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installing windows 10 on inspiron 3542 after SSD upgrade

Q: installing windows 10 on inspiron 3542 after SSD upgrade

I bought my inspiron 3542 (i5 4210u, 4gb Ram, 1TB HDD) 2 years ago. It came with windows 8.1 pre-installed and I've upgraded to windows 10 during the free upgrade period.
However, I would like to replace my existing HDD with an SSD (Amazon: https://goo.gl/tckHx2)

Will my laptop model support the aforementioned Samsung SSD ?
How do I reinstall windows 10 from my existing HDD to the new SSD? note: it's upgraded from windows 8.1 so I don't know how to reinstall an upgraded windows 10.
Would I face any issues for resetting/restoring windows after installing windows 10 on the new SSD?
Are there any drivers(Firmware, GPU, CPU,etc.) that need to be installed for win10 on the new SSD on my inspiron 3542 laptop?

Thanks in Advance!

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Preferred Solution: installing windows 10 on inspiron 3542 after SSD upgrade

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I read in a post its possible to swap your DVD Drive with another SSD or HDD drive. So i am planning to upgrade my laptop (i know its quite old :P ) with both my legacy HDD and install SSD for the optical driver place. Is it possible ? if how then kindly let me know a guide please.

A:inspiron 3542 Help installing HDD and SDD together

If you want to be sure of booting the system from the SSD, replace the hard drive with it and mount the hard drive in a third-party adapter in place of the optical drive.  Most of these adapters will work with a storage drive but will not work as boot devices.

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Currently I am using Following Ram Configuration in my laptop
I want to upgrade it to 8 GB. I guess I have single slot & maximum limit is 8 GB.
Can anyone tell me how much will it cost? and where do u have service center in Kolkata, India?

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Hi guys, I have a dell inspiron 15 3542. Im planning on upgrading the wifi card to some third party card. My question is, is the wifi card binded or proprietary to the system? Is there really anything preventing me from using a third party adapter, provided it is the right form factor and is the same slot?

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As the machine didn't come with no Windows OS, so can I use DELL Windows 8.1 OS Recovery in Inspiron 15 3542 and download all the drivers available in the DELL website, and install them according to the installation order and use an activator for the OS, will it work ?? please suggest me any one. Because right after purchasing the Laptop with so much money i can't buy an OS paying a good amount of money. 

A:Can Install Windows 8.1 in Inspiron 15 3542

Did you purchase this system with Linux?

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I am having trouble with my Dell Inspiron 3542. 
When laptop is plugged in, the brightness keys works fine but when system is running on battery, the brightness changes to 100% and brightness keys stops working, the brightness widget pops up and shows that brightness is being increased or decreased but no actual change in screen brightness takes place. I am running windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics driver version
I recently got my screen display replaced as it had started malfunctioning. Could that be the reason for my troublers? Please help. Thanks.

A:Inspiron 3542 brightness issue windows 10

Please check the battery setting on the system.Type Setting onto [Cortana] search box, select System, and then battery, see image below):
Dell Inspiron 3543, window 10. Running Windows 10 Creator Fall update:

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Ever since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, this SoftThinks Agent Service is taxing my HDD to 100% slowing things down.
This is related to Dell Backup and Recovery software. I can kill this service and that's that but every-time I start up, this happens.
As for sleep mode, I will come back to my laptop and raise the lid, hit the keys, move the mouse, nothing. I hit the power button and nothing. So I hold the power button and then hit it to boot up, so clearly there are issues in relation to sleep mode and something shutting it off. (others have posted the same)
I installed all newest Intel drivers on your site and I read 1 user stated to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage, which I did. Intel Management Engine remains as I am still trying to troubleshoot. Are you testing all these new drivers you are putting out for download? Do I need to go back to Win8.1, your site said my laptop could be upgraded.
Please advise and "do the needful".

A:Inspiron 3542 - Win10 upgrade issues - SoftThinks Agent Service utilizing 100% HDD & sleep mode/power issues

same thing here as far as the power issues. you must remove the 2 other intel things that were installed along with the Intel rapid storage
intel security assist
intel management engine something or other (cant remember the exact name) 
i still have the intel graphics and chipset drivers installed without any problems. it was just the intel rapid storage stuff that caused all the power , sleep mode problems..

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I've seen this problem reported for other Dell machines for a year now, since Windows 10 came out, but not for my model.
Since installing Windows 10, I can't use my SD card slot to write to, format, etc. a microSD card with adaptor. I can see the drive, read the card, and transfer files from it, but when I try to write I get an error message that the disk is write protected. It isn't. The exact same cards and adaptors work fine in my son's computer, and the cards work fine in my phone.
I just updated all my drivers and it still isn't working. When will Dell finally provide a fix for this? I can't even find any indication that they're working on it.

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dear Team,
             How to Adjust brightness contol in my dell inspiron 3542 model laptop OS-windows 7 ultimate.
in keyboard button cant adjust.  I tried lot of time. But cannot found. pls suggest me how to adjust in control panel? 

A:How to Adjust brightness contol in my dell inspiron 3542 model laptop OS-windows 7 ultimate

Thank you for writing to us!
To change the display brightness on a laptop

Open Power Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then clicking Power Options.
Move the slider next to Screen brightness at the bottom of the screen. The brightness changes automatically.

Kindly let us know if this helps.

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Hi my laptop's camera is suddenly not working properly, camera image showing as revsere color.
Checkout this result.
I have also tried to uninstall camera from device manager but problem isn't solved yet, still same result.

Asif Soomro

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I am trying to install WinXP on my newly bought Inspiron 15 3542 but the setup process can't start. I get BSOD every time i try to install it. I tried implementing SATA driver from the drivers section -
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver View details
Serial-ATA_Driver_NX86M_WN_12.8.2.1000_A00.EXE | Update Package for Microsoft® Windows® (23 MB)
Serial ATA |
Release date 4/11/2014
| Last Updated 5/2/2014
| Recommended

into Windows XP installation, but this doesn't help. I think this driver is for W7 or higher. I wanted to change the SATA interface from AHCI to ATA in bios but there is nothing to select, only AHCI mode is present. Can you tell me where can I find a SATA driver that will work for AHCI mode to install WinXP on this model of laptop.
Thank you.

A:Win XP on Inspiron 15 3542

ur problem is win xp! what u are doing man?

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Windows updates couldn't find them.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586)

Screenshot of outdated drivers:

A:Dell Inspiron 3542

You may need to get these drivers directly from the DELL website:


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I have a 2 questions:
1. I bought Dell Inspiron 3542 Laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. At first launch it ask me to update. I agreeded to update. After updating is no sound integrated dynamics. But if I attach external dynamics, sounds exists.
2. Also update-manager asks to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS. On time I try this, but updating failed and I haved to return laptop to factory state with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.


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Which screwdriver should be used for removing chassis of Dell Inspiron 3542 for replacing the ram?

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My desktop 'died' and now I have to use this laptop. The desktop had a nice keyboard and I would prefer to use that keyboard on the laptop. Here are the keyboard details:
Logitech - Internet Pro keyboard
Model Name: Y-SZ49
P/N: 867449-0403
It is PS/2 . Can I simply add a PS/2 to USB adaptor and use it ? How is the Inspiron 3542 configured to cater for a larger keyboard ?

A:Inspiron 3542 and PS2 keyboard

It should work with a keyboard to USB adapter -- but note that these are different from mouse to USB adapters, so make sure you purchase the the correct adapter.

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I noticed that while using battery, color distortion appeared on the screen, the screen seems washed out, after I plug in the adapter, everything backs to normal, I try to turn off any power save function in the graphic control panel(the Intel one, my computer doesn't have any individual graphic card), or in the windows power panel,  it just doesn't work, how do I solve this issue

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I purchased this Laptop in Austrlia in July 2014. Have been using it most days since then. The battery has died.
The light on the front RHS that is usually blue, is flashing, blue and red. Power up - a message appears - "Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility".  Some questions:
1. What is the warranty of the battery
2. What is the part number of the battery for replacement.
3.  Can I purchase a battery with greater storage (mAh )
4. is the battery 11.1V or 14.8V
Also, for the last 6 to 8 weeks, I have been using the laptop with the power connected all the time. Has that affected the life of the battery ?

A:Inspiron 3542 - No battery

1.  12 months from the date of first service (even if the system has a longer warranty).
2.  V8VNT
3.  No - it appears only a 4-cell is available for this model.

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can this ram be fitted in my dell inspiron 3542 laptop: all of these are manufactured by Hyperx.
Impact SODIMM - 8GB Module - DDR3L 2133MHz CL11 SODIMM
Impact SODIMM - 8GB Module - DDR3L 1866MHz CL11 SODIMM

Impact SODIMM - 8GB Module - DDR3L 1600MHz CL9 SODIMM

A:dell inspiron 3542 ram

There's no point in using the faster RAM - DDR3L-1600-CL11 RAM is fine.  As for compatibility you'll have to ask Kingston.   The RAM they sell for Dell systems is usually fine - but it's not HyperX;  the part numbers begin with KTD.

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The inspiron 15  (3542) had something spilled on it not sure what. The system works just fine accept for the sticky keyboards, it still works though. The problem according to the user is the "g" key does not work at all.  When you turn the laptop on open word all you see is "ggggggggggggggggggggg" continously running until you hit enter or hit another key. After it stops the"g" key does not work anymore. I have replaced the keyboard and get the same exact problem with the new keyboard. The only things I can think of for the problem are new keyboard is bad or a short in the motherboard. Does anyone have any insight to this fix?

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Hello everyone!
Recentl I decided to experience with a new PLC program software from a company called Beckhoff.
The program is called TwinCAD and I am using the free version of it which runs through Visual studio 2013.
When I try to run a project solution I get an error saying that Intel VT-x is not enabled in my BIOS. 
I downloaded the latest version of compatible BIOS in my computer.I searched in BIOS for this feature but all I found is a "virtualization" choice and that was already enabled. I  downloaded the Dell CCTK configuration wizard and enabled the VT-d option in there as well.
In the specifications of my laptop it says that VT-x is provided but I cannot make my program to work.
Can any of you please tell me what else to do?

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When I tell it to shutdown it will shut off and immediately come back on.  I have checked of driver updates and am current for all updates.

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The left touchpad button no longer works. I am trying to find the part number and where to order it from Dell.

I have found M214V (touchpad and palm rest) and this 460.00H0N.0002 for the touchpad by itself. But apparently only ebay, amazon, and every other repair store on the internet sell them. Where can I find the correct parts from Dell?  

A:Inspiron 15 3542 Touchpad replacement

You'll need to call Dell Spare Parts.
In the USA:  800-357-3355
Outside the US, call your local Dell office and ask for Spare Parts.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3542 running Windows 10.
No app can find my camera.  Everything I try indicates this laptop does not have a camera.  I have used the webcam in the past, but it has been at least a year.
Within Device Manager, under Imaging Devices I show and Integrated Webcam and an MX420 Series camera.  Both show they are working, and the drivers are up to date.
I feel a service may have stopped running or something along those lines in the background.  But, I am stumped.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Webcam not found - Inspiron 3542

Does the camera application work in start screen? Does skype work? Does the built in mic work when you try recording? 
Open the camera application and swivel the screen and check if the camera works.
Check if an external webcam works.
Enable the built in admin account and check if it works - http://bit.ly/1JoFhcw
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. 
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I just want to know that is it possible to unlock the bios of Inspiron 3542 or reset the password?

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I turned on my computer this morning and have the following error

"Internal Hard drive not found to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive.
"No Bootable devices--Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 to enter setup menu, F5 for PSA"

I removed and reseated the HDD. I'm getting the same error.
According to the BIOS setup I have a "Fixed HDD Toshiba MQ01ABF050 (500 GB)"
According to the F5 PSA for Hard Drive 0 "ePSA 4236.5 Success All tests passed"
Service Tag <removed>
If I go to the setup and change the boot option to "Legacy" from "UEFI" and boot from a USB recovery disk Chkdsk /f finds no problems. Diskpart shows 4 partitions.

I tried to recover the OS from the USB recovery drive and at 99% comes up with an error. "There was a problem resetting your PC" I'm back to the original problem.
Computer Originally came with Windows 8 and was upgraded to 10.
I am currently downloading Windows 10 via microsoft's media creation tool and will do a diskpart /clean and clean install.
I assume this is a BIOS problem since Bios detects it, PSA passes, then appears bootstrap or something does not work. I also can not access partition 4 the recovery partition.
Dell what should I do?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3542 HDD problem

You can't change the mode from UEFI to Legacy without reloading the OS - and the reload image is made to boot the system in UEFI mode.
When you ran the diagnostic, did you do the surface test (takes a couple of hours) or the quick 10-min test?  If the latter, do the former - you'll likely find the drive is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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Hi All,

I bought my Inspiron 15 3542 back in November and would like to replace the existing keyboard with a backlit one. I think the part number is G7P48. My question is if the laptop didn't come with this feature, will this replacement work?


A:Inspiron 15 3542 backlit keyboard

Hi Nick,
Dell Inspiron 15 3542 is shipped with only Chiclet style keyboard you will not find any compatible backlit keyboard for this system.

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I just upgraded my Inspiron 3542 to Windows 10 Home Single Language edition. I installed all the drivers from the dell Drivers and Downloads website. I am having a problem with playing YouTube videos. Whenever I increase or decrease the volume using the built in volume keys the video keeps starting from 00:00 minutes. And whenever I push the seek to some midway of the video it gives me a blue rectangle line on the seek. Please help me . I am using Google Chrome with the latest update.

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I am having a serious problem on my dell inspiron 3542. whenever i click refresh on the desktop it refreshes but the top left icon gets clicked always. and when i hover the mouse cursor over the icons it immediately gives the information about it even though when normal it takes some time to give information. Also, whenever i type number 8 from the numpad the mouse cursor shifts automatically to extreme left of that sentence or word. also when i scroll from top to bottom, it won't let me scroll down.
I even reset the laptop but i kept the personal files and installed windows again. But it didn't solve the problem.
Please help me fast. I am experiencing this problem from the past 4 days. I am running Windows 10 Pro build 1703 64bit with all latest updates and 4GB ram core i5 4210u.

A:Dell Inspiron 3542 problem

Is this using the touchpad, or with an external mouse?

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Can someone please tell which RAM will work and set perfectly for DELL Inspiron 3542 Core i7 4th Gen Laptop. (Already has 4GB installed in it)

I want to buy from FlipKart(Because of Cash on delivery) Can someplace please look up FlipKart and suggest me the right RAM??

If you find from Amazon.in also fine. As long as it's Cash on delivery. (If no COD, then also let me know.(


A:Buying 4GB RAM for DELL Inspiron 3542

I've always used---

Welcome to Crucial USA

to find my RAM upgrades.

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Hi. My Dell Inspiron 3542 isn't starting up properly. Its more like its continuously restarting on its own.
Yesterday night it was working perfectly. I either shut down or hibernated my system. But today morning when I tried to turn on my system it started causing problems.
When I press the power button the power LED blinks white for about 1 second, then turns off for about 4 seconds, then repeats the cycle endlessly. Alongside, the keyboard back-light is also lighting up (low brightness) for about 1 second then turns off for about 4 second, then repeats the cycle endlessly. There aren't any other signs of life, nor is there any error display or beeping sound.
Please help.

A:Dell Inspiron 3542 not starting up

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly check if the system boots is safe mode with networking and if the system does then try system restore which help .
If that doesnt work kindly update the BIOS update and also run extended diagnostics on the system .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I am completely disappointed with my Dell Inspiron 3542, that one, which comes with Core i3.
Previously I recommended everybody to buy Dell laptops because of the ratio quality/price. Even bought almost the same laptop for my parents. Almost all my friends bought Dell laptops and now I AM FILLING SHAME OF THAT!
Bought it around 3 years ago. 
The first problem that appeared - vertical lines of different colors. When you take laptop from the back and open it after - a lot of lines appear after you turn it on. The same history when you push a little bit a l DELL logo under a display!
Second - one day it stopped working. No reaction on start button. I paid $150  to fix it.
Third one - one day battery decided to die. Now it work only when it is on charging cable.
What is going on? Why quality is  SO bad?
All previous dell laptops that I used - I changed them because only they became morally outdated, I had no problems with them.
And now I am absolutely disappointed.

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My Dell Inspiron 3542 power off When Booting, Sometimes on Desktop, Sometimes on BIOS.I Checked Power Adapter, Battery, RAM & Hard Disk. They Working Fine.

A:Dell Inspiron 3542 power off

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly check if the system comes up to the Dell Logo and if it does kindly follow the steps :
1- boot into safe mode with networking 
2- run diagnostics on the systems to check if there are hard ware issues.
3- release flee power and check if the system boots 
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Noticing when I had a battery problem, the trouble shooting tips wanted to install detection software. It's all Windows based though. The same with drivers, etc, and other support tools.
There are these articles here though - http://www.dell.com/learn/au/en/audhs1/campaigns/dell-linux-ubuntu-en

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Dear sir,

After update Window 10 pro 32 bit  touchpad not working.
And also not found driver for window 10 32 bit.
Also try to installed window 8.1 driver but not work.
kindly help us to solved touchpad issue on dell inspiron 3542 windows 10 pro 32 bit OS.
we are waiting for your reply.

A:dell inspiron 3542 window 10 pro 32 bit

Why 32 Bit?

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On pressing the power button, the keyboard and Power LED lights blink once but laptop does not boot. Keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds makes these lights blink continuously but laptop does not switch on. Power LED light does not glow when AC adapter is connected and switched on. Have removed the battery/adapter, pressed the power button for 60-sec. Tried Fn+Power button. Nothing seems to work. Tried another Dell adapter, without any success. Is it a power-related failure?

A:Dell Inspiron 3542 not powering on

Could be, but even if it is, it's the mainboard that has failed.

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Hello ! Today I bought a brand new laptop. It came with ubuntu OS, everything was working fine, but I've decided to install windows 8.1 on it. After I've installed windows my new laptop can't connect to the internet. At first I've thought that I might been having some issues with my router, but since other devices(laptops, cellphones) can access the internet in my house that doesn't seem to be the problem.
Shall Any one help me on this please...

A:Inspiron 3542 Wifi , Blutooth is not working..

Hi narrapriya1,
Please punch in the system service tag or express service code from the link below. Then Click on System configuration tab and then Click on Components and find the wireless card of the system and then download the wireless card driver found under Network section.
Also, Refer to the link below to install drivers in correct order for issue resolution.

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No problem with sound on headphones
Speakers tested and working fine under dell tests
Followed all forums recommended answers but still speakers are soundless under ubuntu 12.04 !!!

A:No speaker sound inspiron 15-3542 ubuntu 12.04 but ...

Hi Robert,
thanks for your answer, but the problem is probably solved from dell support.
It's a hardware problem and they will replace notebook's speakers

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Dear Friends,

Yesterday I was using my laptop as usual and suddenly saw Kernel Memory Dump BSOD and then nothing happened for more than 5mins. I used the power key to shut the computer. Now when I am trying to start it, it won't start.

I am using DELL Inspiron 15 (3542) model with Windows 10.

I tried removing the battery, and AC power and then pressing the power button for more than 30 sec and then connecting all. BUT nothing. What I can see is, the LED light blink as well as the DVD player light too.

I updated the BIOS earlier and my Windows 10 was also updated.

Please guide me on how I can fix the issue? I am in hurry as I have some important files on it and also need the laptop for some major works.

Waiting for your suitable replies...!!!

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Hey guys,
I am using dell inspiron 3542. I am facing a problem. I can access airplane mode button its not working (but other functions are working like print screen). I visited FAQs i tried reinstalling network drivers but its not working help me guyzz.?

A:air plane mode button inspiron 3542

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be of help...
How to Fix Windows 10 Airplane Mode Problem:

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J have problem with my new dell inspiron 15 3542. When the laptop is on, and j charge the baterry to full, from that point, with normaly use (listening the music, surfing, etc.) the baterry least for 3-4 hours, but in the evening when j shut down the laptop, no mether how the state of baterry is, in the morrning when j want to turn on the laptop, j can not because the baterry is drain to 0%, and that happens always. J bought the laptop 6 days ago, it is new. Do anyone have the same or similar problem. Help please....

A:Dell inspiron 15 3542 baterry problem

" I bought the laptop 6 days ago "

Update System Setup (BIOS):

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Dell Inspiron 3542
Windows 10 Home 64bit (1703)
I was watching (and hearing), videos with the laptop at rest on top of my desk and suddenly sound went mute. I check all the typical culprits (Volume Mixer, Playback Devices, Dell Audio Sound Manager, downloaded and reinstalled latest driver, etc), but no sound. Sound does work with headphones and when I insert them the system automatically detects them and adjust volume. When I remove them the system quickly sense that and adjust the volume. So I came here and read Jimco's FAQ. Followed all the recommendations and ran the pre-boot assessment test. Sadly I can not hear the 8 tones. So now, what are my options to fix the problem?

A:Inspiron 3542 no sound from internal speakers

Hi. If ther laptop is still under warranty, contact tech support for service.

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HelloI have a Dell Inspiron 3542 laptopwhen it is plugged into the charger, I have no power no LED indicator nothing ... just components that heat up in the motherboard.Maybe I have a short circuit in the motherboard.I disassembled my laptop. I downloaded the schematic: Dell Inspiron 15-3542 Wistron Cedar 13269-1 FX3MC.Well, when I plugged the laptop into the charger, the PU4503 IC (TPS51225RUKR-GP) heats up too much (soo hot), and PL4501 and PL4502 warm up a bit.please help me to find the shortcut.Thank you .

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3542 i3 no power no charging no led !!!!!

You've isolated it to a bad mainboard - which needs to be replaced.  Unless you've got several thousand dollars' worth of test/repair equipment handy,  this is a replacement - not a repair.
If you do have such equipment, and the troubleshooting skills - you can try a repair.

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It worked fine on Windows 7, but simply stopped working when i formatted my hard drive and installed Windows 8.1 32-bit edition.
The touchpad didn't even work during Windows 8.1 installation (I used bootable USB to install Windows 8.1) After the install, I downloaded and installed every single driver that there is on Dell Support website They all installed and worked perfectly without errors. Even the Synaptics Touchpad driver was installed without any error but the touchpad simply doesn't work.
In the device manager, under input devices, there is only USB mouse listed. That too disappears if  I unplug the mouse from USB. Under "Other Devices" there are 4 unknown devices. I tried installing them by right clicking>update driver>search online but it fails. I even tried that hardware troubleshoot option which tries to find drivers online and install but that too failed.
So i ran the startup Dell Diagnostics, and the touchpad worked fine in the diagnostic screen. But soon as windows boots, it stops respoding like it doesn't even exist.
I also tried 'clean boot' (Disabling all non-microsoft services and startup programs, i even tried disabling microsoft services too!) but i didn't work.
So at last, i formatted the hard drive and again and installed same windows again, this time as a clean install. But then again, the touchpad didn't work.

So apparently i have already tried every option i could find on the internet and my touchpad s... Read more

A:Touchpad not working Dell Inspiron 3542

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.
Disabling or Enabling the Touchpad on a Dell Notebook ...

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I am experiencing too much problem of my laptop keyboard.
1) Whenever I adjust the brightness of the screen using the inbuilt brightness keys which are F11  and F12, on the desktop the top left icon gets selected and when I refresh the desktop it again gets selected. Due to this I am also experiencing scrolling problem. Whenever I scroll down a page using the Down arrow, it doesn't let me scroll down and even if I manage to scroll down, the page goes up again. The arrow keys don't work properly.
2) When I press any key from the numpad, the cursor shifts to the extreme left of the sentence while typing.
Please help me because I am learning programming on this laptop and it is very important for me to practice it. So please reply back with a solution as soon as possible.
I am running Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit.

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When the right arrow key is spamming the touchpad stops working. This goes on for a long time, stops for a few minutes, then starts again. When the spamming stops, the touchpad starts working again but the right arrow key does not. so I just do a hard reset even though i have the problem i already seen some one who asked the same question and some one replied to them that to remove the battery and switch it back i even did that to but it not working for . Please help me, I have dell Inspiron 3542.

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I bought Inspiron 3542 laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
At first launch I update software by request from update manager. And then I met problem. There is no sound in built-in speakers. But if  I use external speakers souns is ok

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