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Solved: Problem with using HDTV as main display

Q: Solved: Problem with using HDTV as main display

Sorry if this gets long, I want to make sure I explain the problem sufficiently. I am trying to hook up my LG LCD HDTV to my husband's Toshiba Satellite via HDMI. I right-clicked on the desktop and went into "Graphics Propreties...". At first, I did a desktop clone, which worked out great, but I wasn't satisfied with the resolution. I figured it had something to do with the max resolution available on the notebook, since what displayed on the TV was just a clone of the notebook's display. I then switched to single display, with the HDTV as the display. That worked, andI was able to up the resolution past what was available before. Here is where the problem starts: I was switching back and forth with a few different resolutions, and happened to pick one that apparantly my HDTV does not like, as the screen went black and "Invalid Format" danced around the screen. As soon as I unplugged the TV from the notebook, it switched back to the notebook's display. Here is my question: I need to know how to either fix the resolution issue with the TV without it being plugged into the notebook, or I need to know how to reset the graphics settings so that it does not remember that I ever hooked it up to the TV in the first place, at which point I can start from scratch and not mess around with the resolution to begin with.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Problem with using HDTV as main display

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Problem with using HDTV as main display

Hi Skinygrl99, and welcome to TSG.

Found this in the PDF version of the A500 Series User Guide:
Directing the display output when you turn on the computer
Once you have connected an external display device, you can
choose to use the internal display only, the external device only, or
both simultaneously.
Some modes are only available with the appropriate device attached
and turned on.
The quickest way to change the display output settings is to use the
display hot key (Fn + F5):
1 Press Fn and F5 simultaneously.
2 While holding down Fn, press F5 repeatedly until the setting
you want takes effect. Briefly pause each time you press the F5
key to allow time for the display to change.
This hot key cycles through the settings in the following order:
❖ Built-in display only
❖ Built-in display and external monitor simultaneously
❖ External monitor only
❖ TV (or other external video device) only
❖ Built-in display and TV (or other external video device)
❖ Built-in display and external monitor (extended desktop)
❖ Built-in display and TV (extended desktop)
❖ Swap—Switch primary display between internal display
and external monitor when using extended desktop
Click to expand...

That should let you get back to using the control panel to select a suitable mode for the exteranl screen.

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Hi everyone,
I just built in a new computer with a GE Force 6600 GT PCI Express video card. When I plugged it in into the High Definition TV have a problem with display. I can not display the whole picture from my computer into my TV. It leaves out the about 5% on all 4 directions. I changed the TV zoom at the maximum with all the options from widescreen to 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, subtitile zoom, super zoom etc. I changed the display settings but the problem is still there. Is there anything I must change so I can see the whole computer dicplay into the TV? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Problem with HDTV display

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Hi all, I’m very much a novice here and would greatly appreciate any help.

I have been using my HP Presario(Windows Vista) notebook with my HDTV.
Up to now I have had no issues with this until today.
When I plug into the Monitor port on the notebook both the display on the TV and the notebook are upside down.
This happened today and I think I hit a sequence of keys that caused this isses, but I’m not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Upside down display on HDTV

Right click on your screen
Select Graphics Options
Select Display Settings
Should be a Rotation Option.

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I'm trying to get dual monitors so that I can use an HDTV for gaming and my regular monitor for everything else.

The problem: the tv is only recognized as a display the odd time. Meaning that it only rarely shows up as a display option in the Nvidia control centre or in the "connect to an external display" menu in control panel. When it is not recognized, which is most of the time, the tv will either say "no input detected", or just have a black screen.

Clicking force tv detection also does nothing. My other monitor is always recognized. I have tried this by changing a lot of different variables -- ie different/lower resolutions on my regular monitor, unplugging and replugging, power cycling, booting computer with only tv plugged in, booting computer with only monitor plugged in and then changing them around etc.

Sometimes the TV is recognized - as either Toshiba TV or PnP generic monitor - and works flawlessly! However, it is seemingly random. I cannot figure out what is making it work when it does. Sometimes I'm just running it and it will beep and beep and then switch to the TV. The only trend I am able to see is that it is usually when I'm alt tabbing out of or exiting a game, but then again it only happens the odd time. If I were to load a game and then exit it then chances are the TV would still not load.

The HDTV in question is a Toshiba 40E2OOU (http://www.toshiba.ca/web/product.grp?lg=en&section=2&group=6&am... Read more

A:Solved: HDTV not recognized as display 95% of time

Ok so after two whole days of troubleshooting I swapped HDMI cables with my bluray player and the HDTV worked instantly.

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my friend want to buy a new pc , but he dont want to buy a display for it, want to use it with his lcd tv. I havent seen that LCD's pin connections .(ONIDA 26LM100F). It has one DVI ,and one "D-sub" (is that VGA?) a blue female type connector with 15 pins.

my question is can he connect his pc with that lcd ? need any adaptors? what kind of cables? how to check that connectors are working fine without connecting to a pc?

A:Solved: connect LCD TV to PC as main display

There are two types of monitor plug, DVI and D-sub and the lcd tv has it. Definitely you can!

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I have a Main form with 2 subforms. The first subform is in Dataview and the second is in single form view. I have a hidden field on the main form called txtscvid with control of =[Path subform].[Form].[SVCID]. On the 2nd subform I have Child=scvid and Master=txtscvid. I also have on the 1st subform the code for "on click" Me.Parent![Record subform2].Requery. Also, both subforms uses the same query. This all works fine as I cycle through the Main Form records. I can click on each record in subform1 and that record is displayed in subform2. However I also have a combo box on the Main form where I search the for orderid in the subform1. When I select the desired orderid in the dropdown, the subform1 displayed the desired records but the second subform disappears. What am I missing in the coding to make the combo search work correctly for the second subform?

Note: If I open my form and the first record that appears does not have any records for the the subform, and I do a search then the subform2 will never appear. But if I cycle to one that does and then close my form and reopen then the combo box works and displays my records with the subform2 at the bottom.

A:Solved: 2nd Subform won't display when using combo on Main form

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Hi all,

I have created a small JApplet which will change the main window when the button is clicked. But it is not working. Please help me. Here is my code
public class test extends JApplet implements ActionListener{

JButton button1;

JLabel label1;

JPanel panel1,panel2;

public void init()
button1 = new JButton("Click");
label1 = new JLabel("LBALE");
panel1 = (JPanel)getContentPane();
panel1.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

panel2 = new JPanel();
panel2.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)
panel2 = panel1;



A:Solved: JAVA: Replacing the main window(Display)


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Hello, i found a myriad of answers to this issue but none of the recommendations hadany effect, including uninstalling the Nvidia GPU. As stated the GTX1060 stopped running for anything i do on my main display.I've certainly added all my games manually to the Nvidia list, no effect. I did check the dxdiag while playing a game i had in the list, so i am sure of it.I did remove the 2nd screen, got Windows to forget it was there, still no effectafter re-installing Nvidia GPU. I tried uninstalling from Safe mode, but Safe Mode isn't working either. Also there igoogled, found the Shift-Restart idea, but that doesn't let me boot in safe mode, only gives Option for restoration. As i understand it the problem should be with the registry, but i don't really dare to fiddle with that, i am no expert. Is there any way short of a factory reset to resolve this? Hope someone has an idea, forgive my bad english tom  

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Hello, i found a myriad of answers to this issue but none of the recommendations hadany effect, including uninstalling the Nvidia GPU. As stated the GTX1060 stopped running for anything i do on my main display.I've certainly added all my games manually to the Nvidia list, no effect. I did check the dxdiag while playing a game i had in the list, so i am sure of it.I did remove the 2nd screen, got Windows to forget it was there, still no effectafter re-installing Nvidia GPU. I tried uninstalling from Safe mode, but Safe Mode isn't working either. Also there igoogled, found the Shift-Restart idea, but that doesn't let me boot in safe mode, only gives Option for restoration. As i understand it the problem should be with the registry, but i don't really dare to fiddle with that, i am no expert. Is there any way short of a factory reset to resolve this? Hope someone has an idea, forgive my bad english tom  

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Hello again,

Last week I posted about not being able to connect my computer to my hdtv. View thread here: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/626717-pc-hdtv-connectivity-problem.html

Anyway, no thanks to anyone here , but I finally got it working. I am telling what I did in order to help anyone else with a similar problem and gets similar lack of aid...

I upgraded my video card from Nvidia GeForce 6150 to a Diamond Stealth Radeon 9250. I also purchased a DVI/HDMI cord. Success!

Now back to gaming big scraine.


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I am using Windows 2003 with Access 2003. I have a main form that uses fields from a table that I would call the Master table, and this form has several tab pages in it. In this form the 2nd tabbed page uses a subform which displays data from a different table (I call it the Job Number table). I have linked these two tables with a one to many relationship. One of the fields in the Job Number table is named "Contract Amount". So each job record in the Job Number table tracks a separate Contract Amount value, but it is linked to the Master table through the one to many relationship. My goal is to sum all of the the Contract Amount values for each linked Master record and display that amount on my 1st tab.

I have created a subform that uses a sumquery which sums the Contract Amounts from the Job Number table. I tested the subform and the sum feature against the live data, and it does perform correctly. I then added that subform into my main form on the first tabbed page along with other fields on the same tab page. These other fields come from the Master table. In the Data Entry view, I can see a box where the subform should display, but the data doesn't display. What can I do to force the subform to display data along side the other fields from the Master Table?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Display subform in a main form with other fields from main form

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Hi Guys,

I'm having a problem with my HDTV in that it displays a blue tint across the entire screen when trying to play DVD's or Standard Definition inputs. The built in television tuner works fine, as does the PC that connected and also the XBox all display perfectly fine, however should I try to use the Wii or the PS2, both connected to different ports by different wires, the screen has a blue tint. This, oddly, also happens if I try to play DVD's with the XBox.

Does anyone know what is causing this rather specific problem and, even more helpfully, how to fix it? Any help would go a long way.


A:Solved: HDTV Blue Tint Problem

In the end I had to have the television serviced. Apparently this problem arises as a result of a faulty internal circuit so there is no easy solution.

For anyone having a similar problem my television was a Samsung LE40B530P7WXXU. In order to preform a full reset you'll need to hold the "Exit" button on the remote for about 10 seconds. It then gives you the option to reset back to factory settings. If this doesn't solve your issue then its a hardware fault.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

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Hello there!Guys could you please help.I'm not very good at computers.I have a laptop SONY VAIO ,CPU Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8100 ENHANCED INTEL SPEEDSTEP 2.10 GHz,memory 4GB/Go DDR2 SDRAM,grafics NVIDIA GeFORCE 8400M GT GPU,BLURAY COMBO DRIVE,1080p.When i bought the laptop i had vista home premium and now i bought the windows 7 home premium wich came with 2 cd(32bit) or (64bit).Before when i had the vista i could connect my hdtv wich is a sony 40inch thru the HDMI and it would recognise it but now when i install windows 7 it doesn't.Oh by the way i did update the driver and i install the 32 bit version.I'm not even sure if i can install the 64 bit.Is not even working with tv out ( svideo ).THANKS

A:hdtv as second display

1) Did you install x86 or x64 version of 7?

2) What outputs does your laptop have?

3) What inputs does your tv have?

The best option would be hdmi.

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I had this in another board before, but I've verified that it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem with the television and audio and video seems to be more appropriate for this topic.

I recently bought a new television which is a Vizio 47" Class 3D LCD 1080p 120Hz HDTV, E3D470VX. Yesterday I had it connected up to my computer which is a HP Pavilion Elite HPE-210F Desktop PC via an HDMI cable. There were no immediate problems as I was just using it to surf the web, but later I was trying to watch a movie off my computer and I noticed that the audio wasn't playing. While this too is a problem (and I do know that my computer has played audio from HDMI cables before to televisions) the main reason I am posting here is what happened afterwards. I had the display extended using Windows 7 Home Premium and the movie on the second screen. After constantly trying to turn off the television and unplug the HDMI cable and plugging it back in I just decided to restart the computer. After that, the television wouldn't display images from the computer anymore.

On my television screen now when I try extending the display, making it the main display, making it the only display, and duplicating the display, I see multicolored vertical lines on the left side of the screen, and horizontal differently multicolored lines on the right side of the screen.

From here I have tried changing to every resolution that my computer offers. I have also tried a different HDMI cable and ... Read more

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Hello, I'm having problems with windows 7 detecting my HDTV as HD on component. It detects the other display but will only let me display low resolutions. When I open nvidia control panel. It says it's hooked up via S-video not component. Does anyone know a way to disable windows display detection, to force it to detect the proper connection type, or any other method that will allow it to display HD resolutions.

There's some kind of software conflict going on I think. It will work properly about 20% and detect it as using component hook up.

I've been trying to solve this issue for the better part of a year, and it's very frustrating. I never had this issue on XP.

A:HDTV out display issues

Your issue is mostlikly with HDCP. What is HDCP? I'm glad you asked,

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a form of digital copy protection developed by Intel Corporation[1] to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections. These connections include popular ones like DisplayPort (DP), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), as well as non-popular or now defunct connections like Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF), and Unified Display Interface (UDI). It is commonly, though incorrectly, referred to as High-definition Copy Protection.

So in short you need to find the port on your tv that has the feature disabled. I have a Sony EX-500 and this is only disabled on HDMI port 1. All of the other HD ports have this feature. Basicly HDMI only exists because companys do not want you to make copies of movies. I guess they have never heard of DVD and Blu Ray Burners. As for the svideo, the computer is correctly displaying what is being used. The round port which you are mostlikey using can be used for svideo and compent.

If you have any other questions just ask.

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Okay, so I have this new rig set up, it operates fine and it will display on other HDTV's but not on mine. At first I thought it was a resolution issue so I turned the resolution to 1280 x 720 (which is the same as my laptop that connects via hdmi to this tv without any issues) yet nothing displays. What is going on? This desktop is using the same resolution that my laptop uses, the same hdmi cable and same hdmi av have been tested extensively. The system itself is fine and it runs well on other monitors, but not this one which I am currently using to type this message.

A:PC wont display on HDTV

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When I hook up my 720p HDTV to my laptop with a VGA cable, and set the resolution to 1280x720, the display shifts to the right, resulting in a black bar on the left, and the display going off the screen on the right. Is there a solution?

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I am using my Sony Bravia LCD PC jack for the my pc's display(for the moment until I get a longer HDMI cable). The screen is severly shifted and I cannot adjust it by just uing the hortizal control, it is still out of range. Is there another way to adjust it via windows drivers to minize the shift(like in linux)? Any help would be great.
Oh BTW, I also am using the latest ati driver 9.10. I had the same problem with the windows driver.

thanks for the help.

A:Display/Screen not centered to HDTV

What resolution is the computer outputting to the HDTV? That might be the cause for the screen distortion

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Hey guys I have checked everywhere on the net that I can possibly think of and have found no sloution to my problem. A few weeks ago I bought a new 40" LED TV . My windows desktop plays fine in 1920 X 1080 and higher but my games whenever I go into them will not play above 680X480 this is infuriating as I have enjoyed playing them on a high resolution for a long time and am struggling to adapt.
I am connected to this TV via HDMI cable with a HD Radeon 4890 and have checked all graphics drivers they are up to date. I have run driver sweeper and reinstalled all my drivers i have tried forcing the game into a resolution by tinkering with the config (.ini) file. I have checked and the LED's native resolution is 1980X1080. I am seriously stuck and would love someone to try and help me solve this.

System info is as below:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4890, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 145663 MB; D: Total - 953765 MB, Free - 916964 MB; E: Total - 100 MB, Free - 84 MB; I: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 288045 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA785G-UD3H, x.x,
Antivirus: AVG 11 FREE
Thanks in advance

A:LED HDTV won't display games above 680X480

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I have a new-ish laptop and a brand new HDTV, a Proscan 26 inches with a resolution of 1366x768 (which is slightly weird and may be related to the problem). I have the laptop connected to the TV by HDMI as an extension of the desktop, and I'm running into a problem. On each edge of the screen, a small margin of the picture is cut off. Despite changing the aspect ratio of the picture in the TV settings to each option, changing the resolution to both larger and smaller settings, and reinstalling the driver for my video card, I haven't been able to find any setting that fixes this. I've spent a few hours on this and exhausted all my options as a more-or-less computer competent person, and I'm getting frustrated. It's simply as if the picture is zoomed in too far, even though there is no zoom setting. Can someone help me out here? I would be incredibly grateful.


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Download the latest windows updates as well as the latest dell BIOS updates.
Fixes many of the screen resolution problems we have been having.
Fixes the dual monitor NOT displaying on your HDTV via an HDMI cable.
Suggestion: Make sure to buy a QUALITY HDMI cable with the latest compatibility for todays high speed audio and video needs. I bought two different kinds and both are more than capable and compatible with todays higher speed/high quality audio/video tech.

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I recently upgraded my CPU, GPU and mobo. I had this 4 monitor setup with the previous hardware without any issue. Since the upgrade, if I turn on the computer before the HDTV then try to turn it on, the system flashes and usually freezes. IT has recovered once and said the driver for the nvidia card had stopped working. I figured getting a video card that is basically one step up from the same manufacturer would limit these kind of problems but I guess not. Should I try rolling back the driver? or is there any other suggestions?

Current Setup:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8067 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114353 MB, Free - 19415 MB; E: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 776693 MB; G: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 253872 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Processor: Intel i5 2500K
Motherboard: ASUS P6Z68-V PRO
GPU: EVGA GTX 650 Ti 2048

A:System crash on turning on 4th display/HDTV

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I cannot get the MC7354 on the Thinkpad T520 to work. It is constantly complaining that the Hardware switch is off when this laptop does not have a WWAN hardware switch. I also have a MC7700 that is doing the exact same thing.  I can't get either of these cards to work simply cause I can't get them to actually turn on in windows. 


Go to Solution.

A:MC7354 on T520 [Main Problem Solved, No LTE however]

I believe the slide switch at the front left controls both the WiFi and WWAN radios

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Display NOT Working - Connecting Sony Bravia 48" HDTV to Elitebook 840 Using hp displayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adapter. Recently bought a  hp displayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adapter. Connected HDMI to Adaptor & then Adaptor to Laptop & selected the right hdmi display option on TV. BUT DISPLAY NOT WORKING. Please HELP  LINK For hp displayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adapter. - http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-displayport-to-hdmi-14-adapter?jumpid=ba_r329_hhocse&aoid=174259&00...

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I have one HD4650, it only just display on my philips HDTV (42pfl9509) via VGA,
and it can't display with HDMI.
But it can display under winxp without dirver,
if with driver it can't display if switching to [email protected](maybe it is ati problem)
i have upgrade the ati driver to 10.8, but it still dont work.

my HW configuration:
intel P43+ICH10
intel 5200


A:Ati HD4650 can't display on philips HDTV via HDMI under Win7 32bit

sinsow, welome to the frums.

When connected via HDMI, assuming the option is there have you gone into the TV's settings and set it to PC Mode?]

For anyone else that may like to offer some more insight you can find the manual for the TV here,

42PFL9509/93 Philips LCD TV 42PFL9509 42" Full HD 1080p with Ambilight Spectra 2 and Pixel Precise HD - Philips Support

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NVIDIA geforce 8200 does not detect LCD HDTV PC connected to Samsung LE46530F1W by HDMI

The PC is running Win 7 Premium Home 64 bit SP1. It is connected to a 19 inch monitor (Viseo 190W) via a vga cable. The monitor is at 1366x768 at 60HZ.
The nvidia driver version is 275.33.
The tv is a recent Samsung LE46530F1W and is connected by new HDMI cable from PC to TV.
The TV reports that this source is not connected. The current resolution of the TV is 1920x1080 at 50HZ.

If I look in Nvidia control panel, under 'setup multiple displays' - I only see the Vi##SPAM## 190W as a single display. I choose 'My display is not shown', followed by 'Rigorous Display Detection' and 'Yes' to 'Would you like your TV enabled'. This puts a 'tick' in the 'force television detection on startup' checkbox. The 'restart now' button is greyed out - I restart the PC anyway, without effect.

The TV does not recognise it is getting a signal from the PC. The PC does not recognise the TV display as existing.

Any advice would be welcome as to:

Am I posting in the right forum?

What should I do to make the TV display my PC output?



A:Nvidia 9200 in PC connected to Samsung HDTV by HDMI does not display

I would recommend you to connect the TV alone and check if there is any display or not.

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I search out my comic and pick one of the sites available that I've used many times before. Only now the comic pic does not want to show up only the ads show the rest is blank. This happens on every site that is to show this comic. Except one that shows only "This page cannot be displayed."

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Not sure what caused this to happen.  I've not rebooted my machine (or done so to try and fix this as yet), but for some reason, the taskbar has minimized (as if using "Auto-hide the taskbar" feature) and won't restore.  All of the taskbars
on the other monitors are fully visible. This happens only if the taskbar is on the top or bottom.  If on left or right, it will show up.  Below is a screenshot of my desktops.

I pixilated all of the non-relevant portions as I'm still working.  This was working for months, and perhaps if I reboot, perhaps this will fix itself, but I was wondering if anyone else had gotten this problem.

I don't mind someone marking a post as "Proposed as answer", but DO NOT mark it as "Answered". If I am the OP, I will decide if a post actually answers my post or not. Thank you.

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My sister in Florida uses XP and IE6. When I used her note-book recently, I noticed that the display in the main pane, in other words the images and text in the main pane, filled only about 2/3rds of the pane. The display in the left-hand pane, on the other hand, was perfectly normal. There was no question of curing this by dragging, because that merely changes the size of the pane, not the display in it. Nor does it help to change the font-sizes, because the whole display -- fonts, images and all -- is under-sized.

Can anyone help ?

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okay..i was having a problem with a usb driver i downloaded for my motorola phone. I found that out because every time i disconnected it from my laptop a blue screen would pop up and would restart my computer. This happened to me 3 times. A while ago i was playing my games perfectly with my main graphics card the Nvidia GT 555m. I was charging my phone then i disconnected the usb then the blue screen popped again and restarted my laptop. I then tried fixing the driver problem and i did. The only problem was when i tried playing my games it was running slow and i noticed that it was running on the integrated graphics card Intel R graphics HD card. I went to check under display adapters and noticed that the Dedicated graphics card Nvidia Gt 555m was not there anymore. I tried using system restore but that didnt help at all. Please help me . I just dont know how to get the adapter back.

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I have been using the same set up for just over a year now and yesterday my monitor (which is just a TV with a HDMI port) stopped receiving signal.

I can boot up the pc and get the BIOS, which I can go into and see everything fine, as well as the windows loading icon but when it would normally go to the log in screen I get nothing.

I can however plug in an extra monitor (an actual Samsung monitor) with a VGA cable and it all works fine and on top of that if I connect the TV at the same time it works perfectly fine as a second monitor.

However if I try to turn off the VGA monitor and just use the HDMI TV then I get no video signal again.

No idea how to get my main TV monitor working again. Totally stumped.

OS: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
RAM: 8.00GB
Video Card: GeForce GT 620
MOBO: Asus Ranger VII
PSU: Corsair 500w
Monitor: Technika 22" HDMI + Samsung SyncMaster 2032 VGA

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I'm having a little issue with my Screen Setup and I was wondering if there's a fix to that.

But lets explain how it all started:
I recently upgraded from to Photoshop CC after seeing a YouTube Video with someone working on the same Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch I have using the newly introduced Experimental Touch features of PS CC.

Turns out it didn't worked THAT well on mine.

Panning, Zooming and Rotation in PS CC is totally screwed like the axis of them being totally off or outside my Screen and thus causing my Workspace to vanish off screen which is REALLY annoying.

Working with the Issue for a while I noticed that the issue could be related to me using multiple Monitors unlike the Video which only used one and the Cintiq with the Touch Interface NOT being either the center or rather the Main Monitor of the Setup.

B?m! - Having the Cintiq not as the Main Monitor causes Photoshop CC to relocate the Rotational, Zoom and Move Axis to the Main Monitor and thus cause this agonizing behavior.

Problem is... With the Cintiq now set as the Main Monitor every Metro App I use ( including the Start Screen ) opens out of my normal Field of View.

Taking the picture below as an example - Is there a setting that allows me to keep the Cintiq ( 2 ) to be the Main Monitor because of Photoshop while having Metro Apps open by default on the Center Monitor ( 1 ) ?
I do know that hitting the Windows button in the Task bar will open the Start Screen on the screen it was ... Read more

A:Main Display Issue with Metro Apps

I run three displays on my desktop PC. Metro Apps launch on the screen you click the tile on. If you launch them from the Start Screen, they open on the monitor you opened the Start Screen on. If you opened them from a ICON pinned to your taskbar, they open on the monitor you clicked the short cut on. For most people they will open on the monitor that is set as your main screen. If you set your taskbar to show on all monitors and set it to display the program Icons on all displays you can open it on what ever monitor you want by clicking the icon for that app on the monitor you want it to open on.

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okay..i was having a problem with a usb driver i downloaded for my motorola phone. I found that out because every time i disconnected it from my laptop a blue screen would pop up and would restart my computer. This happened to me 3 times. A while ago i was playing my games perfectly with my main graphics card the Nvidia GT 555m. I was charging my phone then i disconnected the usb then the blue screen popped again and restarted my laptop. I then tried fixing the driver problem and i did. The only problem was when i tried playing my games it was running slow and i noticed that it was running on the integrated graphics card Intel R graphics HD card. I went to check under display adapters and noticed that the Dedicated graphics card Nvidia Gt 555m was not there anymore. I tried using system restore but that didnt help at all. Please help me . I just dont know how to get the adapter back.

A:My main graphics display adapter is missing!Help!

Install the drivers for your video card again.

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I'm currently running a dual monitor setup, in which I want my HP27ea monitor to be my main display. But, when it's set to be my main display, it will flash black occasionally. It either flashes once or twice, or a ton of times and I have to manually swap it from being my main monitor to my second and back again. I've tried reinstalling drivers, and yes the cables are plugged in all the way.

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The main screen of my tablet PC goes black as soon as I plug-in the VGA cable to a second monitor. I guess this is the result of me selecting an incorrect display mode for the monitor. The secondary monitor (A Samsung 1920x1200) complains of the video signal mode and does not display anything other than an error window.

The dual display mode worked fine before I made that mistake. I guess the resolution used for the secondary monitor is now incorrect. I would need to reset that value with the secondary monitor disconnected. That's what I am looking for.

Now when the VGA cable is disconnected, I get back the screen. I have looked at all display controls and the 945gm controls, but I had no luck restoring the secondary monitor settings.

I have tried booting Windows7 with the secondary monitor connected. I get both the main display and the monitor working in mirror mode when in BIOS mode, but I loose both as soon as windows7 is activated.

I would need some means to have windows7 reset the whole display subsystem.

Does anyone knows how to solve this issue.

Thanks for any clue.


PC is Motion LE1700, L7400 dual processor, 1440x1050
Secondary monitor is Samsung 1920x1200

A:Main display goes black when I connect VGA secondary monitor

I assume from your display resolution that you have a Samsung T260 ?

You can get the correct driver for it here;

Quite a few machines require that you switch them over to an external display. How this works ,varies from machine to machine.

You may also need to click on the desktop, "Screen Resolution", and choose "Extend these displays";

Regards....Mike Connor

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I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on a Dell Precision M6800 laptop, graphics card is Nvidia Quadro K3100M. I have a 3-monitor setup: one monitor being the laptop LCD, and the other two being Dell U2414h. My laptop is on the far right. I've had these in extended mode with a Display Port 1.2 daisy chain setup for about 1.5 years. Due to the massive headache of the DP1.2 daisy chain setup not being reliable with these monitors (tons of forums on this subject), I recently bought an HDMI 2.0 cable so I could run one U2414h off of the DP1.2 port on my laptop and the other U2414h off the HDMI port on my laptop. When all three monitors are turned on, I like my main display to be the monitor on the far left. With the previous daisy chain setup, my main display would shift from left to right as my monitors were turned off (left to right). With this current setup (one via DP1.2, the other via HDMI), my main display will not shift to my middle monitor when the left one is turned off, so when I turn my left monitor off, I lose my task bar and all icons (they don't shift to another monitor). Is anyone else using a similar setup where they've had this issue, and was there a resolve?

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 no changing main display when monitor is turned off

Hi Mike Moren, welcome to the Forum.

As you are using separate inputs to the monitors, one being HDMI & the other the DP1.2 port, you will not get automatic shifting of the main Desktop screen when you turn one of the monitors off, like you were before.

You can use the Windows key/P key to switch between monitors. You are using the extended screen set up at present, so only one screen has the full desktop showing. Using the Windows/P keys you can have all screens as duplicate also if you wish. Try it out & see for yourself.

If you right click on your main desktop & select Screen Resolution there are some options to select from as well.

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I have a P51 on a docking station with two Acer 28" monitors connected with Display port. This user has two monitors on a stand with monitor 1 on the bottom and 2 on the top. No matter what I do the main display appears on the top monitor. I go to display settings and change the monitors to 1 on top and 2 on the bottom, the desktop stays the same (top screen). I select the other monitor (#2 now on the bottom) and select to make this the main display and the desktop stays the same (top monitor). I tried swapping DP cables with the same result. If I open the laptop and boot the system I cannot change the main display. But after doing this, (I close the lid on the laptop) the top monitor now had the resolution of the laptop screen, requiring me to change the resolution to 4k rather the 1024x768 (I think this was the resolution it detected). I thought this was just a one time thing, so I tried it again and the resolution on the top monitor went back to 1024x768. I updated all the drivers with no help. I even tried the latest drivers from nvidia for the quadro m2200 with no resolution.

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While trying to connect an external screen in settlings/display, I believe I accidentally disconnected the main screen itself and have no way of getting it back. The Yoga Book boots up with the Lenova loga and then the screen goes dark. The keyboard lights up but no combination of short-cut keys for settings etc will get the display to show up. This is running windows 10. I dont know the exact model since it was a gift. Likely a couple years old. Please help...

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I have an HP Z210 workstation with two LG 24EA53 monitors running Window 7 Pro 64bit.

The two monitors always worked fine until a little while ago. Now the computer will detect the second monitor and will connect and display as clone or extended desktop but after 2-3 seconds it reverts to the main display. Even though it says "Do you want to keep changes" and counts down from 15-20 seconds it switches back to single display after only a few seconds. The kicker is that if you unplug the main monitor which is working the second will display correctly and also the dominant display ie. the one which will continue working despite another display being plugged in can be changed by selecting that display as the main display. I have to quickly switch the main display in display settings to do this while both displays are on in order to do this.

So to clarify both displays work and can be detected and even used but only for a few seconds before windows automatically selects "show desktop only on 1" when both are plugged in. Otherwise either display will work fine if the other display is not plugged in no matter what cables display port or DVI I use.

I've tried updating graphics drivers, resetting the monitors, checking refresh rates and resolutions all to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I use two screen techniques to expand the screen in Windows, to run the slide in the second screen side, while working at the main screen, the display card plugged into the left side, the main screen is also onboard, I use the Office 2003, after running powerpoint and drag it over the second screen, press f5 to run the slide, it is still running normally, but if on the main screen, when I open any one other program and are actions on that program, then slide on the seconde screen is stopped lpaying slide only when the mouse pointer cursor on the screen slide powerpoint to run again, but this phenomenon will not occur when running video file, ie the sub-screen video is shown, while the main screen side can still open and work on any other application. So is there a way to overcome this problem of powerpoint do not? thank you.

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Hi all,

I connected my HP Pavilion dv4-2165dx to my TV via the HDMI slot, and worked perfectly. I disconnected the cable from the notebook when I was done and still got the main LCD display to work. When I restarted the system, the LCD display was gone, just a blank screen with a backlight. The system is booting correctly, I can hear the windows7 startup sounds and even type my password in and access my account. So far I know that:

1. The screen hardware is not damaged, because after some reboots and taking the battery off for an hour I could get the input back with no problem (with windows complaining about being unable to boot and suggesting me to run Startup repair), but got a black screen again after rebooting again.

2. I can connect the HDMI again and get the output on the TV screen, but no main display is detected. If I toggle between displays with fn+f4, only the external HDMI-TV display works.

3. I get no startup screen either. That is, not even the first screen from where I can access the BIOS. But if I connect the HDMI-TV from the beginning I get all that info on the TV.

4. I reinstalled the Graphics driver from HP with no change.

My guess is that somewhat I messed up the default configuration and that the system is only recognizing the external displays as default displays. I haven't been able to modify this from the Control Panel - Display Settings menu, and I don't know where in the registry this default startup options could be.

Any help?


A:Cannot switch back main display after connecting HDMI

did you uninstall the old drivers before installing the new one's ?
also you may try going to Control Panel\device manager\ display adapter and deleting the drivers from there then
reboot and install the new one's..


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Hi guys, just found out this place, seems to be a good forum so I try it here.

Last night I got hold of a 27" BenQ GL2750HM, so far so good.
I have my main display from the DVI port to HDMI port on the screen and my secondary screen is my 60" TV which is connected through HDMI port on the graphic card into the HDMI port in my reciever.

The main scheme for my setup is like:

- Radeon 7970 DVI > HDMI Main monitor (BenQ GL2750)
- Radeon 7970 HDMI > HDMI Reciever (ONKYO TX-NR609)
- ONKYO TX-NR609 > 60" TV

So to the problem now.
When the HDMI cable is connected to the graphic card, I need to have my TV ON in order for my main monitor, the BenQ, to work and if I turn off the TV the BenQ is getting black, like a standby mode, however, there is "no signal" to the monitor.
This was never a problem with my other screen, I could have the HDMI cable connected to the graphic card, the TV off and the reciever OFF without the main monitor went black.

I hope I expressed myself good enough for you too understand, if not, please reply

Thanks in advance.

A:Issue: Main display doesn't work when HDMI is plugged

Noone got a clue?

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My new HP Omen plays the content fine on my laptop screen but when I connect it to a TV using an HDMI cable I get the audio and sub titles on the TV but no video.  tried this both from the Web page and the app.

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In a few words,
I have a MSI AMD Radeon HD 7700 Graphic card with the latest driver installed 16.40.2011 in Win 10 Pro 1607, and I've noticed that when I plug the second monitor (a hd ready wide TV screen) into the hdmi slot, the main desktop screen (1280*1024) have the boot logo screen sequence stretched in vertical.

The resolution are set as recommended but indeed these are different. As soon as I remove the TV, everything is getting back to normal. Anyone experienced this behavior ?

A:Wrong resolution on main display at boot in dual screen mode

Yes there are problems with second displays affecting the primary display in many cases.

You may be lucky in the fact that removing the second display restores the primary display to normal - sometimes it remains distorted until rebooting.

No doubt the problems will go in time as the TV hardware improves, and the PC display drivers become more effective for multiple different display formats.

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I face a strange issue on a Lenovo T470 running Windows 10. The problem is when i open an excel spreadsheet, especially one with many tabs, and i drag it from the main display to the external monitor, Excel's cpu usage jumps from 5-8% to 50-60 %, and is not functioning properly. Cannot move from one cell to another, cannot scroll up and down. It is either very slow, or it totally crashes and i have to kill Excel. If i drag the file back to the main display, it works as expected. The issue occurs only when the external monitor is set up as extended monitor. If i set it up as duplicate monitor, it works fine.I tried removing and reinstalling the display driver and also tried disabling graphics hardware acceleration, but no luck. And this happens only with excel, no other application. A newer version of the driver is available from Intel, but when i try to install it says that it is not certified for the specific model and i should contact the vendor. Computer specs:- Lenovo T470- i5 7300U- 16 GB RAM- Windows 10 Enterprise Build 15063- Intel HD Graphics 620- Secondary monitor is connected either through HDMI or through an HDMI to VGA adapter.

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