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is there any way to recover a file when you replaced its folder?

Q: is there any way to recover a file when you replaced its folder?

you know when you have 2 folders with the same name and the computer asks you if you want to replace it, keep both and such ? well, I did that to a very important folder that was on my external hard drive, now I don't know what to do? is there any way to recover the folder to its version before I replaced it?

ps: information - I replaced using a mac OSX Lion, but I can use any softwares for windows since the folder is on my hard drive not on my laptop
- also, they were photos, which I edited with photoshop, so maybe there's something I can do in photoshop, maybe?
- it wasn't deleted, it was replaced!

Preferred Solution: is there any way to recover a file when you replaced its folder?

I recommend downloading and trying SP Photo Recovery. It will help find and retrieve your lost files.

I've used it in the past to recover photos, music, videos, and other multimedia files, regardless if the file has been deleted, lost, damaged or corrupted.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/UDbKNE. (This link will open the download page so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: is there any way to recover a file when you replaced its folder?

Hi and Welcome to TSF!


ps: information - I replaced using a mac OSX Lion, but I can use any softwares for windows since the folder is on my hard drive not on my laptop

Are you running Windows 7 or Mac OSX?

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you know when you have 2 folders with the same name and the computer asks you if you want to replace it, keep both and such ? well, I did that to a very important folder that was on my external hard drive, now I don't know what to do? is there any way to recover the folder to its version before I replaced it?

ps: information - I replaced using a mac OSX Lion, but I can use any softwares for windows since the folder is on my hard drive not on my laptop
- also, they were photos, which I edited with photoshop, so maybe there's something I can do in photoshop, maybe?
- it wasn't deleted, it was replaced!

A:is there any way to recover a file when you replaced its folder?

Have you looked in the recycle bin?If you still can't find the files, try Recuva: http://www.piriform.com/recuvaFor future reference, regular backups will help you avoid such problems.

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A few days ago I think I deleted a folder (entitled "Scans") in "My Documents" folder. I tried "Recuva" and used all the different options to search (except, advanced). When files come up in the search, they are listed in numbers, like, 1a55t2r277z12, etc. rather than a name, like "Scans," the one I am looking for. Am I going about the search correctly,and if so, how do I idenfiy the folder I am looking for?

A:Recover deleted file folder

I do not have an answer to your question right now, but I will research and possibly others will come by. In the meantime use the computer as little as possible.. Each use of the HD makes it more difficult to recover the files.

This software has an excellent reputation of finding lost files

Try this free for one day, 11/4

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I'm trying to recover files/folder from a year end tape and not from my nightly tapes.

The steps I follow:

1. run Inventory
2. Catalog tape
3. After cataloging, I would normally find out what data I have in the media

Right now after running inventory, I'm not able to catalog the tape. So I cant find out what's on the tape.

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I was compressed my all PDF files in Zip file format last month thereby I could easy to send other machine. Even right now I tried many times to extract or unzip file, but shows such kind of error message “the compressed (zipped) archive folder is invalid or corrupted” during the uncompress of Zip archive folder. Recently, I cannot understand that how it can possible to recover zip file from corrupt Zip archive folder in easy manner? Please let me know some effective Zip repair software that repair and fix damage zip file conveniently.

A:How Can I Extract And Recover Zip File From Corrupt Zip Archive Folder?

Can you tell us what operating system you are using and which software you used to create the zip file?

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Hello everyone, I am in urgent need of your help. While making a copy paste from a users profile, a friend of mina accidentally replaced the .pst of my Outlook. Now, I've lost all e-mails from the day the old .pst was recorded, ultil today. Is there any tool that can recover the replaced .pst? I already looked for something to solve this situation on the Internet but I only find recovery tools for deleted messages or corrupted .pst, which is not the situation here. Can you help?

A:Replaced PST. How to recover?

Not to my knowledge either, as you have also found.

As the .pst file hold all emails and attachments, contacts etc it is a high priority for backing up. I do mine daily just in case...

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I replaced the crashed hard drive and im now getting this message, No bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key. Please help me i dont have any idea what to do? 

A:Replaced HD,want to up grade IOS and do not have any recover...

Hi: You're getting that message because there is no operating system installed on the hard drive you replaced. You would have to order recovery disks for your model (if they are available from a 3rd party vendor) and they are only for Windows Vista. Do you have the 1245dx, ca, ef or eo model? Otherwise you would have to purchase a full retail or OEM version of W7.  

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Can I recover a document I replaced by accident? It had been saved previously.

Thank you for your help!

A:Word - Recover document replaced

If you saved over it then not really. The file has been overwritten.

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Lenovo laptop G580I have created a Windows 10 recovery onto to a USB stick.I have replaced my faulty hard drive, but now I can't recover windows to the replacment hard drive.When starting up with the new hard drive installed I get the blue screen with "Choose Language Option"After choosing language I get the Troubleshoot or Turn off  optionWhen choosing the Troubleshoot option, I only get the optionsSystem Restore - use a restore point recorded on your PC to restore WindowsSystem Image Recovery - recover Windows using a specific system image fileI am not seeing the option Recover from a Drive, which should be there, I believe, from various Internet messages and posts I've seen Can anyone hlep please to get my laptop back up and running Windows 10 ? Geoff

A:Can't recover Windows 10 on to replaced hard disk

If you are not getting the Recover from Drive option, you must have missed selecting the option to "Backup system files to the recovery drive" when creating the Recovery drive, so you will have to download and create Windows 10 Installation Media to reinstall Windows 10 to you laptop.     Download Windows 10https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 When you get to the point where it asks for a Product Key, select the to skip  (or I do not have a key) option and Windows will automatically activate upon completion of the installation.  Unfortunately you will be starting clean, so any data will have to be restored from backup, and applications will have to be reinstalled.  FYI, If you do no have your data backed up, with luck you may still be able to recover it from the old drive if it just failed to boot from the drive, by mounting the drive into an external 2.5 inch USB enclosure, and copying off the the c:\users\<username> folders to your new HD.  Cheers, 

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I  replaced the hard drive in my HP G61 laptop. I have no recovery discs. Suggestions?

A:I replaced hard drive in my HP G61 laptop. I have no recover...

Hi, I don't know its model/product therefore won't be able to help much. But normally (a) Do a factory settings: Since you don't have media, you can order from HP, Please use the following instructions       http://support.hp.com/au-en/document/bph07143 (b) Do a clean install: For Windows 7: You can use the product key from a ticker on your machine (bottom or inside battery chamber) to download and re-install.For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10: You can down load ISO file from Microsoft and install, skip the key during installation process and it will re-activate for you when online. Regards.     

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So I was trying to remap my User folders (e.g. Documents, Pictures) to a different drive by changing the location. What I accidentally managed to do is (I think) migrate my Contacts folder with my User folder. Now, when I go into C>Users, instead of my name, I see the actual Contacts folder. When I go into it, it has all my user folders, but I can't rename it and I don't know how to get it back to normal. I was having trouble restoring the contacts folder with the rest of my user folders but I managed to do that. Now I have... two Contacts folders? One is in with the rest of my user folders, the other IS my User folder. Please help me fix this mistake.

A:Replaced User folder with Contacts folder, how to restore?

See if this helps, User Folders - Restore Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums. I've accidentally messed them up myself by clicking the wrong folder. Restoring defaults fixed it for me. The tricky part is whether to move the contents back or not. I'm think you shouldn't, at least not automatically anyway.

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A routine hardware scan found errors in the hard drive and the motherboard, so I contacted Lenovo support.  They had a technician come to my house and replace the parts, then started the recovery DVDs to get the system running again.  However it failed to install!  He called Lenovo service and tried several things to get it installed, to no avail.   They sent me a new set of six recovery discs, but these have now also failed.  I contacted support again and they tried to help me through several boot options to get it to work, but nothing has worked.  They have "escalated my case to the Customer Relations Office" so they can resolve my issue, but I am now worried that this is going to drag on for a very long time.   Does anyone else have suggestions about how to resolve this issue?  Could my upgrade to Windows 10 be complicating this?

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I encountered a big trouble.I used the folder lock 6.1.4 trial version some time ago and encrypted my docs folder. When I tried to add suplementary pages the encrypted archive, I opened the folder and no one document was seen inside, although the encrypted archive could be seen in the "Browse" button. The encrypted folder was fully empthy. Neither I reinstalled the windows platform + Folder Lock soft I could not open again the flk. archive. Please, let you me know as soon as possible if you got any solution to this trouble. I need a lot to access docs from that folder. You can send me a mail too, to the [email protected]

I am waiting for your help, as fast possible.

Thank you!

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My monitor goes black and I am forced to reboot. After rebooting I get a blue screen prompt telling me that i've recovered from a BSOD. I've been monitoring them since October.

In October, I RMA'd my graphics card. Oct 27. You can see that after I got a new GPU, my BSOD's halted... so obviously its the GPU right? if you look at my BSOD dumps the last one is OCT 27, new gpu, and i don't get one until Feb 7.

So on Feb 7 I call up eVGA again and say, ok so my GPU is bad again and I wonder if its something im doing to kill them.

So I am going to get a second RMA and the tech tells me that they received my first card and they ran it for over a hour in a diagnostic app and didn't have a single problem... aka my card was fine...

so i explain my BSOD issues and the tech tells me that it may be a voltage issue and that it may be my power supply... soooooooooo

I goto Tiger Direct down the street and buy a "whatever i can get" thats over 1000 watts supply because I have a 850 watt PSU and obviously its not enough power so i go big... and guess what... My last BSOD dump before the PSU is 3/18 March 18. So new PSU and I don't get a single BSOD until 6/14/2014.

So I have attached "All" of my dumps and all my info with the issues.

My problem is... if its "not" my GPU, why did getting a new one give me no BSOD for 3 months.

my problem is... if its "not" my PSU why did getting a new one march 18 let my PC run ti... Read more

A:BSOD 0x116 (stop error) Replaced GPU, replaced RAM, replaced PSU

Hi Zuriel.

I read your OP. I would suggest you to have an open mind; and dont decide that it is not it. Because during troubleshooting you have to get everything tested.

The BSOD is a stop 0x116. That is an error from the part of the display environment. That means ....
The GPU itself
The display driver
The system temps and dust allocation inside the computer
The hardware parts like GPU fans
Overclocking failure
And etc. I would suggest you to go through a thorough troubleshooting, whatever may be the idea you may have about those.

Are you overclocking? As you are getting BSODs, you should stop overclocking and run all the hardware components like CPU, GPU and RAM to their default settings.

Check if the Power Supply Unit (PSU, 850 watts you said) supplying adequate power to the computer or not.
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator v2.5

Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

Stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark

Install the NVIDIA DRIVERS 314.22WHQL only, at least as a test. Because it never fails on itself.
Uninstall All nvidia items in Control Panel > Programs and features3D Vision Control Driver
3D Vision Driver
Graphics Driver
HD Audio Driver
nvidia Update
(Are you using nvidia chipset dr... Read more

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Hey guys i have a serious problem. My hard drive has 2 partition C and D. C is where all the application is and D is where i keep all my songs and movies.
Just recently, when i tried to access my D drive, to my surprise there was only 1 folder. A KDB folder. Inside this folder there are a files with .box and .bix. All my songs were no where to be seen.

I tried scanning my pc for virus but nothing. The only results i got from AVG is 2 files changed::shell 32 (C:Windows/system32/shell32.dll) and host (C:Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts).

My question is ..Is this KDB folder a virus??

How do i get back my old files???

If i format my C drive, will my D drives files magically come back???

Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.................

A:D Drive Content Replaced With A Kdb Folder?

Hi is this an Xp or a Vista system?Have just recently installed or updated something? you may need to remove it and do it again.Have you tried using Windows System Restore to a point before this occurred?Windows XP System Restore GuideWindows Vista System Restore Guide

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So I bought 2TB HDD for week ago, didn't use it but thought I'd sort all folders today

Anyways, something is very messed up


Double disk locations

(neither of them shortcuts)


No download folder (shown in first pic)

Basically I were going to try store download stuff on my new larger disk (done before, worked), had an error this time and it didn't work. I still got the files left from the download folder, however the download folder is now just a "normal" folder left now, and is not registered as the actual download folder, as the special icon for the folder is gone, and when I download stuff it just stores in the main E (new disk) folder


Anyways, I think I understand what is going on, the E disk pretends to be the download disk, which explains both problems, however how do I solve this?

A:Help, my new disk replaced my downloads folder?

Fixed issue one, however I still don't got a download folder and now my files get saved in "D:\Library files\Documents\Downloads" ....

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Hey guys I really need your help. Yesterday when i switched on my pc i wanted to listen to my favourite music. SO i clicked on my partition drive D: where i always keep my songs , and it showed only 1 folder. KDB folder. When i click on it it showed some really weird file names. I tried scanning my pc with anti virus and spyware, but nothing.

My question is this a virus??

If i format my pc, will my d drive files magically reappear???

Any advice is much appreciated.........Thanks in advance.............

A:D Drive Files Replaced With Kdb Folder?

I really can't help you, but I can say that formattiing your hard drive will wipe out all your files, so I don't recommend doing that just yet. Hang in there and somebody smarter than me will come along...

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Recently upgraded to win10 but this started with win7.
I use a Unity3d and now when I download a file from that program, instead of the stock icon I now get an generic one.

When I would download a file for this program I used to get the black and white icon you see on top.
Now I get this generic folder. All others are ok. Any help?
Also I have used the Icon cache program but no help there.

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Ive searched everywhere for a solution to this but still can't find one. I'm sure I replaced the empty font folder with the ones that you get with windows by default, but now I have this going on with photoshop and a few other programs. I can't figure out what to do.

A:Deleted my fonts folder, replaced it with defaults, now I have this problem

try a system restore to an earlier date before this happened.

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I replaced the hard drive in my laptop, partitioned it like the old one into two partitions, and restored the image of the C: drive, Vista home premium, using a Ghost image.

On the old drive, all the user folders, Documents, Pictures, etc, were in the E: partition.

When I partitioned the new drive, I re-created all those folders. But after restoring the C: image, Windows is not recognizing those user folders ie if I click on Documents from the Start Menu, nothing happens.

If I go to Start and right click on Documents or any other user folder and select Properties, there is no Location tab. It seems like since Windows did not move the user folder to that location and mark that location as a user folder, that it is not recognizing it.

Any ideas how to fix this?


A:Replaced hard drive, have User Folder problems


Not sure but I think this is associated with the sequece of events. i.e. The way the system is rebuilt.

So from the ghost image, rebuild it in priotity order: -

Recovery & data partitions first. Then the system drive!

Always booting from the recovery DVD/ CD until the rebuild is completed.

Then & only then, boot from the HDD.

Give it a go & report back. OK?

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Hello all , i am new to batch programming.

I wish to have a batch file to read .apk file from folder and then copy it to another folder. Then it should rename the copied apk file to test.apk

i have a file in folder e:\apps\angrybirds.apk , I want to copy this angrybirds.apk to d:\apps and rename it to test.apk

Here the file names in the e:\apps\ will be changing. So what ever may be the name , it should read the name of the file from e:\apps\ folder , copy it to d:\apps\ and rename it to "test.apk" . Test.apk is a fixed rename

A:Solved: Batch file to copy a file from folder and rename it in another folder

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i had a folder on my desktop labeled "SONGS" someone accidently deleted the whole folder (Shift-Delete) is there anyway to recover that folder.

plz help me this folder is really important i dont wanna download all those songs again (160)

A:Recover Folder

Turn off the computer immediately. The longer it runs, the more songs get overwritten. Remove the hard disk. Take it to another computer where you have some recovery software installed and do the recovery there.

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I'm not quite sure where to post this problem. I'm running XP. I was editing photos in Ulead PhotoImpact and I meant to delete three photos but deleted my folder by mistake (from within the program). Is there any way to recover this folder?

Thanks in advance

A:recover folder

I guess you have tried a system restore to just before this happened. I probably don't knoow what I am talking about but just trying to help.

This free app gets high marks so maybe it will work for you.


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We tried playing a cd on his laptop but it wouldn't recognize that there was a disk inserted. The light flashed but nothing happened. I looked under My Computer and the icon for the drive is missing but there's and different one that says Drive F: . Someone told me that the drivers are still there. They have an HP Pavillion DV9500. They live far from me so I have to do things remotely. I don't know a lot about computers and my father-in-law knows even less. Any and all help is greatly appreciated

A:CD ROM file replaced by 'Drive F:' ?

Go to search
type device manager
in device manager, first look for any small yellow triangles, by the drivers
If none are found update the driver for the cd rom drive.

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Is there any way that this can be done? I replaced an important word file and I need to get it back soon.

A:Retrieving a replaced file

If you mean what I think you mean, the probable answer is no. Did you save a revised version, or a different document altogether, with the original file's name? If so, I don't believe there's anything that can be done, assuming that you didn't have a current backup that included that file.

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Hello Seven Forum

I have edited shell32.dll.mui in en-us in system32 and in syswow64. But I can see any changes. yea I have taken ownership of those files, rebooted and also disabled software protection service and tried but i doesn't show any edited info.

A:File replaced but not showing changes

Welcome to the Seven Forums

What kind of changes are you trying to make?

What did you edit in the shell32.dll.mui?


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In attempting to bring up an .eml file I accidentally clicked "yes" when asked if I wanted to replace it. Consequently, it's gone. How can I recover it?

A:Recovering a replaced .eml file?

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Hey guys, I just accidentally replaced a .exe file in vista, and im not sure how to get it back. I found that the "install location" of the program is at C:\$recycle.bin\s-1-5-21-570175258-29156...
I've taken everrything out of my recycle bin, and it's still not there. How can I get this file back? Thanks

A:Accidentally replaced file

Hi, have you tried a system restore point? http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/windows-vista-system-restore-guide/

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hello sir,i've total deleted my documents folder.how can i receover theis folder

A:my documents folder recover

how can i restore my documents folder

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Hey guys, i just got a new computer and only got 128gb ssd drive, and i seen the install folder taking up a huge chunk or memory so i deleted it. Now my icons are gone and some programs cant be installed or installed properly. is there anyway to recover it? i tried the restore point but it crashed and then i had to do a dos recovery and now that im back into windows, that restore point is gone.


A:recover install folder?

What install folder?

You could try Recuva, see if it helps but your best bet is to do a recovery to factory state. There should be a partition on the hard drive that you can access via the Start Menu or via a Fn key during boot.

Backup any data first or you'll lose it.

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Today i accidentally deleted my folder on the desktop of windows-7. The files are not there in the Recycle Bin.

There are some .pdf files and .jpg files in the folder which is too important for me.
I just copied the folder with files from external source. Now, i don't have that external source from where i can recover or get my files.

Can anyone please help me which software will work to recover the folder. I tried some recovery software which works for the files. I am not able to find any files. It shows me recover the files which are deleted before a week. But, i am unable to find the files which i deleted today(Shift+Del).

A:How to recover whole folder with files

Hello miaaa, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use Previous Versions to restore the folder from the desktop.

Hope this helps,

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I was clearing up my very long list of internet favourite links when i deleted by mistake a folder with all my fav links to computer tips and tweaks ..

Being blonde lol i emptied the recycle bin without realising whati had done ..

Is there any way to retrieve it ???


A:Recover deleted folder...

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I keep My Documents, My Videos etc. on a separate drive to OS (on E:\)

Today I noticed that My Documents folder was duplicated within the My pictures folder ... checked original still there - and then deleted what I thought was dup ... and both folder now gone.

I run RECUVA and saved all deleted files to separate HDD so they are at least safe.
Could not see option in RECUVA to actually recover a folder & its file structure.

However it would take long time to recreate structure & copy back.

I understand W7 has a feature in it to recover a deleted folder ... I looked at info and it seemed to say select folder and the right click ............. can't do that as folder no longer shows.

Is there a neat way to recover folder none of the files will have been overwritten.

A:recover Deleted folder

Do you have system restore enabled? If so you can mount the system restore point and browse it to copy your documents folder back to where it should be. You'll only lose any cahnges that were made to it since the last system restore point before the folder was deleted was created. Let us know as there are a couple of free softwares that can recover folders using this method.

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Last week i upgraded my window vista ultimate to window 7 ultimate, and there is a window.old folder, i forgot to retrieve my file from the window.old folder and i am stupid enough to delete the folder. The file i want is on the previous window's desktop, so does anyone know how to recover the window.old folder, so i can recover my file again ?

thanks in advance! please help this is urgent

A:how do i recover window.old folder?

Quote: Originally Posted by joeykhor

Last week i upgraded my window vista ultimate to window 7 ultimate, and there is a window.old folder, i forgot to retrieve my file from the window.old folder and i am stupid enough to delete the folder. The file i want is on the previous window's desktop, so does anyone know how to recover the window.old folder, so i can recover my file again ?

thanks in advance! please help this is urgent

Hi Joey and welcome

You deleted the windows.old folder and have you been using the computer since to install things or add? If that file is important enough to spend money on you might be able to get it back Google undelete programs for win 7.

There is no easy way to do it
Ken J+

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When I try to download a file using Internet Explorer, the file name is changed so I can't run an exe.
For example, if I click on the file anyfile.exe a pop-up comes to see if I would like to run or save anyfile_exe.
Sure would love to get this fixed. Thanks!

A:File Extension Dot Replaced by an Underscore

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Could any one tell me how to retrieve my deleted file please?  Can you reply to me on [email protected]?

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I used file scavenger 3.2 to recover hard drive files. I was somewhat sucessfull except
it give errors for files larger than 16 cheracters. Is there a way to recover long
file names with file scavenger 3.2?
I have used several internet downloads to recover my drive and many did not
work. So far file scavenger did the best. Is there some other software that I
might try. PC inspector did not work.
Thank you,

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dont know where to post this so i post it under os

my fiend deleted 8.6GB aprox of pictures from a foldr in his documents
and it was too big for the recycle bin

whats the best way to recover this...would be nice to recover the folder as it was in nice order and had other folders,is it possible to recover the structure or do you have to just try recover files if possible

what has worked for you? any good softs you can recommend?

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Hello. I actually started in the windows xp board. After trying a solution or two I was directed here since I am likely still infected. Here is the original post since it explains the issue and my goal.


I have been all over the internet for the past week trying to find solutions and nothing I have tried has worked. I'm finally desperate enough to try a tech support forum.(not that I think people who come here are desperate, but since I'm fairly tech savvy myself, I feel desperate for doing this.)

I have my main computer and a secondary computer that I use for downloads. Doesn't matter what it is that I am downloading, be it a new web browser, freeware games, or whatever, I use the secondary computer and transfer it to my main computer once I feel it's safe. About a week ago I got a malware in the form of an fbi warning about a fine and criminal prosecution. Knowing that I hadn't downloaded anything illegal I searched up a solution. I used malwarebytes off my main computer(an updated version) and used it to free my download computer of the malware while in safe mode.

Now whenever I boot it up it acts really funny. There a number of quirks but the main point is this: I'm about ready to give it the boot, but I've realized there is a folder on there from when it was once my main computer that I hadn't backed up properly and would like to get it off. However I can't. Drag and drop doesn't work, copy and paste doesn't work. I can delete... Read more

A:Infected, need to recover folder of files

BUMP: please.

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hi all,

so my lil sister brought her laptop (win 7 home premium) over last night saying it was broken. As it turns out windows does not load and it will not do so even in safe mode.

So i decided i would recover the laptop, but first wanted to get her data off the HDD. I have the HDD out and can get everything off of it, except her personal folder where all her documents are stored.

Is there any way for me to gain access to this folder or will i have to run HDD file recovery software to get the data off?
Thanks for all help,


A:Windows 7 - How do i recover personal folder?

Hello Daniel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could try taking ownership and "Allow" your user account "Full Control" of the folder to see if you may have access afterwards.

Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys,

had a crashing pc...backed up user profiles and reinstalled...then was told there was a folder containing data on the root...
important data (that hadnt been backed up)

I couldnt clone the drive for backup purposes as it kept on failing.

there are a lot of pdf/jpg .docs etc in an organized structure.
I dont want to file recover as it will take way too long to sort anything out.

i have tried recover my files....but this only restores files not folders.

is there anygood recovery software that will recover a folder and its files and sub directories...
i also tried undelete
recovery tools corp edition
and a few others...but none seem to do this...is it possible?

let me know please.

A:Recover a folder on windows xp after formating

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I accidentally deleted a folder on my shared drive. It did no goto the recycle bin. Is there anyway to retrieve it? I am using windows vista

A:Need to recover folder from shared drive

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We recently switched email from OE to Outlook 2010. I clicked on a sub folder earlier today and it literally disappeared. I have tried to find and recover it, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere. I did look in all of my other email folders and did a search of my hard drive, but I could not locate it. Any suggestions?

A:Recover Missing Outlook Folder

Hello and good day,
Please explain exactly how the switch was done; did you follow this guide?
OE was only available on XP, is that where you are working from now? The account(s) that you migrated were POP or IMAP? Any other technical detail would be useful

The Cleaver

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Hello guys.

I have small story and problem. Maybe you can help me.

I install Microsoft My private folder program.
I upload in there documents and photos.
One day my Kaspersky note me that inside program are virus. And all my files recognize as virus. I just think in that time maybe i install bad program and in there is virus. I remember that virus was: $e. So i just done mistake and delete them.
After that i open folder and all my photos and documents was damage. Kaspersky not have option BackUp my deleted virus. I try Restore point and no luck.
So what i use Recovery programs. I try 3. But only from one i get files back.

So my question is, can i recover my files with program or with other option?
Or This is it and i not have any option recover?

Here is one photo how look recovered files. And two files i give in here. So maybe you can test them.

Damage files for your test.

P.S. Sorry for my english.
P.S.S. This happened with XP OS, but i think you can help me or just answer in here too.

A:My private folder - recover files

Hm.. So nobody can't help me too fix this problem? Any solution?
What i want is stick together those two files in one. Picture and file with $ name.
Maybe some program can help me or i just can try something?

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This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail account. This feature is designed for advanced users who are comfortable backing up and modifying the Microsoft Windows? Registry.
Outlook provides a way to recover items after you have permanently deleted them, including after emptying the Deleted Items folder. Your Exchange server administrator specifies the retention time for permanently deleted items on the Exchange server. After this time has elapsed, you cannot recover the deleted items.
By default, to use the Recover Deleted Items command on the Tools menu, you must be viewing the Deleted Items folder. By modifying the registry, this command is available regardless of which Outlook folder that you are viewing. You can view and recover deleted items, including those items that were permanently deleted by using SHIFT+DELETE, for the folder that you are viewing.
Note If you deleted an item and emptied the Deleted Items folder, click Deleted Items to use Recovered Deleted Items. Only items that you permanently deleted with SHIFT+DELETE or SHIFT+[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/KALI%7E1.PAN/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG] are available in folders other than Deleted Items.
Caution If you use the registry editor incorrectly, you might cause serious problems that might require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using the registry editor incorrectly. Use the reg... Read more

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Hi guys,

I lost a folder containing a POS application and database and the backups
havent run for weeks before i lost data.

I had deleted some recent folders (copies of the used app and database) that contained needed data.

I tried using recover my files but it only seems to recover file types...or groups of
file types.

Is it possible to recover a folder of data?
how can i do this...its desperate!!!

A:recover a lost folder containing files

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