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Unable to save file in Excel /Word

Q: Unable to save file in Excel /Word

I lost a few hours of work due to:
Suddenly unable to save a file in Excel. No warnings etc. Blissfully working (and saving) along but when I boot up again later I found the file 'not saved' but a random number file eg; BDF45000 in directory. Opens up in Excel but with only some data.

I did:
Run repair, Office 2003 Proff. (No change)
Check for 'read only' (Not the problem)
Use Reg Mechanic, cleaned up and defragged... (No change)
Save under different name. (No change)

I use AVG... could it be that a third party app interferes with a 'proper save'?.. or AVG interference whilst excel tries to save? I am a bit paranoid at this stage... not trusting the pc. Ideas?

Preferred Solution: Unable to save file in Excel /Word

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unable to save file in Excel /Word

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One of my user is having this problem on her Windows XP PC:

Dell GX260 with Windows XP Professional running 512MB RAM, Office XP, Acrobat 5.0

When opening a Word file & edited in Word XP, the user cannot SAVE or use SAVE AS the file, when try to exit out the file, get prompt to either SAVE, CLOSE, or CANCEL the file, at that point it will still not save the file, the only way to exit the file is to hit CLOSE to exit.

I initially thought this might be a Word Xp problem, so I ran the repair tool in Office XP, that did not fix it.

I then uninstalled Office XP, reinstalled Office XP, but that also did not fix the problem.

I then ran the Office update to download the latest patches from MicroSoft, but that also did not fix the problem.

I then UNINSTALLED Acrobat 5.0 from the PC, that FIXED the problem.

WITHOUT Acrobat 5.0 on her PC, the user was now able to open & edit a Word file, and able to SAVE the edited file, also able use SAVE AS to save the file as a new copy.

I then reinstalled Acrobat 5.0 thinking the previous copy of Acrobat 5.0 on the PC might be corrupted, as soon as Acrobat 5.0 was back on the PC, the same problem with the SAVE feature came back in Word XP.

I then installed the patch update for Acrobat 5.0, that did not fix the problem.

At this point, I am out of clues on how to fix it....The user tried Acrobat 6.0 before on the same PC, but decided to reverse back to Acrobat 5.0 because of format problem with 6.0.......so Acrobat 6.0 is no... Read more

A:Unable to Save/Save As/close Word XP file with Acrobat 5.0 installed

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I recently changed computers. I saved all of MY Documents And loaded tham into the new computer, along woth my Office 2000 software. My OS is now Windows XP.
When trying to save a new document I get the following message:
"Folder C:\Documents & Settings\(my name)\My Documents\(title)\ isn't accessible. The folder may be located in another volume or protected with password" I can access all of my previous documents. Just cannot add to them.

I do not have password protection. Does anyone have a clue? is Office 2000 not compatable with XP? This XP is getting to be a pain in the butt!

A:Unable to save new Word or Excel document

Are the files set to Read Only?

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I have 2 comps that have this prob, both running xp sp2, I can open files (word and excel 2000 and microsoft works 4.5) from the network no prob. I can also save the files to the network drive.
The prob happens when i try to save as to the network drive, I recive the error

I can save the file to my hard drive.
I have no password on the file and the network drive is accesable.

I have unistalled and reinstalled the office (did not help).

All other programs have no problems with save as on the network.

A:unable to save as to network drive with word/excel 2000

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my system: vista 64 Ultimate, Office 2007, all updates, no viruses, 8 GB RAM, 750 GB HDD, C2D
Problem: I used to have office 2003. At some time word could not save anymore. so I switched to office 2007 thinking it is related to vista. when I start word 2007 I get the error message "could not create work file. check the environment variable". At first it wouldn't save either, but I fixed that by deleting the normal.dot It seems to work besides the annoying message. The other problem may be related: Excel can not save at all and crashes while trying and says: "MS Excel cannot open or save any documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space... to make memorey free...". all other Office applications seem to work well (haven't tried too much).
I googled and tried all the registry tricks (that's how I found the fix with deleting the normal.dot). I suspect at some time I changed something and can't remember what. but word 2003 worked at some time. I have reinstalled Office multiple times (deleted registry entries etc.) Nada. My links to the temp folders in environment variables should be correct. I had meddled with those at some point.
I searched the forum, haven't found anything. Sorry in case I overlooked something here.

Edit: I have the swap file size on "automatic", despite 8 GB of RAM. I only have one account (administrator)

A:Excel can not save, word cannot create work file

No one an idea? It happens in outlook too. but not when i start it, it sporadically pops up that it can't create that work file.
I really googled around and could at least solve it so that i can save in word, so i really tried before asking.

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We get this message when trying to Save As a new file from an existing file:

"The folder foldername isn't accessible. The folder may be located in an unavailable location, protected with a password, or the file name contains a / or \."

I have been to Miscrosoft site and followed their hotfix instructions, still happens, but intermittently. Has anyone had this before?

A:Solved: Unable to Save As a file in Excel

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I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that a very long checklist, which includes checkboxes and text boxes, can be transferred to excel. (I'm working with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite.) I've been reading about how you're supposed to enable the "Save Data as Delimited Text File" in the advanced part section of the 'Tools' Options tab, and then save it as a text file to import into excel, but when I do that it doesn't save any information, just two zeros. I've been looking at other forum questions and messing around with how the forms are protected or not, but I can't get it to actually save any of what's entered in to the forms when I save it as a text file. Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
I've attached a zip folder (I hope) with a section of the checklist in case that might help. Thanks so much!

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Hi! i need you help!.. I am unable to open or save files in the shared drive using Excel 2007 but i can open/save excel 2007 files saved in my local drive

The error message I get when i try to open is "Could not open...." followed by the path and excel name.

This is the error message i get when i try to save in the shared drive:

Microsoft office excel cannot acces the file". There are several possible reasons:

the file name or path does not exist
the file is being used by another program
the workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook

Please help

A:Unable to Open and Save Excel files in the shared drive using Excel 2007

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Received a few MS Excel files from an outside vendor as e-mail attachment. I am able to save the attachement to My Doc or desktop and then open or open them directly from Outlook 2003 or 2007.

But when I tried to save the doc with or without making changes, the spreadsheet just sits there and saying Saving at the bottom. I waited several miniutes to be saved, but it just sits there. It does not taking any extra resources. On Application event viewer, it just displayes application hang error.

A:Unable to save or save an Excel files

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I am using Win 8 and I can't remember now if this has started since going to Win 8 or if it worked OK for a while and is glitching now. (I am using 2010 and Outlook on Win 8)
If I prepare a Word or Excel document and want to send it on to someone I can no longer go to the File/Save and Send/Send as Attachment feature because if I do that then my machine says cannot send this message.
I then delete the attachment, click on Attach file, find the file, attach it in this way and boom...of it flies - kind of irritating.
Rather strange - anyone care to comment?
And I would really love it if, when this feature does work, such as when you send a picture straight out of My Pictures, it freezes you on that email so if you suddenly remember another file you want to add, or you decide you need to check something somewhere else before you hit go, the screen flashes at you (gives you the finger). So now you have to close/delete that message and start again (fortunately if you have added text you can highlight it before deleting, copy it and then, after closing the message you can paste the copy into word temporarily until you get a new message ready then copy/paste it back into your email.
I have not tried to send straight out of my pictures for a while - must check if that still works....it does!

A:Save and send Word & Excel

I have Office 2010 and Windows 8, I get the same error. I tried 6 Different repair options and so far none have worked.

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My WindowsXP system has suddenly and for no apparent reason developed a problem where both Word and Excel give the hourglass of doom and crash, when you try to 'save as' your work. Otherwise the machine works as normal on all other programs I have tried using. I have seen one other post for this problem on one other forum - but no suggestions how to remedy it. Can anybody help please?

A:'Save As' problem with Excel and Word

See the sticky at top of forum. Microsoft security update MS06-015 (908531)
KB 918165

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I have store word/excel to server. I experience when I open it from server and edit, when save it to the same location, it got and error and cannot be save. I have to save as my local pc and do copy/paste to the server.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you.

A:Word/Excel document cannot save to server

It sounds like a permissions problem as though you have access to open the file, but not modify or save it.

Is this on your work network or a home network?

Do you know how to use permissions and folder/file security?

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Just recently (last 2 months), I have not been able to save any email word or excel attachments. I can open the document. I can even edit it. But if I try to "save as", the info page shows it trying to be saved in a temporary file on my C drive. It doesn't matter what I do: let the icon spin, try to load, try to save, try a different path. Word (or excel) simply stops responding, then the error message pops up and I have to close the program.

If I open the file again, the prompt to save the file appears, but the same process occurs. I was fortunate (and have no idea how it happened, think I just "saved" it) that a 75 page document that I needed to edit somehow got "autosaved" in my document library, and so I am able to work on that one. The original is still sitting in my email in box because I can't save it :-(

This follows a change to the look/layout of my "info" page that happened roughly the same time. It used to be that I could simply save any document by going to "file", "save as" and it would take me to my library files. Now I have a two boxes at the top with a tile list of my document file folders. I have to either browse my C drive for the file, or click on the appropriate file folder.

What change has happened that my word program no longer saves as I always have?

A:Can't save word or excel attachments from emails.

Hi & welcome to the Forum.

You have not mentioned what version of Office you are using, but you could try repairing Office as a start. To do that:

Open Control panel,
select Programs & Features,
scroll down to Microsoft Office,
Right Click on it & select Change,
This should open a couple of Repair options to try.

Also make sure office is up to date.

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I have an Excel sheet that contains text/data per row. This excel sheet may have as many as 300 rows of data. I would like to export the data in the excel file row to a word template, and save that to a specific file name which corresponds to column 2. I would like to be able to 'click' a button and have all 50 rows export their information using the word template and have these files saved under specific filenames in the line item data (ex: column 2). Do you have any suggestions on how I can do this?

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Hi all
Can anyone help me with a problem I have in Word 2000?



Windows 2000 Professional
Office 2000.


If open a blank word document, type something and click file>save as, nothing happens. I cannot save anything. It simply doesnt work. I dont get any errors either.

If I click start>run and type winword /a and try saving a document it works fine!

Things I have tried:

1. detect and repair (took 4 hours!!)
2. deleted normal.dot to create a new one.
3. Deleted the 9.0 key in the registry.
4. Removed and reinstalled Office 2000.
5. Searched MSKB and google.com

No resolutions so far!

Maybe its a setting somewhere?

Any ideas?



A:Unable to save Word documents

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I need convert/save Excel files into the ASCII comma delimited text files. It needs to be in this format in order to upload healthcare data to the CDC (NHSN).

Thank you.

A:How to convert/save an Excel file to ASCII comma delimited text file

File - Save As. Change Save as type option at the bottom...

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Hi guys,

I have a question that has stumped me so far. Here is the scenario: I am dealing with a spreadsheet that has several tabs on it. In each tab, there are several word, powerpoint, and pdf documents that are embedded as objects. My task is to write a macro, that will for each document (keep in mind its an embedded object that needs to be opened), open it with the appropriate program, and save it using a pre-assigned name (the name of the column heading and the row it is in) to a predetermined folder path. This process needs to be duplicated about 200 times. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I know enough about vba to believe that it is. I've been working on it since yesterday, and I can't seem to tie the pieces together. Can anyone help on this?


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I have windows xp with service pack 2, I have a mapped drive to a 98 machine. I can open, save and create new files no prob but when I try to save as a new file name to this drive I receive the error

This volume is not available or file is password protected.

This only happens with office (i.e. word, excel) and works.
I have no prob with any other programs...

any ideas

A:Unable to save as word 2000 to 98 machine

If the place where you are trying to save your file is unavailable, save the file to a different location.

If you have tried to use an unusual character in the file name, remove it from the file name.

For example, the error message

The folder "(path)" isn't accessible. It may be on an unavailable volume, or protected with a password."

...is either caused by a genuinely unavailable destination, or it can be caused by having the "<" or ">" symbol in the file name.

Or.... Click Save As and save the file as an .rtf file insted.

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Just started having trouble opening and saving word files on Mac

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Hi all,

I am experiencing some problems when trying to save an updated excel 2007 worksheet.
This worksheet as well as all other is saved in compatibility mode.

This occurs only with this particular sheet all other are working fine.

It started yesterday after updating the worksheet with new info.
I got the message "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to be closed".
"Send error report"etc... I lost 2 hours of work.

I have downloaded the same very sheet from my company's Intranet (uploaded by myself a few days ago), and the error remained.

The weird thing is that this worksheet was working just fine until yesterday and all other excel docs are working just fine.
I have tried in safe mode doesn't work either.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello all,

I have been presented with a project that involves Forms that I am not able
to resolve.

Basically I have been asked to create a document template where other team
members can fill out a form that asks a series of questions, then to have
only the completed form results export to a new file.

I am aware that Word can export the form results to a text file, but when I
do this all of the questions that were on the original form are exported to
the new file.

What we are looking to achieve in the end:
If the end user is faced with 20 questions, but only 12 of the questions
pertain to the end users project, only the 12 completed form fields will
export to a new file.

I know that this should be possible with using a macro button to export the data, but that is where I need the help.

I tried searching for this exact situation, but I did not find any matches, hence the new thread.

Thank you in advance,


A:Macro help needed to export Word form results to a new file... Word/Excel

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I have an Excel Workbook where I try to embed a Word and Excel file (icon). But, I cannot open the file afterwards. However, my colleagues can open it when I sent it to them by email. What could be the problem with my application.

I tried disabling my spyware software and reloading Microsoft Office XP but the problem is still there,

What could be the problem?
Thanks a lot

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I'm a former IT Systems Technician, and my girlfriend is a work-from-home writer. I've recently migrated her PC's original processor and ram from an HP motherboard to an ASRock board, linking the original WD Caviar Blue 1TB drive to the board as a secondary drive to collect documents and storage from, while running Windows 8.1 (up to date) on a Seagate Barracuda 250GB for the main OS and programs drive.

With those specs out there in the open, now it's time to get to the root of the problem.

As a work-from-home writer, my girlfriend depends on the ability to save her documents to Microsoft's OneDrive and upload them to her publisher, but with this error showing up, she cannot get them to save. I have never seen such a message in my many years of IT service, and I'm completely baffled.

I am the administrator... So now I turn to you guys for help.

A:Microsoft Office Word 2013 unable to save?

Do have have more than 1 version of Office installed on the machine? The error message seems to be indicating that there are 2 or more MS Office products installed that are in conflict with each other.

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Its been a week now since i have this problem that im unable to save MSoffice files on my laptop's C drive. I keep on getting the message "Your changes cannot be saved to "fxx.xxx" because of sharing violation."
This started when i removed my membership from administrators group to power user and change the owner from me to administrators group, i did if for standard security setup in our office for all computers (im part of administrator team, so i know the admin password anyway). Since then im not able to save any MSoffice file on c.
So far this is the only program that i know of that wont allow me to save files on c although i tried running a standalone program from D (no installtion required) and create a profile/or user for that parcticular program, then close the program and open it again but the profile is not being created. I tried doing it using admin login and it is able to create i can also save MSoffice file on c. Funny thing is, on the other machine the same standard security set up is working for a power user. i tried reinstalling the msoffice XP program but to no avail. I tried adding my name again on the administrators group stil not able to save.

A:Unable to save MSoffice files (excell, word, etc) on C

Quote: Originally Posted by 2010incubus

Its been a week now since i have this problem that im unable to save MSoffice files on my laptop's C drive. I keep on getting the message "Your changes cannot be saved to "fxx.xxx" because of sharing violation."
This started when i removed my membership from administrators group to power user and change the owner from me to administrators group, i did if for standard security setup in our office for all computers (im part of administrator team, so i know the admin password anyway). Since then im not able to save any MSoffice file on c.
So far this is the only program that i know of that wont allow me to save files on c although i tried running a standalone program from D (no installtion required) and create a profile/or user for that parcticular program, then close the program and open it again but the profile is not being created. I tried doing it using admin login and it is able to create i can also save MSoffice file on c. Funny thing is, on the other machine the same standard security set up is working for a power user. i tried reinstalling the msoffice XP program but to no avail. I tried adding my name again on the administrators group stil not able to save.

would setting yourself up with a new account plus admin privileges work..?

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Need help trying to save a word 2007 document. Am running Windows Vista. I have been working on this document for the past couple of days, a high school maths investigation with lots of equations and graphs copied over from 'Autograph' a 3d graphing software. I have been able to save it with ease with all this stuff on it until an hour ago. When I press CTRL+S it opens up the save as box (even though i've already saved it before). Then when i press save in this dialog box the box closes for a half a second before opening again without me pressing anything. I do it again and again and notice the little loading bar that tells you it's saving in the bottom right hand corner of the document gets stuck and then stops when the box opens up again. I've tried to rename it and this doesn't work. i copied it into an old word document and then saved that document and that document wouldn't save either. i got rid of it off that document and the old document saved perfectly. I closed it just to check it was actually not saving and it isn't. Is there something wrong with my document? or is it word? please help!

A:Unable to save a specific word 2007 document.

How large is the file? Do a Save As to a new file.

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All of these programmes run fine, but as soon as I try to use them to save my work or open an existing file, they stop responding! I'm using the 2007 version and Windows Vista.

Thanks for your help in advance!

A:Word/Power Point/Excel 2007 Programme hangs when I try to save or open!

You could try opening up word, select help and look for a detect and repair option. Give that a try and see if it solves your problem.

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I have been using Excel 2007 for over a year with no problems until yesterday. Now when I open a previously saved document, I can make changes to the cells, but cannot click on the Office button or any of the tabs across the ribbon. The only thing I can do is click on the "x" to close the document, which remains in its original form.

If, however, I open Excel first, and then open the same document, I can make all changes and save same.

Why can I no longer open and edit a document without opening Excel first, and how do I fix this? I'm new at these forums and hopeful that someone can help. Thank you!

A:Solved: Excel 2007 unable to save or click on ribbon


Try repairing the installation

Click the "Windows" button at the bottom left-hand side of your computer desktop.

Step 2
Click "Control Panel" and then "Uninstall a Program" under the heading "Programs."

Step 3
Scroll down until you see the version of Microsoft Office 2007 you own (such as Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007) and click once to highlight it.

Step 4
Start the repair process by clicking "Change" in the gray bar toward the top of the "Uninstall or change a program" window. Select "Repair" in the window that opens. The diagnostic tool will attempt to find and then repair any problems or errors it encounters.

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I have a file in MS Word. Periodically I add to it. Lately, when I add to it and try to either save or close it, I get a message that says:
Cannot save. The disk is full or too many files are open.

My hard drive isn't anywhere near being full. And the only file open is Word.


A:Why can't I save this Word file?


This Microsoft document covers the situation you describe: Q113908.
There are a number of things that can cause those errors.
For instance, Word may be exceeding the number of sub-files it can open.
To save your work you may be able to save it as in RTF format.


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I Am Unable Tosave A Word File I Keep Getting A Message

This Programme Will Shut Down

Pl Help Me :

A:I Cannot Save Word File

It would seem your Word installation is corrupted. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Word?

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I am working on a save functionality. I want to save one/or two tabs while having more in the workbook.

I used this code: But it saves all of them
Dim wk As Excel.Workbook
Set wk = Application.ActiveWorkbook
file_name = "C:\testing.xls"
wk.SaveAs (file_name)

How can I modify the code so it saves just one tab? Avoiding of deleting the tabs or hidding the tabs?
Thank you

A:EXCEL: Save a file

Files and worksheets are fundamentally different, yet intrinsically tied - I don't think you can do this.
I believe you could export the worksheets you want to save to a new workbook, however, and save that as a new file.

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I have a friend who is suddenly experiencing an issue where they are no longer able to Open an Excel file through their Windows Explorer (e.g. when trying to open a Excel file from within their My Documents folder). After double clicking on the file, Excel opens and acts as if it is opening the file but then proceeds to show just a blank worksheet. The file does not appear to be corrupt since they can then go to File/Open from within Excel, locate the folder and then Open it without a problem.

Any suggestions? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as to the cause and resolution for this.

Thank you greatly,


A:Excel 2000 - Unable to open Excel file thru Windows Explorer

Check this out: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-1781119.php

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In Excel 2010, I opened a Read-only file, made a lot of changes, and tried to File-Save As.

Nothing happens.

A web-search I got some info, maybe the MS Office update tool was recently installed? Not in my case.

go to explorer, the read-only file and check off Read-only in Properties. Can't, its not saved to anything, and Excel gives a message the file is read-only, please save under a new file name.

I tried File Save As, but nothing happens, no dialog box to input a new file name.

BTW, this is a large excel file, around 27 MB.

A:Excel file read-only, but can't File-Save as

Offhand, wondering if the Save As dialog box is opening behind the Excel program window. Maybe reducing the size of the excel window, then trying save as again? (it may be visible if that is happening) Also a possibility is to just try Save. That should produce a message and also offer the opportunity to Save As. Any additional info you can acquire will be helpful for resolving this.

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I have Password Safe and have all of my password saved in MS Word in a "letter." I would like to safe this "letter" to CD for safekeeping but can't seem to accomplish this task. I try to use "save as" and identify my CD Writer drive but it won't work. (I get a message saying something about it won't work. Does anyone know how I can save this MS Word file/"letter" on my CD? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Save MS Word File:

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I just got a new lenovo with XP. I was using Word 2007 which is new to me. I was working on a document that I had e mailed to myself. I opened the document from e mail and worked on it. I hit the save icon periodically. I was looking for the 'Save as' option which I have since found, but at that time I couldn't find it so I couldn't rename the file and save it where I wanted it. I saved again via the icon and closed the file. It asked me if I wanted to save changes. I clicked yes. Now, I cannot find the file anywhere. Did it save changes or delete it?

I did a search for files by the name the computer gave it which had %20 between each word.

I searched for files modified in the last 24 hours.

I looked, unsucessfully, for TEMP internet files.

Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge of what might have happened?

Thankfully, now I know where the Save as option is hidden for future files.

A:Word 2007 Where did it save file?

Hi, Welcome to TSG!

Did you look at the file in the e-mail to see if that is updated?

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Hey all, I was wondering if you can save a Word document as a PDF file and if so, how?


A:How to save a Word document as a PDF file?

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Excel 2007 says the file is in use and won't save it, but no one else is using it. Have checked and Excel shows only one user. After some time, Excel will save the file.

A:Solved: Excel won't save file

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Hi I set up a second User account for a friend so an office associate can sign in to access a spreadsheet on his PC.

From the Admin's account I shared to the new account with Read/Write privileges. I didn't see any higher sharing permissions but really didn't poke around much.

So I get a call from him today that associate is able to edit the spreadsheet but not save it to her account, gets an error. I'm waiting for the text of the error to google.

I'm hoping Office experts will know what else needs to be done. Did I miss an extra sharing permission?

A:Shared Excel file won't Save

The error message in detail will give us more to go with but within Excel itself it is possible to 'protect' the worksheets and/or the workbook. Have you discounted that as being the problem? Cheers.

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When Excel saves my workbook file, it changes the NTFS ownership of the file to the user account that is using Excel. I need it to allow the data to be changed within the workbook, but not change the file's ownership. Any ideas?

Windows 10 Pro ... clean recent install ... all updates are currentOffice 2010 (Excel) ... clean recent install ... all updates are currentThe original owner of Excel file is in the Administrator groupExcel user is not in the Administrator groupExcel user has the following inherited permissions to the file, through a group, inherited down from the folder in which it resides:
Read and execute
Excel user does not have the following permissions. I checked this in Properties using the "Effective Access" feature:
Full Control
Change permissions
Take ownership

The only unusual thing is the Excel file came from an XP machine. I don't see how that would affect anything but ...

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated ... I tried everything I can think of, and have searched this forum and the internet without success.


A:Excel changes the owner of file during save

I just duplicated the problem with a brand new Excel file that had nothing to do with the old XP machine ...
Signed in as the original owner who is in the administrator groupCreated a new Excel file in the same folder as aboveEdited the file with Excel as the original owner ... savedChecked ownership and permissions. Everything looks OK, including the inherited permissions from the folderSigned offSigned on as a second user who is not in the Administrator groupEdited the the file with Excel as the second user ... saved the file with changesSigned offSigned on as the original ownerChecked ownership and permissions. The ownership of the file has changed to the second user.

The original and second users are the exact same users described in the post above. Uggghhh ...

Clueless in Houston ...

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Hi there

I received an Excel file that was saved as Excel 2000 in my email from a friend of mine. The file is 495 KB. I can open the file but I get a message that reads "Save not complete. File rename failed. Retry??" the message has two buttons - "Retry" and "Cancel". When I press "Retry" I get the same message. If I click on "Cancel", I get no mesage. I then save the file but I get another message that says "Document not saved". I have tried changing the file name but nothing works. By the way, the file has macros. Any ideas on how to save the file??

I can't send it to you due to the snsitivity of the data and the high KB.


A:Cannot save an Excel 2000 file

Hi Mario,
You mention the file is saved as Excel 2000, what is your version of Excel?
Have you tried the many Save As options?
If you just need the data you coud save it as a non-macro embeded workbook (2007 and newer) with extension xlsx.
Have you saved the attachment before opening it?
Is the location a network drive of local drive?
If you can open it you could copy every sheet to a new workbook and then try and save this new workbook
Is the VBA project password protected or can you open it, then you can also export all the vab modules to import them once you suceed with a macro-less workbook.
Many options, many questions, but I hope one of these helps you

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I have two problems with Word 2003.

First, regardless of any changes made to a document, when I close the application I do not get a prompt asking if I want to save the changes.

Second, I cannot open more than one document at a time. If I have a document open, and I try to open a second document, it flashes the second document on the screen briefly and then closes it, leaving me with my first document open. There are no windows minimized to the taskbar, and there are no documents (other than the first document I opened) listed in the Window menu of Word.

I have installed all updates and service packs (both for Office 2003 and for Windows XP), and I am not using any 3rd party add-ins. I even tried uninstalling all Office related applications and reinstalling. No dice.

This has been going on for quite some time now, and I cannot find ANY information that seems to relate. I am begging for help here, so anything is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

. o O (I was having the same problem with 2007, but I uninstalled it. I'll get 2003 working properly FIRST, then wrestle with 2007.)

A:Solved: Need Word 2003 help (unable to open multiple docs, no save changes prompt)

Word troubleshooting: http://www.officearticles.com/word/steps_to_troubleshooting_microsoft_word.htm

Sorry I didn't respond sooner, though OBP did tell me about the thread.

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I am using Word 2000 version 9.0.2720 ( stand alone not as part of a suite or office).

I tried going to tools, options, security and the read only is off.

When I save a new document, all is well. When I then make changes and attempt to save I get this error message: Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. Do you want to retry the save. Yes or no. If I say yes...the system will save my documet under a new name for ex: WRL 1234.tpm. If I say no, I loose everything.


A:word cannot complete the save due to file permission

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can easily access?
I believe the format it likes is .WAB, but I can't save my Access database in that format!

A:How do I add the Value pack to Access 97 or save a file that MS Word

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Cannot save Word file after running Combofix
When I hit "save as" button, there is no reaction
please help!! thanks

A:Cannot save Word file after running Combofix

Since you have already run ComboFix please follow these directions and post a log for review:Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include the link to this topic in your new topic and a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Once you have created the new topic, please reply back here with a link to the new topic. Thank you for choosing Bleeping Computer as your malware assistance resource.

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My daughter has been working on a major final year high school project for several weeks using Word 2000 XP. She has consistently saved the file to floppy disk so as to swap between home and school PC but neglected to save to the HDD. Upon completing the project she attempted to load the final saved file from the floppy. To her great distress the file loaded in an apparently corrupted form with lines of text interspersed with numerous blocks of blank squares. The file seemed about double the original size, text was in an italic font and seemed to be randomly scattered and/or missing sections. She is naturally distraught at the possibility of having lost most of the data she spent weeks compiling and the deadline for submission looming. Can the file be reconstituted or recovered in the correct format. Why would this happen?. Any help/advice would be greatfully received. As a not so computer savy mum I am helpless to assist her.

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Here is my log file
I cannot write to Temp Folder which I think is causing Word NOT to save after I ran ComboFix
Please help please help please help thanks heaps
ComboFix 14-06-16.01 - CJTest 18/06/2014  23:10:49.1.4 - x64
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.61.1033.18.4003.2138 [GMT 10:00]
Running from: c:\users\CJTest\Desktop\ComboFix.exe
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {17AD7D40-BA12-9C46-7131-94903A54AD8B}
AV: Kaspersky Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {2EAA32A5-1EE1-1B22-95DA-337730C6E984}
FW: Kaspersky Internet Security *Disabled* {1691B380-548E-1A7A-BE85-9A42CE15AEFF}
SP: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {ACCC9CA4-9C28-93C8-4B81-AFE241D3E736}
SP: Kaspersky Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {95CBD341-38DB-14AC-AF6A-08054B41A339}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
.ADS - Windows: deleted 192 bytes in 1 streams.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((   Other Deletions   )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
c:\windows\TEMP\._msige61\program files\Google\Google Earth\client\alchemy\ogl\IGAttrs.dll
c:\windows\TEMP\._msige61\program files\Go... Read more

A:Cannot save Word file after running Combofix

I fixed my own issue "-_-
It turns out ComboFix has changed my Temp Folder security settings for my User profile.
For folks who might have the same issue -> you need to right-click Temp Folder (C:/User/App Data/Local/Temp folder... something like this) and change the security settings accordingly to allow "full control" for your User profile as Administrator.
Have a nice day

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I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2007 Students and Teachers. Everything worked fine for months. Now Word hangs every time I save a file. I get "Microsoft is looking for (something) to address this problem" and "Word is attempting to recover your data" which it doesn't. I've inserted the original CD and ran "repair". It says it did, but it did not. I also deleted Office 2007, re-installed if from CD and downloaded all the updates. This did not help.

A:Word 2007 hangs when trying to save any file

With Word and all other Office programs closed, open Windows Explorer (My Computer), and browse to the default folder that you are trying to save to.
Once there delete all "Tmp" files, including the others ones that start with a "~".
Now go into Word and give it a try.

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