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digital solutions digital photo keychain

Q: digital solutions digital photo keychain

I got a digital solutions digital photo keychain for Christmas and it seemed easy enough. Plug into usb and software automatically downloads! But no ..my pc doesn't even register that I have plugged it in. I tried other suggestions to press the M button immediately but nothing. Does anyone have step by step instructions (that a pc dummy ..that being me) can understand? Thanks in advance!!!

Preferred Solution: digital solutions digital photo keychain

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: digital solutions digital photo keychain

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I bought 2 VuPoint Solutions Digital Photo Keychains (viewer only--no camera). When I try to download pictures, the program (DPF Mate) says it does not support the compressed file type. My pixs are not compressed--they are jpeg. I also converted them to .tif and .bmp with no luck.

On a side note, my antivirus (Trend PC) says the program (DPF Mate) is a trojan and deletes it. Is this causing the problem?

A:VuPoint Solutions Digital Keychain

I have a couple graphics programs that recognise .JPG but not .JPEG, although I believe they are identical (or almost so.) Try SAVE-AS .JPG from your graphics program and see if that will load even though .JPEG won't.

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I bought a 2012 Sharper Images 2.0 Digital Photo Keychain and am unable to load the software to use it. I have a Mac, which should be supported, (as stated on the box) but the error message I get is that it is unsupported.

A:Digital Photo Keychain

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I just got a digital photo keychain for xmas. Its says its vista compatible etc. I did what the instructions said and when I connected it with the computer McAfee popped up and said it found a trojan newmalware.jj.. I cannot run any of the program etc.. Am I assuming right that the program what automatically loads with it is infected and there for the keychain is no good?


A:digital photo keychain

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I've got the same problem. I use Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
Any answer yet?

Nothing happens when I plug my keychain into the usb port. And I cannot start the software manually. windows says it isn't a valid windows program. I use Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

My keychain is new and the software doesn't start and I can't get the software to run either. Get a message that DPFmate is not a valid Win32 app.
I'm using Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
Have you any answer yet?

A:Digital Photo Frame Keychain

check for a vista 64x driver

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I received a keychain photo viewer fc for X-Mas. It came with a dis for pc/mac software. However after installing the software, it asks me to format but windows does not recognize the files and therefore am unable to continue. Please help.

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I have this model that was being discussed. My daughter sent it to me some months ago. I can't find the instructions but I did load pictures into it but now don't remember how to do that. It has three buttons on the right side. The bottom buttons is the on/off and a menu. The other two are up/down. I can't remember how I loaded pictures. I hope someone has this model and can help me with the instructions.

A:Digital Photo Viewer Keychain

Hello. Go to this link to download the instructions:


or call 1-800-374-2744

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have got a RED digital photo viewer for keychain. i didnt have any cd with it. so i cant install it on my computer. and canot download my pictures on it. i need to down size the pictures. is there any way you can help me install it on my computer. the model is SKU7115298. please do help me.

A:RED digital photo viewer for keychain

Most small digital picture viewers, like your key-chain one, do not need anything special on your computer. They just plug into the USB port and it appears as an external flash drive. Any downsizing, or cropping, or rotating would be done on another device, like your home computer. You just get the photos you want in the size and other modifications you want and then load the finished files into the correct folder of your plugged in digital viewer.

The more basic the digital viewer, the more you have to do externally.

By the way, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers are not useful outside of the company that is selling and stocking the device.

The "RED digital photo viewer for keychain" is actually more definitive in trying to find on the Internet, but there are a lot of devices that match that description. A company name and a little more detail would be better yet.

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I would like to have the software or whtever I need to download pics to keychain we have lost all instructons for it.

A:FC Digital Photo Viewing Keychain

You need the software for it, originally supplied on a mini-CD with the product apparently, but I can find no place to download it from. I wouldn't be too disappointed though as from what I've been reading, owners are far from impressed with it. Various and numerous issues like software wouldn't install, installs but doesn't actually work etc etc.

On one forum alone there were about 30 posts from different people in the same thread, all having problems with that device or it's software.

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Hi i got a gift....FC digital photo viewer keychain it did not have a cd with it. first time when i connected to the usb and computer it was working and i loaded the pictures then i did not use it for 3 months. now when i connected it with the USB it is not charging and the computer is not even detecting the digital photo viewer. please help

A:digital photo viewer keychain

Welcome to TSG.
If you connected the chain per USB, it will show up in Explorer as Photoviewer. (as a drive in XP) You don't need a cd.
There is a zip file, but I clicked on the Photoviewer.exe file and the program comes up with a panel to move pictures from any folder.
Maybe you have to wait first, till it recharges the built-in battery, see how far the bar is on the viewer when plugged into the computer. I have successfully transferred pictures to it.
When not plugged in, you have to turn it on and push the arrows up or down to see the pictures.

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I have a 2009 or 2010, The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain. My problem is that i dont have the disk that originaly came with it. My computer seems to nor be able to format keychain either. Trying to find a dowlaodable copy of cd. Also any instructions or ideas of what to do with it.

A:The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain.

Welcome to T.S.G, unfortunately i don't own one of these and can't test to see if it works with it, but a quick search found this
Download the link is a direct link to a zip file, this file contains a CD img, of what supposedly came with your device... I have already checked it for viruses and its clean.

You can either burn this to a CD or "mount" the iso
For help on how to mount an iso google

Hope this helps.


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I got the keychain as a gift a few years back and now I decided to use it. Don't have the box or any software (if any).... it's v2.0.

When I connect it to the computer, it pops up with a message "You need to format the disk in drive __: before you can use it, do you want to format?" I hit the "Format disk" button and the screen to format removable disk pops up. I hit "Start" and then get a warning that everything will be deleted. I click "ok" and then an error pops up "Windows was unable to complete the format"....

Not sure why.... trying to find a driver but don't see one.

Can someone help?


A:fc digital photo viewer keychain error

nm, talked to customer service person. turns out it's because i'm on windows 7 and they don't support that currently.

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i just got a used digital photo viewer keychain from a friend who no longer needed it. and they did not give me a disk or anything that would come with it. i asked and they said they did not need it. i go to add pics to the viewer and it pops up that i need to format. so i do, and it tells me it can not complete the process. then it pops up after closing that it may be a read only file and how to change it. i don't think these are meant to be read only.

i seen where there is a file i can get to install and get this viewer to work. is it possible to send the file to my email? or can i find the file elsewhere?

A:I can't format my digital photo viewer keychain...help

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I just received a keychain with pictures already on it of my great grand kids. I want to copy them to my Win7 PC. It wants me to format the keychain first. Won't I lose all the pictures if I format it? Since I don't have the software on my machine already I can't do anything.

A:Digital Photo Keychain Won't Load software

The "Digital Photo Keychain", a pocket-sized digital photo frame, is (or should be) supplied with driver software on a CD when bought new. You need to install this driver software in order to transfer the pics to your PC.

Some brands of photo keychains already have the driver software built-in but it looks like yours doesn't.
Ask the person who gave you it if they have it's software.

Definitley DO NOT format it. That will make all the pictures disappear!

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I have a digital photo solutions photo key chain problem, it is suppose to automatically load software once it is attached to the USB port. It does not, I've tried rebooting with it attached, the port works fine with my digital camera and other devices. I read a post on another forum to attach it and when it read connect to PC to hit the M button and it would start, however it did not, but did allow me to set date time etc., but still does not load pictures and software does not load. I am currently running Windows XP service pack 3. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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Hey, I don't know if anyone can help me but I got a digital keychain for christmas and when I plug it into the usb it works fine but when i unplug it, it won't turn on or do anything? The back of it says "Digital Photo Viewer FC" and there is a reset button on the back which doesn't see to do anything either. Thanks for your help in advance!

A:Digital Keychain Help!!!???

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how can i get a software for a digital photoviewer fc?

A:Solved: digital keychain

cant find my original one

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I have an Innovative Technology digital keychain Model ITKC-100 and at first my cpu wouldnt recognize it when plugged in. Called Toshiba Support and they had me download update for my cpu. Well it recognized it and said installing drivers or whatever, but now when I try to open it it says application error " application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000018). This keychain worked fine with my old cpu but I dont know, what should I do?

A:digital keychain wont initialize properly

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Would like to seek advice on the state of a Western Digital (Black?) 2 TB HDD (roughly 2 years old) which seems to be failing.
My storage system is set up such that an SSD is the primary drive while I have the WD hard drive and another 1 TB Samsung drive (5 years old) as secondary drives. I've installed Windows 7 on the SSD while games and other programs (Chrome, Desktop data etc) are installed or allocated on the Western Digital.

The symptoms on the drive started 2 days ago and are as follows:
- The first thing that was wrong was my desktop icons took ages to load (previously was instant, now takes up to 1 min plus)
- Maybe 5x significantly slower opening of some folders (the files within takes time to display properly), compared to opening files and folders on the Samsung (more or less instant, the WD loaded instantly in the past as well)
- Tried loading some games, takes significantly more time to load but do load in the end (e.g. Far Cry 4 from main menu in to the game)
- Steam games unable to update, receives Disk Write Error
- Chkdsk automatically started on Bootup for the WD drive and kept running everytime my computer reboots
I've tried the following fixes:
1. In cmd.exe, fsutil dirty query d: and found that my D drive was "Dirty"
2. Ran chkdsk /f /r d: to do a full chkdsk scan, discovered and restored roughly 4-5 files then it booted back to windows
3. Ran Malwarebytes, no malware discovered
4. Ran HDDScan as diagnosis test and from w... Read more

A:Solutions for Western Digital HDD Slowing down/failing

Have you tested the drive using WD Datalifeline? If the drive is failing this will tell you.

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I can see the pictures but unable to transfer to my laptop. It wants me to format the photo viewer.
It says it is updating but doesn't seem to do anything.
Can you help. What can I do.

A:Digital Photo viewer

are you trying to transfer the program or the images ?
if images - then use windows explorer

transfer from what to the laptop

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Hi there,

Could someone tell me how to add caption to a digital photo, like the one I am attached here? My only knowledge about photo editing is to resize using IrfanView, so please be a little specific.

Thanks very much,

A:How to add caption to a digital photo please?

For a start you will need a photo editing program that can work in layers. Apart from irfanview what other photo programs do you have?

A good free one is
Paint Shop Pro 7 from here: http://com-puterworks.com/Free_Downloads.htm
Its about a 32 mb download but worth it. There is also a patch available for it here: http://www.softwarepatch.com/graphics/paintshop-7.html

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I have a SD card that had all the photos either erased or the card was formatted. The camera it was in at the time is a Canon, but not sure the model. The card has not been used for further storage since this event. I'm trying to find a way in Windows XP, or another software, to recover these images. On the same topic this SD card is 2GB, but seems to show as only 1 GB or less depending on the reader. Is that the readers fault, and do you have a recommendation?

A:Digital Photo Recovery

This works for me.
MjM Free Photo Recovery

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Just bought a Vu-Me digital Photo Ornament. Instructions say after connecting USB port to computer it would automatically install software. It does not. Is there a place to get a free download?
Thank You

A:vu-me digital photo ornament

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My mom recently got my aunt one of these. The only problem I'm having is it will not let me format it to upload pictures. Also i'm not sure if i should. Usually when you format a device everything on it is deleted. Software included. So my question is this, should i and how can i format this device. After i try to format it pops up and reads "unable to format device". What should i do?

A:Digital Photo Viewer Fc

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We receive photos from friends via internet. When shown as a slide show, the picts are full screen, sharp and clear. If the same photo is sent to say Windows photo gallery, its physical screen size is about 2" square and if zoomed, becomes unreadable. I want to be able to print all pictures on letter sized paper. How do I do this and still retain the full screen sharpness and clarity. Thanks.

A:Digital photo capture

What software is creating the Slide show? Is this viewed locally, or over the 'net?
The image quality (Size, ppi) is being reduced somewhere.

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I am interested in downloading images into a digital photo frame however from what I read you need to insert a memory card into the frame and download the images/music. What I would like to know is if there is a way to take images off your PC (no longer on a memory card) and transfer them back to a memory card in order to put them into the frame?? Or is there another way to do this??

A:digital photo frames

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i have a digital photo viewer fc but my problem is that i plug it to the computer, and then it doesnt do anything because i dont have any software installed that matches it so i cant use it..do you know which is the software required? & also it does not allow me to format it.

A:digital photo viewer fc

go to the companies web site and see if they have a driver download for it

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Can you freeze slideshow on a particular photo? as long as you want to?

is there a zoom feature on any of the many brands?

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I have recieved a digital photo viewer FC. It did not come with a cd and when I plug it in, my computer recognizes it, however, it is not registering my computers information, e.g. the desktop icon is empty. Therefor I cannot access my photos from the file manager. Can you please tell me how to do this. I have windows XP operating system. Thanks

A:digital photo viewer FC

Check the link referenced in this post:http://forums.techguy.org/digital-photography-imaging/948695-fc-photoviewer-3-2-model1617035.html

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This last Christmas my son sent me a digital photo frame. My problem. I don't own a digital camera.
My question.
Is there some way I can transfer pictures from my PC to the digital photo frame?

A:Digital photo frame

You'll need a memory card, say an SD card.

Plug the card into the frame and connect the frame to your PC via the supplied USB cable. If it doesn't have one, which the cheaper ones don't. You'll need to buy an SD card reader instead, this connects to your PC and then the card goes in that. You transfer the images onto the card at your hearts content and once complete plug the card into the frame and voila!

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Is there a way so we can zoom or enlarge a photo without it pixilating? Say i have a photo and there is something in the background which i wanted to read but it was real small but when i zoomed in it went or blurry... what could i do?

A:Digital Photo editing

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Ive got a digital image which as been altered in Photoshop and saved as jpeg now i have been asked to save this into a vector image, how can i do this. Please be detailed as new at this. Ive got Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
This is what they've asked: Save as either a pdf or ai file, it needs to be in vector format.

A:Digital photo to Vector

This might help.

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Can someone please help me. I have been trying for ages to copy digital photos i have on my computer to a CD-RW so that i can get them developed but every attempt i make ends in an error warning saying cannot copy file to disk. disk write protected, remove write protection or insert another disk. I didnt understand why, my brother came over to help and said its because its set to region 1 and needs to be changed and when we tried it comes up saying unable to update region setting. Please make sure the drive contains a region 2 media and you have administration privileges. I do have the admin priv and have tried with a region 2 dvd and still get the same messages!!
I have 5 changes remaining but that never changes either. I have tried removing device and driver but it makes no difference. I got the computer on a HCI scheme with tech support but apparently they went into administration so i'm no longer covered for free support or on-site repair etc despite the fact they never told us or that we're still paying for it.

Microsoft Windows XP
Home edition
Version 2002
service pack 2

Time computers
AMD athlon(tm) XP3000+
2.16 GHz 1.00 GB of Ram


Can anyone please help me !!!!!!!

A:I can't get my digital photo's onto a disk!!!

Hi, welcome to the Forum,
You have listed an ATAPI DVD-ROM you need a DVD capable of burning.
Please let us know whether this is a burner or just a player and if so what software you are using to burn the images

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I recently bought a Fuji digital camera. The installation software also installed a picture viewer, which is where my photos are downloaded. Windows already comes with a picture viewer. How do I change it to my default viewer so I can get rid of the Fuji picture viewer?

A:Digital Photo Viewer


I assume that the pictures are jpg's, etc. If so, hold down the shift key, rightclick on a jpg, and choose Open With..

Choose either Internet Explorer from the list, or the viewer you want. If its not there, click the Browse, and search for the program you want to open with.



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i bought a minolta digital camera from a friend. is there free software i can use to view the photos when i put in the memory card. thanks franco

A:digital photo software

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I have a bunch of digital photos I took on vacation, some of them have water spots or orbs and other things that I want to edit out. Is there a program that will do this? I have tried the Canon software and I have tried irfanview, they didn't seem to work, any ideas on how I can fix up my pictures?

A:Digital Photo Editing

There are many programs that will do what you want, it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. The 2 most common are photoshop and paint shop pro, but do a search for image editors on google or check out download.com for a good list of not too expensive alternatives....( and of course see below )

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I need to make my passport photo digital.

Can anyone recommend a programme, please.

Thank you.

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I have been curious about this and have asked many people and sites, but I can never get a sensible answer.

When I compare a digital photo (my camera is a Sony F505V) vs. a 35mm photo, the digital photo seems out of proportion. Kind of squat when viewing people so that people look shorter and wider (Squashed). THe last person I asked is a photography student who does mainly digital work. She said that the image ratios is 1:1.6, so I would need to resize my digital images to get a true 1:1 proportion.

1. Is this true about the ratio and the resulting image "defect"

2. What is the best way to resize the images. I have photoshop, so if that is the best method please send instructions.

Thanks in advance.

A:Digital Photo Proportions

does the sony have a zoom lens.
you get all sorts of proportions changing with different focal lengths.
50mm lens on 35mm is the standard - then as you go wide angle down to 28mm you will see all sorts of distortions - just look through the viewfinder at 28 mm and have somebody facing you with arms towards you.
also on telephoto you can squash distant things appear next to close things.

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My old computer has all our digital photos, close to 600gb. I recently bought an iMac, and would like to use the new computer for photos, including access to old photos, but don't want to fill my 1TB hard drive. (the old computer no longer has internet access, I don't know how to fix that). I currently have the old photos also backed up via carbonite. Online searches recommended three locations to minimize risk of complete loss. I also found recommendations for a NAS drive, to allow storage and access with ease, and another source recommended optical archival DVD for long term storage. Some of those search results were from 5+ years ago, so I'm wondering if this is still accurate recommendations, or should I be looking at something else? I've had external drives fail in the past, so I am sort of frozen into inactivity at the moment, afraid to spend a lot of time and effort only to get something fail and lose photos. any recommendations for long term storage + immediate access/organization would be appreciated!

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I have a Kodak DX 6340 and running the latest version of Windows 2000. I have the dock for the camera, not the printing dock but the one that Kodak said would speed up transfers. After having some problems with the dock I have decided to hookup the camera directly using the USB cord provided with the dock. I am using the latest version of Kodak EasyShare software and I don't really like it. To me it is very lethargic and clunky, for lack of better words, and doesn't offer a great array of photo editing options. When hooking the camera up via USB I do get the WINDOWS Recognizes New Hardware box and then following that get the box stating it recognizes that it is a Kodak DX6340. From what I read the camera would usually appear as a removable drive which it does not, also when going into the scanners and cameras folder in control panel it does not show that a camera is installed. It gives me the option to select the type of camera but my camera is not shown in the the list of Kodaks, it also gives me the option to use a disk but there was no disk with the camera when purchased. What I would like to do is use another program to view, edit, save, print and send by email my photos. I had Nero 7 Ultra Edition which included decent photo programs which had more options when editing than Kodak has. I also downloaded Nero Photo Show Deluxe 4. The problem I had with those programs is that although I liked them better than Kodak EasyShare I could not get those programs nor wind... Read more

A:Digital Photo Software Questions

If I were you .. I'd also remove kodak easy share.
then go here ... http://www.irfanview.com/
And get the freeware Irfanview .... you don't need to get the "all Plugins" to get started ... just the 900k program.
I use Irfanview as my system default Viewer and Basic Image Editor.
Irfanview is very popular here at TSguy ... come join the club.

You should be able to Download (and Delete) the camera images using windows and accessing the camera as if it were just another USB drive.
Some Cameras need to be setup, in their options, to function as a USB drive.
Don't know bout Kodak.
Got a Mem card reader ?

Photoshop Elements 4.0 will give you about 95% of the advanced Image editing features that a camera hobbiest will need ... for about $69 > $79
These two Image programs are all you should ever need.

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I don't know why the Digital Photo Professional can't read the raw image file. (.cr2).
I am using Canon 30D.

Anyone has the same problem ?

A:Anyone using Canon's Digital Photo Professional

I used it with my 30D and now with my 40D. I've never had any problems what so ever.

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From "My Pictures", Windows XP Home, how do I record and separate multiple picture albums on one DVD-RW disc or on a thumb drive.

Computer has USB 2 ports and an external DVD recorder

[email protected]

A:Digital Photo Album recording

welcome to TSG

1.) do not list your email address unless you want tons of spam.(delete it asap)

2.) I usually just copy all picture files to a disc or thumbdrive (USB stick).
most DVD players will show a slideshow as is.

You can try Irfanview (download it from here)

and read through it, it does a lot of things, it is free and for many years many of us use it.

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what would i use? not really asking how to do this just a push toward the right direction. are there any progeams for windows 7 that can reprogram rom(firmware, flash memory?

A:reprogramming a digital photo frame,

I'm pretty sure this can't be done from a normal PC. Usually the programming for such a device is ROM (read only memory) and the manufacturer goes through a couple extra steps to insure you can't do this. What are you trying to get it to do?

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hey. recently, i was upgrading the firmware of this photo frame and the power cord was accidentally pulled out. after this everytime i pressed the power button, all it did was turn the light on the button on. the screen did not come on and i do not hear any sounds from it. I think i have bricked it :S is there anything i can do to unbrick it? thanks

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Hi all,
I'm planning on building a computer for equal use between games, photo editing, and solid modeling. What I have in mind is a AMD 3700 (939), asus A8N-SLI deluxe (or maybe premium) board, and evga 6800GT vid card (1 to start). I know it'll be good for gaming, and I think it'll be OK for the solid modeling that I do, although this is not the ideal card for this. Does anyone have experience using and AMD setup for photo work? The adobe site lists Intel CPUs as system requirements for it's products, and I'm a bit worried that AMD won't cut it. I will be doing relatively basic photo editing, and possibly some simple video editing in the future, so I think the AMD should be OK.

Can anyone offer an opinion on this?


A:Digital photo-editing with AMD processor

Have you considered a dual core CPU such as the 3800X2? Intel CPu's are recommended for video editing because they have hyperthreading capabilities and the software is coded to take advantage of this. Hyperthreading is a single core CPU that can simulate two separate processors if the software is designed to run in parallel threads. A dual core, obviously, would take advantage of this coding more effectively than hyperthreading and should fulfill the requirements you have as well as being a superior gamer. Plus a 3800X2 overclocks like a banshee.

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i know all DVD movies have encryption codes to protect them from virtually everythin g, but i need to snap a digital photo from a scene from "Tombstone" for a large tattoo project im doing next week. every time i try any DVD decryption software, i still onlt get a black screen when i snap a picture with my "screenhunter 5.0 pro". i DO NOT wish to cheat movie makers by stealing their movies - thats easy enough anyway. but does anyone have a suggestion as to how i can take a picture of a single paused frame for my upcoming art project?

A:how do i take digital photo of DVD movie image?

Sorry. Decryption, as you may know, is a federal crime. Probably not a good idea to advertize your crimes on the internet.

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