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Error loop with microsoft account. Need to get into family safety asap

Q: Error loop with microsoft account. Need to get into family safety asap

My son cannot access his home school classes because they are blocked with family safety. I cannot find help anywhere. At this point I just want to get rid of family safety and never have a need for a Microsoft account again. Can someone please help me? It shouldn't be so hard to untangle yourself from the family safety account.

Preferred Solution: Error loop with microsoft account. Need to get into family safety asap

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error loop with microsoft account. Need to get into family safety asap

Hello expectingrain, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since you mention Microsoft account, I just need you to please clarify if this is for Windows 7 or Windows 8 first.

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I have 11 laptops (win 8.1) that i need to administrate,
i need to copy list of allowed websites to every laptop
differnet users on every laptop

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hi, i was having a tidy up of programs and i uninstalled something to do with the parental controls (because i have no need for restrictions and didn't think it was needed). straight after that no browsers would work, torrents still download and msn still connects, but no web pages appear. i get a error message saying "the family safety service has been disabled, ask administrator to enable it, otherwise internet browsing will not work" or something along them lines. i only have the 1 admin user account and have tried everything i could think of but still cant seem to enable it at all. ive tried everything, restoring to 3 different system restore points and all sorts of other stuff too. any one got any ideas? before i wipe the whole damned thing........ lol

A:"the family safety service has been disabled" error, effecting internet

Try creating a new user account with admin rights and see if you still face similar issue.

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Sorry to post another thread about this but I need help ASAP just bought this computer 3 days ago and was browsing on the internet when computer just shut down and then kept restarting and would not load windows tried to get into safemode would just restart then made windows fix itself and finally got back on but it gave me the Blue screen error I wish I would have saved the error code but I didn't I attached the dump file and I hope some one can help me ASAP

A:BS Error and restart loop Help ASAP Please

Quote: Originally Posted by tbone1321

Sorry to post another thread about this but I need help ASAP just bought this computer 3 days ago and was browsing on the internet when computer just shut down and then kept restarting and would not load windows tried to get into safemode would just restart then made windows fix itself and finally got back on but it gave me the Blue screen error I wish I would have saved the error code but I didn't I attached the dump file and I hope some one can help me ASAP

This crash was caused by hardware. Use these instruction to find what it means and how to diagnose.

Let us know if you need help


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New Thinkpad Twist with Win 8. I screwed up my ID and password, after working fine, I cannot log on. I got the ID figured out, but not sure about the original password, so whated to reset it.

Nothing online worked to reset it. I called Microsoft's Tech Support number (got the number from a Stapes tech). They told me they would send a temporary password to an alternative email account. I paniced trying to remember any other email addresses. I remembered setting up a gmail about 10 years ago so I gave them what I thought I remembered.

Then, I had to go through a recovery process with gmail because the ID I gave Microsoft wasn't quite right. I called Microsoft back and told them my story and the correct email address. The guy said he would "call upstairs" and give them the info and they would decide what to do. So far, two days, nothing in the gmail account.

I've gone through every on-line Microsoft pass word re-set I can find. The most common is to type in my ID/email address (**REMOVED**) and then the box with the funny letters/numbers and it says that it's wrong. I'm assuming that my ID/email (above) is correct because it takes that and then asks for the password. And I'm assuming that I can't be wrong on about 20 tries on the funny letters. So much for any assumptions I make.

I can't use the Outlook email on Win 8 or a few other programs on Win 8 until I get my account straightened out.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



A:Microsoft Account: Stuck in a loop!

Hello Tim, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help. Once you reset your Microsoft account password, it will not take effect until after you confirm it with the email Microsoft sent to your alternative email address.

Microsoft Account Password - Change or Reset in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I'd like to know whether the function to block URLs in Family Safety (part of Live Essentials) would affect Internet Explorer only or system wide (on all browsers)?

Also, if I want to block certain user accounts to view and edit a specific folder, is it possible?

A:Family Safety

Hi there linux convert, welcome to Sevenforums.

Can't comment on Family Safety, as I don't use it.

However, blocking certain user accounts from viewing/editing certain folders can certainly be done.

We have two ways of doing this, both are one pretty much the same way, but it can be done per user or by group, (which you will be familiar with I trust, from using Linux)

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I'll do a quick "screen by screen" tutorial on how to do it, and post it in a second

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AVG Family Safety

AVG Family Safety means you know your children are safe online. Helps protect them from online predators, blocks inappropriate content and sends you instant alerts if there?s a problem.
Set up profiles by child
Keep an eye on content
Track social media activity
Manage time & apps
Stay informed
Access on the fly
Click to expand...

Beta testing of AVG Family Safety ended on April 7, 2011.

A:New AVG Family Safety

RE: New AVG Family Safety Beta Testing

Would this be a free thing? Or would I have to pay?

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I sold my Xbox One and left my account on for my friend. He added his account and it automatically put us in a family. I then found that the family wasn't letting me launch chrome so I left. After leaving, I still have this problem but instead of an e-mail
being sent, it gives me an error code.
Any help Would be appreciated.

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I am 19 years old and in windows 7 family safety slowed down your computer can you turn it off and if yes how do you?

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I was able to set up the filter through a separate administrator account I set up, but are there reports I can see? How do you know where your child has been online? I was under the impression this feature wouldn't simply block sites, which I assume it's doing, but would also show me reports. No?

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I am using Windows family safety in a lab setting.  I've allowed an application which utilizes many different websites once a student is logged in.  We can get in fine but when we click on an activity, it blocks.  Any ideas please
Basically, I want to unlock that one application and all of it's related lessons.

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i had installed windows 8 and the live essential latest version.i remember that family safety does not include in essential.but today i find it!!!!in my settings.what is going on?is a standalone feauter of win 8?how can unistall it?i had tried to unistall essential but isnt a part of this!!!

A:family safety in windows 8

Hello Vasilis, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Family Safety is included as a part of Windows 8 by default now, and is the new replacement of Parental Controls that was in Vista and Windows 7.

Family Safety - Setup and Use in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I have had some problems changing settings in Windows Family Safety. It began a few weeks ago when the kids would find they were unable to log-on during what should have been allowed times. When I tried to change the settings on Time, i could not get access, the time 'blocks' simply would not show up. I have now updated both computers to the latest version of Family Safety, but am still having the same problem with the time blocks, and now I cannot allow any websites. I can get to the page where I should be able to allow url's, but cannot get the cursor to the box to do so, can anyone help?

A:Family Safety issues

Limey6, welcome to Sevenforums.com!

Screenshot of the window you are talking about would be appreciated.

How to make
Screenshot with Paint

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I enabled it on my daughters computer, and now every time she boots her
computer it asks for my family safety password. And if I'm not there to
enter it, then she can't use her laptop. I logged on to my
administrator account on her laptop and went into the Control Panel,
clicked "Setup parental controls for any user", selected her account,
and clicked the "Off" radio button under "Parental Controls", yet when
she logs into her account, it still asks for my password. How do I shut family safety off?Thanks,--Jeremy

A:How do I turn off family safety?

Hi Jeremy, thank you for the post. After checking the message, this can be a issue related to Windows Live OneCare. You can check the following solution:
Forgot your Windows Live OneCare Family Safety password
The Windows Live OneCare Family Safety password is used to ensure that only an authorized parent (Family Safety users with administrator permissions, able to change Family Safety settings and to add and remove child users. Usually the child user's parent or guardian. The primary parent or guardian can also add and remove secondary administrators.) can turn the Family Safety program (Downloaded software that enforces child safety settings and content filtering based on the settings defined on the Family Safety website. Users must sign in to the Family Safety program to use the Internet on the computer that the Family Safety program is installed on.) on or off. This password should be kept secret from any children (An account holder whose use of the Internet is restricted by Family Safety. Children can't view their own child safety settings.) .

If you forget your Family Safety password, when you're prompted to enter your Family Safety password, click Password hint. If you still can't remember your Family Safety password, uninstall the Family Safety program from the computer, and then reinstall it. For more information, see Uninstall Family Safety program and delete settings.
For detailed information, please visit http://help.live.com/help.aspx?project=oc_f... Read more

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Last night my the PC was working fine, however seemingly overnight when my son logged on to his account, he couldn't open applications such as google chrome and other applocations. Everything is blocked and a message box comes up and says "Family safety has blocked x program"

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Hi wonder if anyone can help me. When I log onto a laptop (Windows XP, SP2) I get an error message saying "Family Safety has not been installed, you will not be able to access the Internet. Please ask your administrator to install this"

When I click on IE, I can't get onto any webpage.

Does anyone know where and how I can clear this error message and get back onto the Internet?

Many thanks

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We have windows live family safety on our computer which is working fine, but I want my son to be able to play a game called Crossfire and the only way I can get it to work is by making his account an admin account and turning off family safety.

Does anyone know a way I can let him play and still be safe? If I could do half of it like not using an admin account or not having to turn off family safety it would be a start.


A:Crossfire and family safety

What exactly is blocking him from starting the program? Is it a internet block within family safety or is the program being blocked all together? If you can add an exception, that might help.

It may be that his standard account doesn't give him access to a program or file needed to run Crossfire. You could find those file(s) and add your son's account to full access for those files.

Without knowing exactly what is stopping Crossfire from opening, there's no real way to diagnose what needs to be done in order to have it work. However, if it works w/ Family Safety on in an Admin account then it's likely that the standard account isn't giving access to the required files. To test this, turn the admin account's family safety policy to the same as the son's account and then try to run the program from within the admin account. If it runs, then it has to do with access to files/folders/uac. If it doesn't work, then something in Family Safety is blocking it from running.

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Changes are coming to Microsoft family features

We have started rolling out changes to the way you manage your family and set boundaries for how your kids spend their time online and on their devices. Not all these changes are coming at once ? but we wanted to let you know what you can expect in the upcoming months.

A simpler, more friendly web experience

We?ve redesigned the family site to be friendlier and more intuitive, and we?ve simplified some features. Now, you will be able to manage your family in one place ? visit http://account.microsoft.com/family to see all your family accounts, see the settings for each child in your family and make changes to their settings online. Some recent changes you can expect to see:

The recent activity page has been redesigned to show the most relevant information in prime position.
Setting website restrictions is now simpler. When restrictions are turned on, all adult content is blocked. You can still allow or block individual websites, of course.
Managing app & game restrictions is now more intuitive. Set your child?s age so they?ll only be able to acquire apps & games that are rated as appropriate for their age. You can also block individual apps or games.
Managing child accounts has changed. The feature that allowed you to link accounts has been removed as most of our users found it confusing. If you previously linked accounts together to manage all their settings at once, you?ll now need to manage the set... Read more

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I currently have Windows 7 Professional on a laptop connected to my works domain when I am in the office. I also use this laptop at home. After installing Windows Family Safety Beta, when I try to set time limits for my daughter I get a message telling me to upgrade my OS to Windows 7. Help?

A:Windows Family Safety

You could uninstall the software, then restore your system to a date prior to your original installation.

I have used Cybersitter in the past, and it has worked well (fee-based sw).

**EDIT** Actually this message is probably coming from the sw you installed. First just uninstall it and see if the message still appears. Probably it won't.

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Hello friends,
I am trying to use family safety options in windows 8 enterprise 9200 no users are Microsoft account.
it is all local account (the administrator and the standard).
every thing is working good time limits, app limit except web filtering I don't know why any one have an idea?
I set the web filtering to child but the user still can open sex websites. any body can help?

A:Family safety web filtering not working

Hello stlony,

I find that most filters are not very effective with those type of settings since it doesn't help if the site doesn't comply with the ratings standard. This is a bit more work on your part, but I find that using step 8 Option One in the tutorial below to set the filter to only allow access to sites that you have listed. This way they can't go anywhere that's not on the list.
Family Safety Web Filtering - Set and Manage in Windows 8
If need be, the standard user can send you requests to add sites to the list as well to help make it easier for them and you.
Family Safety Requests - Send and View in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I am setting up a new laptop for my young son. I have created two user accounts. His is standard and mine is administrator. I go and set up family safety settings, but when I log out of my account and log into his at a time where he is supposed to be blocked there is no effect. Why is this? Do I have to pay that 50 cent thing for his Microsoft account? This makes no sense.

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Hello again, all.

I wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I thought here would suffice.

My problem is that I have 2 computers with Windows Live Family Safety enabled, with them set to "Warn on Adult" mode. The problem is that this forces YouTube's "Safety Mode" to be stuck on, whether a user is logged into YouTube or not. Both computers affected only have administrator accounts, so I don't think lack of permission is a problem.

Any help on stopping Windows Live Family Safety forcing YouTube's safety mode to stay on (without disabling WLFS altogether - this is the only way I have managed to turn off Safety Mode), would be appreciated.


A:Windows Live Family Safety

I had to disable the web filtering service in the end. It says "When the web filter is on, SafeSearch will be locked on in Bing, Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines" on the website, and I don't think this option can be altered.

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I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10. I created new Microsoft accounts for my kids and added those accounts to the child accounts in Windows 10. The problem is that the Family Safety screen time that was configured on the Microsoft website are not being enforced on the computer. I have set 2 hour daily timers for the children but they are able to use the computer beyond that 2 hour period. Is anyone else running into this problem and/ or has any figured out how to fix this bug.

A:Family Safety Screen Time

This is still an issue, as I am running into the same problems months later. Has anyone figured out what's wrong, or how to fix it?

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I tried uninstalling Windows Family Safety One Care but the message that appeared is that "You must log on as administrator..." I'm logged already as administrator at that time and yet I still receive that kind of message. Another problem is that, I can't install other programs and even open other applications when another message appeared "we could not find %windir%\\system32\\rundll32.exe" Is there any remedy for my problem? Do I need to reformat my hard drive and install windows vista again? Thanks in advance...

A:Uninstall Windows Family Safety

Hi, this link may be able to help you uninstall One Care http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare...10&SiteID=2

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Hi, set up Family safety on one child's Win7 pc OK, as downloaded live essentials, associated it with my hotmail acct and get reports there. Now trying on another child's win8 pro PC. I only have local PC admin acct setup, but when trying to setup family safety on child's acct, it let's me yes, but when i click on the reports, etc it says I can manage on the family safety website. OK with that, except it won't let me got to the site unless i 'switch' my local admin acct to a email address account (it seems), which is what i don't really want to do. Why can't i just associate my PC with my email address without having to mess the PC login accts!?

A:family safety onlne acct

Hello cjammit, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You should be able to also view the activity reports locally on the Windows 8 PC. See if the tutorial below may be able to help for now.

Family Safety - View Activity Reports of Users in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I can't find Family under accounts. Why is this?

Also, now when my child asks for extra time they get a message saying a request has been sent. I have checked my outlook account and there is no such request for me to respond to. Why?

Also, I have gone on the Microsoft site to extend time and it hasn't affected a change. Is Family Safety broken?

A:Problems with family safety feature


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I set up a standard account w/ email address for my daughter. I had to put my birthday instead of hers otherwise it told me a parent had to create the account (maybe that's contributing to my issues). After creating the account, I set up family safety web filtering to only allow sites I specify. I added 1 allowed site. I logged into her account, pulled up IE and started surfing all over the web successfully =(. I do get blue boxes in the upper right corner saying some content is being blocked, but the only site that required admin credentials to get to was this forum. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I have family safety set up on a child's account, with web filtering at the highest level.

I allowed google.com, because I needed the google drive desktop app, and it couldn't connect until I allowed google.com.

The problem is that google+ and chrome store are accessible (using chrome browser), even though I specifically blocked them.

How can I allow the google drive desktop app to function, but still block google+?

I would also like to block the chrome store, if possible.

A:family safety -- block google+

Hi shmu. I understand your dilemma, but just to let you know > I don't use Google, so I may be limited. Would it be possible to allow the child to just use IE. Leave no links to any google on the Start Screen. Unpin the Windows Store app tile and any other tile for that matter. You would have to help set everything up there as you probably know.

If that does not suffice, I see you have 8.1 Pro so there is Group Policy which I think may work, although more setup time. Type it in search to open. I feel I'm not qualified to help with this aspect, though. There are help files and would be willing to learn and help you.

Group Policy Management Console

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i have vista on my computer and each time i turn it on it comes up with a window saying the family safety service has been disabled. please ask the administrator for this computer to enable it. until that's done you will not be able to browse the internet. but my computer is the administrator for the computer how do i enable it. i have not use vista before.

thx vicky

A:family safety service disabled

Hi and welcome to TSF You need to have a user account with administrative privileges on your computer. To give yourself administrative privileges, you can either log on to the computer with the username "Administrator" (and its password), or use another account that you know has Administrator permissions.

To find out which permissions your user account has:
Click Start on the Windows taskbar, then click Control Panel.
Double-click User Accounts. The listings in the Group category will tell you what kind of permissions your current account has.

Family Safety on Windows Vista - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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OK, so this title might be a little vague, but here's the problem.

I re-built an older HP computer with Windows 8.1, and have Family Safety set up on it, Web Filtering, Curfew, etc.

Through my login on www.FamilySafety.Microsoft.com, I am able to adjust settings for that computer to tell the user their time is up...

Unfortunately, the computer, set to tell the user to log off at 9PM, is telling the user before 6 PM, that they have 15 minutes left.

I have checked from the admin account and the Child user's account, what the clock is, timezone, etc.

I'm completely baffled as to why this is happening, but I need help.

A:Family Safety settings not correct?

so tell family safety to log off at 12am as ther appears to be a 3 hour time zone differance

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I didn't know where to post this thread so I posted here.

I installed familysafety.live to my little brother PC.. now I have this problem. Its blocking some programs and games from starting/opening... I haven't blocked any of them..

How can I fix this problem?

A:problem with family safety live. (I need some help)

You need to go into it and set what he can do and not do and then save it, by default there are some restrictions.

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Family safety is on my sons account but when i look up activity it tells me No Activity detected.
I have another son with another account and it works perfectly.
Any ideas

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Am assuming this is an MS Server side issue but tonight my two children logged into their accounts on the PC. They have child accounts. Absolutely no issues using the machine, browsing etc. I then logged back into my main acc after. As I was checking a few things I went into reliability history and noted two messages for each time my children logged into their accounts saying 'family safety monitor stopped working'. I guess most don't check or will notice but wondered if anyone had picked up on the same?

We didn't see any adverse affects but I was more curious than anything else about this little anomaly

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I set up Family Time Limits using the Curfew option for a user but it does not seem to have taken. I followed the steps in the tutorial. Please advise.

A:Set Family Safety Time Limits in Windows 8.1

Hello Jipr,

I'm not sure which tutorial you are referring to, but double check using the tutorial below to see if it may help for now.

Family Safety Time Limits - Set and Manage in Windows 8

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Hello all,

I am new here so I'll explain as well as I can.

I am administrator using admin account/.

I have locked several drives from the guest account using security tab in properties.

I installed family safety and windows live was set to auto complete the password.

Now when I use the internet in Guest profile the family safety scanner auto completes.

I want the guest profile locked down.

The auto complete is disabled as admin however this is not transferring to the guest account.

Hopefully its an oversight and will not be too complex to solve.

A:Family safety with user profile accounts

Someone may have a better idea but how about disabling the Guest account and creating a Standard user account (can create as many as needed) for each person using the computer. Then you can use Vista's built in Parental Controls,

Parental Controls - Setup and Use

to control what each account has access too.

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Every month or so, Family Safety will lose its connection with the service, in a manner of speaking. The computer reports no problems: it claims everything is being monitored like normal and all accounts are linked. The Family Safety website shows all restrictions, but no activity monitoring. No restrictions are *actually* being applied to the computer either--my brother is limited to 30 minutes per day, but the computer doesn't enforce or recognize that.

Is there a way to "reconnect" the computer with Family Safety? The only way I was able to solve this in the past was by completely reinstalling Windows, but that's ridiculous.

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We have several user accounts setup on each of our machines including some child accounts. We have noticed for the last 3 days that when logging into our child accounts that the little family safety icon that normally resides in the system tray in bottom right has been missing in action. A quick check in reliability history reports that 'family safety monitor' stopped working everytime we logged into a child acc consistently for three days solid. As this is happening on all our machines I presume it's not a local issue but an MS server side issue. I just wondered if anyone else uses child accounts and are noticing the same?

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Hi all, I recently installed Family Safety on our laptop for the safety of our grandsons. Now when they ask permission to visit a specific site, and I need to allow that site to be visited, the only ID option which comes up is our regular email address not the ID option I entered upon registering for the account. Can anyone advise me on how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Windows Live Family Safety Sign In

Hello rose, a big welcome to you to Sevenforums!

This is the live family saftey website: https://fss.live.com/safety/default.aspx
You will need to enter the same user name and password that you use to log in to hotmail for your email, and it has to be the same one you signed up the live saftey accounts with.

This is what it looks like. You can view the activity of each member you sign up. There are more settings on the left hand side (after you click a family member) that you can change to add more security to your child.

Don't forget the settings you can change in parental controls, including adding children to the list

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my laptop is monitored by family safety, so i can not install any application software...... anybody help me.

A:my laptop is monitored by family safety,so i can not install...

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Could you post what is your HP PC model - instructions can be seen here >> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108 Could you provide details about how the Family Safety feature got on ? You can contact the person who set this up and ask them for permission to install the necessary software or for the account password that manages the Windows FS feature. If you acquired the PC from someone else, please let me know and I can provide you with instructions how to reimage the PC and revert back to factory default condition

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I recently set parental control in windows 7, but after setting time limit on one of user accounts, even in allowed time i cannot login to that account. it show an error that tell i cannot login in that time!
what is the problem?

A:family safety parental control problem

Did you set it up like this? Parental Controls - Set Time Limits

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As in the title, I would like to have the family safety feature affect all browsers (in particular Chrome, which is the other browser we currently use) and not only IE. Is it possible?

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Family safety is not working on either of my daughter's laptops. I have spent hours trying to rectify the problem and I have spoken to numerous techs who haven't been able to help me. My last conversation concluded with the problem is endemic to windows 8. I have tried numerous solutions and have followed the tutorials to the letter and all the settings appear as they should be according to the instructions. It is doing my head in. Can this be fixed or is it a problem within windows 8???

A:'Unable to make changes to Family Safety settings'

Hello wenblack,

The admins here have developed several Family Safety setup and admin tutorials so I have to assume that it does work. Go here and click on the Parental Controls icon: Windows 8 Tutorials

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My mother has recently decided to remove the family safety thing from my computer so I can install programs without a password. Just one problem: She forgot the parental control password for my Windows 8 computer. She didn't write it down, the dummy!
Digs at my mom aside, I really need help with this. Whenever I reach the security confirmation screen to install the new program, I'm prompted to enter an administrative password. My mom tried changing her Windows account password, which didn't work. We
tried an online tutorial on YouTube, which turned out to be for Windows 8.1 PRO.
That didn't work, since mine is simply a regular Windows 8. I tried helping her, but when I looked at the options for parental controls on her Windows account, I didn't see an option for "prevent child from making changes to the computer." 

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My daughter uses a head set to talk with her friends while she's gaming. Problem is, after her curfew the screen pops up preventing her from doing things on the screen, but she's still able to sit there and chat on her head set. Is there any way to prevent this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Clue me in.....

Does the windows 10 family Safety, actually allow you to block all apps except for the ones you allow your child to run?

It's not clear from their site verbiage on whether you can only block apps that show in the "recent history" (ie run at least once), or even if it's only MS store bought apps.

(FYI: you could do this in Win7)


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I'm trying to setup parental controls on Windows 10 so that the child account can only access the Internet and what ever programs I put on the desktop.
I setup the accounts so that they are linked and the kids account shows up as a child on the computer. When I tested the standard settings the account was able to go in to Internet Explorer download chrome and install it. Even though it said you need the adult account to install there was a button was said something like install anyway. Once I got chrome installed I could go to all the blocked sites I had put in the parental controls. Also I was able to go in to the settings and just change my account from the required Microsoft account for the parental controls to a local account and be removed from the parental controls all together.
The windows 8 and 7 parental controls seemed to work way better then the one that comes with Windows 10 can anyone help me make the child account more restricted? All I want them to be able to do is surf the Internet and only be allowed to pg sites or at least only sites i say are allowed and I don't want them to have access to setting or installing programs without the adult account.
Thanks for any help!

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