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Installing Office 2013 - keep Outlook 2007 - possible?

Q: Installing Office 2013 - keep Outlook 2007 - possible?

I currently have MS Office Pro installed on desktop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

I'd like to install MS Office Pro 2013 in order to update Word but I don't want to overwrite my Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2013. Is this possible? If so, what should I look for or do during installation?

My thanks,


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Preferred Solution: Installing Office 2013 - keep Outlook 2007 - possible?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Ever since I have installed Office 2007, my Outlook Express has lost the English Dictionary for spell check. The only dictionary available for spell check is French.

How do I resolve this issue?

Thanks and regards.

A:English Dictionary in Outlook Express lost after installing Office 2007

Try Spell Checker for OE. It's free, small and works well.

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We have an upgrade on our computer units here in the company, my problem is when users save their 2007 excel files an error pops up, Errors were detected while saving "File Name". Microsoft maybe able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the file, click Cancel.

By the way, the files were save on the file server and users access them through single roaming profile that we created with full access on their folders.
i am hoping i could find an answer.

thank you

A:Error on saving MS Office Excel 2007 files to MS Office 2013

i have many views, but no reply... i am starting to think this forum is not helping me !...

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A charity is considering upgrading its workstations to Office 2013 from Office 2007.
They have lots of files in the .docx, .xlsx, .xlsm, and .xltm formats that they would need to access on a daily basis.

- Would the upgrade cause compatability problems with working with files created under these above formats?

A:Considering upgrade to Office 2013 - potential problems with Office 2007 files?

To my knowledge, they should not have any issues.

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Hi there
Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection (or other Network Mail Server connection such as Exchange) you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK 2013.

Outlook 2013 requires (and there is no option unlike in Outlook 2010 to disable it by unchecking a box) a TEST email to be sent and working before your account(s) can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck.

Why on earth did Ms do this --it's not necessary and it is a Hassle for some people who are on the road, have purchased Office 2013 and want to set it up instead of having to wait until they get home.

Also a hassle if they want to prepare company laptop computers with email parameters in advance of the new Exchange email servers being rolled out to the users.

Even if your work policy has mechanisms where the USER can configure the email connections themselves they won't be able to set it up until the Servers are actually in place so you can't set the accounts up in advance.

The box I've shown here is from Outlook 2010. In Outlook 2013 the option is filled in and greyed out so you can't change it.

BTW I prefer and use Office 2010 myself but was trying to help a colleague to set up Office 2013.


A:Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi there
Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection (or other Network Mail Server connection such as Exchange) you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK 2013.

Outlook 2013 requires (and there is no option unlike in Outlook 2010 to disable it by unchecking a box) a TEST email to be sent and working before your account(s) can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck....

Of course you can uncheck the Test email box. It has been so in all Outlook versions, is still so in Outlook 2013.

The option is grayed out exactly as long as the NEXT button is grayed out i.e. as long as they could not be used due missing credentials, until the setup has all relevant information for an email account to work (email address, incoming and outgoing servers, username and password). When you have filled the needed credentials, both the Test box and NEXT button become visible and can be clicked / selected.

Although I could well understand that setting up an email account, which in any case needs a working connection, would require an existing connection, this is not the case with Outlook 2013. You can set your email accounts up while sitting in a pub in Brussels watching Premier League Football without Internet connection if you want to .

Screenshot from Windows 8.1 / Outlook 2013.

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Hi there

Whoever designed the base colors for Office 2013 must have been totally STONE DEAF and COLOR BLIND at the same time. I can't believe that comments weren't made before this stuff was allowed out of the door.

There's almost no possibilities to customize the backgrounds or colors and on a large monitor the base white looks really HIDEOUS -- you need a good pair of Sunglasses while working with it.

The only other choice is some type of Grey (shown in screenshot) which looks very similar to "The Fruit Company's Window colour scheme. Still looks hideous and that Blue !!!!!.

Outlook also displays the unread message titles in the most sickly blue (can't seem to change it) I've ever seen.

Before I remove this POS from my computer is there anyway to De-Uglify or customize like I had in Office 2010 with the Black background.

I don't like it opening with a prompt screen before I get the base screen (often needs another TWO keyboard strokes !! -- example for EXCEL 2013 shown) -- I should be able to open it in a Window with the menus just like like Office 2010. It means I now have to make a load of extra keyboard strokes before I actually get a workbook screen to start getting my work done.

I don't want the sign in reminders either -- I don't intend to use Cloud services etc.


A:Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify

No there isn't a way (that I know of) to change it. It was too cumbersome and hogged my Internet Speed with Cloud and whatnot; so I went back to good ol' office 2010. Maybe you should too

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I am running Office 2013 on a cleanly installd SDD that has only ever had office 2013 installed on it. Any idea why windows update is giving me Office 2007 updates, specifically


I should decline these, right?


A:Office 2007 updates when I only have Office 2013

No don't decline these updates.
Office 2013 updates in the background & does not show up in the usual Windows Updates section. I am using Office 2013 Pro & I have it set for installing updates automatically.
It would be best just to let any updates that are required to be installed. Often certain updates are incorporated to cover a few versions of Office as they earlier ones need it so they incorporate it to cover all the applicable versions, which may also include later versions.
Therefore just leave it alone as fiddling with updates often causes trouble. Also it is just a whole lot of unnecessary work for you.

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Starting with Office 2007 Enterprise x86, going to Office 2013 Standard x64, no matter which way I try to go about it always ends in every Office application crashing (Ex: MS Word has stopped working..) as soon as it is opened.

I cannot use the "upgrade" feature during 2013 installation as it will not install Office products of different architectures side by side, so my only option is to uninstall 2007 and install 2013, which produces the crash. I have searched for a MS documented 'best practice' or recommended method of achieving this to no avail.. also looked for a MS removal tool for 2007 but came up empty.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

If you have information on a MS best procedure or a MS removal tool, please let me know! Any other suggestions such as a manual technique would be very much appreciated as well.

A:Office 2013 from 2007 = Crash

Found a KB article:

How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2007 suites

Had uninstalled 2007 and used the Fixit tool with no luck once, then reinstalled Windows 7 and repeated the process of:

Install Office 2007 Enterprise x86
Uninstall Office 2007 Enterprise x86
Run Fixit Tool
Installed Office 2013 Standard x64
And all seems to be working well now. Tested once with a Windows 7 x64 SP1 install with no driver or OS updates. I am going to repeat the entire process once to be sure it's reliable, as I did essentially the same exact thing before reinstalling the OS, but just wanted to post what I'd found so far for the community. Will mark as solved if all goes well on try #2.

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I plan to update Office Pro 2003 to Office 2013 with Outlook. I need some Advice on how to move all of my Outlook info in 2003 to Outlook 2013.
Thank you, Richard

A:Update from Office 2003 to Office 2013 saving Outlook

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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks

A:Migrating Outlook from Office 2013 to Office 2016

You didn't say what types of accounts they are, but mostly likely there isn't a way, unless there is a third-party tool or these are Exchange accounts.

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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks

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How can I upgrade Microsoft Office 2007 to 2013?
and The Powerpoint 2007 to 2013 also, Is it Able or not?

A:How can I upgrade my Microsoft Office 2007 to 2013

Quote: Originally Posted by Razer2k13

How can I upgrade Microsoft Office 2007 to 2013?
and The Powerpoint 2007 to 2013 also, Is it Able or not?

You need to purchase Office 2013 Pro
When you do it will ask you if you want to upgrade
and of course you pick this option

Once it finishes you will be upgraded to office 2013

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I am about to upgrade to six Windows 7 machines and am seriously considering staying with my Office 2007 for Word and Excel (and PowerPoint, which I rarely use). I cannot find any compelling reasons to go to Office 2013 at this time and about the only reason I can think of that "might" make it worthwhile is something few reviewers seem to talk about. That's load time.

I will be putting SSDs into my two main machines for OS and apps so that should certainly help, but the laptop and other office machine won't have SSD (at least not for awhile). Time is money and I open and close Word and Excel many times a day.

Is there any chance that Word and Excel 2013 will load so much more quickly than Word and Excel 2007 that it's worth the upgrade?


A:Office 2007 vs 2013 - loading time?

Hi there,

I wouldn't say load time is a factor when comparing the two versions. The OS helps, because it prioritizes what it keeps in memory from the number of times you open an application, so it should be faster the more you open it regardless of the version. I'd always recommend upgrading from Office 2007, there were just too many issues, like charting (which is partially broken), and much better in subsequent versions. 2010 is pretty solid, but I personally prefer 2013 because of the rich feature set.

If you really just don't want 2013, I'd recommend at least upgrading to 2010, which is much better than 2007. If it were me, I'd just go with 2013. There have been many advancements, like slicers, sparklines, timelines, flash fill, Power Pivot, not to mention the under-the-hood changes.

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Hey everyone, First post, hopefully it isn't a waste ha. Our company will be upgrading to Office 2013. I'm trying to get an idea as far as what features might be an issue or have been an issue for other people who upgraded in a company. I suppose this isn't just a Win 7 thing, also will include XP machines and could be more an exchange server question but was just wondering if anyone had an issues when switching. Thanks in advance,KingHyperionEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum.~ Animal

A:Company Upgrade From Office 2007 to 2013

There shouldn't be too many issues in terms of Office files saved in 2007 format being re-opened in 2013.
However, you won't be able to install 2013 on Windows XP machines -- they will have to be upgraded to at least Windows 7 (scroll down for OS requirements): http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee624351%28v=office.15%29.aspx
In terms of integrating with Exchange, Outlook 2013 won't work with Exchange 2003; you would have to upgrade to at least 2007. Scroll down further on the above link for supported Exchange versions.

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General question.................I'm running Office 2010 32bit version on a 64bit machine. Can I install, without removing office 2010, Office 2013 64 bit edition and run as well. ????

I've assumed yes as files would be in installed in the 'Program Files' folder whilst Office 2010 files are in 'Program Files (x86)' folder.

A:Installing Office 2013 when.......

According to Microsoft this will not work, they state that all 32bit versions must be removed when installing a 64 bit version. it is possible to run the 32 bit versions of 2010 and 3013, but it's not recommended and may cause serious issues

Information about how to use Office 2013 suites and programs (MSI deployment) on a computer that is running another version of Office

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Finally decided to install MS Office 2013 Pro that I've had for a while. Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly, my product key was accepted, etc., until the little window asked me if I'd like to see what was new in Office. I clicked on yes and the window blinked, then immediately up popped a window that said done and continue or OK, which I clicked on and everything disappeared. The DVD drive is still blinking so it looks like something is happening and all the office components are listed in the program list under Start but I don't know if it's done or why the disk drive is still busy. Does anyone know if the CD will eject when it's done or about how long it should take? Really poor installation procedure.

Advice gratefully sought!


A:Installing MS Office 2013 - how to tell when it's through

Office 2013 is what they call Click to Run, which means that the install procedure is supposedly quick, but for those of us that are familiar with the normal installation procedure of other software, it does seem confusing.

Basically Click to Run gets the activation process over at the beginning & then it takes you to various items & then you are asked to put in your MS membership details which gives you access to One Drive, which is Microsoft's Cloud service that can use if you wish.

While all this is going on Office 2013 is being downloaded from the web & installed in the background.

To check if the installation has installed, just click on the Start Button from the desktop & select All Programs, scroll down & see if Microsoft Office is showing. You can also check by opening Control Panel, select Programs & Features, then scroll down to Microsoft Office to see if it's there. If it shows up in those places you can click on one of the Office Programs showing in All Programs & if it loads properly you should be under way & you can remove the installation DVD.

I am also using Office 2013 Pro, so if you have more question feel free to ask. I am relying on memory for the installation process as I installed it in July 2013, so I may have forgotten some of the details.

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I used Zinstall to move all my files/programs from my old computer to my new one in the last few days. I also upgraded the new one from 8.1 to Win10 after the migration. Knowing Win10 doesn't work with MSOffice2007, I subscribed to MSOffice365 in the new computer. Now, Outlook 2013 doesn't show the same folders I had in Outlook 2007, and I need to know where all my saved files went and how to import them to this system. (They are still sitting in my old computer, if I have to copy them to a zip drive & move them again.)

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I am so confused about where outlook 2013 keeps things.

I have installed Outlook 2013 and would like to import my contacts from my outlook 2007 in another computer. I have already prepared the contacts.pst file from outlook 2007 and made it available in my public folders. I then imported the .pst file into Outlook 2013 via network. However the contacts shows up as a separate contact list rather than integrated into the outlook 2013 address book . How to correct it?

I must have got the process wrong.


A:outlook 2013 import contacts from outlook 2007

OK. I found the imported contacts in a separate list inside the address book. There are 2 lists one is "In This computer" the other is just "contacts" . How do I make the "contacts "list as the default so I get an address book when I click on 'To" ?

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I tried to install Office 2013 and it ended up with just a general error. So I searched for a solution and came across the RollBack entry in the registry, but I cannot find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer, which is where it should be.

Please help!


A:Office 2013 not installing - RollBack set to 0?

Please check following discussion: microsoft office professional 2013 encountered an error during setup

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I own a copy of Office 2013 which I had installed on a previous laptop and just yesterday I spoke with MS support who gave me an activation? ID which allowed me to register Office on this new machine.

Only last evening I wiped the OEM install and replaced it with a clean Win10 base.

The problem is I'm not exactly sure how I managed to install Office in the first place. As I look around the menu now I have options to install Office 365 as a buy or trial but no link to install with an existing product key. I recall being asked to enter the registration key after opening Office which is when I received the message to activate by telephone.

If I try to install from the "my account web page" I receive errors if I enter the original product key and seemingly no avenue to enter the activation code I was given which is a 9-block code not 5.

Is there a solution to this or will I have to phone support again?


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I have been trying to install " Office Professional 2013 " on my pc but it keeps telling me I have it already installed. I do not. I have had to install an old copy of office 2007 which really is poor but better than nothing. Can someone tell me where all the hiding spots are in Windows 7 ultimate might be for office 2013 ?

A:Office Professional 2013 Not installing

Read through this MS website for a possible solution. Follow all the links & there are a couple of Fix its included as well.

Office 2013 Installation Error "Something went wrong" - Microsoft Community

Also these 2 as well.

Cannot install office 2013 Error "Microsoft office professional - Microsoft Community

How to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft office 2013? - Microsoft Community

Hopefully something there will get you under way.
I am using Office 2013 Pro & I installed it from the DVD which I purchased, but a lot of the installation occurs from downloading as well. MS call this "Click to Run" so you need to have the internet working for the installation.

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I tried to install Ms Office 2013 in Windows 8.
During installation it gives me an error msg saying that it can't find some files and it opens a box to browse and locate the missed file. I found that the files are existing , I put the right folder path but it says "invalid location" then the installation is cancelled. may you can help me please to solve this

A:Problem during installing Ms office 2013

Where are the installation files located? Are you installing from a network location, CD, or local directory on your machine?


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Hi, I am trying to reinstall Office 2013 after upgrading to Windows 10. The installer comes up with the error "Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error - This product requires .Net Framework 4.5":

When I try to install .Net 4.5 it says I already have .Net 4.6 as part of the operating system (and it won't let me remove/disable it.

Any ideas?

A:.Net 4.5 error on installing Office 2013

I am having the same exact issue, did you solve this?

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i just got my computer back up and running and i am trying to re-install Office 2013 Home & Student and it gets stuck at 9%, it also didn't install Skydrive at the initial time of installation so i installed it manually how can i get office to finish installing completely without issues

A:Problem installing Office 2013

I assume Office 2013 Home & Student is a "click to run" program the same as Office 2013 Pro, which means you have to have your INTERNET connection working as most of the program is downloaded & not on the installation DVD. I must admit I found installing Office 2013 Pro a bit bewildering as you really don't know where you are until it completes.
Also check that you have completely uninstalled any previous versions that may still be on your computer, before starting a new install.

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I went through the following procedure

Launch Uninstall program, select Office2013, click change, select Add or Remove Features, click Continue, scroll down to Office Tools and expand it, select OCR.
In the drop down selection there are three small boxes,

Run from My Computer with blue background,
Installed on First use with 1 on it, and
Not Available with a red x through it.

I then clicked on the the box with 1 on it and it came up to the top of the highlighted OCR

Clicked continue and get the message "Configuring MS Office" . When it has finished, it states that it will be complete at the opening of the next Office program.

After that procedure, in Office 2007, when I went into Tools, I could see MS Office document imaging, but it's not there in Office 2013. Can anyone tell me where it's located?

The only difference in the procedure between 2007 and 2013 was that the former required the Office 2007 disk to instal the OCR while the latter did not ask for anything. If the disk is required for 2013, how can I get it to request it?

Hope someone can sort this out for me.

A:Office 2013 and installing OCR for documenting scanning

Microsoft Office Document Imaging and Microsoft Office Document Scanning are discontinued with Office 2010.

So, looks like to do OCR in Office 2013 one would have to use OneNote 2013...

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i recently bought office 2013 for my Hp laptop computer.everthing is working great; word excell one note and all apart from outlook. I was using office 2007 previously and oulook was fine now after upgrading my oulook can locate my previous files but cant display them. i have gone ahead and categorized the mails into folders for easier reading. please guide on what to do.

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I'm an windows 10 insider with a problem with my Office outlook. My Office 2013 ran just fine last year until the middle of November. At that time I could not receive any incoming emails. I could and still can send out going emails and occasionally receive maybe one email a week. Had to revert to web mail from my provider until the bugs were worked out of windows mail, witch I am not very fond of. I've seen better 3rd party email programs then that. It has always bugged me that my Word, Power point, Access, and Excel work just fine but not the Outlook after November 2015.
The one program I uses the most. Today while checking the settings of a theme package, I found out that my Outlook was listed as " Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit." I'm running Windows 10 on my 64 bit Dell as a 64 bit system.
Does anyone have an idea how I can get the Outlook of my Office to run as a 64 bit program or what else I could do to get it to run other than a viewer?

A:Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit

Does anyone have an idea how I can get the Outlook of my Office to run as a 64 bit program

Office 2010 was the first version of Office to be offered as either 32-bit or 64-bit, previous versions were 32-bit, probably back to version 2000, maybe a bit earlier. I had FrontPage 2003 on my computer when I got the 64-bit version of Office 2010 and had to first remove FP due to incompatibility with 64-bit Office. You should have no issues with running 32-bit programs on 64-bit Windows but can't run 64-bit programs on 32-bit Windows. To change to 64-bit Office you'll need the disc or download for it and uninstall the 32-bit version first. I have heard of folks that were able to run both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office but probably had to do a Custom Install to specify a different Folder one from the other. 32-bit Windows stores 32-bit programs in C:\Program Files but 64-bit Windows stores 64-bit programs in C:\Program Files and 32-bit programs in C:\Program Files (x86). [Change C: to whatever drive/partition your Windows may be on if different.]

Problems with Outlook itself may require a re-install.

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I thought I'd followed the directions I'd read here from several months back re: transferring Outlook 2007 data to Outlook 2013 (i.e., don't use the export/import tool, make a copy and paste it into the documents folder on the new PC, etc.). I copied the Outlook 2007 .pst file to a USB drive and pasted it into the documents folder on the new PC and it looks as if it worked halfway -- that is, all my folders transferred, which was critical to me. Problem is that I'm not receiving any new mail, although I appear to have set up the new account successfully (or so said the automatic test message sent by Outlook after I'd entered the pop and smtp information). There are now two folders in the left menu box in 2013:  one shows my email address and is empty when I click on it, the other says "personal folders" and has all of the folders I transferred from the 2007 account.  The mail that was in my 2007 inbox at the time I copied the .pst file is showing up in the 2013 inbox, but there have been no messages received since then despite the fact that several new messages have been received in the 2007 inbox.
I think the folder that has my email address as the title is the one I set up before I transferred folders -- but when I go to that folder, select the inbox and click on "send and receive," I get a message that "we didn't find anything to show here."  I'm feeling as if I need to delete everything and start over. Of course, I'm also feeling as if I'm doing... Read more

A:Transferring Outlook 2007 > 2013

Can you send email from 2013? If not, then you'll need to go back and make sure the settings are correct. Most probably an error with the username, password and/or the server settings.
The fact that the folders are all there is a good sign -- are you missing any emails? if not, then the file transfer was a success. You just need to get your account configured so it can send and receive email.

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Hey guys, my wife is taking a course that requires her to install Office 2010. The issue is that she wants to preserve her current setup which includes Office 2003 and 2007 existing side-by-side on her Windows 7 (64-bit Home Edition) notebook.
The 2003/2007 setup is not one that she really wants to mess with (i.e., she has no interest whatsoever in uninstalling the two Office suites that she currently has), so ideally she would like to have Office 2010 installed temporarily (for the duration of her course) on the machine without interfering with the current setup.
What is the most painless way of doing this that does not involve shelling out for a second computer?

A:Installing Office 2010 on a machine with Office 2003/2007

Hi, welcome to the forum,
I had a similar situation here but in the end I opted out.

I removed both Office 2003 and 2007 and installed 2010, I then used virtual XP and installed 2003 there, 2007 and 2010 are too similar and the dll's will 'bite' along the way.

Even my 2003 and 2007 gave me issues after some time.

Have you checekd what the Microsoft Support site says?

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My office 2010 crashed and wouldn't re-install because of missing MSO Cache items, and of course all support has ended. So I uninstalled it and cleaned up all registry entries and then purchased and installed Office 2013. After I made sure it was working correctly, I ran updates on CCleaner Pro and CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner. What I failed to do is what I ALWAYS do, and that's make sure that ALL of my programs are working after the installation or update of ANY program. So any of the above may have caused the problem. And during this time I also ran the program "RED" (remove empty directories). Now I'm getting this error message on a number of my programs. This message pops up any time I try to "run", "uninstall", "repair", or "re-install" any of these programs, so it definitely has something to do w/ *.exe files.

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"

Attached is a screenshot of a typical one. (sf01.jpg)
Of course as the sole user of this PC, I have always had the UAC's set to let me access, change, delete, & add ANYTHING and have not had this issue before. I have gone through this forum and tried just about every registry hack and other suggestions for similar issues. No joy.
I have also attached a list of the installed programs and have noted the programs where I get this message in the hope that someone can see a pattern... Read more

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I am using windows 7- just installed Office 2013 etc., now I am getting the dreaded blue screen. I cannot tell if it is because of the new installation of something else. Got some kind of error message that state C:\windows\minidump\02216_24195_01.dmp and C:\Users\OctanePC\Appdata\local\temp\WER-86065-0.sysdata.xml if that is any help.
I am open to suggestions on how to fix this. thanks.

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I would like to install 2013 home and student click to run office in D: drive. Is it possible?
If so how to do it?

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Hello everyone, I was wanting to know if anyone been having problems with Outlook 2013. The problem I'm having is that it will stop synchronizing. I have my gmail setup to it and it will send but when it tries to receive it doesn't complete. I've let it run hours at a time to see if it ever complete but it never dose. I also deleted my account and reentered it and still dose the same thing. So doses anyone else have this problem?

A:Office 2013 Outlook not working right

Have you checked the Microsoft beta forums for assistance? This was just released 2 weeks ago, so that's probably your best bet for a resolution and/or to report your issue.

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After sorting through the crisis created by the KB3000850 MS update clashing with Avast I am finally after two days seeing the light.

The experience has left my Outlook mail program on my Laptop hanging and not opening.

After repairing both on and offline, and restarts and boots in safe mode I still have no answers to get into my mail on my pc.

All I am getting is no access no matter what I do.

A:Office 2013 and Outlook Issues

Have you tried a complete uninstall & install of Outlook, including creating a new account (which creates a new PST file), followed by an FILE > IMPORT of your mail from your old/current PST file?

Make sure you FIRST move your old/current PST file out of the default folder before install so it does not try and automatically import the corrupted(?) PST file again.

If you need explanation or instruction, just ask.


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Instead of going into my hotmail.com online account to check my email, I access email via Outlook. I used to have folders full of emails in Outlook; the folders are still there, but none of the emails are in them. If I sign in to my hotmail.com account on line, all of the folders contain the emails. Any ideas about why the emails no longer show up in the Outlook folders? Thanks.

A:MS Office Outlook (2013) and Folders

This is probably a sync error. Try the steps in this post and post back your results.

Choose which IMAP account folders appear in Outlook - Outlook

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Hard to believe but I accidently down loaded office 2013 on to my pc. I already had office 2007 on it.
I have uninstalled 2013.

when I try to send a new or receive email via outlook I get a Not Implemented error message.
How do I resolve this?
Excel and Word seem to be working.

Thank you in advance


A:outlook 2007 not implemented after uninstalling 2013

It's possible to have multiple versions of MS Office installed, but there can only be one version of Outlook.
Installing Office 2013 probably removed Outlook 2007, or corrupted it.
I think you will need to re-install or repair Outlook 2007.
Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
Select Office in the list and click Change
Then select Add or Remove Features
See if Outlook is listed as installed
If it isn't, install it
If you can't re-install this way you can try the Repair option instead of Add or Remove Features.
If it is installed and Repair doesn't fix it, Remove Outlook and then Add it back.

I have Office 2010, but I expect Office 2007 works the same way.

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Can you help. I have copied all emails and contacts from Outlook 2007 on a computer running Windows 7 to Outlook 13 on a computer running on Windows 8.
I have found the NK2 file in the old computer but it is showing as a word doc. I have download NKSEDIT.exe but it tells me it is not compatible with the version of windows I am running.


A:Importing outlook addresses from 2007 to 2013

The address are NOT really in the nk2 file, that is just a temp list of the ones that you have typed into an email address pane.
As far as I know they can NOT be import into another version.

You need to make sure that you them in your "Contacts", and then as you use them they should appear in your drop down list as you type in a address in the email address pane.

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I purcased MS OFiice 2010 Professional through the MS Home Use Program to replace MS Office 2007.

I received the link and product key via e-mail; I've ordered the CD's but they won't arrive for another 2 weeks.

Several posts indicated that I should uninstall the 2007 version, then install the 2010 version. If I do that, I won't have access to the e-mail for the download.

Should i just install 2010 over 2007, or wait for the CD's?

A:Installing MS Office 2010 to replace Office 2007

Wait for the DVD, or download the ISO then write it to DVD for installation. After installation, activate it with the licence key you purchased.
Dell Community

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Originally, I had Office 2003 installed in my computer, & a trial version of 2007 that had already expired.
Today I installed a full version of Microsoft Office 2007, without removing any of the other two versions from my computer. I realized that it seemed to automatically remove the older version. I`m not bother about it not being there, as I got the new version, but I wonder if this is an automatic uninstalling that Office does, or if the version is still there but I can`t see it, as I would like to remove it properly if it`s still somewhere in my computer.
I checked in Control Panel & the only thing I can see is "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007", the full version I just installed, & everything that come with it. No 2003 anywhere.
Does this mean 2003 is fully uninstalled?
Thanks a lot!!

A:My office 2003 disappeared after installing office 2007

You can check to see if it is fully uninstalled (I am sure that it is) by going to search and typing the name there. If it is still present, the program will appear.

Worst case scenario, just remanants will remain. Download and use ccleaner. If you run this software, you can be certain that 2003 has gone to software heaven.

If given the option not to use the reg cleaner inculuded in ccleaner take it. I and many others at the forum feel that reg cleaners do more harm than good.


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I currently have Office 2003 Student full version installed on my computer. I have received Office Professional Plus 2007 Student media version. Do I need to uninstall Version 2003 prior to installing 2007 or will installation of version 2007 automatically uninstall version 2003. Does all the information in my .pst file convert as necessary for use in Outlook 2007. There are two discs, one called "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" and the other one called "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Microsoft Office Communicator 2007". I'm guessing that the disk with the shorter title "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" would be the correct one to install. What is the second disk with Communicator? My system is Windows XP SP2, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor, 3800+ 1.99 Ghz 2GB Ram.
Steve Rehmann

A:Solved: Installing Office 2007 over Office 2003??

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My boss wants me to install Office 2003 standard edition on a client's pc that has Office 2007 standard edition already installed on it. I don't know, why but this is what he wants. Are there going to be major issues with installing and using an older version of Office on the same system as Office 2007?

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Running Vista Ultimate (32 bit) on HP Media Center Desktop Unit (8100y). Each time system is booted up and Outlook 2007 is accessed for the first time, Microsoft Office 2007 begins to reconfigure itself. Neither canceling of the configuation process nor allowing the process to complete seems to have any apparent effect on subsequent operations.

Performed repair function on the Office application without any discernible effect. Any help in resolving this issue would be truly appreciated!

A:Starting Outlook 2007 causes Microsoft Office 2007 to reconfigure itself

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Hi there...me again!

My friend is buying a new laptop and is wondering whether to get the Office suite that includes Outlook or not...

He currently has Win XP and Outlook which he uses at his job (at church) which syncs to his phone. He wants a new laptop (which he's found) and it has Windows 8. He wants to know whether his email will work and synchronise to his phone via Windows 8's 'Mail', i.e. can he pull all his emails across from Outlook into that and then can these by sync'd to his phone?

The email server is account server is POP/SMPT so was wondering if this is all possible?

Many thanks,

A:Question about Outlook (Office 2013 version)

you usually use IMAP to do that
and it will depend on the email service - nothing to do with outlook really
who do they have there email with ?

Buying office with outlook included is very expensive and there alternative free clients
for example
Thunderbird https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/thunderbird/ is very similar to outlook, and i have used this on various consumer machines replacing outlook when they have upgraded/changed PCs

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 professional edition installed on my laptop currently. I also have a 2013 professional plus version disc that I can install. Would there be a problem with installing both on my laptop? Is there a lot of difference between the two versions? The reason I'm asking is that I like the 2003 version I am using but would like to test out the 2013 version before I dump the 2003. Thanks, Micromos

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and 2013

well you can but is advisable not to install 2 version of outlook at the same time, you might run into some problems you have to use at least one of them

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I was wanting to know if there was any way to where I can add Publisher and Outlook to my Office Suite without having to upgrading my whole Office to Professional I have the Home and Student Version

A:Adding Publisher and Outlook to Office 2013

Sorry but outlook and publisher are part of the office professional or the business version of Office 2013.


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Hi there
PLEASE TO ANY DEVELOPERS OF SOFTWARE : Don't dumb the stuff down so much that it's impossible to repair it if it goes wrong.

Outlook 2013 won't set up an email account if the TEST SEND EMAIL fails.

This is a really stupid error on the part of the developers -- if you are in some places often your ISP won't let you logon to your email server to SEND email from programs like OUTLOOK (SPAM protection amongst other things) but insist that you use their webmail unless you are actually LOGGED ON to the ISP.

ISP's have no problem with you READING Email while on say a public / other Wi-Fi system but often restrict the SENDING of emails through their servers from such Wi-Fi accesses - you often have to be logged on to your own ISP.

So if you are trying to set up the account while you are staying in a Hotel and using their broadband service it fails -- all I want is to be able to READ email until I can logon at home.

I can SEND via webmail or mobile phone so the stupid install process shouldn't stop me CREATING an account even if for the moment I can't use it for SENDING.

GRRH! -- Don't the developers EVER speak to the END USERS any more before designing some install rubbish system like this.

Showstopper for me this one

Rolled back to Office 2010 -- Outlook 2010 works fine - you can SKIP the test email send --this is what they should allow on Outlook 2013 as well. !!!!!


A:Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account

Maybe some "stability updates" will be released. Always the same problems with new software...

Good thing I couldn't upgrade (no free offer or reductions).
The Office 2010 runs super fast on my laptop and (for me) there's no need for another version for the moment.


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