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Sound Blaster Live 5.1 (Windows WDDM Drivers)... or Realtek ACL658 WDDM -Official?

Q: Sound Blaster Live 5.1 (Windows WDDM Drivers)... or Realtek ACL658 WDDM -Official?

any suggestions?

Sempron x64 2600+
160GB Primary
Gforce 6200A
Vista Ultimate x64
Motherboard is
Compaq - K8S-LA (I think) no Asus Support for the board as it`s a proprietary Compaq board
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 24bit
Onboard Realtek ALC658
so here is my total delema
I've downloaded the Sound Blaster live 5.1 drivers from Windows Updates... but i am not getting any feedback for audio... any suggestions anyone? yes all basic and sum advanced trouble shooting has been done... <--(8/23/2007)

(8/01/2007)--> I got the WDDM Drivers working for the SBL but then it craped out.... now it won`t detect in any of my PCI Slots i haven`t tested to see is the slots are toast but the cards not because it works in my other computer... so i re-enabled my Onboard no WDDM drivers from M$ for it... so realtek.com.tw it is... i download the AC`97 vista x64 drivers installs fine speaker (beside clock) has volume now not a red circle with a white x.... no audio....ok failed attempt so i remove tho`s drivers completely even with registry... install the HD realtek drivers installs fine well minus the fact they (were not designed for my chipset) speaker has volume and the "device is working correctly" well? I really do not know what to do... and yes i have driver signing completely disabled

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Preferred Solution: Sound Blaster Live 5.1 (Windows WDDM Drivers)... or Realtek ACL658 WDDM -Official?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


There needs to be a way to disable WDDM 1.1 acceleration and use the old wddm 1.0 gdi drawing. There are many bugs in the drawing routines used in wddm 1.1 especially regarding line draw. You can see one of these bugs by going into regedit and dragging the
resize edge of the navigation pane. Its also apparant in micrsoft word when drawing shapes, and in photoshop cs3 when trying to use the seleciton tool it does not refresh quick enough. When using wddm 1.0 drivers or using vista which doesn't use the acceleration
these bugs do not occur. GDI acceleration needs to be able to be disabled if necessary, this was available with all the previous drivers that had gdi acceleration.
Are you using a directx 10 graphics card? This occurs on almost all wddm 1.1 drivers. 

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate OS on my Dell OptiPlex 210L X86 PC. The Aero Peek part of the program does not work. A message said "Current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model contact manufacturer of video card for a WDDM compatible driver." When I checked what components the computer has, the video component listed Standard VGA Graphics Adapters. The CPU is a Intel Pentium (R) 2.8 GHz,1 GB Ram, and 32 Bit Operating System.

1) Is the Standard VGA Graphics Adapters my video card?
2) Can I go to a website besides Dell to find a WDDM Compatible Driver?

A:WDDM Drivers

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Hello there.

Here i am with another question Probably y'all gettin' tired of them,but giving the circumstances and the way that people really help on this forum encourages me to post AGAIN ( Even though i searched first for answers,but didn't get to a real conclusion )

So,the question goes like this: Win7 installs automatically the WDDM drivers for the graphics card,but i don't wish to use them.I want to install the new drivers from Nvidia,but every time i uninstall the drivers and reboot,they keep coming back.
So is it safe to just uninstall it from device manager WITHOUT a reboot,but run CCleaner to remove leftovers,and then install the new NV drivers ?
Cause i read that some people installed the new NV drivers over the old WDDM drivers,but that doesn't sounds good in my opinion.

A:WDDM Drivers !


Go to devices and printers, and right click on the PC icon, then click on Device installation settings, and that will give you the option to configure how the system updates.

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when i installed Win7 it had the WDDM drivers installed they seemed stable didnt have any crashes in short time they were on but...

when i played games eg L4D (via steam), msg came up saying drivers not up to date

so i decided to DL latest ATI drivers now i get constant driver crash (prob once an hour ish), but only to extent black screen to 2 secs and then back all good, only real prob is it resets my Fan adjustmens via Rivatuner back to std

should i go back to WDDM drivers? are they worth reverting or should i stick out ATI ones, or is there a better option

...did drivers not install properly, anyone else got this problem??

EDIT: Video card = ATI 2900XT


A:ATI Drivers ... use WDDM or ATI???

ATI drivers should be WDDM
(if not you'll not have Aero working)

I suppose you talking about WinUpdate Vs ATI webiste driver.

Drivers on WinUpdate are often "old" ATI drivers with more reliability test, and stability proof.

You can see via device manager which driver version you have for each one and compare. If the ATI drivers give you some trouble, so you mays go back to a previous one, more stable. Seven driver are still beta (even on WinUpdate) so you may have issue with one, juste installe and use the one which work better for you.

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I'm just trying to get Aero working and it's saying my driver isn't compatible.

"The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver."

I've got the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and haven't really been able to find a solid answer if there is a compatible driver. If there is no driver can I just install a different graphics adapter or will I need a new card?

I'm just gonna paste the whole dxdiag since I'm not sure exactly what you would need.
Thanks for any help!

System Information
Time of this report: 11/12/2011, 23:15:02
Machine name: CHRIS-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Acer
System Model: Aspire 5253
BIOS: InsydeH2O Version V1.02
Processor: AMD E-350 Processor (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3578MB RAM
Page File: 1063MB used, 6092MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

DxDiag... Read more

A:Are there any WDDM compatible drivers out there..

If there is no driver can I just install a different graphics adapter or will I need a new card?

No you cannot install a new card as it is a laptop and the GPU is integrated into the CPU. As far as the driver goes the only one that will work with it at this time is the one available from Acer,

Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 5253

as the Fusion CPU/GPU isn't supported in the reference AMD drivers.

P.S. While you're at it you haven't installed the audio driver yet either. Get it from the above link as well.

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HP OEM Lap: eo15tx
OS :Windows 8.1
Current GPU drivers:
AMD 8670 : Catalyst 14.4 WHQL
HD 4000 : WHQL Version (64-bit)
I can see two WDDM 1.3 updates for HD4000 and AMD 8670 in Windows Update.
Does the WDDM 1.3 drivers overwrite the existing drivers or is it supposed to be installed alongside existing drivers?

A:WDDM 1.3 AND/OR WHQL Drivers ?

Those are 2 different display devices, one on MB the other one for discrete GPU. Each one needs own driver and yes, updating any driver will override old one and even more likely uninstall older one. If you are satisfied how everything works, better leave it alone.

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Where can I find Mobile Intel? 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family (WDDM) compatible drivers ?

A:Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML (WDDM) drivers ?


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title says it all. I have a mobility radeon 9200, but aero isnt working... It says its a wddm driver... If not, is it possible to download a supported driver for that card?

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I already did this two years ago but i forgot how to do it now coz i jus cant make it install.

I've installed the provided graphic drivers for my Toshiba Satellite l30 for win XP. the resolution (1200*800) works fine but i canot even use the "standard" colour scheme (i'm using home basic). (it is not even displayed in the options). if i use any graphic dependant software, it would jus hang up and there u go!, The BSOD!

I downloaded the latest wddm supported graphic drivers for my card 2 years ago from microsoft and i stil have them but the thing is i forgot how to replace or update the existing driver. the drivers given by the microsoft is not in an exe form but a bunch of dlls and an inf file in a .cab. i tried updating the driver from device manager but with no sucess. i made it work few months ago but hate myself now that i forgot. plz enlighten me!

A:ATI radeon xpress 200m wddm drivers install, how?

no one??

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Hi all,

A bit of a strange one I can't get my head round.

I have recently fired up my laptop after about a year of not using and I was immediately presented with a BSOD with a atikmpag.sys error (it was fine when last used). After reading up on this, the error points to corrupt drivers. So I downloaded the latest drivers from the AMD website, used a third party utility to completely remove the old drivers and the same error occurred. After repeating the process countless times and not getting anywhere I decided to give it a complete clean install of Windows 7.

The install went fine and Windows loaded the WDDM 1.1 drivers for the card and finally it booted up normally with no BSOD. After all the updates had installed I then updated the drivers again from the AMD website and the same BSOD occured. I tried this a second time and they finally worked but a strange artifact appeared round the cursor and some windows and then the machine reset itself.

So it appears my laptop will only take the default WDDM drivers and nothing else. I never had this problem before because I can remember running the latest drivers in the past.

These are drivers I used: Legacy

Any suggestions?

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I have an old Sound Blaster Live! CT4780, pulled from a very old dell, and I was wondering how the quality would compare to my current integrated AC'97 Audio.

A:Realtek AC'97 vs Sound Blaster Live! CT4780

How old is your current PC?

This kid seems to be popular for the review of it

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Hi there i am using a ASUS V9520/TD GeForce FX 5200 or FX 5500 not sure. please can someone link me to a compatible driver that's for win 7?

COre 7

A:Need WDDM drivers for win 7, cant get hold of Win 7 drivers

got it fixed with vista drivers extracted

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Hello I am using Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit but I only have WDDM 1.1, it should be 1.3, how do I get 1.3?

A:Still WDDM 1.1 in Windows 8.1, not 1.3?

Hi batman1234 WDDM drivers are usually installed via Windows Update, did you check to see if you have any updates pending?Check for Windows UpdatesFollow the instructions below to check for available Windows Updates and install them:Click on the Windows Start Menu and select Control Panel;From there, click on System and Security and select Windows Updates;Click on the Check for updates button in the left-pane;Wait for the scan to complete and see which updates are found, Important Updates and Recommended Updates (or Optional Updates);Click on X Important Updates (X being the number of updates being found) and make sure that they are all checked;Install every Important Updates found and restart your computer once it's done;

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Here is a link to the officially supported AMD Windows 8 Consumer Preview driver:

AMD Catalyst Drivers Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It is only for these cards:
AMD Radeon? HD 6000 SeriesAMD Radeon HD 5000 SeriesAMD Radeon HD 7000M SeriesAMD Radeon HD 6000M SeriesAMD Mobility Radeon? HD 5000 SeriesAMD A-Series APUAMD C-Series APUAMD E-Series APUAMD FirePro? SeriesAMD FIrePro 3D Series


If you are like me and don't have one of those (I have AGP HD 3850 Turbo), you must edit the inf file and use the device manager to install. The problem here is that it is much more complicated than before because of missing revisions all throughout the inf.

I just hacked my way through it and got it to install very well on Windows x86 32 bit. I can easily do so too for x64, but then driver signing will have to be disabled permanently or at system boot each time.

If you would like me to create a custom .inf for your card not included on the list above (I can likely do mobile too as I have done in the past), please make a post with your hardware id for your specific card. Also, download the driver above and extract it to a folder so you have it ready.

Please also specify if you would like the AMD External service installed with the driver, or not - along with which you need between x86 or x64.

A:AMD Windows 8 WDDM 1.2 driver for (almost) everyone with AMD

I got HD2600 Pro in my laptop and it does really well with recent win7 drivers
(hw acceleration is working properly (photoshop, games etc), just no ccc)

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How do i find out if my laptop supports wddm driver?
i have windows 7 32 bit

A:wddm driver for windows 7

check manufacturer website

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Hello, Yesterday night I have to reinstall Windows 8 on my laptop for some reason. So after installation finished I went to Device Manager for Installing Drivers. After all the other drivers like Chipset, Network, Audio etc, I went to the Install the Display Driver. There I noticed that under the Display tab my NVIDIA GT 650M is already listed but usually if any Device driver is not installed then it will be shown as Unknown Device or Standard VGA Adapter. But here it shows that it is working and one more Thing I noticed is that in the display tab it was written:-

NVIDIA GT 650M (Microsoft Corporation-WDDM 1.2)

So my question is that should I install the NVIDIA driver from my ASUS Driver And Software Utility Disk or should I keep it as it is? I have heard somewhere that WDDM drivers works better than any other Driver with Windows 8. Is it true? I didn't get any Performance Fall or any BSODs etc and games are also working. SO please help me.


A:Should I Use WDDM 1.2 Driver For Windows 8?

So my question is that should I install the NVIDIA driver from my ASUS Driver And Software Utility Disk

No, you should download the latest NVidia driver from here: NVIDIA DRIVERS 314.22WHQL

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So I had been running Windows 8 since release with the official ATI Catalyst drivers and was able to run in 1080p with no issues. I upgraded to 8.1 yesterday and it replaced my drivers with the WDDM 1.1 driver. The problem here is my display is clipped from all sides. If I switch the resolution to 1776x1000 everything displays as expected. One thing to note is that the monitor showing up is a "Generic PnP Monitor". I have a Samsung HDTV plugged in. I don't remember what this value was in 8.0.

I tried installing the latest Catalyst drivers for Windows 8x64 released in 1/2013 but it's not detecting any hardware and thus not installing the drivers. Is there anything I can do right now to view in 1080P or do I just wait for AMD to release 8.1 drivers?

A:WDDM v1.1 Driver for ATI HD4600 on Windows 8.1 clips

Generic PnP Monitor

That should not matter.

I tried installing the latest Catalyst drivers for Windows 8x64

Download the AMD auto-detect utility to make sure they are the latest and you can also check Windows Update for optional drivers as well. Now, I don't normally recommend Win Updates as a reliable source for driver updates but I was surprised to find an Intel update that was labeled as a WDDM 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 version so maybe they have a similar update for your AMD version. Try both and good luck.

AMD Driver Autodetect

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I have just got this in my Windows Automatic Updates. I'm not sure what it is. In the past when a nvidia update or something like it has came up in windows update. it says what driver version. but this does NOT.

I'm wondering what this update is. and if it is needed?


Here is Update details.

NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (Prerelease - WDDM 1.1)

Download size: 57.6 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Optional

This driver was provided by NVIDIA for support of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (Prerelease - WDDM 1.1)

More information:
Winqual Help

Help and Support:
Select a Product Solution Center

A:Windows Update GTX260 PreRelease WDDM 1.1

It's the driver supplied with Win7. Use the WHQL driver (digitally signed) recently released from NVIDIA for your system; x86 or x64. Cheers.

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I have intel HD Graphics with core i3 processor, which I know intel have released WDDM 1.2 for,

but when I install it gives me (driver installed UNSUCCESSFULLY) and rolls back to the WDDM 1.1 (8.15.10.whatever)
please help me install the latest drivers WDDM 1.2 ( because I feel the HD video playback is a little bit jerky.
additional info, my version of Windows is Windows 8 Pro (build 9200).

and help would be appreciated

A:Windows and Intel HD Graphics and support for WDDM 1.2, riddle

They have not released drivers for Intel HD Graphics. They only released drivers for HD 2000 and 3000 (Known as sandybridge processors or 2nd generation processors.) and 2500 and 4000 which are Ivy bridge (3rd generation processors)

Try the driver from this page.

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I can't find a way to change my XPDM GC to WDDM. Is there any way to do it? Thank you!

A:How do I change XPDM to WDDM on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit?

Someone please answer! )):

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I have an old noname custom-built laptop which has the following hardware:

Intel 855 mobile chipset (the desktop equivalent is 865, socket 478)
Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz socket 478 CPU
Intel 855G graphics adaptor
Realtek AC'97 audio

Since the graphics card is too old, I cannot install Intel's XP drivers. If I do, after next reboot they are considered outdated and they always change to Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, which of course supports no Aero and no 3D.

After trying many registry tricks to enable aero without success, I gave up. All these tricks need a WDDM graphics driver and they are meant to enable aero in Windows Vista Home Basic WITH an WDDM driver installed. Since I used Standard VGA Graphics Adapter none would work. The same would be true if I could install latest Windows XP drivers, but then I would at least have some DirectX functionality.

When Windows 8 Developer Preview was released, I tested it in a similarly old laptop which had no WDDM drivers for its old ATI graphics card. But Windows 8 install Microsoft Basic Display Adapter instead of Standard VGA graphics adapter, which IS WDDM! Then I tried to copy all the relevant files (INF and DLLs) for the driver from Windows 8 in order to install it in Windows 7. Unfortunatelly installation fails, as it tries to install a service and cannot do that for some reason Anyone else that managed to use the Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor driver in Windows 7 or has seen anything relevant on the Internet... Read more

A:Installing Basic Display Adapter WDDM driver from Windows 8 into 7

You would just have to suck up and install the original OS that came with the pc.

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Just had a wierd thing happen. Happens with both Photo Viewer and Live Photo Gallery which makes me think it is a driver issue.

When I open a pic and enlarge it significantly for a few seconds and then close the program I have tons of artifacts from the pic on my desktop. If I right click and select the next background (I have several rotating), it clears. It doesn't happen every time, but almost.

Headed to work so don't have time to try a different driver, but was wondering if anyone else has seen this.


A:Wddm 1.1

Sorry Gary haven't seen that yet but that background looks familiar lol.

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Hi,I have windows 8,32 bit edition.
I want to update my video card driver from WDDM1.1 to WDDM1.2.

I have ATI Radeon 2400 Pro,where can I get that update?
Checked on windows update
Device Manager>Update Driver,no result.

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WDDM 1.1

I read recently that Windows is updating the WDDM driver model for Windows 7, and that the new model would allow use of heterogenous video drivers. if this is true, will this upgrade be made available for Vista?

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Probably a dumb question, but I don't know...

In the Microsoft Win7 minimum hardware, it lists DirectX9 & "WDDM 1.0". I know what WDDM means (Windows Display Driver Model", BUT... How do I know if my system supports it? Where do I look? Or is that determined by the graphics card you have (My graphics card is an XFX GeForce 6200 PCI 256MB).

I know I have Direct X9, but theirs no mention of WDDM in dxdiag info, or in my GPU-Z info.

Is there another place I should be looking, OR does this mean my system doesn't support it?

Thanks in advance for your help...chugbug

A:How do I know...WDDM 1.1?

The requirements that you mention are to run Aero Glass. Windows 7 can run well enough without Aero Glass features. (Some of them I'd call eye candy.)

WDDM 1.0 means (to me) that Vista drivers exist for your product. (They do.) You might prefer WDDM 1.1 drivers (Windows 7), although they aren't required to run Aero Glass.

Your 6200 supports all that. You can get the latest drivers directly from nVidia:

GeForce/ION Driver Release 190

(Ther are also Win7 X64 drivers available.)

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Hi all,

I currently have a Radeon HD 7870 Flex series Video card and everytime windows 10 starts it automatically changes the driver to WDDM (Engineering Sample-WDDM V2.0) does anyone know how to fix this.. ive uninstalled and everything went to reinstall it and still the same crap. Can anyone please help me out, if not windows 10 is a failure to AMD products.

A:Wddm (v2.0)

I don't understand what the actual problem is here.... Wddm is the driver model for Windows 10... All drivers must be Wddm compliant. Are you referring to a specific thing?

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HP OEM Lap: eo15tx
OS :Windows 8.1
Current GPU drivers:
AMD 8670 : Catalyst 14.4 WHQL
HD 4000 : WHQL Version (64-bit)
I can see two WDDM 1.3 updates for HD4000 and AMD 8670 in Windows Update.
Does the WDDM 1.3 drivers overwrite the existing drivers or is it supposed to be installed alongside existing drivers?

A:WDDM 1.3 or/and WHQL ??

DOuble posted accidently. Kindly delete.

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I am running windows 7 and have an Asus AH3450 graphics card and when trying to iniate Aero i get a message ' The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with WDDM.'
Can someone please tell me where I can obtain this driver so that I can use Aero.
Any help would be much appreciated.



A:WDDM driver

Hi this is the asus site please select your model from the dropdown menus


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I did the Microsoft vista advisor and i passed every result exept for the WDDM driver.

It sais: Your graphics adapter is not expected to support this

They didnt give me a yes or a no all it gave me was that. So how do i find out if my driver is compadable?? If its not will vista still work?

A:Wddm Driver?????

First you give us information about your system and your video card in question...

WDDM Wavelength-Division Demultiplexing


This is an epxlination of your WDDM and What WDDM does. You probably can run it just probably have to dumb down the graphical gui stuff and not try and run the glass effects and whatnot.

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2 really fast things guys. I heard that vista uses way more memory than XP does. How true is this? I play LOTRO and run pretty slow most of the time. I have an AMD turion 64 x2 1.6. I have 1gb of ram and and I am not real sure what my video card is in this thing. If i upgraded to 2gb of ram, would this help a lot? Second, I heard that changing from WDDM to XPDM would help speed system performance by a ton. How true is this, and if it would help, how do i do it?




What is "WDDM"?

For almost all purposes, 1 GB of memory will be fine for Vista. In tests, the optimal results for Vista were achieved with either 1 GB of memory and ReadyBoost of 1840 MB's, or 2 GB's of memory. But the difference is somewhat small.

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I ran the little "windows vista upgrade advisor" app that checks your computer specs for compatability with vista.

Like many people, my main interest is the new "Aero" look.

Here are the results I got:
First of all, this is a laptop, and it has 128mb of shared video ram, not dedicated. But hey, if it comes up as dedicated, I can live with that.
It seems to meet every requirement except it needs a WDDM driver. Two questions on that...

1. What the hell is a WDDM driver?
2. Will I be able to get one, and use Aero?


A:WDDM Driver?

Checkout: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/evaluate/hardware/vistahardware.mspx

And I am moving your thread to the new Windows Vista forum.

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I have installed WDDM 1.2 for my APU A6-3650.
Does it mean that I will not be worry about graphic card driver such as updating new driver in the future after installing this WDDM 1.2?

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I am currently developing an XNA application and I require WDDM 1.1 driver. I have DirectX11 running. I did some searching around and read I can still download off Windows Update. I have a Nvidia 6150LE. Any particular update off Windows Update that I should be aware of ? I haven't been able to get it off nVidia. Can someone provide me with a link, to download the update either by nVidia or Microsoft.

A:Can I Still Get WDDM 1.1 Driver Download

You need to fill in your system specs. GeForce 6150LE fully supports Microsoft gaming application DirectX 9, but it does not support DirectX 10 or 11.

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I am looking for a downloadable WDDM Compatible drive
chececked the device manager and i have a standard VGA driver
ran a check on computer and got this as the problem

The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver.

I contacted the manufacturer but haven't found the graphics driver for a HP COMPAQ D530C
Would the best choice be to purchase a graphics card for the slot or if you now where i can find the driver it would be a helpful


HP/Compaq wont have a driver for it because Intel never made one. Here is what Intel has to say about the 865G chipset,


The best you're going to get for that old chipset is the last XP driver.

Here are the important specs for that model,

You didn't specify which of the three versions that model of Compaq came in. One has nothing but PCI slots, one will take a low profile AGP card, and one will take a regular size AGP card. If yours is one of the ones with an AGP slot in it about the cheapest Windows 7 compatible card for it would be something like this,

Newegg.com - ECS N6200A-512DZ-H GeForce 6200 512MB 64-bit DDR2 AGP 8X Low Profile Ready Video Card

If it is the PCI only model, then for the most part forget about it and make do with what you have because the PCI cards are about twice the price of the above AGP card. That and for the most part the price of the card is more than your computer is worth.

All things considering, with how old that computer is it really isn't worth putting any money into it. You would be better served to hold off until you can afford a new computer, as anything spent on your current one could be considered wasted as when the time comes and you do get a new computer you won't be able to move any of the parts from the old to the new.

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I was wondering what the nvidia version number is for the WDDM 1.1 drivers, I need to know this in order to get rivatuner working properly. For example, 180.22.

A:WDDM 1.1 Nvidia Version

not sure if this shows on the RC or not - but in 7077, it shows this info on the device driver details page:

Last 5 numbers of the entire string (in my case it is 181.72).

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what are the latest wddm drivers out right now and where can i d/l them? thanks

sorry just noticed wrong thread. how'd that happen

A:Latest wddm driver

On ATI and NVIDIA's respective websites.

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Hey, whoever is reading this. I'm having some trouble playing games minecraft, etc. I could play them on windows 7, but I upgraded to windows 10 than downgraded to windows 8 because there was an error on both OS "Lack of Updated Graphics Drivers."
I know that you need WDDM 1.2 to play games on windows 8.1. Also when I try to update it with device manager, it says its already updated enough so I cant install 1.2.
Intel core duo 2 processor
Intel(R)Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (Microsoft WDDM 1.1)

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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My computer will not run areo because of a non compatible wddm driver. It has run areo before so I know it can. Where can I get a wddm compatible driver?

A:Wddm compatible driver

Welcome to SF, Mjoe2.

Your system specs do not mention your video card. If it's onboard, you will need to be more specific on your model of Lenovo.

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i have a brand new acer aspire 4736z laptop which i have been using for about 2 months. i seriously get a lot of problems with it and one of which is the display. i am really conscious on how my system works especially its speed. and so far, i am not satisfied to my system right now.

the problem goes with the display driver. i have an oem version of windows 7 starter which is bundled with my laptop. i have used it for a couple of weeks but got no satisfaction because it really lacks a lot of features. then i decided to upgrade to home premium thru the windows anytime upgrade. it's well and good than before! though home premium was such an eye candy, there were lots of display problems with it.

he windows built in games such as 3d chess flickers for a while on its first use then displays a message "driver intel graphics accelerator for windows vista stopped responding and has successfully recovered". the message goes as well on my first use with the windows media player during dvd playback. after my initial use, those incidents did not repeat all over again. and after a week, i decided to play plants vs. zombies on my lappy. the game flickers everytime i open it and displays the same message. so i decided just to update my display driver thru windows updates. the driver intel wddm 1.1 was replaced by intel 4 chipset family. well, the problem with plant vs. zombies was now gone. but after a few days, i notice a few instances of slow down with my pc including ha... Read more

A:intel wddm 1.1 driver problem

Welcome to Windows Seven: Try uninstalling your WDDM1.1 drivers then go to Acer site choose which version of seven 32 or 64 bit you've installed and install the reinstall the chipset drivers, their only avalible in Vista so you'll need to use compatibility mode. Right clckk o the seup.exe file>properties>compatiblility choose vista and check the box run in compatiblility mode, install as administarator. Once you've done this re-install the WDDM1.1 drivers and lets see if their is a difference. Acer Support - Download Drivers Thanks. Fabe

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The trend of "automating" everything is making it harder and harder to do anything right. The latest screwup is the hiding of drivers behind auto-scan systems. Now I'd like to get the latest drivers for my nVidia cards, but I can't get them from nVidia except by installing JAVA. which I am NOT going to do, and I can't get them from Microsoft except by downloading EACH time I want to install on multiple machines. Since the drivers are 265 Mb that's a lot of wasted time and bandwidth. Where can I get the WDDM drivers directly (and ONCE) instead of having to use Windows Update on each machine? You can usually find hotfixes for direct download, so why not drivers?

A:Where do you download WDDM driver package?

Hi Alchemist You can download your NVIDIA drivers from the NVIDIA Drivers webpage without using Java. What is your graphic card brand and model, and also, exact version of Windows? Also, do you have a computer or a laptop?

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The nvidia drivers have been updated on WU, to version 368.20.
I opened DXDiag and noticed WDDM was also updated to v2.1 and the DirectX DDI to v11.4.

Is this a beta driver? Or is DxDiag displaying incorrect information?

Because the latest driver from the nvidia site (368.29) shows WDDM 2.0 and DX DDI 11.3.

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I installed a Sapphire Radeon X1300 PCI-e card in a system running Windows 7 Home Premium. The system runs a lot better with the card but I get the following error when I try using the Aero glass effect:

"The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM)."

Haven't had much luck trying to find this one on my own. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Looking for a WDDM video card driver

Welcome to Seven Forums please fill in all your system specs this will help us help you. From what I know about ATi and it is limited, the X1300 has been relegated to legacy drivers, the best place to look is on the AMD ATI site for more information The Catylast 9.4 driver is listed but only for Vista 32 bit with a lot of disclaimers ATI Catalyst?„? Legacy Display Driver. Unfortunately I use Nvidia so I certian those members who use ATI can provide you with better information. Fabe

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I have a Dell Vostro 1510 running Win 7 Ent x64 with a Nvidia 8400M GS graphic card.
It works fine with the WDDM Driver but when i install nvidia driver the display is not looking so nice:
I have to do a system restore or start it in fail safe and uninstall the nvidi driver to be able to see anything on my screen.

Tested with the latest:
Version 310.90 - WHQL Release Date Sat Jan 05, 2013 Operating System Windows 7 64-bit
I aloso testade som older drivers and the one from dells page but i gett the same problem.
Any ideas or any other driver i can test to install?

A:Nvida 8400M GS only working with WDDM

Hi vovven,

'nVidia 8500M GPU' comes as 'factory installed' with 'Vostro 1510' laptop. This model has been tested by Dell with 'Windows XP and Windows Vista 32 bit' only; therefore its 'Windows 7 compatible drivers' are not listed on 'Dell Support Website'.

However, nVidia does offer 'Windows 7' compatible drivers for '8500M adapter'; version that you've tried (310.90) is the best available option.

As an OEM product, the device drivers may be 'custom designed'; this may be the reason why the 'nVidia driver' has not worked efficiently on your system. You may try to install 'Windows XP' compatible drivers (from Dell Support Website) in 'Compatibility Mode'; it may produce better results:
- Click Driver Details | Dell United States to download the file
- Follow the steps listed in this tutorial to install the driver in 'Windows XP sp2' compatibility mode: Compatibility Mode

Hope this helps. Do reply with the findings; would be glad to assist.

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Hi, I'm new to windows 7 and the forums. I'm trying to find a way to run the aero effects, without spending more than $400.00, as I can buy a new system for that kind of money.

Hardware: ibm intellistation m pro 6225-22u

3.6GHz intel p4 cpu

3.0Gb RAM

Windows 7 home premium 32bit sp1

Nvidia quadro fx1300 graphics card.

I can't run aero effects as the driver doesnt support wddm.

Can anyone suggest either a driver that will allow me to use the aero effects or a video card that can run a wddm supported driver?

Or am I just engaging in a fools errand? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Aero effects, wddm problems

The whole problem was an old graphics card. I upgraded to an Nvidia gt620 and everything is working perfectly now.

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My Aero isn't working. When I troubleshoot the issue I get the response of "The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with Windows Display Driver Model. (WDDM) Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM compatibility driver." I have research HP Sites & I am unsure of the manufacturer of the driver. My laptop is a HP Pavilion g7 1017cl. Windows 7, 64 bit. Please help....

A:WDDM Compatibility Driver Window 7

Looking for this?

Software & driver downloads HP Pavilion g7-1017cl Notebook PC | HP? Support

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