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Lenovo Z5070 HDD to SSD Migration

Q: Lenovo Z5070 HDD to SSD Migration

I have bought a samsung evo 250gb ssd to install my os partition to it from my HDD. I have created a recovery usb drive from my present HDD(controlpanel->recovery->create usb recovery). Then removed the HDD from the slot & replaced it with SSD & boot the system. While booting up i have selected boot from my USB drive which have the recovery, & continue the steps & finally submit the reset button.System shows "Resetting the PC" & after 10 seconds it shows a screen saying 'There was a problem resetting the PC, no changes were made'. I have tried several times but the same message came. Can any one please help whether the steps followed by me are correct , else please help me. Because i'm facing very much slowness with my present HDD(WD 5400 rpm), that's what i'm planned to move the os partition to SSD & keep the HDD in place of optical drive bay using a caddy. I don't want to loose my Genuine Windows 10 with my present system. So please help me with a resolution.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Z5070 HDD to SSD Migration

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, I want to purchase 8gb ram for my second slot of lenovo z5070Which one should I purchaseon the basis of compatibility and performance?

A:Lenovo z5070 system RAM upgrade

Hi krazzygenius , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Lenovo recommended as compatible tested RAM upgrade for your model as per HMM (item12 page 80):
Lenovo Z50-70 Platform Specifications : 16GB max / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L, non-parity, dual-channel capable, two 204-pin SO-DIMM sockets
12 RAM, M471B1G73QH0-YK0 35nmQ 8GB DDR3L 1600 Part number: 11202080 
12 RAM, Hyn HMT41GS6AFR8A-PB DDR3L 1600 8GB Part number: 11201301 
12 RAM, RMT3160ME68FAF-1600 8GB DDR3L 1600 Part number: 11202450
12 RAM, Mic MT16KTF1G64HZ-1G6E1 DDR3L 1600 8GB Part number: 11201304 
12 RAM, M471B1G73DB0-YK0 25nm 8GB DDR3L 1600 Part number: 11202082 
12 RAM, SK HMT41GS6BFR8A-PB/RD 8GB DDR3L 1600 Part number: 11202707
Hope this answered your query.
Update us.

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Hi! I would like to ask if anybody knows how many RAM slot there is in this model and how much RAM can it support? I can't seem to find any info about the number of memory slots of the z5070 5941.  Thank you.

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A:Lenovo z5070 5941-8188

Hi Jclint_msi,
Welcome to Lenovo forums
As you are looking for the information about the maximum memory supported by Lenovo z50-70 laptop.
This model has 2 RAM slots, and can support up to 16GB, where up to 8GB in single slot.
Hope this helps! Do post us back for further queries.
Best regards,    

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Hello, Sometimes i have that power surge on usb port message and that port is the one that my mouse is plugged in. Whenever i get this message(usually once in 2 days), I cant use that port and i need to click to that message and when i click it shows me a page which can restart that port. The problem is when ? get the power surge on usb port device needs more power than port can supply message, I cant always click to that message and to restart that port, I need to restart my computer. I dont really want to restart my pc every time. It takes much more time than resetting that port. So do you have any suggestions that will help me to prevent that power surge, or even if it is not possible can you tell me how to go to that page which resets the port? I use razer mamba.Thanks.

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My z50-70 laptop was working great , i used to open web browser , music player , visual studio and so many programs without any problem , but now even when i'm only opening the web browser the fan make big noise , i wanted to know if the problem is with the fan or it may be something else .. thanks


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A:lenovo laptop z5070 fan noise

Hi Deshazzz,
Welcome to the Forums      
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with fan noise from your Lenovo Z50-70 laptop.
Try to remove the dust through the energy management, go to energy management select maintainence guide and select dust removal option and check for the issue.
Try to update the graphic driver and check for the issue, if the system was shipped with the graphic  card? Is the system overheating while using any application?
Click here for the graphic driver for windows 7(32 bit).
Click here for the graphic driver for windows 7 (64 bit).
Click here for the graphic driver for windows 8.1.
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!                                        
Best regards,                                                       
Ashwin. S

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Well i have been suffering this problem scince the very first days i bought the laptop back in 2015 , the problem is as following :- it is n't connected to a specific action or application ,it just happens at anytime ,suddenly the mouse arrow becomes very very slow for about a minute , then a blue screen comes for just 2 seconds then everything come back to normal again , but any window or any copying process will be canceled ... its just very wierd ,i changed the windows many times and i always update my graphic card but nothing is working at all , its very annoying specially when i am in a middle of a copying or moving process then in the middle it stops ,and sometimes it didn't , so i don't know what is the source of this problem ,so please can anyone help me ?

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My Computer, Lenovo Z5070 (gt820m-i5). The computer's internal microphone is not working. He never worked. I have not seen you work since I bought it. All drivers are up to date. I've tried simple solutions. Please help me.

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hi friendsMy laptop is a z5070 modelThere is no update for the Meltdown Specter cavityMy Processor Series 4 is the exact name of the 4210uBut the bios has not yet been upgraded and also the processor is not .....Why Lenovo does not do anything!Did you forget this model?

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hi friendsMy laptop is a z5070 modelThere is no update for the Meltdown Specter cavityMy Processor Series 4 is the exact name of the 4210uBut the bios has not yet been upgraded and also the processor is not .....Why Lenovo does not do anything!Did you forget this model?

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Hi,I have a lenovo Z5070 notebook. It first came with a windows 8 - 64bit and then I upgraded it to Windows 10 - 64bit. It's still using the onekey theater app which was installed on by the company. I'm now looking for the new version of this app. Can anybody help me please ?

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Hi,I have the Lenovo Z580, i5 3210M, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, WIN 7 SP1.I would like to buy a new SSD Samsung Evo 850 500GB.Is it possibile to migrate the One Key Recovery (whole partition) from the original HDD to the new SSD and make new istallation?Is it possibile to use both harddisk with the same Windows 7? One time SSD and other time original HDD ... 

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Have a Lenovo Y700 15ISK. I just installed my own Samsung M.2 500 gig SSD and used their Data Migration software to clone the HDD onto it. Everything seemed to be going well until it finished cloning and I then had to reboot. Now on the login screen, the screen continously flashes and it won't even let me sign in. At this point, I don't even really care all that much about moving everything onto the SSD anymore, I just want to be able to revert back to having an actual useable computer ideally without losing anything. Not too sure how to go about that. I tried looking around in the BIOS menus, but I don't really know what I'm doing in there. Thank you guys in advance. Pretty frustrated right now.

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I only know of TWO programs that do this... and until recently, I thought it impossible because of how deeply woven into the OS, file directory, and registry each software application was woven...

but now there's LapLink PCMover that will completely trnsfer all files AND installed software to a new system... even if its a different OS, impressive imo

I thought that it was the only one... until I realized that Acronis also has Acronis Migrate Easy which ALSO migrates installed software and program settings...

Does anyone know of any OTHER software capable of doing this? Its impressive imo... and worth way more than these companies are charging for it.

A:PC Migration Software (Including Application Migration)

Yes impressive.

Comodo Programs Manager monitors program installations and registry activity for uninstallations. I never thought about it before, but it does seem like that could fairly easily be converted to a similar type of feature for creating backups for programs, including their registry entries. Not so sure about moving the programs to a different OS part, though. I'd like to know what's in doing that...what exactly has to happen to move a program from XP to 7 (or 7 to XP?) or whatever.

I wouldn't be surprised if Comodo were to develop migration as part of their backup program. Just back up Documents and Settings and selected programs and their registry entries. Guess it wouldn't be free..

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Hi,Recently I have replaced the old hdd with an ssd. The old hdd had windows 8.1 x64 preinstalled, it is possible to reuse the windows license on the new ssd? If yes, how can i do it?Thank you!

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My Z5070 is always 100% disk. When I turn it on for 3-5 mins it will freeze. I checked task manager, it show 100% disk but I see my programs only use 0.0-0.2 MB/s every programs. I tried reinstall windows 2 times but I still have same problem. Could it be HDD problem? I never turn my laptop off for 2 weeks because of work (just sleep). Could it cause problem? ?  From picture: Memory is not a main problem because I upgraded my ram but I have this problem before my upgrade.( This problem never cause anything until last Friday)

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So I been thinking of adding an additional 4GB stick and have been confused how to do so. I have checked thehardware manual for compatible RAM and although it has part numbers listed how would you go about using it?I have googled the part number, none returned specific product available in my country (India).So how would I go about buying RAM?

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I searched for a replacement keyboard for the z5070 but didnt find any what are the models compatible with the z5070 lenovo notebook?


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A:Compatible keyboards with Z5070

Hi Abdulla,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Please go through the below link for complete model compatible details.
Click here (See page no 88)
Hope this helps. Please let me know your findings.
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I bought the laptop with the OS FreeDOS and I am not able to boot from my CD/USB. What is the magic combiation for the boot menu. Thanks!

A:How to boot from ideapad z5070

hi DorianDiaconu,
Thanks for Posting!
First go inside BIOs by tapping F2 while turning on the computer.
    Then go to the Exit TAB and make sure that the OS Optimized and OS Optimization are selected to Other OS or Disabled.
     Then Go to Boot or startup tab Make sure that secure BOOT is disabled
     and Boot mode and Boot Priority is set to Legacy.
Now hit F10 to Save and Exit
Insert the CD and Turn the system OFF
Now when the computer starts up start hitting F12 (while the system is turning ON)
     You should have a boot selection  select BOOT menu or Select the CD / DVD
This should make the CD's load the Installation.
Solid cruver

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I need to reset my bios because i've forotten my BIOS password! where is the CMOS is located on Z5070 ??

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Is Z5070 model have CMOs battery?. If yes please let know how to replace it.

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Is Z5070 model have CMOs battery?. If yes please let know how to replace it.

A:Where can i find the CMOS battery on Z5070

HMM does not document a CMOS battery.https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/lenovo_g_z_50_series_hmm.pdf

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This hasn't worked since the Windows 10 update. I have tried updating drivers, rebooting, turning settings on or off in the lenovo settings "app" and it just doesn't show up. This is extremely frustrating seeing as I have searched the internet for a solution and so far nothing seems to be working. 

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Since you have to hunt around different Lenovo sites (and other sites) to find out about these softwares, I decided to make a post to get feedback from actual Yoga owners on how these programs interact, what they do, which ones are prerequisite, and which ones are unnecessary. Please don't take this as a blanket answer. This is just what I have found. It might be right - it might be wrong. I'm looking for others to post their experiences as well. Lenovo System Interface Foundation Driver - Necessary prerequisite (missing driver in device manager without it). It allows the Lenovo Utility and Lenovo Companion to work. Lenovo Yoga Mode Control - Necessary if you want to use your yoga to seemlessly change between all the different modes (laptop, tablet, tent, stand). This software is responsible for autorotating and putting Windows into tablet mode. Lenovo Utility - Recommended(?) This one I'm not too sure on. I remember that I was missing some function that I wanted but I can't remember what it was now. Maybe battery cycle count and health? Lenovo Companion - I don't have this one installed and don't think it's necessary but would like someone else to shed some light here.

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Hello Friends,

I am Nikhil. I am having Windows XP, Home Edition SP1 at my end. Its a licensed version from Microsoft. Everytime on running Automatic Update, I get message for upgrading system to SP2.

Can you please tell me, whether migrating from SP1 to SP2 is really beneficial as claimed by Microsoft ? Further, will this move afftect PC functioning in any manner like not working certain s/w, programs etc ?

Please help


A:Migration to Win XP SP2 from SP1

Hi Nikfriend

Support for XP SP1 has ended. There are several advantages to SP2, including strengthened wireless networking support, a better firewall, a million little tiny security enhancements that are important, and the ability to use things such as Windows Defender that is not supported under SP1. You are going to find it more and more common that SP2 is required to use software.

List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2


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I have a laptop that I have 3 partitons, 1st has XP booting from it, 2nd is my data partition, and 3rd has WIN 7 booting from it.
My reason for doing this was to be able to run WIN XP on day to day basis - get my email etc and store data for XL WORD etc on data partition. I now have WIN 7 on 3rd partition and want to access the data with the applications from WIN7. It will not allow me to do this as the Computer name is different under the 2 os's. The workgroup is the same. I have tried changing the permissions on the shared files to allow full access form the "other" computer but it does not allow this.
In addition my backup using Home Server fails, saying cannot see disk, presumably due to similar problems when run from XP.
If I change the computer name on both XP and WIN7 to be identical, and set up an identical username, will this work. To do so can I just do that say on the WIN7 setup , or will I have to deelte it and reinstall WIN7 withthe same names ??

Thanks in advance

A:WIN 7 Migration

Hi Chrism could you please provide a screenshot of the exact error your getting? I'm finding it a little hard to follow.

However from what I have managed to glean, in the meantime try taking ownership of the files from Windows 7: Take Ownership Shortcut this shouldn't affect XP as XP doesn't care about ownership rights

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I have backed up mail (and everything with it) from Outlook Express in XP and want to transfer it to Windows Live Mail that I installed on Windows 8. I can't find any straightforward instructions on how to do this on the web. All of my email accounts are POP3.

A:Migration from OE to WLM


It won't be exactly the same but the process should be nearly identical.


This may also be worth a look. Outlook can export to files which can then be recovered separately.

As another idea, you might be able to temporarily play with your Mail settings to be IMAP so that your new client just downloads them as they should be. Then once they are downloaded, switch back to POP. It's a bit hacky and you might want to look around a bit first but it could be an easy solution.

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i have a healthy 500 gig sata running 3 os i just purchesed a new solid state drive but it is only 80 gigs,my problem is i have some paid for programs i want to move over i seem to move the program but not the licence,ultimitly id like to have them installed on external hard drive.i have 500 gig ntif in my rockfish and my other os with the programs i want in my black widow {blackX} any help plz


Try inserting the CD you used to install the program and then use your product key (if you have one). Many programs allow you to install on a number of computers. If not, try copying the program over and then entering the license key. If all of that fails, then try contacting the software's developer. They'll be able to work something out.

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hello, ive been doing a lot of searching and just cant find what im looking for. basically what im trying to do is a vmware virtual drive to physical machine migration. there is lots of info on physical to virtual, but not the other way around. my windows 7 installation is really messed up and needs a wipe and reload. so what i did was create a windows 7 virtual machine on vmware and did all the updates and configurations the way i want, to save time. now i just need help converting the virtual drive to my physical c: drive. is there an easy way todo this? is there some freeware or shareware software that will automate this for me? thank you in advance!!

btw, the guest and host are the same physical machine

A:Help with V2P migration

am i the only one thats ever attempted this??

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We've been the victim over the past many months of a vicious fking hacker...they've pretty much gotten into our system and are having their way with it. Everything from changing passwords to keylogging to stealing bank info. We filed a bank report awhile back when it occurred and have some idea of who it might be,but of course no one we reported it to can divulge the address the merchandise was shipped to with my bank card which could lead to more clues.
Anyway in the meantime we've decided it was about time to get a new computer anyway,we've had Dells for years but now considered Mac as we've heard their security is better. Though we did go with another Dell,we want to be able to migrate our things from the old computer onto the new but without any infected files. We do have a program called Intellimover,but it's so old who knows what it'll do.
At one point we were going to reformat the old computer using an external drive,then clean the files and reload them back on...but now we have the other computer so we'd like to just transfer directly.


 I would be very careful NOT to transfer any executable files.  There're several ways to transfer your data.
 You could copy your data to an external hard drive or flash drive, then copy it onto the new computer.
 The method I use a lot is to set up a network for both computers, then just copy and paste from the old to the new.  Bear in mind that if the volume of data is high, this could be time consuming, especially if you do it over a WiFi connection.
 The third method is to use the Windows Easy Transfer program.  I'm not a fan of this method because I like to be sure of what I'm copying, but some folks like it.  If you use it, just be very careful about any executable files (especially email attachments) it copies.
Good luck.

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Some how My husbands and my computer migrated. I do not understand how. Its seems his computer runs mine. All my files are under one or two files ,drives have been made out of picture files. Now it appears my granddaughter has Admin right when she was made only a account to do school work. My husband computer crashed and I am having more issues that ever . I can not seem to fully grasp windows 10. Can we unmigrate these computers? Migrated in Dec, 2017 and how would I reset my grandchild account? Please help I am ready to throw everything out.
Thank you very much!

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I have just bought a notebook to replace my desktop PC. The Desktop PC runs WIn7 Home Premium (OEM) and the box is configured with my programming tools pretty much the way I like it.

The new notebook also also has Win7 Home Premium (OEM).

Is there a relatively painless means to migrate the desktop install to the new notebook?

The Windows migration wizard thingie doesn't move the programmes, so it seems I'll need to re-install and reconfigure all of my applications. Very tedious.

Any suggestions to help ease the transition?


A:Migration from old to new PC

You can save externally a backup image and reimage to the new computer HD using Acronis 10+ with Universal Restore which removes the drivers and prepares it to start on new hardware.

You can also save image and reimage using Win7 backup imaging or free Macrium Reflect, then before starting the new HD, run Paragon Adaptive Restore CD to do the same thing.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery

You'll have to reactivate at Computer>Properties using new Product Key, or access an elevated Command Line to run slmgr -ipk followed by a space and the New Product Key.

Otherwise copy over your files using drag n drop from external, flash stick or CD/DVD, and reinstall your programs. Tips for cleaning up factory pre-install bloatware: HP laptop has used up all four primary partitions

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If you have any suggestions, I will edit/update this original post rather than scatter add'l posts in this thread.

Below is my step-by-step guide for moving my 2-yr old Win7 installation to a new SSD.


unnamed - 100MB System Reserved partition
C - LIVE OS (physical HDD 0) - 750GB Seagate -100 GB partition
D - LIVE DATA (physical HDD 0) - xxxxxxxxxxxxx - 650GB partition - Win7 Libraries, TIF, etc.
E - SCRATCH (physical HDD 1) - 80GB partition (all)
G - Iomega external HDD - 250GB

To become:

C - LIVE SSD OS (physical HDD 0 - Intel 120GB 320 SSD)
D - LIVE DATA (old physical HDD 0, now HDD 1)
E - SCRATCH (physical HDD 2, no change)
G - Iomega external HDD (no change)

The Intel is already installed in my desktop. I downloaded the Intel SSD toolbox. It seems that running that without specifying to upgrade the firmware, DID upgrade the firmware. It shows as being "unallocated" in Disk Management. NO DRIVE LETTER YET.

I had an old PATA drive (80GB) also in my desktop. When I deleted both of those partitions (i.e. delete VOLUME), when I tried to create a "simple volume", it kept telling me not enough space to complete the operation. I have since found out (this drive might have been bootable as it was in my old XP PC) that I ALSO need to delete the partitions to be able to convert that to UNALLOCATED space?? drive letter E - SCRATCH

I assume th... Read more

A:HDD to SDD migration

Hi Jim,

Have you seen this tutorial by whs?
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

I followed it when i migrated the OS from HD to SSD and it worked very well for me.

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I am fixing a computer running win 98. Replacing the motherboard
and processor and then installing winXP.
I will be doing a clean install but do not want to lose any data.
Currently there are programs like Quicken of which I will probably
install the latest version. My question is what is the best way to migrate the data from these programswithout loosing anything?

A:Migration to XP

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Hi there, I'll soon be a Win XP user and was just wondering if anybody had a ny hints or tips for the upgrade or any such problems I might encounter during installation?

Help is always appreciated,

A:Migration to XP from 2K

Hey there - upgrade to XP is pretty straight forward and you shouldnt have any probs.
Ensure you do all the windows update after tho

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I purchased the XP Home edition to use to upgrade my PC from ME. When it came
it said "for use on a new PC". Not sure why that was. When I ran setup.exe
"upgrade" was never presented as an option. I cancelled the install as I was
afraid I'd lose my files in the My Documents folder.

Does anyone know why upgrade would not be an option? I asked the company I
bought it from but got no help there and they won't take a return.


A:ME to XP migration


Originally Posted by 2Dogs

"for use on a new PC"

This is why an upgrade is not an option. The version you bought is for a computer with no OS. You cannot use it as an upgrade. You will need to purchase an upgrade version.
IMO It would be more benificial to install a fresh copy of XP than use an upgrade.

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We will be rolling out new workstation at a site next week. They currently have NT servers and heterogenous workstations (some NT, some win2k, some windows 98, even one win95!

What's the fastest and most efficient way to get this accomplished? Any good migration software to recommend???


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Good morning everyone,

I've bought Samsung SSDs before, and used Samung's Migration software to clone and replace HDDs in two different desktops.

I bought a 500 GB Samsung SSD to replace the 1 TB HDD in my 6 year old HP Envy Dv6 laptop.

I've tried three times to do the clone, but each time I have problems.

Here are some pictures of the error messages that I'm getting.

I didn't think that I would have problems going from a larger HDD to a smaller SSD, since the amount of data that I'm trying to clone is about 350 GB.

Any ideas for help?


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Have anyone tried moving their OS with the Samsung Magician tool? I may use this in the future when i get my Dell XPS 8700.

A:OS Migration

I never tried it, too many others have had problems with it. I use Paragon Migrate OS to SSD ($19.95). It works perfect every time.

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I moved the Windows 10 installation of my mother's PC from a hard drive to a SSD using DriveImageXML drive2drive feature with Windows running. I copied the boot system partition and the Windows partition (C then booted with the new system partition. But even if I booted on the system partition on the SSD, it started Windows 10 on the hard drive. I used BCDEdit to change Device and osDevice to the SSD partition and rebooted, it switched to the SSD.

Everything was working fine, EXCEPT the start menu !!! It won't open ! I see there are many possible causes for this start menu issue. I tried multiple solutions (SOLVED: Fix Windows 10 Start Button Does Nothing in 10 Minutes - Up & Running Technologies Calgary and SOLVED: Windows 10 Start Menu and Modern Apps Do Not Function - Up & Running Technologies Calgary), none worked.

I decided to create a new user and everything is fine. This is pretty annoying because I'm afraid to move Windows 10 to another hard drive now. Never had any issue with previous Windows.

Anybody else tried to move Windows 10 to another hard drive ?

A:Migration to an SSD

Originally Posted by [FONT=Segoe UI

kensiko;494331][/FONT]Anybody else tried to move Windows 10 to another hard drive ?

Yes, many times but I use Acronis true Image and have never had an issue.

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What's the operating system migration?(ex.: from Xp to seven)


A:7 migration

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hello, does anybody have info of migration software and how to of win 7 old into new win 7 install?

A:Migration of windows 7

heres an update since i get no help here. WET transfer of a image file,usen ontrack windows picks what files it wants to transfer though is says it transfer it all after a long time it only copied over what it wanted. Test 2 WET transfer of files off of failing HD direct, hoping HD holds up to coping update later

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Please, how doing to us correct the IE9/IE 11

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I want to stop using my old hotmail account and switch to gmail totally.

Is there a way that i can set up hotmail ac to get my hotmail automatically forwarded to gmail account or even get a automated reply sent to anyone who emails my hotmail to tell them that i have changed to gmail instead?

A:Hotmail migration

There should be, seeing as how most do have something like that, but you'll have to look around in the settings, because I haven't used hotmail in years

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