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Adding 2nd HD Question

Q: Adding 2nd HD Question

I have a small HD--3.2 GB-- (taken out of another computer) that I would like to add to my computer (Dell XPS-R400). This additional drive was taken directly out of another computer and still has data (and Windows 95) on it. Once I set the jumpers appropriately to reflect that this drive will be a slave drive, will it work without any sort of reformatting or setup software being run?

Kent Kester

Preferred Solution: Adding 2nd HD Question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Adding 2nd HD Question

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Okay, this might get a little long winded but I have a hypothetical set of questions to ask.

Background on specs..See image...

Disk 0 Simply storage.
Disk 1 Vista (C: Windows7 (F: Data/Storage (G:
Disk 2 (H: Usb Storage Drive.
Disk 3 (K: Usb Backups from Windows7/Vista image created from within windows7.

I just created a backup image of disk 1 which backs up the whole drive vista/windows7 and the storage partition, within the last hour.

Here comes the hypothetical part.

I would like to try installing MAC OS X on a partition I will create on disk 0 (say 25gig) leaving the rest of the drive as it is currently.

If I can manage to get the MAC OS installed onto the partition and it even works, that would be fine (worked in VMware).

The issue will be that I will mess the bootloader up as far as my windows drive goes which I will need to fix.

My question is this, since I just made a system image back up of the drive that holds all the windows partitions and the install of the MAC OS is not on the same drive can I simply boot the recovery disk and restore the images for my windows drive thinking it should also restore the bootloader for windows as it is currently?

Also, there is no problem restoring the image if stored on a usb hard drive right?

At that point I would expect to have the dual boot options I have presently, knowing I can't boot back into the MAC side yet.

However, If I download EasyBCD (or something better if someone has a suggestion) Open it, c... Read more

A:Question on Adding another OS.

Boot off the install DVD and you can fix the boot files. It may take 3 reboots.

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I have a Dell 8100 Dimension, 1.5GHZ. with 256MB PC800 RDRAM. I would lile to add more Ram. Where are the best buys available? TIA.

A:Adding RAM question

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Hi all,
I need to add a third hdd to my K8N motherboard which current has an "E" backup drive in addition to my C drive. I've created a image of the current C drive with Acronis and what I would like to do is add the new hdd, restore the image to it, and then use what is now the current C drive as a backup, as well as the "current" backup drive for a total of three altogether.
What problems will I encounter when trying to boot to the new drive so I can restore the image, how do I set the jumpers on the current two drives, etc. ?
Thought I'd ask before I make a mess of things. Thanks for any info.
Btw they will all be IDE drives , not SATA.

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I currently have a Gateway Pentium CPU 1.50 GHz with 256 ram. I run a lot of programs at once and it keeps telling me I am running out of virtual memory. If I purchase more ram would that help? I dont even know what I would purchase? I just dont know what would be the best for my computer or if there is a certain name I would need to buy.
Please help me and tell me what I would need to buy. I
have installed ram on my older computer a couple of years ago so I think I could install it myself.
Thank You

A:question about adding ram

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I'm running XP with a 2.6 gig processor....currently I have 640 MB of RAM installed....if I put another 512MB stick in.....would there be a noticeable difference?


A:adding more RAM question

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A guy gave me a WD 80 gig HD. Not sure what to do with it now. I dont want to replace the 60 gig I have in my PC now, just want to add this one. any help would be gr8

A:Question on adding a used HD

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I have a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 Motherboard running 4 gigs of ram has anyone with this same board ran 8 gigs without problems? Here is the ram I plan to double. Newegg.com - G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ Thanks for reviews or opinions.

A:adding 4 gigs of ram question

The only thing that might happen is that it can affect your overclock, you will not see any drastic difference in normal every day things. What is your main use of the computer?

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I have 4 slots. 1st 2 each have 64 megs-PC100(sdram). A friend gave me...(new, in package) 2 32 meg modules. When I installed them computer seems to only recognize the first one at post(count goes to 163)...I shut down before Windows started and removed the last 32...still counts 163...let Windows load.

Belarc says this under memory heading...

160 Megabytes Installed Memory
64 Megabyte Module Size - 2 Installed
32 Megabyte Module Size - 1 Installed
One Memory Socket is Empty

What is my problem, my socket or module...I know I could test this by removing the 32 that is working in third slot, and plugging in the other one, but man these things fit tight. What would you guys do?

A:Question about adding memory.

Try taking out all 4 ram modules and try only the apperant not working one. If it works, the take it out and try the other 32. If that works, then try both 32s at the same time. If you get only one working try taking them out and switching slots. If that works try all 4 in again and if you get the same problem, switch the 32s around. Don't switch witht he 64 as the biggest should go in first. (so the 2 64s should be in slot 0 and 1, as it sounds like they are) If that still doesn't work... is all the ram made by the same manufacture? Did you double check that all the ram is the same speed?

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I'm about to get myself a new mobo/proc/memory upgrade and a new copy of windows 7 (using xp now)
Harddrive and graphic card will be replaced later on
My question is: when i add the new hd an card in a month or two and i do a clean installation of windows 7 will it tell me that i can not install windows 7 with that key because it is registered to "another" computer because the hardware setup has been changed?

(hope not, if so i will have to wait..)

thanks in advance

A:question about adding new hardware

What type of license are you buying for Windows 7? If it is retail, you'll have nothing to worry about. If you are buying a system builder/OEM, then technically, it should be okay, because you'd only be swapping the graphics cards, but you occasionally might have to call in the activation.

That all being said, if you do a clean install now, there's no need to do another just because you are upgrading your video card.

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Im using XP but using the Windows Classic look. Ive created menus for the toolbar for my c: drive and my computer. I would like to add these menus to my start menu so that at the top of my start menu there are menus for my c: drive and my computer. How can I do that.

A:Question About Adding Toolbar

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I was given a PC with a bad HD. I replaced it with a 20 gig drive that had 98 on it. I formatted that drive. I'm ready to do a clean XP install.

I'm about to pick up a Western Digital 250 gig drive. I want that one to be my slave drive.

I'm not sure which is better, install XP on the 20 gig drive first and get the PC up and running then add the 250 gig drive?

Or add the 250 gig drive first and install XP?

Also not sure if XP has to be installed on the 250 gig drive. I would think it does but I was wondering if I installed the 20 gig drive with XP first that XP would recognize the 250 gig drive when I added it later?

Thanks for any help.

A:[SOLVED] Adding 2nd HD question

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If I already have 256MB of RAM and I add 512MB does that mean that I will have a total of 768MB or will I lose the 256MB & just have the new 512MB?

A:Question about Adding Memory

768MB if your motherboard supports it. You should try the Crucial Memory Advisor™ Tool to find out.

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I am usingBurn4Free to burn pictures onto cds. Once I burn say 170MB, if I try to burn more pictures at a later date, it is not letting me add images to the cd. How can I not finalize the cd after each burn?

Is there a better free burning software available? I use windows ME.


I have gone to preferences and turned off close disc (finalize) under both audio an ddata volume/info.

A:CD burning question, how to be able to keep adding files..


I don't know, I can just keep adding to a cd-r as many times as I want. I remember it saying something about finalizing the cd each time, but I didn't finalize so I could keep adding. I used the built in cd burning program in xp.

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My computer will hold 2 gigs of RAM. My question is this, It has 512 in it, I ordered another gig of ram, does it matter which on is in the first slot, should the biggest stick be first or does it matter? I don't think it matters but I wouldnt be here if were sure. So Does it matter which stick is in the first slot?

A:Windows xp home sp2--a question about adding ram

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I'm relatively experienced with building computers but not so much with RAID configurations, I've never had much reason to use them before. Anyway, I'm building two PCs for someone which each have 2 drives in a RAID 1 array - one of them is currently installing windows 7 to be ready for use.

My problem is that the other had a drive dead on arrival and a replacement won't be coming for a while (there are problems with the distributor), so I only have the one. My question is: if I install windows 7 on the PC with one drive, and install the RAID drivers while doing so, will I be able to just mirror the drive when the replacement arrives and set it to RAID 1? It'd be helpful to have a working computer until the drive is finally delivered.

I'm using the onboard controller of a Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P, if that's important.


A:RAID question - adding a drive later


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I am currently trying to troubleshoot a problem with my wireless network. I am using the built in wireless card in my laptop (Intel PRO/wireless 2915ABG).

It's been running fine for about a year now but has started to act up. What I would like to do to rule out the Intel card in the laptop is to plug in my Linksys card that I use on my old laptop into the laptop with the problem through the PCMCIA slot.

My question is, would this cause conflicts with the system as there would be two wireless cards trying to operate at the same time (and also they are two different makes, one Intel, and the other Linksys)?

The problem I am experiencing is that the wireless card can detect networks, but has trouble connecting to some of them. I have done a virus/adware scan, but found nothing. It seems strange that it would start acting up after running OK for almost a year. It seems intermittent, sometimes OK, and then after a while it cannot connect. Wondering if perhaps the Intel card is starting to go?

A:Question about adding a wireless adapter

To avoid any chance of interference between two adapters, either turn off the integrated one (using the actual or virtual [key combination] switch on the laptop) or in Network Connections right click on that adapter and select 'disable.'

For the Intel adapter my (standard) suggestion is to get the latest driver and utility from your laptop manufacturer's web site, use the Intel utility and make sure WZC is turned off.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 570 desktop, with 4 1GB sticks. I want to upgrade to 8 GB, and crucial tells me to get "11321Crucial Ballistix Sport 2GB DDR3-1600 UDIMM".

Do I have to fill all 4 slots, or can I just get 1 8GB stick, or 2 4 GB sticks?

Thank you.

A:Question about adding RAM, filling all slots?

Take your pick Doc, shouldn't make any difference, unless your comp cant take 8, check specs at Dell.


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Simple question here: I currently have 512 ram, I want to double that to 1 gb.

Can i just get a 512 stick and install it, or do I need matching RAM etc.?

A:adding RAM question (wrong forum?)

Ram is extremely finicky. You can't just buy any ol' 512, unfortunately.

What motherboard do you have, and what kind of ram do you currently have installed?

If you don't know, you can run this program on your computer, and tell us the results.


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Here's the situation:

Running Windows 2000 Pro, have 2 network card installed. The first network card I have installed is plugged into 2 other computers through a switch and is segmented from the entire network. The reason why I'm installing the second network card is to have Internet and printing purposes. Anyways, I installed the second nic and plugged the network cable into my other switch which is tied into my network. I entered in all my settings IP, Gateway, DNS, but when I try to access the internet can't get on. So to me it looks like it's looking at the default network card which isn't connected to the Internet. So how can I configure it to see the second network card for Internet etc. Any help would greatly appreciated.

A:Adding a second network card question

Suspect you are using the same network address on both network cards?

For example can't have one card and the other on one and on the other would be OK.

2 nics may not be what you need?

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we are supposed to make an array of Payable (the interface name) types

so i have a 3 bucket array iof one of each concreate type\
double amountPayed=0;
i have the following for loop
Payable payableArray[] = new Payable[3];

payableArray[0] = new SalaryEmployee("123-456-7890","Leslee","Horvitz","Dearborn","MI","12345", 678);
payableArray[1] = new HourlyEmployee("112-233-4455","Gary", "Haw", "Rochester", "MI", "12345",7.12,10);
payableArray[2] = new Invoice("12189a","Gary", "Haw", "Rochester", "MI", "12345");
for (int indx =0; indx < payableArray.length; indx++)
amountPayed += payableArray[indx].getClass().getPayableAmount();


whole thing
public class Lab2
public static void main(String [] args)
{ //start main

double amountPayed=0;

//Create 6 element array of Payable objects
Payable payableArray[] = new Payable[3];

payableArray[0] = new SalaryEmployee("123-456-7890","Leslee","Horvitz","Dearborn","MI","12345", 678);
payableArray[1] = new HourlyEmployee("112-233-4455","Gary", "Haw", "Rochester", "MI", "12345",7.12,10);
payableArray[2] = new Invoice("12189a","Gary", "Haw", "Rochester", "MI", "12345");

for (... Read more

A:adding payment amounts Lab question 2 HELP

Try replacing "amountPayed += payableArray[indx].getClass().getPayableAmount();"
with "amountPayed += payableArray[indx].getPayableAmount();"
or with "amountPayed += (Payable payableArray[indx]).getPayableAmount();"

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I am looking at adding an addition hard disk to my PC (at least 2TB).

Seeing as the hardware world appears to move quickly and my PC is a bit long in the tooth now (albeit it serves me well), I was hoping some kind person would take at look and advise what type of hard drive would be compatible with my motherboard and if there's a limit to the size of hard disk I can install in the PC. I am pretty familiar with IDE standards but not so much with SATA (which my PC has).

I only have one SATA cable which is connected to the primary hard disk, so would appreciate advice pointing me in the right direction as to what type to purchase.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

My PC:


My motherboard:



A:Question about adding hard disk

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Hey guys, Can someone help a novice with adding a 2nd h/d to my Dell
4/5 year old dell, Pent III 1000mg w/ 40 gig h/d 512 meg ram ....pretty much stock except the upgrade of the ram to 512 and windows xp from melim. i have also added a dvd burner in my 2nd bay..
I now want to add a 2nd H/d it looks as though dell has a ribbon inside already so i might be able to do this at a later date and piggyback it......
questions : will heat be a problem ? i'd like a 160 gig
any special installation instructions i should know ?? what is compatable with my system ?? what is " 8meg buffer" ?? any perticular brand ?? etc etc Thanks all..............

A:Question About Adding a 2nd Hard Drive

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Ok, I'm gonna try to dual boot with XP and Windows 1 -- is this how boot.ini should look?

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows 1.0"

A:question about adding another OS manually via boot.ini

You don't need to change boot ini. Windows should be installed first and then when you install XP it will automatically set up your system to dual boot. Don't do an upgrade and select custom install so you can choose the partition you want to use.

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I have a SATA Hd in one of my computers. It's the only one in that particular pc. I have a spare IDE hd that I would like to add. Are there any "issues" I should be aware of in doing this, given that none of the IDE channels are presently in use? Do I set it as master or slave, etc....

Tia for any info.

A:Question about adding a hard drive to a SATA box.

I'd use an 80 conductor cable and set the drive to CS (Cable Select). You will also probably have to adjust the BIOS settings to force the boot from the SATA drive.

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Create a Windows Homegroup results in: Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music.

What is the easiest/quickest way to add folders to the Homegroup (such as Desktop, \User\Mark\..., my own name for the location of documents, etc)?


A:Specific question regarding adding folders to a Homegroup

Right click the folder and Share with: HomeGroup

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Hey everyone,

The display on my old Dell Studio 1735 died and I just got a refurbished one from Dell, same model. I'm wanting to add the HDD from the old computer to the new Dell in its second HDD bay. I have it removed but am not seeing anywhere to attach the connection. Is there a different caddy for the second drive bay? I thought I could just take the old computer's HDD and swap it into the new one's second bay since it has the caddy and connection already. I'm not seeing a connection anywhere hear the second bay,

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Question adding second HDD to Dell Studio 1735

Looks like you need a new caddy. As it says, this is only for the second bay so it must be different to the other one.


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I read about it, but I am still confused on certain points. My actual HD works just fine, under Windows Pro7 32bits. I will add a new one that I want to install using my current W7 license.

Do I have to delete anything on my old one or disactivate it by a process unknown to me? Can I just proceed to install my new HD and just activate it even the second HD W7 is still under activation?

Txs in advance

A:Newbie activation question about adding a new primary HD

If you are adding the new disk as a secondary drive, then you need do nothing at all.

If you are replacing the current drive with a new one, then teh procedure would depend on the type of installation you have.

If you bought the machine with WIndows pre-installed, you almost certainly have an OEM_SLP License.
If you bought Windows 7 separately from the computer, you (hopefully) have a Retail License - but this may be either an Upgrade or a Full retail license.

Machines form large manufacturers come pre-installed with an OEM_SLP Key which self-activates if other conditions are right. One of those conditions is that the proper Recovery Software is used for any reinstall.
If you don't have the proper Recovery software, then you can use a Retail disk for the reinstall, but must use the Key from teh COA sticker to be able to properly install and activate the installation - such activation may have to be by telephone.

With a Full Retail license, there is no problem - simply install with the appropriate Key and activate

With an Upgrade license, this requires that the machine holds a valid qualifying full license for Windows. To ensure this, Windows 7 Upgrade disks and Keys test for an existing installation on the hard drive. If it is not present, then the Key will be declared invalid, and the install blocked.

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I've got an old dell laptop that a friend gave me to fill in while I save for a new macbook, pro to replace the one that I had stolen.
It's mostly been OK, though lacking Ram, at only 4gb. I'd like to have 8.
So, regarding matching or replacing the existing Ram, what would be better/cheaper, as it's only a temp solution?
 - Add another 4gb module
 - Or, replace the existing with an 8gb module
I've attached a photo of what's in there - don't know why it rotated!
Also, if I was to add an extra 4, how do I match?
The speed is 1333Mhz, its DDR3 and form factor SODIMM. Not sure about the other numbers on the sticker. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Adding Ram Question? Dell Inspiron 14 - N4050

The system supports max of 8GB memory.
Kindly find the compatible memory modules from Crucial here.
There is no 8GB module listed from Dell or Crucial for Inspiron n4050.
So, you might need to install 2 X 4GB modules.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I saw a D815EEA post recently on this forum section made by TANSOCAL and I knew from the answers I saw I could get some great advice and suggestions on video cards and RAM upgrades for my PC.

Here's my problem: I can't run more than 2-3 apps w/out low memory freezes and slowdowns. My PC needs are not high-end (for now), so I figure upgrading my RAM and video may help. I need a stable system for some web design and work projects where I'll be running Adobe, Macromedia and Office software. I have tweaked my system for better PC (RAM/startup managers, etc.) and DSL (3Mbps) performance and updated all my OS/HW drivers.

Here's what I got:

- An Intel D815EEA mobo w/a PIII 933MHz and PC100 3CL 128SDRAM chip
- 4x AGP slot - the video is integrated Intel 82815 graphic controller
- Latest Windows 98SE and hardware drivers and DirectX 9.0c
- Audio (SoundMAX 3D Sensaura) and LAN are also integrated
- 30GB ATA Primary Fat32 and 60GB ATA slave (routinely fragmented)
- 15" Elements Cyclone 7A monitor mainly run @ 1024x 16-bit resolution

The motherboard will only recognize 512RAM (@ max 133MHz speed). One website I found offers a $58 256MB PC133 2CL SDRAM chip, a $55 AGP Radeon 128MB 9200SE. I also found a $30 64MB Radeon 9200SE.

My budget's awful right now, so all I can think of is getting one of those cheap x8 AGP Radeons and a 256 CL2 133MHz RAM chip until I can get a whole new system. The RAM and card should be under or around $100. ... Read more

A:Adding a Radeon video card question

You don't need a new video card for the things you described here. A powerful video card is only useful to you if you play demanding games or work with some big CAD projects.

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Hi guys,
I've been fooling around with audio editing lately, and I'm just curious if Audacity's a good addition to a computer that has Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio installed. Will the difference in features between the two take care of different things? Or is it just kind of a repeat? Many thanks.


A:question about adding Audacity to my current configuration

I don't have Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio. (looks like a really cool program). Should have good Sony support. I use Audacity for editing and making mp3's and mp4's it is simple and works.The Audacity support is a forumI think I would use the Sony if I had it.

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My PC, running XP-Home, currently has 512MB of RAM. I have ordered 1GB of extra RAM that I will be adding. (Note: The following information was obtained from "Memory Ten" checking my PC to match the proper memory my machine needs.) As you can see from the information (below) I have three (3) empty slots for additional RAM, with 512MB RAM already installed in one of the four slots.

I have two questions:

Will there be a matching problem by installing the new 1GB RAM with the existing 512MB RAM?
Does it make any difference which slot I install the new 1GB RAM in?
Computer Make: VIA Technologies, Inc.
Computer Model: KT400-8235
Computer Version:
Motherboard Model: AT7-MAX2 (VIA KT400-8235)
Motherboard Version: 1.x
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2.08Ghz
Installed Memory: 4 slots: empty, empty, empty, 512 MB
Matched - Machine: ABIT AT7 MAX2 Motherboard
Matched - Model: http://www.memoryx.net/abat7mamome.html
1GB ABIT Motherboard PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n ABIT-1GB-PC3200-D) $59.98

A:Solved: Adding RAM - Question about matching and which slot to use

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I've had my laptop for about a month now and when I first got it I did something (and I don't remember what at the moment) that said I needed to add the media center pack. Anyway, whatever I did said I needed to get a license key for the media pack. Well, Microsoft just emailed me my key today but I don't really know what to do with it. How do I go about installing the media pack so I can enter the key?

A:Question about adding Windows 8 Media Center Pack to my PC

Hello Brian,

Since you already have your Media Center key, you could use step 2 in the tutorial below to add Media Center.

Windows Media Center - Add to Windows 8

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Not sure if anyone can help with Quickbooks question I have?
I run the Payroll. I give out checks to everyone.
I realize, I missed 12 hours for an hourly person. He has already cashed his check. How can I add 12 hours for the proper week and for the proper taxes taken out?

Thank you for any help on this!!

A:Quickbooks question! Adding time to previous week

Go to pay employees, then unscheduled payroll (in 2007 or 2008), use the same pay period end date, and check date, Calculate the correct check with the total hours, then subtract from the federal and state withholding what was on the first check. Do this to get withholding amounts. Then enter gross of 12 hours at ? rate, FICA and unemployment taxes will be correct, override fed & state w/h.

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I am interested in adding additional internal storage to my XPS 15 - 2GB SSD Hard Drive. I do alot of travel and video work, and the idea of having a portable hard drive is not attractive to me.
The unit currently comes with the 94wh battery. I have the 4K display, etc.
I can source parts (caddy, cables, etc), but my concerns are about the 54wh battery.
I have anecdotal stories of people purchasing the 54wh, trying to install it into the XPS 15, and then getting messages from the machine "battery is not compatible, and the battery will not charge", and then the front light starts flashing "white, yellow".
From my understanding some of the batteries are chipped. 
So, any suggests on reputable sources in Australia where I can obtain a new 54wh battery.
thanks in advance,

A:XPS15 9560 - Adding additional SATA HDD, battery question

Mind only 7mm HDDs are officially compatible. 9.5mm supposedly fits bit without the rubber rails. You also need a HDD cable. The best idea is probably finding someone who wants to switch the other way.

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Is the there a registry hack or anything else to stop the country code(in this case +1) from being automatically added in business faxes in contacts?

I've tried following the steps that are outlined in the Microsoft Q sheet but that doesnt work....


A:Question getting Outlook 2002 to stop adding country code (+1) in faxes in Contacts??

See if this helps you, Goose:


and welcome to TSG!

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I created a VEG project in vegas with all my fades, music, pan crops, ect. and then i realized that i still need to add an intro to the movie.
How can i add time to the beginning of the project (time line) say like 1 minute. I dont want to start dragging the clips back because it will ruin my fades and my "PIP" effects.

thanks in advance

A:Sony Vegas 7 -Adding time to the "timeline" how to Question...

Answered in message I sent you.

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There are several issues that came up when I upgraded to Windows 10. While it is a celebrated and supposedly eye pleasing application, it seems that they have chosen to disregard users and deleted certain preferences from a user's browser.  This makes
it practically impossible for the user to log into several accounts, since every single site requires different types of passwords, and in order for a person to be able to log on to the several accounts, a person would have to carry around a folder with about
100 different account names, user names, passwords, answers to who, what, or where, phone #s & other pertinent information to be able to log onto or recover a lost or forgotten password.I really do not like what Microsoft has done with the new browser.
It looks chick, but to me it's unworkable and a nuisance to use.  If the Cadillac is not broken, why fix it?

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Hey guys. I want to buy some more RAM for my computer, but I have no idea where to begin! All I know is is my computer is fairly old. It currently has 512MB RAM, and I would like to purchase another gig. Where do I start?

A:Adding more RAM

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I have a DELL Dimension 8100, 1.5GHz., with 256MB RAM. I am contemplating adding at least 512MB RAM. This would give me a total of 768 MB RAM. I have been told by a local, highly recognized, computer guru that I should not add 512MB to the existing 256MB but, instead, should reconfigure to a total of 512MB RAM. Is there a good reason for not adding to existing RAM? In my way of thinking, 768MB would give superior performance compared to just 512MB. I am aware that RAM has to be added in pairs so if I were to add 512MB it would have to consist of 2-256MB chips. Another question: I find that these chips are available in 40ns. and 45ns. I'm not sure what mine are. The invoice didn't specify the ns. of the RAM and I haven't checked to see what they are. Is there a problem in possibly mixing the types, assuming that I were to add 512 to the existing 256 or just 256 to the existing 256?

A:Adding RAM

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I got a other system with 512MB of RAM (384MB because of integrated graphics). It has two 256MB memory sticks. So my question is, is it possible to add one stick of 512MB and still keep the others in the system? I think it is PC3200 RAM and that is what I would get to. There are 4 slots in the system. And would it help speed up the system quite a bit?

A:Adding RAM

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I dont know crap about ssd's so here goes , If i add a ssd install windows on it do i need at add all drivers to it , dvd drive ,nvidia driver ,motherboard drivers, to it
and I have games on the 1 tb hdd can i still play them or do i need to move or redownload them to the ssd? any suggestions as to size and brand of ssd would be good?

A:adding a ssd

Yes Yes Yes you need to do all that, just keep running windows update until there are no more updates left to install. Get you graphics card drivers directly from amd.com or nvidia.com, unless you have a different manufacturer.

nvidia is geforce and amd is radeon

You will have to install your games on the ssd for the speed. A ssdrive is all about speed.

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I have a FIC VC 11 mobo with a 1.6 P- 4. I have run with one 512 stick of CMTLabs Ram for over a yr. I bought 2 512 sticks of PNY and the machine refused to boot after installation. What I found is that the machine will not run if more than 1 stick of Ram is installed.

All of the sticks work individually, but none work in combination. Each stick works in any of the 3 banks. The PNY is the correct part #, the CMTLabs has worked for 1 yr.

I followed PNY's instructions to enter CMOS settings and save the settings automatically detected, but it didn't help. There is no error message, the machine either refuses to boot or boots to safe mode.

The FIC manual does not have any special instructions on installing more than 1 stick.

Does anyone have any ideas?



A:Adding Ram

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A:Adding Ram

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The local Tech guy suggested to add a another fan to my case. I have an old power box. what would be the easiest way to add the fan off it.

A:Adding a Fan

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I need to add additional RAM to my PC. Is there a way to get what type of RAM to add without opening up my tower?

A:Adding ram to pc

Have you tried using Cpu-Z ?

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