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Libretto W100 - Switching language from German to English

Q: Libretto W100 - Switching language from German to English

I bought the german version of the Libretto w100 (10D) to get a 3G-sim slot. Despite what the seller told me, it is not possible to switch from german to english interface. I have since bought an upgrade (Windows Anytime) from Win7 Home to Win 7 Ultimate, to get additional language support. I now got english in (most) system menues, but the Toshiba specific applications still use german, even though I have removed/reinstalled and choosen english language during the installation process. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

And no, I don't understand german language...

/ Anfanglir

Preferred Solution: Libretto W100 - Switching language from German to English

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Libretto W100 - Switching language from German to English

This being the european forum, I doubt you will find the answer here. Any drivers you download from here will probably be in german, since it automatically recognizes that you are in Germany.

Go to the american support forum:

Libretto is at the bottom of the page, ask if someone can download the english drivers and share them over megaupload or something.

Hope this helps.


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I have a Toshiba Libretto W100-D10 which have an Italian version and would like to set it up initially into

Any help or infos appreciated, thanks.

A:Libretto W100-D10 - Change OS language from Italian to English


As far as I know the Win 7 Home Premium was preinstalled on this notebook.
The OS language cannot be changed in Home Premium version.
Only the Enterprise and Ultimate editions support the Multilanguage pack.

So wither you would install a English version of the Win 7 Home Edition on your W100 or you would upgrade the Home Premium to Enterprise or Ultimate version and then you would install the English language pack

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Heya Guys

How are you doing? We are setting up a Vista Business Client for our Company. It is a test-station. We bought (deliberately) the operating system in english. Now my question:

I can't find files or patches to change the language in the Internet Explorer 7 from english to german... is ist possible to change the language at all?

Thanks for your help!

A:Change Language form english to german

If IE7 is like IE6, the answer is you cannot, just for this one application.

The only language related options is via:

Control Panel, Regional and Language Options icon

And you have to download the optional languages you want supported.

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Hello, I installed on my new machine, with the replaced SSD Windows 10. I booted it up with a German version Windows, and afterward, I installed the English language pack. However, some parts of Windows are still in German(left side the windows search in GER, right side Settings Menu in ENG): Anybody knows how to solve this?(I tried this:http://www.windowscentral.com/how-properly-change-system-default-language-windows-10and this #2 post:https://www.tenforums.com/general-support/72642-windows-language-not-completely-changed.html ) 

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if the German editions of Smart Security, NOD32 and Multi-Device Security include English language options? or if the licence keys will activate installations (within the EU) using an English language installer?


A:ESET 2015 German editions English language option?

I've tried on my VM to install one of the offline installer of ESET on other languages.

So specifically you need to choose an appropriate language before you install cause there's no already an option to change unless use Live Installer.


License key will work at any multi language part of ESET, so if you purchase it on EU then it should be valid since its a language you are choosing though,

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I?d like to know if is there anything that explain me if possible use a pen in W100 like smart phone or if is there an apply regulation to work properly or if is there any pen good for this SCREEN DEVICE ?


A:Can I use pen with Libretto W100?

Unfortunately I didn?t found any info on Toshiba web sites but theoretically you can use pen with your Libretto.
I had this device several times in my hands and don?t think you need some special pen. In my opinion it should be the same you use with other similar devices.

As far as I know this device is not designed and delivered with pen so Toshiba doesn?t offer any kind of application for calibration or pen regulation.

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i'm afraid because i've bought w100 model libretto but i can't use efficiently any pen any one can help me ?

thanks a lot !!!

A:Problem to use pen on Libretto W100

What is the problem exactly?

Have you tried changing the tablet/pen settings?

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can somebody tell my, what SSD is build in Libretto W100 series?


A:Libretto W100 - SSD Model

What do you mean exactly? SSD capacity or what?

Which W100 exactly?
For instance German W100-107 has MSATA 62GB SSD.

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Hi everybody, I'd like what do you think about installing Window 8 on a Libretto W100 10d.

This device isn't in Toshiba compatibility list but.....even if I tried Windows 8 on another pc and I really didn't like it (it tries copying tablets in the worst way I've ever seen),

I really can't think it cannot run on a Libretto! What do you think?
Thank you

A:Windows 8 on a Libretto W100-10d

Does the W100 meet the minimum specifications of Win8?
Check the CPU and screen resolution. win8 needs at least 1024x768 pixels

If you can actually install it, I would imagine it will be difficult getting the second screen and touch surface working properly, amongst other issues.

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My knowledge and capability as an IT Manager should mean that this problem is a no-brainier, but it has beaten me!

The second (lower) panel of my W100 needs re-calibrating, but I cannot convince the device to do this. I have accessed *Tablet PC Settings* and tried *Calibrate* - this allowed me to calibrate display panel 1 (top) perfectly. With the 2nd panel, trying to tap the crosshair produced the usual sound and circle where my finger pressed, but it would not acknowledge the 'tap'. The only option was to press *Esc* to exit.

When trying *Setup* (within *Tablet PC Settings*), it seems that the device cannot cope with the idea of having to press *Enter* to continue - whether on the virtual keyboard or an actual USB device. As a result it is not possible to precede onto the actual calibration screen (although I can get beyond the 'Touch this screen to identify it as the touchscreen' command.

Both touchscreens work perfectly, the virtual keyboard works perfectly on both panels . . . it is just that the calibrate process will only allow me to calibrate panel 1 and not panel 2 (even when I have selected panel 2.

Is there a secret to which I am not privy?!

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

A:Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100

When I tried to use the native calibration utility it screwed up the touch accuracy,so I reset the setting and it "fixed" the issue....Just hit Reset from the same control panel...



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Has anyone tried to download and install windows 8 on their libretto ?

It is said that windows 8 only require an Atom processor and 1GB of RAM to run ?

A:Has someone tried to install windows 8 on the libretto W100 ?

What is about you?
Have you Win8 for testing purposes or what?

You know very well that certain OS must be supported by notebook manufacturers and just with all Toshiba specific drivers, tolls and utilities you can have well working machine.

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I'm loving my Libretto w100.
I've upgraded it to 256Gb.

Now there should be an upgrade to Haswell.

This would resolve 2 main criticisms:

- duration of the battery
- noise because of the heating.

A libretto with Haswell would be the best computer of the world.

A:Will there be Libretto W100 with Intel Haswell CPU?

You are right gerdich?
The Libretto W100 was really a great unit? it?s a little bit older but until now the two displays and the virtual touch keyboard are futuristic piece of hardware.

However, since the unit series is already discontinued, I don?t think new CPUs will be built in the W100.

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I have lots of cursor problems on a new Libretto W100. Using the cursos field on the display it move it in exactly the opposite direction on the top screen. So I go to the right-below, the cursor moves in left-up direction. The only way I found to stop this problem is a complete reboot. And then it works OK, but when I close the lid and leave it alone for for example two hours, come and activate it the problem reappears. I especially not even touching the screen(s) to avoid confusing the machine. But I can consistently reproduce it.

Very annoying. Any one seen this and/or has a solution?


A:Libretto W100 cursor problems

Hi Winm

Since when you have noticed this behaviour? From the first day?

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i've any question about this device and exactly i would like to know if is possible install in libretto W100-10d any particular SW that use potential board installed on it.
This model has one feature board Erickson F3607 model to use this device like 3G network and also has GPS but i don't know how is right SW to use map like Garmin Tom Tom or other.

thank you very much

A:Libretto W100-10D - What software is needed to use GPS

Hi buddy,

To be honest I never heard that it?s possible to use GPS software like Garmin or TomTom on Libretto W100. I don?t have it but Google shows no results?

I think an official answer you can get from an authorized service provider. You should contact them. Write an email or give them a call, I think they can give you a proper answer.

If you find something, you can post it here. It would be interesting. :)

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Hello at all

I recently bought a Libretto W100-107 because the device is rare and so I plan to give it a place in my Collection. The problem is that the pre-owner deleted the Recovery Partition
A friend of mine owns the same Libretto Model - he has the same problem...

I tried to order a new media here: https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/serial.aspx
but the page does not accept my serial number (device is not from the Toshiba Europe Region or to old..).

So my question is: What can I do? I know how the set it up with a clean Windows Installation, but I experienced (with the Libretto of my friend) that some Things don't work properly... That's why I want the original OEM Installation from the recovery.

I hope, that someone can help me..

Thank you very much

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I tried to enter "diacrite characters", for example é ë, ú, etc.

But I didn't succeed. Was this forgotten or is there a feature I'm missing. Entering could either be with special codes, like on Windows XP, 2000, etc. with the control-' followed by a letter), or by using an ALT-number (the old-fashioned way). But neither works.

Did anyone do this? And how?


A:Libretto W100 diacrite characters

>I tried to enter "diacrite characters", for example ? ?, ?, etc.
Where? Which application do you use?
Have you defined specific language for keyboard using settings for ?Region and Language??

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Hi all!

I just bought a libretto w100 10d with built in 3g module over the internet.
When I opened the box immediatly the sim socked seemed strange, the little plastic holder for the sim card was very thin, weak and appeared bended, i tried to insert the SIM card but the plastic holder couldn't hold the sim and it got broken, I managed to insert the sim without the plastic holder but the "toshiba wireless manager" says no 3g modem found.
What should I do?


A:Libretto W100-10D - SIM module is not working

> When I opened the box immediatly the sim socked seemed strange, the little plastic holder for the sim card was very thin, weak and appeared bended, i tried to insert the SIM card but the plastic holder couldn't hold the sim and it got broken

Hmmm?. possibly you have damaged this module :(
In your case I recommend contacting the ASP in your country and the technician should check this module? maybe it needs to be replaced.

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my new Toshiba libretto W100 is still very hot and the fan is always running.
Even with programs that use few resources.
If I use programs like Trackmania or Fifa 11, the temperature increases further and the fan runs very quickly and loudly.

Is this normal? can I reduce the temperature and noise?
Thanks. Best regards.

A:Toshiba Libretto W100 is hot and fan is always running


I think you are using hard performance applications which stress the CPU a lot.
This causes higher heat dissipation and therefore the temperature goes to a higher level and therefore the cooling modules run faster.

So in my opinion everything is ok here; it?s nothing unusual in the computer world; warm air needs to be removed and therefore the fans run at higher speed.

I think the fans don?t run faster if you use low performance applications. Right?

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Did anyone already test Linux on this machine?

I foresee the following problems:
- layout of the two screens;
- the keyboards and the tactile feedback: is this implemented in ROM, or in Windows 7 software?
- similar for the mousepad;
- the two keys (keyboard and home).



A:Libretto W100 - any Linux users out there?

I think this machine is definitely not designed for Linux so I believe you will not be able to get it work properly.
Have you checked some Linux forums if anyone there had the same idea to play with Linux on this small ?toy??

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Installing kaspersky, gets to licence page and freezes.
I have deinstalled mackafee and windows defender but still crashes.
Any suggestions?

A:Libretto w100 can't install kaspersky


Do you have the same problem if you install other antivirus software; For example Avira Antivir?
This is a nice freeware antivirus software? try it out.

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Hi everyone,

I've just bought me a Libretto W100 and it's as a dream by far.

I have a question that I can't find the solution on this forum so far.

Is it possible to leave one of the screen on/off itself (Only turn on when touching it)

For example, when reading a document the second screen will be dimmed first and after that it will be turned off. However, when touching the first screen the second screen will be turned on. I would like to leave the second screen off (or the first screen) while only using the another one.

Hope that there are some people being excited to Libretto W100.


A:On/Off reaction on each screen Libretto W100


As far as I know you can just switch between the screens by just tapping the extended function button on the top of the application window.

You can switch between the dual full screen mode (two screens as one large screen) and the single mode (two screens as separate windows) by using ?active window dual?

And you can switch active window between active window right, left, bottom or top and ?ActiveWindowDual?

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Hello forum,

Just purchased a brand-new W100-106 (old stock but sealed package, latest BIOS, etc.) and have a few questions I'd like to ask if that's okay.

Absolutely LOVE using this machine but would like to know:

1. Is there any way at all I can upgrade the machine to have the 3G module sold in the W100-10D on the continent (Italy and Germany only I think) ?

The trade parts page on Topaz support shows me many modem boards if I search on "any of" 3G and HSDPA. Which one belongs to the Libretto W100?

I probably need a "real" connecting PCB rather than the dummy one fitted in the W100-106. Any idea what the part numbers are?

2. The U5400 is a Core i3 derivative CPU with x64 instruction support. Will the libretto W100 run Windows 7 64-bit?

3. Is there any intention to support Windows 8 fully, i.e. some fix for metro apps needing more than a 1024 * 600 screen res, possibly by combining the two lcd screens to form one desktop? Any chance Microsoft will fix the issues for the official Windows 8 release later this year?

Thanks very much in advance!

A:Libretto W100-106 (UK) model questions - 3G, Windows 7, etc.

>1. Is there any way at all I can upgrade the machine to have the 3G module sold in the W100-10D on the continent (Italy and Germany only I think) ?

Well, possibly you could do that since the 3G module is an miniPCI removable part.
As far as I know the W100-10H was equipped with such module
I found one compatible 3G F3607gw module part number: P000531030

>2. The U5400 is a Core i3 derivative CPU with x64 instruction support. Will the libretto W100 run Windows 7 64-bit?

According to the Intel Ark page the CPU support the 64bit instruction set so Win 64bit should work

>3. Is there any intention to support Windows 8 fully, i.e. some fix for metro apps needing more than a 1024 * 600 screen res, possibly by combining the two lcd screens to form one desktop? Any chance Microsoft will fix the issues for the official Windows 8 release later this year?

I think this can be answered by Toshiba only and not by community members.
But I think you should wait for Win 8 release and should check if the drivers would be available for this unit

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Sorry anyone explain me how i can regulate volume in *W100 Libretto model 10d* because i have serious problem with any program like media player and other.
I tried to regulate in panel control but is too slow !!!! i'm disperate help me please

thank you very much !!!

A:How can I change volume level on Libretto W100?

In the task bar on the right site you can see speaker symbol. Click on it and when the volume control is shown you can change level moving the regulator up and down.

Does this work for you?

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Firefox asks for Intel HD Graphics driver at least, to activate direct2d, webgl and accelerated windows.

The actual version from toshiba is

Intel offers new versions. Can I download them and install them or do I hurt to my w100?

A:Libretto W100 - can i use the GPU driver from Intel page?


I?m not W100 owner but I?ve got another Toshiba notebook (U400) which is equipped with an Intel graphic chip. I downloaded and installed the graphic card driver from Intel page. Until now everything run smoothly?
But I read here in the forum that the usage of non-Toshiba graphic drivers is an own risk?

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I can't used the two screens as one large screen, i haven't extended functional button on the top of the application window.
Moreover the auto rotation dosn't work too...

I tried to active the option in the libretto settings but nothing changed (windows 7)

Have you any suggestion?
Thank you very very much


A:Libretto W100: extended functional button not available

> i haven't extended functional button on the top of the application window.
....and why you don?t have this buttons? Did you change something?
If you would use the preinstalled system, this button should be available.

I don?t have this device but I read here in the forum that that you can just switch between the screens by just tapping the extended function button on the top of the application window.

You can switch between the dual full screen mode (two screens as one large screen) and the single mode (two screens as separate windows) by using ?active window dual?

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I have a Libretto W100 and I need to make the keyboard disappear by pressing to keyboard button on the left.

I formated the libretto and installed all the drivers.

After the format I run the Toshiba button support application and registered the KB Button (single click) to target path C:\Program Files\Toshiba\Libretto\TOSSWKBA.exe

The keyboard will appear on the screen when I press the button but it wont disappear when I press it again.
Maybe I need to put something at option field.

thanks for your help.

A:Libretto W100 - Keyboard will not disappear when I press key again


I read in other thread that Kaspersky 2010 version was not compatible with the Libretto touch display.
The newest version 2011 seems to be compatible.
Maybe you should use the latest version?

Check this!

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I experienced in the last weeks that the nice new Libretto W100 is very battery hungry. Of course it will use some because it has a lot to power.

For example: taking notes during a meeting, 1.5 pages (A4 size, font 12), approxim. 50% of the time the screen on, running of course in Eco mode, does kill 74% of the content of the battery.

Apparantly they didn't really size down Windows 7 to fit better in the mobile world. It can not have been the designers intention to have to carry around this big power supply all the time.

Does anyone have similar (or other) numbers?


A:Libretto W100 very high battery usage

You are right. Libretto W100 has a lot of power.
What is battery running time on your Libretto?

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hy ..

please help me,,

I have a toshiba libretto, but only one is active touchscreen ..
it's my new toshiba libretto reinstall the windows 7 ..

please help me ..


A:Libretto W100: only one touch screen is active

Sorry mate but could you please provide more details?

As I understood your original post, you have installed new Windows 7 system on this Libretto W100 device. Right?

Now the question: did you install the essential Toshiba software?

On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find drivers and tools for Libretto W100.
The +Libretto Software v is an essential part and its strongly recommended to install this part!

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Hi friends,
there is a virtual gamepad for Toshiba Libretto?
It should be made ??on the second display to control a game on the main display.
Thank you. Rgds.

A:Virtual gamepad for Toshiba Libretto W100


Well, this would be a great idea to have something like this for game controlling but I think this should be a part of the game.
If the game would be developed for device with a dual screen then such game pad should appear automatically.

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Hello everybody :^0
I want to use the advantages arising by the absense of any physical keyboard by using my own keyboard layout on a virtual keyboard :p

Is there a way to remap the keys of the Virtual Keyboard or does anyone know a virtual keyboard software which provides creating an own keyboard layout?

A:Libretto W100 - Remap virtual keyboard

To be honest it is not known to me that you can remap this virtual keyboard. I have checked this forum and nobody has reported anything about that.

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I would like to do some programming with the G-Sensor.
How can I access to it?
Is there any help?
What is the driver and the name of the sensor?
It doesn't appear in the device manager.

A:Libretto W100: Access to acceleration sensors


It looks like the capacitive multi-touch sensor is provided my Wacom.
Has googled a little bit and found this:


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I can't get the cursor onto the seconday screen. It registers that I am touching it as it will move the cursor on the top screen if in normal mode. And when I rotate it to 'book' mode I get the same problem. As in the right screen will not have the cursor on it but will still register being touched by moving the cursor on the left screen. Can anybody help?

A:Secondany screen problem on Libretto W100-106

Have you found solution to this?
Yesterday I saw this new Libretto by my local dealer. I?ve checked how it works a little bit and if I?m remembering well there was not problem to move cursor on secondary screen.

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Does anyone know if one can dim or switch off the illumination of the power-on button to the right of the top screen? When watching a dvd on the top screen with bottom screen dark, the bright button is an irritation.

A:Libretto W100: power button illumination

I don't have Libretto and cannot say for sure but, s far as I know, this cannot be done.
By the way, if such option exists it must be mentioned in User?s manuals document.

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when I type on the virtual keyboard on the Libretto w100, a box with word-suggestions appear by default. The virtual keyboard has a button to turn this feature off (a circle with A9(?) in orange and blue) but it is enabled by default. I would like to disable this feature permanently. Anyone know how to acomplish this?

thanx / Anfanglir

A:Libretto W100 - Disable word suggestion

Have you already tried to configure it on the taskbar ?
If I press the A9 symbol in the taskbar, then I have to choise to change the word suggestion, after 3 character,.. and Off

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We have just bought the new Libretto W100 with double touch-screen panel, but we don't feel very well with "sensibility" of the "touch": sometimes we touch the screen and nothing happens, but if we touch lightly stronger it works as "double click" or "triple click".

We already tried to calibrate the panel as indicated in the manual, but the final behavior didn't change.

Please, may someone tell us if and how is possible to set the "sensibility" of both the touch panels?


A:New Libretto W100 double touchscreen sensibility


As far as I know it?s not possible to change the display sensitivity.
The point is that this is a real TOUCH SCREEN and not a capacitive screen like supported by for example Iphone.

I?m not quite sure if this could help you or not but you could try to use a touch pen (like for a PDA device)

Good luck

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Hello everyone.
I need to restore a toshiba libretto w100-10d to the default content, I made it to create rescue DVDs using the app in subject.
The problem is the DVDs won't boot. (I'm using an external/usb DVD drive)
Now, I saw if I use a USB flash drive it boots, but I'm unable to create recovery disks on it, the utility tells me to insert a flash drive with at least 5.1 GB, but I already plugged it in.

Please, help.

Bye, Ivano.

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I have just reinstalled the software on my Libretto W100-10D, starting the recovery procedure from internal HDD recovery partition.

After the procedure I have a clean new Libretto; all is working fine, except my 3G Module isn't recognized anymore: the Wireless Manager SW is not installed, and the 3G module does not appear in the Device Manager anymore!!!

It looks like the 3G module is not installed! of course before the recovery procedure it was working like a charm!

I suspect something has deactivated the 3G module (usually something similar happens in the BIOS...)

Can somebody help me to have the 3G module working back?

Many tanks and best regards

A:Libretto W100-10D - 3G Module not working after system installation


Did you check the settings within the BIOS?
To be honest I?m not quite sure if BIOS contains separate 3G on/off or Wlan option but you should definitely check it.

To access the BIOS press ESC and F1
In case the BIOS would contains 3G or Wlan option, please ensure that this is enabled.

Then visit the Toshiba EU driver page and download and install the Ericsson 3G Driver
This is the driver for 3G module.

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Hi, is a micro sdxc 64gb compatible with Libretto W100?

Message was edited by: massimod1d1

A:Micro SDXC 64GB compatibility with Libretto W100?

The SD card slot supports micro SD Card: 2GB and micro SDHC Card up to 16GB

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I bought the w100 and I love the thing to death.
Had not had any real problems with it until saturday, to make a long story short, I reinstalled win7 on it, using the key found under the battery.

Win7 installed ok, but I had some problems with the libretto software*. First the bios was "not supported", as was the PC health monitor.
I finished installing anyway, and it mostly seems to work. A bit slower than it was before, I'm guessing because of the bios.

This is the same hardware, nothing was changed, even the same win7 (home premium), so I'm wondering what I did wrong here.

I tried reinstalling three times, and no luck.

Oh, and I just noticed that the "auto-rotation" isn't working either.

Has anyone had similar problems, and do you have a solution?

*All libretto drivers were downloaded from here:
http://at.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/supportMyProduct.do?service=AT (I used my serial to find the correct drivers)

A:Libretto W100 Bios + some drivers wont work after Win 7 reinstallation


You have reinstalled Windows 7 from a normal Microsoft Windows disk?!
May I ask you why you didn?t use the Toshiba recover medium?

Regarding the display rotation I founded another thread that might be useful for you :)

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i'm trustworthy client Toshiba because i think is fantastic farm and wide industry electronics producer but i'm very surprised when i' ve bought W100 libretto model last week.

I've tried to install *BLIO* SW for because i would like to use this model like ebook reader in dual screen mode.
This new philosophy machine i think is right for this use but i think there are a lot of problem to achieve success.

In this particular plan of operations i have seen that there are two essential problem;
- first there is not right format layout of page on display dual screen mode and
- second the text font i think isn't limpid like windows .

Thank you for your kind attention

A:Libretto W100: Blio software - wrong format & text isn't limpid


I think Libretto W100 is a great device with the dual 7? displays. It can be used for different purposes and not only for ebook reading?

However, I think there are different applcations on the market which can be used for ebook reading and I think your feedback is related especially to the Blio software.

I cannot say anything about this tool. I don?t use it?.
However, your feedback is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this in our community.

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I was recently hunting for a UMPC to buy, and happened across a W100 on EBAY and after a short google I purchased it right away!

Its an incredible device, but Windows 7 really brought it down. It was sluggish, unwieldy and honestly not too usable.

Windows 10 however is worlds apart when it comes to touch friendliness! Combine that with Toshiba awesome idea of the full screen keyboard and a virtual trackpad and the W100 a surprisingly usable full blown laptop. Win10 runs miles better than Win7 does, and things like touch scrolling, zooming and panning is done via texturing (like the iPad) so its smooth as!


Windows 10 Home Edition
Dual Multi-Touch Screens
Touch Screen Keyboard (3rd Party)
Touch Screen Touchpad (3rd Party)
Physical Key Shortcuts (via scripts)
Toshiba Eco
Toshiba Flashcards
Toshiba Reeltime
Toshiba Face Recognition
Toshiba Sync Utility
Toshiba Multimedia Controller
Web Camera + Application

NOT Working
G-Sensor (displays can still be rotated manually)
Haptic Feedback (technically it works, but only with the Libretto Software, which does not work)
Libretto Software (Unfortunately unstable and/or unreliable on Windows 10)

The process is relatively easy, just long-winded! That being said, I take no responsibility should you follow this and it goes wrong!
Windows 10 Upgrade
Requirements :
Libretto W100/W105 running the Windows 7 build with all the software and drivers installed.
Latest BIOS update
Externa... Read more

A:Libretto W100 Windows 10 - Full functionality via 3rd party apps (instruction)

Touch Screen Keyboard

Download Comfort Keyboard and install it. I fully endorse purchasing this (I did) its the ultimate W100 keyboard! (Free Trial is available)On the Greetings page, Tick all options and click NextSelect "MiniUnispaced" type and whatever style you likeTick only "Show labels and icons..." and click NextTick only "Use Gestures" and "Fit Width" and click FinishRight click on the new Keyboard icon on the Taskbar and choose Options. Move the window to the TOP screenUnder Main Properties ensure everything is tickedUnder Keyboard Shortcuts set Visibility to CTRL+ALT+CAPSUnder Keyboard Shortcuts set Next Keyboard to CTRL+ALT+TABClick Set The List of Keyboards. Click Uncheck all.Tick "MiniUnispaced" then "StandardBigAlpha" then "Standard" then "TwoSides2" and click OKUnder On-Screen Keyboard ensure everything is untickedClick Advanced... then click Extended on the new windowTick only "Check any application as a web...", "Don't Move the on-screen keyboard..." and "Prevent the mouse cursor..." and click OKPress the keyboard button on the taskbar. Make sure the keyboard shows up on the bottom screen. If not: open notepad (or anything with a text cursor) on the bottom screen and press the keyboard icon againHide the Keyboard by pressing the icon again and return to the options windowUnder Position tick only "Lock". This will ensure the keyboard only ev... Read more

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Hello All,
Please understand the scenario.

"We are developing a web based software that is used in FleetServices to process some driver and vehicle files, that contains activities (like driving, rest etc.). So the problem is that when i got a (driver/vehicle) file in German language and i try to transfer it to server, it fails if my regional setting is set to Greek Language. But i am able to transfer (driver/vehicle) file if my OS's Regional setting is other than Greek."

So my question is that why German language is not supported by operating system only if my regional setting is Greek (it is working fine if regional setting is other than Greek).

Is there a bug in Windows XP or Visual Studio 8 or we are doing something wrong.

If there German language is not supported by Greek OS then please refer my some url where such information is available which clearly speaks that this scenario is not at all supported. If it is supported then please tell me how to support it.

I would be very-very thankful to you.

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I was doing a crossword puzzle online and all of the sudden a couple of windows flashed across the screen and the language changed from all English to a mixed English and Arabic (I believe). The menu bar at top of screen is gone too. HELP!

A:Language on my computer changed from English to English and (I believe) Arabic

Press the Windows flag key + R and in the Run open field type: intl.cpl (press enter)
Check that the drop down box under “Format: English” is set to “Match Windows Display language (recommended)"

I would be a little leery that something malicious may have been installed on the computer to cause this unwanted change. You may want to update and run any AV and or anti-malware programs you may have installed.

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My mate has got a new netbook but has put German as the default language not english before the pc computeruser name and password.

I have been told that it cannot be altered we have to set it up in German leave the password blank then alter in the normal way but it will be all in German so might be a bit tricky.

Can it be altered before we progress any further or do we have to carry on and change it later if so what would be the quickest way to change the language.


A:German to English problem on a netbook

What version of Win7 do you have?

You can--> Change the system locale

Or if you have Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise you can -->Add a language pack

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I have a second serial (because of the pre-order Promotion), from Windows 7 home Premium English. My parents have for the moment the rtm in German installed, but without activation, next moth the activation-time end.

So I will make a serial as Christmass gift, but is it possible to activate the German win7 with the serial from an English verson??

Thanks in advance for every information :-)

A:Activate Win 7 German with English serial??

Quote: Originally Posted by knuckles84


I have a second serial (because of the pre-order Promotion), from Windows 7 home Premium English. My parents have for the moment the rtm in German installed, but without activation, next moth the activation-time end.

So I will make a serial as Christmass gift, but is it possible to activate the German win7 with the serial from an English verson??

Thanks in advance for every information :-)

I will be upfront, I do not know the answer to your question, but there are others here who might. My advice is to call MS, they would have the definitive answer. In addition, they have the authority to give you little extras for little or no cost. Give them a call. With the economy in shambles, major compaines need good will.
Merry Christmas

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I downloaded adaware and ran it. When I opened it up again it was in German not English...how do I change it back.

A:[SOLVED] adaware was English now is German

Go to configuration/options/language. Pick from the drop down box.


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