard in a CiT 2206 MIDI Case.
I have downloaded VIA drivers from the motherboard website I linked above, but uninstalled the program that came with it (It didn't manage audio very well and prevented my speakers from working :/ ; also my front panel microphone didn't work before uninstalling this program either)

Anyway, my problem is that when I put a microphone into the microphone jack on my case (front of case) It doesn't work and windows doesn't detect any recording hardware. When I plug a microphone into the motherboard, It works straight away without a problem. I really need the front panel to work for Skype and other audio recording needs as my cable will not reach around the back of my case.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

A:Case's audio panel microphone doesn't work

Are you sure the jacks are connected properly, double check all connections

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Hi, I have a problem with my microphone mute button on my T410.  It does not mute the microphone when pressed.  I verified this by opening the Sound settings in Control Panel and the fact that the amber light doesn't come on to indicate it is muted.  When I mute the microphone through the Control Panel Sound option, the light does not come on either. This started happening after a reinstall of Windows.  I made sure to install all the software and driver updates using the Lenovo Driver and Software update tool. I also individually downloaded and installed the Conexant drivers, too. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris


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A:T410 microphone mute button doesn't work

Make sure that Lenovo Camera Mute service is launched in System configuration.

___________________________________________________________My TP : T410s i5, SSD, RAM 6Gb, Intel HD, Centrino N6300, Win 7 Ultimate 64

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