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Do I need to install Sharepoint on Windows server?

Q: Do I need to install Sharepoint on Windows server?


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Preferred Solution: Do I need to install Sharepoint on Windows server?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi All,
How to install CVE-2019-0604-Microsoft SharePoint Remote Code Execution Vulnerability patch kb4462202 in SharePoint 2013 farm?
What are the prerequisites required while plan for installation?
Which steps we need to follow to install this security update on our SharePoint 2013 farm ?
After installed Kb file we need run the PSConfig.exe for configuration?
Is the servers reboot required for this CVE-2019-0604  kb installation?
Is there any MS article for this installation steps, Please share me.
Could please guide me the right path, that would be much appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,
Naresh K

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Hi Everyone ,

I am just wondering if anybody could please help me with the following or direct me to the relevant links .
We are running Windows Sharepoint services 3.0 with the internal database microsoft##ssee . We have to move the sharepoint services to a new server which has a different domain .
Currently the active directory authentication is used ..

will it be like following ?
1) Install the windows sharepoint services on a different server.
2) Copy the databases from the following location to another server.
3) May be some manual changes to the databases for authentication?

Please help!


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I'm shopping for a server for an installation of Sharepoint, and I'm wondering what kind of capacity I'll need. It's going on a Server 2003 network, and will be accessed via XP & W7 desktops, as well as externally. Any thoughts?


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Hi Guys and Gals

I currently have the evaluation copy of the above mentioned software but am having trouble creating a web site under the portal. I can create the portal alright but when I try and add a site under the portal it does not give me any forms to fill out in order to create it. It is a new server (reformatted pc) with win server 2003 on it and all the updates. Any body with any ideas on why the forms wont show when I try and create a site, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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I am wondering if it is possible to use Sharepoint in connection with Access 2007 for the purposes of building a database to manage information that myself and employees out of the office can access... if I don't know the first thing about servers.

Does Microsoft make this possible, or does it require a high level of server knowledge?

A:Low Server Knowledge+Access+SharePoint=Success?

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I have no experience using or maintaining this or any other version of SharePoint.

I would like to know if anyone out there has any good info to pass on that would help me to understand the concept of SharePoint as well as common practices of maintaining it.
I have gone thru the training tutorial from MS, but it only shows the 'Good' about SharePoint. I would like to know what to expect from the install all the way to the daily maintenance.

Thanks for any advice or help.

A:Solved: Office SharePoint Server 2007

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hey guys I was a little confused if this was the right place 'all other applications'
So I have extremely limited experience with Sharepoint 2013.
But my boss asked me today if I could just 'check out' what possibilities we might have with sharepoint 2013.
Regarding two things.
1: We have documentation spread all over our 'older sharepoint' and 3 other purchased systems..
this documentation is everything from firewall logs, to password lists, IP lists, printer manuals, etc etc.
2: We have our own constructed Wiki, in reality we have 600 documents in a folder.
like: "How to get rid of this virus" "How to push our security out on iphones" articles to help us in the IT department.
We have an Active Directory and Exchange user setup.
So lets say you wanted to sort all this out, and have it placed in one spot.
with easy search functions, and of course the possibility to limit users as only our Admin accounts from the AD should 
be allowed to view the password lists.

Not knowing anything about sharepoint 2013, could you maybe point me in a direction towards something that might be suitable?
also if you plan on suggesting alternatives, let me make it clear we don't wish this to be online, no cloud services

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I think what I'm doing should be pretty simple but I'm not sure why its not working.

We have a Linksys RV016 router receiving 2 separate dynamic IP connections on WAN1 (Linksys adsl modem) and WAN2 (Billion wireless adsl router). We also have a dynamic DNS service subscribed to from DynDNS.

Currently, all three the RV016 and both adsl modems are configured to report the public IP to the DDNS service. I'm not sure if ONLY the RV016 should be doing this, or only ONE of the two modems, or if it doesn't mattter.

We have a SHarepoint Server running behind the RV016 that I want to make available from outside, by Internet users.

In the RV016, I've enabled the DDNS service, and forwarded ports 80, 444 and the specific port that our Sharepoint Site is running answering on. I've forwarded these to the static IP address that is assigned to our Sharepoint Server. I've set the Access Rules to ALLOW these connections from any interface, always.

With the RV016 Firewall on or off, hitting the DDNS name always times out, but I know the DDNS service is working because the login information resolves and updates in the RV016 admin, and pinging the name resolves to the same IP address as our reported public IP address.

What else must I do on the RV016, or what should I be doing on either or both of the dsl modems? I have disconnected one, and then alternatively the other adsl router/modems so that we're only receiving one internet connection in trying... Read more

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On January 13, 2003, Microsoft released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for SharePoint Portal Server 2001. Soon afterward, continued internal testing revealed a previously undiscovered problem in the service pack. Microsoft immediately discontinued downloads of the service pack and is completing the required updates, which will be made available soon. In the meantime, Microsoft has provided this patch for customers who may have downloaded and installed this service pack.

This problem involves the way that indexing is performed. Indexing is a process initiated by content sources set up by the administrator, through which the content on the server is made searchable. This problem may, in some cases, cause the indexing process to be incomplete, therefore preventing portions of the content from being exposed to searches.

Microsoft recommends that customers who have downloaded and installed SharePoint Portal Server SP2 apply this patch, or avoid performing indexing (also known as crawling) until the corrected version of the service pack is made available. Customers who downloaded SharePoint Portal Server SP2 require either this patch or the updated SP2 to correct the problem

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000

SharePoint Portal Server 2001 with Service Pack 2.




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SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Service Pack 2a (SP2a) is a cumulative service pack that provides improved server-side document management programmability for web parts, updates based on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative, and the latest fixes for customer-reported issues.

SP2a is divided into five parts to ease downloads. All five parts are required. We strongly encourage customers to install SP2a on all SharePoint Portal Server servers.

Improvements in SP2a include:

Web Storage System security fixes
Web Storage System memory fragmentation fix
Server-side PKMCDO stability/scalability for web part scripting
OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing security fixes
Hotfix roll-up
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000

SharePoint Portal Server 2001 (with or without Service Pack 1)
Internet Explorer 5 or later
A server running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with SP2 or Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP2 and a client running Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows XP, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000



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after joining new wfe server to SharePoint 2013 farm, when I add new website it works in central admin but on the other wfe server I get file not found and get a complete error the uls

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File Not Found. at Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime.SPVirtualFile.CalculateFileDependencies(HttpContext context, SPRequestModuleData basicRequestData, ICollection& directDependencies, ICollection& childDependencies)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime.SPDatabaseFile.EnsureDependencies(HttpContext context, SPRequestModuleData requestData) at Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime.SPDatabaseFile.EnsureCacheKeyAndViewStateHash(HttpContext context, SPRequestModuleData
requestData) at Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime.SPDatabaseFile.GetVirtualPathProviderCacheKey(HttpContext context, SPRequestModuleData requestData) at Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime.SPVirtualPathProvider.GetCacheKey(String virtualPath) at
System.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.GetVPathBuildResultFromCacheInternal(VirtualPath virtualPath, Boolean ensureIsUpToDate) at System.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.GetVPathBuildResultInternal(VirtualPath virtualPath, Boolean noBuild, Boolean allowCrossApp,
Boolean allowBuildInPrecompile, Boolean throwIfNotFound, Boolean ensureIsUpToDate) at System.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.GetVPathBuildResultWithNoAssert(HttpContext context, VirtualPath virtualPath, Boolean noBuild, Boolean allowCrossApp, Boolean allowBuildInPrecomp... Read more

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Details to Reproduce

Our SP versions are given below ? SP 2010: Running on SP2 and Apr 2017 CU (KB3191846) Version: 14.0.7180.5001

SP 2013: Running on SP1 and Oct 2018 CU (KB4461458) Version: 15.0.5075.1000

Summary: Markus Wulftange from Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative has found a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on Microsoft SharePoint Server CVE-2019-0604

Vulnerability Name : Microsoft SharePoint Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE Number : CVE-2019-0604 Attack Type : Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Attack vector
: Network Attack Complexity : Low Confidentiality Impact : High Integrity Impact : High Availability Impact : High Xforce score : 9.8

Description ? When software fails to check the source markup of an application package. ? An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could run arbitrary code
in the context of the SharePoint application pool and the SharePoint server farm account. ? Exploitation of this vulnerability requires that a user uploads a specially crafted SharePoint application package to an affected versions of SharePoint. ? The security
update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how SharePoint checks the source markup of application packages.

Detailed analysis ? MS Released a patch on February, The original patch only addressed the Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Infrastructure.EntityInstanceIdEncoder in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll
but not the Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRe... Read more

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I have downloaded office 2007 beta 2 and later technical refresh. However, the sharepoint designer doesnot show up. I have tried installing sharepoint designer separately, but the message I get is that it is already installed on the system. Can some one help urgently?

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Just bought 2 new Intel S5000VSA server boards, After building both Pcs using the Intel disc that came with board and even the win 2003 setup disc directly I cant seem to install windows server 2003 without receiving a BSOD during setup. All Hardware is compliant with the board. Please Help

A:Cant install Windows Server 2003 on Intel s5000vsa server board

Strip the system down. One memory stick, no USB devices, on-board video and sound, no sound card and try the OS install again. Reset the bios to failsafe defaults

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I have a print server running 2003 standard sp2, I have been looking for a way to allow helpdesk staff install and manage printers without logging into the server and without adding them to the admin group.

So I added them to the power users group and the print operators group, that worked fine they were able to UNC ( \\servername ) to the server and install printers, drivers, as well as uninstall drivers? printers ect????.
Now the problem??? this works great from an XP box, but when we try it from a windows 7 machine we get access denied. More specifically it acts like it is going to install the printer then when it comes to the driver installation part it fails ?Printer driver was not installed. Access is denied.?

No changes have been made to the permissions I can log into an XP machine with my profile and it works fine log out go to a Windows 7 machine use the same credentials and I get the above message access is denied. I am an admin of both machines on the windows 7 machine I have UAC turned off completely. Running XP Pro SP3 & Windows 7 pro both are 32 bit machines.

I should also add that I have made the necessary group policy changes to allow printer operators to Load/Unload device drivers and under the local policies/security options I ensured that the Prevent users from installing printer drivers was Disabled.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server

How do you enter the credentials on the Windows 7 machine? I've noticed that you have to use "domain\username" rather than just the username in some cases.

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I use SharePoint 2010 and 2013 and need Designer for both versions. 2010 has installed fine, but 2013 gets almost all the way through the install then unhelpfully just says "Microsoft SharePoint Designer encountered an error during setup" and no further details given. I'm running Office 32-bit on a 64-bit machine. The issues have been with the 32-bit version. I know that with the rest of Office being 32-bit I need to stick with that, but any ideas on how to troubleshoot the install? Thanks!

A:SharePoint Designer 2013 install issue

That's very interesting. I can certainly pass that on to the server team. I don't have Admin rights on my machine. The strange thing is the previous person who used this computer had no issues with running both versions (prior to the machine being wiped for me) which makes it all the more surprising that there'd be an issue.

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I own the following system:
Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop (OEM System)
Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @2.00 GHz
3.0 GB RAM
160 GB HDD

I want to install Microsoft SharePoint 2007 in my laptop
for my project purpose.On the Internet,it is given that MS
SharePoint 2007 can only be installed on Windows Server
2003/2008. Please suggest a way with which I can install
SharePoint 2007 in my laptop and execute it successfully.

I also want to install MS Visual Studio 2008 in my
laptop,but I already have VS 2005 installed.
Can both versions can run properly on the same system?
Do I need to upgrade my laptop RAM to 4GB for better
Please suggest.Thanks...

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Hi all
can you tell me if it is possible or not to use Office web App server 2013 alone without going through SharePoint, Lync, or exchange 2013?
Let me explain:
in a society where there is an infrastructure SharePoint, Lync and exchange 2013 with office web app server 2013, is a user that does not have office on his Computer, can open office (word excel..) document, bypassing SharePoint, Lync and exchange?
If it is possible thanks to guide me on how I can find nothing on the net...

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So I have a removable SSD so that I could install O/S to suit. I installed Windows 8.1 Pro on it and had 2 3GB data drives attached. Changed these to GPT volumes and windows didn't like it and I had to do a repair on it. Repaired okay.
Tonight I decided I wanted to try out Server 2012 R2 to see if I should update my 2008 R2 version or not. Popped out the SSD and slipped the blank one in. Install picked up off my USB stick and started the install. Got to the part to select the drive to install on and it throws up an error 80300024. Check to see if it will install on the GPT drives but no way it says.

Looking it up it seems that Windows does not like a previous O/S even though the actual drive has gone. Only way to get it to install is to remove the plugs on the other two drives until it is installed and then it will be okay. What a right pain that is because the plugs are under the video card so it has to come out to do it.
Supposedly this was on a bug list with Windows 7. Guess they forgot there bug list.

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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I've been running Win7 for a little over a year now with no problems at all. We have recently changed our Engineering Change Order process over to an electronic form through Sharepoint. Apparently, some users with Windows7 claim they are unable to access the forms on Sharepoint, and this makes everyone in the department think its a Windows 7 problem. I tell them that I can access everything, and I run 7, but they still want to blame the OS and go back to XP.

Has anyone else had the frustration of dealing with people who blame the OS on their problems? I feel that this instance may have to do with the version of IE they are running. I'm running IE8 and can access everything that XP users can with no problems.


A:Windows 7 and Sharepoint

I am using SharePoint Services 3.0 on my production company environment, and almost all 30 users are running Windows 7 Pro x86. I have two computers running Windows 7 Pro x64 and I have no issues at all. I'm also testing a server with SharePoint 2010 with no issues as well. Have you checked to make sure these users have the Office add-in installed that allows interaction with SharePoint?

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On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
Click Programs, and then click Turn Windows features on or off.
In the Windows Features dialog box, expand the Internet Information Services node.
Expand the FTP Publishing Service node.
Select the FTP Management Console check box and the FTP Server check box, and then click OK

THEN:-On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
In Control Panel, click System and Maintenance and then click Administrative Tools.
Double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, right click and add ftp site and finish the process ....

my ftp is not working....

plz help me with this.....


Use Cute FTP

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I would like to install windows server and manage a web site using windos tools rather than Linux.
So I am trying to install IIS (Internet information services) on windows seven but when I check the installation by "localhost" in address bar, I have the following error message:
Not Found HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found

Could somebody have an idea how to fix this and get IIS installed ?
Do I need windows server 2008 for the installation of IIS?

Thank you in advance

A:Install IIS and web server on windows 7

Installing IIS 7 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 : Installing IIS 7 : Installing and Configuring IIS 7 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

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I have been trying to install SQL Server 2019 Dev Edition as well as 2017 Dev Edition but keep getting the same error about a DLL. The log file is attached. Please help in how I can get this installed successfully.


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I'm looking to install Windows server 8 and 12 into VMware-player to do some training, but I am unsure how the install will proceed. Is windows server a full operating system or will I need to install an OS before I install the Server software?

A:Windows Server Install- How?

Windows Server is a full OS that is installed like any client OS. Note that there may be a "(Server Core Installation)" option. This installs the OS with no GUI and all administration must be done from the command line. This option is probably best avoided.

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Why does frontpage 2003 suddenly say 'Windows Sharepoint Services not installed on my website when it's been working fine for years?
Is this a hosting problem?

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I have windows xp professional 2007 installed,
Sorry, not sure if I'm in the right forum for this.
I have had a working install of front page downloaded since Oct. Yesterday when I opened it to work in my website the password login box did not appear nor could I open my website.
An error box appeared saying my website was unaccessable & that it appears that windows sharepoint services are not installed.
I phoned addr.com who is my server for my website & they said all is working on their end & they donot support windows sharepoint services.
Alas we tried everything, even removing the program & reinstalling it.
Then when I tried going to the link previously provided with the key I bought for support about front page, they are gone, every link I clicked on in the email are dead links.
I'm at a loss for words, is there anyone that may be able to help?
Thank you so much ahead of time!!!

A:windows sharepoint services

What version of Front Page are you running? When did you install Office 2007 (you said Windows 2007)?

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I want to update the May 2019 windows patch KB4499164 and KB4499175 but failure. It shows a message "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer." during starting up windows. It find the error code 0x80070643
& 0x80070020 from the event log. Any idea?

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Error is "windows is unable to find a sustem volume that meedts its criteria for installation"in the install windows page

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I have a server that had IE10(?) on it, which wasn't working with an app, so somebody uninstalled it. Instead of reverting back to an earlier version of IE, it has completely removed it from the server. This occurred before my involvement.
I have downloaded the x64 IE8 install from MS, but it won't allow me to install, I get the error "Internet Explorer 8 is not supported on this operating system". If I download x64 IE10 it will install fine, but this version is not compatible with
the other app that caused the original problem. Bottom line: it HAS to be IE8.

None of the below have worked for me:
Booting into clean mode then running the install - no difference
Running this command to restore the default security settings: secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose - no difference
Running the command to enable the IE feature: dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64 - return error is "Feature name Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64 is unknown"

I may have tried some other stuff but the repeated banging of my head against the wall has affected my memory.
Does anyone have a clue on how I can get IE8 installed onto this server?

Thanks in advance!

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I tried running sqlexpress executable(SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe) on Windows 8 Consumer preview Build 8250. It throws compatibility issue.

I tried resolving this issue by doing "Windows feature turn off". But this edition does not allow me to save changes on Windows feature.

Kindly guide me whether Sql server 2008 R2 need any prerequesite or it can be installed by simply doing windows add feature.

A:How to install sql server 2008 R2 on Windows 8


Are you using SQL Server 2008 R2 Express SP1? - Download: Microsoft? SQL Server ? 2008 R2 SP1 - Express

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I have a server Dell PowerEdge T610. I want to install Windows 7. Can i do it?

A:Can i install Windows 7 on Dell Server

Maybe. Why don't you try?

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Hi pls help me...... evrytime i start my computer C:\WINDOWS\system32\install\server.exe just appears. actually 2 of my computer got infected already please help me... my parents gona kill me... HELP!

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Hi Guys,

I have Win7 Home Premium 32bit on my Laptop. I heard about installing Win 2008 Server(Not Windows Server 2008 R2 bcoz its 64bit and my Win7 is 32bit)on vhd in Win7.
My first question is, can I install Win server 2008 on vhd in Win7 HP 32bit. or I need other versions of Win7 like Professional or Ultimate. I tried installing Win Svr 2008 on vhd in Win7 Hp 32bit but did not work, this is what i did:

Created a new fixed size/extnedable vhd in win 7, initialized and attached the vhd. Then put win server 2008 dvd and ran setup inside win7, it asked me where to istall. I selected the newly created and formatted vhd drive(F). But it says load vhd HBA driver, i tired to find the driver online, in win7 and win svr 2008 cd but no joy. I dont know wether, win svr 2008 can be installed on a vhd in win7 Hp. I read online how to isntall win svr 2008 r2 on win7 ulitimate, by pressing SHIFT+F10 at install time and then doing something in diskpart and then doing dual boot with win7.

Do i need to updgrae my win 7 to professional or ultimate to accomplish this job or there is way to do with win7 HP. as vhd is just virtual, can any windows version be istalled on vhd.

My main thing i need is having Windows 7 as main OS and dual boot with win svr 2008 which is on vhd.

Please help me with this. I will highly appreciate your kind help.

A:Install Windows Server 2008 on VHD in Windows 7 Home Premium?

You don't need to upgrade but you cannot install the way you are...

Install-WindowsImage PowerShell Script - Home


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I have a Dell 8300 with 1.2G Ram and 30G HD. I want to change the OS from Windows XP Home to Windows Server 2003. I have started the installation and the screen is on the one showing the existing partition and unpartitoned space on the computer:

29322 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

-: Partition1 [FAT] 31 MB < 24 MB free >
C: Partition2 [NTFS] 29298 MB < 24985 MB free >

Should I delete both partitions? I want the hard drive as clean as possible. I plan to try many of the services such as IIS. I will install SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio 2003 .NET. I probably will buy another hard drive (80G or more) as a second drive later on. For now, how should I partition the 30G HD?
Thank you for any suggestion.

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Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction on trying to configure my desktop search to browse through my sharepoint site?

I am running Windows 7 and am using the desktop search function. It is looking through my Outlook and OneNote but I would like it to look through my sharepoint site.

I created a ocdx. file and added it to my searches, but I receive an error when I choose to search it.

"Search results are incomplete because the server returned invalid data."

I have found some data on upgrading Windows Sharepoint Services. 3.0 to Search Server. Would that help?

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

A:Windows 7 desktop search and Sharepoint

if you wanna search through your sharepoint sites, then use Lookeen!
With this tool you can search through everything! Mails, sharepoints, public folders, desktop...!

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I'm currently using WinXP Home, and trying to install Vista Ultimate, but when I've started the installation it says:

You need to do this before proceeding with your installation:

*Close the installation, go to Program and uninstall the following program:

---- Windows SharePoint Services

The problem is I can't find it anywhere on my computer, I've tried both searching it and the net for information. I've even tried to download it from Microsoft.com just to be able to uninstall it. What I've realized is that it's a program used mainly by companies in the OS Windows Server 2003, and that it works closely with Office. I can't even download it because it needs Server 2003 to work.

But now I'm stuck, how can I uninstall something that I can't find? Can someone please shed some light over my problem?



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Hi, I have a windows 7 home premium laptop (64bit) and wanted to install SQL server 2008 R2 and Visual studio 2010 enterprise, Sharepoint 2010 enterprise editions using some virtual server or virtual pc. As far I know, we cannt directly install the so mentioned in windows 7 home edition. Is is possible to install these softwares on a virtual server? if so, what type of virtual software and version I need to install on my laptop? is there any way to install these 3 softwares on my laptop? please help.


A:How to install Windows Server 2008 R2 on Windows 7 HP using virtual?

You might try install the virtual PC software and then creating a virtual drive, then install the OS that you wish to.
Microsoft's free virtual xp won't install on home products but virtual pc will as long as your bios supports virtualization.


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I want to use LLDP on windows server 2008, but I don't know how to install it. I find that LLDP is exist in windows 10 OS, and somebody say that it is also exist in windows server 2012 and windows 8. So I want to know is there LLDP driver for windows server
2008 and windows 7, and how to install LLDP on these OS.
Any help advice is very much appreciated. 

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For testing i have used a one month trial version of windows 2008 R2 server.
Now i need format that windows 2008 R2 version and install XP sp2 over it. when i am trying to install it , with out any boot from Cd option it is directly jumping to 2008 server OS. can some one help me in solving this issue.

Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to install after windows 2008 R2 server

When an operating system is already installed and you want to replace it with a different one, you have to go into the BIOS Setup and change the first boot device to CD-ROM.

When you turn on your PC, look at the splash-screen which appears during the initial boot process. It will say "Press X to for Setup" (where X is the actual key you need to press and hold until the BIOS Setup screen appears).

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I have vista home edition and I want to remove it and install Windows 2003server. I followed the steps:

1. Insert the installation cd for 2003 server and run the exe file. It gives a message that the file cannot be run in the program compatibility mode. If I remove the compatibity option from the properties of the .exe file, the option to install is disabled.

2. Then I tried booting the system from the cd. It runs ok for a while and then throws an error message (blue screen, hope most of you might have seen that atleast once in your lifetime) comes up which has a very long text. Here it goes.

"The problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you have seen this stop the error message, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives on hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

Technical Information:

STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF789EA94, oxC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"
End of message.

I checked everything listed above. Everything looks good. can anyone suggest any other methods of installing 2003 server over vista or any solution to the error message above. Thank you.


A:Install Windows 2003 Server over Vista

I may not be of much help since I am trying to do the same thing as you. I purchased an HP a64000z, slated to be a computer lab "mule". Came with Vista Basic. I knew better not to attempt to install over Vista directly.

Here are the issues to overcome:
First thing is to obtain the SATA drivers for the motherboard. This is needed for W2003S to be able to recognize the HDD. Vista has the driver, but it's no help when you install a new OS. I am looking for the drivers and will post back when I have some info.

Windows 2003S may have an issue installing SATA drivers if a floppy drive is not present (go figure!). So it might be prudent to install a loose floppy drive just in case before attempting anything.

The best solution might be to create an install CD containing the SATA drivers and update the .INF file to tell W2003S where to find them, but this is kinda involved and I'm trying to stay out of that one.

In any case, good luck and please let me know what you find out, I'll do the same.

"Bugs out-number humans 1,000 to 1"

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I have an HP F380 that I'm trying to install on a Windows home server I just put together. It would not install by itself, the device manager shows ? next to it, and I tried downloading the drivers/firmware from the HP site and it gives me an error when I try it that way. Any advice, or is it just not compatible with this OS?

A:Can't install printer on Windows Home server

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I'm working on a friends laptop that currently has the Windows Server 2003 -Enterprise Edition operating system installed. The specs for the are as follows:

IBM Thinkpad
Pentium 3 700 mhz Processor
13 GB Hard Drive
256 MB RAM

I want to remove Windows Server 2003 and perform a clean install of Windows XP. When i try installing XP it doesn't allow me to proceed and the continue install button comes out blank. Moreover, for some reason it does not allow me to boot from the disk eventhough i changed the settings on the BIOS. Can anyone provide me with the steps on how to override Windows Server 2003 so that i may install XP.

A:Removing windows server 2003 and install XP

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete partitions and recreate the ones you want and proceed to formating and installing XP

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up.


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I was having trouble in installing .net Framework 3.5 in Windows Server 2012. I tried many methods and did not work. At last I used the following method that worked.
I searched internet for many months and at last I found the following files. I copied the files in C:\35 folder. Any folder name will do.

Now :

Run Powershell as administrator and run the command below.
Install-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Core -source "c:\35"
I waited 10 minutes and it installed. At last I have managed to install it. 
I hope this helps many people. 

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For testing i have used a one month trial version of windows 2008 R2 server.
Now i need format that windows 2008 R2 version and install XP sp2 over it. when i am trying to install it , with out any boot from Cd option it is directly jumping to 2008 server OS. can some one help me in solving this issue.
Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to install after windows 2008 R2 server

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