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Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP

Q: Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP

Hi there,

On Linux, we can easily enable remote access to MySQL server, but on Windows, I got no success so far ( a client tried to connect to MySQL on the server)

Here's the steps to do that (on the server computer):

1. Open a DOS command prompt on the server.
2. Run the following command from the mysql\bin directory:
mysql -u root --password=
3. A mysql> prompt should be displayed.
4. To create a remote user account with root privileges, run the following commands:

'USERNAME' is the username to be created.
'IP' is the public IP address of the remote connection.
'PASSWORD' is the password to be assigned for this username.
(IP can be replaced with % to allow this user to logon from any host or IP)

mysql> exit;

So it is. But I couldn't connect to that MySQL from another computer, both are Windows XP.

If you have any experience, I'd like to receive your help.

Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP

Oh, I got it. It's due to my Windows Firewall. Just turn off it (unsecured) or add MySQL port (e.g. 3306) to the WFirewal's exception.

Have fun!

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Sorry if this topic is in the wrong section. Not sure where it goes.

I would like to setup my server to allow remote access from home. It's on an office network which is separated from the WAN by a router. So long as I'm on this network, I can access the server from any computer connected to it. I enter the https URL of my server through IE and it brings me to the helm interface (the one that comes with Windows Server 2003). I can click on Maintenance and then on Remote Desktop, and it opens a new window with the server's desktop displayed.

If I'm somewhere other than the office network, I can't access it. IE gives me a "can't find webpage" message (or something along those lines). How do I setup my server to access it from outside the office network. I'd prefer to have a similar graphical interface as Remote Desktop.

A:Solved: getting remote access to my server

You should be able to access it from anywhere using the MS remote desktop client that ships with xp. The catch is that you have to set your router up to forward all remote desktop requests (port 3389) to your server's ip. From the outside, put IP that your ISP assigns to your router in the remote desktop client and it should open up a login screen. The other option would be to set up an IPSEC connect on your router (if it will let you). Then you connect to your router with IPSEC VPN and it's like your on your network... where ever you are.

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specifically, having problems with a dial up user accessing internet remotely. gives ip address, but ip address is same as default gateway, and have to remote into server, using pcanywhere or the sort to access internet. running routing and remote access and NAT.

A:windows server 2003 remote access problems


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Hello all,

I have a LAN with four Windows XP Pro clients connected to one Windows Server 2003 machine.

I want to access the files in the server when I go abroad. How can I do that ? I've already given all the clients and the server a static IP.

Another question, are there any security threats that I must be aware of when I connect to the server remotely? I don't want to lose all my data!

Please help. Thank you.

A:Remote file access - Windows Server 2003

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I have a Windows 2000 Server in my home office. Two people need to access this server remotely.
What can I do so these two people can gain access to files that reside on the 2000 Server?

I once had a static ip address that enabled the two users to gain access to the server.

Thank you for looking.

A:Setting up remote access in Windows 2000 Server

The simplest way is to configure an FTP server on the server. That doesn't require any special handling. If you don't have a static IP address, you can use DynDNS or a similar service to map your dynamic IP address to a static URL.

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I have installed SQL Server Express 2008 on my desktop and am attempting to connect to it from my lap top. I have enabled remote connections for SQL Server and opened up a port on my desktop. When I attempt to connect to the server instance from my laptop via ipaddress\sqlserver with the Windows 7 firewall turned on and the port open, the attempt fails. However, if I turn off the firewall and attempt to connect via my laptop the connection is successfull.

I followed the steps to open up the port:To enable port 1433 on Windows 7
On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
Click System and Security.
Click Windows Firewall.
Click Advanced Settings.
In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer dialog, click Inbound Rules.
In the Actions panel, click New Rule?.
In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, click Port, and then click Next.
In the Specific local ports: box type 1433. Ensure that the (default) TCP radio button is selected and then click Next.
Ensure that the (default) Allow the Connection radio button is selected and then click Next.
Clear or select the Domain, Private, and Public checkboxes as appropriate, and then click Next.
In the Name box, type an appropriate name, such as SQL Server Port, and then click Finish.

Can anyone offer up any suggestion on why I can connect with the firewall turned off, but not when it is on?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

A:Remote Access to SQL Server Express 2008 Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by win7newb


I have installed SQL Server Express 2008 on my desktop and am attempting to connect to it from my lap top. I have enabled remote connections for SQL Server and opened up a port on my desktop. When I attempt to connect to the server instance from my laptop via ipaddress\sqlserver with the Windows 7 firewall turned on and the port open, the attempt fails. However, if I turn off the firewall and attempt to connect via my laptop the connection is successfull.

I followed the steps to open up the port:To enable port 1433 on Windows 7On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
Click System and Security.
Click Windows Firewall.
Click Advanced Settings.
In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer dialog, click Inbound Rules.
In the Actions panel, click New Rule….
In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, click Port, and then click Next.
In the Specific local ports: box type 1433. Ensure that the (default) TCP radio button is selected and then click Next.
Ensure that the (default) Allow the Connection radio button is selected and then click Next.
Clear or select the Domain, Private, and Public checkboxes as appropriate, and then click Next.
In the Name box, type an appropriate name, such as SQL Server Port, and then click Finish.

Can anyone offer up any suggestion on why I can connect with the firewall turned off, but not when it is on?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Win7N... Read more

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If I should not Post this on this forum, feel free to help me and tell me a forum for this.

The other day, I built my first server (Well, not really built it, It was an HP Pavilion XD) I set it up perfectly with Windows Home Server 2011 and when I went to set up remote access, I get this (the attachments)

My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv2. I set up UPnP and did what Microsoft said here for my router: Windows Home Server Router Setup - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

Any help?
P.S. My ISP is Wave Broadband here in Bow, Washington.

A:Remote Access not working on Windows Home Server 2011

Well, the first thing we need to know is, does the server have a static IP address or Dynamic? Normally a server will have a static IP address but sometimes not.

1. Check for a static ip address
2. If not static, change it to a static ip address

Report back what you find and we'll dig a little more.

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Ive installed MySQL DB, but trying to connect with odbc api.... via an excel presentation layer.

I have a mysql command prompt and was wondering how to figure out my database name, or what the default name should be.

i tried (but didnt work):

Server Name: localhost

username: root
password: ******

Thanks for any ideas.

A:Solved: How do I find MySQL server name?

Hi tjamnz,

You still have to create a database under MySql command prompt :

Syntax :

Then, to browse your database :

Syntax :
USE yourDatabase

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I have a basic CMS that is running on MS Access. I'm trying to convert my queries to run on a mysql server too, but I'm having some trouble with one of them (and my sql knowledge is limited).

Basically, I have two tables, one is called [articles] and the other is called [authors].

The [articles] table has the following fields:
- articles_id (autonumber)
- article_title
- author_id

The [authors] table has the following fields:
- id (autonumber)
- author_name

The author_id field in the articles table stores the id of the articles's author. There is no relationship drawn between the two tables.

So... In MS Access, the following SQL displays all the articles in the database along with the names of their authors:

SELECT article_id, article_title, (SELECT author.author_name FROM authors WHERE articles.author_id = authors.id) AS author_name FROM articles ORDER BY id

However, in mysql, only the article_id and article_title are returned. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


A:Solved: Access to mySQL query

I have to ask the obvious question, why is there no relationship between the 2 tables when there obviously should be.
That is what "Relational" databases do.

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We have a vendor that needs to remote access to one of our Windows 2003 Server. He is able to VPN into our network, but unable to Remote Desktop to the server. I was able to get him in before, but had to redo my network last week and can't remember what i did.

Any help would be great before I do the 'trial and error' method.

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Hi, I am wondering if there is a remote desktop download for the 98 platform? I mean not the client, but so I can use my xp computer to remote to my 98 computer. I realise there are other 3rd party vnc's out there but does microsoft have an addon download or what?

A:Solved: remote desktop server for windows 98se?

NO. VNC is your only route for 9X.

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in order to install this modem that im trying to hookup...i need to close down the remote access server...but i don't know how to do it!!! please help!

A:remote access server

Go into control panel > services and look for the remote access server service and stop it. You can do it from a command prompt as well by opening a DOS window and typing


Use the NET START "REMOTE ACCESS SERVER" /Y to start it again

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Hi there,

I've worked for a long time with xampp on Windows and never had this problem.

I try to access PHPmyAdmin and this error message appears:
#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)


A:XAMPP - #2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is n

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Just today, I noticed that realtime protection wasn't enabled on Malwarebytes, so I tried re-enabling it with no success. As well, when I tried updating, Malwarebytes was unable to access the update server.
A few days before this happened, I tried to download a song from an MP3 site, but instead of it being an MP3, it turned out to be a Windows executable that Malwarebytes detected as a PUP. I removed the PUP, but I think it may still have been responsible for the problem I currently have.
Also, when I try to run a scan in Malwarebytes, it gets hung up on some files. If I delete a file it gets stuck on, it'll just get stuck on another.
EDIT: Moved from MRT to Aii. No logs posted. ~bloopie

A:Can't enable real-time protection or access update server in Malwarebytes.

Edit: Added that scan from Malwarebytes gets hung up on files.

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I will attempt to be as clear and concise as possible. The situation is that a company is being purchased by another company. Company A is being asked for information by company. Company B wants all of the information required to remotely access company A's servers as soon as the transaction is completed. The problem is company A no longer has IT support or even anyone onsite who is capable of providing this information. Company B has specifically requested a domain password. I have been given this responsibility because I am the closest thing they have to support. I have established remote access between personal computers in the past. But never a company server. How can I direct those onsite through the process of accessing the required information from their servers and then possibly setting up a vpn or remote test to make sure it works? Is a domain password all that company B will require to remotely access servers and network of company A?

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I've just started with a small company who already have AD and a file server, exchange, etc. They currently use webdav or RDS to remotely access files on the server and everyone complains about having to imput their username and password to open a file and how slow it is. I'm trying to find the best solution to give them access to the files without using the cloud. The main office, where I am has AD. 2 Remote offices have no infrastructure, but using laptops provided by us with domain cached credentials. Then there are 2 people in another country who work from home. I thought VPN either client based for everyone or static between the offices with each office having a DC and syncing files a few times a day. I'm just not sure that is the right choice for such a small company. Circa 30 people. 12 in main office, 5 in the other two offices. Also good to mention, the two other offices do not have a reliable fast internet connection. Please, what solutions do I have without using the Cloud?

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Operating system: Windows XP Home

Thurs. nite, something happened to my computer, where files in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM were corrupt or missing. This has happened before, so I threw in my Windows disk and "repaired" it.

I immediately ran the Norton Antivirus (which had updated that morning). HijackThis (nothing unusual), Adaware6 and Spybot.

I have not had a problem doing this before. However this time, I cannot get online. The two error messages I've received are:

Remote Access Server Error. A device attached to the system is not functioning.


Remote Access Server Error. The request is not supported.

I uninstalled Compuserve, then reinstalled, but still get the same error messages.

Also, about 14 hrs. after the computer bombed, Nortons found a "virus":

Virus name: Suspicious Script
Feature: Script Blocking
Action Taken: Blocked
Suspicious action: File System Object: GetSpecialFolder
I called my internet server (Compuserve) who told me that I needed to uninstall, then reinstall DUN.

Please help. I'm at a friend's house, as I can't get online, so my responses might take time.....


A:Remote Access Server error...pls help!!

If I have to reformat the hard drive, and start from scratch, that would be ok, too. I have the Windows XP Home Edition CD. Just need the best way to do that to restore to the original settings. Computer is only 2 months old, and I do not have anything "vital" that I can't replace.....
Please help!!

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Hi! please help.

I can't connect to my server remotely from another site... Both sites A and B has internet connection. Site B is where my server is and Site A is where Im accessing it.

problem is I can have ping replies to any computer from Site B to Site A.. but I cant do the same in reverse (request timed out)...

I already checked firewall settings on both sides but there seems to be no problem at all.. This just happen all of the sudden. worst is both sites have internet connections.

have you experienced the same problem before?

need help please..

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I have to share some PDF files with members of my organization, I have a Windows XP Pro box dedicated for this. Currently they can access it from within the office as a shared folder. I would like to make it available remotely is there a better way other then as a FTP access.


A:Setting up remote access file server

Yes. VPN access.

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I couldn't find a Windows Server2003 so i figured i might still get help in this forum...

I am trying to add a new remote desktop to my Server, but when i go to Computer Management Console the Local Users and Group branch is missing? I can't find it anywhere and want to know if it could be hidden or moved or something? Anyhelp is much appreciated, I've attached a print screen of my Computer Management Console (which is missing the Local Users Group)

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I work in a small company with around 40 employess and most of them access our server through remote desktop connection. Most of them have limited capabilities and some were assigned admin rights.
Few days ago someone tried to mess with some confidential folders and we couldnt even open them logged in as administrator. Is a 2003 windows server. My question is if theres a way to track the activity and find out who might have done the changes? The IT guy said there is no way to track it, but since it must have been through one of those remote sessions I think probably theres a way?

Thank you

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Description of Systems:
Two independent family companies, each with their own LAN, FILE SERVERS and WIN98 Workstations, each operating independently and successfully using different workgroup names. One company is using WIN2000 Server and the other WIN2000 Pro on the file server and all workstations use WIN98. Both FILE SERVERS are using NTSF file system on the partitioned drive for the files being shared. Everybody has DSL. I am wanting to be able to work from my home and access the files, via the internet, on each file server.

- I am able to intermittently map to the “WIN2000 Server” fileserver using a WIN98 workstation via the internet.
- I am able to consistantly map to the “WIN2000 Server” fileserver using a “WIN2000 Server” workstation via the internet.
- I am unable to map to the “WIN2000 PRO” fileserver, using a WIN98 workstation via the internet.
- I am able to map to one of the WIN98 workstations on the WIN2000 PRO network.
- I am able to ping the “WIN2000 PRO” fileserver but unable to map to the file I need.
- In all cases I am able to ping and/or connect, using PCAnywhere, to any and all servers and workstations from my workstation at home via the internet.

Please help!!!

A:Remote access to file server via the internet

Make sure that NetBIOS is bound to your network card on the server/PC you are trying to connect to. Big security risk doing this though...anyone can access your files!! If you have a firewall open to the proper ports with letting static IP's in thru them then you should be fine.

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I have this application where I want a new hire to fill out an Access record for their application. I want the HR receptionist to be able to control that new hire's use of the computer. I thought I would have the NH (New Hire) go to a computer logged into the terminal server and enter their data. I would have the receptionist create the record and get them started and the rest would just be a fill in the blanks and click the next button. A former network administrator set me up so when I click on the Remote Control to a terminal server user, I can connect without them having to give me permission. I want to set the receptionist up the same way, but I don't neccesarily want to give her admin rights. is that possible?

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Hi Team,

I plan to get a mac mini. I would like to have direct access to the machine remotely, just like i did when i connected my laptop pc to my desktop pc via VNC.

My specific question :- is it possible to access the mac via a remote client so that it opens in a window on a Win7 64bit I7 pc?

I ultimately want to control the mac desktop via my win7 pc, mouse and keyboard.

Thanks in advance.

A:Remote Access to Mac mini via VNC client/server

Why wouldn't you just install VNC on your new Mac machine, allowing it to be controlled from the PC?

The product itself is cross-platform.

There are downloads for each host and each client environment.

I'm not a Mac person and only use VNC for Windows hosts and clients. But the product's description certainly shows it as being intended to be cross-platform capable.

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I am trying to add a new remote desktop to my Server, but when i go to Computer Management Console the Local Users and Group branch is missing? I can't find it anywhere and want to know if it could be hidden or moved or something? Anyhelp is much appreciated, I've attached a print screen of my Computer Management Console (which is missing the Local Users Group)

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Hi, im not sure whether this should be in the OS forums or here as I think it may be my computer, so sorry if I picked the wrong place.

I am trying to administer my MySQL server using a GUI I downloaded, two in fact, I downloaded the second when the first appeared not to work.

My problem is that although I specify the Host Name as SERVER (the computer MySQL server is running on is called server) it still comes up with the error message:

"Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using password: YES)"

(The computer im running the GUI on is called UTOPIA)

Ive tried using a number of different accounts, but I receieve the same message.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Thanks alot for any help you could give.

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I have a Microtik router and can't figure out how to make my IP address static. I believe this is why my remote access on Plex is not working. Please help!

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I am having a very frustrating problem with unauthorized and silent/secret access of my computer. No matter what operating system I install, I am always setup as a client, and someone immediately gains access and control over my entire system. I become unable and authorized to make changes that will prevent or stop this access. I have tried making a windows 7 lite version myself, but either I do not eliminate the correct services or features that I need to, or I eliminate too much and the system does not work correctly or install at all. I do not know anything about group policy, or the snap ins, or the management console, where I know is the solution. I have tried, but while I make changes, they are reverted immediately back, and I am locked out, or lose access to those settings, or my system is shutdown remotely and it locks up, or I screw the system up and it won't boot. I am hoping someone here knows how to eliminate all possibilities, back doors, tunnels, pipes, blue tooth access, remote access, remote assistance, and or any and all third party access to my machine etc. that will permanently disallow and deny any and all remote access, remote desktop, remote assistance, Bluetooth access to my pc except for myself- one user, one log in. I hope this is the correct place to request that sort of thing on here. Or if there is one setting I can change, or service/process I can change, disable or eliminate, to stop this once and forever, I would be greatly appreciative. When I ... Read more

A:remote desktop and access, and server / client nightmare

Can you edit your post? Use some paragraphs to make it more easily readable to increase the chance of someone helping you.

Also, please do the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click Copy - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the results of the tool here in your next reply

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What do I need to do to make a XP machine connect to a Remote access server. This is an apple computer that establishes the connection and then the users can browse a Windows 2000 domain.

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Hey everybody,

Im hoping someone here can help me out. I am running Outlook 2007 on my laptop and Exchange 2003 on a personal server located in my apt.

When I am in my apt. connected to my wireless, as expected, I have no issues sending/receiving email through exchange.

When I am on the road however, I am obviously unable to connect to my exchange server. I setup a VPN tunnel that works successfully and when I manually dial the VPN connection or manually put outlook into offline mode (so that it dials the VPN connection), I am able to successfully get my emails through exchange.

My question is, is there away to setup outlook such that I dont have to manually dial the VPN or put it in offline mode? I set the exchange server account settings to automatically detect my connection status, but it is detecting my network connection as being ok, even though the Exchange server is not located on that network and needs to be dialed in.

I know it sounds lazy and it is, but Id rather not have to manually do anything, especially if I decide to give some of my less computer literate friends email addresses in my domain. Id rather not use IMAP and SMTP due to security issues having to open the ports on the firewall.

A:Outlook 2007 Remote Access to Exchange Server

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im trying to enable everything I need to allow me to control my windows 7 pc, via my mac.

ive allowed remote desktop in comp properties ....

but im sure thiers a lot more i need to do, I have Norton internet sec, an im sure it might be this as the issue preventing me from connecting,

many thanks,

all tips would be grateful appreciated,


A:enable windows 7 for remote desktop by mac

Here is a guide which should be somewhat similar to what you want, depends on your mac OS.
Connecting Remotely to a Windows 7 Desktop from Mac OS X

However, why not just use something like Teamviewer? Its much easier/quicker.
Free TeamViewer Download for Mac

Just download Teamviewer for Mac + Win7 and all you need it the ID and Password and you're connected in seconds.

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I have an amazon cloud server running server 2016 os and have been using a splashtop business account which provides a single remote user access to it (multiple users can only share a session and cannot have their own unless you go to enterprise which requires additional infrastructure).

I now have a requirement to have more than 1 user(1-5) remoting into the machine and working in 5 seperate windows users sessions.

I am wondering if someone can reccommend a safe and secure software solution that will not break the bank.

pretty much all of the remote access solutions i have looked up so far are geared towards single user access or they depend on you having an existing IT infrastructure of some sort to basically host the ras/vpn software services.

I would love to find something simple similar to logmein, splashtop, gotomypc etc. that supports multiple user sessions and is safe and secure.

In previous situations where more than 1 users is required to login I would simply just open rdp access in aws firewall to the end user static ips to give end users access via RDP, however in this case they need to be able to access it from multiple locations which have dynamic internet ips.

I am looking for something safe, simple and inexpensive. 2 step verification would be great..

I am familiar with vpn solutions like neorouter, hamachi (from years ago) but not sure how they stack up with regards to security when compared to splashtop pro, logmein pro etc. nor am i sure... Read more

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I am running a wireless Network with D-Link 714P+ Router. My PC is wired to the Router, with 2 other computers running wireless. I am running XP Pro.

When accessing my PC (or at least attempting to) from a remote Computer using Remote Desktop, I think I have to add something after the IP Address when typing in the Computer Name/IP Address. I have RD working successfully within my Network. Can someone clarify what I need to do here to access my PC through the Internet then Network

(Even though I have got this far with setting up my network, please go easy on me with the computer lingo)

A:Solved: How do I access my PC in a network using Remote Desktop from remote PC

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Hi guy's,

Just want to say up front thanks for your time and to please bare with me i am kind of new at this. Anyway have a small Company server which i had working but now i just can't seem to get it back up and running.

Ok so its a really ****** Server computer Running Windows 2000 Server - with Two Network Cards, One is connected to a Shaw Cable Modem, with a dedicated Static IP Adress from the ISP, and the other is connected to a switch.

My DHCP server is sending out Ip adress between ( - ). server Ip is

Right now Routing and Remote Access is enabled, with the NAT feature, so the server is running as a DHCP/Nat router. it was all running peachy untill i did one stupid thing, I tried to get a VPN set up.

In the server properties under the general tab, i went from Enable this computer as a "router checked" and "Local Area Network Routing only checked" and changed it to "LAN and demand-dial routing" with Remote access server checked as well.

Well as soon as i did that restarted the server in R&RA, problem's happened.

Presently my DHCP server is working distributing IP's but even after setting everything back to how it was and restarting the machine physically, i can not for the life of me get internet to my client PC's. In fact, i am not even getting internet on the server itself.

I have checked with my ISP, and they say all is good, my IP adress, Gateway, Subnet, E... Read more

A:Solved: Windows 2000 Routing and Remote Access Problem? (NAT)

My advice. Ditch using your Windows server as a router and get a hardware router to put in between your cable modem and your server. Then if you want to have your server act as a VPN server, either enable VPN pass through on the hardware router or set up a set of port forward rules.

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I use Windows Live Mesh remote access to access my work PC from my home PC. There used to a 'view' tab that enabled you to re-size the virtual screen you were looking at, to better suit your monitor. One day I right clicked this tab which sat top centre of the 'virtual' screen and it said something like 'un pin view tab'. So I did, well curiosity killed the cat didn't it, now I can't get it back! Instead to access different parts of the screen I have to use the scroll bar, which is a pain
Any ideas please how to restore this 'view' tab?
(Windows 7 home premium edition)

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This morning, I heard a nationally syndicated computer expert state that some Chinese hackers were "getting into" Windows based computers through "Remote Access/Remote Desktop" even if the service is turned off. According to the guru, "They will turn it on for you."
Being very concrete, as well as, somewhat dull concerning computers, I find this hard to believe. Could someone, in layman's terms, tell me the circumstances needed that would allow a hacker to take control of someone's system when a necessary service is turned off ??

A:Infection Of Windows Through Remote Access/Remote Desktop

Easy to do and best NOT described here.

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My first thread and I must explain that I would be considered a novice at computing.My problem is the message - MySQL Server cannot connect to .....( at server name(.....).
I have Googled for a solution but I am afraid the high tech answers do not really make any sense to me.One simple solution was to open task manager and see if the program was running.There was no MySQL program listed in the task manager.Is this the name of the program in the task manager?or does it go under another?
I would be very grateful for any help that a novice may be able to follow.

A:MySQL Server

SQL server is a Microsoft database program. Are you currently using SQL (Sequel)?

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I'm just reinstalling my test server here, and I've hit a minor snag. I've installed the latest apache with PHP5 and MySQL5. I'm trying to install phpMyAdmin now, but it's having none of it.

The error I'm getting from phpmyadmin is

Cannot load mysqli extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - DocumentationClick to expand...

Obviously I've neglected something or screwed up somehow, but I'm at a loss as to where. Could anybody give me some manner of checklist for this issue, or simply the answer if it's obvious to you, because clearly, it's not so obvious to me

Edit: Oh god!. now it won't even load phpinfo. There's no error message, and I know php is working because phpmyadmin reports the error.

This is just nuts.

A:PHP/MySQL server help.

What OS are we talking about here? You are probably missing some PHP components. Like the mysql part of it. In Linux or such, you should look for a "php-mysql" or simlarly named package.

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Any known bugs or anything I should watch for if I run LAMP on a WIN2000 server or should I go with my heart and insist on using Linux server to host the companies corporate web portal. Even when the company uses only MS , my choice my butt on the line................

A:Mysql 5 on WIN 2000 server

Since it's a Windows box, you could get WAMP

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I've installed MySQL Server v. 5.5.28 64-bit won't install, saying A DLL required this install could not be run. A screenshot below:

Tried installing other versions, still came up with the same issue.

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A:Driveby MySQL and FTP server installed

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i've installed mysql 4.0 into my win server 2k3 and it is automatically started whenever the computer boot up. it has the traffic icon on the task bar besides the clock but it is always in red colour. mysql won't work no matter how i tried to start it in mysql console center. does mysql actually works on win server 2k3? or do i need to enable any services to run mysql properly?
thanks in advanced


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well i had it installed.
everything was perfect.
but recently i had to jump to a new administrator user.
my mysql service wont start.

i stopped all XAMPP service.
i unistalled all XAMPP service.
uninstalled mysql query browser using revo uninstaller.
restarted the pc.

but wont work.

i also tried different ports [3307/3308 etc .]. that also failed.

any idea how can i start the service?

A:mySQL server... wont start

Check event viewer, it should list something about MySQL.


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my dchp in cmd is

DCHP enbale.........................:NO

A:how to enable dchp in windows server 2008

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I'm currently building a intranet for a small company (under 15 users). I'm shopping for a server for it to live on-- probably running win2000. I would like to stay on the low end (under $1500) and buy something with some room for expansion. I generally buy white boxes w/o an OS. Could anyone give me a few tips on what I should look for as far as configuration? Do I need dual processors? A special NIC? How much RAM? Anything else I need to consider? Thanks in advance.

A:What's important in a web server running apache/php/mysql?

Apache and MySQL are really simple and you wont need much CPU. My opinion is you wont need more than a simple workstation.
Of course I prefer a real server. They are more reliable.
Compaq Proliant DL.. 320? 360? They are pretty cheap and you wont need more for a webserver with a MySQL database for 15 users.

Good Luck.

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I have a question about Mysql server 2008 R2

What is my server name if I select to install with "Named Instance" not "Default Instance"

with Mixed mode password

I don't know this because I used to install with Named Instance : neneka and mixed mode password 12345

but I can't login because I don't know what my server name is

user id should be : neneka right ? and maybe password is 12345

A:Question about installing Mysql server 2008 R2

When using named instances, the server name is of the form [ComputerName]\[InstanceName]
When using the default instance, it's only [ComputerName]

You can alternatively replace the computer name with the IP or "localhost" if it's on the very same box. And on the login dialog, if you open the server name combobox, the option "browse for more" can be used to help you locate the servers in the network too.
Also verify if the server service is running. For named instances to connect over a network, you also need the SQL Browser service running (not needed for the default instance).

BTW, you should rename the post to SQL Server, as it has nothing to do with MySql.

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