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X1C6 HDR Screen not recognized after reinstall

Q: X1C6 HDR Screen not recognized after reinstall

Dear all, I just had my SSD replaced by Lenovo after a firmware update nuked the drive. I used the Lenovo USB recovery key software to obtain the original image file for my laptop and just reinstalled & updated everything. However, i'm finding out that the monitor is now recognized by windows as a SDR monitor and not for the HDR capable display that it is. Where I could view the windows test video and select Youtube video's in EDGE before, now I can't. Also all the Wide Color Gamut options in Lenovo Vantage don't seem to have any effect anymore. Things i've tried- Windows is updated fully- All drivers are update through lenovo vantage- I manually reinstalled the monitor driver from the lenovo support website. The device drive shows the monitor as the Wide Gamut .... monitor This feature worked flawlessly before the SSD swap/reinstall. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: X1C6 HDR Screen not recognized after reinstall

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi there everyone, Does anyone here have a comparison of the battery life for the 3 different screen options for the US launched yoga models?  I'm just trying to figure out what the battery life hit is like between the screen options, but my google-fu is failing me. Thanks!

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I Have Windows Xp Pro In An Emachine T6216, Windows Is A Licensed Spanish Version. I Had To Reinstall Windows Due To An Incurable Virus. Now I Can't Get Windows To Recognize My Spanish Version Keyboard, A Genius Comfy Kb-09e 113-118 Keys Compatible Layout. Windows Continuosly Recognizes It As A Microsft Compatible 101/102 Keyboard And Will Only Allow The Windows Driver To Install. When I First Installed This Kb, All I Had To Do Was Install The Cd Driver, Uninstall The Windows Driver And Reboot. The Cd Driver Was Automatically Installed And Everything Was Fine. If I Try Installing The Cd Driver, Uninstalling Windows Driver, Unplugging The Kb And Rebooting, Then Plugging In The Kb, I Loose All Kb And Pointer Functions. Then I Have To Unplug The Machine To Turn It Off, Restart It And Windows Will Recognize New Hardware And Install The Windows Kb Driver Again. I'm Wondering If It's Possible To Force Feed The Kb Model Into Windows So Windows Will Look For The Right Driver? Or What Else Can I Try? Any Ideas?

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I have a little issue with my RAID 0 array I created in my old computer. I had W2K SP4 installed, and the array was reading just fine. Then, when I had to swap out an old hard drive and reinstall W2K, the new install won't "see" the RAID 0 partitions (they aren't showing up in explorer). The BIOS sees the hard drives, and the RAID utility sees an active array and partitions, but I can't find the partitions on the array in the OS.

I don't know if this will help, but the RAID is onboard on a Gigabyte Mobo with the IT8212 chipset. The array was created using the Gigabyte RAID software utility.

Any ideas? Reinstall OS again?

Thanks for the help.

A:IDE RAID 0 not recognized on W2K reinstall

Install the drivers for the RAID controller/motherboard?

Did you apply SP4 to this new installation? Maybe you need LBA48 support to work with the array?

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After reinstalling Windows XP Professional from an Original Windows License CD(not the computer's original), Windows will not recognize my keyboard which has it's own CD. Windows continues to identify it as a microsoft 101/102 keyboard and automatically loads the driver incorporated in windows. Previousely, I had to install the CD, uninstall the driver and reboot the system and I was good to go. I have tried uninstalling the driver(with the CD program installed) and unplugging the keyboard then rebooting. After the reboot I plugged back in the keyboard and lost the mouse function and the system never recognized the new hardware(keyboard). What else can I do? I am unable to type the a with the circle around it which makes it impossible to write an e-mail address. The keyboard is a Genuis Comfy KB-09e PS/2.

A:Keyboard Not Recognized After Xp Reinstall

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My 5 year old Dell Dimension 8200 came with USB 1.0. I installed a USB 2.0 PCI card which worked immediately without me having to install any drivers.

I recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP and now the PCI card isn't being recognized in the Device Manager. If I need USB 2.0 drivers, where can I get them?

A:USB 2.0 PCI Card Not Recognized After Reinstall

you can run a search and type the "brand "(tag)name of your hardware ... then search the model of your pci usb card .
also check the m/b company to find a driver that fit your system

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Hey, Can Someone please help me. I just erased my hard drive and then reinstalled windows XP SP2. When I got done, the modems tab was gone. It came back later, but my modem is not being recognized. If I take it out and put it back in, it does nothing. I need this soon, so that I can verify my windows XP and register it. I only have 28 days. I also need to know how to wipe out my memory. If anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks, Nick!!

A:modem not recognized after windows reinstall

when you say it isnt recgnized do you mean it doesnt show up at all? have you tried installing the drivers for your modem?

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Hello everybody.I have a bit strange problem. I encounter the famous Error 1962. So i reinstalled my OS on my SSD (ADATA SP550).After a  day and a half, again the freaking same error. Reinstalled again, day and a half again and boom, that error. My question is: Does that mean my SSD is failling ?When the error appears my SSD is recognized in the BIOS, BIOS setting are good, everything is set appropriatly. Why does my OS keep getting erased ? P.S.Whenever i reinstall my OS, i don't even need to format the disk, because it says it is all free (space)P.S. #2I'm using Windows 10 Pro (with anniversary update)I hope someone has an idea what is going on.

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Good evening all>

A couple of days ago we had a power outage and when the power came back on and I tried to boot the computer, it would power on but would not boot.
I have the OS disks to reinstall and have used them in the past.

My computer is an older Dell OptiPlex GX150
Intel PentiumIII processor
a Maxtor 6L020L1 hard drive (C drive)
a WDC WD800JB-00JJCO (2nd hard drive)
512 MB ram
running XP pro.

It will power up fine, but when I tried to reinstall the OS it got to a window after loading XP where it said "please wait" after an hour of that I turned the computer off.
Now when I try to start it up, it comes up with needing to press F2 to enter setup. It now says there are no boot devices.
When I scroll down to boot order it shows the hard drive, floppy drive and next to the CD drive option is says not installed.
I tried using a floppy boot disk and it isn't recognized........
Any suggestions what I can do to try to get this to work?
Thanks in advance for what ever you can help me with.

A:Solved: No Boot Device recognized when trying to reinstall XP pro

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I have done extensive searches all over this forum, google and dell support forums and haven't found an answer, so I'm hoping for help!

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 and recently the hard drive started to go bad. I got a new computer and transferred all of my files. But, I was hoping to repair the old one enough for my daughter to use the internet and other basics. I did a drive utility and (supposedly) repaired the hard drive. I then went to reinstall Vista using the disks that came with the computer.

The problem is, once I am asked where I'd like to install Windows, I get the one option of "Disk 0 Unallocated Space, 232.9GB total and free space".

-When I click on that, I get "windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation".
-I click on "load driver" and put in the driver cd, but it either can't find a driver or doesn't install anything when it does find one.
-I went to the BIOS setup and disabled ACHI (as suggested elsewhere).
-I've run all the system repair things I can find
-There is only the "new" option and when I click on it and then apply the default size, it says "failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space [error: 0x80042453]". I've tried this with the driver disk and the system disk each installed.

My two questions are: 1. is there anything else I can try? and 2. does this mean that my hard drive is shot and there's no salvaging this computer, even for ca... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Driver not recognized in vista reinstall

and welcome to the Forum

What drive utility did you use that "(supposedly) repaired the hard drive" ?

Before wasteing anymore time on a drive that may be damaged, I would run diagnostics on the hard drive


See this for how to make a bootable cd

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I wanted to install my printer (HP PSC 1210 all-in-one). I plugged it into my laptop and it recognized the printer and downloaded the proper driver for that model. For some reason, I deleted the printer. I unplugged it, restarted, and plugged it in again, but the laptop did not recognize it like it had before and did not download any driver at all.

I then did the printer wizard and downloaded the driver supporting the psc 1200 series. Although, that driver did not work.

I did more research and tried to delete any traces of the driver to see if vista would recognize my printer again, but it still did not.

My question is, is there a way to erase my driver history for my printer activity so that vista could recognize my printer again?

A:vista recognized & downloaded driver. now won't reinstall it

I think that the easiest way would be to do a system restore from a point prior to the first download. That should restore your system to the way it was prior to your initial attempt. Hope this works. System restore has always worked for me and is a awesome feature of Vista.

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My son's laptop 'died' earlier this week. Screen just went blank. In the end, I decided to rebuild the drive.
After much difficulty, I managed to reinstall the OS (Windows 10) and all seemed well.
Oh, except the reinstall does not provide even WiFi drivers at a minumum - so after figuring that out I had to dig that up too on another computer and transfer/install. Problems over... I thought.
As the XPS went on its way to update drivers - the screen suddenly went blank (hello! haven't we met before?)... made some melodious beeps and chirps as though trying to communicate (it wasn't morse code) and now the computer continues to hum away (the fans?) with that.... black screen.
Before I wipe everything and re-install, again, and perhaps let the machine run with old drivers at the risk of malicious attacks etc (small price to pay for a 'working' computer I suppose), might anyone know of solutions to this problem?
With thanks in advance.
Frustrated but Hopeful

A:Dell XPS 13 Black Screen - cause for OS reinstall - happened again after reinstall during driver updates

What is the exact system model?
Is there any damage / liquid spillage on the system?
For the beeps, first we need to check if the HW is functional:
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
Drivers: If you are using a retail image of Win 10 OS, it will contain only the OS installation files, since the OS is generic. The hardware on each system would differ and hence, the drivers need to be reinstalled. If you are using a recovery image for your system, then it would contain the required drivers with the OS image.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I recently had to reinstall Windows XP on my C: drive due to a crash. I had a 60G internal F: drive and a 160G external G: drive. After reinstalling the OS, my additional drives are no longer recognized. They show as unformatted and are not accessible. The whole reason for having them was in case the C: drive crashed. Now what? How can I restore these drives to be used without reformatting them?

A:Additional hard drives no longer recognized after XP reinstall

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Lenovo chat agent told me that they have the same keyboard but obviously they are not as the one in the X1 Yoga 3rd gen is retractable. in some reviews, reviewers mentioned that one is better/more comfortable to use than the other. Which one is that? Also, which has no/less heat, noisy fan, thermal issues? I am a programmer and a writer. If I get a WQHD screen, will it be too reflexive to use?

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I'm looking at buying a new notebook and the X1 Carbon 6th Gen is on my shortlist. However, I am troubled by a couple threads on these boards: Fan always on & killing battery: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Carbon-6th-gen-Fan-Noise/td-p/4053561  Unable to go into deep sleep on Linux (I'll be using Ubuntu 18.04 -- novice user): https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/X1-Carbon-Gen-6-cannot-enter-deep-sleep-S3-state-aka-S... Can anyone confirm if Lenovo has addressed the 2 above issues? I'll be ordering a new machine within the next 10 - 14 days but will pass on Lenovo if these issues still persist.

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I've been trying to copy a large volume of files to the NAS.  Even though I have "Put the computer to sleep" set to "Never" when plugged in, it still sleeps after some time and the copying stops.  Very frustrating.  Anyone know the way to keep it awake?  I do have the screen blank, but that shouldn't affect it.  Stil, I temporarily change screen blanking to never in order to test. Event viewer says: The system is entering connected standbyReason: Idle Timeout. So the system doesn't seem to obey the user sleep setting!

. . . . . Zeke . . . . . X1 Carbon G6 (current), P50, Win10x64 (2 yrs) . . .T510, Win7x64 (previous 6 yrs).

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Apparently some people have this problem of getting permanent keyboard marks on their screens. Obviously applying enough pressure on the surface would do this, but for normal usage, is this something I need to worry about?

A:Keyboard marks on X1C6?

I had some marks that were hard to clean off on my old X1 Carbon Gen 3 after about 2 yrs of use. During that time I took a two-month trip and the backpad design may have applied a lot of pressure on the covers while I flew between Europe and Canada.

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I'm posting this for others considering this model.  I was cautious given all the complaints about heat, fan, throttling, TB3 Dock issues, etc., etc. After several days setting it up and using it and one day with TB3 Dock connected, I have nothing but positive to report.  It came with 1.22 BIOS and I'm hesitant to update as no problems are evident.  I will ask in a separate thread about that. Temps run between 50 and 70 Centigrade.  A bit warmer than my P50, but I guess still in normal range.  Fan does run, probably at lower speed.  I can't hear it unless I put my ear close or feel the hot air coming out of the right side.  I am using only a single monitor connected to the TB3 Dock.  I tried using the laptop screen and the monitor as extended (dual monitors) and it worked fine.  I'm connecting the monitor to the Dock by HDMI.  I ran the X1 at work yesterday on battery.  9:00am to 6:00pm and still had 30% left!  Moderate use.  I'm not always on the computer at work, but still....! Anyway, I would have appreciated a post like this when I decided to take the risk and order one.  I know forums typically only have problems, but it looked like worse than usual.  I hope this is reassuring to someone. Cheers!   

. . . . . Zeke . . . . . X1 Carbon G6 (current), P50, Win10x64 (2 yrs) . . .T510, Win7x64 (previous 6 yrs).

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Hello,I recently picked up a 6th gen X1 Carbon and have been having intermittent issues with a second monitor connected via the USB-C port.I currently have two displays set up, both Acer 20" with DVI and VGA female ports. One monitor is connected via HDMI out to DVI in and the second via the USB-C out to converter (VGA in) and then out to monitor VGA. Most of the time this works fine and I've been able to set up to get full HD on each. Intermittently though the right monitor (USB-C>VGA>VGA) loses signal prompted by moving some application (eg, FF browser, VLC) to the second monitor, but this doesn't happen with all applications nor even given applications each time. As this only happens when prompted by moving an application I'm guessing this is some driver/hardware quirk.I tried a Google search as well as pouring over the forum but didn't turn up much. Are there known issues with dual displays on the X1C6 and/or any known remedies? Also, are there generally preferred out ports people use to connect dual external monitors? HDMI seemed like the natural first choice but I'm not sure if there's a preference otherwise from the bevy of USB ports.Regards,Chris

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This post is partially to request assistance and partially to voice aggravation and disappointment. My old laptop was failing and I was in need of one for travel with WWAN capability. I initially bought an X1C6 that showed the WWAN card as enabled in BIOS. When I found out that the card was not present, I returned the laptop. After doing further research, I settled on a T480s that was WWAN upgradable, expectating a wait for the EM7565 with FRU 01AX762. Now the Fibocom L850-GL with FRU 01AX786 is available for new builds, but I cannot find where to buy it on the site or elsewhere; if this is not simply due to me being unable to navigate the poorly-designed Lenovo site, it effectively punishes anyone who ordered early. Finally, I tried my old EM7345 with FRU 04X6014 and encountered the 1802 error for an unauthorized device. Researching that further led to understand that Lenovo uses a whitelist - another punishment. I am now ready to return this laptop as well unless I can make some progress before traveling again. I would not be surprised if a class-action lawsuit were brought against Lenovo and any other manufacturers restricting individuals from making use of their own legitimately purchased hardware, especially when false or incomplete information is pushed by the company. If anyone knows where to obtain either LTE card, I would appreciate it.

A:X1C6/T480s WWAN difficulties

Looks like the Fibocom is available on the Lenovo Encompass site based on the part number you posted.

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Hello, I am considering between X1 Yoga (Gen 3), X1 Carbon (Gen 6) and X1 Extreme. Since we don't know about the X1 Extreme yet, I would like to check the specs of the former two. I want the laptop to be able to drive a 4K TV/display at 60 Hz with Chroma 4:4:4 and also charge using another port at the same time. I may also use eGPU later. For these two laptops, which one(s) have both USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports that can run at full speed of 40Gbps independently at the same time?

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Everything seems to be running fine.  Temps between 50 and 70 C, both standalone and docked to TB3 Dock.  Anything in 1.25 that would suggest I should update? Thanks, 

. . . . . Zeke . . . . . X1 Carbon G6 (current), P50, Win10x64 (2 yrs) . . .T510, Win7x64 (previous 6 yrs).

A:Upgrade X1C6 BIOS from 1.22 or don't poke the bear?

Entirely up to you.  The README is your friend.
[Important updates]

[New functions or enhancements]

[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where BIOS POST might display the error message "Boot Manager recover
from an error."
- Fixed an issue where BIOS POST might display the error message "1802: Unauthorized
network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the network card (8086/7360/0000/0000)."
- Fixed an issue where ThinkPad surface temperature is higher than designed.
- Fixed an issue where Lenovo USB-C Travel HUB might not work in Windows 10 ver 1703
or older.

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Hi there, i recently bought a new X1C6 with i7 8550. I wanted to use it for university and as a midrange gaming station (egpu) at home. But my plans started to fail as i got fps drops in almost all games. I did some information gathering and saw the following: At first the CPU starts to boost to pl2 (29W) for 30s or so. After that it drops the TDP to 23W (thats pl1). After a while i can see in hwinfo64 that the pl1 slowly starts to drop to 13W without any reason! My temps are pretty pretty good even at 29W it barely touches 90°C and at 23W it hovers between 70 and 75°C.Is this normal behavior of U-CPUs?Can i do something to prevent dropping? 

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Greetings fellow Thinkpadders. I received my X1C6 about two weeks ago, and all is well except the fingerprint reader. I am patched up to date according to both Windows Update and Vantage, and that has included two BIOS updates since I first unboxed it. The fingerprint reader does not come back after a sleep or hibernate. That is, if I Restart, I can log in with my fingerprint -- the white LED is on and so forth. But if I suspend and resume, no white LED, and fingerprint doesn't work at Windows Logon -- I have to use my PIN or password. Vantage's hardware scan shows nothing wrong. Any hints or advice appreciated. Serial# PF0YSFED, Product# 20KH002KUS, BIOS N23ET37W 1.12, Windows 10.0.16299 (Build 16299)

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Anyone finding stability with the X1C6 and the Ultra Dock to not be perfect?  I'm finding sometimes the laptop won't wake from sleep properly, requiring me to hit the power button on the dock (to put back into sleep) and then to hit the power button again (to wake it up, which usually resolves the issue).  Sometimes when it wakes from sleep, I lose my background (just a teal colour) and it goes to a black background (which I can revert back to teal right away in my desktop options).  Also, every time I wake up, I find all my open apps are now only on Monitor 1 instead of where I left them (some on Monitor 1, some on Monitor 2) requiring me to spend a few seconds reorganizing.  Finally, I find that each time I wake up, some (not all) of the icons in my taskbar next to the clock begin to get blurry, with each wake worse until I log out / log back in.   I do keep the laptop in clamshell mode when docked, with only my two external monitors in use and I have the laptop set up to not sleep when I close the laptop lid to ensure clamshell is as stable as possible.   All of my drivers are up to date, and I am on the Windows 10 April update that just came out (but the issues began before the update).  I never had issues like this on previous ThinkPad models with the previous Ultra Dock or OneLink Plus docks. 

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Hey,I bought the new X1C& about a month ago and so far I'm really happy with it. However, there's one thing that starts to annoy me more and more If I "soft-tip" the right side of the touchpad, there is a relaltively loud clicking noise. On the other side it seems normal. I am curious if other X1C6 experience the same behaviour and I wanted to ask if there is anything I can do about it.Here is a video of the clicking noise in comparison to the normal side:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1Y9kH4U5Wo I know it's complaining on a high comfort level but small things like this can be annoying in daily use. Best regards!

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I have a relatively recent P50 with Win 10 Pro.  Any chance I could image the drive and restore to a new X1C6 and save a weekend?

. . . . . Zeke . . . . . X1 Carbon G6 (on order), P50, Win10x64 (current 2 yrs) . . .T510, Win7x64 (previous 6 yrs).

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Looking at the HMM for my 20KH I am trying to understand what the 'Proximity sensor connector' (p.54 in HMM) is for? It appears to connect the WLAN to the audio card? Why is this?  I am trying to work out if this is the cause of some interference I am experiencing when using the audio jack on this laptop.

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Hello, There's a bug in the ACPI tables that affects all of the machines listed in the title. The bug causes heavy CPU usage on one thread due to frequent ACPI interrupts. The symptoms are a slow system, and high CPU temperatures (idles around 65 degrees Celsius). Some operating systems may mitigate the symptoms, but the bug is present regardless. The following circumstances trigger it:-powering on the laptop-waking from suspend (and possibly hibernate - untested) The following actions prevent it:-reboot the laptop (temporary fix)-disable thunderbolt in the UEFI settings (permanent fix - with latest UEFI updates) The official UEFI update changelogs for all of these machines make explicit mention of this issue: "-(Fix) Fix an issue where system may become hot by system interrupts when Thundrebolt is disabled in ThinkPad Setup - Security - I/O Port Access." Unfortunately, the bug was not actually fixed. The solution that was implemented is only a bandage for the "disabled" thunderbolt state. This patch should resolve the problem. This patch would then remove the bandage of the official fix, since it should no longer be necessary. I will leave that for your engineers to decide. These patches were made for the T480s, but should apply equally to all affected machines.

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Hi,  We have recently discovered that acording to early adopters X1C6 throttles heavily. Please see this reddit thread for details. We are trying to reach out to as many X1 Carbon Gen6, X1 Yoga Gen3, T480s, T480 owners as we can to get more data on the subject. You can post your results here or in the reddit thread. Hopefully some comment from Lenovo will come once we have anough data to present.  Thank you,Will

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 This bug deserves more attention than it is currently receiving. It should be pinned in every forum with an affected machine, so that the owners of those machines are aware that it exists. It is currently squirreled away in the T series forum, under the outdated title "T480s - ACPI bug". I have asked that the thread title be updated and received no response. I have to presume that Lenovo did not see my request (in which case, they'll see it now). It would also be nice to get some kind of status update. For example, I am still waiting for confirmation that the patches from the newer thread were sent to engineering (see this message).

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Hello community, I am writing since I am out of ideas after having tried a few things.My problem is the following:My laptop (Aspire v5-591G-50BA aka V15) does not recognize the screen most of the time. In more detail, when I turn on the laptop the screen just remains black and does not seem to get any power. When I connect an external display everything works fine. However, when I check the connected displays the system only recognizes the external one.Additionally, when I turn on and force shutdown (pressing the power button for a few seconds) the laptop around 10 to 20 times the screens lights up eventually and everything works fine. Once the screen went on, I can shake it, move it, close the lid, basically do whatever I like and the screen will stay on. I can even restart the system after it once worked and everything's ok. However, when I leave the laptop turned off for a short while the display won't come on again. What I tried up to now:- Upgrading the BIOS- Draining any static potential, by taking out the battery and pressing the power button for up to 2 minutes- Checking the connection of the diplay to the motherboard (seems ok)- Checking if the problem is related to a faulty backlight using a strong light source and lighting on the screen. (nope, not the case)- Checking the RAM (although since everything works fine on the external display, I didn't expect much)- Update any related drivers (although since the screen doesn't even show me the POST)- Trying to ... Read more

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in all fairness, i have requested help with this problem at other sites as well. if i find a solution i promise to post it on all sites.

i just bought a brand new western digital WD5000AAKB caviar blue 500gb IDE/PATA hard drive from tiger direct. i have had success cloning smaller hard drives to 160gb hard drives with easeus disk copy, so i thought i would try to clone from my original HDD to this 500gb. i was able to clone the 160gb HDD's right out of the package without any preparation. i thought i would be able to do this with this 500gb as well, however, the results i get are strange. after making the master/slave connection and powering up, the 500gb never gets recognized in the bootup screen, or else the bootup screen stalls at the part where it detects the hard drives. i must admit that i am not really certain how to have the jumpers set on this 500gb. the master drive is no problem because i have pulled off this procedure before, cloning 40gb to 80gb. i have had the jumpers on the 500gb set at both cable select and slave. the HDD is brand new, so i could get my $ back, but i think i am making a mistake of some kind. i am very much a newbie at this, and i have just gotten lucky a few times with this "hobby". just trying to keep a backup of some cheap computer's data, in case. any expert help would be most appreciated.

A:500gb never gets recognized in the bootup screen

i solved the problem. i swapped ribbon cables and the hard drive was detected. it showed up in disk management, and disk copy made a clone without a hitch.

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I have a G500s Touch laptop and have used the touch screen in the past. It is not working now and when I go the the PC info in my settings it indicates No pen or touch input is available for this display. How can I get the touch screen function back? 

A:G500s Touch Screen not recognized

Hi Suemac,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Which operating system is running on your laptop?
Shashi Kumar
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I only had this laptop for less than 2 months and I couldn't find much of why this is happening. There is nothing stuck in the charging port and the charging light on the side is lit on the side.

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So I have a small 10" touch screen  as a secondary screen and it is recognized and installed when I plug it in the computer.My problem is that the actual touching is severly misplaced and I can not use the calibration tool (Tablet PC Settings in control panel) to correct this problem.It is as if the vertical and horisontal inputs of the screen has been swapped. If I touch the right side on the screen and drag my finger to the left I can see the cursor go from the top to the bottom and if I touch the top and drag down the cursor goes from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen.Installing the drivers from the manufacturer of the touch controller, http://www.eeti.com, did not help at all. It just says there are no touch controllers connected to my computer.Is there a way I can correct this problem?

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I puchased a R5-471T-52EE on Friday (3 days ago) and the touch screen does not work.  After peeking around, I don't have Pen and Touch settings in control panel, and there is no HID Compliant - Touch Screen recognized in the Device Manager.  There's no value in doing a factory restore because it is like this out of the box. Is there something I could be missing, or do I need to return to Best Buy?

A:R5-471T-52EE Touch Screen not Recognized

If you are totally against a factory reset, which you should not be since it is brand new, you can try a refresh first to see if that fixes it.

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1 on my replacement boot disk (old one died) on May 25/12. Since June 4 (and at least once before that), daily my monitor is no longer recognized and the screen resolution is decreased. It doesn't know about my Samsung monitor anymore.

It now shows this:
Display: Generic Non-PnP Monitor, Resolution: 1024x768.

When I run personalize, screen resolution, detect,
Windows sees the correct monitor (SyncMaster 245B(Analog)) and sets the resolution to 1920 x 1200. Meanwhile all my open apps are resized smaller, I have to resize them again.

I'm not sure what the cause of the problem is. It's not necessarily happening at the same time and I can't seem to find an error in event viewer. Any ideas how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue?

Latest drivers for PC hardware I installed - video and monitor:

-video card drivers
from guru3d.com, latest video drivers, try:
Nvidia GeForce 301.42 WHQL WinVista 7 64bit
Ver 301.42 WHQL, May 23/12,161MB

Samsung-Display-SyncMaster 245B/245BW/245BPlus(Analog) 13KB, 20070410082319062_SM245B.exe
It's dated Nov 2007, so didn't install the Microsoft Windows Update one, Installed 20070410082319062_SM245B.exe from Samsung.

1) Video card-Zotac 9600GT amp 512 PCEI
2) Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 245BW - 24", Resolution: 1920x1200

A:my monitor is no longer recognized, screen resolution is decreased

The most interesting part of your post for me was 'Since June 4'.

I have also been having display problems recently. In my case one monitor would have a display only on bootup then go black, another monitor would always be black and Change display settings would say that there was no monitor.

When I tried to do a System Restore it said that there had been a Windows 7 Update on Jun 4!

I was able to get the two monitors eventually to work as they once did, not using Change display settings but rather by using Catalyst Control Center which on my computer is the factory installed video adaptor interface.

Finally, I didn't understand 'When I run personalize, screen resolution, detect, ', please explain.

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in all fairness, i have requested help with this problem at other sites as well. if i find a solution i promise to post it on all sites.

i just bought a brand new western digital WD5000AAKB caviar blue 500gb IDE/PATA hard drive from tiger direct. i have had success cloning smaller hard drives to 160gb hard drives with easeus disk copy, so i thought i would try to clone from my original HDD to this 500gb. i was able to clone the 160gb HDD's right out of the package without any preparation. i thought i would be able to do this with this 500gb as well, however, the results i get are strange. after making the master/slave connection and powering up, the 500gb never gets recognized in the bootup screen, or else the bootup screen stalls at the part where it detects the hard drives. i must admit that i am not really certain how to have the jumpers set on this 500gb. the master drive is no problem because i have pulled off this procedure before, cloning 40gb to 80gb. i have had the jumpers on the 500gb set at both cable select and slave. the HDD is brand new, so i could get my $ back, but i think i am making a mistake of some kind. i am very much a newbie at this, and i have just gotten lucky a few times with this "hobby". just trying to keep a backup of some cheap computer's data, in case. any expert help would be most appreciated.

A:New 500gb hard drive not recognized at bootup screen

i solved the problem. i swapped ribbon cables and the hard drive was detected. it showed up in disk management, and disk copy made a clone without a hitch.

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When I went to login to my computer tonight, I could move the pointer around with the mouse, and I could enter my password. But when I hit [enter] to log in, it wasn't recognized. Nor was clicking the mouse on the area to the right of my password.

I tried clicking on the part in the bottom right of the screen where I could shut down or restart, and that didn't work either. So I pressed the restart button on the case.

Things went normally from there, but during the bios part, I saw something on the black screen that looked like it was saying "loading firmware" (something I don't usually see) and the numbers increased rapidly up to around 75% and then the computer seemingly restarted itself.

This time I got a message saying that Windows didn't shut down normally last time (presumably the time I forced a restart) and how would I like to proceed. I picked "normal startup" and everything went fine, I logged in, and the computer appears to be running fine now.

The event viewer shows nothing too alarming. A mention that "the previous system shutdown" from last night was "unexpected" - but I think the way the event viewer works, and the way things are logged, that was referring to my force restart tonight. I have Avast antivirus run overnight, and it ran successfully completion between the time I restarted last night and tried to log in today.

Has anyone ever seen something like this happen? The two oddities here are the failure to ... Read more

A:Mouseclick & [enter] not recognized from login screen, more weirdness

Not sure about the click issue, but could you have had a Windows update that needed a shut down to install? It could be that's what you saw.

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A week ago my wife used an external drive from my sons preschool to load some educational program and the screen wacked out with weird colors and then went black and the words "input not supported" came on the screen. since then the computer screen just goes black when it begins to start up. Started in safe mode and tried to revert to a old configuration a few days b4 with no luck. I tried to remove the installed software in safemode but couldn't software installer was not accessible I guess. I tried to reinstall xp and it spends a few minutes on the installing page and then the screen goes black but comp is still on. Any ideas? Sorry for my incorrect terminology usage! And thanks ahead of time.

A:not able to reinstall xp black screen

Normally a message like that on your monitor indicates that the program was trying to force either an unsupported resolution or an unsupported refresh rate on the monitor.

You need to go back into safe mode, go to your display properties and make sure a resolution is selected that you know normally works. Then you need to go to your advanced button from that menu, head over to monitor and make sure a refresh rate is selected that you know your monitor supports. Check the "hide modes not supported" so you can't mess that up.

If that doesn't work, then you need to tell us what program you installed, make and model of the monitor and post a DxDiag in your next post, which you can easily google to find out how to do. (It's simple) With that information we can give you more possibilities.

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Hi all - hoping for a bit of help here. I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP before I dispose of a desktop, which I have managed to do before without too many problems. This time, however, when I put the recovery disk in the dvd drive and hit the 'del' key on the start-up screen to enter set-up mode, it will go to the first warning screen telling me that all data will be lost, etc press 'C' to continue. At this point nothing happens, pressing 'C' doesn't do anything and the screen just sits there and does nothing.

Any help gratefully recieved!

A:Trying to reinstall XP - can't get past first screen

What type of hard drive is in the PC, if it is SATA you have to install the drivers in the first part of the installation process using the F6 key. This has to be done with a floppy disc with the drivers copied to it or you will have to integrate the SATA drivers into a copy of the OS.

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I was trying to reinstall XP to solve other issues (without losing data). Now, the reinstall results in a blue screen. If I reboot I'm asked to proceed with reinstall which inevitably results in same blue screen. How can I get out of this endless loop? Is there a way to cancel the reinstall?

A:XP - Blue screen on reinstall

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I am using a Toshiba Qosmio 64x. I know the monitor works. The computer recognizes it, but I cannot get anything to display on the monitor.

I started it up today with the monitor plugged in, and the monitor displayed as my main display, but when I switched to "extend these displays", it worked briefly, then went blank. I have restarted several times trying all different settings and cannot get. it to work. Again, the computer recognizes it, but the monitor screen is black.

This is a screenshot of my display settings:


A:SyncMaster 204b Connected to Laptop. Recognized, but black screen

This is a screenshot of graphic card properties: 75547cd025710f789284bebddc13603a.png

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A few weeks back I downloaded some stuff, after that my system kept
messing up as in the full window wouldn't load, half would appear in blocks
the other half was missing, you could see the desktop.

I wiped out the hard drive thinking some kind of virus. Tried to reinstall
from recovery discs that I had to get from HP but that is not working,
desktop won't load. I was able to get it up in safe mode one time,
tried updating drivers through device manager, can't get the bios
update from disc loaded.

I have tried everything I have found about the black screen issue: removed memory, reset cmosbattery/jumpers, checked the registry, unplugged/reseated all.


dev/sda1 Compaq 223.55GB 12.79GB used 210.77GB unused Boot
dev/sda2 Factory Image 9.34Gb 8.03GB used 1.30GB unused
unallocated 2.49 MB

Information shows sda1 and 2 not mounted.

3x ran:
chkdsk /f c:

Windows has checked the filesystem and found no problems.
0 KB in bad sectors.

3x ran:

Startup repair with windows disc (not regular recovery disc) shows windows booted succesfully.
Startup repair on its own in pc shows windows booted succesfully.
At one point startup repair showed no OS installed a few days back.
I can accessfiles through the windows disc though.

Memtest shows no errors.

Still not getting desktop up and running.
Can anyone help?

Thank you

A:Black screen after reinstall, no cursor, need help please.

The hard drive may be faulty -- all hard drives will fail sooner or later.
You can test the hard drive with the drive manufacturer's own diagnostic software which doesn't need Windows. You download the DOS version on a working PC & make a bootable CD from it. Then boot the faulty PC from that CD and run the test.

The links for each drive manufacturer's testing software are here;
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If you don't know what make the hard drive is, you can use Seagate SeaTools for DOS which can be used to test any make of hard drive.
Get it from here: | Seagate
Make sure you download the DOS version, not the Windows version.

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I'm really hoping someone can help me with this problem. I've been trying to fix it for some time now and I just can't get it to work

I need to reinstall WinXP as my PC has started playing up after a few years of the same install. However every time I try to reinstall, I get a blue screen when trying to use the up keys to select the HD partition to install on. I'm using a P/S2 keyboard and it's working fine, yet whenever I hit this particular point in the installation it fails. The CD is without issue as I've used it previously.

This is what the point I get stuck on:

Windows XP Home Edition Setup

The following list shows the existing partitions and
unpartitioned space on this computer.

Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select an item in the list.

. To set up Windows XP on the selected item, press ENTER.

. To create a partition in the unpartitioned space, press C.

. To delete the selected partition, press D.


The screen shows 4 unpartitioned spaces, so I try to select one by pressing either up or down key... then I get the blue screen.

If I try to repeat the install and press the enter key instead, I get the blue screen.

If I try to simply press C at the same point..... I get the blue screen

If anyone knows what is going on here I'm be eternally grateful. Many, many thanks in advance.

A:Can not reinstall WinXP - blue screen

Welcome to TSF....

It might be a RAM chip acting up how much RAM in the computer and how many RAM chips?

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